Phoenix Nexus News Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 20.
Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 20.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** To Ur Is Dewiek ***

Dewiek forces had a hefty smackdown against the mysterious living ships known as the T’Cath (TCA). Seven adult TCA 400 hull capital ships, each firing eight of their notorious plasma cannons, were killed by a DEN and DOM fleet of some 700 ships.

Of the minimal losses suffered by the DEN / DOM, one-eyed Magnus and Nevets Motnhap of the FEL were amongst the dead.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Caribbean Congo Continues * Ur Witness Report * * Hive Briefing * &etc

*** Caribbean Congo Continues ***

The Flagritz Empire have thrown their tentacles behind the reformed Falconian Republic, switching their claim for the Caribbean system to the FCN.

Seductress Silith was on record to state that “the Empire has not forgotten... the land grabbing opportunists of the GTT, supported by their feline lackeys within the Tyranny."

*** Reader’s Correction ***

Freaky Yahn Wodenzon offered this correction to the story previously published about his death-sex cult:

"Members of the DPP successfully disrupt one DTR outpost's Exchange Complexes causing its chutes to shoot everything in orbit with compressed materials!”

"The afore mentioned disruption was not planned or sanctioned by the DPP, but by a group of supporters acting independently. I can not say at which outpost the event took place, for security reasons, but I can share some of the events leading up to this. It seems that some of our local DPP organisers were being harassed and intimidated by the outpost's management, which led to local sympathisers organising and executing this operation in response.

"As much as I can sympathise with their plight, I would urge all DPP members and sympathisers to keep their efforts within the confines of the law whenever possible. It is this law that allows the DPP to exist and to steer its independent course, after all.

"In order to make it more evident that the DPP steers a course that diverges from official DTR governmental policy, and to position ourselves better to pursue our inter-aff policies of Peace, Prosperity and Stability through Understanding, Cooperation, and Solidarity, we have recently formed a sister party known as the FRE - DPP (Free Democratic People's Parties).”

*** Ur Witness Report ***

A ravenous Lyceum Amaguk stared with gunslinger's eyes into the bleak asteroid belts and nebulae of Indus.

Saliva dripped from his colossal muzzle. Bloodlust beginning to overwhelm his senses. His huge frame casting a monstrous shadow.

Exhilarated howls and yelps filled the fleet communication channels. The Dewiek packs at fever pitch as the signal were given to be ready for the assault.

Doleful baying and barks rolling back and forth between attack squadrons as they agitated themselves into a berserker frenzy.

Today the Dewiek Elder Nation fleet would face the ancient enemy yet again – The wretched T'cath.

Breathless scouts had the evening before spotted a squadron of at least 7 TCA 400HH capital ships in orbit. A worthy foe. They were to be hunted and slaughtered.

From time to time a Direwolf would break into a mock charge to be greeted with feverish yowls. The scratch of abominable claw on metal as if the ships might be ripped asunder from inside.

Lyceum opened the direct communication channel to direwolf Magnus' Wake. A half mad, guttural howl penetrated the commander. Then silence but for a distant, broken caterwaul from deep within the belly of the gnarled old Dewiek’s warship.

“Nevets. He fought well in the pits of Valhalla. He is welcome to fight and drink by our side now though some of the men fear the Felani brings bad luck.”

The fleet commander glared at his second in command. "Luck!?" They smashed the tops off barrels of ale in contempt. Made deep, bloody claw marks in each other's faces. Shrugged.

With a sharp bark, Lyceum ordered the fleet to begin a steady advance through the asteroids and into orbit following the intuitive path being blazed by Lord Magnus the Red.

As the fleet commander had anticipated, the old Dewiek war wolf was already on the trail of his ancient, hated foe. Unable to hold himself back. Unable to be held back. Refusing to eat or sleep until the T'cath lay butchered.

Magnus and his war party moved aggressively and expertly through smaller asteroid fields. The warships seemingly haring wildly towards the target orbit.

Moments later Magnus’ pack moved effortlessly in a tight single file formation, sheltered in in the shadow of the moon Sarasvati. Engines shut down. The ships slowing. Drifting. Silent and undetected. Moving ever onwards. Hunting.

Magnus' Wake suddenly broke away towards the hostile orbit of Ur growing further and further isolated from its pack mates.

"That old bastard has gone soft in the head. This was not part of the plan", thought Lyceum. Then shrugged again. Cracked open another barrel of ale and punched himself in the face with uncontainable rapture.

With a nod, the main DEN fleet hunting pack of 400 warships and 300 Dominion destroyers entered offensive battle formation. Now in a hurry to support Magnus as he zeroed in in the last know position of the enemy.

The first impact of Magnus’ mkIV thermal lance torpedo slamming into the TCA beyond the hazy half light of the horizon sounded like a crystal goblet shattering. Clear and loud and brilliant against the uneasy silence of space.

Seconds later the horizon was illuminated by a blinding blue light as if a star had exploded. Fifty or more plasmas blazing hell fire at Magnus’ Wake.

“Fire!” bellowed fleet commander Lyceum as the sky was now darkened by the main fleet arriving to attack the remaining 6 TCA. Then the sinister hum of thousands of torpedos taking flight.

Eight hours later, and after a day of attritional torpedo fire, the 7 TCA were obliterated. Six DEN Direwolves lay wrecked.

A blinding light.

Lord Magnus dead.

A glorious darkness extinguished.

Whether Magnus intended to draw the fire of the entire TCA squadron to protect his pack mates, or was simply lost in a berserk rage, will never be known and matters little. However, none of his other pack ships was damaged during a full day of ferocious battle, managing to inflict withering fire on their primary TCA target, thanks to his actions.

The last the fleet commander saw of Magnus was as he neared the target orbit of Ur: switching off engines and using gravity to pull his ship silently towards its quarry.

Then the final, lightning fast charge and the close quarter's volley of thermal lance torps smashing into the wretched enemy leviathans. Magnus' Wake managing to keep firing for four full rounds of combat despite the overwhelming enemy onslaught.

*** Hexamon Briefing ***

The exact origins of the Hexamon are still a mystery and so a lot of the information here is rumours and myths. What is known is that they were created to serve the Architects 500 years ago. They were to be a replacement to the first slave race created called the Hive. The Hive had been found to be inefficient and not up to the high standards their creators wanted so they redesigned the race and created the Hexamon a similar yet stronger race in all areas. Upon completion, the Architects placed them in stasis aboard their craft and several of the Tcath ships to send them to fight in the war with the Dewiek, at that time the Dewiek war was still going strong and it was still relatively undecided. The journey was to take 2 years however for some unknown reason the ships disappeared and was not heard of for 500 years when they reappeared at their original destination of Acrux. They arrived to find a war that had been over for centuries, there masters long gone and their old enemies once more in control of the system. Even though their technology was so old and the galaxy had changed they prepared to fight. They took over the DEN colonies in the system and claimed it for themselves. They quickly tried to build up the colonies and begin production of equipment, as they feared their forces would be destroyed. However, the DEN had been in an isolation of its own and had lost allot of its technology so the Hexamon, in fact, had the advantage over them. In several pitched battles the HXM came out the victors rooting their Enemies forces and splitting their fleet allowing them to destroy them separately. After some titanic battles against the DEN and its new allies the DTR and DOM, the Hexamon won and the war was called off. During the war, the Hexamon lost 2 of their 6 Tcath ships and the others sustained heavy damage which ended up being a deeper wound than their Enemies had believed, as they had no way of getting new living ships to come and help them. After a few Months of rebuilding and gathering information on what had happened, they lost hope.

Although now a free Race they were trapped in a hostile galaxy far away from their creator's protection and guidance. The Living ships, which they viewed almost as gods were weak and would not be able to face, another onslaught, which they feared, would be coming. It was decided to evacuate the system and retrace their steps back home. They split into 3 groups. The advanced group left immediately and was never heard of again. The second group was made up of the 4 TCA ships, which would follow as soon as they had loaded up and regained enough strength, they never departed and ended up going to help another race. The third group was to construct more transports and loads up all the equipment captured and demolish the colonies. However, before the third group could finish the 3D alliance attacked and this time destroyed all but a small group of Hexamon who fled in an escape pod. And so the HXM was gone...

A few weeks later an escape pod appeared over the KAS colony, Rubis. They asked for protection and equipment to set up a new home. They had lost the information needed to get home and lacked ships and equipment to attempt to trace or contact the rest of their race. A colony was set up and the Hexamon decided it was no use trying to get home and focused on building up a new empire. After a lot of scouting, they discovered the system Wastelands was uninhabited and claimed the planet Sahara as their new home world. All went well and they explored, built up their colonies and traded. They decided to make Wastelands the capital colony. However, a trade disagreement with the FCN caused a rogue faction within the Hexamon to openly protest the Hexamon policies towards other races. They went unheard and decided to move to the Yank colony where they had supporters for the cause. Several weeks after they had left the FCN invaded and captured the colony of Wastelands leaving the HXM with its colony in Yank. In an attempt to secure themselves the Hexamon applied and was granted membership into the Flagritz Republic as a charted affiliation.

However, this alliance did not fair well as the Hexamon found that the Flagritz views conflicted with their own and they were forced to pull out. Again the rogue factions spoke out about Hexamon views on other races but were ignored again. They decided to take action and seized control of the Yank colony. They declared the Hexamon dead and changed to the ANT a peaceful race looking to change the way everyone saw them. They went through a period of isolation. Not sure who were friends and who were enemies. During this time the built up supplies and decided to open diplomatic relations with the IMP and its chartered Affiliations. The talks went well securing the ANT some much-needed friends. After a lot of Scouting and exploring they found a suitable world and ask for permission to build on it. They were overwhelmed by the helpfulness of the IMP so much that they decided to open talks with the Flagritz. Again the talks were an overwhelming success. The ANT decided to let everyone know of their existence and that they were willing to trade. Soon after they were approached by many races all wanting friendship. The Story of the DNA stuck in the hearts of the ANT because it was similar to their own plight. They have commenced talks and only time will tell how the young ANT race does. They may be peaceful but they have the means to defend themselves if need be. They will never allow the Hexamon belief of crush and destroy rule them again. Will they survive with their new found friends or will the all powerful ARC return and enslave the race once again..........

The HXM was created by the ARC to fight their enemies which at the time was The Hive. After the defeat of The Hive, the HXM was sent on the fateful journey towards the Dewiek, only to arrive some 500 years later. If you are interested in knowing more about this particular time in our history, have a look at the links below.

How does the name COH fit into this? The creator of the HXM was an ARC called Hexos. He was the father of the race and he was worshipped as God by the HXM. We have a different view on things. We dont worship him but keep the name as a reminder of the power he represents or represented. But Hexos is still "the father of the race", that is why we are now called "The Children of Hexos". It is our view that the ARC is now an extinct race. They only live on through the legacy they left behind, that of deceit and animosity that still can be found amongst their pawns in their struggle for survival through dominance.

We have entered a new phase in our evolution. In the quest to find a place in the peripheries we have been forced to adapt to a new role to ensure the survival of the species. We have become Hitech Merchants in order to fund our growing bases. Where this road takes us only the future will tell.

Will it be possible for the current leadership to constrain the instincts of the warrior caste?
"Force is always beside the point when subtlety will serve."

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