Phoenix Nexus News ****** CSNN ******, Issue 19 - Star Date 216.33.5
****** CSNN ******, Issue 19 - Star Date 216.33.5

****** Caliphate Syndicated News Network (CSNN) ******

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Welcome to another edition of news and views from the CSNN's favourite reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe,

And so with the news,

Alien Wars - Ulian Peace Agreements

Following the successful taking down of the USN, Imperial law has been established in the Ulian system.

The DEN have taken possession of HEX starbase and, after claiming for the USN initially, is now claiming for the IMP.

The remaining HEX base is also agreed to claim for the IMP.

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Peace finds its place again umongst the stars, hopefully its not dove hunting season!

Alien Wars - USN Forces Join KRL In Storm System

In the aftermath of the collapse of the USN, all USN forces and assets have been handed over to the KRL.

Due to the Ulian system being under Imperial rule, the USN Emergency Council has release all USN assets to the control of the KRL.

"This ends the second USN/KRL war" states the KRL leadership.

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Reportedly the signing over of ex-USN assets in the Storm system.

Other News - DEN Demand FEL Contact

Aadolf, High Lorn of the DEN, has demanded direct contact of the FEL ship Kirashi Exterminator Kpex and its squadron.

Apparently, they were to contact the DEN before they were fined, posted or destroyed.

After barely a woof, whistle or a squeak, the matter was over before anyone got excited.

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"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in" says the Big Bad Wolf

Other News - FEL Requests Contact To GTT

Pride Qucani wishes to have contact with owner of GTT Ship Relentless Drive (51413).

Some politcal commentators have discussed the reasons for this contact request but don't have sufficient information to speculate further.

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"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll ... ooh a cotton ball!" the scary kitty cries.

This ends of another unbiased edition of CSNN of which we hope we can bring updates to these news stories,

This is Ainsley Moore, reporting for the CSNN, let peace and prosperity be upon you all.

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****** End of Transmission ******