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The History of the Falconians is divided into four major periods of development.

More about the Falconians:

The Rise of the Noble Houses  [Recruit]

The Falconians evolved on their homeworld for millions of years without outside contact or interference, developing a society that was on the whole insular, traditionalist and territorial with strict limits on innovation. This forced many of their number to be outcasts from their family clans for aspiring to a different role or thinking outside the carefully laid dogma of the clan elders. In time, the outcasts considered themselves in some ways superior to the clans they had been expelled from and formed their own noble houses.

The noble houses being composed of the more inquisitive and forward thinking Falconians, developed their own science and technology or in many cases stole such knowledge from the other houses. Often, co-dependent relationships between houses developed whereby militaristic houses would protect scientific minded houses from the aggression of other houses in return for the advanced tools that would see them dominate a particular aviary.

Over time, the noble houses had modern infrastructure and a firm grasp of modern science but their natural ability to fly had limited them in one important way: They had no means of motorized transportation or powered flight. For ages, it seemed the Allsky was the barrier to the inquisitive nature of these Falconians.

It was until around 187, when an alien space craft, now known to have belonged to the Stellar Mining and Smelting (SMS) corporation, landed on the planet. It is unclear who, if anyone, the aliens made contact with but word of their arrival spread quickly amongst the noble houses and finally it was Sarek, head of House Falcon, who was to seize the idea and build the first metallic bird ship that would leave Falconia's atmosphere and explore their home system of Acropolis, so he would later claim in the annuls of history.

The First Empire  [Recruit]

The period after the First Contact was marked by bloody civil war and rapid progress and development. Led by Sarek, House Falcon, entered an alliance with House Raven and Eagle who fought against House Vulture. In victory, Sarek formed the Falconian Empire and graciously invited House Vulture to form the military of the Empire.

Early explorations of the home system and tough negotiations with the native clans on mining rights had accompanied a renaissance of scientific discovery and an industrial revolution that saw the Falconian Empire field a vast fleet of warships in ten short years.

By 197, the first official contact with the Yank Kastorians was quickly followed by diplomatic ties with humanity in its various forms. Humanity's rapid expansion and their aggression against the neighbouring Hive of the Titan system proved both as a warning and model for Sarek. His Empire expanded to the rich Krell system of Storm with whom they found common cause and kinship and then the nearby Wastelands system.

However, attempts at securing the new territory brought the Empire into conflict with the Galactic Trade and Transport (GTT) corporation and their Imperial allies. Soon a request to register assets in these territories and an invasion of a Hexamon colony over a trade dispute was used as pretext for war by the GTT and IMP who demanded first the Wastelands, then Storm system before finally launching their fleets into Acropolis itself at great cost to them but the near ruination of the Falconian Empire.

It was at this point Sarek abdicated and fled, leaving his blood enemy Harkon of House Vulture to ascend to the throne, secure peace with the Imperial bloc before standing down as he had neither the temperament nor diplomatic skills needed to run an Empire.

However, this spelled the end of the Empire as weakling, unnamed Emperors sold off the homeworld to aliens and slowly the noble houses abandoned their duties and nests until no more ships or bases flew the Falconian flag.

The Second Empire  [Recruit]

The Second Empire begun in 203 when Harlow Kree, a Falconian merchant, pleaded with the Confederacy and Detinus Republic to reestablish the sovereignty of his people and in an act of generosity they supported the evacuation of all aliens from Falconia and the Empire was reformed under Emperor Duhaust. Some of the alien occupiers did not leave the system peacefully, with the Falconian population of Pralor disappearing and evidence that the Flagritz Republic had made efforts at enslaving the Falconians covered up before their departure.

The reformed Empire was far more cautious in its ambitions and under Emperor Ra'lith M'ran found allies in the Consortium with the FEL, SMS and COH. As assets in Storm changed hands from the DNA to the FGZ and the latter attempted a deadly biological attack on the homeworld through INDependent parties, tensions for the Empire grew and the beginnings of years of conflict could be seen.

The KRL wars in Storm saw shifting alliances and the eventual conquest of all of Inversion by the Falconian Empire. The newly emerged Flagritz Empire was made the prey of the newly risen Emperor Thoriqal of House Raven who would guide the Empire to new levels of industrialization and militarization, driving forward the Consortium war against the Flagritz slavers.

Alas, Thoriqal's great energy for building the Empire was not matched by his appetite for war and growing tired of the endless conflicts, he abdicated leaving first T'kar of House Owl and then Liberus of House Eagle as Emperor.

It was in Liberus' hand, the Empire faltered once again, its noble houses abandoning it and its secrets and riches transferred to the COH without due care for the future of the Falconians.

The Republic  [Recruit]

In 208, the SMS executive Darius Shirazi arrived on Falconia to cement a trade deal with his allies and found the Empire in utter chaos, abandoned of military leadership and in a short battle of will versus inertia, he secured himself as temporary Emperor, formed his own noble house of alien citizens of the Empire and dissolved the whole thing to form a Republic whereby the interests of the individual houses could be balanced and the fate of the Falconians would no longer depend entirely on the will of one Falconian (or in this case one human).

Under his care, the new Falconian Republic, established new ties to neighbours and renewed old alliances, rationalizing nests and fleets before embarking on the biggest expansion the Falconians had seen in a decade. Newly invigorated houses joined the Republican cause and once again the economy sung and the shipyards rebuilt the shattered fleet.

Yet, with the prospect of war with humanity looming and the threat of piracy ever present, Darius abdicated his position as Consul under mysterious circumstances and left the Falconians to pursue their own path without him. It was thus that the first Falconian Consul, Goshawk of House Hawk, was elected to see the Republic's new expansion and their steady rise amongst the civilized powers.

In his time in office, Goshawk has set the Krell people on the path of independence, withdrawing the Republic from occupation of Inversion and reaffirming the Falconian's innate belief in self-determination for all sentients. The Republic has also established new territories in partnership with the GTT and FET. The ongoing war with the Flagritz and the looming threat of nearby hostiles keeps the Falconian military expanding.

Whilst the future is as ever uncertain for the Falconians the signs of renewed energy from the noble houses, a strengthening military and economic power built under a forward looking Republican constitutional order gives hope that, finally, the Falconians may be on the rise.

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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Empire - DEN action grinds to a halt

After months of tension relations between the Empire and the Dewiek Nation, which rose to several large scale fleet actions ending in the DEN losing over 60 Direwolf warships in Solo, things appear to have moved from antagonistic to unfriendly. With the Solo system being a particular issue an agreement has been reached between the Wolf Mother of the DEN and Xavier Fox of the GTT. Since this things have become very quiet, not just because the shooting has stopped, but also because my reporters have been on their summer holidays.
News For Discerning Naplians!
---- Special Galactic Edition ----

(The Host sits at his desk as the studio lights dim, and a single spotlight bathes him in light. He looks straight into the camera and begins to speak: )

Host: Naambta!
Good Greetings, and welcome to the show.

This is News for Discerning Naplians, and i’m sure you are all showing much impatience to see this week’s Panel Discussion. We will be discussing religion with the Lady Ghadir of the Temple of Ya Zoon, renowned neo-naplian spiritualist Chairman TonTon, and a very special guest from our imperial neighbours, Bishop Samantha Porteus of the Brotherhood. But before we get to that...

(Looks demonstratively at his digital wrist watch. )

... it is time for a word from our sponsor.
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe from our new home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last few weeks,
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*** Inter Galactic News ***
  • DEN assault FEL base and get wiped out
  • CIA Trade fleet caught and destroyed by the DEN
  • Krell denounce worship of the True One

    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Huge fleet skirmish at the London/Crossley wormhole

    A large fleet of over 700 DEN warships responded to the EMP action in Crossley, where a 4000 hull DEN platform was destroyed. Reports show the DEN ships caught a group of CIA ships napping and inflicted significant losses on the humans. IMP and GTT fleets moved to assist the CIA, matching DEN fleet numbers, but the arrival of over 1200 Hexamon ships seems to have tipped the battle in favour of the DEN-HEX alliance.

    The combined DEN-HEX force pushed through the wormhole into the Heartland area of human space and retaliated, attacking several CIA platforms in response. The outnumbered Empire fleets abandoned the area and fled, they are currently waiting for the larger alien force to make their next move from their hiding places.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Admiral Lord Simms killed after a long and distinguished service to the Empire.

    The Imperial Services have intercepted and serious damaged several DEN ships on the way to the Empire’s home systems. Unfortunately during the action Admiral Lord Simms was injured and reports from the Viceroy indicate he has passed away, fighting the enemies of the Empire like any true Imperial Officer.

    The Viceroy has stated that the officers and crew of the DEN ships have been captured and are now awaiting trial at a secret IMP base.

    DEN continue to strike at the Empire

    Reports are coming in of multiple engagements between the Empire and the Dewiek Elder Nation over the last week. With several battles taking out Empire ships in the Heartland of the CIA.

    AFT turn to piracy

    The Association of Free Traders have, after a long history of neutrality, turned to piracy this week. AFT Drake boarded an IND ship in the Halo periphery, killing several of the crew in the process.
    Independent trader Jarlebanke Langhofdi immediately took to the public communication channel demanding an answer to why supposedly peaceful traders had killed his crew and taken his ship.

    The AFT remain silent over the attack.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Combat Special Edition

    Since the DEN started shooting at those lovable FEL fluffballs things have certainly been heating up. So we through it would be prudent to bring you, gentle beings of the peripheries, a special edition in order to keep you updated with all the latest action in regards to who the DEN are shooting and who is shooting them.

    Felini strike back at Dewiek

    Reports have come in of the FEL striking back at the DEN in the Kallisan system. A huge FEL force supported by the IMP and CIA assaulted DEN positions taking both the platform and base called Lucien. There was much rejoicing in the FEL camp as the Felini proved they were not such lovable fluffballs after all!

    GTT get sucked into the war

    A passing fleet of GTT warships got caught in the fighting and this saw the GTT enter the war. When asked about this CEO Fox pointed out they are not warships at all, they are trade defence ships. So how they came to be in the DEN system of Kallisan is a mystery to us. But the GTT CEO was clear that they only engaged using support and defend orders to protect allies. Needless to say, the CEO commented “We found ourselves on the Dewiek Nation’s enemy lists pretty soon after.”

    Dewiek Nation attacks GTT positions in Orion Spur, breaking DOM system rules

    A fleet of DEN warships has engaged and destroyed a significant number of GTT cargo ships and escorts in the DOM system Monument. The GTT immediately took to the public channels to ask why the DOM were not doing something. In reply the DOM issued a statement to stop, which the DEN ignored.

    The DEN newssheet "The HOWL" published a completely unbiased review of the attack shortly after.

    DOM make a choice

    After the above incident and then further raiding by the DEN, taking out a few GTT cargo ships in the DOM system of Coptuv, the DOM seemed to have been faced with a choice of stopping drinking their tea and doing something or just hoping it would go away. Instead they seem to have decided to abandon the whole idea of being an active affiliation and we have since folded. The lengths some people will go to not to have their elevenses disturbed is truly staggering. We asked the DOM for a statement on their new system rules to share with our readers but have received no replies.

    DOM positions share out

    Just as we were going to press news has come in of various DOM assets being given to other affiliations or sold. Hopefully we will have more on this story in the next issue of your favorite factual newsheet. Yes, that's us at the SSS.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - Urd
    DOM Dominion (57) – we believe the DOM are now inactive
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) - Bacran
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GRC Gracians (13) - HG1
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Ando
    IMP Imperial Services (51) - Jack Jones
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Kal Torak
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
    MOH Mohache (73) - Listens
    MIC Mohache Independent Commune (76) - Sleeps with Dragons
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    RIP Regularly Involved in Piracy - Githyanki
    RRH Roy Robert Holdings (39) - Roy Roberts
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    USN Ulian Stellar Nation (34) - Oeipus Prime
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Affiliation has no leader but this is the only known contact


    Inactive: ANT, BHD, COD, HVE, IDC, RIP, RCF, SKW, TAG

    Deceased: CAL

    *** Submission ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    New pirate threat rocks Corward Arm.

    Several large pirate ships have been spotted in outer rings of Corward systems. Reports forwarded to us at the SSS allow us to exclusively tell readers that traders should keep their wits about them when moving through these areas.

    No existing pirate menace has yet claimed ownership.

    In a possibly unrelated event one of the FET cartel members claimed nothing was happening in the outer ring of Coptov shortly afterwards. But it could be that they are still trying to catch Empire backed pirates and have nothing to do with the new sightings.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    DEN continue to shoot innocents

    The Dewiek have made themselves busy shooting at the peaceful and innocent traders of the SSL. Leader of Solar Spices and Liquors Mr TOAD has been vocal pointing out that the Beast-DEN are being totally unfair. News of a go-fund-me appeal are yet to surface though.

    This office is sure that it must have provided the DEN light relief after picking on the equally defenceless Felini. Word is that the DEN faced such an uphill struggle in these recent actions they had to take up Felini inter-breeding to provide some entertainment as the battle reports were rather boring.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Return of the LiQuans

    A close associate of the Baron LiQuan has been haunting the Corewards periphery and like the old Baron it is said he has a meklan connection. It's unclear whether he obtained his meklan nanites via the CIA but there are rumours that the DEN may be helping the Liquan relative in a bid to sow discontent in the Stellar Empire. Exactly why they would start in Corewards is unclear although with DEN allies, the DOM, having strong positions both in the Sol system and the old Harcorp systems of Harlong and Coptuv they may be the linking factor.


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    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).