Phoenix Nexus News Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 19.
Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 19.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** The Long Quiet Season ***

There’s no sound of anger or of annoyance,
There’re neither cruisers racing on the jump lanes
Nor there jump lanes for them to race on,
There’re neither monks chanting on the battlegrounds
Nor bells calling us to the True One.
There’s neither the lightning cracking of the sky
Nor the persistent Naplians pattering on my roof.
There’s no Dewiek arm in arm to admire the magnificent view
There’re no war drums to feed Human ears
Nor Hive sirens to steal the boredom away
There’s no unfamiliar wing creeping underneath the Falconian sun
Nor floods to enshroud the Aquaphid grounds
The land lies lonely out here
On this lazy summer’s day
There’s no pollution to poison the airs of Inversion
Nor forests to give them life
All I hear is the hushing sound of the wind
Assisting the sand to fall into beautiful undulations.

Whilst we’ve been away: * Operation Giantslayer * Naplian Liberation * Back in the DTTR * &etc

*** Operation Giantslayer ***

22 Scors from the Sons of Silith Legion have been deployed against Imperial assets within the Titan system on the key worlds of Mnemosyne, Rhea and Cronus.

Day 1 saw five IMP outposts captured, with a further five captured and subsequently destroyed by orbital bombardment and long range fire.

The embattled Scors defended their captured assets with human civilians being the main casualties of the rash Imperial response.

*** IMP Response to Giantslayer ***

The IMP reiterated that FREedom flags are banned in their systems and this ban will be fully enforced by the magic power of Xav Krieger who will now spread his long fingers in every quad and ring of every IMP system.

Imperial analysts are theorising where the FLZ may strike next, whilst pretending it is a complete waste of time for all involved unlike all the other exciting things the GTT get up to when not stomping their silky sulky boots on unsuspecting aliens.

The IMP / GTT patrol commissioner had a whine that "life is often fraught with equal amounts of boredom and terror.” The Editors suggest a change of diet and finding a more luxurious bathroom to take your morning dump.

*** Naplian Liberation ***

NLF freedom fighters have attacked two GTT outposts in Onissian (244) and Morroglyph (257) giving away their connection to the HEX and FLZ a bit. Their calling the IMP / GTT pirates continues to flounder in the court of sentients who give a damn enough to do anything about it.

Tom Krieger, arbitrator of truth and courage as well as High Commissioner of Stating the Obvious, issued the following statement: "As is typical for all true cowards, the NLF won't post the truth, preferring instead to spin the situation to their advantage.

"By accident they did get one thing right, there was a pirate at those battles, but it wasn't the GTT. The NLF are worse than pirates, at least Pirate Large doesn't claim to be anything than what he is, the NLF are a pathetic example of terrorists.”


The calling each other pirates theme continued as Jackie Jones got in the game with a statement too tedious to repeat in full. In short, “NLF bad, IMP good, FLZ / HEX behind NLF, When will people realise we’re the Good Guys and all the Aliens are Evil?"

*** Back in the DTTR ***

The com screen fuzzes over and fades into what looks like a documentary film:

An older, scholarly looking gentleman sits across from a younger female interviewer. They seem to be in the middle of a topic called the DPP, a political movement in the Detinus Republic.

"Ah, you see," the scholar continues," we will have to see what becomes of the DPP now. Senator Zampolit Igor's pleas in the Senate are constantly dismissed and Yahn Wodenzoon has been exiled to the Coreward Arm. They wouldn't tell you that, of course. He has officially been 'rewarded' by leading an expedition there to set up an outpost for the greater glory of the Republic. Ah, those poor kids. The old man shakes his head. "The only one who would defend his cause was the Admiral himself, you know..."

"It all started with the Space Brat subculture, you know", he continues," The culture goes much deeper and wider than just the Republic, and at the same time it is so much smaller when you live on a space ship. Even Yahn's friend the Dewiek Lord considers himself 'somewhat of a Space Brat' when they first met. They didn't grow up on planets, they grew up in space. They are much more nomadic than you our i. They grew up in metal tubes and live there to this day. We will only have to see what becomes of them". The older said as he shook his head.

The com screen fuzzes over and fades out.

"Members of the DPP successfully disrupt one DTR outpost's Exchange Complexes causing its chutes to shoot everything in orbit with compressed materials!”

"We are pleased to announce that the DPP has been successful with its Democratic Reform Initiative. Senator Zampolit Igor has been reinstated and the party is proud to call itself the official opposition. Despite the fact that we are still a minority, our growing movement has proven to be influential and is indisputably legitimised by this.

"Thank you to all party members and sympathisers who have helped make this possible, and to Senator Igor for his tireless efforts in defending the legal underpinnings of our initiative in the Senate. We are happy to report that all Pro-Democracy rallies took place in a peaceful manner, and we are very happy with the turnout.

"This is a great moment for Democracy, and the Glory of the Republic!

"Our party has clearly show itself to be the Champion of Democracy. This initiative gives a strong voice to our party, progressive independents, and the average citizen.

"Thank you all!

"Do Your Democracy !!!"

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** The formation of Kaddu Enterprises ***

For immediate release:

The newly formed Kaddu Enterprises hereby offers its services, mainly in the Halo Cluster. We operate 2 survey ships, 3 freighters and an escort ship.

The CEO of Kaddu Enterprises, Mr. Mzee Kaddu, is currently staying in the background, focussing on the investors and on Strategic development of the company. Most public relations, including contractual enquiries should be directed to the Chief Communications Officer, Captain Buzz Aldrin of the KSS New Horizons.

Kaddu Enterprises will be concentrating on trading and hauling goods, but will also be able to conduct survey missions.

Please feel free to contact us through either this forum or via a direct message to either Captain Buzz Aldrin, KSS New Horizons (82947) & CCO, or Mzee Kaddu (63047), CEO.

Our assets are still TRN and ship names are prefixed KSS (Kaddu Space Ship).

May you all ling long and prosper!

*** Principles, Techniques and Blue Prints for Sale ***

The GTT is currently selling the following Principles, Techniques and Blue Prints. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, please send me a PM with your offer. I will review all offers received on 217.28.1 and will inform you if your offer has been accepted.

Starting 32.4, several more Hive-related blueprints and technique will be added to the public market at GTT Acheron Harbour (39612), located on Seventeen in the Adamski System (150).

*** Wanted: SSS Columnists ***

We’re looking for columnists to help the Editors with regular columns along particular themes, for example tips for newbies or traders. If you’re interested please get in touch..

*** Submission and Anonymous Tips ***

Anonymous messages can be sent to our offices @ SSS Inter Galactic News HQ (39952).

Or you can submit stories in the usual way via Nexus.