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209.26 - 209.30

user image  [Recruit]

Flagritz Offensive

The Flagritz navy has launched a significant strike at Consortium defensive positions located in and around the Crusade wormhole terminus.

After sending in an initial scout that was destroyed, the FLZ then struck with overwhelming force. Astute SMS admirals promptly withdrew their squadron, which was then involved in several days of brisk and exciting skirmishes at it attempted to withdraw, while the main FLZ fleet pounded Consortium fixed positions.

The Flagritz press corp have released the following statement:

"Standard Terran Translation"

Operation Down the 'Ole was completed today. Sadly, no further kills were reported as the SMS squadron managed once again to flee from A'Kla and B'Kla forces.

The less mobile Consortium forces were however less fortunate and were "totally" destroyed. We use the totally liberally as civilian targets are by norm not targetted and because the Outpost did survive, not by much, but survived.

Todays scans at the Wormhole indicate cleansed sector

FEL SHIP LEONIS HAULER (51961) - {25 Normal Hulls}
Cheetah Provider Class Freighter {Medium Ablative Armour}

So, the final tally of this operation was:
1 150HH
1 150NH
10 100HH
1 25NH
2 Platforms (437 and 50 Hulls)
Severe damage to an outpost (241kmu to 4kmu)
1 2kmu Ground Force

As previously stated, the proud SMS Iron task force, 17 ships strong, fled from battle scenes repeatedly. A rather poor show by the vaunted Nebulon and Nemesis class warships that make the most of that force.

Flagritz Imperial navy reports the loss of one scout ship, 1 75HH and 1 NH support vessel.

On aggregate, the latest combats in Zephyr and Crusade have cost the Consortium over 100 warships, mostly 150HH and 100HH.”

If the FLZ estimates of over 100 destroyed Consortium warships are to be believed, then surely this puts them now in the ascendancy in their conflict against their old enemies, having spent years on the receiving end. Though Consortium spokes-persons deny that their war efforts are in crisis.

Breaking News

Redd Harvest, our reporter embedded with the Wolfpack mercenaries before they began pirate boardings has been heard from. We thought she had been killed or worse. Moments ago our news room received a message from the pirate ship "Wolfpack - Rolands Revenge".

The Wolfpack have intercepted a GCE squadron with two new "Wolf Class" ships and have successfully boarded and captured two GCE warships. The ship "Rolands Revenge" and it's twin "Firesongs Vengence" were on manoeuvres together when the call came in from one of the scouts. Reacting instantly the two wolf class ships jumped to the target system and were able to board the two GCE warships before they had chance to react. Early reports indicate the pirate ships have taken no damage and overcame the GCE crews easily.

There are some rumours attached to this story that the GCE vessels may have been sold to the Wolfpack, and that they were deliberately parked in deep space with their location transmitters firing off at full power for a pre-arranged boarding exercise.

Saviour or Captor?

A diplomatic incident erupted this week when the QNG rescued some GTT crewmembers from a destroyed vessel. Alarmed that almost 100 GTT crew had been taken onboard a hive ship and relabelled ‘Prisoner/Food’, the GTT were quick to demand their return in no uncertain terms.

The QNG pointed out that they were simply rescuing the crewmembers from where they had been clinging to a few pieces of ship wreckage, and that they got there in the nick of time before the GTTs life support units failed, and that they in no way intended to eat them for lunch.

It is understood the crew will be safely repatriated soon.

More From The Wolfpack

It has been a busy week for the Wolfpack pirates, with their leader reporting yet more successes in one of his regular Transmissions Of Personal Awesomeness ™:

“First I be visitin the IMP again
nice caravel fer me to take, but well guarded
Me ship "Wolfpack - Archangels Hunter" though it be possible, so in she goes.....

IMP SHIP MARLEY DAUNTLESS (68638) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}

Attempting to board IMP SHIP Marley Dauntless (68638).
Approaching target:

Incoming Fire from IMP Firedeath (6005)
Round 1: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 2: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 3: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 4: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)

Incoming Fire from IMP Firebug (20373)
Round 1: 54 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 2: 54 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 3: 54 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 4: 54 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)

Incoming Fire from IMP Fireking (20565)
Round 1: 53 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 2: 53 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 3: 53 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 4: 53 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)

Incoming Fire from IMP Firestarter (30848)
Round 1: 49 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
6 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 2: 49 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
6 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 3: 49 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
6 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 4: 49 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
6 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)

Incoming Fire from IMP Firewulfy (50675)
Round 1: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 2: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 3: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 4: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)

Incoming Fire from IMP Firedawg (66913)
Round 1: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile)
Round 2: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile)
Round 3: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile)
Round 4: 55 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile)

Incoming Fire from IMP Fireplug (85420)
Round 1: 47 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
8 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 2: 47 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
8 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 3: 47 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
8 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
Round 4: 47 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)
8 Missile Launcher mkIVs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile mkII)

Post Battle Summary
Me ship be lookin like swiss cheese or be just scratches in paint, but I aint tellin you all

Boarding Action for the Control of IMP Marley Dauntless (68638)
Round 1: Battle is 239:1 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.52% control [75.48%]
1.47% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 1955:3 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.85% control [50.63%]
12.04% chance of losing control

IMP Marley Dauntless (68638) has fallen to the attackers.

Just a haul of 106 Basic Module mkII, nothin fancy but good fer me reserch on bio-chemical weapons for the FCN
11 prisoners too

Next up be AFT
Feels right to be using me ship "Wolfpack - Foxs Fright" on the AFT
Glad I be naming ships after GTT since I run out of AFT boys

AFT SHIP LIQUID ATTENTION (41381) - {50 Normal Hulls} - Attacking us.
Firebrand Class Destroyer {Medium Ablative Armour}

Attempting to board AFT SHIP Liquid Attention (41381).
Approaching target:

Incoming Fire from AFT Lancer (22276)
Round 1: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)
Round 2: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)
Round 3: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)
Round 4: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)

Incoming Fire from AFT Made in Heaven (24164)
Round 1: 8 Photon Cannons
Round 2: 8 Photon Cannons
Round 3: 8 Photon Cannons
Round 4: 8 Photon Cannons

Incoming Fire from AFT Halberdier (99980)
Round 1: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)
Round 2: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)
Round 3: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)
Round 4: 15 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Kinetic Missile)

Incoming Fire from AFT Liquid Attention (41381)
Round 1: 2 Photon Cannons, 6 Photon Guns, 24 Tractor Beams
Round 2: 2 Photon Cannons, 6 Photon Guns, 24 Tractor Beams
Round 3: 2 Photon Cannons, 6 Photon Guns, 24 Tractor Beams
Round 4: 2 Photon Cannons, 6 Photon Guns, 24 Tractor Beams

Post Battle Summary
This time it be just a scratch, them AFT boys using the worst and most basic weapons I ever saw !!!!

Boarding Action for the Control of AFT Liquid Attention (41381)
Round 1: Battle is 177:4 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 22.65% control [77.35%]
1.16% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 358:7 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 22.41% control [54.94%]
9.15% chance of losing control
Round 3: Battle is 506:9 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.05% control [30.89%]
33.01% chance of losing control

AFT Liquid Attention (41381) has fallen to the attackers.

I bet Greta Grice (#1) {AFT Prisoner} be glad I aint Pirate Large.....

71 prisoners too

So that be a IMP caravel for sale an a AFT destroyer I be refittin for me own uses.”

Pirate Spotted

Heavy elements of the Wolfpack have been spotted in the Dryad system. Traders and ship captains are warned to be on alert.

RIP Press Release


The RIP are very pleased to announce the expansion of their Slave and Prisoner Repatriation services.

The unbounded success of both services are a testament to the good nature of all those who have used this method to release those previously held against their will.

From tomorrow ... both services will also be available at Freedom City in Madonna system.

The services will continue to be operated out of Quick Snack in Yank as they are now.

Please see the market pages for renumeration levels for all participants in these humanitarian* services.

Thank you.

GT Spugman.

*please delete and insert the appropriate** term for your species.

** or you can make up a new one... it's really up to you!

FLZ Press Release


The Party for Peaceful integration has now opened the market at Manifold Point to traders. All are welcome excepting Consortium members and ICE. Manifold Point is located in Confederate space and we will honour our terms of occupancy with the Confederate Naval Forces which includes our staying away from Consortium bases in their space and we have voluntarily extended this to the ICE following their recent aggression. We ask in return that they reciprocate and stay away from Manifold Point.

A wealth of life goods will be purchased at good prices.

We will pay in hard cash or in return trade goods via PM.

Existing private deals will be honoured and the future of these is not threatened by the opening of the public market.

The market message reads as follows:

Welcome to Manifold Point. This starbase is operated by the Party for Peaceful Integration. Trade is welcomed. WARNING - DO NOT LAND. Any ship landing will be boarded, the crew imprisoned and all cargo confiscated.

I think this is crystal clear.

Ambassador H'minee
Party for Peaceful Integration

Internal Memo Leak

An anonymous source has provided our newsroom with a copy of an internal memo alleged to originate from somewhere within the GTT high command structure:

The following is a public service message for the GTT. We don't want them to have to be bothered with mangement duties, so we developed the following. This is the standard GTT form letter, just fill in the blanks:

“For too long the {insert name of affiliation to be squashed} freeloaded off the citizens of the Imperial Empire, while the GTT have always sought to defend and protect them.

For too long the {Insert name of any affiliation too weak to defend themselves} have showed no loyalty to the empire, while the GTT have invested heavily in its future at a cost to itself.

For too long the {insert name of affiliation who makes a stellar that we don't have} have had this unfair advantage, while the GTT spends fortunes to defend and maintain fleets to protect the citizens and the empire. The {repeat name of affiliation that we wish to show self righteous indignation against} have earned no right to the same terms in the empire.

Now this time is at an end.

The GTT is now entering a trade war with the {insert name of victim affiliation}.
This will continue until the {insert name of affiliation we're going to rape before we move on to the next victim} hands over its positions in IMP claimed systems to the GTT. They must be handed to the GTT. Then this trade war will stop.

We will give the {insert name of affiliation that we're already poised to attack but will give a brief period of time to grovel before we crush them under our boot heel} 24 hours to respond with a plan for these positions to be handed over.

We will be free of this unfair competition.

We will free the empire of these parasites.”

We here at the IGN newsroom suspect the GTT will deny this memo came from them…

Mission To Earth

Newly elected DTR Senator Cecil Rhodes has launched a mission to search for signs of the ship carrying his father Marcus Rhodes that was blown up in orbit of Earth 3 years ago.

However, three years after the event absolutely nothing remains of the debris that was one the ship carrying Marcus Rhodes.

This not expected as Earth has a thriving advanced culture and the orbit is littered with thousands of active satellites. The presence of debris in near orbit would be a serious threat and orbital brooms are in constant use to prevent collisions.

Debris intercepted by brooms is generally atomised or in the case of larger pieces, masked and directed towards the quiet parts of the ocean, though the objects invariably burn up on entry.

A few stray pieces of space ships are found in the less trafficked outer atmosphere. These may or may not be part of Marcus's ship but having nothing else, they are as good as. They have reportedly been collected, reduced to a fine powder and delivered in a box to Cecil Rhodes for later scattering in the seas of Detinus.

**Periphery Classifieds
Ships For Sale

All slightly roughed up by the KRL, but nothing a week in dock won't fix.
More info on demand.

6 150hh with nova cannon mkii

5 50hh scouts set as interceptors

Warlord Ferox.

Trade Mission


I have a legitimate small scale job for an interested trader.

Contact me via PM to express interest.

Ambassador H'minee

Haulage Mission

Wanted: Haulage Contractor.

To move a big pile of stuff from Yank to IMP space, two jumps.

Contact by PM please.


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

Trade War

The GTT/AFT trade war has spread to the system of Caribbean, with an AFT Cheetah Class exploration vessel being destroyed by a small flotilla of GTT Trade Improvement Warships in orbit of the moon Saint Kitts.

Despite initial protests from the AFT that the GTT had violated the ceasefire, the GTT were quick to point out that the ceasefire only applied to the St. Dismas and Solo systems, and that they would if necessary continue to destroy AFT targets elsewhere.


An IMP vessel has come under attack by a Wolfpack pirate boarder in the Warlord system – unusual because the Warlord system is fairly restricted in access – suggesting that the corruption within the IMP and GTT which lead to pirates Large and Wolfpack being so well equipped, has also seen the pirates supplied with a plentiful selection of stellar cartography too.


Rumours are circulating that the leader of the Wolfpack mercenaries has begun eating the hearts of his prisoners.

Apparently all these pirates feel the need to compete in the ‘Who is most barbaric’ competition.


The GTT form letter as revealed in last weeks edition of the Inter-Galactic News has undergone an evolution as yet more un-named sources have worked hard to reveal the extent to which the GTT have automated their entire foreign affairs policy making division.

Readers are invited to draw their own conclusions here:

In no way should the RIP be suspected of making trouble.

Zephyr System

The Falconians have issued a press release regarding their ongoing liberation/occupation of the planet Breeze in the Zephyr system:


The FCN is happy to announce it has established a free society free of slavery on the planet Breeze in the Zephyr system. The local civilian population has now granted full rights to our embassy on the planet and the minority Flagritz population has being subdued, clearing the way for this system to be added to the growing list of those that enjoy freedom under the watchful eye of the Republic.

Falconian forces are entrenched on the planet and will remain as long as the civilian population wishes us to. The orbit is secure but Flagritz pirates are operating in the area. Order will be restored once local conditions are more favourable.

Flagritz prisoners and civilians were offered in exchange for our own but the Flagritz Ambassador has not finalized a deal, if one is to be had. Therefore, we reiterate publicly that civilians and prisoners will be treated fairly and are available for exchange for Consortiums prisoners or slaves.

Crusade, Zephyr... which system will be next in our march to free all sentients from the Flagritz oppression? Stay tuned and as always...

Good Hunting,


Prisoner Repatriation Service Expands


The RIP are very pleased to announce the expansion of their Slave and Prisoner Repatriation services.

The unbounded success of both services are a testament to the good nature of all those who have used this method to release those previously held against their will.

From tomorrow ... both services will also be available at Freedom City in Madonna system.

The services will continue to be operated out of Quick Snack in Yank as they are now.

Please see the market pages for renumeration levels for all participants in these humanitarian* services.

Thank you.

GT Spugman.

*please delete and insert the appropriate** term for your species.

** or you can make up a new one... it's really up to you!


The Martial Law in the Titan system has now been lifted, with the exception of quadrant D14 which remains a war zone. All those transitting the system are warned to avoid D14.


Renowned DTR loony Xavier Gladstone is reported to have returned to the Detinus capital of New Tate. A large number of diplomatic events have been cancelled until such time as the authorities can be certain that Xavier isn’t going to cause any more major diplomatic incidents, like that one time at band camp with the water peaches that nobody likes to talk about.


More news from the Detinus Republic this week as ex-Glorious Leader Michelle Diaz has been facing questions regarding her recent orders that sent an entire squadron of vessels into a dangerous asteroid belt in a frontier system.

Five ships have been reported missing with heavy casualties.

When questioned, Diaz muttered a lot and glared at reporters, before saying the press never used to be this annoying back in her day.

**Periphery Classifieds

Cows Wanted

Please contact the IMP if you have any spare bovines.

Tech Wanted

Greetings Sentients,
I am looking to buy some scintillators mkII. Anyone interested in making a sale, please PM me.
Thank you,
Marion Tweedy

Employees For Sale

I have taken over RIP base Slachia in yank and have 3600 Kastorian Employee (629) spare if anyone wants to buy

offers or they go on the market later this week

Patches Wanted


I am looking to purchase patches (preferably mkII or higher) for delivery to a base in Outer Capellan. Please PM me with price and quantity available.



Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

No sss this week.

user image  [Recruit]

Trade War
Indications are that the talks between the AFT and GTT have broken down again, and while they were never easy, the Imperial negotiator has spoken to reporters that he doesn’t see how there can be a negotiated settlement between the warring parties, with the GTT asking for too much, and the AFT offering too little.

GTT Claim St. Dismas
Following an accident on behalf of the AFT where they moved some troops and suddenly failed to have enough in place to hold the system claim, the GTT have recently announced that they have annexed St. Dismas. The GTT board of directors have issued the following set of laws for the system:

“Greetings all sentients.

The GTT have recently claimed the unclaimed system of St.Dismas in the Outer Capellan Periphery.

We would appreciate it if the GCE, MOH and WMB contact the GTT to let us know what fixed assets you have in St.Dismas, so we do not interfere with your continued presence.

Our rules are quite simple.
• No direct attacking of GTT positions or other legal positions. (fixed and mobile)
• No indirect attacking of GTT positions or other legal positions (fixed and mobile) through use of Support or Defend lists. Or transferring assets to another party to help them attack us.
• No trying to steal the system claim. This is an act of war. (such as through large numbers of troops)
• No operatives or agents in GTT bases. This is an act of war.
• No setting up fixed positions without first checking with the GTT CEO, giving details of location and resource(s). If passed they will be classed as legal positions and protected under the system law.
• No warships other than those belonging to the GTT, FET or IMP.
• APTF are welcome, by prior appointment. We welcome any attempts to catch pirates.
• No transferring or selling any assets (unregistered otherwise know as illegal, or legal) to other parties.
• Any assets belonging to any affiliation we are at war with will be deemed illegal and will be removed. (Voluntarily or by the use of force)
• No pirates. Obvious, but should be said.
• Slaves are illegal.

Please note, that for the duration of the current AFT-GTT war ALL warships not belonging to the GTT, FET and IMP are forbidden. (as above)
This may be relaxed once the war is over.

You don't need to move through St.Dismas. The only system beyond is Masters and you can navigate there from Aladdin in one jump.

All trade ships are advised not to trade at AFT bases. You could be an innocent victim due to a warship deciding that you are engaging in a 'combat transaction'.

AFT assets are under GTT rules illegal assets in the system. We are at war.
They are to be removed. Not sold, not transferred, removed.

Please respect our system of St.Dimas. We will respect any system claims you have likewise.

Thank you for reading this St.Dismas Laws bulletin from GTT HQ.
Have a nice day.”

Clearly the implications for AFT positions within the St. Dismas system are dire.

AFT Violate No-Fire-Zone

Claims and counter-claims are flying between the GTT and AFT as it seems two AFT warships have attacked and destroyed a GTT freighter in the hotly contested system of St. Dismas.

What is known is that an AFT position did destroy a GTT freighter, though reports are that something extremely murky has happened, with one anonymous source even going so far as to say that the GTT were added to the enemy lists of the AFT position by some unknown spy, who, if this was true, was presumably attempting to spark the conflict into action in such a way that it made the AFT appear to be the guilty parties.

Terrorism In Darkfold

The FET are reporting both a terrorist attack against one of their installations on the planet Darkfold, and a series of attacks launched by AFT forces, they allege that the apparent close timing of these actions implicates the AFT in supporting terrorist activity.

The FET director has issued the following press release:

“Greetings all.

Today the manager of FET Starbase Charleston(140)located on the planet Darkfold reported that a small amount of damage was inflicted upon the base by a terrorist attack.

Also today the AFT used ground forces to attack and capture two small FET outposts located in the Warlord system.

Now I have no problem with the AFT conducting military operations against FET assets in light of our support of the GTT in St.Dismas against the AFT.

But it does strike me as more than a coincidence that a terrorist attack is launched against a FET base located in a system claimed by the CNF in the same week that AFT forces attack FET assets.

I could also go as far to say that the attack by Pirate Calypso on two of my ships also in the Darkfold system could be linked to this activity.

I have very strong suspicions that the AFT are hiring terrorists and pirates to conduct a dirty war. As I stated earlier attacks against FET assets were expected, but when I find evidence that the AFT are behind piracy and terrorism against FET assets within systems protected by Confederate law I will be requesting that the Supreme Commander of the CNF remove AFT assets from Confederate space, by force if necessary.”

Our newsroom has however received several anonymous reports that suggest the recent actions by the FET and GTT with regards to their trade war have earnt those two affiliations a great deal of animosity from many often quite unexpected quarters, so really the list of potential suspects for who might be promoting attacks against FET/GTT targets is pretty long.

Obviously nobody suspects the MOH or WMB.

The AFT have responded to the FET allegations with the following press release:

“The operations today in Warlord, Caribbean and St. Dismas were operated by security personnel of my own Astartia Enterprises. (Details to follow).

The AFT will abide by all system laws except the current joke issued by the pirates in St. Dismas.

The AFT have not and will not undertake any operations in the claimed systems, without the prior written consent of the claiming affiliations PD.

The AFT were not responsible for any alleged actions within confederate space. Nor will be.

No such activity has been perpetrated by allies of the AFT with AFT knowledge.

The AFT would welcome any investigation deemed necessary by the CNF in this matter.

I reiterate, the AFT will not be engaging in any unusual or combative activities in claimed systems, other than St. Dismas. Excepting any further claims for and by the GTT or FET.

Those that know the AFT, will know this to be true anyway.

Korpen Nygard
Councillor, Association of Free Traders.”

Pirates In Yank

Pirate ground parties have been spotted at several locations throughout the Yank system this week, prompting concerns that they might be scouting for poorly defended ground installations to assault.

Panicked civilians have been lodging demands with the Kastorian Military Junta for better protection, seeming to distrust many of the Periphery Powers capability to offset the pirate threat. Though a joint task force of SMS/GCE and FCN are reporting the successful kill of at least one of these scout ground parties.

The RIP have denied that the pirates have been visiting the Jiggly room, because as we all know, the RIP never do business with pirates.

DTR Asteroid Hunt Competition Continues

Reports are surfacing throughout the Detinus Republic that Surveyor captains are becoming increasingly concerned with orders that continue to send them and their vessels into disturbingly close encounters with asteroid fields.

With demands for danger money being made, several Detinus Senators have responded by launching major exploration efforts in systems with known navigational hazards.

Rumours circulate of incipient industrial action if the casualty rate remains high.

Everything Is Green!

Proud Detinus terraforming engineers have been showing off the vast strides in planetary ecology that have been made over recent years on the planet Venice in their home system.

Reporters have been shown large regions of sandy mudflats, where glacial till and boulder clay dominate the higher ground. These regions used to be desolate and lifeless until only a few years ago before planetary ecologists set to work, and now across the region there are small green shoots, though they are only visible en-masse when looking towards the horizon.


The dread yet sexy pirate Calypso has captured one FET ship in the Darkfold system, but failed in a second attack. She is reported to be a little peeved.


Disturbing stories are beginning to circulate in bars and ports where spacers congregate, that strange dark vessels are beginning to roam the spaceways, crewed by vile alien creatures who have no interest in capturing or raiding freighters, and simply board ships in order to slaughter and devour the crews.

Unusual sensor readings are reported to serve as harbinger to an attack, with comms officers said to have begun screaming, with blood running from their ears and mouths, shortly before the demon-bearing vessels appear as if from nowhere.

There is a further rumour that a remote mining outpost has also been ransacked by these creatures, but that reports of what occurred there have been censored by the highest authorities, and the entire orbital quadrant declared off limits.

Masters System

The RIP have updated their laws for the Masters system.

Surprisingly these laws do not appear to mention the Jiggly room once.

“Masters System Mandates

System claims in favour of any affiliation other than RIP are considered an act of aggression.

We reserve the right to respond to this act of aggression as we see fit and without further warning / discussion or negotiation.

System claims reinforcing the existing RIP claim are actively encouraged.

This system is restricted space... Only the RIP and AFT are welcome here. All other parties should leave... Now!

Noting the above Mandates, you are free to leave this system by the quickest possible route.”


The Wolfpack pirates are reported to be active in the Inferno system. All travellers are warned to be on alert.

Trade War

Small-scale skirmishing has broken out across various systems directed towards GTT and FET targets. Reports indicate that 6 small outposts (3 FET and 3 GTT) in the Warlord system have fallen to the assault forces of AFT Astartia Enterprises, along with one FET Courier class ship blown up. Further, a GTT ground party that was mustering to attack an AFT outpost in the Caribbean system has been pounded by AFT missiles.

Press Release: Market Announcement

Hello fellow humans and trans-gendered aliens,

Due to unforeseen market forces and the fact it's making a loss, the market at CIA Montbello will be closing on the first day, week 29.

No private deals will be entertained.

No PM's over this matter will be entertained.

Sorry for any inconvenience over this matter,


Laton - CIA DCI

Press Release: New Management

I, Fredrico Garcia, am pleased to announce that the GCE Base of Pyran (6273) in Yank is now operation under
new management.

Our markets should open fuller at the beginning of next week and we do encourage
trade from all interested parties.
-- we can offer a deal you can't refuse...

Current major trading interests will be posted later as I finish my tour of the facilities:

Fredrico Garcia

Wolfpack News

Crotchety old gloryhound Wolfpack has been publicising his latest round of victories:

“IMP got lucky here only small boarder close by

IMP SHIP MARLEY RACER (9403) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}

Attempting to board IMP SHIP Marley Racer (9403).
Approaching target:

Boarding Action for the Control of IMP Marley Racer (9403)
Round 1: Battle is 23:2 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 15.95% control [84.05%]
0.41% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 23:2 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 16.88% control [67.17%]
3.54% chance of losing control
Round 3: Battle is 123:10 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 21.62% control [45.56%]
16.14% chance of losing control
Round 4: Battle is 14:1 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 21.92% control [23.64%]
44.53% chance of losing control

Boarding Failed.

Move to Beta 11
AFT SHIP EMBLAZE (93025) - {50 Normal Hulls} - Attacking us.
Firebrand Class Destroyer {Medium Ablative Armour}
You escaped an attempt to attack your position.
Move to Beta 12

SSS said warlord info restricted?
if IMP, SSS and AFT know it.............

After above with IMP one of me bigger "Wolf Class" ships went for FEL

Board Position {59628}
FEL SHIP CTE PRIDE OF TARSUS (59628) - {150 Normal Hulls}
Jaguar Class Passenger Liner {No Armour}

Attempting to board FEL SHIP CTE Pride of Tarsus (59628).
Approaching target:

Boarding Action for the Control of FEL CTE Pride of Tarsus (59628)
Round 1: Battle is 229:3 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 23.62% control [76.38%]
1.32% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 539:6 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 23.81% control [52.57%]
10.67% chance of losing control

FEL CTE Pride of Tarsus (59628) has fallen to the attackers.

Whata prize, you all be knowin how I loves them hypers!!!!
1 Jump Drive - Hyper (177) - 200 mus

FEL officer be enroute to Calypso if fluffy not wanted back
Be quick

1 Pallus (#1) {FEL Prisoner} - 1 mus
62 Feline Prisoner (535) - 1 mus.”

**Special Report – Declassified entries by Star Admiral E. Janus of the A'Kla**

Our newsroom has been fortunate enough to receive the 4th batch of declassified extracts from the journal of the Flagritz Star Admiral E. Janus:

Document Status: Declassified
Translation Process: Complete

Entry 15
As expected the Falconians precede their plan to use the platform to bombard our ever-emptier base. Falconian ships sporadically join the bombardment, but mostly stand guard at the orbit approaches.

Although claiming to be aiding the Felini, only a token force of Felini warships keep company to the Falconian warships.

Once again, the combined forces of A'Kla and B'Kla are to move to the planetary space quadrant and strike at all enemy warships present. Enemy numbers vary, but up to 44 enemy warships have been spotted, including up to 10 150HH and 28 100HH.

Entry 16

Success! Despite some losses, including the loss of the baseship, since this stage of the war begun, the Felini lose 7 150HH and 2 100HH, while the Falconians lose 1 150HH, 10 100HH, 3 75NH and 1 60NH. A grand total of 24 warships.

Our own losses can be considered light, though the loss of 1 baseship, the Overlord, the 1st ship of its class, casts some shadow over the end result. Another 2 captured 150HH are lost, as well as 2 support 75HH.

Entry 17

As expected the continual bombardment over these past months as turned our base on Breeze a charred remain. Thankfully, the Alpha site teleporters have enabled us to remove the most valuable equipment and some of our token troops. Even so it's time to deal a further blow upon the murderous Falconians.

Despite previous losses, the most recent scans still show the presence of 35 enemy contacts. The presence of 2 squadrons within 1 jump distance, make it imperative that we reduce the Zephyr squadron to debris. However this time round a more subtle approach will be required, as the Falconians are learning some new tricks, such as rotating more often their forces at the space squadron. This could force our forces to expend far too much force on the reduced patrols while letting the forces held in reserve, be used on 2nd and 3rd day of battle. We'll turn this against them and show them some new tricks are just for show.

Entry 18

This time roundm B'Kla and the light Vespidae attack squadron will assault the space quadrant without the benefit of the support of the heavy A'Kla Squadron. While mighty on it's own, B'Kla will still be outmatched if the Consortium use their reserves. This is the trap. The enemy will believe we attacked because we saw a much-reduced force at Delta 2, but that we didn't have the time to rearm the A'Kla, and thus they have good chance to ambush our Naval forces.
After placing picket ships on the more obvious approaches from Crusade, A'Kla is placed within striking range, but on a sector, known to be favoured by the Falconians.

Entry 19

Vespidae light ships cause severe damage, but as expected are overmatched by the enemy forces. After 1 day of combat at Delta 2, 4 60NH are lost. However, the enemy loses another Felini 150HH, and the Falconians 6 100HH and 3 60NH of their own.

Entry 20

Operation Birdcage enters its final stage, as A'Kla and B'Kla move to link up, the Falconians fly into their birdcage trap.
In 2 separate actions, B'Kla loses 3 further 60NH, however the enemy and their reinforcements lose a further 9 100HH, 6 75 NH, 3 60NH, 1 40HH and 1 50 LH freighter that wanders into the fray.

At the end of this week long operation, of deception, and utter slaughter, the Flagritz Imperial Navy loses 7 60NH support vessels, while the enemy loses 31 warships, most of them 100HH.

We are sad to realize that the 2 enemy squadrons stationed at Crusade, failed to take the bait. Nevertheless, the path to Crusade is open.

Entry 21

The enemy rejoice with the taking of an empty base. Took them half a year and most movable assets have been removed. This is good, the Falconian enemy is now forced to defend a fixed installation.

Entry 22

Albeit smaller after these naval battles, the enemy forces at Crusade can still pack an mean punch.
1 of the forces, the Felini one, defends Cause, the planet they managed to take years ago when their over 150 warship fleet managed to wipe out the 5 stranded and old ships that defended it. The location is suitably defended, but the ships placed there cannot easily support the 2nd squadron placed at the wormhole location.
Consortium SMS and FEL commanders are notoriously conservative, but even so we must guard ourselves from an attempt to join these 2 forces.

Key A'Kla and B'Kla forces are to force their way into the wormhole orbit, punching through off orbit defenders, while saving ammo for the tougher fight at the wormhole. Meanwhile picket ships are to be placed at all paths leading cause to the wormhole and thus block, for at least 1 day any reinforcements coming from Cause.

The Cause fleet can move 15 warships, of which 13 are 150HH, while at the wormhole 31 contacts are detected, including 3 150HH, 20 100HH and a potentially perilous platform.

Entry 23

Flagritz Imperial Navy forces infiltrate Crusade and initiate Operation Down the 'Ole. The plan survives 1st contact as the enemy pickets are overwhelmed even faster than anticipated.

1 Felini 150NH carrier and a misplaced 2kmu ground party spike up our bloodlust for the upcoming battle. Did the enemy really think these unit would be more than a speed bump?

Stage 2 will now begin...

**Special Report: From The Journal Of Joshua Davis**

Joshua stood on the bridge of his ship looking at his crew efficiently going about their tasks and reflected on how he had got here.

Inheriting the ship from his late uncle, who had let it slip into a state of disrepair, his first job had been getting it back in working order. This gave him a chance to learn the systems of the ship and meet the few loyal staff that his uncle had employed and he now felt obliged to keep on. Most of them had not long until they retired to some idyllic paradise that you saw on the brochures, well that was what they dreamed of but on the meagre wages they earn't he knew that was what they told themselves to keep going. He knew that soon, if he wanted to reach his goals, he would have to have the "chat" with most of them and let them go, but if he could earn enough he could maybe help them on their way and make the transition a little easier.

Rather than face the galaxy alone he had joined one of the larger affs, and was learning what he could from those with experience of bigger things, and he hoped that soon he could realise his goals. As a child, his father would fill his head with stories or strange worlds, space battles and voyages into the unknown. One day that would be his. Yes still young, and a lot to learn he knew that with a bit of hard work, he would one day have command of his on battleship and have a chance to make his mark in history.

An alarm sounding brought him out of his reminiscence.

"Josh..err Mr sir", stuttered his first mate Pike.

"What is it", he replied, trying to shake the memories from his head and focus on the now.

"Something strange has appeared on the sensors. Ive not seen this before", replied Pike. This wasn't saying much though as from the logs that he had read, his uncle had been a man of habit, and stayed safe with guaranteed trade routes.

Moving over to the control panel displaying the extent of his meagre sensors, he felt a strange shiver down his spine. Is this what it feels like he thought, something new, something different. If so he liked it.

Returning to his chair, he sat and did what he had always dreamed of as a child.

"Lay in a course, maximum speed. Engage"

Into the unknown.....

**Periphery Classifieds

Tech Wanted

The GCE is interested in acquiring some techs and BP's. If you have any of these and are willing to sell to the GCE, please let me know through PM.

1. Organic Hulls Advanced (8556)
2. X-Light Structural Design (8007)
3. Light Structural Design (8008)
4. Merchant Hulls
5. Light Organic Hull Mk 2 (10065)
6. X-Light Organic Hull Mk 2 (10055)
7. Meta-Metallurgy (8020)
8. Any Organic Hulls BPs

Diana Lucia Garcia

Modules Wanted

Greeting All

We wish to purchase large amounts of modules delivered to an O/P
on Dogleg (208) in the Capellan System (1) .

Rough estimates would be
15000 IM
5000 BM
5000 TM
5000 MM
5000 SM

Prices are to include delivery to the said O/P.
Payment will be in Cash.
Quotes are to include
Delivery start
How many modules a week can be delivered.

Further orders might be forthcoming after this contract is completed.

Baron LiQuan

To The Viceroy, With love

I'm a Viceroy and I'm okay
I sleep all night and I work all day
He's a Viceroy and he's okay
He sleeps all night and he works all day

I shoot down pirates, I eat my lunch
I go to the lavat'ry
On Wednesdays I go shopping
And have buttered scones for tea
He shoots down pirates...
He's a Viceroy...

I shoot down pirates, I skip and jump
I love to press wild flow'rs
I put on women's clothing
And hang around in bars
He shoots down pirates...
He's a Viceroy...

I shoot down pirates, I wear high heels
Suspendies and a bra
I wish I'd been a girlie
Just like my dear papa
He shoots down pirates...
He's a Viceroy...

**Message From The Editor**

Best wishes to Kirk for a speedy recovery.

And apologies for there not being an edition of the SSS/IGN last week, I was a little under the weather. As you’ll notice it’s a double-length edition this w eek to catch up.



Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

No sss this week.

user image
  Star Date: 221.3.3

user image


Meklan scout ships continue to be seen around the Orion Spur periphery. These cyborg creatures in service of hidden ancient masters appear to be terrorising the Wimble Nation in particular. Despite public lamentations against the hardship of defending themselves, the Wimble leadership have not yet responded to our request for comment.

user image
Artist's impression of a Meklanised Wimble

However, Xavier Fox, CEO of Galactic Transport and Trade, did give us the following statement:

“We have engaged several Meklan ships, although currently the source has not been identified. GTT Directors have been running patrols and have engaged and destroyed numerous ships that have attacked outlying outposts belonging to different affiliations. The pattern of ships encountered leads us to believe there is a central source, but until that is found we would suggest any affiliation with assets in the area provide adequate defences.”

user image

Doomsday On Pause

At the site of the Thete anomaly, the Dewiek Nation has sent media sensation Sharon Aleman to the scene. Aleman, whose cybernetic enhancements allow her to directly interface with her ship’s sensor array, led her hardened crew into a dive of the outermost “edge” of the anomaly. After spending several days collecting and analysing data (mere minutes to the rest of us outside the anomaly), Aleman reported her shocking discoveries.

user image
  Star Date: 220.50.5

user image

Veil Lifted on Flagritz Home Space

As the Hellcadium ISR field continues to fluctuate, one of the newly exposed systems is Junista inside the previously hidden and inaccessible home periphery of the Flagritz Republic.

Over the past few weeks Flagritz Republic patrols and platforms have dealt with a number of scout ships from the Human Empire as the IMP wasted no time in exploiting this opportunity to poke around in their old enemy’s backyard. It is understood that at least one of these unarmed scouts was destroyed with no one willing to estimate how many more might be buzzing around.

Coincidentally, suspected IMP lackey, SSL TOAD, has also been overheard showing an obsessive interest in the Flagritz periphery. However, we have received no reports of this being anything other than his usual drug-fueled, barely decipherable mutterings at this stage.

Either way, this sudden, uninvited interest in the Flagritz Periphery has left the FLZ leadership muttering darkly about appropriate measures being taken. Defensive fleets and supporting structures are being deployed in the Junista system and beyond in expectation of further uninvited guests.

user image
When You stare into the Flagritz Periphery...

user image

Thete's Timey-Wimey Tease

Investigation into the Thete anomaly continued in the Dewiek Pocket Periphery. The anomaly was scanned from all angles by a number of the Dewiek Nation’s best sensor ships and officers. The data, collected over several weeks, was sent to one of the DEN’s most advanced scientific laboratories for analysis.

What they found will shock you!

user image
  Star Date: 220.45.1

user image

Perfidion Reached

Long speculated by theoretical Stellar Cartographers, Perfidion Reach finally opened in the last few weeks. Immediately, the Detinus Republic boldly staked a claim on the first accessible system, Hellcadium. Only time will tell the true value of this strategic move but their much-taunted bureaucracy may have finally proved its worth.

Early reports from scans of the system reveal a wildly fluctuating ISR field. Rumours suggest that at least one ship was destroyed as it was forced into an asteroid belt chasing a stable jump field attempting to exit the system. Casual travellers are warned away from the system at this time for their own safety. Leave it to skilled explorers and navigation officers.

user image
Mathematical model of Hellcadium ISR Field.

We spoke to Captain Zakiyah Ummahi via subspace link. Zakiyah led the first DEN expedition into the Perfidion Reach. "Spirits remain high but this is largely down to the extended R&R we were all forced to take immediately prior to jumping into this hole. Initial scouting reports show at least one planet with plenty of forests and grasslands which might help if we're going to be stuck here for Folkvar knows how long waiting for this damned ISR field to stabilise."

user image

Valhalla Stargate Reopens

Dewiek engineers and scientists have finally managed to re-enable Stargate Valgrind this week and the protective Exclusion Zone is to be lifted. If DEN investigators discovered who caused the gate to malfunction, or why, they were not willing to share it with us. Military sources, however, have announced a project to provide a significant boost to the already formidable defence platform in the stargate’s orbit.

user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

Empire - DEN action grinds to a halt

After months of tension relations between the Empire and the Dewiek Nation, which rose to several large scale fleet actions ending in the DEN losing over 60 Direwolf warships in Solo, things appear to have moved from antagonistic to unfriendly. With the Solo system being a particular issue an agreement has been reached between the Wolf Mother of the DEN and Xavier Fox of the GTT. Since this things have become very quiet, not just because the shooting has stopped, but also because my reporters have been on their summer holidays.
News For Discerning Naplians!
---- Special Galactic Edition ----

(The Host sits at his desk as the studio lights dim, and a single spotlight bathes him in light. He looks straight into the camera and begins to speak: )

Host: Naambta!
Good Greetings, and welcome to the show.

This is News for Discerning Naplians, and i’m sure you are all showing much impatience to see this week’s Panel Discussion. We will be discussing religion with the Lady Ghadir of the Temple of Ya Zoon, renowned neo-naplian spiritualist Chairman TonTon, and a very special guest from our imperial neighbours, Bishop Samantha Porteus of the Brotherhood. But before we get to that...

(Looks demonstratively at his digital wrist watch. )

... it is time for a word from our sponsor.
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe from our new home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last few weeks,
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***
  • DEN assault FEL base and get wiped out
  • CIA Trade fleet caught and destroyed by the DEN
  • Krell denounce worship of the True One

    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Huge fleet skirmish at the London/Crossley wormhole

    A large fleet of over 700 DEN warships responded to the EMP action in Crossley, where a 4000 hull DEN platform was destroyed. Reports show the DEN ships caught a group of CIA ships napping and inflicted significant losses on the humans. IMP and GTT fleets moved to assist the CIA, matching DEN fleet numbers, but the arrival of over 1200 Hexamon ships seems to have tipped the battle in favour of the DEN-HEX alliance.

    The combined DEN-HEX force pushed through the wormhole into the Heartland area of human space and retaliated, attacking several CIA platforms in response. The outnumbered Empire fleets abandoned the area and fled, they are currently waiting for the larger alien force to make their next move from their hiding places.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Admiral Lord Simms killed after a long and distinguished service to the Empire.

    The Imperial Services have intercepted and serious damaged several DEN ships on the way to the Empire’s home systems. Unfortunately during the action Admiral Lord Simms was injured and reports from the Viceroy indicate he has passed away, fighting the enemies of the Empire like any true Imperial Officer.

    The Viceroy has stated that the officers and crew of the DEN ships have been captured and are now awaiting trial at a secret IMP base.

    DEN continue to strike at the Empire

    Reports are coming in of multiple engagements between the Empire and the Dewiek Elder Nation over the last week. With several battles taking out Empire ships in the Heartland of the CIA.

    AFT turn to piracy

    The Association of Free Traders have, after a long history of neutrality, turned to piracy this week. AFT Drake boarded an IND ship in the Halo periphery, killing several of the crew in the process.
    Independent trader Jarlebanke Langhofdi immediately took to the public communication channel demanding an answer to why supposedly peaceful traders had killed his crew and taken his ship.

    The AFT remain silent over the attack.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Combat Special Edition

    Since the DEN started shooting at those lovable FEL fluffballs things have certainly been heating up. So we through it would be prudent to bring you, gentle beings of the peripheries, a special edition in order to keep you updated with all the latest action in regards to who the DEN are shooting and who is shooting them.

    Felini strike back at Dewiek

    Reports have come in of the FEL striking back at the DEN in the Kallisan system. A huge FEL force supported by the IMP and CIA assaulted DEN positions taking both the platform and base called Lucien. There was much rejoicing in the FEL camp as the Felini proved they were not such lovable fluffballs after all!

    GTT get sucked into the war

    A passing fleet of GTT warships got caught in the fighting and this saw the GTT enter the war. When asked about this CEO Fox pointed out they are not warships at all, they are trade defence ships. So how they came to be in the DEN system of Kallisan is a mystery to us. But the GTT CEO was clear that they only engaged using support and defend orders to protect allies. Needless to say, the CEO commented “We found ourselves on the Dewiek Nation’s enemy lists pretty soon after.”

    Dewiek Nation attacks GTT positions in Orion Spur, breaking DOM system rules

    A fleet of DEN warships has engaged and destroyed a significant number of GTT cargo ships and escorts in the DOM system Monument. The GTT immediately took to the public channels to ask why the DOM were not doing something. In reply the DOM issued a statement to stop, which the DEN ignored.

    The DEN newssheet "The HOWL" published a completely unbiased review of the attack shortly after.

    DOM make a choice

    After the above incident and then further raiding by the DEN, taking out a few GTT cargo ships in the DOM system of Coptuv, the DOM seemed to have been faced with a choice of stopping drinking their tea and doing something or just hoping it would go away. Instead they seem to have decided to abandon the whole idea of being an active affiliation and we have since folded. The lengths some people will go to not to have their elevenses disturbed is truly staggering. We asked the DOM for a statement on their new system rules to share with our readers but have received no replies.

    DOM positions share out

    Just as we were going to press news has come in of various DOM assets being given to other affiliations or sold. Hopefully we will have more on this story in the next issue of your favorite factual newsheet. Yes, that's us at the SSS.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - Urd
    DOM Dominion (57) – we believe the DOM are now inactive
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) - Bacran
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GRC Gracians (13) - HG1
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Ando
    IMP Imperial Services (51) - Jack Jones
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Kal Torak
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
    MOH Mohache (73) - Listens
    MIC Mohache Independent Commune (76) - Sleeps with Dragons
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    RIP Regularly Involved in Piracy - Githyanki
    RRH Roy Robert Holdings (39) - Roy Roberts
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    USN Ulian Stellar Nation (34) - Oeipus Prime
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Affiliation has no leader but this is the only known contact


    Inactive: ANT, BHD, COD, HVE, IDC, RIP, RCF, SKW, TAG

    Deceased: CAL

    *** Submission ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.

    Free Ship when you sign-up
    Complete missions for in game rewards
    Control everything, up to an entire empire
    Dedicated human moderators
    Player and Moderator driven plotlines
    Discover new worlds to explore, exploit & colonise
    Over 20 years of content development
    Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG)

    I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).