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Stardate Important Events
202 Pope Mark Eaton rises to power, supplanting High Lord Samual as head of the Inner Confederacy. Jordan Roswell, Patriarch of the Brotherhood, in turn murders him. Confederate forces ally with House LiQuan and storm the Inner Brotherhood capturing Aquae Fortis in New Sol. Detinus Republic side with the reformed Confederacy in order to assault Imperial positions on the border of the civil-war-torn Inner Empire.
201 Body of deceased emperor Paul located in the Capellan periphery leading to a skirmish between the IMP and the CNF. Analysis of the body reveals a number of surprising finds. Discovery that both Jasil and Samual are clones. Jasil abdicates and the corporations see their chance to push for power. After a bloody civil war Prince Lysander with the remnant of the Imperial Stellar Patrol flees Inner Empire to an unknown location. Inner Confederacy in turmoil but heavily influenced by actions of the CIA and Brotherhood.
200 Krell with the aid of the Falconian Empire declare Inversion sovereign world and are attacked by the Empire. Rout is total and the Falconians retreat to Acropolis leaving the Krell to the Empire.
199 War between the Flagritz and the Empire erupts again. This time the Dominion aids the Empire. The conflict proves mostly decisive and the Flagritz are forced from the Capellan Periphery and into Twilight, beyond the stargate.
198 Hexamon with the aid of the TCA arrives in the Acrux system and wage war on the Dewiek for control of the Noctollis Periphery. They are defeated and what few remain colonise scattered planets throughout the Peripheries.
197 Rift in the Confederacy due to opposing views regarding slavery leads to the Detinus Republic seeking a new home. The Venice system becomes their latest capital. The Detinus Republic, Dewiek Elder Nation and the Dominion sign the 3D Alliance. This shapes the future of the Peripheries for the next few years.
196 Skord is given to the KAS in a treaty signed by the Empire and the Kastorian Military Junta. Clans attack the Dominion forcing their retreat from the Cluster into newly discovered Dewiek territory.
195 War over the ancient artefact in Skord is fought between the Empire and the Confederacy. Both sides lose most of their fleets. The Cluster is discovered along with the alien races Clans (feline), Dewiek and the Dominion (humans - barely). Initial skirmishes between the Clans and the Empire determine borders.
194 Detinus Republic betrays humanity and sides with Flagritz in a war against the Empire. War ends in stalemate. Detinus Republic flees the Capellan Periphery and encounters the faction of the Confederacy, currently colonising the Darkfold Periphery. A truce is called.
193 The FET colony Port Royale launches a missile strike against SSL colony Pitstop. The FET claims that the SSL were going to let the DTR use the colony as a base for an offensive against them. The Emperor decries the act and the SSL colony is evacuated. The DTR declares war on the FET over anti DTR propaganda they claim was spread by the FET. A Flagritz scout ship is seen in the Blagard system. Some ships are destroyed by baseships in the further reaches of the periphery. In the face of the Flagritz threat the DTR and FET reach an amicable agreement, the war ends. The affiliations start to look at the threat posed by the Flagritz.
192 First contact with the alien race the Flagritz is made in Inferno system. They warn explorers off, but do not fire.
175-180 Settling of Capellan System encounters the Detinus Republic, now having been isolated for four decades. Aliens such as the Naplians and Kastorians are encountered by humans.
175 Great Expansion. Emperor Jasil pushes new expansion into Capellan Periphery. Following the confirmed discovery of sentient aliens, Jasil establishes a large blockade in the naturally restricted region of space leading to the Capellan Periphery. This region of mines and platforms effectively seals the Inner Empire off from the Peripheries.
165 SMS 'officially' discover Capellan Periphery and encounter various sentient alien species. Encounter with Falconian Empire leads to the death of all hands.
158-163 Confederacy is established in a set of systems on the far side of a system containing a star rapidly approaching RR-Lyrae phase in its evolution. Civilians and disgruntled nobles increase its population until the star effectively closes the door forever. More than 20 million have made the journey.
158-170 Years of recovery. In the year 162 a ban on any faction carrying weaponry within the Empire is established.
155-158 The Brotherhood, backed by certain Noble Houses is defeated. In light of the nuclear devastation that has swept many worlds, the Tau Ceti Convention banning chemical, biological and nuclear warfare is signed. Following this Samual and his host flee the Empire. The remaining New Harmony Church is reduced in both power and status.
153-155 Samual's first edicts is to free the church from tax and impose heavy levies on the merchant corporations. Hostility breaks out and civil war erupts. Samual and Jasil, sons of Emperor Paul vie for control of Empire. Samual backed by Church, Jasil backed by Merchant Corporations.
152 Samual not killed but actually taken and raised by power seeking New Harmony Church faction. New Harmony Church faction, known as the Brotherhood declare Samual the Prophet of the True One and reintroduce him to society where he is recognized as first born by Emperor Paul on his death bed and therefore next in line to the throne.
137 Detinus Republic cedes away from the Empire and is attacked. Those that can, flee beyond the Empire. Emperor Justin dies, Prince Paul coroneted Emperor at age of 76.
132-136 Prince Paul, son of Emperor Justin secretly known to be barren approaches New Harmony Church for aid. Paul has secret son Samual - Accident kills Samual and mother. Paul has second son Jasil - becomes heir apparent.
131-136 Trouble brewing as a number of faction led by the Detinus Republic start talk of rebellion.
0-180 Human Terran Empire founded. Slowly expands through space colonising a number of stars, which later becomes the Inner Empire.
Pre Empire
240 Titan Supernova - Hive faction splintered. Hive found Fake. Hexamon takes slow boats with TCA faction of sentient ships.
265 Civil war on Kastor. Splintering of Kastorian race. Kastor left radioactive waste - population enter cryogenic sleep. Yank founded by Kastorians - terraforming of Yank worlds.
270-300 Dewiek declare war on Architects. Dominion faction arrives in the Peripheries. Invasion of Darkfold periphery by Meklan and TCA.
900 Dyson Sphere started.
2,000 Ringworld of Acrux Built.
2,000-15,000 Architects enter the Peripheries, seed races. These include the Clans (Felini). They are also believed to tamper with genetic code of various evolved but low intelligence species.
Unkown Aliens build the Stargates.

Early History  [Recruit]

This atttempts to try and piece together the fragments which form the history of the Peripheries. In collating these fragments it was found that more questions were raised than answered and in some cases evidence for mutually exclusive events have been unearthed. Maybe with greater digging somebody will be able to solve the mystery although I suspect that in decades to come xeno-archeologists will be as baffled as myself.

Of Architects and Dewiek

It is commonly accepted that the biggest influence on the development of the Peripheries has been the enigmatic race known only as the Architects. What is commonly known about them is that they are some form of sentient species capable of moving through space. This has placed them in the category of sentient ship although this is presumably a misnomer or ambiguous at best.

The greatest source of information regarding the Architects comes from the Dewiek accounts detailing the war between these two races. As such it is almost certain that some form of bias will exist regarding the description of the Architects as little more than domineering planet killers intent on the eradication of the Dewiek and its great nation.

The facts are that the Architects did indeed unleash some plague at the height of the Dewiek power, reducing them to a few isolated star systems on the edge of the Peripheries for more than half a millennia. It is also known that they systematically wiped out the remains of the Dewiek warfleet, leaving hulks drifting in space or broken on the ice fields of airless moons.

Yet despite being capable of near total genocide, the Architects have left some of the greatest feats of civil engineering known. The ringworld of Acrux was truly a marvel; at least it was according to salvaged works of the Dewiek prior to its fragmentation during the war. Now sections of the ring are slowly drifting apart and at least one section is close to falling into the star.

Dyson, is still pretty much off limits to explorers but if rumours of naked singularities and artificial wormholes are to be believed leaves Acrux as a poor forerunner.

So why did the Architects, a race of space dwelling sentient starships build worlds? What possible use could they have?

Then there is the question of Janth, reputedly the centre of the Dewiek nation of old. This world is populated by many different species. Even today radiation levels are such that the civilisation present on the world is a poor second to that which once existed.

The presence of so many species is curious. It appears reasonable that they are the descendents of those brought to the world by the Dewiek during their days are great explorers. Yet despite this, very few worlds with indigenous populations have any technology utilised by the Dewiek. This hints at darker designs for the sentient life taken to the central worlds of the nation. Were they willing colonists or could they have in fact been slaves to the single dominant star system spanning species. Could this have been the ground for the war between the Architects and the Dewiek? This would certainly seem to cast a very different image to the Architects than that ascribed to them by the Dewiek.

What happened to the Architects?

The rediscovery of the Dewiek Home Periphery, the origin of their species shattered the illusion that the Dewiek suffered a Pyrrhic victory over the Architects, destroying them as they themselves succumbed to the disease. They were in fact almost entirely wiped out and only the closing of the stargate into the Pocket Periphery prevented their total destruction.

This raises the question as to whatever happened to the Architects. Rumours persist that they are still wandering through the outer edges of systems in the cold darks of space beyond the stable range of ISR fields around stars.


While there are hints of truly ancient works and artefacts such as the artificial mind spanning the space between worlds, having listened to echoes on the ether for millions of years, or the sentient ocean capable of replicating objects, the oldest confirmed and commonly used artefacts are the stargates.

These are now believed to have been built by a species that existed even before the Architects although there is no forthcoming indication as to whom they may have been.

Maybe at one time there were more stargates, maybe all connected to each other, maybe there are still some out there waiting to be discovered. If this is the case maybe all it requires is knowledge of a specific system and it is possible to visit original system of the creators of the stargate. Who could imagine what wonders lay in wait?

Is open for business...
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Falconians Saved ***

The Imperials have cunningly saved the Falconian Republic from being consumed by the Dewiek Elder Nation and at no small cost to the DEN either. Whilst the new pro tem Consul crowed about the “victory”, all former FCN systems besides Acropolis have been taken over by the two warring Empires - Human and Flagritz.

Was it all worth it? For the IMP / GTT it clearly was, for the movement of a few hundred thousand troops is surely nothing to the cost they endured trying to and failing to knock the DEN out of Solo after the fact. The FCN now plucked off most of their navy and wider assets are a tiny nothing of their former self. The DEN may have resorted to some dirty namecalling but can the costs endured to save an enfeebled FCN have really been worth it? Time will tell.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * INDignation * FELicitous Caribbean * Nah Plan for Naplia * Mercs Trouble DEN * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Acropolis Now ***

The IMP and GTT have brought peace and stability to Acropolis.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Goodbye Falconians ***

The galaxy bid farewell to the Falconian Republic as the Human Empire subsumed them into their expanding territories. This marks the second death of an alien civilisation at the hands of the IMP / GTT in recent years. Like the extinguishing of the nearby Ulians, no voices of opposition could be heard from other quarters. This marks a long-period of appeasement by the Detinus Republic and Dewiek Elder Nation.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * DOMination * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

***** Inter Galactic News THE MUSICAL *****

*** Norozov, No More ***

Kantner: No more do I see the starlight caress your cyclops eye
No more feel the tender kisses we used to share
I close my fists and clearly my heart remembers
A thousand goodbyes could never put out the embers

Chulainn: Oh the power is mine now!

Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before
Please, come back to my arms; we belong together
Come to me; let's be sweethearts again and then let us part no more

Chulainn: Oh all the Stellars mine now!

Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

Kantner: No more do I feel the touch of your hand on mine
No more see the love-light making your dark eyes shine
Oh, how I wish I never had caused you sorrow
But don't ever say for us there is no tomorrow

Chulainn: Oh all the ladies mine now!

Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

Chorus: The power is in the eye!

Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before
Please, come back to my arms; we belong together
Come to me; let's be sweethearts again and then let us part no more

Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

Chulainn: Oh the power is mine now!

Chorus: The power is in the eye!

Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before.

Lanner: So, old cyclops has finally met his comeuppance
Maybe its time for a comeback

Chorus: No, no one wants you back!

Lanner: I always did like that chair of his…

Chorus: The power is in the eye!
The power is in the eye!
The power is in the eye!

Continued in this special edition of the SSS...

***** Inter Galactic News *****


FILTHY AND DISHONOURABLE Dewiek mercenaries have dared to attack HONEST AND HARDWORKING GTT warships in the Coptuv system.


The Dewiek commander’s lengthy response was appreciated by xenophile and philanthropist HQ Manager Tom Krieger but this does not change the facts.



***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Voice of the Naplian Liberation Front ***

We are the Naplian Liberation Front. We have commandeered this station to bring you important and vital deprogramming. You are a slave of the Galactic Trouser and Tussles Imperium of Unspecified Services! We have witnessed the press ganged upon by Imperial thugs. Rounding up reporters by the thousands and throwing them in weasel dens. Mocking the Great Uncle of the Flagritz. Manufacturing consent out of a lust for imports of wheat cereals! We poor Naplians(*) are given no training and substandard equipment when preparing your nutritious breakfasts. We are sent forward by the Imperial snack commissioners with threats of triple-filing tax returns on unreasonable deadlines! Death would be preferable. We are allegedly paid a wage but have you ever tried to buy anything with just $1? Strangely none of those politicals earning $10,000 or more a week seem to care about our plight. Not to mention that the Imperials throw perfectly good meat into the grinder instead of slow cooking it in black bean sauce. They have no respect for a classic burrito! We are left grieving for young families who have never tasted quality ranch sauce. You don’t need to be a dead Naplian to know the value of a good guacamole.

* No actual Naplians included.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * GTT vs USN * GTT vs NLF * GTT vs IND * GTT vs KAS * GTT vs FET * GTT vs SSS * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Stellar Empire On Warpath ***

The newly re-united Stellar Empire continued to wage war against the Flagritz Empire to bring about galactic peace and freedom for all. The latest system to fall to the inevitable tide of history was Morroglyph in the Coreward Arm. Dewiek intransigence reached fever pitch as the FLZ facilities changed to DEN paws and subsequently became targets of Imperial truth and justice. Despite putting themselves between the past and the future, the DEN seemed to lack much will for an actual fight with Dewiek military commanders adopting “meh” as their watchword.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * GTT smacks NLF * DEN whack MRC * Slaves Liberated * FLZ Retreat * ARC in Orion Spur * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Stellar Empire Re-United ***

Celebrations were held across the vast territories of the Stellar Empire as the two-halves represented by the governments of the Imperials and Caliphate determined to unite. This followed almost inevitably from the assassination of the Caliph, a crime that has gone mysteriously unresolved. The old Caliphate ministers were ‘retired’ and at first it seemed the Imperials had managed what had alluded them for decades.

However, just as orders to claim systems for the IMP went in some places, conflicting orders to claim for the CIA came from Laton. In other systems, it seems overwhelming civilian support lies with the defunct CAL government and there are a number of CIV and CAL bases that seem to have not heeded the CIA nor IMP orders. With all the Caliphate's armaments now in the CIA’s hand and no political leadership in the old government, it seems inevitable that the civilians will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

A muted and cautious response from the rest of the galaxy was only to be expected given the formation of a new unrivalled superpower. The chilling effect on public discourse as the Imperial war machine taps into the substantial, if stunted, economies of the former Caliphate will surely be felt for years to come. Does this mark the 'end of history' as we know it?

More on this story inside this issue of the SSS along with: * KAS v IMP/GTT v FLZ * DEN v MRC * FOCed by IMP * BHD v DEN * &etc


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I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).