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213.11 - 213.15

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.11  [Recruit]

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Ulians On The March ***

Brave and glorious forces of the Ulian Stellar Nation have thrown themselves into action across the Storm system this week as their glorious generals lead from the front and strike down the forces of the unclean Krell.

A small USN yacht has been captured by pirate Large in the outer reaches of the system.


Meanwhile the Ulian assault force on the planet has thrown back the Krell defence force, as the epic battle over a massively critical mining facility continues.

*** New Intern ***

The SSS offices are happy to welcome Gorkuk Kalen, our new Ulian reporter, to the Galaxy’s Greatest News Organ, Gorkuk has already taken over writing our Ulian related stories, and we look forward to Gorkuk’s incisive commentary on Ulian affairs.


Rejoicing broke out across the mighty Ulian empire this week as the Ulian people were declared the most evolved and intelligent race in the Peripheries, leading to scenes of happy Ulians flogging themselves senseless before statues of the Mighty Leader. GORKUK CELEBRATES AS DO WE ALL!

*** Flagritz News ***

We have received another news bulletin from the FUN:

Imperial Flagritz forces have been fighting ships this week flying under a merc flag. It is not clear if these are the same Human Empire forces that were using the Pirate forces of Large to carry out attacks on the Empire of the Race.

Last week saw food production rise once more on the home world. A report from the Empire of the Race informs all that things are now on the up and the Empire can now start to once more think about breeding program's on its labour classes

It has come to light that the QNG under the flag of DTR have removed Civ's of the Empire of the Race. This on top of not returning an OPS Officer. The Civ's wil be turned over to the base within the Solo system as well as the being that ordered them removed. This will be done within one week

*** TEK Report ***


TEK have conducted the following brief initial investigation on the TCA sighting at the planet Gorgon in the Masters system.

As the investigation was not undertaken for any third-party, its potential usefulness to the public and our general preference for sharing knowledge, I hope your readers will find it informative.

TEK Chancellor Moloch

Investigation/Gorgon/Low Pass Scan/TCA Anomalies
Scanning for anomalies proves difficult. Between the level of exploitation
occurring on the world and the ever changing ice sheet, any evidence of TCA
activity could have easily been removed. At sector {9,19} surface
formations are noted under the ice sheet which are consistent with an
orbital weapon strike rather than a natural meteorite impact. Whether this
can be attributed to TCA action is impossible to say as the thickness of
the overlying ice makes a visual observation difficult. Even with a direct
survey of the site, any assessment would contain an unsatisfactory level of

Investigation/Gorgon/Orbital Scan/TCA Anomalies
Ivan is only marginally smaller than Gorgon and has a dramatic effect on
the world as they swing through the mutual centre of gravity which actually
lies a few hundred kilometres above the surface of Gorgon.
Ted however is far beyond the pair and has little interaction.
Other than traffic and infrastructure created by organisations currently
involved with Gorgon there is no anomalous activity in orbit.

Investigation/Gorgon/Low Pass Scan/TCA Anomalies/Formation
Due to the thickness of overlying ice only a small bore hole can be dropped down to the rock surface. Probes send back images of an area subjected to heavy kinetic bombardment of an artificial nature. Debris from both the slugs and the target where either vaporised during the assault or has been scoured away by flowing ice. The damage profile is inconsistent with what little is known about TCA ships as most eyewitness reports are of the TCA using energy based weaponry rather than kinetic. Ice samples above the site are dated at around 12000 years and it is unknown if the TCA where active during that period.

*** Pirates ***

A pirate vessel has failed to board a DEN ship in the Dorn system.

*** AFT In Trouble? ***

Confederate sources are trying to track the owner operator of the AFT vessel AFT Master Xavier II, which has wandered into a restricted area.

Oddly the AFT have no knowledge of this ship amongst their current members, and have expressed an interest themselves in knowing what the vessel is up to.

*** DEN vs RVN ***

The Dewiek war against the rapidly disbanding RVN has continued this week with multiple House Ravenstone warships reportedly destroyed.

With little fight left in them, and with the Dukedom of House Ravenstone still sitting empty, it seems as if this Noble house of the Confederacy might be about to be consigned to the history books.

*** Piracy ***

Reports indicate that Pirate Large has captured two more vessels this week, one mercenary ship and another belonging to the TEK.

*** Aquarius ***

The Empire assault against DTR interests in Aquarius has continued this week as what started as a small skirmish to capture a small Detinus mining facility, has rapidly escalated into a major ground battle.

It is understood something in the region of 5000 Empire troops have now been killed whilst attempting to storm the facility that is being ferociously defended. Detinus losses are understood to run to the several hundreds, along with a few hundred tanks.

It is not thought the defenders can hold out much longer, though at time of press the battle is still going strong.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.12.1  [Recruit]

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Ulian News ***

Ulian ground forces are understood to have engaged a sizeable pirate named Fessin Fir'tin in the Hittite system.

There are not understood to be many pirates defending the facility, and the Ulians are making good progress towards capturing it.

The operator of the pirate outpost remains unknown, it could be a mothballed facility that used to belong to the dread Pirate Morgan, or perhaps it belongs to a more recent pirate.

*** Confederate Press Release ***

****** Confederate Special News (CSN) ******

The following announcement comes from the office of the Supreme Commander.

Over the last few days, Confederate Forces have been called to action in the Halo region, due to the actions of the theives and pirates which dwell within.

The timeline of these events follows:

Week 10.2: A CNF outpost is taken by unknown forces.

Week 10.4: CNF Response Fleet destroy the now PRV outpost, another PRV outpost spotted in the same vicinity.

Week 10.5: CNF Response Fleet destroy the second PRV outpost, AFT ship spotted in the ruins.

Week 11.1: AFT ship Master Xavier II destroyed by the CNF Response Fleet.

Sources within the Confederate Military confirm offensive action within the Halo region have ended. Other sources confirm the AFT had no part in taking of the CNF outpost.

*** Flagritz On The Attack? ***

The Flagritz Empire has moved their official stance towards the Detinus Republic from Antagonistic to Hostile. The reason as of yet remains unknown.

*** Scout Destroyed ***

A lone DTR scout ship has been destroyed by a powerful Empire patrol fleet in the Dorn system.

*** Shipping Raid ***

The dwindling DTR freighter fleet, still reeling from their recent loss of over 100 vessels to Empire raiders in Venice, has taken another hit this week when GTT patrol forces destroyed a DTR freighter in the China system.

*** Raiders ***

The DTR Raiding squadrons have paid a visit to some new Empire targets this week, abandoning their usual attacks against GTT and IMP holdings to launch a strike against the Confederate outpost Serpent’s Hold.

Heavy damage was inflicted:

CNF Serpent's Hold (4341) - Outpost
Scints: 28.7 Shields: 3142(11.3)
Targeted by DTR CL 194 GRAYLING (5566) - 18084 [22386] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 28 MILNE BAY (34640) - 20975 [25649] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 28 SALAMAUA (36908) - 19494 [24074] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 PICKEREL (38408) - 19668 [23736] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 GRUNION (30962) - 20390 [23962] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 WAHOO (89336) - 19904 [24298] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 28 NEW GEORGIA (50338) - 18434 [22273] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 RUNNER (52575) - 20500 [23624] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 28 NEW BRITAIN (48165) - 13852 [16536] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 ARGONAUT (77575) - 9012 [9499] Damage
Targeted by DTR CL 194 TRITON (76620) - 18907 [22949] Damage

*** Correction ***

We mistakenly reported on an USN yacht being captured by pirates in the Storm system last week, when in fact the yacht was captured in the Corewards Periphery.

Our Ulian intern has been recalled to Ulian space by the USN authorities for ‘corrective interrogation’.

*** Independents In Hot Water Again ***

The IND Ship amusingly named ‘Innocent’ is under warning of removal by Dewiek forces this week, unless the captain makes contact immediately.

*** Confederate Press Release ***

All unregistered outposts in Confederate space will be removed with extreme prejudice.

Some time ago I let everyone know that outposts in Confed space must be authorized and then registered.

Failing to do so would result in a response from the Confederate fleet.

Happy hunting to the confederate fleet commanders dealing with this task.

*** Detinus Press Release ***

All Confederate outposts in Confederate space will be removed with extreme prejudice.

*** Brotherhood On The Lam ***

TU 187: Special Action {...} {...}
On behalf of the Inquisition this crew has volunteered to visit the den of iniquity and sin known as The Jiggly Room.. Undercover Illicit services are sought out and paid for.

What pit of hell is the Jiggly Room? Do its heathen patrons deserve forced salvation?

Special Action/AFT Quick Snack/Jiggly Room/Inquisition
While memories of the atrocities sought out and received are vague, the captain is clearly of the opinion that such an alien fester-hole should at the very least be barred for all good True-One fearing followers. It should be burnt down and the owner forced to admit his perversions before being flayed alive. All personnel of the base should be purged and the said creatures within the Room be put out of their misery.
Now that the captain has reported he should fly his ship into the star.
Total TU cost for this action is 50

*** Scout Destroyed ***

A DTR scout has been destroyed by a Brotherhood platform somewhere inside Confederate space.

***** FET News *****


This is Rhett Rovver, your roving FET reporter reporting from FET Clan California HQ.

On 213.09.5 starport security forces in FET Lodi in Warlord stopped an attempted delivery of 2 mus of nerve gas by a MRC GP. Said GP was later shown to have been the work of the nefarious terrorist Kanji.

The attempt at malicious damage to Lodi seems to have been part of an overall plan to seize control of the moon (REDACTED) in Warlord. Earlier in the same day, two MRC GPs had assaulted and seized a GTT OP on the same moon. When said OP raised its MRC flag, apparently after 2 rounds of combat, Lodi fired off 2 rounds of missiles at the MRC OP. Immediately following, one of the MRC GPs docked in Lodi's starport and attempted the nerve gas unloading, only to be stopped by Lodi security. Unfortunately, the Mercs were then able to make their escape.

The very next day, a GTT war fleet and ground recovery force arrived to strike back at Kanji. Lodi's forces provided supportive actions, as well as initiating ground searches for the mercs. The GTT encountered no resistance in taking back their OP, and no MRC GPs were located by either the GTT or the FET.

Analysts at the FET Institute of Transportation here in FET Nuevo San Francisco believe that the MRC GPs likely were disembarked from one of Kanji's ships orbiting the moon's mother planet and then shuttled to the surface of (REDACTED). They likely escaped the same way. This is supported by a report that a IMP Platform in Warlord took out a MRC troop transport two days later.

At this time, Lodi continues its vigilance. Clan California urges all law-abiding operations throughout known space to be aware of and watch out for this kind of tactics on the part of Kanji and others of his ilk.

Rhett Rovver signing off!

This news item has been brought to you by the fine people of the Naughty Nuns! Nuevo San Francisco's bestest Bar & Brothel.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.13  [Recruit]

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.13.2

***** Inter Sensational Galactic Astonishing 36DD News *****

*** Guest Editor ***

The bean counters have invaded the SSS offices this week with growing concerns about the journalistic slush fund and some mumbo-jumbo regarding falling advertising revenue.

As such we have been obliged to welcome Big Bill Tabloid as our guest editor for this week, as we seek to boost readership and increase the stellar income.


Due to a massive influx of poor people, the Yank system is due to close this week as public services collapse under the weight of scrounging good for nothing Kastorians who expect something for nothing.

When asked to comment on this ‘something for nothing’ alien culture a man in the streets was heard to say something about shoes and sausages.



The Emperor of Mankind, Lysander, has taken to the airwaves this week to speak out against the tragedy of alien corpses littering the lawn at one of his extensive palace complexes somewhere in Confederate space.

When a minister pointed out this was down to the new craze of Alien Skeet Shooting, the Emperor was heard to remark that this should be bloody well sorted out then, pesky damned aliens, bleeding everywhere and losing chunks of carapace.



Shocking news as scientists discover everybody could be dead by Tuesday! Foreigners to blame!

*** Venture Capitalists Invest In Piracy ***

The scourge of piracy has taken a darker turn this week as we have learnt a large number of bankers have abandoned their city desks and turned to the space lanes to indulge in the more noble pursuits of robbery rape and piracy.

We contacted one bank manager who said he had never felt more honest than when stealing the last Stellars from a poor family in deep space shortly before shoving them out of an airlock, but he wanted to make it quite clear he’d be back in the office first thing Monday morning to continue his busy schedule of ripping off everybody else in the galaxy.

In related news, we can exclusively reveal Pirate Large to be a master banker.

*** Trade Goods? NOT IN MY BACKYARD! ***

Independent research has officially proven that 96% of every item on the public markets are officially rubbish. And that’s official.

*** Space Pope Goes Bananas ***

The Brotherhood have been forced into angry denials this week as rumours circulated that his Holiness went on an extended rant about how his entire basis for belief in The True One was nothing more than crazy voodoo.

The Pope is then understood to have stolen several priceless relics from the holiest sepulchres and was caught trying to sell them on SpaceBay to Marjorie, a housewife from Yank.

He then went on to post the following message on a popular social network feed: ‘You see, the thing about the Bible is, it’s just a book, and just because something is in a book, it doesn’t mean it’s real. Only a crank or a nutjob would believe everything they read!’

We were going to approach the Brotherhood for an official comment on this story, but felt that might get in the way of things so we just made some stuff up instead.

*** Time Traveller From The Future Warns Of Imminent Invasion ***

A strange man naked but for a dirty brown trenchcoat entered the SSS offices this week to alert us to the fact that he had arrived from the future where a Meklan invasion had almost wiped out almost all sentient life in the Galaxy but for him and a small band of freedom fighters.

The gaunt and somewhat smelly stranger then stole our coffee machine and was last seen smashing it to pieces with a baseball bat, asking the shattered pieces how it liked that, bitch.

*** My God, It’s Full Of Stars! ***

Eminant space dude Doctor Professor Alex Von Smartpants has concluded his survey of the Peripheries and the precise causal time/space mechanics behind the mysterious Boltzman Phenomena, and concluded that yes, indeed, it is full of stars.

Stars like curvy space babe B.B. Rella, 22, from Mars:

user image

B.B. enjoys long space trips and bending over in slow motion.

Eminant space dude Doctor Professor Von Smartpants then complained about how journalists insist on dumbing down his findings.

The big stupid doo-doo head.

*** Missing, Presumed Dead? ***

Sources on Earth are reporting that the mummified remains of ancient television presenter Noel Edmunds have been stolen from the Museum of Primitive Comparative Religions in Old London.

The theft is understood to be related to the growing trend amongst the criminal underclasses for the new street drug ‘Bling’, where as we understand it Crystal Cow is mixed in with the powdered remains of ancient celebrities, before being snorted for the ultimate high.

*** DTR Denies Cutbacks ***

Beleaguared peaceniks the Detinus Republic have denied reports in the press that they have hit a few hiccups with their cutting edge ship building program, despite the following image surfacing on the news wires:

user image

When asked for official comment, an un-named source within the DTR Defence Ministry was heard to mumble something about biscuits before wandering away in a state of some confusion.

*** Children Forced To Climb Mountains ***

Savage backwater worlds throughout the Trans-Spiral Periphery are forcing children, some as young as 3 weeks old, to climb mountains for profit.

It is understood a sort of primitive cargo cult has arisen spontaneously throughout the Periphery as large numbers of outworld trading vessels have turned up to trade with what can only be described as utter savages.

In the midst of this orgy of profiteering and exploitation, WHY DOES NOBODY THINK OF THE INNOCENT CHILDREN!

*** Terror Disease Strikes ***

Doctors are warning that a new strain of space flu is circulating, and that if caught, this brutal virus will literally kick down your front door and steal your Tri-D set, before squeezing out a Cleveland steamer in the middle of your sitting room.

*** Popular News Outlet Denies Loss Of Content ***

The Peripheries favourite news outlet, the SSS, has moved to deny reports that this weeks edition contains precisely zero actual news. Going to add that it was actually quite difficult to maintain this level of inanity for such a long time.

We can only hope normal service is resumed soon.

***** Periphery Astrology Time With Psychic Kevin ******

You will be invaded by Krell on Tuesday, but by Wednesday they will have fallen out with each other over the last piece of corn in the fridge, leading to better than expected financial windfalls on Friday.

You may feel slightly depressed due to the position of the moon this week, but in reality you are slightly depressed because you are an unmitigated laughing stock, the moon has nothing to do with it. Saturday morning is a good time to kill yourself.

Pirate Large is ascendant in your house this week, making it an excellent time to work over-time at the office so that you don’t have to laugh at any of his jokes.

The Emperor Lysander is celebrating his birthday this week, making him the same star sign as you. Rejoice, peasant. This is literally the only good thing about your existence.

All signs indicate this week would be an excellent time to attempt that contact with the ARC you’ve been secretly planning behind your affiliation team-mates backs. Try not to let on, and act surprised when the ARC flatten your main ship production base. If all else fails, blame the DTR.

Several planetary bodies in your home system are likely to fuse into one super-giant body on Tuesday at precisely 03:12am local time. The resultant gravity anomalies will disturb the orbit of your homeworld, sending it into a death-spiral around your sun. So it’s probably a good day to come clean to your spouse about how much time you spent gaming this week.

All going well it should have cleared up by the weekend, still, best not tell anybody eh.

You will be briefly distracted from having the only star sign that is also a hideous disease this week when you trip over a kerbstone and fall into the olfactory orifice of a passing Flagritz. This hilarious incident will result in a horrible international incident and the Flagritz will finally enslave your Aunt that you’ve been trying to sell into slavery for months now. Hurrah.

You will be mistaken for a Felini this week, which will confound you, because you actually are a Felini. Try to ignore catnip on Wednesday.

Look, there’s only so many ways we can tell you this – the only sensible course of action is to kill them all.

With a quartet of planets entering your chart, it is surely time to invest in that deep underground bunker you’ve been promising to build for the kids. Also, this would be a good week to ask that cute girl at the office out, we guarentee you that she will enjoy quality time spent locked in a small underground space with you and your screaming children as you quake in fear for your lives awaiting your inevitable end.

That feeling that nobody cares will intensify this week, you stupid jerk.

***** Joke Of The Week *****

An Ulian walks into a bar. Ouch.

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.14  [Recruit]

Subspace Static - Star Date 213.14

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Havoc ***

The Dewiek have unleashed their full fury this week against the DTR, as the somewhat cold war that has existed since the Dewiek abducted some tens of thousands of DTR troops, transformed into a very hot war.

The initial combat occurred when Dewiek forces entered orbit of the major DTR Starbase Trinidad in order to capture the two orbital platforms, presumably as a precursor to a major assault.

Initial success saw Dewiek troops capture the platforms, however on the ground the Detinus defenders opened fire with everything they had against the platforms and the Dewiek ships in orbit.

Both platforms were destroyed, along with approximately 35-40 Dewiek freighters.

Following a brief lull, a DEN battlefleet of some 350 warships, including what is thought to be their full force of 150 and 200 hulled vessels entered orbit and began a heavy orbital bombardment of the DTR Starbase.

This caused major panic on the ground, as we understand there to be almost a million civilians currently billeted in the Starbase.

Apparently unable to fire back, the DTR defenders appear to have little choice but to hunker down and endure.

The cause of the Dewiek choosing this conflict remains unclear still, as we understand a deal had already been struck whereby the DTR were going to hand over Trinidad to the Dewiek anyway, and the process was well under way. But perhaps the lure of tens of thousands of trained troops, and we understand over 7 million Mus of stolen DTR trade goods, was too much to resist.

However, for whatever reason, the Dewiek and Detinus Republic can now be considered to be in a state of full blown war.

*** Transmission From Trinidad ***

Detinus Republic sources have carried the following address from the governor of the under siege Starbase of Trinidad:

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Officers, soldiers, citizens. My friends. We find ourselves in a corner, in a situation we would not have chosen. The forces of the Dewiek howl and scream at our door, the Dewiek who preach of honour and glory while they cowardly assassinate our Ambassador, a man you all knew to be a man of honour and peace. They know we of the Republic dream of peace, and they mistake it for weakness. They perhaps thought they could have this base - our home - for the asking. They certainly think they can come here and flatten it with impunity. And we could let them - we could cower and buy ourselves a few days. Or... or, we could show them their error. Show them that they can bring us to war, but they cannot make us kneel. Show them the Republic has tooth and claw furious beyond the rabid imagining of any Dewiek. What say you, People of the Republic?"

*** TCA Watch ***

Astonishing news has reached our news-room this week, with a report that the DEN have captured not one but two TCA capital ships:

Greeting Editor

I High Lord of the nation would like to announce that the Nation forces have captured two Tca Adult Class Capital Ship the Hapless Extinction (19851) and Omen of Doom (80070). These as we speak are being paraded in front of the Nations Capital for the entire population to see.

These destroyers will no longer harm the nation and allow us to concentrate on more pressing matters.
The commanders have been promoted to Pack Lords in recognition of there deeds and those they led, which will be sung in the beer halls of the nation for years to come.

The capture of such behemoths is a truly remarkable feat, something that almost all believed to be completely impossible given the power of TCA weapon systems.

*** Brotherhood Vs DEN ***

An exchange of fire between Brotherhood and Dewiek forces has been reported, exactly what happened is unclear, but it seems as if 5 DEN Capitol ships entered an orbital quadrant where BHD warships were located, and opened fire damaging two whilst the rest of the BHD vessels bugged out.

The following day the 5 DEN warships entered the orbit of a planet, where they destroyed a Confederate Broadsword and the exploration vessel it was escorting, whereupon the DEN then proceeded to heavily bombard a BHD outpost.

A deliberate provocation or was something else going on? Either way the CNF/BHD response appears to have been muted apart from the following press release:

The authorities of the Dewiek Elder Nation are required to make presentations to the office of the Lord Inquisitor regarding their recent unprovoked attack on Brotherhood Missionaries and a humanitarian fleet within the systems of the Coreward Arm. The crews of these vessels are on the True One's work; in this area to bring his Word and to minister to the sick and the poor.

Explain yourselves

Lord Inquisitor
The Brotherhood of the True One

*** New Jump Route ***

A jump link between Tranquility and Hirathamo has been researched and made available by the Mohache.

*** Scout Destroyed ***

A GTT scout ship has been destroyed by DTR forces in the China system.

*** DTR Travel Advisory ***


going forward many DTR warships may be patrolling DTR space with Everyone on enemy lists.

If your affiliation isn't on an active system enemy list then DTR ships are only likely to engage you if you or your allies have a hostile setting towards DTR - everyone else should be able to move around in peace.


*** Inquisitional Notice Of Purity ***

The faith and moral fortitude of the personnel at the following starbases has been found wanting...

BHD Tortuga
BHD Nassau
BHD Port Royal

Four weeks ago these starbases where quietly put in to lockdown mode; to avoid driving the corruption further underground.

The Inquisitorial Auditor has been dispatched to investigate. May the True One have mercy on their souls.

Whilst their markets remain open (under close Inquisitorial supervision), security forces have been ordered to immediately board all ships landing at the starbases and take their captains and crews for Inquisitorial questioning. As a result of this order, security teams at BHD Tortuga initiated a boarding action of two ships from House Vehrenberg. Those members of the crews that cooperate with the Inquisitor will be returned to their House once the Inquisition has finished with them. Those that do not cooperate obviously have something to hide and will be dealt with appropriately. Their ashes will be returned to their House.

Lord Inquisitor
The Brotherhood of the True One

*** FLZ vs CNF ***

The FLZ appear to have set a pirate trap in the Coreward arm, where they set a barge in ring 10 and the next day sent in a wave of warships.

Unfortunately this trap appears to have destroyed 3 CNF warships, for the loss of the FLZ barge.

It is unclear as of yet how this occurred, if the Flagritz simply got a little too over-enthusiastic, or if something else happened.

*** FLZ vs FEL ***

A FLZ squadron has attack Felini vessels transiting the stargate in the Valhalla system. A move which the Flagritz describes as a 'battle computer error' and the Felini as the 'base treachery of a vile degenerate race'. Several Felini vessel where damaged and destroyed in the incident. The DEN have since ' counseled' the Flagritz on Stargate etiquette, vis a vis, no killing anyone there without there permission and have obliged the FLZ to pay reparations.

*** FLZ Raid Foiled ***

Two Flagritz Na'xe-klis Class Gun Boats attempted a raid on a Felini outpost in the Doctrine system, they where engaged and destroyed for no losses by a detachment of the First Battleclaw of the Tyrants Navy.

*** DTR ships Destroyed ***

Three Detinus raiders have been intercepted and destroyed by a sizeable Empire fleet in the fortoon system. The rest of the raider fleet meanwhile paid a visit to an EMP mining outpost, and inflicted heavy damage:

> IMP Peg beta (50414) - Outpost
> Targeted by DTR CL 99 MARENGO (11975) - 8433 [15341] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 99 AUERSTADT (70147) - 7961 [13251] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 JUNO II (27377) - 10590 [18584] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 99 DRESDEN (25489) - 12451 [21712] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 99 WAGRAM (97121) - 9338 [15331] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 BOADICEA II (49721) - 11809 [20046] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 GUERRIERE II (46550) - 11438 [18494] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 NEREIDE (19814) - 12296 [21159] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 AMAZON II (62995) - 12089 [20756] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 EURYALUS II (91205) - 1540 [3520] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 MAGICIENNE (91765) - 12272 [21564] Damage
> Targeted by DTR CL 112 NAIAD II (96489) - 13316 [22375] Damage

*** TCA Watch ***

We understand the Ulian Stellar Nation have spotted a TCA vessel this week, reportedly somewhere in the Storm system.

Quite what the TCA might be doing in Storm is anybodies guess.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

A pirate spotter has been destroyed by a USN flotilla in the Storm system.

*** Flagritz WoMD? ***

The Felini have released the following press release:

Today ground forces of the Pride Motnahp concluded an operation in the FEL system of battlefield where an illegal FLZ outpost was taken.
FLZ Cliriq Camp FOB136 fell after 3 days of fierce combat.
The base is thought to be a ammo cache for the FLZ raiding in this system as many thousands of mu' s of ordnance were recovered.

More shocking to note was the stocks of chemical weapons that the FLZ held here.

In Honour
Avatar Nevets Motnahp

The presence of chemical weapons in Flagritz tentacles may not come as a huge surprise to many however, given the typically Flagritz attitude towards the lives of non-FLZ sentients.

*** Aquarius ***

The Aquarius system is now under EMP control, travellers are warned that IMP law now prevails, and all non Empire positions will come under attack.

***** Special Report – Hexamon Collective Celebrates *****

Hexamon Collective turns 1 year old

A year ago the Hexamon Collective emerged from the ashes of the Children of Hexos; a collective mind was formed out of the consciousness of thousands of Hive looking to control their own destiny and rebuild the glory of the Hive race.

Over the last year the collective has expanded exponentially with the OPS merging with the HEX, a Hive colony from the HLQ joining and some QNG bases in Twilight joining and adding their uniqueness to the collective. An unlikely alliance was also formed with the DOG which saw their Yank base join the collective and their unique independence being incorporated into the thinking on the hexamon.

Thanks to the honour and wisdom of the great Dewiek Eldar Nation the Hexamon gained access to a world populated by millions of Hexamon who survived the destruction of the Titan system, the collective skyrocketed and a new home world was formed. A further honour was granted to the Hexamon by the Flagritz when access to some of the great empires industrial might in Twilight was granted to the Hexamon.

Slowly but surely he foundations of a new future for the Hive races was formed; lost technologies were found and new homes and industry were set-up for the Hive race. The great efforts of the collective came to fruition when the first of the mighty 250HH Devastator Class ships were launched from the newly built Hexamon shipyards to lead squadrons of the dependable 150HH Dominator class battleship; once again the mainstay of the Hexamon fleets.

Over the year Hexamon diplomats established dozens of deals and treaties of friendships opening the great collective to a multitude of ideas and opportunities. The year ended on a great high with the discovery of TCAs ships responsible for the evacuation of the Hexamon and the chance to talk with ancients of old and learn more of the Hexamon Past.

As the year draws to a close the Hexamon collective feels it has much to celebrate and many to thank for all the guidance and support given.

The Hexamon hope the second year of the great collective will be as eventful as the first.

***** Overlord Kang’s Column Of Agony *****

Pathetic Meatbag Asil asks:

Dear Uncle Kang,

I was unexpectedly contacted recently by a Kastorian General who had heard of my integrity and discretion in financial matters. He said he was experiencing difficulty moving 35 million Guilders trapped in an account in his home country to a more secure location after a recently change in government.

Following some correspondence we settled on a 10% reward fee for my help and I transmitted the $419,000 stellars he needed to unlock the account and carry out the funds transfer.

Its been 5 weeks and I haven't had any replies to my enquiries. What should I do?

Thanks in advance
Templar Asil

Overlord Kang Deigns To Respond:

SICKENING WEAKLING ASIL! Overlord Kang has heard your problem, and Overlord Kang indicates generic messages of sympathy to your plight, in this way you will feel comforted by Kang’s wise words.

I too have been bothered by Kastorian Generals recently, they keep repeating on Kang, and I have found it is best to eat them raw.

YOUR ERROR OF JUDGEMENT IS CLEAR! One should never trust a Kastorian, listen to these wise words Weakling Asil and know that a Kastorian cannot even be trusted to die neatly. WOULD YOU TRUST THE WORD OF A BEING THAT CANNOT EVEN DIE NEATLY? Kang thinks not.

Overlord Kang recommends you hunt down this loathsome creature and devour his family in front of him. AND THEN DEVOUR HIM TOO!

Then devour his neighbours. His extended family. His neighbours. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL – any pets he may have.

Overlord Kang suggests you follow your best judgement as to which order you attempt this mass feat of barbarity in.


Overlord Kang pities you for your weakness. Overlord Kang pities you all.

Overlord Kang is here to solve your problems.


Subspace Static - Star Date 213.15  [Recruit]

No issue this week.

Is open for business...
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

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Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe from our new home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last few weeks,
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*** Inter Galactic News ***
  • DEN assault FEL base and get wiped out
  • CIA Trade fleet caught and destroyed by the DEN
  • Krell denounce worship of the True One

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    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Huge fleet skirmish at the London/Crossley wormhole

    A large fleet of over 700 DEN warships responded to the EMP action in Crossley, where a 4000 hull DEN platform was destroyed. Reports show the DEN ships caught a group of CIA ships napping and inflicted significant losses on the humans. IMP and GTT fleets moved to assist the CIA, matching DEN fleet numbers, but the arrival of over 1200 Hexamon ships seems to have tipped the battle in favour of the DEN-HEX alliance.

    The combined DEN-HEX force pushed through the wormhole into the Heartland area of human space and retaliated, attacking several CIA platforms in response. The outnumbered Empire fleets abandoned the area and fled, they are currently waiting for the larger alien force to make their next move from their hiding places.
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    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Admiral Lord Simms killed after a long and distinguished service to the Empire.

    The Imperial Services have intercepted and serious damaged several DEN ships on the way to the Empire’s home systems. Unfortunately during the action Admiral Lord Simms was injured and reports from the Viceroy indicate he has passed away, fighting the enemies of the Empire like any true Imperial Officer.

    The Viceroy has stated that the officers and crew of the DEN ships have been captured and are now awaiting trial at a secret IMP base.

    DEN continue to strike at the Empire

    Reports are coming in of multiple engagements between the Empire and the Dewiek Elder Nation over the last week. With several battles taking out Empire ships in the Heartland of the CIA.

    AFT turn to piracy

    The Association of Free Traders have, after a long history of neutrality, turned to piracy this week. AFT Drake boarded an IND ship in the Halo periphery, killing several of the crew in the process.
    Independent trader Jarlebanke Langhofdi immediately took to the public communication channel demanding an answer to why supposedly peaceful traders had killed his crew and taken his ship.

    The AFT remain silent over the attack.
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    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Combat Special Edition

    Since the DEN started shooting at those lovable FEL fluffballs things have certainly been heating up. So we through it would be prudent to bring you, gentle beings of the peripheries, a special edition in order to keep you updated with all the latest action in regards to who the DEN are shooting and who is shooting them.

    Felini strike back at Dewiek

    Reports have come in of the FEL striking back at the DEN in the Kallisan system. A huge FEL force supported by the IMP and CIA assaulted DEN positions taking both the platform and base called Lucien. There was much rejoicing in the FEL camp as the Felini proved they were not such lovable fluffballs after all!

    GTT get sucked into the war

    A passing fleet of GTT warships got caught in the fighting and this saw the GTT enter the war. When asked about this CEO Fox pointed out they are not warships at all, they are trade defence ships. So how they came to be in the DEN system of Kallisan is a mystery to us. But the GTT CEO was clear that they only engaged using support and defend orders to protect allies. Needless to say, the CEO commented “We found ourselves on the Dewiek Nation’s enemy lists pretty soon after.”

    Dewiek Nation attacks GTT positions in Orion Spur, breaking DOM system rules

    A fleet of DEN warships has engaged and destroyed a significant number of GTT cargo ships and escorts in the DOM system Monument. The GTT immediately took to the public channels to ask why the DOM were not doing something. In reply the DOM issued a statement to stop, which the DEN ignored.

    The DEN newssheet "The HOWL" published a completely unbiased review of the attack shortly after.

    DOM make a choice

    After the above incident and then further raiding by the DEN, taking out a few GTT cargo ships in the DOM system of Coptuv, the DOM seemed to have been faced with a choice of stopping drinking their tea and doing something or just hoping it would go away. Instead they seem to have decided to abandon the whole idea of being an active affiliation and we have since folded. The lengths some people will go to not to have their elevenses disturbed is truly staggering. We asked the DOM for a statement on their new system rules to share with our readers but have received no replies.

    DOM positions share out

    Just as we were going to press news has come in of various DOM assets being given to other affiliations or sold. Hopefully we will have more on this story in the next issue of your favorite factual newsheet. Yes, that's us at the SSS.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - Urd
    DOM Dominion (57) – we believe the DOM are now inactive
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) - Bacran
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GRC Gracians (13) - HG1
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Ando
    IMP Imperial Services (51) - Jack Jones
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Kal Torak
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
    MOH Mohache (73) - Listens
    MIC Mohache Independent Commune (76) - Sleeps with Dragons
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    RIP Regularly Involved in Piracy - Githyanki
    RRH Roy Robert Holdings (39) - Roy Roberts
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    USN Ulian Stellar Nation (34) - Oeipus Prime
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Affiliation has no leader but this is the only known contact


    Inactive: ANT, BHD, COD, HVE, IDC, RIP, RCF, SKW, TAG

    Deceased: CAL

    *** Submission ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    New pirate threat rocks Corward Arm.

    Several large pirate ships have been spotted in outer rings of Corward systems. Reports forwarded to us at the SSS allow us to exclusively tell readers that traders should keep their wits about them when moving through these areas.

    No existing pirate menace has yet claimed ownership.

    In a possibly unrelated event one of the FET cartel members claimed nothing was happening in the outer ring of Coptov shortly afterwards. But it could be that they are still trying to catch Empire backed pirates and have nothing to do with the new sightings.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    DEN continue to shoot innocents

    The Dewiek have made themselves busy shooting at the peaceful and innocent traders of the SSL. Leader of Solar Spices and Liquors Mr TOAD has been vocal pointing out that the Beast-DEN are being totally unfair. News of a go-fund-me appeal are yet to surface though.

    This office is sure that it must have provided the DEN light relief after picking on the equally defenceless Felini. Word is that the DEN faced such an uphill struggle in these recent actions they had to take up Felini inter-breeding to provide some entertainment as the battle reports were rather boring.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Return of the LiQuans

    A close associate of the Baron LiQuan has been haunting the Corewards periphery and like the old Baron it is said he has a meklan connection. It's unclear whether he obtained his meklan nanites via the CIA but there are rumours that the DEN may be helping the Liquan relative in a bid to sow discontent in the Stellar Empire. Exactly why they would start in Corewards is unclear although with DEN allies, the DOM, having strong positions both in the Sol system and the old Harcorp systems of Harlong and Coptuv they may be the linking factor.

    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Meklan Unleashed on Mobile Bay

    Mad Dewiek scientist Dr Kala released a number of Meklan on the busy world of Mobile Bay in the Yank system. Thousands of civilians have been killed in what is treated by DEN warlords as an amusing practical joke. Rather than take any responsibility for their affiliation’s reckless behaviour, a DEN lord rumoured to be half-meklan himself quipped he would nuke the planet whilst another merely saw it as an opportunity to test some of his greener troops in combat. Surprisingly, the KAS planetary defence force was up to the job of repelling the insidious incursion. Questions remain whether further meklan are stored elsewhere on the planet and whether anybody will challenge the Dewiek’s lack of care for the lives of innocents. Probably not, given how even the mighty IMP are now cowering from a fight with the DEN (see inside this edition).


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    I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).