Phoenix Nexus News Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 8.
Sub Space Static: Volume 3. Issue 8.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Orion Spur Special Edition ***

Explorers of the galaxy rejoiced as knowledge of a new periphery became common knowledge, revealing charts to forty star systems. The Orion Spur is connected to the massive Coreward Arm with rumours that the locals of the Monument system at the heart of this new periphery may have been responsible for the collapse of the HarCorp civilisation.

We have in-depth analysis and information about the new periphery inside this special issue of the SSS.

Also inside this issue of the SSS: * Naplian Liberation Front Reality Show * FLZ v FEL * Mercs in Graydown * DOM Scare Stories * &etc

*** Briefing: Orion Spur ***

Orion Spur
For the purpose of this article sentients represents intelligent lifeforms while Sentients represents a mixed group of species, each only accounting for a modest proportion of the overall population.

From Corewards
Having explored the Corewards Arm over a few decades, the HarCop had discovered various alien civilisations. These ranged from little more than primitive club wielding natives to being on the cusp of an industrial revolution. Being traders, explorers and driven by financial gain the League set about uplifting them, encouraging them to find ‘shinies’ and trade them for the latest HarCop fashions and digital watches and even relocate to other worlds. This uplifting and blending of species produced the unique populations of Corewards, leading to mixes of Sentient, Naplian and sometimes native populations. The natives of Corewards therefore fall into a few classes. Where there are also Sentients and Naplians on the world, the natives are those that are still to be uplifted. This may be due to the demise of the HarCop League or rejection of alien culture. Where there are no Naplians on the world it is more likely to be the case that the Sentients colonised the world rather than uplifted a part of the population as Naplians are generally a by-product of uplifting often caught in a paradigm shift between their old culture with its inherent lifestyle and the lure of modern technology and living.

To Orion Spur
The Jade Gate, first of a long chain of systems eventually led a few captains to the Orion Spur. The investment (build a research base, research cartography, salvage the base and build a new one further along the chain) was phenomenal but also confined to a private sub-group of merchants within the League. These discovered the first fledgling star faring faction. The tactic of turning up with handfuls of beads to swap for precious gems and exotics was simply not going to cut it.

There is some debate now as to at which point the HarCop came to the aid of the Herraxial. Was it before they had their troubles with pirates or after the niggle became a torrent. What is certain though is that they aided in the creation of Garden State.

It is likely that the Orion Spur would have eventually turned out like Corewards with the general colonisation worlds with natives and their uplifting unfortunately the money ran out for the HarCop League. There is some speculation as to whether this was orchestrated by individuals who having seen the gradual transition in the Orion Spur subsidiary towards naval operations and fearing the monopoly would become and empire.

Suffice to say, when the League collapsed many captains were able to slide into lucrative roles within the Herraxial civilian regime and soon all tech was relocated and integrated into the world.

Severed Links
For a few years rumours brought to the Orion Spur by old former HarCop captains have referred to new species arriving in Corewards and bringing with them fresh trade and investment. To this end the Herrixial civilian regime having worked on its orbital defences has decided that it is reasonable to open its doors for trade.

*** Sniper in Dogleg ***

A new illicit channel in Imperial space is broadcasting exciting scenes following Naplian Liberation Front ‘activists’ as they work through their issues on low level government workers.

"The Naplian freedom fighter takes position on a rooftop overlooking one of the gates leading into the starbase. Despite the base being in the centre of an urban sector, there is a wide strip of open ground making any shot quite difficult.
"The waiting game commences, shifts change, nothing really of interest.
"After a while it becomes clear that no high ranking officers are slumming it with the gate guards, but the sniper is determined to at least get a kill.
"A target is chosen, that tubby fucker with the too tight chin strap, spits every two minutes, nasty habit.
"The shot is fired, and before it even hits the target the sniper is on the move. No point hanging around, there are tens of thousands of troops in that base, didn't bring enough ammo to share with them all.
"Sniper hasn't even hit the ground behind the building before the base alarms ring out. Doesn't matter, the urban sector is busy tonight, easy to blend in.”

*** Holy Graydown Fatman ***

Robustly lardaceous Wolf Lord Lyceum has scored a notch in his dirty-rag stick by putting an end to the MRC ship Holy Vengeance (67486), a Broadsword-class troop transport. The Wimble zz and his uncles' mother’s brothers rudders cheered the death with a delighted chortle that resembled the mating sound of a parakeet.

The mysterious god behind the Wimble-bashing seems to be down another avatar. Perhaps he did not expect the Dewiek inquisition.

*** Bed and Board in Avalon ***

Felini boarders have failed to take the FLZ ship Kdream (18211) in the Avalon system despite throwing an impressive force of 85 marines, 175 soldiers and 258 mercenaries including a few veterans at the 93 or so human defenders. They had more success capturing FLZ SK-1 (30949) and Pickup (55213) outpost which had previously been lost.

Further fighting occurred in the Forest system as the FEL retaliate in the wake of recent FLZ aggression. Several outposts captured by the FLZ previously have come under attack. Its mewments like this that makes us wonder if we’re only getting an inkling of the insquidious power of the Flagritz.

*** It Will All End In Tears ***

Demon Lord and affable Dominatrix Igor Konstantine has been telling tall tales about the new Orion Spur. Whether there is any truth in them or whether he’s trying to slow down eager beavers rushing towards the new Dominion Periphery is hard to determine. We Editors like it either way so here it is in full:

"The amount of information available on the system is almost none existent, certainly in any of the available info archives. Most of the trade contacts have no knowledge of the place as it falls outside of their business. Rumours suggest that a HarCop fleet was ambushed by the fierce aliens of Monument and this injection of long range vessels allowed them to engage in pirate activity far beyond their previous reach, ultimately leading to the collapse of the HarCop league. Other rumours indicate that there was indeed a HarCop fleet operating in the Orion Spur but it was destroyed defending Monument from pirate attacks.

"There are more speculations but these involve deadly plagues originating from the system and the entirety of the Orion Spur being quarantined and purged from the records."

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Baked Goods ***

One-eyed Generally Krieger has entered a wet t-shirt competition at Centrepoint City. For a reasonable price you can scrub your eyes out of their sockets and leave with with some Perpusillus.

*** Krelling for the Kjords ***

Warlord Namica, the sly old rat that got the Ulians wiped off the map by giving up their homespace to the Imperials, is now hunting out the last remnants of that once proud Ratopia. If you are Ulian AST M3 (80999) we suggest you find a hole and hide. Or you can risk it all and get in touch with the Warlord.

*** Krell Plating ***

Chica-chica-chicamauga! Market is now selling some high tech armour and some not so high tech armour. Rumours they are coated with the tears of billions of Ulians under Imperial subjugation are completely made up by us.

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