Phoenix Nexus News ****** CSNN ******, Issue 18 - Stardate 216.32.3
****** CSNN ******, Issue 18 - Stardate 216.32.3

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Welcome to another edition of news and views from the CSNN's favourite reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe, after a period of "secured safety training" for the CSNN team who was taken in by Caliphate security forces,

And so with the news,

Alien Wars - Empire Takes Ulian System, Empire Fleet Deployed

Following the war against the Alien Alliance, Humanity's last remaining foe from this conflict has been dealt with. The Ulian Stellar Nation (USN) refused to broker peace with the Empire and so led the Empire towards the inenvitable.

The Empire Space Fleet moved into the Ulian system to support the Imperial Army, securing the strategic space lanes, taking down several defence platforms and several USN ships in the process.

With the space lanes secured, the Imperial Army was free to do its work.

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Picture reportedly taken of the Empire Fleet in action.

Alien Wars - Empire Takes Ulian System, Imperial Army Deployed

The Imperial Army undertook an operation to take the USN claimant base, which after a furious and stiff defence, fell after 5 days of battle.

The Imperial Army fielded well over 300,000 troops and 30,000 tanks over the 5 day period.

Imperial Army sources tell that at one point, over 200,000 militia were called up by the USN and even over 78,000 alien attack animals were unleashed upom the battlefield in the last days of of battle.

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Picture reportedly of the mechanised section of the Imperial Army.

Alien Wars - USN Slaves Freed By Imperial Army

Reports coming out of Imperial Command is stating that the USN were using slaves in captured starbase.

As the spoils of war were being counted, the unexpected reports of Krell slaves emerging from USN factories.

Sources have reported Imperial Army medics have setup field hospitals to begin helping the discovered Krell slaves in their long rehabilitation.

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Supplied picture showing an empty hospital wards ready to receive Krell ex-slaves.

Alien Wars - USN Strike In Storm System

It seems the USN have struck in the Storm system, after breaking a peace agreement with the Krells (KRL)

Early reports suggest bitter ship to ship combat has tool place in the system, with at least 1 KRL platform and 2 USN ships being destroyed on day 1.

A hastily agreed ceasefire was agreed on the day 2 and then broken again on day 3 after the USN entered the orbit of Inversion, damaging outposts and destroying a KRL colony carrying 6,000 krell colonists.

After confusion over who was command of the local USN forces, another hastily put together ceasefire has been agreed with the "USN Emergency Council". It seems for the moment the ceasefire is holding and hostilities has ceased across the Storm system.

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Received picture apperently showing burning KRL outpost.

Alien Wars - DTR Meddles In Ulian System

The DTR, under the guise of Admiral Bridge, have started to make of meddlesome overtures to intervene in the Ulian system.

Even though the Imperial Viceroy and 4 other Empire officials repeatly told Admiral Bridge to not send ships into the Ulian system, the repeated warning were ignored.

Some 11 freighters were sent by the DTR to the Ulian system and all 11 ships were destroyed, along with their crews.

What the meddlesome DTR were trying to acheive by sacrificing their ships and crews cheaply is currently under analysis by the military.

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Section of an unnamed DTR freighter burning after being destroyed.

Alien Wars - Gambling Ensues Over DTR Meddling

In a somewhat bizarre twist to the DTR meddling in the Ulian system, Lazarus Dredge of the RIP announced a $50,000 wager that was taken up by Igor "Wylde Carrd" Konstantin of the DOM, at 2 to 1 odds.

This wager was eventually won by Lazarus Dredge.

It was estimated that several hundred million stellars were also wagered around the known galaxy, by both legal and illegal gambling networks, boosting revenues by up to 5% on Empire and other stock markets.

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People celebrating their gambling win, not the destroying of the DTR freighters. Honest!

This ends of another unbiased edition of CSNN of which we hope we can bring updates to these news stories,

This is Ainsley Moore, reporting for the CSNN, let peace and prosperity be upon you all.

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****** End of Transmission ******