Phoenix Nexus News SubSpace Static. Volme 8. Issue 2.
SubSpace Static. Volme 8. Issue 2.

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*** Inter Galactic News ***

  • CIA freighter fights off overwhelming pirate forces

  • Fin Saine media broadcast, What is Hot in the galaxy?!?!

  • MEKlan forces attack in Corewards Arm

    CIA freighter fights off overwhelming pirate forces

    Pirate attacks continue to be a major problem in Coreward systems, despite the increase of CIA, NHS and FET armed patrols. So far CIA, FET and WMB transports have been lost to the forces known only as the "Scavenger pirates". Who is sponsoring this reign of terror remains to be seen with the finger (hoof, claw, tentacle) pointed in many directions.

    Crew members with long service remember the rumours of Capt Large and his dreaded barrel that awaited prisoners.
    This has lead to ships crews putting up stiff resistance. One such heroic defence has been reported recently by the crew of the CIA ship Sentient 6 against not one but two boarding actions. Despite the unbelievable odds against them the CIA crew fought hard, a desire to go down with all guns blazing literally saving them from an unknown fate.

    A report sent to the local CIA command read as follows:

    The CIA ship Sentient 6, part of the CIA Trade Squadron Sentient was returning to base following the completion of its mission . As it approached its new home system (CIA obtained ownership rights of the Coptiv system recently) it was attacked by the Pirate ship Scavenger (52947) and its crew which comprised of 793 Naplian Marines. Sentient 6 was operating on a skeleton crew of 15 Feline Vet Marines. A fierce battle for control of the position followed.

    The attacking force were favoured by odds of 203:8 with the boarding pirates sure of success. The veteran Felini marines stood their ground admirably, refusing to give up the ship. The enemy pressed forward confident in their overwhelming numbers. Confidence high from the number of positions they have stolen from their cowardly attacks. Four rounds spilling of blood saw the pirates in control of 89% of the position with an estimated 70% chance of capture. 6 heroic marines lay dead. Estimated dead of the enemy was 14. Yet the veteran marines held firm.

    As the defenders regrouped,the enemy attacked again. Surely now with only 9 veterans and their officer left the position would fall against a vastly more numerous force. Death or captivity seemed the only two options as the loss of another brother in arms reduced their number. The position held as still the attack continued. The desperate enemy put in a murderous push taking 94% of the ship. The threat to the position was at 82% possibility of loss. The blood of the defenders flowing on the floors, of the 15 marines who started only three remained. 17 pirates lay dead.

    Against the odds the pirates were repelled, the CIA ship broke free and using it's AI navigators escaped, making its way home. The ship only survived as the crew members were all veterans. A crew with less experience would have failed in its defence. Sentient 6 is now under refit, safe in its home base. The battle against the pirate fleet continues.

    MEKlan forces attack in Corewards Arm

    A recent attack by a MEK ship on a GTT Explorer in the Nog-Kesri system has led to a combined FET and GTT fleet being scrambled. It's well known the MEK have been causing trouble in the Orion Spur for some time, but until now they have not been seen elsewhere. With the Corewards Arm being far more populated warships are being sent to investigate. Information from the GTT CEO shows at least four of the 150 heavy hull MEKlan scout ships have been seen in the system, which appear to be using the asteroid fields to hide and build up their forces. No word has yet been received as to how the MEK have arrived in Nog-Kesri, far from where they have been spotted previously.

    Fin Saine media broadcast, What is Hot in the galaxy?!?!

    Welcome to the show. I am Shalmi Parka and today we are discussing What is Hot in the Galaxy?!?!

    I doubt few will argue there has been anything hotter in the galaxy than the aftermath of the Aladdin Show-Down, as of late. Many thought it would ignite a new galactic war. Many thought the great alien nations would intervene. But they didn't. It did not erupt into open war, like a violent volcano. It was more like a giant unstoppable lava flow that smothered everything in its path, accompanied by deadly poisonous gasses. Greed reigns victorious while the Free Naplian Nation lays dead.

    Now, this whole affair has been a hot topic on local naplian media platforms. Most of you already know many of the issues involved, but tonight's show is being slated for galactic re-broadcast with SSS. For those of you who in the dark reaches of the peripheries who have no idea what we are talking about, here are the most important details. We are talking about Aladdin (166) system, in the Outer Naplian periphery. Your maps will likely list the periphery as Outer Capellan, but never mind that. Until recently, the DNA nation state claimed the system as capital system for the Free Naplian Nation. At the helm of the Free Naplian Nation was the DNA, particularly the Foreign Ministry, but it also included the mega-corp ORE, and the Aladdin system itself. Aladdin was the free naplian home-land, right at the junction of the Naplian peripheries. Right on the border with the Stellar Empire.

    At its inception some six years ago the DNA leader at the time, Yahn Wodenzoon, had gained assurances from the IMPerial services and begun the aff's friendship with CIA. Although informal, mutual assurances about territorial integrity and non aggression were made, and held for years. The human empire has seen significant change over the past few years, however. While old-timers like Jones and Krieger are seen with much suspicion in the alien camp, they are also accorded a certain grudging respect. They were great believers in international law and saw claim jumping as a great offense. Current GTT CEO Fox seems to have no such qualms, though. The once mighty IMPerial services are nothing more than an empty shell these days. Their services have been privatised. No one showed any surprise when the contract went to the GTT. Few noticed the fact that the Emperor himself was summoned to GTT HQ to formalise the deal, but it clearly shows who is really in charge over there. Now, the GTT's motto is: Greed is Good. These government contracts for administering the IMPerial services are sure to be lucrative, but what about Aladdin?

    It is notoriously difficult to find any information from imperial sources, but we did come across this tidbit in the blog archives. It was written by a GTT member named D.Star: "It all seemed a lot of fuss over a back water planet that couldn't even sustain a starbase. Sure a few transports ... nothing like the numbers the GTT brought to bear when a transport job needing doing quickly. It was all very... small in scale and unimportant." This makes it unlikely that greed was the motive here. It clearly shows that for the GTT this was just an operation, while for the naplians this was about the survival of their homeland.

    More than a quarter of a million settlers have fled the system and it will take the GTT much investment to even just balance the budget in Aladdin. It is not an easy task, just ask one of the five System Case Workers the DNA has had in the system over these last six years. It is a thankless job, and we show commiseration with the GTT clerk that inherited this mess. Many analysts will argue the imperial move on Aladdin was purely a strategic move, and that it shows the GTT's agenda sometimes gets to take second place behind the empire after all. Indeed, various DNA clerks talked to us anonymously and we were told one GTTer had described a free naplian Aladdin system as a 'thorn in their side' all these years, in an off hand way, during one of the diplomatic dialogue sessions. Another prayed to the True One that Aladdin never become an accursed HEXamon hive, with genuine fear in his eyes. It seems that some 300,000 free naplians and neo-naplians homesteading next door was enough to instill such fear into the mightiest of the mighty.

    Aladdin system had been pestered by numerous small PIRate incursions, and a couple of MeRCenary attacks, the records show. Interesting note: the ships that made up the MRC fleets were identical to the ships the GTT sent to Aladdin to chase them off. It could be co-incidence, but it is not likely. This looks more like realpolitik to me. The strategic importance of the Aladdin system is sure to have been one of the major considerations for the empire. Aladdin will likely become a springboard for the GTT to tighten its grip and on, and occupation of, the entire Outer Naplia periphery. We show much concern for other affs that have their home worlds in this region of space.

    The GTT has successfully occupied Aladdin and won the claim-jump bid. Peaceful claim protests seem to be permitted, at least for the time being. A tense peace reigns in Outer Naplia while the GTT is implementing its next move. Some analysts warn that the Aladdin Show-Down will be known to history as the beginning of the GTT's Creeping War. A war to get a strangle-hold on the entire periphery, and by virtue of its central location the entire galaxy. This is a dire warning, indeed.

    There is one last thing that needs to be considered, however. While the GTT has been jockeying for power within the empire, so has another movement that is often overlooked. Secudites. For those of you who don't know, Secudus is the grandson of his name-sake 'The Butcher of Tate'. As a side note, the DNA's retreat from Aladdin is often described as 'pulling a Detinus', in political jargon. But, let us stick with the essentials. Secudus and his followers hate naplians, and openly repress the likes of us whenever they can. Work and extermination camps, death squads. Why, you ask? Apparently just because we are naplians.

    To a naplian, these people are pure terrorists. Unfortunately, within the empire their power is gaining momentum. After the MZC/DNA Cluster War, Secundus was granted a noble title within the Confederate part of the empire. GTT CEO Fox, the most powerful man on the Imperial side has been questioned openly about Secundite sympathies, but has always sidestepped the question. The evidence is circumstantial, but compelling. Could it be that both the Stellar Empire and GTT agendas have been relegated second place behind the Secundite agenda?

    The emperor is getting old. Do they have a clear line of succession planned?
    Will Secudus make a bid for Emperor himself, or possibly Fox?

    We have been discussing what is hot in the galaxy, but these thoughts give me the chills.


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