Phoenix Nexus News ******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ****** Week 21, 222
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ****** Week 21, 222

******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

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Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite and most reliable unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last couple of weeks,

Cluster War! DNA Gather Fruit

Following the dumping of Iovan Fruit in order to escape an attack from MZC forces, The DNA has managed to gather up all the 80kmu that was used.

Local Populations are said to be pleased by this action as they are simply overly-hungry rather than starving, as was previously reported.

Increased use of indigestion medicine was reported shortly after.

Cluster War! DNA Pacifists Go Warlike

The Pacifists of the DNA are now getting stuck into the fighting after getting a "Rent-O-War" fleet from their friends, the FLZ, in recent days.

The DNA's "Rent-O-War" fleet have been spotted in the Cluster region tangling with MZC forces in the Giant system. ESNN Military analysts have said the DNA Rent-O-War" fleet looks to be far larger than MZC's forces seen in the conflict.

It is unknown as to was condition of the MZC forces after the initial tangle, but the fact the DNA's Rent-O-War" fleet has a number totalling <REDACTED>* is unlikely the MZC survived the encounter.

Cluster War! Warlike DNA Strikes Back

Elements of the DNA's Rent-O-War" fleet struck a MZC outpost in the orbit of the Stargate, within the Twinkle system.

On the first day of the attack, DNA forces inflicted minimal damage to equipment, but caused the deaths of at least 260 colonists that were waiting in the departure lounge.

The second day of combat reportedly caused the total loss of the facility, along with the lives of thousands of colonists* that were aboard.

Cluster War! FEL Announce Investigation

FEL Avatar Mirado has announced an investgation into the Warlike DNA's attack on the MZC outpost.

It was also announced no furthers issues have taken place within the system.

Nothing else happened after that.

Cluster War! Warlike DNA attacks New Sussex

The DNA's Rent-O-War" fleet has attacked a platform in the New Sussex system.

ESNN's Military analysts have stated the DNA Rent-O-War" fleet caused extensive damage and the platform was returning fire.

The outcome of this engagement is unknown at the present time.

Cluster War! Warlike DNA attacks New Sussex Again

An element of the DNA's Rent-O-War" fleet has struck an outpost in the outer reaches of the New Sussex system.

Battle damage assessments and information seen by the ESNN's Military analysts show that minimal damage was done to this outpost.

The outcome of this engagement is unknown at the present time.

Other News! FET Warfleet Spotted Entering Cluster

A FET warfleet has been spotted entering the Cluster region via the London Wormhole.

The FET warfleet numbering at over <REDACTED>* ships was seen using the London Wormhole by Empire defensive platforms.

As the FET are friends with the Warlike DNA, this could lead to escalation of the MZC/DNA Cluster War.

Other News! FET Changes Relations

As the MZC/DNA Cluster War started, The FET mysteriously reduced its relations status with the CIA to neutral.

Whilst this is not normally the greatest of news stories, this reduction marks the first time the FET have had such a low relationship with the CIA since before the IMP-CNF civil war.

It is understood that high level diplomatic talks took place between the respective affiliations and both sides have reached an understanding.

Other News! GTT Captures Pirate Ship

GTT Naval Special Forces have successfully boarded a pirate spotting ship in the Harlequin system.

A released battle report show the GTT forces using overwelming force to take the ship and then discovered a cargo hold filled with orbital probes.

The GTT have stated they are ready to defend the Empire from such pirate scum.

Other News! Rare Ores High, Metals Low

Due to the MZC/DNA Cluster War, Stock markets have seen a slight rise in the price of rare ores through out the peripheries.

Futures trading in both the Sol Commodities and Shares Exchange (SCSE) and the Darkfold Resource Exchange Market (DREM) were up 437 points, whilst the Yank System Industrial Average (YSIA) was up a mere 156 points at its close.

The recently opened Solo Options Stock Exchange (SOSE) has seen a cautious rise of 89 points due to the DTR's financial "fair play" rules being implemented.

Curiously, a GTT starbase has baffled investors due to its record low buying price of $0 per mu of metals. Investors are equally baffled as to how traders could turn a profit with this price.

This brings us to the end of another unbiased edition of ESNN, to which we hope we can bring updates to these news stories and other new stories in the coming weeks,

This is Ainsley Moore, reporting for the ESNN.

* Various stories were censured so no parties could gain military information or highlighted due to the lack of available evidence. By request of Empire Command.

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****** End of Transmission ******