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13-01-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 2 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

The pirate vessel Rat has been reportedly destroyed over the course of two days by a combined DTR/SMS operation in the Storm system this week, marking another victory for the APTF.

The Rat is understood to have been an unarmed 50 normal hulled solo class freighter, which was initially engaged by three light Detinus cruisers. The Rat then fled, right into the arms of an SMS battlegroup, supported by a fourth DTR light cruiser. The already battered pirate vessel did not last long in the face of massed kinetic missile fire from SMS Broadswords.

*** Yank Neutrality Accords Violated ***

Once again the peace of the Yank system has been broken, this time by a CIA battleship opening fire on and destroying an Imperial carrier class freighter. Details of the conflict have been released by angry imperial sources:


Yank (146) - {Alpha,13}

IMP Sir Nicholas (115) - Ship
Carrier Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
Armour: 13.0 Scents: 1.4
Hull Damage: 68.3%
Targeted by CIA Measured Response (76715) - 4214 [5200] Damage
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris
CIA Measured Response (76715) - Ship
Hal Battleship Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 80.0 Scents: 10.0
Destroyed IMP Sir Nicholas (115) - 4214 [5200] Damage

The CIA have indicated that this was yet another in a long string of unfortunate accidents to have occurred in the Yank system. They also took the opportunity to repeat their calls for the Imperial-bloc to answer for the death of 2500 civilians as reported a few weeks ago when a GTT vessel opened fire on an unarmed Confederate outpost, also in Yank.

In the meantime, our reporters have heard alarming rumours of significant arms shipments being moved into the Yank system by parties unknown.

*** Imperial Scout Destroyed ***

A small Imperial scout vessel has been destroyed in the outer rings of the Arachnid system by elements of the DTR Stellar Armada.

*** Falconian Empire Declares War On Everybody? ***

Confusing reports this week as rumours seem to indicate that some rogue elements of the FCN momentarily declared war on the entire universe.

The FCN have however indicated that this was an error of communication, and that they are not actually coming to attack us all.

*** Desperate Pirates ***

With silence lately from Pirate Large, and sounds of frustration coming from Black Dog, it seems as if there have been fewer opportunities for the pirates of late. Perhaps they have been rocked by recent successes by the APTF, or perhaps they are just on their holidays. Either way, the IGN newsroom have now surely jinxed this by mentioning it, and we expect Pirate Large to come crashing through our front office any moment now.

*** QNG News Release ***

The following press release has been received:

Greetings sentient beings!

The Hive and Hexamon have long warred and feared each other. Today this ends!

The Hexamon have evolved into the Children of Hexos and the Hive has evolved into the Matriarch Queen, superior among all other queens. We have both learned to respect and treat each other with honour, we have also realised how little differ between our two races.

As of today the COH and QNG unite in the Hive Community. It is hoped that unity will succeed where independency have failed and that the hive species will be brought to new heights of glory.

We acknowledge the need for unity and recognize the benefits that being allied with the FLZ has given us in the past. However, in this, the new beginning for our collective race, we feel that the plans and directions we wish to pursue would be counter-productive in maintaining any alliance at this point with any non-hive race.

Although we hold that out for future expansions, until we have solidified our stance with each other and have received acknowledgments from other affiliations that they recognize whom we are becoming rather than whom they believed we were, we will not be expanding our alliances at this point.

Our primary plans are to maintain a neutral-stance within known space.

We also acknowledge that any assets of ours that enter/operate within anothers Affiliations legal domain (ex: Imperial Space, CIA Space, Falconian Space, etc...) we will abide by their laws while within the respective areas.

To initiate these actions, our first action of Uniting as allies with the COH goes into effect Stardate 206.2.1 and is at the same time followed by our 2nd action:

We officially declare that as of this Stardate 206.2.1, the QNG are withdrawing from the alliance with the Flagritz Empire.

Glory to the Community!


Matriarch Queen
Queens Guardian

Ian Jordan
Advisor to the Celestial Emperor
Children of Hexos

*** Felini Response to QNG Announcement ***

The Felini have responded with quiet approval to the announcement that the QNG have withdrawn from their alliance with the Flagritz Empire, stating that they will be welcome again in FEL space after a 2 month cooling period, to ensure enemy lists are cleared.

*** IGN Reporter Sacked ***

Responding angrily to rumours that the IGN had no idea the QNG and FLZ were ever allied, managers at the Inter Galactic News have sacked the entire alien affairs staff.

Anybody needing some cheap reporters should check their local notice boards.

*** COH Update ***

Ian Jordan, speaker for the Children of Hexos, has issued a release detailing the current state of affairs within COH holdings:

Greetings beings of the Peripheries.

His Celestial Emperor Hexos has asked me to update you all with the good news the COH are no longer at war with anyone. With the DNA accepting peace we have brought an end to that chapter and can start to make plans for the future. As for the DNA concerns over our assets in the SKY system these have been all traded to the FEL, apart from 1 outpost. That is the only fixed position in the cluster.

As part of the on going campaign to trace are 'our gods' we will be entering systems and investigating to increase our knowledge of these powerful beings.

Our starbases continue to grow and the trade deals we have with various affiliations are paying off very well. If anyone is interested in setting up deals contact this office and we will see what can be arranged.

We have found a world in which to settle in Titan and have GPI'ed for a starbase site. The Imperial Viceroy as given his blessing and we are progressing well. We should be repopulating our home system soon.

Our policy of Organic hulls only is progressing well, we only have 4 metal ships in active service these are small exploration vessels which are in the process of being replaced.

The transfer of non Hve personnel is slower than we would like but Ves Gormen is virtually HVE only. The other sites will take longer unless we can get 20,000 hve workers.

Our research capabilities are improving but again not as quickly as we would like, again shortage of workers is our problem. We have also purchased/traded 2 principles and a number of techniques/blueprints, this as aided our research efforts.

As for defence we will be increasing our platforms and fleet to meet the need of the Celestial Emperor Hexos wishes. The FET have allowed us to place a platform at the Tycoon stargate to protect COH shipping and destroy any pirates who happen by. The platform as a condition of being there will also defend FET. Any who wish to strike at the FET there please bear this in mind. The Emperor wishes to have a platform there and that is the price, this is not a change in COH policy and it will only have PIR on its enemy lists.

Thank you for your time and any comments please send them here or to my office.

*** Have Spaceship Will Travel ***

A statement from Michael G Bridge, Overlord of the Krell, Warlord of Clan Nemesis.

Sentients of the Peripheries.
I refounded the KRL affiliation, to save the Krell race from extinction, and give them the capability for self-rule, and self-determination. As well as my own adopted Clan Nemesis, two more clans have arisen to prominence, Black Rat and Dark Angel, and the racial technical base is increasing rapidly.

All of which means that I'm nearly done. When my current research lines are finished and handed over to the other Krell warlords, I will have broadly completed the three aims I set myself, to begin terraforming, and to rebuild the technological and military infrastructure.

Unfortunately, Storm is still not peaceful, for various reasons. However, I have faith that other warlords can deal with this in an appropriate manner.

So, in the foreseeable future, hopefully 1st or 2nd Quarter of this year, I will be leaving the KRL, and seeking employment elsewhere. I can offer to an employer a small fleet of general purpose ships, and several thousand troops, as the Krell do not recognise the concept of abdication, so I am effectively bringing Clan Nemesis with me.

I can be contacted at the usual address

Michael Bridge.

As an addendum to this story, we at the IGN have learnt that Warlord Bridge has virtually accepted a new position, although no official announcement has yet been made.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit resource ID 12382 in the Misre system. Anyone already exploiting this resource code in Misre should inform the Viceregal Administration before day 5 week 02/06 stating the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

*** Peace Breaks Out ***

Disturbing revelations abound as it turns out the IMP-bloc and the DTR are not targeting each other in the Storm system. Frankly we are appalled at where this sense of decency and gentlemanly fair play might lead.

*** IND Press Release ***

Following recent complications with the FCN empire, Zachariah Zupkern, Independent Trader, has issued the following press release:

ZZupkern, and of course, his Uncles Third Cousin, are proud to announce that they will be continuing as trustworthy IND traders, rather than move into more nefarious pursuits, which was a bit of empty threat really, in a moment of pique, because as I said, "the last, the very last thing I would do is use an Independent position", if I were to go down that avenue.

This about face is due to the tremendous amount of encouragement and help that the people of the Peripheries has given. I was terribly upset at the time, although this might have been partly due to my uncles third cousin jumping up and down and foaming at the mouth, but as a wise council pointed out to me, everything that has been lost can be rebuilt. Indeed this is true.

Not only encouragement and advice, but real practical help also. The Immortal Chief of the DNA, who it seems has the exclusive license over the planet concerned [according to the planet message], has offered me a ship, to use as my own, with the statement that "This free gift ship from the DNA (with real cloaking ability) would really remove the need for the FCN's to compensate you, and show that affiliations can give as well as take away at this human time of good will."

There are others that are giving me real practical help also in addition to encouragement, not only ships, but fitting out, trade offers from markets previously unknown to me, who prefer to remain anonymous, buy they know who they are, and they know that they have my, and of course my uncles third cousin's, heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

So soon you may come across my ships once again trading their way around the peripheries [but not FCN it seems], if so give them a cheery honk of your horn and know that the captain and crew are smiling back in appreciation.

*** Pirate Strikes ***

The pirate vessel X-P'Rogu has attacked and successfully boarded a Felini vessel in the Kastor system.

*** News Flash ***

News agencies throughout the Peripheries have just been primed to clear space in their broadcast schedules in expectation a shattering announcement. There is as yet no further indication on what this announcement might be, or from where it might originate.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Wanted ***

I am looking for ICM, BCM, TM and SM mk2 bps.

Anyone with said bps, can contact me in private with their prices.

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
KRL Clan Dark Angels

*** For Sale ***

1000+ Heavy Battle Tanks.
1000+ Ground Fighters
1000+ Ground Bombers

There are 12000 or so employees to be sacked from High Star, unless somebody is interested in giving them paid employment. Costs to be recouped at around 4 stellars per employee. Plus 14000 Naplian mercenaries. With an extra 800 mercs available weekly.

Please contact me in private if interested.

Daniel Haynes

*** Public Service Announcement ***


While you are jumping into Madonna don't forget to fly by Freedom City!

We have the best maintenance and R & R facilities this side of Quick Snack...

Everyone welcome...

RIP G T Spugman
RIP Freedom City / Quick Snack

***** From The Posting Boards *****

A change to orbital docks?

Lazy Krell Ground Parties?

Are there too few systems?

A quick in the way pick-up orders work when used as part of a squadron?

How many hours does it take to activate a complex?

Everything you ever wanted to know about planetary shield complexes, but were afraid to ask?

Erratic battle print-out generation?

*** Messages From The Editor ***

1) HVE website has been removed.

2) New QNG website address added.

3) Thank you for the get well soon messages.

4) This is now one year that I've been doing the SSS newsletter. Don't time fly.

- Simon.


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:
Phoenix Board:
KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
KJCs Phoenix Trade Forum:
IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

23-01-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 4 DAY 1  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

The pirate vessel Bad Dog had an unfortunate stroke of luck this week when it ran headfirst into a fleet of Flagritz warships and two Krell warships that included the APTF vessel Seraph.

FGZ sources are understood to be particularly pleased about the destruction of the Bad Dog because the vessel, a Ticl-rani class gunboat used to belong to them before being captured by the infamous pirate Large some time ago.

*** Felini Tyranny Bans Independents ***

The FEL have announced that all INDs will be engaged and fired upon within the Onwards system with no further warning. And that any IND entering any other FEL system should register their intended presence before arrival.

This makes the latest in a series of strong-arm measures introduced to deal with rogue Independent organisations within the Peripheries. A flag which is increasingly being read as 'Black Ops' by starbase governors.

It should be noted that FEL assets within the Skye system will fire upon IND vessels without warning.

*** Skye System ***

The Felini have requested that all parties with assets in the Skye system should register them with the FEL authorities immediately. Further that any party wishing to transit the system should apply for a transit visa.

This measure is in response to alleged trespasses by parties unknown.

*** Conflict In Yank ***

A Falconian outpost on the planet Lunk in Yank was this week attacked and captured by an Independent ground party.

Enraged FCN spokesmen have declared the IND ground party in question to be Pirates, and they have moved to recapture the outpost and annihilate the guilty ground party.

The occurrence of militant INDs in the Yank system is a serious blow to the stability of the region, and casts yet more doubt on the ability of the Kastorian Military Junta to enforce the no-fire zone.

The FCN Empire has requested that any party with any information regarding the backers of the IND ground party, contact them immediately. And the use of an IND ground party in Yank has met with widespread condemnation from multiple governments.

*** FET under attack ***

A number of FET facilities came under attack this week by elements of the Confederate fleet. A CNF reporter released the following story:

"This is a report on behalf of Mr M.R.Law of the CNF.

Today a combined attack of 2 fleets under the direct control of Mr M.R.Law, engaged and destroyed three FET outposts.

The combined fleet was twenty plus ships strong of all classes. They managed to destroy all three outposts in less than one round. There is as yet no report of loss of life at this planet as a few days prior to the attack a scout ship scanned all three outposts.

This attack was planned for the previous week but was delayed for an urgent matter.

As of the last orders issued, these fleets where to move on to another system to take pot shots at a small platform belonging to the IMP block."

*** FET Announcement Imminent ***

A major announcement from the FET is expected imminently, as sources within several governments have leaked some important information to the press. As a matter of courtesy however, this news service is holding off on breaking the story in anticipation of an official press release from FET HQ.

*** Krell Go To War ***

The Krell warlord of the Black Rat clan has announced his intention to declare war against all Independents.

Many independent observers see this as the first step in the Krell plan to declare war against the entire universe - an act that seems to have almost religious significance for the Krell race. But frankly with the Krell, who knows?

*** New AFT Trading Company ***

A new branch of the AFT has opened up this week, with the CEO of Hiram Enterprises issuing the following statement:

"Gentlebeings of the Peripheries, Greetings,

I almost hesitate to interrupt the current discussions, but only almost.

I would like to announce a new trading group, operating under the AFT banner. Hiram Enterprises is operating three ships: Hiram's Junker (96429), Niankhhnum (99601) and Mettafly (60931). I will be looking at markets for interesting trade deals but am very willing to carry out commission work. Anybody interested in hiring transport should contact our head office at (douglasegan at hotmail dot com)

Thank you for your attention. We now return you to normal programming.

CEO Hiram Enterprises"

*** The Vulgarity Of Traders ***

Harsh words have been exchanged following the Imperial Viceroy being quoted as saying he believed all trading to be "vulgar". The Fleetmaster of the AFT has demanded an apology from the Imperial Viceroy on behalf of all traders throughout the peripheries.

It is this reporters opinion that such an apology will not be forthcoming.

We have been asked to mention that anybody who wants to see something really vulgar, is invited to attend the recreation complexes of any RIP Starbase.

Honestly, those RIP advertising people get everywhere.

*** The Vulgarity Of Pirate Large ***

It seems as if pirate large has struck twice, and his associates once. This is in addition to several vessels captured over the holidays. Bringing, unless we are very much mistaken, the total of vessels captured by Large over the last three weeks to five.

*** Imperial Stellar Patrol Back In Action ***

From the Imperial news agencies:

An ISP fighting patrol engaged and destroyed a CIA Platform in Kastor and two CIA ships in Ruin during the week with minor damage to an IMP ship. In separate incidents an IMP scout was destroyed by a DTR patrol in Arachnid and an IMP Freighter fell foul of a CIA "battle computer error" in Yank.

A CNF warship had a brief brush with an Imperial Platform in the Capellan System but did not return fire.

*** ISP In Action Again ***

Our reporters have learnt that the Imperial fleet has also destroyed a number of KST vessels, on their way back to base after their raid in Confederate space.

*** COH Statement ***

Ian Jordan, advisor to the Celestial Emperor, has issued the following statement:

Greetings beings of the Peripheries.

This Statement is on behalf of the COH not the HIVE COMMUNITY

His Celestial Emperor Hexos wishes to announce that we have found, contacted and interacted with the ARC. We have been finding out about our past and each other. These great beings we worship as living GODS, have so much to offer the peripheries we are willing to act as go betweens with any one who as dealings with them. We have established friendly links which we will encourage and expand in the future.

We have found the DOM are at war with them we wish to encourage them to make peace with these great beings. Any affiliation who has had past unfriendly dealing with the ARC are welcome to contact me and we can settle any differences peacefully.

Has we have stated before the COH was originally the HEX which were servants of the ARC, these saved our race when titan went supa nova and would not be here if not for them. We have been used has armed forces but this is what we were created for. In view of this, all COH defence positions will support and defend ARC to the death.

These great being have had bad press, with horror stories told about them, in the coming months the COH will find and publish the truth about these living Gods. Any attack on these will be seen as an act of war against the COH

Thank you for your time."

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

For Sale - 75 Light Hull Caravel Class Fast Freighter

Greetings one and all,

The master shipbuilders at Freedom City are pleased to announce that they
are selling the following vessel.

1 x 75 Light Hull Caravel Class Fast Freighter.

The ship is configured as follows:

1 Bridge
40 Cargo Hold
8 ISR Type 3 Engines
1 Jump Drive
16 Quarters
1 Sensor
29 Thrust Engine

And comes complete with 50 Human Crew.

Offers for the purchase of the ship should be made on subspace channel
Doug.huges [at] btinternet [dot] com

The price is 65,000 stellars ono.

Thank you.

RIP GT Spugman
RIP Freedom City / Quick Snack

*** Wanted ***

Subject: Sector Decontamination (10015) blueprint


Do anyone have a Sector Decontamination (10015) blueprint for sale or can make one cheaply?

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
Krell Clan Dark Angels

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Old BSE ship types in Phoenix. Stephan is looking for information on conversion changes from BSE era ships to Phoenix ships:

Transferring officers quirk:

And there is some interesting info about differences between various races working at different efficiencies in various situations that some players might not be aware of in the 'Something is wrong with my GP':


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:
Phoenix Board:
KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
KJCs Phoenix Trade Forum:
IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

27-01-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 4 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** FET Announcement ***

As expected for some time now, the FET have made an announcement declaring peace with the Detinus Republic and Confederacy, and withdrawing entirely from all armed conflict.

The FET Director issued the following public statement:

"Greetings Gentlebeings of the Peripheries.

Recently the FET Board of Directors have been discussing the current political climate within the peripheries, concentrating on the ongoing hostilities between the Imperial Chartered affiliations and Confederate Bloc and their allies the DTR.

There seems to be no end in sight as the two sides have been at war on and off for generations and it is all they know.

FET as a charted affiliation has always supported the Imperial cause in this conflict, but over the last year or two have become increasingly concerned about the effect this is having on the planetary populations living within each sides sphere of influence.

These populations have graciously allowed affiliations to set up installations on their planets. Do the affiliations have the right to place these citizens in danger by having assets on their planet that may become a target in the ongoing war?

The FET board having decided that the answer to that question is no!

To that end FET have decided that we no longer wish to put innocent civilians at risk and will therefore no longer participate in the war.

FET now declares itself a non-combatant affiliation.

Starting on stardate:206.4.1(January 23rd)FET drops all system claims on behalf of itself or other affiliations.

Already FET has dropped its declarations of war against the Confederate Bloc and the DTR. And the Imperial Services have withdrawn their declaration of allegiance to us. FET over the coming few days will also withdraw our allegiance from the other charted affiliations.

Having said that FET are still, until such time it is revoked a charted affiliation. We still offer to defend bases where we share planets with others if requested to do so, and will continue to defend ourselves against aggressors if need be.(but see next paragraph.).

FET will remain a non political/military affiliation until such time as other affiliations agree to form a central, multi affiliation, democratically elected Commonwealth representing the needs and views of the ordinary citizens of the Peripheries, as it is the boards view that all current forms of human government are flawed and don't truly represent the citizens within those governments spheres of influence.

By taking this course of action FET hope to minimise the danger to planetary populations and show the other affiliations that war is not the only answer.

On a personal note I do hope that all the affiliations on both sides of the human conflict respect our decision to become non-combatants and refrain from involving us in said conflict.

Thank you all for your time.

Zuvoro Norozov.

A source inside the Detinus government has confirmed that the FET have indeed declared peace, and that all DTR freighters carried on FET posted lists have been delisted. Though there is as yet no comment on the extent to which political conversations might be taking place between the once warring parties, but there are rumours suggesting that tentative moves towards establishing trade relations are underway. Which, if true, suggests that a significant step has been taken towards establishing an element of peace throughout the warring Peripheries.

Of course, it remains to be seen to what extent the withdrawal of the FET from the Imperial-bloc will impact the Imperial Stellar Patrols ability to wage effective war. Independent analysts have suggested that the FET warfleet was less often seen in the front-line war effort, but that their contribution behind the scenes to garrison and reserve and supply duty must have been significant.

*** Empire Responds To FET Withdrawal ***

The Imperial news services this week have carried the following story regarding the FET announcement:

"The FET have stated their intention of dropping claims to the systems they currently claim on behalf of the Imperial Services and withdrawing from the Empire's Alliance against the DTR and their surrogates in the Darkfold periphery. The Imperial Services will be taking up these claims with immediate effect with the exception of Wastelands, which is expected to be claimed by IND Oasis on behalf of the GCE, with IMP approval.

The FET have stated that they do not intend to void their Imperial Charter at this time."

The Peripheries wait with baited breath and colouring-in pencils to see if the Wastelands system does indeed turn to GCE control.

*** Pirates sent packing ***

The Dewiek have once again proven to be the affiliation most resistant to the advances of Pirate Large, with DEN Weenie announcing the humiliating failure of the pirate ship Angelicus in its attempts to board one of her ships.

The Angelicus is however understood to have made a clean escape.

*** DOM Destroy DTR Freighters ***

Two DTR Freighters have been destroyed in the Solo system this week when they entered orbit of two DOM Starbases, including the ex-DTR base of Acheron.

The vessels were lost with all hands.

*** Imperial Stellar Patrol In Action ***

A fighting Patrol of the ISP continued its depredations in the Darkfold periphery this week. Two KST ships were encountered and destroyed and reports are coming in of a larger clash involving up to 13 CNF and CIA ships which appear to have caused them heavy casualties.

There has been no word from Confederate sources detailing the extent of this battle, or casualties caused.

*** SMS Accused Of Developing WoMD ***

Allegations have been made by the DNA that the SMS are involved in the development of nuclear weapons in the Skye system. The following broadcast has been made on the NNN news channel, which includes details of where the SMS secret research facility might be located:

"The DNA confirmed that Felini Visa's are not really required to visit SMS nuclear facilities in the Skye System as the Felini don't patrol their system. That's the SMS's job after all to provide a shield for the Felini to hide behind.

Tickets for DNA guided tours are available from most good bookshops and have stamped free access for those wishing to see the SMS tests on nuclear devices at their secret bases.

Quadrant Beta 13 - Skye System (191)

>TU 300: Enter Orbit {8027}
Entering orbit of Psi CXIII (8027)
A massive energy signature is detected near to this strange and probably
artificial world.
SMS OUTPOST PSI CXIII (36848) - {1-1} 31 kMus - Hiport
SMS OUTPOST PSI CXIII ORBITAL (98680) - {0-0} 1 kMus"

There has as yet been no official response from the SMS detailing what research might be underway at this base.

*** Audrey System In Flames ***

Conflict has erupted this week on the planet Mandy in the Audrey system, as DNA and SMS assets have exchanged heavy fire.

The exchange appears to have begun when the DNA Ambush Class Cruiser 'Prophecy' entered orbit of Mandy and opened fire on an SMS Orehunter class freighter. This exchange then triggered a cascade of fire, as multiple ships and starbases were drawn into the battle.

At this point there is still some confusion over exactly how this battle occurred.

*** CNF/IMP Tangle In Beach System ***

The Imperial wire is carrying the following report of a significant victory over Confederate forces:

The results of the battle in Beach last week are now coming in, The ISP lost an ammunition bowser, had one ship with medium damage and several with minor damage. All our ships were able to leave the area with additional minor damage to some as they left. The CNF lost two heavy cruisers with another six capital ships heavily damaged, ranging from 35-80%, and two less severely damaged. A passing CIA convoy lost both it's freighters and the escort was lightly damaged. Some CNF ships also received further damage as they left the area.

STOP PRESS - reports have just arrived that a further six of the CNF's damaged ships that failed to leave the battle site have been destroyed over two days.

*** Naplian News Network - News Flash - SMS attack DNA Starbase ***

The following transmission has been received from an NNN reporter on the scene with an eyewitness report of the battle:

"Darlings, this is Lily Savage reporter for the Naplian News Network. I am standing on the mountain on the planet Mandy next to the NNN shuttle. Dramatic news is unfolding in front of me. In the sea over there to my right is the DNA's last starbase the rusty old DNA Angel's Nest. Over there to my left on a large island two large SMS starbases, and in the middle a large GTT base on the main island.

The DNA starbase floats on pontoons in the rough Sea of Mandy, an amazing achievement of Naplian engineering, beaten only by the magnificent tall suspension bridge towering to mainland built by the hundreds of naplians and humans. For so long it has been peaceful until yesterday.

Reports from the Ministry of War indicated that a rogue DNA ship committed suicide by driving his ship close to the SMS starbase and gave it the bird, apparently not a squawking Falconian. A number of torpedoes departed the DNA ship as it tried to ram the SMS HQ. The SMS destroyed the Ship and set about destroying other peaceful DNA warships in orbit, suspecting a DNA attack was happening.

Reports indicate as many as 4 or 5 DNA warships were blown to pieces. SMS starbases launched all weapons against the DNA starbase, DNA warships not triggered by the battle looked on in anger and took their vengeance out on two SMS freighters nearby blowing them up. Over there in the shallows lies a DNA platform destroyed by the SMS that fell from orbit smashing into a tangled pile of steel and rust.

In a chaotic day Mad Max himself explained to the GTT that the unfortunate incident was an isolated case of the suspected suicidal syndrome bought upon by Evil Consortium oppression. Mad Max requested all forces to stand down to avoid further escalation. Mad Max has reportedly accepted GTT sanctions to restrict ship movements to keep the peace last night.

But in a dramatic escalation a large number of SMS warships entered orbit and the atmosphere and dived upon Angel's Nest unleashing a torrid battery over night. Surprisingly Angels Nest did not return fire as ordered by Mad Max but relied on its shielding to limit the damage.

It is now first light over the planet, and if we look at the SMS starbases you can see a lot of activity, and there they go.... smoke as thousands of missiles and torpedo trails light the sky heading towards DNA Angels Nest.

Oh my word, thousands of missiles and now a determined defensive barrage is being fired to knock them out. The noise is horrific and I need to change my knickers. Missiles and shrapnel lands in millions of splashes around the Angel's Nest. And still Angel's Nest does not fire back, but an angry Naplian artillery brigade fires back some shells to the Evil Consortium bases.

More missiles are launched to my left and now SMS Bombers fly over head picking up speed as they dive down towards Angel's Nest. Now the gantries light up with fire the determined naplians firing a barrage of AAA against the invaders, SMS bombers are intercepted and the rest probably 50 or so go wheeling into the gantries, all but a few exploding. Suddenly Angel's Nest launches it's own ground bombers and they chase the handful of SMS surviving bombers back to the starbase where they attack the SMS starbase.

Now over to the news desk I got to get out the way.

Thank you Lily please keep your head down.

As you can expect many military/political analysts are now studying the reports. One analyst Cladwell Bloomberger is on the line, what do you make of it Cladwell?

Well, Michael, Angels Nest seems a resilient little starbase the gantries are taking out SMS ground bombers and as seen in the footage there are thousands of craft sinking in the seas. Certainly the DNA defences are also knocking out SMS attempts to pound the starbase into dust. I have seen one gantry on fire and one pontoon sinking but I think you can give a lot of credit to the DNA defences at this starbase. It's defences have the hallmarks of Mad Max's hand.

Quite clearly the DNA is showing restraint and holding back naval fire against SMS warships, and SMS starbases, DNA warships have also left the conflict area.

However, we are talking the SMS here and they have shown they will attack in neutral or others space to seek their ends so not sure even whether they will stop. The SMS appear to be getting away with escalating the fight and punishing the DNA whilst the DNA rely on negotiation with the GTT. I suspect the revealing of a secret SMS base developing WoMD in Skye has not helped the DNA.

The populace has started to evacuate some of the less well protected parts of the starbase across the bridge and shuttles reportedly have fled although I can confirm over a dozen shuttles are lying destroyed in the shuttle ports. I don't know how long Mad Max can hold back commanders demanding a massive response to the SMS escalation.

Excuse me, we got Mike on the line on the street in Angels Nest, over to you Mike.....

......Yes... oh, hi, we are online, I am here in a shop front as you can see the explosions have smashed the glass but its intact. I heard explosions in Poontoon avenue but surprisingly most of the damage is coming from falling SMS missiles shot out the sky.

There are a number of resilient Naplian blighters that are collecting SMS missile MKIII souvenirs, their parents quickly taking them back under the gantries where they reside or into the underwater parts of the starbase.

I can count as many as 100 SMS fighters downed in the starbase itself impaled on the gantries. The night-time bombardment by the SMS ships brought down certainly one if not two gantries with a large magazine explosion.

But the DNA offensive weapons have remained silent, there is a lot of public pressure to hit the SMS for this, I got one human here, "why we suffer like this, why destroy our famous base, why the rich b*stids over the island care not for naplains or humans they want us eliminated for good, watch choice for us, we must hit back." with that he thrusts a fist up

...... connection lost."

*** Audrey System - Day Two ***

Our reporters have learnt that the second day of the SMS/DNA Battle was marked by a number of SMS warships entering orbit, and that despite appeals for calm from all sides, firing seems to have continued, and indeed intensified throughout the day. Though confused DNA captains onboard warships in orbit seem to have held their fire, lending more credence to reports that this was less a planned offensive, and more of a miscommunication. We have also learnt that many SMS warship captains entered the location with clear enemy lists too, and no direct instructions to engage anybody.

There have further been confusing reports of DNA ghost ships, such as the Ambush Cruiser Outrageous, which appeared to trigger the battle, but then vanish, leaving behind chaos and bloodshed.

The tangled web of this conflict may take quite some examination before anybody can say with certainty what happened here, though one thing is for sure - the loss of life is starting to mount up.

*** FEL Tyrant Closes Book On INDs ***

Bringing the debate on INDs within Felini space to a close, the Felini Tyrant Mrrshan has stated to the press:

"We haven't blamed all independents, far from it. We have recognised that a small but real proportion of IND positions are nothing more than fronts for inimical affiliations. We have decided that the current strategic situation (taken in it's entirety) is not one which makes taking such a risk wise. We have therefore decided to take the temporary measure of banning IND from our own space unless they have permission in advance to be there - and stated that for the moment at least we are not willing to grant such permission. Where in the above (or in any previous announcement) is there anywhere we have stated that we blame all IND for the actions of a few? We have decided it is necessary to inconvenience all of them in our own space to reduce the risk of those actions from those few by the rigorous application of laws which are already in place (Skye and Onwards have been classified restricted space - requiring permission for anybody to enter - for some time, several years)."

*** Audrey System - Day Three ***

Subject: NNN Special Angel's Nest Under Attack Day 3

Lily Savage reporting.

Darlings, for another day the SMS relentless starbase assault on Angel's Nest continue SMS Bombers have just left the smoking Angels Nest, some hits clearly have been seen after last nights SMS Orbital bombardment as well. DNA starbase not firing back.

But only moments ago, after 2 days of little or no response, DNA Starbase Angel's Nest however opened fire for the first time in the conflict on a number of SMS ships entering the war zone blowing them to into small portions with missiles and torpedoes, poor little fellas dropping from them wrapped in cling film towards our orbital scans.

SMS Steak Baguette (6266)
SMS Roast Chicken (95394)
SMS Chips in Brown Gravy (76768)
SMS Dunkin Donuts (32988)

As to why the DNA targeting computer choose these ships and ignored the fleet of warships in orbit is anyone's guess but may be the abacus's are programmed to identify meals rather then warships! Rumour has it the DNA copied illegal software from the RIP Quick Snack, but this has been denied.

Now we have reports that a Dominion ship or two is smoking and splashed with missiles. The war office has announced that they knew nothing of this attack!

The war office confirmed DNA has no beef with the DOM, and will replace any losses.

The War office has confirmed it would be contacting the software manufacturers to review their targeting abacus's which is believed to be infected with a mother of a virus and operating off it's own accord.

This is Lily Savage, looking for a toilet, back to the news Desk."

*** DNA Issue Travel Advisory ***

The DNA high command have requested that all ships avoid the orbit of planet Mandy in the Audrey system for the sake of their own safety, as continued targeting software glitches appear to make it impossible for them to guarantee your safety.

*** Pirate Large ***

The deprived vile loathsome squamous and wretched pirate Large has been boasting of his successes again, and just when the IGN spell-checkers thought they had escaped the true horror, the following communication has been received from Large, boasting of his successes, which include a FET 100 huller, and an unspecified DEN ship.

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties..... It be aye... Pirate Large......

Well it be a while since I as put pen to paper, I had to get me kiddies some prossies over the festive period, only after I dids that, and delivered them down the chiney, me missus said she asked for some pressies....garr, well me lads enjoyed it ahharrgghh...

Well I gets me ship ready as we as spotted an FET 100 huller off the starboard quarter, we gets the boarding party ready an approaches the ship, with no trouble at all we gets on board, engages the 60 crewmen on board.

Well I as read recently, that the FET has dis affiliated itself and is trying to get out of a war, the cowards, an here I was finkin they lived on the edge, well I can assure thee, that this FET bird be livin on the edge, on the edge o me sword, an she be strugglin to takes it, it be amazing ow much a coward squeals garrr.......

Also recently I as erd that the DEN gel, a good lucker she be, wants a piece o me, well I as a big piece here if yee wants it, an she as laid down a challenge, I as only took 1 DEN ship, but it not be ers, ill keep an extra special look out for thee.

This reminds me o me time I wents to a whore house and tells the front desk person that i wants something different...something weird! She sends me up to the 3rd floor to see Lisa. I knocks on the door and this beautiful 6 ft. tall red-head answers the door.

*Anecdote Censored By IGN Lawyers *

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

*** IMP-Bloc On The Offensive Again ***

Further success for the Imperial navies this week, confounding expectations that the withdrawal of the FET would impact their offensive capabilities. The following story is being carried by IMP news agencies:

An ISP Battle group deploying in the Wastelands system ran into the CNF 25 ship group that has been raiding in the Outer Capellan Periphery. Although outnumbered more than two to one the ISP ships handed out more damage than they received. An ammunition bowser slipped into the location next day but was spotted and destroyed by the departing enemy.

The CNF group ran into another ISP Battle Group supported by Interceptor Carriers as it tried to slip away. Once again our outnumbered forces delivered more damage than they received, damaging several of the CNF ships and finishing off one damaged in the previous day's engagement. Four of our normal hulled interceptor carriers received moderate damage, which did not stop their Interceptors completely wiping out the enemy's Space Fighters. The hunt continues.

*** News Flash ***

Pirate Large strikes again!

2700 civilians believe to be lost to Large as he attacks and nearly captures an entire Mohache freighter convoy. One MOH vessel believed lost, with two others having very close calls.

*** News Flash ****

Pirate Large strikes yet again!

A further MOH freighter is understood to have fallen into the clutches of the dread pirate Large.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

The online order editor. David has spent january working on it:

Officer experience in squadrons:

Available cargo space on platforms:

TU calculation errors when running squadrons:

And a post from Mica:

"With the introduction of combat transactions triggering skirmish battles, a standing order to not transact with positions in combat would be useful.

This would be very useful for ships on long hauls turning up in a fire zone and then being blown up when they try to deliver the usual amount of modules or pick up ore from the outpost etc."

***** Message From The Editor *****

Vast amount of news this week, but I just wanted to add this message from the WMB PD that includes some links that may be of use to new players:


Hi all (and especially newer players),

There are a number of tools available to players to aid with their processing of all the information the game generates. I just wanted to re-advertise some of them as people may not be aware. Some of the links to things can be found on the Wimble Website:

On-Line Research Tree :
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Hope your find them useful.



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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

03-02-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 5 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Yank Incident ***

The Yank no-fire zone has taken a battering this week, with a number of incidents that will surely be testing the patience of the Kastorians. The first violation involved the Imperial Stellar Patrol, who targeted and destroyed a CIA vessel.

Admiral Lord Simms, the Imperial Viceroy, released the following statement:

"The Imperial Services wish to apologise to the Kastorian Military Junta and the CIA for the destruction of a CIA starship in the Yank System on 3.4.206. This was due to negligence in re-setting battle computers by one of our squadrons returning from the Darkfold Periphery. The Force Commander responsible has been dealt with in an appropriate manner and I would like to assure those concerned that every effort will be made to avoid such occurrences in the future."

A number of rumours circulated following this event suggesting that the Force Commander responsible had been promoted for his efforts. These rumours have been angrily denied by Imperial sources.

*** Criminal Negotiations ***

Subspace static dated 205, week 52, day 1 contained a suggestion to members of the criminal alliance that we sit down and rationally discuss how to restore the no fire zones to various systems. This would have allowed the systems of Yank, Solo, Skord and Twinkle to return to being peaceful trade centers instead of the combat zones they have degenerated into.

No one from the alliance has bothered to give a reply to my suggestion. But earlier in the week the DTR gave their answer, and rather than contact the GTT direct they chose to crow about it to their acolytes.

Please regard this as public confirmation that your reply has been noted.

Portha Agiadai

*** Skirmish In Solo ***

Elements of the APTF including RIP and SMS vessels, along with a number of AFT vessels, intercepted and engaged the pirate vessel X-P'Rogu. The pirate managed to flee, suffering light damage in the process.

It is thought the pirate was targeting an AFT freighter in the location, when it was spotted and attacked.

*** Naplian Vessel Missing ***

Sources over at the Naplian news network are reporting the following story:

"NNN - Naplian War Office Confirmed that one of the Naplian hunt ships DNA SHIP Princess Christine von Salm (97141) is reported missing in enemy territory - Onwards System. Reports indicate it engaged a number of Felini ships utilising new Plasma Torpedo technology on a mission deep in enemy territory."

*** Mandy Conflict ***

Just missing the deadline for last weeks edition, we can now confirm that the conflict between the DNA and SMS on Mandy has now ceased.

The Naplians have released the following statement:

"NNN - Naplian War Office confirmed that Battles over Mandy between the DNA and SMS have now ceased on day 4 as diplomatic measures have taken preference. 11 x SMS warships were destroyed in the final conflict by DNA Starbase Angel's Nest when they entered lower orbit. In a surprising new twist, an investigation launched by the GTT leaked to the NNN appears to have identified EEM responsibility for leaving a minor software glitch in all targeting systems, and cleared the DNA of deliberately targeting SMS ships. This follows GTT software engineers being invited to view DNA Angels Nest's combat systems in action."

Inter-Galactic News Reporters have managed to obtain an exclusive interview with the SMS Fleet Commodore Hucuron Baalazar, in order to obtain his viewpoint on the engagement:

"Greetings. You have heard the ramblings of Miss Savage and now I put forward my side of this very sorry story.

On star date 206.3.5, the DNA warship Prophecy entered orbit of Mandy along with several other DNA warships. It then opened fire on the survey ship SMS EI-X Amphitrite with a barrage of light photon fire, backed up by the DNA Speeding Tomahawk, Outrageous, Ghost of Mad Max and Snowball. The DNA platform Rusty Gantry also joined in while the DNA starbase on the planet launched an artillery barrage at the 2 SMS starbases from under it's starbase shield. SMS Farcry was safely shielded and so did not return fire, however Bodyguard II (living up to it's name) opened up with all weapons to attack the threats and defend the SMS HQ. In doing so it did a small amount of damage to DNA starbase Angels Nest whilst concentrating it's weapons on the attacking warships in orbit, Speeding Tomahawk, Ghost of Mad Max, Prophecy, Snowball and the platform all fell to it's weapons. Bodyguard suffered a small amount of damage but was not able to stop the DNA warships before they destroyed the SMS EI-X Amphitrite....

We contacted and talked over the matter with the GTT PD and IMP Viceroy and agreed to clear all target and weapon lists before the next day dawned. In addition to this, I despatched 19 warships to the orbit of Mandy with instructions to not fire unless it was in the defence of the SMS. I fact none of these warships carried anything other than PIR on their enemy lists. They were instructed to defend themselves as best they can but to provide additional targets should Angels Nest decide to drop shields and fire in earnest. They agreed willingly....

A new day dawned on 206.4.1 and DNA Angels Nest opened fire once again on the two SMS starbases with all the SMS warships in orbit defending their starbases and returned fire. Angels Nest had remained under starbase shields but still fired artillery to inflict more death and destruction, so my warships replied in kind. I have to commend the people maintaining the shield because the amount of damage that was able to get through the shield was small compared to the amount fired at it but it was still a significant amount. Bodyguard to suffered a small amount of damage in defence of the SMS HQ. We once again agreed, although we were once again the injured party, with the GTT PD and IMP Viceroy to clear our target lists.

The same thing happened on 206.4.2, Angels Nest once again attacking the SMS starbases and SMS assets returned fire in defence of the SMS HQ. At the end of the day we once again, although very reluctantly, agreed to clear target lists.

We were very glad to find that on 206.4.3, the DNA had finally worked out how to switch off their targeting computers and did not fire. We had already cleared our target lists so now the clear up process can begin. At no time were the SMS on the offensive, we only defended when we were attacked. I sent 19 warships into orbit that were willing to act as targets to stop the SMS starbases from receiving the full assault, I could have easily sent in 100+ warships to Mandy, swamped the DNA starbase shield and destroyed the base. I had squadrons on standby in ring 10 of Audrey in case of all out assault but stayed my hand because I did not want to see DNA Angels Nest wiped from the face of the planet. It was only the military in Angels Nest that carried the fight on far longer than it needed to. The blood of the innocents and troops from both sides is on their hands. Max declared war on us but we have never declared war on the DNA."

We at the IGN would like to extend our thanks to both the DNA and SMS for their assistance in reporting this story.

*** Yank Incident ***

In a second violation of the Yank no-fire agreement this week, a GTT St Clair class scout was fired upon by a Detinus Broadsword.

The Broadsword in question is understood to have been on its first combat patrol, and the captain in charge failed to clear target lists before jumping into the Yank system. The Heavy Cruiser then bumped into the GTT Scout, and opened fire, along with a half dozen further Detinus Heavy Cruisers from an anti-piracy patrol squadron, who, it is understood, were just passing when they saw the shooting and just felt they had to join in.

Senator Rosmanov of the DTR has issued a full apology for the incident. And it is generally accepted by all warring parties that these accidental skirmishes will continue in the system.

It is hoped they remain of a small scale.

*** Employee Of The Month ***

In a surprise result, the craved Employee of the Month award has not gone to Admiral Lord Simms, despite his recent deification. Instead, Bundy Enterprises, no longer affiliated in any way with the kindler gentler FET, have awarded the prize to Weenie Rogue of the Dewiek, for her continued good fortune against Pirate Large.

We at the IGN maintain that Admiral Simms should have won, because we just love those outpost application announcements.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

Shocking revelations abound as a death-defying outpost application has been received by nude nymphettes to exploit with a cruel hand the following codes in the virginal Madonna system. 87616, 86581 and 73479.

Anyone kinky enough to already be exploiting these codes in Madonna should advise the Viceregal administration by day 5 week 5, including the celestial supple body involved in their hard message.

*** Krell Leadership Change ***

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel of the Clan Dark Angels has taken control of the KRL affiliation.

However, in a frankly unsurprising turn of events it turns out this leadership change is not undisputed, as Klan Rat issued the following statement to the peripheries press:

"Let it be known that the Krell leadership change is not undisputed!

Warlord Bridge may have fled, but we still seek him - his consignment of ethnic weaponry has been sent to a maildrop for him, and we will board any Krell vessel under his personal ownership within our grasp, in an attempt to find him, to present them in person!!

We accuse warlord Slyth of being a puppet of the Falconians, and a mere tool of offworlder oppression!!!

Let it be known that Slyth may rule out as far as near-Inversion orbit, but WE control everything else - Loyal KRT Krell Marines have replaced the mercenary Naplians on the platform 'Outer defence perimeter'!!!!

Remember - Trade Hinders War!!!!! Grymwald, KRT Minister of Information, and Tourism."

There is as yet no indication of where Warlord Bridge has gone.

*** Yank Incident: Vindicator Squadron ***

Recently spotted in the Yank system, the VSQ affiliation have wasted no time in making an impact.

A VSQ ground party was spotted on Lunk, scouting the IRS starbase Mined Games. Then, despite assurances from the VSQ to the IRS of their peaceful intentions, over 20kmus of ground attack equipment was delivered by unmarked shuttles from an as yet unknown starbase in the orbital quadrant. Prompting a major panic in the IRS starbase.

The following day the VSQ launched a massive and unprovoked attack against the IRS installation deploying nearly 3000 troops and around 900 light armoured vehicles.

They were cut down in seconds by the IRS defence forces, who sustained a handful of casualties as they wiped out the attackers with ease.

The affiliation backing the VSQ attack may however have made a terrible mistake, as there are we understand several very strong leads on who might have been responsible. And such a flagrant breach of the Yank neutrality accords is certain to bring the Kastorian Military Junta down on them like a ton of bricks. Not to mention the wrath of multiple affiliations who consider this attack to have been akin to piracy.

This attack comes on the heels of the independent ground party that attacked a FCN starbase in Yank. Marking a new and disturbing trend of deliberately offensive actions in the system.

*** GTT Raid ***

A GTT railgun warship has been raiding targets in the Straddle system this week, causing slight damage to a Detinus outpost.

*** Detinus Senate Debate Peace Moves ***

A debate and vote has been scheduled this week in the DTR House Of Lords regarding a motion to declare a state of peace with the FET following their recent unilateral withdrawal from conflict.

Early indications suggest that this motion will pass, with many DTR Senators expressing their pleasure at being able to vote for peace measures.

*** Special Report ***

Following last weeks successful engagements of Confederate forces by the Imperial Stellar Patrol, the Imperial news agencies have kindly released the following first hand report of the action, as told from the perspective of Francis Turner, a Gunnery Officer onboard the IMP Ship of the Line, Rohilkand:

Gunnery Officer Francis Turner
Reporting to Captain Hester Armstrong, IMP ship Rohilkand

Gunnery Officers Report Ensign
Date: 206.4.2

0724 hrs Status change: Amber / Gunnery crews report to stations after Deep range sensors indicate potential hostiles. Generally crew at their posts in timely manner. Ensign Chang did have a rather slovenly appearance / Weapon systems readied.

0727 All weapons systems online, though #5 Cannon reports small spike in energy levels. Chief Gunner Sanchez sent to investigate.

0946 CG Sanchez reports #5 Cannon fully operational.

1135 Deep Range Sensors confirm contacts as hostiles.

1412 Status change: Red / Course change detected / Gunnery screens patched into Deep range sensors: 25 Targets identified: - 19 100 hull, 5 75 hull and a single 50 hull ship.

1414 EEM uplink identifies Rohilkand's primary target as the CNF Eagle. Uplink established with IMP Drala Fi (DF), and Delhi Ridge (DR) to co-ordinate attack.

1445 Contact made / All offensive weaponry engaged. #1-6, 8-10 all record hits to CNF Eagle which is believed to have also sustained damage from DF. DR has launched fighters/bombers to engage / Incoming fire from a CNF ship, believed to be the Tyrant - appears to be a mix of Photon weaponry. Some damage reported / Sensor crew report incoming fighters, 40 bandits from two sources believed to be the Outland and Dogs of War / Phalanx crew reports 12 bandits destroyed. Gatling crews stand ready / No crew losses recorded.

1732 All weapons online / Cannons 2,3,7,9 & 10 record hits to Eagle. DF and fighters from DR also report hits / Incoming fire from Tyrant - unsure of level of damage as fighters from Outland and D.O.W have also engaged: seems a little light considering incoming fire from three ships. However, Rohilkand movement does appear a little more sluggish: presumably some damage taken to engines / No hits reported against fighters, though heavy outgoing fire of gatlings & phalanxes as well as evasive action is presumably hampering 68 remaining bandits from recording too many hits / No crew losses recorded.

1953 All weapons online, though Gatling 4 is down / All Cannons except #3 have recorded hits. DF and fighters from DR also report hits / More incoming from Tyrant: suspect some incoming fire is Light PG - which won't even tickle armour. Some damage taken by presumably heavier weaponry / Incoming fighters from Outland and D.O.W having more success - Rohilkand appears more sluggish still / One Gunnery Damage control crew has been sent to the Engine room to assist / One bandit destroyed - this time from Outland / 1 Targeting computer bank damaged - should not adversely affect performance / No crew losses recorded.

2251 All weapons online/ Targeting systems still functional / All cannons record hits on CNF Eagle: presumably taken a fair degree of internal damage. DF also reports hits. DR's fighter have returned to ship / Fighters from Outland/D.O.W have returned to their host ships. Phalanx crew reports hitting a further 4 bandits from D.O.W. as they returned / Incoming from Tyrant: Again hits are reported though damage appears light / No crew losses reported.


Hits reported - 33 of 40 82.5% hit rate.
Approx 21.25% of incoming bandits destroyed.
No crew losses
1 gatling laser destroyed.

A disappointing second volley with just a 50% hit rate, though the first, third and particularly fourth volleys are testament to the training of the Imperial Services.

Damage to weapons systems minimal, morale high as we have clearly caused more damage to CNF Eagle than CNF three ships have caused Rohilkand. Reports across the squadron suggest that whilst the CNF's ship advantage was 25:10 (hulls 2325:1000), damage caused is approx 1:4 in favour of IMP. CNF ships Eagle, Broken Arrow and Battle of Fort Sumter in particular are seen to have taken damage.

Recommendation that Chief Gunners Valence, Chima Singh and Hill and their gun teams be recognized for command of Cannons 2, 9 & 10 respectively.

Recommendation that Ensign van der Hauwe be recognized for four confirmed bandit kills whilst in command of Phalanx 3.

Date 206.4.3

0104 All weapons online/ Targeting systems still functional / Sudden course change from CNF Eagle - appears to be withdrawing / Targeting systems have maintained a lock

All cannons record hits / DF also reports hits / DR has lost lock

No incoming fire/bandits: Outland and D.O.W also appear to be withdrawing - gatling & phalanx crews stand ready though

0106 Course change: Rohilkand and DF in pursuit of Eagle

0125 Long range sensors report supporting IMP/GTT ships arriving - though CNF fleet in full retreat.

0138 Large explosion detected ahead of the withdrawing CNF fleet / Sensors still pick up 25 hostiles

0340 All weapons online / All Cannons record hits on Eagle

Sensors confirm that reported explosion was IMP support ship Star of Pegasus. It appears that having freshly arrived, its ISR drives had landed it in directly in the path of the CNF fleet. RIP the brave souls on board.

0533 All weapons online / All Cannons record hits

CNF Eagle still in range - we should manage the mornings fourth volley of fire, though a couple of pursued ships have managed to engage their ISR's after three volleys.

0755 All weapons online / All Cannons record hits / Eagle has engaged ISR / CNF fleet has withdrawn from combat zone

0925 Status change: Amber / sensors detect no further incoming / gun crews ordered to perform systems maintenance.

1130 Status change: Green / Systems:- weapons: check, targeting: check / Crew stand-down / Ensign Chang to report at 1215 on slovenly appearance.

Morning Summary

Hits reported - 40 of 40 100.0% hit rate.
No incoming bandits.
No crew losses
No weapons/target systems damage

A Full house of hits- though targeting easier as Eagle concentrated more on escape than on maneuvering.

Morale high: crew buoyant that a CNF fleet of 25 ships has fled from our squad of 10.

*** Special Report ***

Lord Fell, the Xeno Emperor of the Flagritz, transmitted a partial history lesson regarding his empire this week. The text of his transmission is reproduced below:

"The Flagritz Empire was at one time the single most powerful Empire in the Universe, excepting of course the ARC(Arquitects), who in some cultures are rumoured to be the creators of the universe. Perhaps not of the whole universe, but parts of it they have responsible for.

Even so, they saw the might of the FLZ and dared not face us, for fighting us would have been too costly, so they chose cooperation. In return for peace they would grant us even further advances in science. When we developed our first jump engine, Humans were still apes.

As the ages passed we continued to grow in might, while the ARC lost part of their power. They take a millennia to grow into adulthood so any single loss in battle was a disaster. So they tried to entice us into fighting their petty wars for them. The Cliriq (warrior) caste was enchanted, finally a grand war in which to use the glorious Baseships (200 hulls) and the Fessin (traders) were delighted for new markets, but the foresight of the Xeno caste saw that if we were to help the ARC we'd become their thralls and thus blocked the alliance. The ARC were furious, but for the time being they couldn't have their revenge.

The ARC war with the Dewiek was a costly one and at one point the ARC developed living bio weapons, the HVE and finally destroyed the DEN (or so they thought, for a small band hid away). They were faced by a revolt by their own bio weapons and ended up moving away to parts unknown. Before they left, they transplanted a large proportion of a race called the felini into the space previously occupied by the Dewiek.

Ages past, the ARC visited us less often, but in their hearts revenge was still burning. They manoeuvred so that we were to come into contact with the feral felini. As expected the felini attacked us on sight, but our baseships easily swatted them. However the FLZ/FEL border was set in a system which was half of a revolution to FLZ space and half to FLZ. When the system was cut off from FLZ space, the FEL mounted a huge offensive and massacred all FLZ living there. The system is now commonly known as Battlefield, but to us its called Massacre.

All the inhabitants in the Empire cried for revenge, but revenge was difficult for we didn't know the location of their homeworld and the FEL prisoners were fanatics and would not reveal their base of operations. Here as the chance the ARC had waited so long. They offered not only the location of their system, Leonis, but also a means to reach it even while the wormhole was closed, via the construction of a artificial wormhole linking our homeworld and the Felinis homeworld.

The time came when we were ready to chastise the FEL and a grand fleet of hundreds of Baseships was sent to bring our enemies to their knees, but we were too confident and left only a token guard to defend our side of the wormhole. Warned by the ARC, the FEL commanders hid part of the fleet and as soon as our warships were committed to battle, they covertly launched a strike at Primus. Our fleet quickly doubled back to eradicate the raiders before returning to levelling Leonis, but the FEL were waiting for just that. As soon as the grand fleet entered the wormhole back to Primus, they attacked the generator and blew it. The resulting explosion destroyed most of the fleet, but it stranded or destroyed our huge fleet and worse the generator tumbled into our revered homeworld killing billions instantly, including most of leadership. After this battle both FLZ and FEL were cut off for several years as each one attempted to recover from the disaster.

Even today we are still looking to reunite all our former empire (many new self styled rulers attempting independence) while we prepare for a final showdown with FEL and then resume our place in the universes, that of masters."


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13-02-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 7 DAY 1  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Wastelands ***

A running battle between the Imperial and Confederate navies appears to have finally died down in the Wastelands system this week. The Imperial-bloc are claiming an overwhelming victory, issuing the following press release:

"The hunt for the CNF raiders in Wastelands continued all week with several small engagements resulting in the destruction of another 13 CNF warships. CNF have claimed to be "distracting" the allied fleet and are expected to issue a statement as to why in the near future. An expensive distraction that has cost them more than 16 warships overall against Allied losses of two freighters and several scouts and small gunboats. In addition the Allied ship commanders have accumulated an impressive amount of experience both in the handling of their ships and the tactics needed to intercept raiders.

Several of their ships were heavily engaged as they left battle areas during the week and have not been seen since. The fate of these ships is unknown but that they were
heavily damaged is a certainty."

A statement from the Confederacy regarding this operation is expected in time for next weeks edition of the IGN.

*** Pirate Attack in Twinkle ***

The RIP are mourning the loss of one of their vessels to pirates, as the RIP Ship Ghost in the Shell was captured yesterday in Twinkle. GT Spugman has been quoted:

"To all law abiding citizens of the peripheries, It is with a heavy heart that I report the loss of "RIP Ship Ghost in the Shell", registry number 85780, to Pirate forces. The attack took place earlier today in Quadrant Delta 8 of the Twinkle system as the ship was maneuvering towards the stargate. 140 crew are reported as missing, presumed dead or captured. I would request that any capable ship is despatched to target the aggressor "PIRATE Elemental Evil" before it manages to leave the area. The Jiggly Room at Quick Snack will remain closed for the next 24 hours as a mark of respect to the families of the lost crew."

The Elemental Evil is a previously unknown Pirate vessel, and rumours have risen suggesting it might be linked to the 'War/Pestilence/Famine' group of pirates that were destroyed a few months ago.

The IRS have suggested this is the first pirate attack in Twinkle in the last two years, and have offered a significant bounty of 200,000 stellars to any party capable of intercepting the pirate vessel and bringing them to justice.

It is understood elements of the APTF were unable to intercept either the pirate, or his captured vessel.

*** Felini Annex Twinkle? ***

With one small sentence this week, Felini Tyrant Mawat has indicated what might well amount to a permanent military intervention into the Twinkle system. Responding to the pirate attack in the system, Mawat stated that:

"FEL garrison units will be assigned to the quadrant as a permanent deterrent to PIR."

The already nervous situation in Twinkle will certainly have grown significantly more unstable following this suggestion. However, a less incendiary suggestion was made that perhaps the AFT or some other totally neutral power could establish a platform at the Stargate in order to discourage pirates.

*** Empire Bloodied In Pollux ***

A small Imperial strike force consisting of four railgun armed vessels was annihilated in the Pollux system by a well defended Detinus installation. Imperial losses consisted of two gunboats and two heavy cruisers. It is unknown what the purpose of this suicide attack was.

*** More Ground Combat In Yank ***

Following last weeks major attack by the VSQ against the IRS Starbase Mined Games, an Independent GP has apparently been in action against FCN assets.

The FCN empire, supported by elements of the APTF under the control of the AFT were able to utterly destroy the IND GP, killing over 600 Kastorians and human soldiers as they attempted to capture a FCN outpost.

It is understood this was the same IND GP that attacked the FCN outpost on Lunk recently.

*** Krell Announce Bestseller ***

The Krell self-help bible, "You have no friends. Subjugate people!", has rushed to the top of the Periphery bestseller list, following a marketing blitz on media outlets throughout the Yank system.

The sequel, 'Shoot first! Ask questions later! The Krell Guide To International Diplomacy' is expected in the shops soon.

*** QNG Expansion ***

The Matriarch Queen for the QNG has finally answered questions regarding the whereabouts of one-time Krell warlord, Michael Bridge. The following exclusive has been given to the IGN:

"Greetings sentient beings!

The Queens Guardian has worked hard to make peace among the differing hive factions but have failed to understand and make the same progress with the other species. To make up for this lack in our understanding it has been decided to create an Alien Relations Embassy (ARE). The ARE will support the Matriarch Queen in diplomatic talks between the QNG and many of the other species/affiliations.

To lead this new Embassy within the Queens Guardian we are happy to announce Admiral Michael Bridge! Admiral Bridge, formerly of the DNA and KRL, has amassed an intensive amount of experience in dealing with other species and therefore would aptly be most suited for the position as 1st Embassary for the QNG.

The Matriarch Queen welcomes Michael Bridge into the Queens Guardian and hope that he will further our cause to remain at peace with all other affiliations. The contact page on the QNG forum has been updated:


Matriarch Queen. Queens Guardian."

We at the IGN are certain that a Krell Warlord will possess ideal diplomatic skills, for navigating the tricky machiavellian world of Periphery Politics.

*** DTR Declare Peace ***

An official declaration of peace has been issued by the Detinus Republic towards the FET corporation. Reporters at the DTR House Of Lords are saying that the issue was carried unanimously, with not one single vote of dissent amongst DTR Senators.

*** Confederacy Respond To FET Peace Moves ***

Press Release from the office of the Supreme Commander, Confederate Naval Forces.
Re: Response to the FET Public Statement


The CNF have listened with interest to the proclamation from the FET Corporation. Broadly speaking we welcome the move by the FET to disengage from the civil war and become a non-combatant, withdrawing political and military support. I am aware of a number of peace initiatives put forward by the FET in recent years to bring about an end to the civil war albeit without much success and so to that end and with that background in mind we are willing to accept that the desire of the FET for peace is genuine and does not underlie a hidden agenda or covert set of actions.

In response to the FET declaration of peace the CNF will be initiating a move to declare peace with the FET within the next week. Additionally the CNF will not directly target FET possessions in future. Where FET-IMP-GTT mutual defence agreements on a planetary wide basis exist the CNF will respond proportionately.

At this time the CNF will not be making any moves to grant access to Confederate systems to the FET. This may be reconsidered in time when all have had time to reflect on the historic events that are unfolded and oversee the ramifications and believed intent behind them.

The CNF are granting the FET a 4 week amnesty to declare any and all illegal hidden outposts, Operatives and agents, illegal shipping, ground parties or other position in CNF space. During this time no action will be taken for the declaration of said assets. Likewise the CNF will recall any and all operatives and agents from FET positions.

Whilst I do not believe this to be the case at all - for the record - the CNF will take a very dim view of the FET covertly aiding the IMP, GTT or GCS war efforts in any way.

In closing I welcome in this new era of peace with the FET Corporation. I call on the Imperials and GTT to abandon their armed resistance of our return to the empire systems and end the civil war.


Thomas S. Jackson
CNF Supreme Commander.

*** KRT Declare War ***

It has been confirmed this week that a state of war now exists between the Krell Clan Black Rat and the Wimble Nation.

A shocked Grandfather Lemora Enawatek of the Wimbles voiced his confusion over this surprise declaration, leading to the following statement from the KRT regarding their decision. This statement is so typically Krell that we at the IGN have no choice but to reprint it verbatim:

"I can confirm that a state of war exists between Krell Clan Black Rat, and the Wimble nation. This is in response to a variety of factors, not all to do with the WMB themselves:

1. The perception, voiced on this forum, that the Krell were 'mostly harmless'. I wish this impression dispelled forthwith. However, we are going to have to work up from taking on the relatively unmartial - contrary to human opinion in the matter, being weak and inoffensive is not a protection AGAINST attack, but grounds for BEING attacked. We would not engage in military activities against factions far stronger than ourselves.

2. Having no dealings with the Wimbles is not for want of trying. However, in response to requests for trading relations, the response has been "These items are reserved for friends of the Wimbles". We would, of course, not engage in military activities against our friends.

3. Indirect communication received via the HLQ, in response to KRT intelligence assessments that the Wimbles are simply a client state of the Flagritz, were countered by the reasoned argument that "You've got your head stuck up your **** and I'd come on there myself to sort you out, If I wasn't banned". This sounds like fighting talk TO ME.

4. We have definite intelligence reports that the Wimbles were slagging off our Shirl at our Kevs 19th birthday party.

In short, the state of war exists. However, it currently lacks significant territories in which to be prosecuted - the Wimble race being largely resident in areas to which we have no access, or are denied permission from the controlling authority to engage in hostile acts. This, with exception of the STORM system of course. If the Wimbles think they are warrior enough to stand by their words, I would expect to see a military response there, and paraphrase only the human colloquialism "You and whose navy, mate?".

If the answer to this last question is 'Flagritz', we surrender and apologise unreservedly."

Rumours are flying around the IGN newsroom that the Krell have also recently declared war on the Detinus Republic. We await confirmation.

*** Pirate Large Strikes ***

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties..... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

It be stardate 206.3.3 when I my self tooks up the challenge o me ol mate Archie Angel an wen in against the AFT Khnumhotep (34904)

Well suffice to say we soon started mashin the heads o the crewmen on board and tooks the ship, a quick fight it be aye, an the cappan o the AFT ship Simon Goodhead, well lets just say he lived upto is name aye he did.... That be anuver 100 huller from me ole mate, and the AFT, but it not be for sale, as it were sold very quick a willin bidder...

Anyways ill move onto me life again as I does, I recently went to see me old man in the retirement ome, I as told you a story about im before, he as recently been getting on well wiv one of the other female inmates, an he was telling me..

She be very active sexually, an we wen into this broom cupboard outta the way o the wardens like, an she started to undress when she says...."i must warn you Mr Large SNR, that my doctor says I as acute Angina" .....when me old man says "that's good news cos you got the ugliest tits ive ever seen"


Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

*** Mandy Aftershocks ***

Our reporters have secured two secure communications between the SMS and the DNA regarding the recent conflict between the two sides on Mandy. These communications provide no real hard evidence into why the battle happened in the first place, beyond the stories already in the public arena, however, they are reproduced here in their entirety as part of an IGN exclusive into the political aftershocks of the incident:

Message to : SMS Fleet Commodore Hucuron Baalazar
From : Mad Max DNA Immortal Chief

Your claims don't disguise your intent to bring 100 plus warships to Mandy to escalate the battles.

19 warships on day 1, to defend your weak HQ of course and your starbases LOL.

Once the bodies of SMS miners fell from the skies to litter the sea with the hundreds of bombers you sent, and the millions of missiles you fired, you sensed, that it was pointless. The humans and naplians grow stronger in our resolve against you, time is approaching when your citizens will overthrow you and your Captain's desert you and the SMS fragment.

Yet whilst we declare a truce on Mandy you take prisoners by raiding our fallen ships and consecrating them. The naplains and human's of Angel's Nest are appalled by your barbaric behaviour, protests will commence on Mandy until you return our hero's.

If it is peace you want I offer this opportunity.

If the SMS clear the DNA from target lists and won't support the FCN and FEL anywhere on your lists then we will not target SMS ships and declare peace with the SMS. Finally remove yourself from the Evil Consortium remove your shielding ships from their systems it is very simple, save your people. Stop wasting your platform hulls on defending the Felini.

Are the FCN and Felini really worth your deaths, do they pay you well for your bodyguard duties you provide?

Join forces with the DNA neutralise the treachery of your allies and of your past and together we can defeat the evil you shield and you can take your own place in history. SMS Corporate rule of peace, harmony and rich prosperity in Acropolis, & Skye.

Mad Max
DNA Immortal Chief


To: Mad Max the Immortal Chief
Fm: Hucuron Baalazar - SMS Fleet Commodore

My thanks to the SSS editor for forwarding your note onto me.

Let me first state that the DNA declared war upon the SMS not the other way around, on the day in question the DNA attacked a warship under my control in the Imperial system of Dorn. Then proceeded to open fire on 2 starbases and a exploration ship in Mandy orbit. On the second day, out of respect for Imperial Law, we sent only vessels into orbit to support our starbases and draw fire. None of these targetted any of the non-combatant DNA ships within orbit. You demand your 29 troops back but speak so ill of the 47 lives that were lost in the unprovoked attack upon the exploration vessel, also no mention of the recompense due to the SMS under Imperial Law for this 'oversight'. The SMS believes that any space faring society has a moral obligation to rescue ship personnel cast adrift in space and was fulfilling that task in the rescue of your troops. We assumed that after 3 days of fighting, if the DNA were unable to work out which switch to press to disconnect the abacus from the weapon system, your troops would surely suffer a much worse fate than just being abandoned and forgotten about. Had you have just contacted the SMS HQ then arrangements could have been made to return them to you, but you decide that name calling is preferable.

Our allies are trustworthy, which is much more than I can say for the DNA under your leadership, so I am afraid I must reject your very kind offer to turn against the FCN and FEL. I look forward to your offer of recompense in due course for the blatant disregard for the same Imperial Law which you have hidden behind for so long.

Hucuron Baalazar
SMS Fleet Commodore


There has as yet been no official statement from the office of the Imperial Viceroy regarding the Mandy incident.

Although we have heard reports of singing.

*** Special Report ***

Following last weeks historical perspective into the FLZ Empire, the Felini Tyranny have been in contact with the IGN newsroom, asking us to run the following response to it:


Flagritz Empire History The Truth Revealed

"The resulting explosion destroyed most of the fleet, but it stranded or destroyed our huge fleet and worse the generator tumbled into our revered homeworld killing billions instantly, including most of leadership. After this battle both FLZ and FEL were cut off for several years as each one attempted to recover from the disaster."

History according to the Xeno "Emperor" ... Lord Fell.

We are happy to note that the Flagritz finally admit that the Felini never used WoMD on the Flagritz Homeworld but that it in fact was destroyed by the wormhole generator tumbling into their homeworld. I seem to recall them adamantly claiming that the Felini had bombarded their homeworld.

Like one FLZ said: "I too abhor the use of WoMD - my Homeworld was destroyed by the FEL. My training was on a once lush world that was destroyed by FEL nukes and now all civilians are forced under domes and into caves."

It is a nice set of lies is it not?

So the Flagritz Homeworld was destroyed by a wormhole generator which they themselves set up so that they could attack the Felini Homeworld. The Felini, in self defence, sent a squadron thru the wormhole to destroy the generator which resulted in it tumbling into the Flagritz Homeworld. The end result was the disintegration of the Flagritz Empire because they were so zealously guarding their system knowledge that even local FLZ commanders were not permitted to have starcharts. The result was (is) a Flagritz Empire shattered into multiple systems where each local despot has to do his outmost to survive ... including the use of slave economies ... or rather, as they claim, the use of client races to do the work for them.

"...As the Flagritz Empire expanded we encountered other races within our space the felini included. It is our duty to nurture those races, to educate them so that one day they may become enlightened sentients. The paths of enlightenment can take some species but a few generations, others it may take millennia and some may never achieve it. These races we refer to as our Client Races. The Felini are our client race... "


"while we prepare for a final showdown with FEL and then resume our place in the universes, that of masters."

Masters of the Humans? The Felini? The Naplians? The Kastorians? Will they be FLZ client races as well? FLZ Masters of the Client races? Lets look at the Felini homeworld a bit. This is a description of a sector on Pride, the Felini Homeworld. It is a part of an SA which describes the results of the battles which took place on the world.

"As for the source of the pollutants, these are residues of the battle that raged across the surface of the world. Everything from biological and chemical warfare through to strategic nuking occurred on this world."

The Felini did not have WoMD prior to the FLZ visit but we certainly could have captured some. This is what the FLZ will claim and it is likely true that we did. However, the small numbers we could have captured would/could not have rendered an entire world uninhabitable. They will claim we did.

The FLZ have claimed recently that the WoMD used on Pride were not in fact WoMD :-( but rather Felini ships crashing onto the world following combat.

Xeno Emperor said:

"The nuclear fallout was result of falling debris, belonging to nuclear powered FEL warships. The captured FLz technology was what started the war. FEL pirates raiding for technology"

This is not so.

Efforts were made to clean up the world and all results show that the FLZ were responsible for the nuclear/chemical/biological devastation which had occurred on the world. Our efforts resulted in this technique being made available

planetary restoration (8620) [technology]

this will restore the planet to its state before the carpet bombing inflicted by the flagritz.

origin system: leonis,
origin planet: pride

Note: Restore the Planet to its state before THE CARPET BOMBING INFLICTED BY THE FLAGRITZ. The FLZ attacked Pride with the intention to commit genocide. They intended to destroy the Felini race. The FLZ have repeatedly claimed the Felini Tyranny were the aggressors in the war, yet everything points to them. They have claimed that FEL forces recently used chemical weapons on FLZ forces, yet they have not been able to show a casualty list of FLZ killed by these chemicals.

The Flagritz Empire is an Empire built on deceit, expansionist dreams and slave labour. Their efforts to "bring enlightenment" to client races have brought misery and war everywhere they have put their slimy tentacles. Until they met the Felini Tyranny.

Flagritz Empire The Truth revealed part Two

A Flagritz Emperor once said: "...As the Flagritz Empire expanded we encountered other races within our space, the felini included. It is our duty to nurture those races, to educate them so that one day they may become enlightened sentients. The paths of enlightenment can take some species but a few generations, others it may take millennia and some may never achieve it. These races we refer to as our Client Races. The Felini are our client race... "

The Flagritz Empire expanded and encountered other races within their space? Their space? Leonis has always belonged to the Felini yet in their arrogance they claim all space to be theirs.

However, that was not going to be my point.

Lord Fell said :

"Ages past, the ARC visited us less often, but in their hearts revenge was still burning. hey manoeuvred so that we were to come into contact with the feral felini. As xpected the felini attacked us on sight, but our baseships easily swatted them."

Now, according to the first emperor the FLZ were expanding peacefully, nurturing heir client races as they expanded their territory, yet the second one claims that the RC manipulated them into conflict with a low tech race called the Felini because he ARC had confidence the FEL could destroy the FLZ Empire, reputedly one of the strongest Empires in known space.

Sound odd?

The FLZ "baseships easily swatted them" the Felini ships and still the ARC had confidence that the Felini would overcome and survive to destroy the Master race called FLZ?

Does that sound plausible?

Or does it sound more plausible that the FLZ were expanding and they encountered a race which refused to accept them as "masters" and in doing so the FEL ended up destroying the Flagritz Homeworld thru the fluke tumble of a wormhole generator. The FEL could certainly never have had any idea of what the effect this would have on the FLZ Empire.

"The head of the snake was bitten off and the body lay writhing on the ground"

A new head has grown out and once again the Flagritz Empire will try to swallow everything in its path.

But the Felini Tyranny will bite again .

Glory to The Tyrant
Avatar to The Tyrant Mrrshan
Tyrant Emeritus."


***** From The Posting Boards *****

Two topics from David Bethel this week. The first of which concerning changes to boarding, can be found here:

"Boarding ships will be changed so that each boarding produces a mini battle with all involved defenders/supporters.

So if you have an escort ship and a merchant, then if someone tries to board the merchant a mini battle is created with all 3 ships involved.

As before the position to be boarded has 4 round of combat vs the boarding ship at increase dmg/acc. The defending / supporting positions get X round of combat against the boarder also but with no modifers.

Where X is:
4 rounds if the defender/support has no locked targets
1 rounds if the defender/support has locked targets
1 round if they are a SB/platform
0 rounds if the defender/support has locked targets==Max Targets

Starbases and platforms only use a fraction of there weapons if they have multiple locked targets.

This change will come in a week or so and will be noted in SSS."

The second is a poll regarding changes to AAA:

"We are proposing that AA and point defence in general should stop/intercept incoming damage from spacefighters or ground bombers before have any effect on the fighters themselves.

To reduce fighter losses against a starbase due to AA without reducing the effectiveness of AA. Its not good to see every single fighter wiped out in 1 day.

[1] Point defence will stop damage from bombers (space fighters) easier than blowing them up. So fighters will do less damage to a target with point defence
[2] Point defence will shot down less fighters because their damage will be 'busy' stopping the incoming damage.

We will also reduce the effectiveness of AAE's cos they stupid but we will want to know how the above ties in with this.

-It maybe an idea to only allow the above mechanic to apply to ground based targets)"

And that's your lot, for another epic-length edition of the SSS/IGN.

- Simon.


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
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17-02-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 7 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Wastelands ***

With no communication yet from Confed sources, and no further details of the engagements as reported last week in the Wastelands system, unfortunately we at the IGN have no further hard information regarding what might or might not have happened, beyond a report that something in the region of 24 CNF warships might have been destroyed.

However, Zuvoro Norozov, chairman of the new kinder gentler FET has expressed his concern regarding conflict in the system, particularly considering Wastelands has recently become a GCE system.

Norozov said, 'As we all know the Wastelands system is now claimed by the GCE. So what gives the warring affiliations the right to conduct their war in other affiliations territory? An affiliation that has never had any part in this conflict. Yes, up until recently the system was claimed by an IND on behalf of FET and FET assets were attacked there just prior to the announcement about becoming non-combatants. Surely though both the IMP and CNF should have the decency to respect the sovereignty of the GCE claim and cease hostilities within Wastelands.'

It is understood that hostilities have now ceased, but the FET make a very good point.

*** Conflict Ends ***

In what is almost certainly the shortest and friendliest war in history, the mostly harmless KRT have declared peace with the Wimbles without a single shot being fired on either side.

KRT Grymwald, the Chairkrell of the peace and reconciliation commission has been quoted in the press:

"Recent communications regarding our degeneration in relations with the Wimble race have led to confusion, as commented in the most widely-read periodical in the peripheries, to whit: 'Inter-Galactic News' or 'IGN'.

I refer to clause 4: "We have definite intelligence reports that the Wimbles were slagging off our Shirl at our Kevs 19th birthday party."

Further investigations have shed light on this signals intelligence 'chatter'; and, while it is a legitimate interception by the Krell Intelligence-gathering force, It does not in fact refer to the Wimbles.

As background - It is well known that the only reason for Krell settlement on the benighted rock-ball in the outer gamma quadrant of the Storm system, is the enhanced terrestrial TV reception. This, being caused by the gravitational lensing effect of the 'Deweiks arse' nebula (more familiar as the 'Tarantula' nebula to the humans, but we know what it looks like from our side), allows earth-generated television signals, circa '1990', to be received effectively by a high-gain antenna or well-tuned Mohache hand carved crystal set.

My weekly transcript of the current affairs program 'Neighbours' seems to have been included in the Wimble 'Casus belli' file, thus showing the risks of going to war on unsubstantiated intelligence material.

A recent review of the Wimble combat prowess at the battle of endor, as shown in the military reconstruction 'The Return of the Jedi' (S4C, 21/12/97, 'English subtitles') has caused a reappraisal of the Wimble race (To 'Competent irregulars' from 'Pyjama cases'), and we hereby wish to repeal clause four, and discuss terms for the cessation of hostilities forthwith."

Despite rumours that the Wimble Nation has been tooling up for a war of annihilation with the Krell, it seems as if the Wimble Grandfather has gracefully accepted this declaration of peace.

Betting is now open on who the KRT will declare war on next. With the IGN offices currently odds-on favourite.

*** The Most Exciting Imperial Outpost Application Ever ***

An application has been received to exploit the following codes in the Tycoon system, 31171 & 36341.

Anyone already exploiting these codes in the Tycoon system should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 4 Week 8 indicating the celestial body on which they are being exploited.

Admiral Lord Simms
Imperial Viceroy

*** GCE Issue Statement ***

Following the FET's condemnation of Imperial and Confederate aggression within the Wastelands system, the following press release has been issued by Fernando Garcia the CEO of Garcia Enterprises (GCE).

"Dear Colleagues/Nations/Organisations/Citizens,

I thank the FET CEO for his announcement of this new state of affairs in the Wasteland System. My reasoning behind the lack of communication of this new deal, is mainly due to the fact that the deal to take over the management of the Wastelands System was negotiated by the manger of the starbase known as Oasis (Current system claimants), who only recently joined the management team of GCE. My office has yet to verify that the claim has changed therefore I was unwilling to advertise the new management regime of Wastelands.

The conflict between the Imperial, Confederate and Detinus powers is not welcome in the wastelands system. GCE does not involve itself in these conflicts and we would request that this be removed from wastelands as it hinders the smooth running of the system.

GCE manages systems. We are not a military operation or police force.

GCE Oasis (3173) is maintaining its current position as overseer of the Wastelands system and all applications for exploitation/construction/exploration should be made through the Manager of Oasis.

May I also take this opportunity to announce that the Winter system in the Cluster is now also being managed by the GCE. The deal has been negotiated with the FGZ Empire and was signed yesterday with the Cliriq Ataman of the Flagritz Republic, Ro'a-lith. The current operation overseeing the management of Winter is Chelestra (35520) and applications for exploitation/construction/exploration should be made through the Manager of Chelestra.

All organisations and nations are welcome in GCE managed systems. My Thanks again go to the Leadership of the FGZ Empire and of the FET for looking to GCE to maintain and manage these two systems.

The addition of these two systems to the management portfolio of Garcia Enterprises is an enormous step forward for the company and provides us with many opportunities and challenges for the future. With these systems, we will increase our opportunities for trade and interactions with many nations."

Rumours are flying about regarding the handing over of the Winter system to the GCE by the FGZ ataman, and we expected to have more details in next weeks edition.

*** Piracy ***

The Pirate ship Largeish successfully boarded and captured a KRT freighter in the London system this week.

The KRT crew and captain fought to the last, resisting valiantly against overwhelming odds.

Despite a massive warship response from multiple affiliations, the Largeish and her victim were able to escape the London system cleanly.

*** Fresh Offensive ***

Confused reports are reaching our news room suggesting that the Detinus Republic have gone on the offensive somewhere inside the Dewiek Home Periphery. News is sketchy, given the problems getting information in or out of the DHP since the eruption of hostilities there, however initial indications seem to suggest that a re-inforced battalion of the Detinus Marine Corp have been running rampage against well defended Dewiek installations.

*** Pollux ***

A DTR scout has been destroyed by a GCS squadron in the Pollux system.

*** Twinkle Crisis ***

According to our latest information, High Star and all associated assets are now carrying Flagritz Empire flags, having joined the alien empire following prolonged and persistent pressure from the Felini Tyranny.

The FLZ have released the following press statement:

"In the coming days, all IRS positions will be reflagged as FLZ. The Flagritz Empire will not initiate hostilities against any Consortium position in Twinkle, Yank or other neutral system. Twinkle will be claimed by FLZ High Star on behalf of the Flagritz Empire (47). We are happy to enter into dialogue with certain parties regarding the future claim of Twinkle by FLZ High Star on behalf of an agreeable neutral affiliation. FLZ High Star has no stargate related technologies."

The integration of the IRS into the FLZ is surely no surprise, however the obtaining of such a large asset by the FLZ is certain to send shockwaves, particularly throughout the Consortium camp, who will now face some very serious decisions on how to proceed.

However, at this stage it seems as if Twinkle will remain an Independent neutral system.

*** Certain Death ***

Rumours from shadowy underworld sources have suggested that the pirate vessel Certain Death has been seen moving in the darkness off several well travelled spacelanes.

The Certain Death, said to be crewed by the damned, has not been sighted since it was involved in a pitch battle with a group of SMS ships and one FET vessel, where she took damage, before allegedly disappearing into a nebulae that appeared as if out of nowhere to cloak the vessels escape from the pursuing SMS battlegroup.

Settlers in remote outposts have also been reporting strange sightings, which seem to indicate that the pirates might be thinking about attacking ground installations.

*** CNF Leadership Thrown Into Crisis ***

According to Confederate news agencies, there is a rumour that Mr M.R.Law has gone missing. He went on a mission a week ago and has not been seen since. It is reportedly feared that he is dead.

*** Falconian Ban ***

The FCN Empire have banned all Flagritz Republic positions from their space.

This news when combined with reports of FGZ diplomats being withdrawn from Falconian embassies suggests stormy weather ahead.

*** Krell Claim System ***

The Krell have recently announced the annexation of a Periphery system, only they are not telling anybody which one.

Anybody with any information is invited to contact one of our reporters.

For what it is worth, our money here at the IGN office is riding on it being Venice - arguably the most heavily militarised system in the peripheries.

*** Pirate Large ***

Hardly a week seems to go by without Pirate Large claiming more victims, as he continues to strike without fear at targets throughout known space. His latest communication boasts of a further victory against the Mohache, in what is almost certainly his greatest outrage yet, as more than 2700 civilians are understood to have fallen into pirate clutches:

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye.....Pirate Large.....

It be stardate 206.4.3 when me look outs spotted a MOH fleet off to the aft, me is always excited when young farmers come passing by, especially them lasses, wiv thee low cut tops, me [censored] be [censored] ...

Now we trys to go for 2 out o the 4 ships as we be greedy, an on the first boarding attempt, me boys nearly got all the ship 90% we gots, then the battle finished, as we had a union rep on board, so they downed tools and walked out o the ship. Garrr, I [censored] sliced the [censored] o that bloke, so I gets up along side o the ship Mohuu Jynaar (94601) an started boarding the ship, this time me boys weren't working short hours, an they soon started crackin the naplian crewmen defendin the ship. Well me boys tooks the ship, an we started to look for the booty.

Well one o me men likes, he comes in sayin Large Large, there be real treasure on this ere ship, ooh I says, gold, NO, Coins, NO, it be women cappan, 2700 civilians on board this ere ship waitin to be repopulated...GARRRR....well I can helps out there and double that lot aharrgghhh....

Now it be a week an a bit reporting this takes, cos that be a lot o gals to get through, but I as done the deed, an [censored] me [censored] through as many, as [censored] could take.....wiv the amount o birds I as impregnated over the last 2 years, an now the last few days, our piratin fraternity should be going for decades to come..I just hopes the Child Support Lawyers don't catch up wiv me ahhaarrrhh...Any hows we as had 2 o our crewman gets married this ere week. But they be special, during a frenzied boarding operation, "No knickers Kate" and "Dodgy Dave" copped a packet, and lost their ears in a freak, blade swishin eposiode. Well they gots married this ere week, an they both speaks the sign lingo, During this first week of marriage, they found they were unable to communicate in the bedroom when they turn the lights off because they can't see each other using sign language.

After several nights of fumbling around and misunderstandings, "No knickers Kate" decides to find a solution. "Honey," she signs, "Why don't we agree on some simple signals? For instance, at night, if you want to have sex with me, reach over and squeeze my right breast one time. If you don't want to have sex, reach over and squeeze my left breast one time.""Dodgy Dave" thinks this is a great idea and signs back to his wife, "Great idea, now if you want to have sex with me, reach over and [censored] [censored] [censored] one [censored] [censored] [censored] ."

"If you don't want to have sex, reach over and [censored] on [censored] [censored] .... [censored] [censored] [censored] ."

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

Here at the IGN we hope that governments are making at least some sort of effort to secure the release of prisoners from Pirate Large. And no doubt settlers will no longer be flocking to Mohache ships in order to book passage.

*** Skirmish In Dryad ***

The Imperial Wire is carrying the following story:

"One of the escaping damaged CNF ships from Wastelands was located in the Dryad system this week. It was damaged but still managed to fight off two attempts at boarding by the ISMC. At this stage it was decided to deal with it in the old fashioned way and an ISP battle group was sent to finish it off.

Elsewhere the ISP deep penetration patrol in the Darkfold Periphery destroyed a CIA Freighter and the DTR also lost a freighter to a GTT Combat Patrol."

**** From The Posting Boards ****

What to do with prisoners:

***** Message From The Editor *****

Copying this into the SSS for Stephan:


Subject: Training Grounds

Hi all,

I've had valuable help from some of you guys in designing planets - thanks for
the work you did there.

Could those of you who haven't yet finished their planets please give me a word
on their progress, or else if they want to abandon work on that particular
world, so that I can continue on the Training Grounds?

Also, volunteers sought for the second batch of planets/moons!

Stephan, DTR



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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

27-02-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 9 DAY 1  [Recruit]

*****KJC Update*****
Paternity Leave
In the next few days/week or so the GM is likely to be called away at short notice. This is only likely to last a week but during that time unusual special actions are likely to be deferred.

Auto Credit Card Charging
Due to changes in law we will no longer be able to automatically charge credit cards when accounts drop to zero. Players however can set up standing orders.

Alternatively you can still pay by credit card via our secure page providing we have your credit card details.

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Yank Neutrality Violated ***

Our reporters have learnt that yet another breach of the peace in Yank has occurred. It seems as if a GTT heavy cruiser and gunboat escort opened fire on a CIA freighter in orbit of Mobile Bay.

The Kastorian platform Mobile Bay Defence is rumoured to have opened fire on the GTT warships, destroying the gunboat, and heavily damaging the cruiser.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit the following code in the Tycoon system - 36341.

Anyone already exploiting this code in the Tycoon system should advise the Viceregal Administration by Day5 Week9, stating the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

The anti-piracy task force have intercepted and destroyed the pirate vessel Spirit of the Pirate (51199) in the Twinkle system. A squadron of Detinus Heavy Cruisers came across the ex-RIP vessel just after it had been boarded and captured by pirates.

The boarding vessel escaped unspotted.

*** Busy Week For Pirate Large ***

With sources indicating that Large has captured upwards of three more vessels this week alone, the vile and spell-checker deprived pirate has been in touch with the IGN offices to boast of his victories:

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

It be stardate 206.7.1 when me look outs spot the KRT ship Pomitain (6430) in the London system. Well moi friend cappan hooker be on hand, garr and she be good wiv it as well, an she got the crew ready in er usual combat gear, and readied her self.

Marines be on board the enemy ship, and an officer, but hooker be on blob, an she not be happy.

She launched her crew ladies at the on board defenders, and split the scrotes out o every one o the crewman for a keep sakes. Garrr she be orrible when the red armies in aye she be, an she slaughtered every last one o them.

Anyways the ship was removed from site, and the Quantum drive removed for other ships, an sold on."

The second reported success for Large was even bigger, and does perhaps constitute his most daring raid to date:

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

It be stardate 206.7.1 when me look outs spotted a FEL 100 light huller parked up in the Tychoon system, she be there next to 2 FGZ baseships aye she be, so we sent lucky eddie on board the Trivial to do the job.

He as some state o the art equipment on board aye he does, an he gets in through to the quad no problems straight past those FGZ baseships an starts to board the FEL ship. Well it be a short battle, an the ships crew an the officer jacks it in after round 1 aye they did.

Now we ad, an I mean ad, to get this ship out, it as an hyper drive on board aye she does, an this be valuable to thee, we gots it out no problems, an when back in safe area, we looks in the cargo...

Well shiver me timbers...there be tech on board, Naval Hulls Advanced, there be, bagger me I says..this could get me that swimming pool I as been after..I will have to put this on the open market an sees what I get gets for it, any bidders email me at this ere number likes."

This makes for the second Hyper Drive system to have fallen into Large's clutches, thus radically increasing his strike range.

*** Trouble Brewing In The IMP-Bloc? ***

Reports and public broadcasts between members of the once-cozy imperial-bloc affiliations seem to suggest that the withdrawal of the FET from armed conflict has lead to some disquiet between the FET and the IMP/GTT.

Though with the Detinus Republic and the Confederacy both having now recognised the FET's withdrawal from armed conflict, it seems as if the FET gamble has paid off for them.

*** Shock News From The Flagritz ***

The Peripheries have been stunned this week as the Flagritz Republic appears to be no more! Instead all FGZ positions are now carrying Flagritz Empire flags.

Ro'a-lith, the Imperator pro-tem of the Flagritz Empire (FLZ) Administrator of the Twilight amalgam and Former Cliriq Ataman of the Flagritz Republic has released the following press statement:

"Greetings beings of the Peripheries!

It no doubt has failed to escape your attention over the last week. The Flagritz Empire is whole again.

As any of you who have been following events over the years know, the Flagritz Republic (FGZ) were a faction of the Empire separated from our home by the actions of the nefarious Felini. After enduring months of mounting hostility from the Consortium faction, Republic Xeno-psychologists declared the only way we may peacefully coexist with the Felini is by adopting one of their own principles: That such a peaceful coexistance is what you humans call a 'pipe dream'. Presumably that last epithet arose from the implement you insist on using to consume your Heaven Herb. Absorption through the skin is much tidier.

Therefore, it is my great honour to announce that in accord with the directives of FLZ Ground Party "Ambassadors", who have been docked at Xenos Molaka for the last 20 or so weeks, the affiliation formerly known as the Flagritz Republic (FGZ) have been dissolved, and all positions have been amalgamated into the greater Flagritz Empire.

The conference prior to the merger was no small affair, and lasted many months. Representatives from the other residents of Twilight, namely the Wimbles and various Hive factions, were also included in the negotiations to allay any concerns they may have raised. The discussions were concluded to our satisfaction on stardate 206.7.3.

As Garcia Enterprises have already noted for your dissemination, the decision was made to grant them full ownership of the Winter (33) system in the Cluster. This decision was independent of our own plans to rejoin the glorious Empire; the GCE have long maintained the only starbase in the Winter system, and it was deemed fitting that they manage the system in name as well as in fact. We are not a vainglorious Empire, and where cooperation between mutually respectful parties benefits us both we will certainly collaborate.

Lastly, I would draw your attention elsewhere. It is my pleasure to announce that the Flagritz Empire declare annexation of quadrant Gamma 5 of the Acropolis system, and all it contains. We may well seek to appropriate further areas of the system, until such time as the Falconian Empire ceases and desists from their prosecution of war with the FLZ. Which in turn, of course, implies they must leave their alliance with the loathsome Felini. When the Falconians learn to manage their system and interstellar politics properly, we will permit them to do so.

Any who had alliances and prior arrangements with the Flagritz Republic will need to immediately contact the Flagritz Empire to clarify their situation (except for those already contacted). Glory to the Empire!"

*** Krell Announce Formation Of Grand Krell Empire ***

Following last weeks wholesale annexation of an as yet unknown system by the Krell armed forces, the KRL nation has gone even further this week, with the following announcement:

It no doubt has escaped your attention over the last week, but the Krell Imperium has begun moves to become whole again, with an alliance declared between Clans Black Rat (37), and Dark Angel (30).

Reaction from the general Krell population has been enthusiastically... violent, with proponents of unification; divided between the major factions supporting an Imperial, Federal and Confederal structure, warring both amongst themselves, and jointly against the minor factions proposing "an autonomous collective as part of an anarcho syndicalist commune". A further grouping are proposing an immediate war of territorial conquest against Garcia Enterprises, on the grounds that "as at least they've got something worth fighting about".

Yet more agitators have embraced the concept of claiming ownership of individual space sectors with enthusiasm, and have unilaterally declared annexation of 137 sectors in 19 different systems, none of which are being made public at this time."

This move now makes the mostly harmless Krell the largest powerbloc in the known Peripheries. Though it remains to be seen how long they will hold on to their annexed sectors as soon as knowledge of them becomes public.

*** RIP Vessel Destroyed ***

The RIP vessel Purple Nova strayed into DTR controlled space in the Venice system this week, and was shot down by defensive platforms.

Despite a state of peace existing between the DTR and the RIP, the Purple Nova was carried on the DTR Posted List, and as such the commander of the DTR platform opened fire on sight.

It is thought the Purple Nova has been on Detinus posted lists for many years, dating back to when it was engaged in acts of piracy. Though any persons with further details on this is invited to contact the editor.

*** Scouts At Highstar ***

A number of FCN and FEL scoutships continue to hold orbit above Highstar, despite frequent demands from the Highstar authorities that they withdraw immediately.

According to our reporters on the scene, the presence of FCN and FEL scouts has been crippling the income from Highstars merchandising complexes, making this a form of economic warfare.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

Small, Single, 'Player'. AFFectionate. Seeks compatible for discrete, extra-martial mutual warplay. Must be discrete and have own place (shared occupancy here). New to this, so need small assets or amenable to restraint.

Contact KRT-G, 145-370-26158.


I am on the look out for Scintillators.
Lots and lots and lots of scintillators.
To Yank or Twinkle - no preference.
Could anyone with any spares, or who has a desire to mass produce them for me please drop me a line.

Thank you.
Flagritz Empire.
Party for Peaceful Integration.



I need 3000 Kastorian Employees from Yank, anyone got that for sale or can recruit them fast?

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
Krell PD

***** From The Posting Boards *****

I'm just highlighting one thread from the boards this week. It's a suggestion thread for constructive criticism of the game, and suggestions for things that need looked at, or could be improved:


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

03-03-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 9 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Wimbles Claim Twilight ***

Following the collapse of the Flagritz Republic, and subsequent merger into the FLZ Empire, the Wimble Nation have announced their system claim on the Twilight system.

Grandfather Enewatak has been quoted in the press as saying: "Access is still strictly controlled at present, although we hope to change this in the near future. All current assets within Twilight are welcome to stay and live in peace beside us. We hope the FLZ appreciate the need for stability in this region of space, and will stand by us and the peoples of Twilight."

Enewatak also said, "Any organisation that has assets within the system are encouraged to notify myself as soon as possible."

However, It seems that since this announcement was made, certain frictions have occurred within the Twilight system, which have seen a number of serious allegations made against the peace-loving Wimbles. The full nature of these allegations however is not yet known.

*** Open Communication from GCE Wastelands Management ***

The recent clashes between the Empire and the Confederacy in the Wastelands system highlighted the fact that the system claimant, Garcia Enterprises, had not yet issued any laws regarding their system.

In an attempt we assume to address this, a SpokesWimble has been assigned, and has made the following periphery-wide broadcast:


A comfortable looking Wimble appears in view.

ey FunMan, like the glasses, grab a seat over their behind the camera

these guys are here to shoot that cool vid to send out to everyone like everywhere man! I know it's like out of this world Man!

so ok, yeah - which button do I have to press to start the vid? - oh your already running!

do I look coolest sat here or here?

ok man Wow!

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let all you dudes and dudets in on the most bodacious news today that I just been given this like awesome job sittin in this wicked office right with all the latest gadgets an' gizmo things that go beep beep and make like wild flashy colours like you've never seen before!

Anyway right, my mate FunManDude Garcia whose like this most outrageously cool guy you ever met like axed me to sit in this room right and look after Wastelands! I mean like WOW Man! the WHOLE System! the Planets! the Asteroids! even the big bright bit in the middle that everything spins round! so I says 'Cool FunMan, I can dig that'

Now I know how harsh it can feel when some dude comes along and says 'Yo! This is MY System Now! Get with the Plan or get in the Van - Man!'

But that aint my style ya dig! - Chill out

And I know for sure that Big Man Garcia here thinks the same way - albeit through his $tellar shaped glasses - for real.

So the way I sees it is that there's way enough space here for everyone man!

So to any of you Krazy Kats who are currently in Watelands, like drop me a line and we can hook up for a wicked night out at the Oasis and I can fill you in on how we can all make Wastelands the most hip and happening place to be.

And to any of you Dapper Dogs out there who wana get in with the main seen then dial me up and I'm sure we can find a spot for you in Wastelands!

To the guys with the big guns making all the noise up there, can you turn it down a bit coz your like putting a real downer on the vibe man.

And to the homies back in Twilight! Respect Due! - Go Wimbles!

So anyway, that's all the shout outs over, hope to catch up soon,

Peace Out,


We at the IGN newsrooms have been asked to point out that the previous vid contains confidential information and may not reflect the views of Garcia Enterprises.

*** FET Issue Travel Warnings ***

Zuvoro Norozov, the FET CEO, has recently announced that due to a lack of response from the CIA and BHD authorities, FET installations have regrettably had to add the BHD and CIA to their active enemy lists:

"It is with great regret that I have to inform you all that although the BHD and CIA have had a month in which to respond to the FET declaration of non-combatant status in the human civil war they have chosen to ignore all my attempts to contact them, both publicly and privately. So we in FET have no choice but to once again add all BHD and CIA ships to our bases/outposts ground and space enemy lists. Although our ships will take no offensive action against the BHD and CIA we can only assume that these two affiliations intend to continue hostilities towards FET assets and we have to act in accordance with that assumption until such time we receive clarification on whether both affiliations wish to continue hostilities or not.

I hope that their allies the CNF and DTR whom have already dropped their at war status against FET understand why this is necessary.

As stated above Footwall not take any hostile actions towards any CIA or BHD assets, but any ships/GPs belonging to these two affiliations entering orbit of any FET bases or Outposts will be fired upon. Thank you."

Where this leaves the FET is open to question, as a great conflict could surely be triggered if DTR or CNF warships choose to come to the defence of BHD/CIA assets that might come under fire.

This issue does however highlight the disturbing silence currently emanating from the headquarters of the Brotherhoods higher echelons, with rumours of nefarious political skullduggery going on behind the scenes, many commentators are starting to ask just exactly what has happened to the BHD.

*** Children Of Hexos Issue Ultimatum ***

The COH pursuit of the ARC seems to have borne some fruit recently, as Ian Jorden, advisor to the Celestial Emperor, has indicated that a number of ARC Creches sites have been contacted, and that a dialogue has been established between the COH and the ARC.

"We would like to announce in the open that the COH have successfully found a number of ARC crches sites and contacted these Godlike beings." Said Mr Jordan, "We will being using our resources to protect and defend the where we can, these places of worship. We have established that the ARC are responsible for saving our race from the Titan Supa Nova. These beings can offer a great deal and have taken no aggressive action for years, since the DEN wars as far as I can gather which were over 500 years ago. The COH have placed a number of affiliations in contact with the ARC with good results all round. The COH would also like to thank the FGZ as it was for there help."

The Emperor and Prof Daboo who as been touched by these great beings find it intolerable that the DOM are at WAR with the ARC are gods, we therefore give them 2 weeks to drop this declaration as it has no bases on reality. The ARC have not attacked them at all, so why are they at war. The ARC and DEN are not at war and have not been for over 500 years long before the DEN/DOM were allies. After this time the all trade deals will be cancelled, the DOM will not be welcome in COH starbases or Orbit of COH starbases. Further action will be considered later. The COH as been forced into this situation by the DOM not answering private communications on this subject. We hope a public statement will nudge them into action.

The COH have also successfully contact the TCA, these however have a more chequered past with a recent history off attacks on starbases and ships so care should be taken when contacting them. Some affiliations have had successful encounters but caution is advised. This statement does not involve our allies the QNG who do not worship the ARC."

*** DNA Launch Raid ***

The following transmission has been received from the Naplian News Network.

Subject: NNN - Special - DNA ships raid deep into the Evil Consortium

A number of DNA ghost ships carried out a daring raid in Battlefield this week and almost pulled off a clean sweep as the Naplian resistance continued against the Evil Consortium.

They slide through Battlefield like a knife through genetically modified butter, the SMS guard was down. It was not long before the found the furry underbelly of a Felini target, an undefended strategic large outpost within the secure heart of Battlefield. The Naplian ship PU-240 struck many times pounding the starbase with photon rays and torpedoes all directly hitting the large FEL OUTPOST WYTCHWOOD (25191) - {2-1} 78 kMus.

Attacking FEL Wytchwood (25191)
Round 1: 50 Light Photon Guns
- 50 hits - 1250 [1250] damage - 100%
1 Photon Cannon
- 1 hit - 90 [90] damage - 100%
4 Torpedo Launchers (Torpedo)
- 4 hits - 2400 [2400] damage - 100%

round..2..3..4 etc

Expecting immediate reprisal and sitting in the middle of the system the DNA ships headed to a new target, but the slower PU-240 was caught by a single FEL SHIP BF DAY OF SACRIFICE (49201) - {100 Heavy Hulls} - Attacking Panther Pounce Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}

The Felini shiped launched an impressive armament of (Plasma Torpedo) and Cloaked Kinetic Missiles, at the DNA ships.

Incoming Fire from FEL BF Day of Sacrifice (49201)
Round 2: 10 Missile Launcher mkIIs (Cloaked Kinetic Missile)
- 2 hits - 45 [120] damage - 99%
- Point Defence shot down 8 Cloaked Kinetic Missiles
15 Torpedo Launchers (Plasma Torpedo)
- 15 hits - 809 [4500] damage - 95%
- Point Defence reduced incoming Plasma Torpedo fire to 47%

The DNA Broadsword ship PU-240 took direct hits and after day 1 it continued the battle into the second day using its last efforts and delivering its own deadly photon cannon attack as the space square was ablaze with exchange fire. Finally, however, it crumbled under the fire of the larger and technologically better equipped ship.

However, to the annoyance of the Pride of the Felini the DNA ship the Pirate Bounty escaped the claws of the FEL Panther ship and the slipped away into the dark not to return. No doubt the Felini will be scratching themselves to find this ship.

The DNA Ambush Cruiser Two Headed Cobra (22046) raided inner rings of Acropolis yesterday getting deep into FCN territory. It reportedly was involved in a large 50 ship battle against the FCN, SMS warships that were trying to remove the Flagritz in Acropolis. The Two Headed Cobra has not reported in and is assumed MIA but not before it intercepted transmissions from a secret FCN WoMD Test Base. The 2nd breakthru in identifying their WoMD ambitions in as many months

Officer Plutop posthumously awarded the Naplian Stik of Bravery for leading her daring raid. Officer Hammer posthumously awarded the Naplian Stik of Bravery for leading his daring raid.

Mad Max stated when asked for a comment "For every Naplian ship lost 2 more replace it, the silent DNA ships will continue to exploit each and every weakness in their defences. I cannot comment on the FCN WoMD Test Base other then we are continuing investigations, and not surprisingly Harkon is trying to remove lately each and everyone from Acropolis so it is not discovered"

*** Felini Respond to DNA Attack ***

A FEL military spokesman has been in contact with one of our reporters to provide the following quote regarding the recent DNA attack:

"A lone DNA ship attacked a Felini outpost in Battlefield earlier this week. Despite delivering over 14,000 MU's of damage, no casualties or losses of material goods were reported. One can only presume that the DNA have discovered how to target gaps between structures...."

We at the IGN are indeed at a loss to understand how so much ordnance can be delivered without causing any actual damage, and with any hope one of our reporters will be able to visit the installation in person to tour the craters.

*** Terrorist Attack Foiled ***

Dramatic events have unfolded recently in the Acropolis system, as the planetary defence forces of Falconia detected a contagion in the atmosphere of their homeworld.

The contagion was traced to a bioweapon, that had been released into the environment with the intent of destroying the ecosphere of the entire planet, rendering the homeworld of the FCN Empire uninhabitable.

Fortunately however the FCN detected the contagion in time to prevent it's spread. And the security of the planet has been protected.

It is rumoured that this bioweapons attack is in some way linked to the Alien Spore Of Id affair that was foiled by the APTF over a year ago.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of IND Rose, who was behind the Alien Spore of Id affair, and a significant reward is offered for his or her capture.

*** Krell Versus GTT ***

This week the Krell have taken up arms as mercenaries, and the following press release has been received by the IGN:


To the controller of GTT Ship White Lion.

Be advised that wef 206.10.1 KST ships in the Kastor system may be defended by mercenary Krell Clan Black Rat vessels. We would urge against retaliation outside the limited bounds of this contract

KRT Jumping Jaques


The existence of other mercenary contracts is rumoured. And the Krell have assured us that details of the battle reports between themselves and the GTT will be forwarded to our newsrooms, just as soon as the GTT fleet has run out of bits large enough to target.

*** Conflict Erupts In Acropolis ***

Naval clashes have begun throughout the Acropolis system this week as Consortium forces including SMS and FCN warships have turned their attention to the FLZ presence in the system.

A number of FLZ platforms are understood to have been wiped out for very little damage to the attacking fleets, and the FLZ starbase is now understood to be blockaded by a strong Consortium naval presence.

*** Imperial Success ***

The IMP news agencies are reporting the destruction of a medium sized CNF Platform by an ISP Combat Space Patrol in the Darkfold Periphery this week. A CIA freighter that happened to be passing by was caught in the cross fire and blew up.

It is as yet unclear on what exactly a 'medium sized' platform is. Though estimates range between 400-600 hulls.

*** KST/GTT Tensions Continue ***

As skirmishes continue between the KST and GTT, a GTT patrol has boarded and captured a KST freighter.

*** More Imperial Success ***

From the IMP news wire:

Two freighters, CNF and DTR, were destroyed in the Kastor system by a GTT Combat Patrol this week. The ISP patrol working deeper into the Darkfold failed to find any suitable targets.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Research topics, how should it work:



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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

10-03-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 10 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****
*****KJC Update*****
Planetary ISR Fields
As stated in the online rulebook, worlds with active command complexes project ISR fields into the planet. These have two side effects.
First is that they can be detected and therefore the presence of a base will be known. As this is a non-localised field, there is no way to use the field to determine the location of the base.
Second, the ISR damps WoMD, including nuclear missiles and various other big weapons. Without an ISR field, the target will suffer 100 times the normal damage (in the form of 100 attacks at the same rating as the original).
Example: A nuke will deliver 1000 damage if it successfully hits. Without an ISR field, it will deliver 100 hits at 1000 damage each.

The ISR field takes four weeks to build up, but multiple complexes, bases will reduce this time - while building it will register as unstable. It also takes a similar time to dissipate. Even unstable ISR fields damp blasts.

The ISR field extends into orbit protecting ground parties in orbit. Ships and platforms are also protected by their active ISR fields, as are space stations with active command complexes.

*** FET Meet With Success ***

Following recent complications in their withdrawal from armed conflict, the FET are reporting that they have finally reached a settlement with both the CIA and BHD regarding their non-combatant status.

Negotiations are apparently still underway, but the tidings appear positive, as FET enemy lists are once again cleared of all DTR/CNF/BND/CIA assets.

Zuvoro Norozov, the FET CEO has been quoted in the press as saying, "It is hoped that over time a mutual trust will evolve between FET and the above affiliations and that we may live in a new era of peace."

*** New Stellar Object ***

The asteroid 'Warlords Seat' has been moved into orbit of the Krell homeworld in the Storm system. It is understood a significant engineering effort was made by the Krell to shift this asteroid into high orbit.

As the name suggests, it is suspected this world serves as the fortress of the Warlord of the Krell Clan Black Rat.

*** Dyson System ***

The Dominion appear to have been suffering from unexpected visitors in the Dyson system this week, as the Overlord of the DOM, R. Trevalliant, has issued the following statement to the press:

"The Dominion would like to point out to all Starcaptains that the Dyson system is strictly off limits. As of tomorrow any ship found to be encroaching into this system is running the risk of being reduced to atoms. All platforms will now be carrying active enemy lists."

There is no word on who might have been trespassing here however.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit code 20385 in the Tycoon system.
Anyone already exploiting this code in Tycoon should inform the Viceregal
Administration by Day 5 Week 10, indicating on which celestial body it is
being exploited.

*** Conflict In Pollux ***

The Detinus installation Hideout, in the Pollux system, has come under imperial attack. The IMP ground party Pollux Liberator Cappa, heavily supported by the Imperial navies, moved into orbit and commenced a sustained barrage of weapons fire against the DTR base.

The Imperial ground party has apparently shown no sign of wishing to engage the base in a contest for control, and seems instead content to sit in orbit and exchange weapons fire at long range. Whether this is as a prelude to a more sustained assault is as yet unknown.

*** Detinus Republic Hit By Large ***

Two DTR vessels have fallen in quick succession to Pirate Large. The Antibes and Affinity, two Detinus freighters, fell in the London system to the dread pirate. All hands are believed to have been lost. Both vessels, and the original pirate boarders, escaped cleanly, despite a large armed response from Confederate patrol forces.

*** Pirate Makes Close Escape ***

The Pirate vessel Angelicus had a near escape this week as forces from the APTF narrowly failed to pin it for combat.

The Angelicus is reported to have sped away under a vast acceleration, leaving even rapid response units of the APTF floundering in its wake.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

In a busy week for piracy, the pirate vessel The Teeth Of Esther Rantzen, has been destroyed by a Falconian Platform.

The Rantzen has had several successes in the past, and her destruction is celebrated by many throughout the Peripheries.

*** GTT Raider Destroyed ***

A GTT Indiaman class Light Railgun armed capital ship has been destroyed as it attempted to close and bombard a Detinus outpost in the Straddle system.

Unescorted, the Indiaman proved easy prey for a squadron of DTR Heavy Cruisers.

*** Another Pirate Destroyed ***

The APTF are reporting the destruction of the pirate ship Infinity Awards, a Super Carrier class vessel of 200 x-light hulls that blundered into two squadrons of SMS warships, and was torn apart in very short order.

*** Pirate Large ***

Continuing his vile depredations, Pirate Large has broadcast the following message:

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

It be stardate 206.7.5 when me look outs spotted the DEN ship Santa Maria (53029) in the yank system.

Well the Den theys been a braggin bout how they is going to stops me boys, so I felt it be about time I myself went and made sure the job be done good. 44 Dewiek crewmen on board there be, an no match for thee, 2 rounds o fightin an the inbread mongrels soon gaves in..pah, warriors my aaarrrrrrrrsse.

Well we had a barbecue that nights aye we did, an the hind quarters o these things be tastin good likes, very tasty, we kept their officer Rob Unger alive, and blimey he wasn't well fed wiv a name likes that and had some o the meat as well. Although we didn't tell him what it be, garrr....

Anyways, ill be payin them DEN boys anuver visit shortly. I do loves me job you know, eatin the prey is one o the perks o the job, I remembers when I were a lad, that I got one o me first jobs in a broffel."

It is the Editors opinion that really, our fine readers do not need to read about the further adventures of the young Pirate Large in his first job at the brothel, as when we had finished censoring his adventures, there really wasn't much left.

New readers are reminded that they can find the full transmissions of Pirate Large on the regular comms channels, as listed at the end of the SSS.

*** GTT Stomp On Krell ***

Following a brief war of words, conflict has erupted between the GTT and Krell clan Black Rat. In time-honoured Krell tradition, the Black Rats picked a glorious fight with a superpower.

GTT armed forces flooded into the Storm system, and attacked multiple KRT possessions, including the KRT vessel Galvoie, which was destroyed, and the KRT Jarvis Bay, which was boarded and captured by GTT troops.

The KRT outpost, Krell Citadel, also came under heavy attack from GTT Stormtroopers.

With no formal declaration of war having been made, some commentators are causing this armed action by the GTT an act of piracy. However, the GTT have stated that their action was in response to the KRT declaration that they would be providing mercenary assistance to the KST - a faction that are known to have been a thorn in the side of the GTT for some time now.

*** Acropolis Update ***

Our reporters contacted the Falconian government for an update on the state of war in the Acropolis system. They were kind enough to issue the following press release:

"The spacelanes of the Acropolis system are again safe for our trader friends.. The five small platforms are destroyed by an Consortium assault.. after taking no significant losses.. The 6th Platform which was significant larger is now in control of the Falconian Empire and is renamed to FCN PLATFORM Fruit Salad. A name worthy of this platform..

The small FLZ starbase which is tucked away in the gamma5 quadrant is being ignored at the moment.. Our navy will deal with it...

Lone FLZ raiders are being swatted whenever they are spotted.. Our warships are patrolling the system on a regular base. Of course no DNA warship has dared to enter Acropolis after we destroyed their cruisers..

We will keep you posted on the situation."

*** Fear And Loathing In Riva ***

From the pages of the Riva IMPquisitor:

"Construction of the Behemoth of Riva complete!"

The Behemoth is officially unveiled!...well, not so much as unveiled as it would have taken a systems worth of tarpaulin supply to actually cover the statue that stands not only as a dedication to the native bison of Booker, but also to the ingenuity, craft and labour of humanity. The gracious lines - admittedly softened by the use of precious metals - add a soft edge to the thousands of tonnes of stone. The fiery eyes of deep ruby gaze at those who leave the starport proper to the base itself. Anyone who enters the starbase should feel suitably humble at the feet of the Behemoth!

When asked "why?!" Governor Duluke Le Gatte replied "The Behemoth stands as a testament to the endeavour of the people of Riva, Booker and the Empire. The grandeur of this statue, is a celebration of humanities expansion and how we have made this planet - and many more besides - home."

Whilst the statue has been generally accepted amongst the population of Riva, and Booker itself, there are those that have expressed some concern. Le Gatte went on to say "Suggestions that a statue of this size could have implications on the planetary rotation are codswollop. And whilst there are some homes that now only get half an hour of natural sunlight per day, we have more than compensated those families with free passes to the sunbed clinic"

Le Gatte also went on to deny suggestions that this is just an attempt at self-aggrandisement "I can assure the people of Riva, and Booker that the actions I take are primarily for the benefit of them, not me. Admittedly there has been some conversations about a proposed new Governors Palace, but these are merely discussions and this coincides with the need to look at the effectiveness of ones environment so that one may fulfil duties for the people whose interests one looks after"

Lady Le Gatte was unavailable for comment in relation to rumours that the Governor has gone one step further than having a big gravcar to make up for a presumed inadequacy in the trouser department."

A team of investigative reporters from here at the IGN newsrooms have investigated this statue more, and uncovered that it has platinum coated hooves, and rubies for eyes. The Colossus is more than 600 metres high, and more than five kilometres long.

Described by the local news networks as both a testimony to the ancients and a civil engineering masterpiece it has also been lampooned as the largest penis extension in the Peripheries with comical pictures of the governor stood at one end of a giant ruby ended phallus being supported by the world's population above a caption reading the 'Behemoth of Riva'.

Detinus Republic engineers are understood to have commenced working on an even larger Colossus.

*** Mysterious Goings On In The Detinus Republic ***

The following story has been picked up from the DTR Court News Channels:

"Breaking news from New Tate this morning, as a number of surprise announcements have been made from the Speaker of the DTR's house of lords office, Michelle Diaz, regarding the mysterious disappearance of Grand Admiral Sivar.

Ms Diaz has been quoted as saying, 'Of course Sivar is still alive, he has simply been moved into my high security detention centre for the good of his own health.'

Diaz moved swiftly to deny any allegations that this period of detention has anything to do with any rumours that Admiral Sivar might or might not have been spreading. Denials that included the detention of all reporters who dared to ask any questions.

This reporter would just like to finish this piece by saying, all hail our glorious leader!"

Our own IGN reporters have been dispatched to ask many annoying questions.

*** GTT Make Assassination Attempt ***

In a week that has seen the GTT accused of Piracy, they are now facing further accusations of utilising assassination as a legitimate policy tool. Documents have been passed to the IGN newsroom that appear to detail the intention of the highest echelons of the GTT leadership to attempt to assassinate the leader of the Krell clan Black Rat, Grymwald.

It is a mystery why the Krell Clan Black Rat, a faction of the Krell race, based in the Storm system, should seemingly actively seek to antagonize first the Falconians, who claim system ownership, AND the GTT and the RIP in short order - ALL of whom have a presence in the Storm system.

Seeking to discount rumours of substance-abuse-invoked temporary insanity, on the part of krell PD Piram 'Jumping' Jaques, a KRT spokesman was eventually led to respond: "Categorically NO! - Nothing beyond normal weekly background levels. He might be a bit grumpy because he's recently lost his pet dwarf lop-eared Wimble though".

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

Ship Blueprints for sale


Freedom City's master shipbuilders are currently selling surplus stock.

We have two Blueprints for 75 light hull Caravel class freighters for sale.

If you want to guarantee that you get the technology .... fly along to Freedom City and buy them from the open market (price is 100,000 stellars).

If you feel that the price is too high (and you probably do!) or want to trade for other technology (or something else)...

Then please contact this office to discuss your requirements.

Thank you.

RIP GT Spugman
RIP Freedom City / Quick Snack

(contact : doug {dot} hughes {at} btinternet {dot} com)

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Orbital Docks suggestion:

Enemy settings:

Official changes to boarding actions:

Difficulties building caves with GPs:


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
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17-03-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 11 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Last Transmission ***

Following on from the recent reporting of the destruction of the RIP vessel Purple Nova by DTR platforms, the RIP authorities have released a transcript of the vessels final entries in the audio log systems:


The innocent cargo vessel, Purple Nova, was reduced to debris on stardate 206.8.1 by the combined fire from two DTR platforms. Unfortunately all hands were lost and 1400 mus of humanitarian aid was scattered across the quad. An extract from the last few moments on board was recovered from the ships blackbox.

FO: Captain are you sure this is a good idea.
C: What do you mean? What is your problem you've been
acting worried since we took that cargo on board.
FO: Its not the cargo captain, but more where you want to
deliver it.
C: What is wrong with New Darien? Its always been a
reputable trading base. I know we've had problems
with the DTR in the past but they haven't banned
traders yet.
FO: Ermm... you do know they have posted this ship
right captain? Some claim of piracy years back.

C: Posted? Are you sure?
FO: Thats what this warning light thats has been
flashing since we entered their space means.

C: Oh bugger....

As a result of this unfortunate incident the privateer 'Learn to be a starship captain in 21 days' course at Quicksnack has been updated to include a lesson on basic safety precautions.


As a point of interest, the DTR posted list currently stands at:

IMP SHIP Hentai Dreams (2117)
IMP SHIP Tenochtitlan (3519)
IMP SHIP Nile (2482)
FET SHIP Jen-Elen (4271)
AFT SHIP Seven Seas (833) - 10000 stellar bounty

*** Imperial Bombardment ***

More news has surfaced regarding the Imperial attack in the Pollux system. With the IMP news networks carrying the following story:


At the beginning of the week a large IMP Ground Party was inserted onto the Asteroid Detinus 1 in the Pollux system and a long range attack was commenced on the DTR Outpost Hideout. After several days bombardment the outpost defences have been severely reduced and speculation is rife when an assault on the outpost itself will take place. Curiously the DTR do not appear to have made any effort to relieve their besieged outpost at the time of going to press. Several GTT scout ships have been destroyed whilst entering the asteroid's orbit during the week.


The apparent inactivity of the DTR Stellar Armada during this Imperial operation has indeed raised eyebrows throughout the Peripheries, particularly in the Detinus Senate, where several strong questions have been asked of the beleaguered Grand Admiral, Lord Sivar.

The DTR Outpost is understood to still be under siege as we go to press.

*** Pirate Large ***

The rampage of Pirate Large continues yet again this week, as several shadowy underworld sources have started to suggest that Pirate Large might now not be so much an individual, as a group, given that the extent of his depredations seem to indicate a far larger organisation than one man could operate.

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

Well this be a full time job I as ad that much action, that I is writing a group of attacks below, uvver wise I is going to need a writer to follow me abouts.

First hit for Cluster Large

Cluster Large a vessel primarily searchin through the Twinkle area found its first target, a RIP ship, the Spirit of the Pirate (51199). Now this one be a good first catch I thought, a 100 huller, nice to get me new boys into the task, when a newly despatched group from them poofs in the APTF came along an blew up my newly aquired ship garrrr.....bugger it."

Our news rooms have indeed been contacted by several independent writers who are keen to join up with Pirate Large for 'journalistic purposes'. Clearly the IGN cannot endorse this sort of dangerous journalistic activity.

*** GTT Continue Stomping On Black Rats ***

Conflict has continued this week with more elements of the GTT armed services destroying or capturing several KRT vessels and installations. And in further action, the FCN have launched a series of ground assaults against a KRT starbase in Yank.

The KRT Starbase Black Rat has resisted several FCN Ground Parties, as the FCN seek to take back the base. We are at this point unsure as to what the history is of this conflict. However, it does stand yet again as a further example of more armed conflict in the Yank system.

Reacting to allegations that the Falconian Empire have been less than decent in their turning on the Krell peoples - a race that were after all living in Storm under FCN Empire protection - a FCN Spokesperson has issued the following statement to the press:

"The Falconian Empire was nothing but insistent on the GTT's need to pay compensation and halt its assault on the KRT. Unfortunately the KRT was also insistent on its intention to use WMD against the civilian population surrounding FCN Vjun on Inversion regardless of our stance against the GTT.

The KRT also seem to be willingly dismissing the large relief GP sent by the FCN to remove the GTT from their assets.

They also seem somewhat negligent in informing the galaxy that they are holding a starbase that was generously leased to them by the FCN hostage. Threatening us with its destruction, its theft or its handover to the FLZ unless we do as they wish. Our people are not to be made hostages by any party for political gain."

Apparently lacking allies, things do indeed look bleak once again for the Krell race.

*** Confederate Vessel Commits Suicide ***

The IMP news wire is carrying the following story:


Early in the week a CNF suicide ship armed with a massive number of missiles attacked IMP Ecalpon in the Blowton system. The majority of the outpost's space defence hardware was destroyed but the CNF ship also blew up.


This appears to indicate that CNF strategic planners are following the GTT in loading up suicide vessels with Missile Launchers and going in to pound outposts.

The conflict at Ecalpon appears to have continued though:


Next day a CNF Ground Party was inserted before a relieving force from the ISP could get there. In the subsequent battle with the outpost Ground Forces the CNF GP showed a similar level of incompetence and low accuracy as we have come to expect from their warships and the defending forces destroyed the attacker in half a day's battle.

*** Pirate Large Slaughters Captives ***

More from the vile pirate:

"Double Whammy. The DTR found out the ard way what double entry means, and lost 2 freighters on the same day to one o me boys in the London system. After fairly easy battles, me boys got on boards the ships an did the business, to avenge the DTR APTF hittin the spirit o the pirate above, we slaughtered a further half o the crew men on board the Antibes (45771) and Affinity (62216) in fron o their cappans. We took the cappan back an let them know what a jolly roger is, an they soon found out it be a happy poof."

There has as yet been no official response from Detinus sources regarding the slaughtering of DTR prisoners by Large, but we understand that funding for DTR APTF patrols has been significantly increased, with there now being upwards of 20 DTR warships carrying APTF flags.

*** KRT Destroy GTT Vessels ***

Despite being engaged in a one-sided conflict with a superpower, the KRT have managed to destroy at least one GTT Gunboat.

*** Yet More From Pirate Large ***

"Ahharrgghhh...... It be aye..... Pirate Large..... On stardate 206.10.2 an after the DEN seems to be a braggin I myself went for a 2nd DEN target, the Southern Star 41103, as I was hopin that gal from the DEN, Weener or somefing was going to be on board, I as heard she be firey and can work hard between the sheets likes, so I was hopin for a good shag...but alas she not be on board so we had to slaughter the bloody lot again for another good barbecue, we tooks the ship no problems and took the cappan away."

And finally, we hope, for the week, one more tale of success from the one man disaster zone:

"The CIA, members of the under world, found out the hard way an all, what its like to work by coming in the back door, some o them beggars wont be walking right for a while.ahaaargghhh anyways they be lucky as they be taken by the Beauties of cappan hooker an her band o sluts, she only killed 9 o them in the battle, an has kept the cappan for her special treatment aye she as..

Anyway as yee can see, I is under pressure to get me stories out, so very short versions, there be other pirate actions, an me communications portal as been updated, but needs a bit more work...

It also has the Loss of the Cappan on the Teeth of Esther Ranzen, an associates ship, who took it up the rear in a battle after takin a 200 huller off them HLQ boys, both ships be lost, but he died fightin for his cause, that be free sex, booze, an treasure...ahaaarrgghhh

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

*** Dewiek Engage Detinus Republic ***

A DEN platform in the Noctollis system destroyed two DTR Needle Class vessels today.

Curiously both of the Detinus vessels were named 'Suckers'.

*** Dominion Destroy DTR Ground Parties ***

Three tiny DTR scouting parties appear to have been detected today by the DOM starbase Acheron. Needless to say the scouting parties were blown to bits by this ex-DTR Starbase in the Solo system.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

There's been an important change to ISR field reporting this week, and I would urge all players, particularly those with hidden bases, to check this thread:

A question about crew factors with regards ground combat:

And finally hospital complexes, and the happy news that plagues will be implemented soon. Hurrah.


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

24-03-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 12 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Imperial-Bloc Captures Pollux System ***

The big news this week is regarding the change of hands of the Pollux system, with the following announcement being made by the Imperial patrol commissioner:

FROM: Patrol Commissioner
Imperial Services Broadcast:
Press Release

People of the peripheries, for 2 weeks Imperial ground forces under the command of JJ McClure has entered into battle against the DTR in the Pollux system.

The Pollux system was previously owned by the GCS, an ally of the IMP. The system was captured quite some time ago, and heavy losses were inflicted on the GCS at the time. The DTR attempted to fortify the system by building a facility on an asteroid and set about protecting it with a 2000 hulled platform in the orbit.

Several Months ago, in a combined raid the allies removed this platform, paving the way for other actions. These actions started with a large ground based bombardment after the ground party went through the orbit. The defences of the facility attempted to launch several thousand missiles at the gp, but all incoming fire was neutralised with the exception of a few light rail guns.

Once the ground actions started it was felt that the attack would be in our favour, and this has shown to be the case, with almost total destruction of the DTR facility and the thousands of troops and masses of equipment stationed there.

We can therefore tell all members of our allies, and our friends that the allied forces have recaptured the system of Pollux, and we will be returning it under the control of the GCS. As with all things that have changed ownership, these things can be difficult to retain, but we are confident that the system will be under stable GCS control in the near future.

I would like to thank all the allies for their help during this battle as it was a combined effort. Further updates will be released over the next week

Communication ends

There has as yet been no official response from the Detinus Republic or any of her allies, but with no attempt to contest the system claim, it seems as if the Pollux system has indeed changed hands. This marks a significant step for the Imperial-bloc, who have for some time now been perceived as being on the back foot.

The Imperial News Wires were carrying the following related story:

"The ground forces attacking on DTR Hideout continued the long range bombardment throughout the week. The target outpost has now been so reduced that it can no longer establish a valid claim the Pollux system. The control of Pollux, a key system into the old Inner Empire from the Capellan Peripheries, has now reverted to the Allies once more. The bombardment continues."

*** Resignation ***

Our reporters have learnt that due to ill health, Pope Sean McGovern has decided to step down from his position as spiritual leader of the Brotherhood.

There has been no specific mention of the nature of this ill-health, but Pope McGovern is understood to be taking a lengthy sabbatical at an undisclosed location, that might or might not include beautiful beaches.

*** More Good Will ***

Following a request made by the FET, it seems as if the DTR are willing to unpost the sole FET vessel carried on their affiliations posted list.

Information from the office of the DTR Solicitor Generals has given the backhistory of the FET vessel Jen Elen (4271):

First scanned as a BHD Surveyor ("The Barrichello") 21.197;
Captured by RIP in or prior to 45.197;
Recaptured by BHD in or prior to 49.197;
Upgraded to Runner and renamed to BHD "Lerchery" in or prior to 42.199;
Captured by FET and renamed to "Jen Elen" in or prior to 6.200.

The Solicitor General's office has been unable to provide our reporters with any indication as to why this vessel was originally posted so many years ago, other than the fact that it had been captured by the FET, and that this was a posting reason.

*** Detinus Senator Wins Award ***

Senator Marcus Rhodes of the DTR has won the DTR 'Bad Driver' award this week, finally taking the cup away from long-standing holder, Michelle Diaz.

*** The Krell Situation ***

It has been a quiet week it seems in the Krell/GTT conflict, with no further reports of battles or vessel losses. And it is possible that the conflict has now simmered back down, having boiled over in recent weeks.

However, the KRT have contacted our newsroom, and have requested that the following statement be released to the press:

"The Free krell peoples wish to issue a statement, to counter the seriously misleading and inaccurate statement by the Falconian Warlord in last week's issue, and add a few points pertinent to the history of the conflict.

The Falconian Empire made NO KNOWN moves to insistent that the GTT pay compensation and halt its assault on the KRT. Contrast this with mere weeks ago, when an attack on KRT positions in Skord, totally outside any declared sphere of FCN influence, was responded to by a threat of a declaration of war against the KST, without even consulting the KRT first!

In fact, the FCN ground party which eventually did arrive, did so despite the KRT refusal to accept the only terms offered: "just take the slapping and they'll leave" when it was pointed out how total inaction on the Falconians' part would reflect on them, given that their entire system claim was based on the role of protecting the Krell, the only INDIGENOUS natives of the Storm system.

In fact, the GTT attack was used as an opportunity to destroy moves by the Krell peoples for seeking some measure of independence on our own homeworld, moves which had already been responded to with threats of destruction by the Falconian warlord Harkon, against BOTH the KRT and KRL.

This betrayal by inaction is made all the worse by recent activities IN SUPPORT of Falconian efforts to remedy the woefully under-defended state of the Falconian homeworld, a state as left by Harkon himself; the delivery of more than 600 missile launchers, both delivered for free and sold at below market value, largely undertaken by the very vessel which was seized on the first day of conflict, the Falconian trade fleet being 'too busy' to undertake such endeavour. This number of launchers are sorely missed now, of course. Possibly Harkon is unaware of Krell efforts on his own race's part, he being incommunicado by a bout of ennui, reportedly brought upon, sadly, by a less than fatal bout of bird flu.

As for 'Black Rat' the acknowledged leased base in Yank, after spending several weeks in developing this starbase, including shipping IN more than ten thousand mass units of modules, and purchasing twenty thousand of Thorillium, it was considered unrealistic to vacate it at a mere few day's notice, given that the mass production lines had not even finished tooling yet. The communication that "of course we do not want to declare war on you" was not believed, and this viewpoint is justified by the subsequent attack, a blatant contravention of the sadly, largely theoretical, 'Neutrality of Yank'.

Possibly the statement by Krell spokesman that: 'If war is declared we might invite the FLZ to assault it against the same level of defences we acquired it with" was misinterpreted as "giving it away". This is bourne out by the fact that, despite the Falconian figurehead leader, having unrestricted access to the base, using this to pick up every item of defence, and every employee present, it was successfully defended only a day later by a scratch force made up of anti-boarding troops already in orbit and military materiel purchased from the open market of QNG Queens Haven earlier in the same day. The fact that the assault force, made up entirely of the mobile elements of it's former defenders, was wiped out to the last MU shows both it's paucity, and explains why the Falconian figurehead leaves military operations "Totally to Harkon".

Finally - The Krell peoples HAVE NEVER made any threats against FCN Vjun in the normal sense of the word, certainly none involving WoMD (which we do not possess anyway). Given that some 90% of the entire Krell species live within its surrounding environs, this would be nonsensical, however irrelevant this would be to the state of the planet. No, the 'Threats' all come the other way: Total annihilation against KRT or KRL assets in response to any efforts to lead our race away from total subjugation and dependency on the FALCONIAN starbase, which might impact it's efforts in support of a war against the FLZ in which the Krell would take no part by choice. The position of a Krell native as puppet leader over this installation does not fool anyone.

KRT Secretary."

We at the IGN would like to offer our apologies that this statement was not run in last weeks edition, due to a communications failure.

*** More Good News For The FET ***

The FET Director, Zuvor Norozov's gamble to withdraw from armed conflict seems to be continuing to pay dividends for him, as the following press release seems to indicate:

"I am happy to announce that the BHD have dropped their at war status towards FET.I would like to thank the BHD leadership for their show of trust. Of course as of yet no FET assets are granted access to Confederate or DTR systems. This is understandable, but hopefully sometime in the future trade will open up.
On a related note the CIA have also been in private communication with FET and have stated that they will cease all hostile actions against us, although at this time the at war status remains. Again I am hopeful that the CIA will follow the example of their allies and move forward to a more peaceful existence in due course."

*** News Flash! ***

An Inter-Galactic News reporter in Osgiliath, one of the major centres of Brotherhood power and influence, and the centre of their religion, has just filed the following story:

"It is calm, in Osgiliath. One would think that, every day there is a Conclave of Cardinals to elect the new Pope. But as they is only one candidate it sort of spoils any excitement.

With almost indecent haste, White Smoke issues from the Chapel of the True One. A new Pope has been chosen.

The Papel Camerlengo and Great Elector Alys Kajalos steps into Saint Roswell's Square. The new Pope is Naz Kodrix."

Our political team here at the IGN HQ is scrambling to secure an interview with ex-CIA regional director Naz Kodrix, in order to throw further light on this shock revelation that he has apparently left the Confederate Intelligence Service, and become the new Pope.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Squadrons losing Tus:

Officer training in GPI skill, is it useless or what:

***** Message From The Editor *****


Congratulations this week to the new Phoenix babies, and their mothers, who did all the hard work.

Fathers get a manly slap on the shoulder, and a cigar, which they are no longer allowed to smoke anywhere in this country.

And of course a warm welcome to the no-sleep club.

Seriously, congratulations chaps.

- Simon.

Message from Mica
Thanks to everyone for their warm response - we are all doing well - if not sleeping much.


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31-03-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 13 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Conflict In Acropolis ***

A vast armada of Consortium warships moved against the Flagritz Empire starbase Fessin Did'Achi and associated outposts in Acropolis this week.

Consortium forces have been kind enough to allow reporting via an IGN reporter stationed with the battlegroup. So all of our information in this story comes from firsthand reports.

After brushing aside the defences and destroying the few FLZ vessels in orbit, taking very little damage from desultory missile launcher fire from the starbase, Consortium rail gun armed warships commenced bombardment. Return fire from the starbase ceased very quickly, with multiple reported hits on all FLZ weapons installations. Over 1000 FCN and SMS space interceptors were on hand to deal with 750 fighters that took off from the FLZ base.

During the bombardment, a ground party attempted to move out from the base, but was very quickly targetted and blasted to shreds.

The orbital rail-gunning reduced the size of the starbase from 2845kmus to 1773 kmus in the space of four days battle.

We also have reports that the desperately under-fire defenders have been attempting to pick up items from nearby outposts, transactions which came under extremely heavy weapons fire from prowling Falconian warbirds.

Huge plumes of smoke obscure currently attempts to discern just exactly how much damage the starbase has taken, but it seems fair to say that the Consortium will very soon be able to say that they have successfully removed the FLZ presence from the Falconian home system, at remarkably little cost to themselves. We can confirm that not a single Consortium vessel has so far been lost.

One question remains however. From day one when Consortium warships first made their move, there has been no sighting of any main-line FLZ warships. Which raises the question of just how serious the FLZ empire was of maintaining their presence in Acropolis?

Again, we have to thank the SMS for their transparency in allowing our news-room to follow in great detail the unfolding of this battle.

*** Dewiek Announce Victory ***

The run of bad news for the Detinus Republic continues with reports that the DEN have destroyed a Detinus installation in the Acrux system.

The Dewiek system lord, MaiChiKwai, has released the following statement:

"Important Announcement to All DEN Members. I, MaiChiKwai, System Lord of Acrux, Governor of Impervious, would like to announce our latest victory in the Acrux system.

Highly trained spotters recently identified an illegal DTR outpost under construction in our system.

Since we were training a new officer, we gave him the honours of the first shot. He destroyed the outpost with a magnificent display of firepower, and our re-enforcements were not needed.

He will be promoted with a level 5 Dewiek ceremony, during the next full moon, assuming we can gather the required sacred sacrifices.

(It's so hard to get good party supplies out here in the peripheries.)

Full battle dress is required."

It would be crass for we at the IGN to comment on the nature of Dewiek ceremonial occasions, suffice as to say they probably do not include a piata.

*** Pirate Large ***

The DTR freighter, Impossible Starlight, has fallen to Pirate Large in the London system this week.

DTR APTF forces launched a massive response, with reports of over fifty warships jumping into the London system in an attempt to make an intercept, but so far it seems as if both Pirate Large, and the captured freighter, have escaped in one piece.

*** Krell News ***

The following statement has been received:

Lord Goth has left the GTT in order to lead the KRL (30) affiliation. The circumstances surrounding his take over of the Bloody Fist Clan are murky at best. It has been stated by some of the survivors of the purges that "Warlord Goth is more Krell than most Krell".

Warlord Goth sends the following message from an undisclosed location:

"The Krell clan Bloody Fist is now in my control and is the voice of the Krell people. All former vendettas and actions while I was with the GTT are wiped clean as I look to improve the lives of my Krell Children. If you would like to work with us as we venture out into Galactic community, please feel free to contact me. I hope old enemies will be turned to new friends...." contact me at Gothingarn [at] yahoo [dot] com

*** Wanted, Soldiers and Scouts.

I'm looking to buy small quantities of Naplian Scouts and Naplian Soldiers, so if anyone is selling them or maybe rent out the BP's to me, as I don't want that many. Alternatively, would anyone want to go halves on a Naplian Soldier BP from Balmoral? I buy it, do my training, then sell it on?

Jon, QNG

***** From The Posting Boards *****

For those that think they are up to the challenge of understanding it, the formula for calculating shield depth is here:

And because it amuses me, here is the equation from David Bethel:

"Shield Depth=((Shield factors / (Surface Area*Shield Mod))^(0.5))*Shield Mod

if Shield Depth>Shield factors -> Shield Depth=Shield factors

Shield Mod = 50 for most ships there are some items that can change it and its net
effect is to make the shield depth tend towards it.

Surface area=8.0*((0.2 * Hulls + 0.8 * Cargo Space of Hulls)^0.666)

It that does not correlate I'll have another look - I'm just paraphrasing from the code. And this is only for ships."

Erratic battle report print out generation:

Thread for nice to have suggestions for new orders:

Officers information:


* Officers are no longer unique items in the game and carry all their individual information on their positions. They have no item number but can be transferred via the new pickup/deliver orders using the position based identifier.
Officers are displayed as
Officers Name (#1)
and you can use #1 (not 1) to refer to them in pickup/delivers. However the #id of the officer will change when they are transferred to another position, so it is not as final as transactions with normal items.
* Officers will lose their current experience and have it replaced with training points equal to their experience % that can be spend with a training complex visit (existing officers can do this order anywhere + its free).
* Training points are gained via civilian and naval activities. Each time any skills is raised by 1 lvl the training point to raise any skill in that category increase. Max skill lvl is 4.
* Skill point progression is 1/2/4/8/8/8......
So lvl 3 Navigation + Lvl 2 Leadership costs ([1+2+4]+[8+8])
* Training points are gained for combat and time spent on active starships
* The 'Train Officer' order allows experience points to be spent at starbase training complexes to train your officers. The cost is [500/1000/2000/4000] stellars for each lvl of training (10% goes to starbase owner).

Officer Experience
Combat Experience per battle is:

* Took damage: 1pt
* Took damage > 25dmg/surface area: 1pt
* Did damage: 1pt
* Did damage > 25dmg/surface area: 1pt
* Destroyed an enemy: 1pt

Civilian Experience is sometimes earnt during the cause of a turn (I am not being more specific).
Exp per officer = combat/Civilian Exp / (number officers) ^(1/2);
Exp is only gain on ships but works on other positions. Officer can spend skill points in civilian or naval.

Officer Naval Skills

* Dodge [+.5g dodge/lvl] (Ships only)
* Accuracy [+.5 acc/lvl]
* Fleeing [+.5g dodge when fleeing]
* Leadership [+5% crew factors per lvl]
* Sensors [+5% sensor power]
* Stealth [-5% Visible Surface Area/lvl] (Ships only)

Officer Civilian Skills

* Exploration [Flagged to GM]
* Trade [-1 Tus Transactions/lvl]
* Prospecting [-5% Tus/lvl]
* GPI [+25% GPI Sensor factors/lvl]
* Navigation [+5% man speed per lvl]
* Jumping [-5% Jump time per lvl]"


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
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07-04-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 14 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Conflict In Acropolis ***

The battle between the Consortium and Flagritz Empire ended in dramatic fashion this week, as the beleaguered Starbase seems to have succumbed to a vast explosion rather than accepting the FCN invitation to unconditionally surrender.

After an entire week of pounding from orbit, which saw the size of the FLZ base being steadily and dramatically reduced, the end came when a barrage of missile fire from the SMS warship Orca appears to have set off a stockpile of weapons, and early reports seem to indicate that the entire facility was vaporised, along with almost all of the defenders. Early reports of the blast seem to further indicate that it may have been a nuclear incident.

It is too early to say if this was a terrible accident, or a deliberate act of scorched earth sabotage.

However, the SMS have announced that the planet is now clear of all FLZ presence, and it is assumed that the conflict in Acropolis is now at an end.

What the future holds for the 32,000 strong civilian population, is however another matter, and we await now the first eye-witness reports from the planet surface, where the full extent of the destruction will become clear.

***Galactic Crest Securities(10)***

Press release

Earlier this week three GCS squadrons along with elements of both the GTT and IMP battlefleets entered orbit over a rebel, cnf base, which they had the cheek to establish within GCS territory.

It was a joy to behold as half the covering cnf fleet fled without firing a shot, and scurried into the imaginary protection of their own base. Leaving behind their comrades in arms to show that at least they knew how to die as over half the remaining fleet was reduced to derbis.

It appears that the cnf internal security convinced some of the cnf cowards that they had a better chance of survival by entering the combat on the second day, rather than cowering in their boltholes in the base. But there again maybe it was the massive amount of damage the base itself sustained that done the convincing. Either way a dozen rebel ships joined the battle in a vain effort to replace those already lost.

They staggered into orbit just in time to witness their final line of defence, their platform explode.

After two days of relentless bombardment our armada withdrew, leaving a smoking ruin of a rebel base, a wrecked platform and smashed rebel ships. Even the ships the rebels had abandoned in the starport, when their crews fled were dented.

The rebels should regard that as a warning and pack their bags and get out of GCS territory while they still can.

Ivan K. Grigorovitch
Officer commanding
Cappellan periphery

*** Krell Clan Rat Under Pressure ***

Conflict has continued against the KRT, with yet more KRT facilities and vessels falling to the Krell. The internecine Krell conflict appears to have spread however, with reports that SMS and FCN warships have joined in as part of a joint task force that levelled the KRT headquarters Krell Citadel on Warlords Seat. Many sources are commenting that the Storm system has become a free-fire zone for engaging KRT assets, as there is no clear indication of why the SMS have become involved.

The engagement of KRL assets against the KRT seems to be in direct contradiction of the new leader of the KRL, who was quoted recently as saying: "All former vendettas and actions while I was with the GTT are wiped clean as I look to improve the lives of my Krell Children."

We at the IGN have to thank the KRT authorities for allowing IGN reporters to have front-line access to all breaking news at it happens. Despite the fact that we have had to start paying said reporters significantly more danger money, as more and more firepower is levelled against beleaguered KRT forces.

*** KRT Vessel destroyed ***

An unarmed KRT coaster class freighter has been intercepted and destroyed by FCN marauders in the Storm system. There are no reported survivors.

*** Raiders In Solo ***

A Falconian freighter, the HFT Sunshine, was destroyed by a DNA ambush class cruiser in Solo this week, in violation of the systems neutrality.

With the neutrality of the Solo system already stretched past breaking point following the repeated Dominion attacks against DTR assets, and the continued DOM occupation of said assets, it remains to be seen how the AFT will respond to this event.

*** KST In Action ***

Reports have reached the newsroom that on 206.13.5 a GTT Torpedo boat attacked a KST freighter in the quad/orbital of Kastor. The freighter made a clean escape and the torpedo boat was hammered into very tiny bits by a strong KST patrol group.

Following this engagement a GTT strike fleet of 13 vessels moved to the battle location, where they engaged the KST patrol group. Reports indicate that both sides took roughly similar damage, with the GTT losing another Wren class torpedo boat, before the GTT fleet withdrew.

The KST authorities are announcing that they have successfully repulsed a massed strike and there have been scenes of jubilation amongst civilian populations that the KST appear to be regaining control of the Kastor system against the GTT incursors.

*** Imperial Announcement ***

FROM: Patrol Commissioner


Update on the recapture of the Pollux System off the DTR

The IMP are delighted to announce that the system of Pollux has been handed over in a victory celebration to the GCS as indicated in our last broadcast.

The remaining DTR positions on the asteroid have now been captured or completely destroyed and the control of the system is now felt to be as safe as can be expected at these early stages.

No further Imperial troops have died since the last broadcast in the bombardments, as the offensive capability of the DTR positions were nullified.

It is felt and hoped that the DTR and its allies realise that these systems captured by their forces, do not want to be under control of the aggressors, and that they wont return to the Pollux system as the peoples of the planets do now want them there.

Further updates will be broadcast on the development of any actions regarding the Pollux system.

*** Detinus Scouting Operations ***

Reports have been buzzing in across the wires of multiple air raid warnings over imperial facilities in four or five separate systems, as DTR scout ships have apparently been very active, with several having been reportedly destroyed by ground based weapons fire.

This has lead to increased speculation that the long-quiet DTR Stellar Armada might be moving into action at last.

*** News Flash ***

An IGN reporter on the ground near the ruins of Fessin Did-Achi alongside an SMS investigative team, has just confirmed that the explosion that destroyed the FLZ starbase was non-nuclear in origin.

Many deep breaths of relief have been heard throughout the Peripheries.

*** News Flash ***

Imperial naval forces are once again in action, this time against a Confederate base in the Trinity system, as the IMP continue their offensive in the Pollux/Trinity corridor.

However, the attack seems to have gone badly for them, as Imperial fire control computers suffered a Barn Door glitch, and after a very brief battle the Imperial forces withdrew at speed for no immediately apparent reason.

Confederate strategic analysts are understood to be scratching their heads.

*** News Flash ***

RIP vessel falls to Pirate ship Jolly Roger.

*** Imperial Outpost Applications ***

Contain yourselves.

Applications have been received to exploit the follow codes in the Madonna
system. Anyone already exploiting these codes should inform the Viceregal
Administration by Day 5 Week 14, indicating the celestial body on which they
are being exploited.

17379, 89732, 77896, 29223, 49775, 87001, 86581, 16190.

An application has been received to exploit code 91361 in the Capellan
system. Anyone already exploiting this code should advise the Imperial
Administration by day 5 week 14, including the celestial body on which it is
being exploited.

*** Pirate Large ***

Despite his lack of communications, Pirate Large is still very active, as in the last week he has taken a FET 100 light huller, a 40 normal hulled IND, the previously reported DTR freighter, and a HLQ 75 light huller.

*** Travel Advisory ***

FCN Vjun has destroyed another Independent vessel, the IND Kelly Bundy. All IND captains are cautioned to avoid FCN starbases unless they are certain approach will be safe.

*** Ships For Sale ***

The FET have announced a number of Pioneers have become available for sale to the general public at the price of 60,000 stellars.

Interested buyers should contact Kasumi Shinzawai sooner rather than later, as demand is very high indeed.

*** And Finally ***

The following item has been brought to our attention by Warlord Bridge of the QNG.

The Outpost 'Enigma' on Inversion was originally FGZ, then given to the KRL. It was then transferred to the KRT, whereupon it was invaded by the GTT, then handed over to the FCN, returned to the KRT before it was transferred to the QNG.

It is our opinion here at the IGN Newsrooms that this is something of a record.

***** Rumours *****

(Being an occasional collection of scurrilous rumours, half truths, strange and whispered tales from around the Peripheries. If you have a rumour you'd like to have included in the SSS, please contact The Editor.)

*** Missing ***

A vessel is said to have vanished in the Madonna system, disappearing from orbit with no warning or indication that something might have been wrong. Communications simply cut off, as the void claimed it.

*** Unidentified Flying Objects ***

Inhabitants of DTR system worlds are reporting many sightings of strange lights in the sky. The DTR ministry of defence has denied any involvement. Stories of abductions are spreading throughout isolated regions, with one popular satirical Detinus magazine claiming that Michelle Diaz has been taken over by an alien pod person.

*** Ship Of The Dead ***

A remote asteroid mining base has been said to have fallen to the pirate vessel Certain Death, the crew of the undead were recruiting, and the bodies of the fallen miners were carried onboard the black and rotting pirate ship, never to be seen again.

*** Renaming ***

The outpost Enigma has apparently been renamed by popular consensus to 'Bombsite'.

*** FET Freighters ***

Rumours are circulating that the FET Pioneers offered for sale recently are actually scale model replicas of Pioneers, that cost $3 to knock up in a FET sweatshop, only to be sold for an impressive $59,997 profit. It is hard to say for sure, but this does seem like exactly the sort of thing the FET would do.

*** Article ***

The following clipping has been run in several publications throughout the Peripheries, it's authenticity and true origin is unknown:

Pg. 37 - Lost and Found.

I appear to have mislaid 2500+ hulls of platform and shipping. Almost 2 million mass units of outpost and starbase and at least 15k+ troops. Last seen next to a Consortium training fleet. If found please return to:

c/o Flagritz Empire - Party of Strategic Planning.


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10-04-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 15 DAY 1  [Recruit]

***KJC Update***
Easter Bank Holidays
As per the usual arrangement, there will be no processing on Friday and Monday. There will be a double processing day on Thursday 13th and Tuesday 18th April.

Happy Easter to all our players.

17-04-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 16 DAY 1  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****
*** Doubt Cast On GCS Victory Claims ***

Following last weeks story regarding the GCS victory against a Confederate installation in Trinity, further details have been released to the press from an anonymous source, rumoured to be somewhere in the system:

"The GTT supported by their allies the GCS and Imperials launched a major 160 capitol ship attack on the Confederate/DTR installation previously Imperial in Trinity on stardate 206.14.2. Both sides have taken heavy losses to hulls and life from the GTT attack (The GTT and allies lost 1200 heavy and 660 normal hulls whilst the CNF have lost 1587 heavy hulls as of 3rd day fighting). Whilst the Confederate platform has been lost to overwhelming forces the starbase remains intact and functioning at optimal efficiency which is why the GTT and allies have had to pull out of orbit or face defeat, leaving 2 GTT and 1 GCS stragglers which were picked off at confederate leisure. The starbase and supporting ships have so far defended against the onslaught with no backup intervention from colleagues."

A further report concerning the action has come from the Imperial news agencies, who have been carrying the following press release from IMP central command:

An allied fleet led by the GCS attacked a CNF fleet parked in the orbit of Proton in the Trinity System this week. Over a two day battle a number of ships on both sides were destroyed and others damaged. The allies did not attain their primary objective of destroying all the CNF ships, mainly because a number were in the Starbase starport on the first day and so several allied Battle Groups were deprived of their targets. Almost all the allied losses and damage was delivered by the starbase, as had been expected. It is assumed that CNF ships are considerably larger than barn doors as one ten ship IMP Battle Group destroyed two 100 heavy hulled ships on the first day of battle. The starbase was attacked by two rail gun ships which reduced its size by 5.5% and not the 8-10% previously reported. Other ships engaging the starbase due to battle computers being erroneously set did little or no damage because of the high level of point defence.

*** Detinus Republic On The Offensive ***

After many months of mysterious silence, the DTR Stellar Armada has swung into action against Imperial-Bloc targets in the Trinity system, and throughout the Capellan system.

At time of press Detinus Nebulons appear to be in absolute control of all Capellan space outside of planetary orbits.

Initial casualty figures indicate that upwards of 25 imperial and Dominion vessels, mostly freighters and gunboats, have been destroyed, along with an IMP platform, and two Imperial outposts on Quellon.

There have been no Detinus casualties.

A small Confederate Task Force is rumoured to be operating alongside the DTR navies.

After four days of rampaging through the Capellan system, it does not appear as if the Imperial Navies are keen to bring the main DTR fleet to battle.

*** Bloodbath On Storm ***

This week has seen what may well be the last action in the short and violent history of the Krell Clan Black Rat. A huge contingent of the KRT, largely composed of civilian Militia, calling themselves the Krell Home Army, threw themselves at the Falconian Starbase, Vjun, where they were cut to shreds by a vast assembly of firepower, including nearly 5000 robotic defence bunkers, and significant orbital bombardment from nearby KRL and FCN warships.

The KRT fought bravely, and first hand reports of the battle indicate that even those civilian militia who were armed with nothing more than agricultural implements, threw themselves into the face of massed Falconian volleys.

The heavily fortified base Vjun is reporting very little damage, and it seems as if the installation is a permanent feature of the Krell homeworld.

*** Imperial Marines Capture Outpost ***

Imperial marines have stormed and captured a minor CIA outpost in the Darkfold Periphery, in an action that is certain to be embarrassing for the Confederate-bloc.

*** Cost Revealed ***

The recent Imperial ground assault against DTR installations in the Pollux system has recently been revealed as costing upwards of a quarter of a million stellars, according to an audit released by the IMP Tax Office.

*** Anti-Matter ***

Recent visitors to the planet Capella in the Capellan system have been reporting the presence of super-bright flashes of monumental energy release over the SMS starbase Little Italy. These energy signatures are compatible with the testing of weapons systems based on Anti-Matter, a destructive power that vastly overshadows the capability of nuclear weapons.

Worried observers also question whether or not the IRS damping field of Starbase command complexes would provide any protection against an Anti-Matter bomb.

The presence of this technology surely signifies a new arms race in the makings.

*** DNA Breaking The Law ***

Following last weeks attack against a FCN freighter in Solo, it seems as if the DNA have once again been violating neutrality laws by attacking an SMS Murmansk Class heavy cruiser in Yank.

It is understood that no shots were fired, even though a battle was triggered, indicating that the DNA vessel was carrying active enemy lists.

*** DNA Newsflash ***

Following last weeks destruction of a FCN vessel in Solo, the DNA Naplian News Network have been carrying the following story:

Lily Savage Reporting >

Orders were given to Naplian ship "Pimped up Cruiser" to mark and eliminate a FCN freighter for destruction at any cost. Intelligence identified it carrying a nuclear device presumably for Acropolis. Orders were carried out, to the sound of boom, boom, boom, shake your butt and the FCN ship reportedly exploded rather too easily. The Ambush Cruiser ship avoided sweeping warships as it selected the ghost button in preference to the volume button.

Reports indicated that the Ambush Cruiser had a high ranking officer on board, an indication of the importance of the mission. FCN communications lit up like Xmas tree after the strike, giving no doubt as to the importance of the cargo that had been lost.

Mad Max apparently spoke out in war council this week at the destruction by the Consortium of the KRT bases on Inversion. .. further details are unknown..

*** IND Vessel In Trouble ***

The IND SHIP ENTERPRISE NCC-1702-CL has apparently been impounded by RIP APTF officials for questioning. There has as yet been no word on why.

*** News Flash ***

Pirate Large has been spotted in the Audrey system.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Waiting for Tus:

Starbase Ground Forces reporting:

Changing the name of a squadron:

Orbital docks and sensor profile:

***** Message From The Editor *****

The QNG website address has been changed.

- Simon.


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21-04-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 16 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** One Of Our Planets Is Missing ***

The lead news story this week concerns a missing planet in the New Sussex system. The following communication has been received from the GTT:

"Map error.

The GTT wish to advise all shipping that the current map of the system New Sussex is wrong, deliberately misleading and downright dangerous.

There is no planet Coombes at sector B6, instead there is a massive asteroid field which should be regarded as a danger to navigation.

As our exploration has shown this asteroid belt is also highly radioactive and it appears that it is possible that someone using a massive advanced nuclear type of device has destroyed the planet.

It is our considered view that someone, probably the CNF who claim New Sussex, has been messing around with anti matter and got it badly wrong.

Although our investigations are still at an early stage we feel we must go public with this as soon as possible, due to its implied threat to mankind.

We invite all interested parties to come to New Sussex and carry out there own investigation into this failed CNF experiment.

Portha Agiadai."

Our reporters have been able to confirm that the planet Coombes has indeed vanished, and been replaced by an asteroid field that has already destroyed two Tempest class freighters.

When approached for comment, the Confederate authorities released the following statement:

"The CNF would like to formally repudiate any accusation or suggestion that it is responsible for the destruction of the planet Coombes in New Sussex. This action has been carried out without the knowledge of or sanction of the legitimate Confederate ruling body. We are currently conducting our own investigation into the matter and events here but it should be noted that GTT shipping was operating in New Sussex in violation of CNF laws and the event transpired only after initial GTT scouts were recently sighted.

The CNF would like it to be known that it views this as an attack on Confederate sovereign territory and will take retaliatory action against the transgressor which befits the crime of deployment of weapons of mass destruction against us.

Furthermore the CNF will remind any tempted parties that any kind of exploration, travel or other action in violation of terms of access agreements in any part of Confederacy space will be responded to accordingly. For the duration of our investigation beta 6 is otherwise off limits to shipping. We will be happy to share any information we gain in due course with the general public and would urge anybody who may know something of this event to come forward and speak to Confederate authorities."

It is understood that the planet Coombes had no native population, and was an airless barren planetoid hanging in space, however we cannot rule out that it played host to a secret weapons facility.

However, a number of sources have suggested that the destruction of Coombes might be entirely unrelated to weapons testing. Though we can at this point divulge no further information.

*** Suicidal Pirates ***

In one of the more bizarre stories we've ever reported, the pirate vessel Marie-on-Line has been destroyed in orbit of an SMS starbase in the Pegasus system.

Speculation is rife considering exactly what the pirate was doing there, the most likely explanation so far has been either a desire to commit suicide, or the belief that they had not been spotted.

Either way, a significant pounding from SMS assets soon sorted them out.

*** Detinus Republic Continue Tour ***

Following a brief cessation of hostilities during a phase of unusual subspace activity that rendered long distance communications impossible, the DTR Steller Armada have continued their rampage through Imperial space, continuing to engage targets with impunity throughout Capella, and on into the Pollux system, where an Imperial platform is understood to have been destroyed, along with several more Imperial-bloc vessels.

Independent analysts are asking just exactly how much longer the Imperial claim on the Pollux system will stand.

*** Pirate Large ***

A communication has been received from Pirate Large here at the IGN offices. It came wrapped in a package containing several bloody log books from the vessels reported lost:

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

Well I feels I is letting me victims down a bit by not publicisin me victories. I as been out there trying to nick thee ships, but as asn the time to tell yee all bout it. Anyways a brief run down of my pirate activity over the pas couple o weeks aye

FET 100 huller taken

A FET 100 huller was taken on stardate 206.12.3 after a shorts type o battle aye, it was a dragon name on board an it be 1 of many taken off what mus be 1 merchant arm o the FET. I is keen that this chap be in business as he be givin me is ships at knock down prices aye he be.

IND Ship taken in St Dismas

The IND ship revenge (99971) got a visit from Large him self and lost their ship to me in a few rounds o battle. I always loikes the IND vessels as they usually as differing species on board aye they do, an if differs me [censored] life a bit when I me [censored] [censored] in any available [censored] [censored]. This ship as humans which I as plenty of back ome, but some kastorians got the [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] the [censored] aye.

HLQ 75 huller taken in yank

A 75 light hulled ship was unlucky to be parked up in yank with a ful cargo o spy ships on board ready to deliver them to IMP space by the looks of it aye, before I comes along and shoves a blade frew the necks o the crewman on board. We as had some success recently against these poofs in the HLQ and I hopes to do more business wiv em in the near future.

Due to sensor ratios an the fact we ad to dispose of the several small scout ships we ad to chuck em out o the olds quick as it gives away me position.

DTR 150 Xlight huller taken

As reported in the SSS, me boys or should I say luckily for the DTR, me gals visited the Impossible Starlight (11501) in the London system. Wiv thigh boots donned, thongs loaded, and their vibrators ready, the combat starts. The DTR gaves me gals a shock as we usually wear this type o clothin, but the DTR senate wears what they likes, an me gals soon got their slim legs wrapped round some o the crewman, after half an hour of a [censored] they gives up and the big ship be ours. It is understood the gals o the ship as killed all but the cappan in a 2 weeks sex frenzy as the vessel is reported to belong to a senior member o the APTF. Still it could a been worse for em aye, if I had tooks em, they would have had [censored] the size o [censored].

FEL 75 huller taken in Audrey

The FEL ship The Court and Kitchen (95780) was taken on stardate 206.15.2 by me myself again visitin them for a short hack n slash. When I tolds me boys they be getting some pussy, they cleaned their teeth ready for the action, an action is what they gots, they been pickin hairs out o their teeth for a week now, but wive most o the crew of the FEL vessel livin, they got a taste o what us pirates can dish out.

No story this week, as the editor o the SSS as a great challenge in cutting bleeding great chunks out o me mail, so I is trying to gives him an easier life.

i is about to announce ransoms for cappans taken, i as plenty getting a good rogering at the minute, but they be gettin slack an i needs fresh meat. i will offer the cappans names an numbers shortly via the press.

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

*** Large Escapes ***

Details of a massed operation to attempt to intercept Large following his capture of the previously reported Detinus Republic freighter the Impossible Starlight have been leaked to the press.

These documents indicate that upwards of fifty Detinus Cruisers and patrol vessels descended on the London system, and ran multiple sweeps of the system that lasted for four days before the dejected captains and crew were recalled.

How pirate Large and his captive ship were able to elude detection remains a mystery.

*** Large Defeated ***

It hasn't all been plain sailing for Large however, as a rare defeat for his band of marauding pirates has been reported . The captain and crew of the CIA freighter Yehonala Tzu-Hsi has fought off a significant force of pirates from the PIR vessel Largish in the Darkfold system.

A compliment of CIA marines provided timely support to the crew of the CIA vessel, and the Pirates were forced back taking heavy casualties as they retreated to their own ship, before making good their escape before Confederate gunships arrived on the scene.

*** Imperial Navy Implicated In Piracy ***

A recent pirate attack has lead to accusations by the CIA that the Imperial-bloc are in league with the dreaded Pirate Large.

A low-profile Imperial St Clair Class sensor ship was spotted vacating the scene of a pirate boarding attempt, leading to the suggestion that the Imperial navy is either directly backing pirate Large, or supplying him with up to date tactical information on ship movements.

This allegation has been strenuously denied by Imperial sources. And indeed it should be noted that the Imperial Stellar Patrol have had a representative on the APTF since that organisation was founded, indicating that the IMP have been very active in hunting for pirates.

*** Imperial Announcement ***

The following press release has been issued:


FROM: Patrol Commissioner
Press Release

REF: Pollux system

The DTR, the people whom make us believe that they liberate systems have again entered the Pollux system and started attacking the GCS.

It was stated before and I hope that the DTR them selves realise that the citizens of the Pollux system do not want to be under DTR rule, infact they probably have no desire to be under IMP rule. But GCS rule.

We liberated the system and handed over control back to the owners.

If the DTR do have votes and do "Care" about the citizens and persons in the systems that they seem to be hell bent on attacking, then they must realise that they don't want them there.

I hope the GCS can hold off he aggressors successfully and the DTR realise they are not wanted there.


According to a report received by one of our offices, there are conflicting reports from the people of the Pollux system, with some indicating that they do indeed wish to exist under Imperial law, while other reports indicate they seek self-determination.

*** Krell Crisis ***

Following the recent desperate attack against the Falconian base in Storm, a few more details have come to light concerning the details of this desperate and suicidal assault by the Black Rat clan.

The militia defence force are understood to have rallied behind a promise of avenging the Falconian betrayal of the Krell peoples, many leaflets have been recovered carrying the phrase, 'If you would ever have your kin live on a world where you may walk and breath free, here or elsewhere, rally NOW!'

Most the militia were made up of a Krell warband that had recently been disbanded, eager to kill what they call Krell sell-outs that had betrayed the Krell and flocked to the FCN banner.

Wherever the truth of this matter lies, it is clear that a significant proportion of the Krell race consider the FCN presence on their homeworld to be an armed and unwelcome occupation.

*** News Flash ***

The DTR have destroyed the Imperial facility that holds the claim to the Pollux system.

*** News Flash ***

Multiple DTR raiders and scouts have engaged targets throughout Imperial space.

***** Special Report *****

Following last weeks revelations concerning the research into Anti-Matter weapons by the SMS, a number of sources wishing to remain anonymous have contacted the IGN newsrooms with further information regarding Anti-Matter weaponry.

Our sources have indicated that a number of prototype Anti-Matter based warheads have already been test-detonated, including a number of detonations above Starbases.

From the results of the data that our science correspondent has gone over, it seems as if ISR Fields do have a dampening effect on Anti-Matter explosions, just as they do on Nuclear explosions, channelling off the energies into subspace. Thus leading to a significant sense of relief, that we are happy to pass on to civilians throughout the Peripheries. However, we do understand that the effect of the explosion, and the associated energy pulse, would have catastrophic effects on unshielded targets, including civilian population centres.

With these weapons being apparently of very little use against Starbases, we do have to question why research is being done into a weapon system that seems primarily designed for attacking soft targets.

We have also been informed that several more governments and organisations are conducting anti-matter weapons research.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

--- Queens Haven (27588) public market advertisement ---

Are you scared of Pirate Large? Don't be afraid anymore - our Kastorian
marines are specifically trained to fight the pirate scum.

Whatever the military need is we at Queens Haven are ready to fulfil them.
We specialise in military equipment that can be used both defensively and
offensively, but most importantly, they can be used to blow up stuff!

Each week we add the following to our market:

*** 10 Assault Tanks (833) *** 5 Patches (45) *** 5 combat Engine
mkIIs(165) *** 10 Thrust Engine mkIIs (161) *** 40 Light Photon Guns (300)
*** 5 Shuttles (803) *** 4 Heavy Battle Tank mkIIs (830) *** 5 Armour
Plates (450) *** 15 Robotic Defence Bunker mkIIs (841) *** 30 Kastorian
Marines (634) *** 10 Light Tanks (821) *** 20 Gatling Lasers (215) *** 10
Ablative Armour Plates (460) *** 25 Space Interceptor mkIIs (243) *** 20
Shield Generators (119) *** 25 Shields (115) *** 3 Fighter Bays (238) ***

NEW!!! Market updated - As of this week we also add the following items:

10 Artillery mkII (811) at 59 stellars AND 5 Space bombers (250) at 99

Queens Haven is interested in buying both regular and unique trade items.
Contact the governor and work out a deal that will benefit you as well as
the starbase.

Contact information: The governor can be contacted at

peter [at] norberg-gbg [dot] com

Starbase location: The planet Mobile Bay in the Yank system.

Queens Haven - When you want the best!

--- End of advertisement ---


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

28-04-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 17 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***KJC Update***
Mayday Bank Holiday
Due to the bank holiday, as per usual, there will be no processing on Monday a double run on Tuesday 2nd May.

***** Inter-Galactic Krell News Special *****

*** Shock Resignation ***

Our lead item this week is the stunning news that the head of the GTT, Portha Agiadai, has left that organisation. The following press release has been issued by the GTT department of information:

"The GTT head Portha Agiadai is on his way to the Inner Empire with elements of the GTT battle fleet and ground forces to ease the merge with the GCS. We in the GTT feel this mission will reap great rewards and benefits for both companies, reuniting them after to long apart.

While this can not be done over night Portha Agiadai feels he might be away for a very long time and the GTT will be serve better by a new head. To that effect Ian Jordan as left the COH and will use his experience to guide the GTT through these difficult times. No major changes are planned in GTT policy at this time though there will be some internal reorganising going on.

Anyone with any question about deals treaty etc should contact this office to confirm that it has been passed over."

With new leadership, a new age has dawned throughout the Peripheries, particularly throughout the Imperial-Bloc. And only time will tell where this development leads.

*** Mysterious Transmission ***

The following broadcast has been received from an as yet unconfirmed source:

The vid screen is filled with screens of carnage and devastation. Images are shown one after another, fields of bodies on spikes amidst the ruins of a city. Krell Warbands flocking to the home of the Imperial Dynasty on Inversion. Some responding to the call from the self proclaimed First Warlord of Storm, Mace Death, whilst others are
travelling to tear that crown from his head. Medical facilities and cultivated regions,
recently established by the Falconian administration, are seen to be burning. A few
dedicated fire control teams attempt to maintain the damage as best they can...


Tanks are seen rolling by their thousands. Bodies and trophies trapped to the fronts of their battering rams. Some of the bodies don't look quite as dead as the others...
Two tanks almost collide over the rough terrain so the Commanders decide to settle things by blasting each other to pieces, the victor rejoins the column and moves on...


A darkened dome covered in a mixture of Falconian and Krell glyphs drawn in fresh blood. The camera is panned somewhat nervously around the room until it finally rests upon a large Falconian seemingly asleep in its centre... It turns itself slowly to face the camera and with a subtle flick of its feathers the lights in the room raise slightly. The Falconian is in a heavily modified flax, obviously for combat rather than comfort due to the extra maneuvering jets attached to it.

The being holding the camera approaches cautiously and seemingly kneels a few distance units from the Falconian. Seemingly content with the placement of the recording device the Falconian leans forward eyes closed and is finally seen in full light. It is the Once-Emperor of Falconia, Harkon, battle scarred with what seems to be radiation burns across its face. In a slow deliberate movement the creature moves one of its claws into a clear view of the camera, clasped within is what seems to be a med-pack. "My right talon brings life" it finally speaks. With another casual movement it reveals its left claw, dripping with blood "My left talon brings death." The camera is nervously moved back slightly. The Falconian opens its eyes, the glow a baleful red in the artificial light of the room "My eyes bring vengeance."

####transmission terminated####

*** War Breaks Out On Inversion ***

Tensions on the surface of Inversion between the FCN and KRL have finally boiled over. It began last week with the following transmission from the Bunker of Warlord Goth, Bloody Fist Tribe (KRL):

"For far too long the Krell have been slaves to the Falconian Empire. The Bird-men claim to be there at the invitation of the Krell but this is not true. We will no longer stand for the insult of their occupation of our homeworld... They must leave now....

This terse announcement was followed by a massed assault as the KRL attacked a FCN outpost and platform using 100HH and 50HH warships, along with their starbase, Ground Zero.

Heavy damage was inflicted upon the outpost and platform, along with reportedly moderate damage to Ground Zero itself. In the meantime, large numbers of Krell troops, both regulars and civilian militia, have been mobilising, in what can only be assumed to be a repeat of the doomed KRT assaults against FCN positions of recent weeks.

The following day several squadrons of SMS heavy cruisers, along with FEL and FCN warships turned up and commenced a blockade of Inversion, with the intention of preventing the conflict from spreading. The SMS stated that they would not fire on the Krell or their homeworld, but would defend their allies within the system.

An IGN reporter stationed with the SMS Heavy Cruiser contingent can confirm that this was indeed the case, and the SMS had no intention of entering orbit to commence bombardment of Krell positions.

However, a number of Krell vessels came out to engage them, in a singularly one-sided encounter that saw impossibly brave Krell warship crews engaging a vastly superior force. Initial reports indicate that upwards of a dozen Krell vessels were destroyed, and more may have been destroyed as they attempted to withdraw.

An initial assessment of the naval engagement by the SMS Admiralty suggests that the Krell navy has more or less ceased to exist as a viable force, and that the rest of this conflict will be fought out on the surface of Inversion, with the Falconians holding the strategically critical orbit of the world.

22 SMS crew are understood to have been killed in the battle.

Accurate reports from Inversion are at this point hard to come by, but it is understood that conflict is continuing as we go to press.

*** Warlord Goth Issues Statement ***

From the Bunker of Warlord Goth, Bloody Fist Tribe (KRL):

"Most beings of the peripheries know or care little about the Krell. This is understandable because they do not have the power to even control their own homeworld. We will not try to convince anyone that we are a noble race, we are primitive by most standards.

There is a horrible reality that has gone hidden for many years. The Falconians have taken over our world and run it by their own whim. They gather what little population there is into "camps" by their base and force the population to buy everything from them. They allow no contact between these concentration camps and the "feral" Krell population outside the ghettos.

We have told the Falconians that we no longer need their "protection" and were threatened with genocide.

As of today, The Krell have decided to fight. We would rather die fighting than live as slaves. We will wait to see if the Falconians can handle the tiny Krell slaves by themselves or if they do indeed need the SMS to once again do their fighting for them. Whatever the case, we will fight to the death and hurt the Falconians and anyone who supports them in any way possible.

We have invited the SSS reporters in to witness the genocide of the Krell race...."

Our reporters are en-route to the Storm system as we go to press. And the Falconian Emperor, Harkon, has refuted most, if not all, of the Warlords claims, as well as issuing a chilling retort that "of course you wont be around long enough to see that now. I have instructed the Grim Reaper clan and their Warlord Mace Death that they now have free reign in the response to this attack... This wont be for the squeamish."

*** Detinus Warfleet Moves On ***

The depredations carried out by the DTR Stellar Armada over the previous two weeks appears to have come to an end, with their guns falling silent and their warships disappearing once again into the dark.

The Imperial news wire is carrying the following story:

"The blockade of several major allied installations in the Capellan system was lifted as the DTR Fleet and CNF flotilla moved on. They attacked and destroyed a GCS platform and wiped out the tattered remains of their old outpost in Pollux. Elements of the IMP Ground Party that destroyed the outpost were destroyed before their withdrawal could be completed but the bulk of the IMP Ground Forces has already been withdrawn."

Relating to this, the IMP news wires have also released a story regarding the DTRs stay in Capella:

"Having arrived too late to bail out their CNF Running Dogs in Trinity a very large DTR fleet with a small CNF flotilla in attendance have spread themselves out in groups of 130 plus ships around the Capellan System, blockading the planets with major Allied installations and destroying a small IMP observation platform in the process. Three heavily damaged warships returning from Trinity for repairs stumbled over them on the first day and were destroyed along with some passing freighters. Since then some more freighters have been attacked, one dumped cargo and escaped, others, including a Space Liner on a mission to transport hundreds of civilian employees between starbases, were destroyed."

An anonymous Detinus source has stated that it is deeply unfortunate that a civilian transport was hit, but that the warship captain involved in the engagement understood the freighter to be carrying marines, on a boarding operation.

*** Imperial Victories ***

The IMP raiding Fleet that has seen such great successes throughout the Darkfold Periphery has been in action again this week. Several CIA warships and a CNF freighter have been destroyed in several small skirmishes. With the Confederacy apparently having no reply.

*** COH News ***

With the departure of Ian Jordan, we understand that the COH have reverted to HVE, and a new leader has come to the fore.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit code 61341 in the Audrey system. Anyone already exploiting this code in Audrey should inform the Viceregal Administration by day 5 week 17, indicating the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code 32384 in the Audrey system.
Anyone already exploiting this code in Audrey should inform the Viceregal
Administration by day 5 week 17, indicating the celestial body on which it
is being exploited.

*** Reporting Error ***

Last week we reported that the Imperial outpost holding the system claim to the Pollux system had been destroyed by the DTR. This was not in fact the case, and we apologise for providing incorrect information.

At time of writing, the Pollux system remains in Imperial hands.

*** The Krell Crisis ***

The continuing crisis on Inversion has won the attention of several independent journalists. We are happy to provide the thoughts and perspectives of Mr Steven Rhodes, an entirely independent journalist operating outwith the IGN:

"The following is an opinion based on the reports reviewed here on this forum. There are some serious questions being asked by both sides. And appearances to the rest of us may not be the way things really are.

1. Apparently there is a disagreement on who is protecting the interests of the beings of storm.
2. The FCN are trying to protect these people within this system. They do this by making war against the Krell.
3. The Krell claim they are the ones trying to protect the people.
4. The results being, so far, that the real ones suffering are the People of the system.
5. The SMS and FEL. When they allied with the FCN did they intend to be fighting a war against someone skilled in tactics and guerrilla warfare? One who was willing to sacrifice anything and everything for his cause?
6. Like him or not, the bloody gothic fist is making fools out of the FCN right now.
7. Yet, in their behalf, what are they to do? They could join with the SMS and FEL and wipe Goth out in three days battle if they wanted. But at what cost? The very lives they're trying to protect.
8. The SMS and FEL are unfairly being involved in this, but I'm not sure that the FCN is to blame for that.
9. Goth can be defeated, but again, at what cost? The FCN could back out in the interests of humanity, but then, if they are right in their claims, that would be leaving Storm open to Tyranny. If Goth backed out he would feel that we were branding him a coward, and that the beings (victims?) of Storm would be taken into slavery. Again, the beings of storm are the ones who suffer.

It is this reporters opinion that this war, like most other wars are stupid. The problem in this one though is that there very likely may be a good guy and a bad guy, but no one knows which group that is, yet.

*** Special Report - Krell History Lesson ***

Courtesy of Admiral Michael Bridge the Warlord of Krell Clan Nemesis who has now joined the QNG, we are able to provide his perspective on the history of the current Krell crisis:

"A History lesson, for those who were not present at the time. A few years ago, the DNA and FCN both had colonies on Inversion, and no independent KRL affiliation existed. Both affiliations claimed to work in the best interests of the Krell race, and neither trusted the other. I, as a member of the DNA, spent some time and effort keeping the peace between Mad Max and Emperor Harkon. Max also suggested a planet-wide vote to see who should rule, and went as far to research Voting Booths, for distribution over the planet. (To be sure, voting would be more complicated than with other species. The Krell are not democratic by nature, being split into autonomous clans independent of all other, with no single unifying authority.)

Nobody else, it seemed, was interested in the concept. As DNA:FCN relations were becoming increasingly tense, and I was growing increasedly concerned that war would break out on Inversion, over which affiliation truly acted in the Krells interests, I chose to leave the DNA, and refund the KRL, so I could support the Krell wholeheartedly, without any conflict of interests. I freely admit that I did not lead the Krell the way they expected. I rebuilt the society, gave the Krell their longest uninterrupted period of peace in their history, and researched ways to terraform their homeworld back to it's pre-apocalyptic state. I had hoped after I left with my adoptive clan, that they would have learnt the benefits of peacefully rebuilding, but I am not the first to underestimate Krell ferocity.

I am afraid I cannot take sides in this. I understand Clan Bloody Fist's desire to be in charge of their own planet - it is completely in keeping with Krell psychology. However, I also understand the time and effort the Falconian Empire has invested in Inversion, including a lot of restoration and relief work, and they also have a warrior ethos. I still have the terraforming information, which I have freely given, and will continue to give to any interested party on Inversion. I also still have 1000 MU's of Voting Booth, if anyone still wants to try that. I would only ask Warlord Goth and Emperor Harkon to please try and resolve their differences peacefully, one last time."

*** Krell Referendum ***

The issue of holding a referendum amongst the Krell people as suggested, originally by the Ex Krell leader Michael Bridge, has found favour amongst many governments who struggle to understand where the truth lies in the morass of claims and counter-claims surrounding the conflict on Inversion.

Warlord Goth, current leader of the free Krell, has publicly announced that he would be prepared to adhere to the results of a referendum amongst the Krell people, regarding who they wish to control their homeworld, the Falconian Empire, or the Krell. However, both the Falconian Empire and the Felini have declared that such a referendum is impossible and unwelcome, and that they have no intention of holding one.

*** Rich Spoilt Teenaged Girls ***

The following transmission has been received from the Naplian News Network:

Mad Max Speaks out on the Krell issue

a.. The DNA War council have indisputable evidence of the Falconians attacking the Krell in Yank. FCN ships in Yank can expect retaliation for their strikes against the Krell in Yank.

b.. The Falconian's are perpetrating genocide and slavery against the Krell and the civilians in Storm as well.

c.. Least we forget the Krell. The DNA have not.

d.. Any affiliation identified trading weapons with the FCNs has blood on their hands, and one a day a spear through their chest. Every FCN trade and freighter is being watched any carrying weapons will be attacked. If you trade military items with the FCN's you can expect appropriate retaliation on your home soil.

e.. To prevent the spread of WoMDs and to support the on-going military trade embargo against the FCN's - Please send any daily detailed scans of Falconian ships anywhere with last known location to madmax [at]

f.. In other breaking news - A number of DNA ships entered Felini Controlled Leonis un-harmed this week to capture significant information on a Felini starbase. One Naplian life was lost to bring this information.

g.. Finally Mad Max calls the SMS immoral for whining like rich spoilt teenage girls about a DNA warship giving an SMS warship the bird in Yank, carrying active lists for at least a nano second. The SMS turn a convenient blind eye as their FCN allies commit evil atrocities in Yank and Storm every second, of every hour of every day, with their immoral blessing. The SMS should be thankful the DNA is not targeting them just yet.

Mad Max DNA Immortal Chief.

*** News Flash ***

A breaking story indicates that a major power may have been implicated in the atrocities of Pirate Large. More details as we receive them.

***** Special Report *****

Lord Lawrence Scrimm the CIA Intelligence Director this week delivered a rare lecture in the heart of the Confederacy regarding the ongoing Krell Situation. We at the IGN are happy to be able to scam it off the airwaves and reprint it here without paying any royalties whatsoever.

Subject: The Krell Situation - an outsiders perspective

Much of what has been occurring on Inversion is of little consequence to me, so I have not been following the situation as closely as I would like. That being said, there are some interesting historical similarities that present themselves.

1) The Krell were a warlike, pre-spaceflight race, balkanized into clans striving for control of Inversion.

2) Aliens came to Inversion claiming to aid and uplift them to civilized status within the peripheries (whether they wanted it or not). This resulted in the Krell attaining spaceflight.

3) When the Krell sought their own 'homerule' the aliens that came to Inversion to uplift the Krell were unwilling to let them do so, for their own good apparently. As a result, War breaks out. The technologically advanced aliens and their allies outnumber and outgun the Krell, forcing the Krell to adopt 'non-conventional' tactics.

I realize that this observation is highly paraphrased, yet I hope that it serves to illustrate that the FEL and KRL have more in common than either side would like to admit. I sincerely hope that history will not repeat itself in this instance...

There will be those that will grasp upon what I say for political gain and propaganda purposes to further their own agendas - that is not the purpose or intent of my observation. My intent is to illustrate the commonality of the situation so that the warring factions of Inversion can be brought together at the negotiating table to work out a solution that, if not amenable, is at least fair to all involved parties.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Market Error ***

The Brood Master has got his finger / feathers / whatever twisted again... He does not use these forums but asked for the following message to be passed on:

I would like to request that no-one tries to sell Red Beak Feathers (30403) to Fessin Rahm (664). There should have been a market requirement for a quantity of 5000 at $9 stellars a piece, not the current market requirement for a quantity of 9 at $5000 a piece! This shall be sorted ASAP.

*** VSQ ***

Would a representative of the VSQ kindly contact Senator Jerusalem via the Editor contact address listed below, on a matter of extreme urgency.

***** Message From The Editor *****


There was an absolute ton of news this week. I think I've probably not managed to cover anything, but, apologies in advance if I've gotten anything totally wrong.



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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

09-05-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 19 DAY 2  [Recruit]

Supace Static Continued....

Tuesday 25th
Week 17
>TU 156: Special Action {...} {...}
The Captain and crew of the Political Advisor will map the nuclear strike locations on Brighton in an effort to determine precisely how many WoMD were utilized, of what general type and approximately how long ago the deed was performed. The ship will also perform corona scans of the Gas Giant in an effort to determine if there is a danger to planetary populations located on the moons surrounding the Gas Giant.
Investigation/New Sussex/Brighton/Level of Attack From scans of the upper atmosphere of the giant, the team suspect that the level of attack must have been in the region of 500 nuclear weapons. Without an ISR field, this damage would have been around the 50 Million mark. While devastating enough the team suspects that there must have been some other trigger mechanism that caused the atmosphere to boil out smashing Coombes. The team note that meteorites are still raining down on the moons although these are now relatively small and burn up in the atmosphere - the danger has now passed. They are however, likely to prove a navigation hazard
for some time to come as the larger rocks break down to smaller rocks.

>TU 156: Special Action {...} {...}
The ship will direct it's sensors at the HVE Emperors Scimiter (31619) - specifically the hull housings - scanning for radiation exposure and meteoric impacts that would be consistent with the nuclear detonations that occurred on Brighton in New Sussex and also to take a radiological 'fingerprint' of the craft that would place it at the location should it indeed be the culprit.
Special Action/HVE Emperor Scimitar (31619)/Damage from Asteroids The ship is looking fairly battered. This is consistent with moving through an asteroid field although there is very little residual radiation. By the same token however it is likely that after launch the ship would have moved to the far side of the planet's orbit and was probably saved by the body of the planet from exposure. The ship is certainly looking suspicious.

>TU 156: Special Action {...} {...}
With Hive permission, board the HVE Ship Emperors Scimiter (31619). Investigate the 123 WoMD Launchers (2050) to confirm that they have been recently used and what type of weapon was launched.
Special Action/HVE Emperor Scimitar (31619)/WoMD Launchers The inspection of the ship reveals a large gap that presumably once housed a number of launchers. These could have been standard launchers although detailed scans previously indicate that they had been rigged to fire WoMD consistent with ones that were fired into Brighton. There is residual radiation, only detectable at close quarters also consistent with the storing of nuclear weapons. It is not looking too good for the innocence of the crew.

>TU 156: Special Action {...} {...}
Conduct a search of the ships data banks to discover where the WoMD were picked up from.
Special Action/HVE Emperor Scimitar (31619)/WoMD Launchers From the records the ship never picked up any items although it did accept a delivery of various 'goods' some for installation. These were from an unidentified COH ship. The mass is consistent with a lot of launchers and nukes.

IC Letter from the GTT
This is an announcement from the GTT department of information.

The GTT head Portha Agiadai is on his way to the Inner Empire with elements of the GTT battle fleet and ground forces to ease the merge with the GCS.

We in the GTT feel this mission will reap great rewards and benefits for both companies, reuniting them after to long apart.

While this can not be done over night Portha Agiadai feels he might be away for a very long time and the GTT will be serve better by a new head. To that effect Ian Jordan as left the COH and will use his experience to guide the GTT through these difficult times. No major changes are planned in GTT policy at this time though there will be some internal reorganising going on.

Anyone with any question about deals treaty etc should contact this office to confirm that it has been passed over.

Yours. Ian Jordan

Wednesday 26th
Week 17
Letter from the HVE Leadership (formerly COH)

Greetings, your Excellency

At first we did not believe the allegations brought against us by your holiness and the free people of the Confederacy.

But after studying the data you sent us in detail, we found more than a few inconsistencies. For one, the ship in question was not supposed to be in this region of space.

After we retrieved the flight recorder and decrypted the mission orders, it became clear that the ship had received its orders directly from the Emperors office; it was to rendezvous with another unidentified vessel in a region of space near New Sussex.

Unfortunately the recordings weren't complete as the device had been severely damaged by asteroids.

Due to the seriousness of the situation I have had an audience with the Emperor to discuss the matter in detail. It seems that while the mission carries the seal of the Emperor, the Emperor had no prior knowledge of any such mission. The Emperor therefore immediate dispatched the royal elite drones to arrest the few trusted officers who had access to the command centre the day in question.

Everyone was accounted for, except for one officer; the Emperors personal adviser Ian Jordan, a former employee of the Galactic Transport & Trade. Ian Jordan was assigned as personal adviser 6 months ago, as he had proven to be a talented negotiator for the Children of Hexos. He was therefore hired to further human and hive relation.

Unfortunately we have not been unable apprehend Ian Jordan as he has fled our colony. Rumour has it that he has returned to the GTT and has been assigned a top position within their ranks.

Although we can not prove that Ian Jordan was directly involved in this tragedy, everything points in that direction. Why else would he flee? Why did he get a high ranking position with the GTT immediately after? The hive does not know how to produce nuclear weapons, the GTT does. He is the only person not accounted for the day the mission was carried out.

It is our belief that Ian Jordan acted on the behalf of GTT, and that his position as 'adviser' for the Emperor was a cover. It seems that the GTT wanted to execute a dubious plan to nuke the moon of Coombs and then blame it on the hive.

What we don't understand however, is why? Why was it so important for the GTT to destroy that moon? As far as our records show, the moon was an inhospitable and barren world with no obvious value. Why would they go to such extraordinary lengths to destroy it?

We regret this incident every occurred. But let it be known, the hive denies any responsibility for the destruction of Coombs. The drones onboard the Emperors Scimiter are not to blame, they simply carried out orders as they are suppose to - no questions asked.

It is our hope that we can solve this crisis in a peacefully manner, and that the free people of the Confederacy and the children of the True One can see that the hive has been set up.

The hive awaits your response...

Yours sincerely, Teuciidae Xaerr
Hive Swarm Lord

Thursday 27th
Week 17
>TU 156: Special Action {...} {...}
The Sidelong Glance will use all available sensors to scan the location surrounding the HVE Ship Emperors Scimiter (31619) and correlate with last known trajectories to attempt to locate the 123 WoMD launchers in deep space (based upon the assumption that they were jettisoned from the ship)
Special Action/HVE Emperor Scimitar (31619)/WoMD Launchers The sensors reveal chunks of metal and various ices that may have been hydraulic fluids in the region of space near the ship. These could well be the remains of WoMD launchers. Presuming that the WoMD were jettisoned, they were removed in the standard hack and dump manner so as to preserve the integrity of the ship. Also when jettisoning something, it tends to swiftly drop of sensors due to being very small and rapidly moving away from the ship due to lack of friction and gravity. There is certainly nothing to salvage - just a lot of circumstantial evidence.

>TU 156: Special Action {...} {...}
The Political Advisor will investigate what other possible trigger mechanism could have caused the Gas Giants upper atmosphere to boil off and destroy the moon Coombes. This will be cross-indexed with information coming from the CNF and BHD wrt the location of the TCA Nymph growing within Brighton. The COH have already indicated that they destroyed the Nymph, the purpose of this investigation is to determine if the use of Nuclear Weapons was the method by which said destruction occurred and if there were unforeseen consequences of said action resulting in the loss of Coombes, or whether a prudent individual would be able to infer that large scale destruction would be the result.
Investigation/Brighton/Method of Destruction
It is clear from the residual radiation that a concentrated blast of hundreds of nuclear strikes aimed at a specific location succeeded in causing a cascade reaction that ripped through the atmosphere causing the outer envelope to boil into space. The icy moon Coombes was unfortunately directly above the plume and melted before being scattered by the surging tidal gravitational forces and internal jets caused by boiling gases. It could however be argued that the timing was specific... The team suspect that the presence of the TCA crche may well have proved part of the trigger mechanism behind the cascade.

The GTT and Ian Jordan have strenuously denied their involvement in this matter. The Inter-Galactic News have set up a poll where you can cast your vote regarding this matter, proceed to:

And indicate whether or not you think that Ian Jordan has a case to answer.

There will no doubt be more on this story in next weeks edition, but for now our printing department are informing us that we have badly gone over our transmission budget for this week.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Mercenaries For Hire ***

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (sorta)

Do you have enemies you cannot reach? People you would love to kill?

Do you need pleasure slaves, slaves, naplians or meklans to fullfill your fantasies?

Do you have a drug habit? Or would you like one?

Then I have a deal for you.

We take contracts for hits on anyone.

We can supply you with most drugs from the known universe.

Pleasure and death is our business.

Contact VSQ Ruath 36531 for information.

*** Cash Wanted ***

The Krell have been granted a substantial amount of stellars from a group who wish to help but need to stay anonymous. We now have the financial ability to lease warships if there are still organizations out there who wish to make some easy money. The fleets I am up against are poorly designed (I will send the weapons configurations to interested parties) so I won't need more than 20-30 warships to break the blockade of my homeworld (depending on your ship config).

Please respond with prices and terms.

Warlord Goth
Bloody Fist Tribe (KRL)

(Of course, discretion is always maintained)


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:
Phoenix Board:
KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
KJCs Phoenix Trade Forum:
IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

10-05-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 19 DAY 3  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Krell Referendum ***

The issue of a referendum being held on Inversion to determine who the Krell peoples wish to be in charge of their planet - the FCN or KRL - appears to have died, with absolutely no interest being shown in such a solution by the FCN Empire.

Warlord Goth released the following statement regarding the issue:

"We did not ask for voting until you and your Tyrant claimed that more than 50% of the Krell population supports the FCN on Inversion. I say that this is an outright lie, if it were not a lie, a vote would be an easy way to prove me wrong. Simple.

The Krell are voting right now by joining my ground forces by the tens of thousands...can you say the same? Even knowing that you will try to slaughter them, freedom from you is that valuable to them.

If I were in your shoes I would simply admit the truth and be done with this moral high ground you seem to need. Just admit that your "consortium" is a bully organization that will exploit any weaker race/affiliation as long as there is no risk of losing... There, that would end the chatter."

Despite this brazen challenge, the Falconians have not picked up the gauntlet, and the battles on Inversion continue.

*** Krell Forces destroy numerous Falconian Ground Parties ***

Krell forces are claiming the following victories this week:

"Apparently, the Falconians believed that almost a week of non-stop bombardment was enough to weaken the resolve of the Krell freedom fighters, they were wrong.

2 Falconian armies attacked our base ground zero and were destroyed... Not all was lost though, rumours abound that there was a large barbeque after the battle was over....extra crispy!!!"

However, our reporters understand that given overwhelming FCN firepower, the battle has not been going the way of the plucky under-equipped Krell.

*** Ground Zero Falls ***

As we go to press, it seems as if the battle for Inversion is winding down, with the Falconian Empire having successfully destroyed the Krell base, Ground Zero. With most normal communications links down, Warlord Goth has managed to transmit the following via Subspace News Links:

"It is a sad day for the Krell race... The only Krell starbase on our Homeworld was finally destroyed today. The brave Krell who died there today in the hope of a better tomorrow will be remembered through the ages.

The future of the Krell is in doubt. We refuse to live as slaves and now we are paying the price. There will be no outside help as the affiliations that do have the power, do not have the will to help free us.

As we watch the last hopes of freedom fade, we wonder what it would take to make the big powers of the universe do something honourable instead of just in their own self-interest. No matter, we knew the risks when we made the run for freedom, we can only hope to go down fighting...."

It is understood a number of aid convoys are in the process of disembarking and heading to Inversion. Small scale skirmishes continue, but it seems as if organised Krell resistance has been crushed.

*** Pirate Spotted In Wastelands ***

The pirate vessel HMS Blacky launched an unsuccessful boarding attempt against a Felini freighter in Wastelands earlier this week Despite significant military response, the pirate managed to successfully sneak away.

*** FCN Repossess KRT Asset ***

Osidiradadumpf, spokesfalconian for the FCN Empire has announced that the starbase Dark Angel has now been returned to FCN hands after it's fraught lease/handover to the KRT. The following statement was issued:

Its a good day for traders all over the Peripheries... FCN Dark Angel (#12440) is again back into FCN hands. For the last couple of months this base was leased to the Clan Black Rat, but after some disputes the KRT decided that it would keep the base.

Of course the FCN didn't agreed with this and filed an complaint with the controlling forces within Yank. The Military Junta agreed with the FCN that the occupation of the KRT of this base was illegal and allowed the FCN to use ALL military means necessary to retake or destroy the base.

The Kastorian Military Junta give official permission to seek a military solution to the KRT situation.

FCN was counting on this and was already in the process of building up an force strong enough to take the base with minimal losses. It is with great pleasure I can tell you, that after this information was relayed, the KRT finally came to its senses and transferred the base to the KAS, which in turn transferred the base back into FCN hands.

Sadly after inspection we found that the bases was looted from all possible assets. FCN is in the process of moving equipment to the base and the forces planned to capture the base are now protecting our lost base.

We are therefore thankful that the KRT decided to prevent major bloodshed, by finally giving in to our just demands, and we would like to thank the KAS for their impartial support in this matter."

*** Mysterious Transmission ***

The latest in an occasional series of strange broadcasts has been received by our news-room this week:


The Grey Beards Strike Back.

Admiral H'Rung of the GBN hadn't been told Operation Peal a Pear's full purpose, but knew how hard pressed the navy was before FOOL's GOLD. That suggested that the operation was very important, given the strength of his own task force. Not that the task force was his alone. Dagger was present to oversee the operations and any screw up was bound to mean demotion or dishonourable discharge, if not death. Dagger was a wizened little grey beard who looked like someone's harmless uncle, but appearances were deceiving. He was known to be ruthless, having on one occasion killed a captain for failing in his duties.

"So the operation is on schedule Admiral?" Dagger's voice interrupted H'Rung's thoughts.

"It is, Sire. We will jump almost on time and be at destination within 10 tu's of planned arrival."


Admiral H'Rung returned his attention to his plot as 55 ships of the GBN, headed by 17 Titan Class superdreadnoughts, initiated their jump drives.


Other transmissions similar to this one have appeared to be concerned with elements within the Consortium, or indeed referring to some secret society calling itself the Mayhem Corporation. However this time further details are hard to come by. There has been no news of any battle, or any sightings of a 55 vessel armada including Titan Class superdreadnoughts. So we are at a loss to understand just what this strange transmission refers to.

We do however think it might have something to do with recent sightings of Elvis within the Storm system.

*** KRT Skirmish with FCN ***

A small skirmish has been fought between the KRT and FCN in Storm this week, a small FCN flotilla appears to have engaged a KRT platform and escorting warship. Light damage was inflicted on both sides before they withdrew.

*** KRT Turn Down Money ***

Our reporters have learnt that the KRT turned down a significant sum of money from a mysterious third party who were seeking to provide backing to them to wage war against the FCN.

Upwards of $100,000 was offered to the KRT if they would wage unrestricted warfare against the FCN, up to and including the deployment of WoMD and biological weapons, with the intention of committing Genocide.

This was considered unacceptable by the KRT, who returned the initial sum of monies, and have refused any further dealings with the unknown third party.

We at the IGN congratulate the KRT for their stance on this issue.

*** Naplian Ultimatum Provokes Fury ***

Following last weeks announcement by the Naplians regarding their opinion on anybody who sells or trades in arms with the Falconian Empire, the QNG - one of the larger weapons dealers in the Yank system - have issued the following statement from the Matriarch Queen herself, to the press:

"Mad Max is truly mad to believe he can dictate to whom and what we sell. The Queens Guardian will continue our sales of weapon systems and we will closely monitor any and all DNA shipping around our facilities. Until section D is properly amended, we will conduct no business with the DNA. The Matriarch Queen decides what the Queens Guardian may or may not do.

We call upon ALL races and affiliations to take notice of the threat of war that the DNA is imposing on ALL affiliations in Yank and to issue a trade embargo until it is rescinded or modified to exclude Yank.

This issue is also at this very moment being discussed diplomatically with the Kastorians. If Mad Max continues his slander the Queens Guardian will ask for permission to target DNA ships within Kastorian space."

A full list of affiliations known to have traded arms with the Falconians at some point is unknown, but surely many governments have. Which, if this continues, could see the DNA at war with even more affiliations than the Detinus Republic.

*** Captains Ransom ***

Pirate Large has branched out into the ransom market, with the following chilling communication being broadcast earlier this week:

"Ahaarrgghh there maties.......... i as plenny of cappans locked up in me cells, heads n arms in stocks bent over wi their trousers down, getting regular service from me pirate mates, an i thoughts they as done their time. there is a slight requirement though, to get yee cappans back yee must pay me 10000 stellars per person.

this be the May bank holiday weekend sales, a once in a life time offer, an i means that literally, if yee dont get backs to me within 10 days then 1 cappan will be "rogered to death" every day until they be gone.

the cappans names be as follows, an if yee cares about yer cappans then gets dealing wiv me. moneys to be transfered to me Large (1118)

1 Boater [FGZ Prisoner] (#) {FGZ Prisoner}
1 Franz Mirabel [AFT Prisoner] (#) {AFT Prisoner}
1 Gideon Fairchild [RIP Prisoner] (#) {RIP Prisoner}
1 Nadia Galway [AFT Prisoner] (#) {AFT Prisoner}
1 Svetlana Morgan [SMS Prisoner] (#) {SMS Prisoner}
1 Tyramut [RIP Prisoner] (#) {RIP Prisoner}
1 Water Bird [DNA Prisoner] (#) {DNA Prisoner}
1 Jack Ryan [FET Prisoner] (#) {FET Prisoner}
1 Afad Jynaar (#) {MOH Prisoner}
1 Sau'nton (#) {FEL Prisoner}
1 Pete (#) {ICE Prisoner}
1 Mary Varanasi (#) {DEN Prisoner}
1 Rob Unger (#) {DEN Prisoner}
1 Igor Shalimov (#) {DTR Prisoner}
1 Tatsuo Shoji (#) {DTR Prisoner}
1 Elena Gonzalez (#) {CIA Prisoner}

there be more cappans than this in "transfer stage", a couple more DTR etc etc but these be the ones ready for release if yee pays up the 160000 stellars for that lot. I has me sword ready, an i be prepared to butcher them if the money doesnt shows up."

At time of press the response from many governments remains that they do not deal with pirates, however, Pirate Large has been in contact with our news room to inform us that 6 captains have had their ransom paid, and will be spared from execution. But with only hours to go, the fate of the rest is looking bleak.

*** COH has become HVE ***

An official statement has now been released regarding the change-over of the COH to the HVE, following the departure of Ian Jordan to the GTT. Hive Swarmlord Teuciidae Xaeer has taken up the reigns of leadership:

"As of stardate 206.16.4 the Children of Hexos (23) aka. ANT/HXM has converted into Hive (68).

At this moment in time the affiliation is part Hive and part Hexamon but extensive research is being conducted into making the affiliation a true (pre-Phoenix) Hive. So in time the affiliation will not represent any Hexamon faction.

The new Hive should be seen as an independent entity. As such the reformed Hive does not currently have any friends or enemies. The initial stance towards any affiliation is that of neutrality. The Hive will however honour any outstanding deals the COH made prior to the conversion.

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact the Hive Swarmlord Teuciidae Xaeer at: teuciidae_xaerr [at] twistedspace [dot] eu."

*** Krell Pull Off Daring Rescue ***

An independent reporter stationed with the Krell has filed the following story:

A daring rescue of the Battleship Gothic Silver Dragon was pulled off according to preliminary reports. This ship was badly damaged by the SMS "protection" fleet and had its jump drive and back up jump drive blown off. As the other ships of the Gothian floatilla escaped further harm, this ship had to limp into the outer rim quads and hope the Consortium battle fleets assumed she jumped to Yank.

During the night, a brave captain of the Gothian Barge 2400, volunteered to jump in with a repair crew to install emergency drives and add piloting computers to allow a quick jump to safety....

It was a long night and the crew spotted a FCN freighter that the escort destroyer was tempted to attack but held back. Surely the rescue had to work tonight or by tomorrow the whole rescue team would be slaughtered....

Scout Commander Rote was on hand to report back to Warlord Goth and is happy to report that all ships made it home and all hands were saved. With this battleship back home, the Krell have only lost 2 Battleships in the whole affair. Of course, the surviving ships will be out of action for a while unless there are good repair facilities in Yank that will help us patch them up.

*** Pirate Attack ***

A Detinus Republic installation has, according to sources within the DTR Ministry Of Defence, come under heavy attack from a pirate fleet this week.

The attack, at an undisclosed location, has all the hallmarks of a black-op, and not true piracy as such, and indicates another example of a Periphery power utilising pirate mercenaries to act anonymously.

When asked if this attack was in retaliation against the DTR for their recent joint anti-piracy operation with the SMS that saw a major hidden pirate base holding WoMD captured, Senator Cassius Jerusalem was unable to make comment.

*** News Flash ***

Pirate Large has completed four successful hits within the Yank system over the course of the last week. Apparently Large took some hull damage, but shrugged it off and successfully completed the boarding attempt.

It seems as if nothing can stop the fearless pirate.

***** Special Report - Genocide: The Destruction Of Coombes *****

Following the recent news that the moon Coombes had been destroyed, a major political storm has erupted over who might have been responsible. The Confederacy has released a sizeable dossier concerning the results of their thorough investigations to date, and the weight of evidence seems to fall squarely against Ian Jordan, the one-time leader of the COH, who recently moved on to take up leadership of the GTT.

Given the extreme seriousness of the allegations, rather than attempt to summarise the CNF evidence, we instead present their initial broadcast in full:

++ Confederacy Press Release ++

By way of accusation via Inter-Galactic News (IGN) Transmission in Week 16.206 the GTT alleged the CNF had been weapons testing in the system of New Sussex leading to the destruction of the moon Coombes in the system.

I can now present the full evidence to show that not only is this accusation completely unfounded but the accusation is a cover for a plot involving the GTT leader Ian Jordan to commit huge atrocities against the Confederate peoples.

Specifically the Confederacy alleges that Ian Jordan, leader of the GTT, through collusion and backing from the GTT and via unlawful manipulation of alien powers did organise and cause by his own order the following crimes against the Confederacy:

- The detonation of over 500 nuclear devices in the Gas Giant Brighton (665), in direct violation and breaking of the Tau Ceti treaty governing the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, resulting in over 50 million damage to the Gas Giant.
- The purposeful destruction of the CNF Moon Coombes (389)
- The genocide of more than 25,000 confederate civilians on the planet Botolphs (757) and the attempted genocide of nearly a million others.

Ian Jordan, we allege that you are a war criminal of unparalleled brutality the likes of which we have not seen since the first days of the civil war.

We call on the GTT board to take some accountability for the actions of it's CEO and surrender Jordan for a warcrimes trial.

The deaths of our civilian citizens will not go unchecked.

Thomas S. Jackson
CNF Supreme Commander

Evidence and History of Events:
August 204

CNF exploration report to high command:

Low Pass Scan/Brighton/TCA Crche
The scan of the lower altitudes reveals some interesting masses that are generating emf. The amount produced is nearly lost in the background although this scan specifically for TCA nymphs is able to discern something that appears to be in line with the organic growth of one of these ships.

Investigation/Brighton/TCA Nymph
The scan of the emissions from within the giant points towards the presence of a nymph stage TCA vessel within the depths of the giant. This nymph is quite advanced and appears to be close to completion, possibly only requiring a few more years at the most (it is currently around 390 normal organic hulls). No attempts are made to contact the nymph, as it is likely to be capable of leaving the giant and may well prove to be hostile. Currently though it is deep within the atmosphere (below the 'surface').

Investigation/Brighton/TCA Nymph/Current Activity/204.35
At the present time the ship appears to be doing little more than moving between quiescent regions of the giant's atmosphere. A closer inspection reveals that it is actually basking in the natural upward plumes of gases from deep within the atmosphere. The speculation is that it is slowly growing by absorbing trace chemicals. At this rate it is likely to only grow a single hull per year.

Investigation/Brighton/TCA Nymph/Final State
From fragmentary records and scanning the superstructure of the nymph it is clear that it is close to reaching maturity. The ship is expected to be four hundred hulls in size. It is expected to reach full maturity by 214.

February 206
Extract from message from the COH:
I have found a TCA Nymph in CNF space. In New Sussex on the gas Giant Brighton. There is a brotherhood ship in orbit. I have spoken to he Nymph with no trouble.

Saturday 11th March
Week 10

Letter from the COH, Ian Jordan

We have done a number of [investigations] with the TCA ship and found it was on a war of conquest. A snippet of what it wants follows The only other thing that the nymph would like is approximately 100,000 meklan, more if possible, failing that, 100,000 humanoid life forms suitable for meklanisation. It also required 50 Twinkle stargate keys

Its attitude got more hostile and we dispatched ships to protect our exploration vessel. We also contacted the ARC to see if they could shed any light on the situation, the reply was that certain TCA ships resort to hostile acts due to the original process of breeding them, a throw back so to speak it recommends it be destroyed if its has committed any hostile acts as they will get worse. We showed the ARC your information confirming your ships destruction, its demands for 100,000 troops /Meklan well know TCA troops. This confirmed its suspicious and we were direct to destroy the SHIP.

We understand we may have gone against CNF laws but hope you understand that the ship was fully grown and about to leave. The ARC also said the COH should destroy it so there know it would be done without delay.

Confirmation this was done is below.
Entering orbit of Brighton (665)
DEBRIS NYMPH (90449) - 16 kMus
BHD SHIP SNATCH (98511) - {25 Light Hulls}
Kangaroo Class Freighter {No Armour}

We have left the Debris for you. We hope you understand how hard this was to do for our people, since the TCA saved our race. But a bad dog needs to be put down before it kills someone.

We hope this will not effect our relationship. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday 19th April
Week 16

Extract from report regarding RIP exploration:
The Clarion Call carrying Janos Wolf was en route to CNF Nemesis when she was destroyed by a 'new' asteroid belt orbiting the gas giant and associated moons in Beta 6. All hands are feared lost although rescue operations are currently underway.

Extract from report from CNF Political Commander
Following tempests lost on route to Nemesis in New Sussex after running into an asteroid field. Time of Weeping (49559) Twilight of Youth (79633)

SSS Extract:
*** One Of Our Planets Is Missing ***

The lead news story this week concerns a missing planet in the New Sussex system. The following communication has been received from the GTT:

"Map error.

The GTT wish to advise all shipping that the current map of the system New Sussex is wrong, deliberately misleading and downright dangerous. There is no planet Coombes at sector B6, instead there is a massive asteroid field which should be regarded as a danger to navigation. As our exploration has shown this asteroid belt is also highly radioactive and it appears that it is possible that someone using a massive advanced nuclear type of device has destroyed the planet. It is our considered view that someone, probably the CNF who claim New Sussex, has been messing around with anti matter and got it badly wrong. Although our investigations are still at an early stage we feel we must go public with this as soon as possible, due to its implied threat to mankind. We invite all interested parties to come to New Sussex and carry out there own investigation into this failed CNF experiment. Portha Agiadai."

Our reporters have been able to confirm that the planet Coombes has indeed vanished, and been replaced by an asteroid field that has already destroyed two Tempest class freighters.

Thursday 20th April.
Week 16

>TU 235: Detailed Scan {31619}
COH SHIP EMPERORS SCIMITER (31619) - {150 Heavy Hulls}
Dominator Class Capital Ship {Advanced Heavy Armour}
Aff: Children of Hexos (23)
LifeForms: 75
Class: Dominator
Hulls: 150 Heavy Organic Hulls (88)
Armour: 262 Armour Plate mkIIIs (452)
Hull Damage: None
Max Boarders: 1306

7 AI Combat Navigator (920)
1 Alien Construct Core Housing (120003)
1 Battle Bridge (101)
15 Bunks (98)
40 Combat Engine mkII (165)
30 Gatling Laser mkIV (218)
1 Inertial Damper (195)
1 Integrity Stabilizer (190)
15 ISR Type 4 Engines (155)
1 Jump Drive (175)
1 Jump Drive - Backup (176)
7 Magazine (135)
10 Phalanx (211)
15 Sensor mkIII (105)
20 Targeting Computer mkII (108)
19 Thrust Engine mkII (161)
-----> 123 WoMD Launcher (2050)

24 Hive Drone (569)
50 Hive Marine (570)
135 Phalanx Missiles (212)
Total TU cost for this action is 50

Friday 21st April
Week 16
>TU 184: Special Action
CNF Freighters have encountered a heretofore uncharted asteroid field in New Sussex in B6 and have further noticed that the moon Coombes (389) of the Gas Giant Brighton is 'missing'. The System Scan of New Sussex performed by the Political Advisor should ascertain if this is in fact true. If so, the Political Advisor will use it's sensors to sweep the area from B7 and pick a safe passage through the debris of the small moon as it enters the orbit where the moon used to be. All the while, the ships crew will be gathering readings from the debris to attempt to piece together what happened to the moon and whether it was artificially caused.
Investigation/New Sussex/Asteroid Belt
The captain is completely correct - there is definitely no bloody asteroid belt on the maps but there the bastard is surround the gas giant and its moons. Hold on a moment - there is a moon missing and the surface of the gas giant Brighton is incandescent. Coombes has been destroyed - somebody or something has bloody well destroyed an entire moon! Directly blowing up a moon might have proved too difficult but it would seem that dropping a few hundred nukes onto a gas giant with an unstable outer envelope did the trick.

Monday 24th
Week 17
>TU 260: Special Action
Manoeuvre close to the ship HVE Emperors Scimiter (31619) and attempt a detailed scan of the WoMD launchers found in the recent detailed scan. Is it possible to see if the WoMD launchers have been fired recently, and if so, what WoMD's they fired?
The ship does not appear to have any WoMD Launchers. It is likely that they have been jettisoned or that they have been picked up/delivered to another position (presumably around the time the COH ship was transferred to the Hive).

>Date 17.1: Special Action {...} {...}
The governor has noticed a significant drop in world economics in the past week. Look into this with all haste, is the governors sinking feeling that this is linked to the COH nuking of the gas giant and subsequent new asteroid belt well founded?
The hail of meteorites hammering into the planet has killed a good few people although it would have been worse if the world didn't have an ISR Field. There has been a drop in merchandising corresponding to the damage inflicted on the civilian population. Estimates place the damage that must have been pumped into the giant to cause such an event to be in the order of 50 Million! Whoever delivered such a strike must have been well supported.

>Date 17.1: Special Action {...} {...}
Conduct an immediate population census and correlate to previous records, has there been a drop, what is it and what is the cause?
Contacting the Feather King and the civilian authorities reveals that approximately twenty five thousand people were killed during the rain of fire. Some of this was from direct hits of civilian structures but most was from choking gases and dust that caused the civilians that took flight to fall from the skies. There were few Felini fatalities.

Continues on next News

12-05-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 19 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** COH Celestial Emperor Deposed ***

The following story has been transmitted by an affiliated news agency, the Inter-Galactic-News reprints it here in full:

BREAKING NEWS - Fall of the COH Celestial Emperor.

In the aftermath following the allegations of Hive involvement in the destruction of the moon Coombs in the New Sussex system, the Celestial Emperor of the Children of Hexos has been arrested.

In what only can be described as a vicious military coup the Imperial palace was stormed by Hive forces earlier today. The Celestial Emperor of the COH was taken into custody for pending trials by the CNF for crimes against humanity.

Reporter: We have with us today Professor Slompweed who has been studying the former Hexamon colony from the day it was founded. The Professor is an expert on the insectoid races we call Hexamon and Hive. Professor what is you reaction to the latest development regarding the Hive coup?

Slompweed: This is an ill omen indeed. We have been studying the colony
known as Ves Ghormen for years. The colony was founded by the Hexamon. The
Hexamon seemed well structured and were very beneficial to the planet. Their
workers worked the land making it very fertile.

[..Slompweed facial expression turns serious and bitter..]

I tell you this though; since the Galactic Transport & Trade took over the
commercial aspect of the colony everything has gone downhill. Well, I am not
saying they did a bad job because they made a good profit. Unfortunately
they interfered with the social structure of the colony by introducing real
Hive life forms and organic ships. The colony is now tainted by the Hive and
the latest development suggests that the last of Hexamon will soon be gone.

Reporter: You spoke to us earlier about proof of genocide - can you tell our
viewers a bit more about that?

Slompweed: Yes hmm - three days ago one of the local farmers found a dead
hive worker in one his crops fields. This is not unusual because we
regularly find dead insects round these parts. This insect however had some
strange markings and features that we have never seen before. So we decided
to bring it into our labs for further testing.

[..Slompweed pull a jelly like substance from a jar..]

This is what we found. Do you know what this is?

[..Before the reporter could even answer, the professor continues..]

It's a human liver!

[..The report looks at the jelly substance and says:..]

Surely that cannot be the case, it looks more like a jellyfish to me?

Slompweed: At first I didn't believe it myself, but we have studied the
substance very carefully and there is no mistake, this -is- a human liver!

Reporter: But how can that be? Insects don't have livers, do they?

Slompweed: You are so right, insect don't have livers... This can only mean
one thing; the Hive has been injecting hive eggs into human subject killing
the host.

Reporter: Are you saying that the CEO Ian Jordan of the GTT were right about
his allegations that the Hive has been using human subjects as hosts for
hive off springs?

Slompweed: There is no doubt whatsoever, this is the case... We fear the
latest development within the colony can only mean that the Hive Queen now
has complete control over the colony. Not only that, but now we hear rumours
that the Hive uses weapons of mass destruction to achieve their goals! Gee,
when does humanity wake up? These bugs are a menace to humanity and they
need to be dealt with immediately before they can do any more harm!

Reporter: But surely professor, you must be mistaken. If that was the case
why would the Hive extradite the COH Celestial Emperor for trials against

Slompweed: It's a trick, I tell you. I have been studying their tactics for
years. They are just buying time. With the help of the ARC the Hive is now
the most dangerous species in the peripheries. We must act NOW!

Reporter: Thank you professor...

*** Krell Announce Blood Feud ***

Despite horrifying losses, the Krell people seem intent on continuing to fight for their planet. Warlord Goth has broadcast the following transmission on relayed subspace link:

A Krell blood vendetta has been lodged against the SMS and the FEL.
The blood of over 100,000 freedom fighters drench their hands. The
FCN, although cowardly in their methods, are not included in the
vendetta since they were attacked and were defending their assets. The
fact that the FCN are on Inversion illegally does not justify vendetta.

Of the three murderers, the SMS are by far the worst and most immoral
in their actions. The SMS did not want to get their hands dirtied
with the slaughter going on via their allies, so they simply blocked
any relief and watched the murder.

The FEL did not try to candy coat their intentions and bombed our
people from the safety of orbit just as the FCN did. Though cowardly,
there can be no false sense of chivalry there.

Therefore, the SMS owe the Krell race 60,000 lives and the FEL owe
40,000 lives in their relative guilt. Once the blood debt is paid in
full, we can discuss the material damages. There will be no peace
until vendetta is satisfied.

*** Detinus Republic Declare War ***

An official declaration of war has been issued by the DTR against the Vindicator Squadron, following the VSQ involvement in the piracy and trafficking of a DTR freighter, captured by Pirate Large.

Michelle Diaz, Speaker of the Detinus House of Lords, appeared unruffled as she delivered the following address: "As of today, the DTR are at war with the VSQ. As such, all VSQ positions are banned from DTR space and will be attacked on sight. This is due to the VSQ directly supporting Pirate Large in selling off pirated ships.

I will also reiterate what Senator Jerusalem wrote with regard to the Firehawk class freighter the VSQ is attempting to sell. This is a DTR design and the only Firehawk ship outside of DTR control. As such, the DTR advises all affiliations not to purchase this ship. Purchasing said ship will be akin to directly dealing with pirates and will be treated as such."

The Harvest Master of the VSQ responded in typically elliptical fashion, fuelling rumours that he/she/it is not human:

"How the mighty have fallen. They let loose the dogs of war. To oppose the free and the oppressed. But I shall not fear. Though I walk thru the valley of death. I shall persist. For I am the Master of Death. The Harvester of Souls. My ships are Legion."

Our reporters understand that there is still a major announcement still to break regarding this story. More next week.

*** Krell Launch Raids ***

SMS and FCN outposts have been attacked by Krell PT boat raiders this week, causing light damage. These attacks came as some surprise, as the offensive capabilities of the Krell had been believed to have been worn down by the Consortium naval forces over recent weeks.

*** Scandal In The DTR ***

Tabloid papers are carrying stories this week regarding the shoe-budget of Speaker of the House, Michelle Diaz. Apparently the amount spent on the Speakers shoes could rival the stellar turn-over of several small affiliations.

Rumours persist that several Detinus Senators are running entire planetary operations simply to raise the stellars to keep Diaz in footwear.

*** Mohache Repel Boarders ***

A story has surfaced from the crew of the MOH ship Albaa Quu Gurrin, which was boarded by the pirate vessel Black Bill Graves in the Yank system:

"Me and some of the boys were haulin' a load o' fresh eggs through Yank when we decided to pull into orbit o' Bondy, ya know to see the sights and such. All o' a sudden, I smell something wasn't right and it weren't the eggs going bad in the hold. Sure enough, I see a black ship sneakin up on us from the port side. I ring the bell to wake up all the boys. Grabbin' what we had to hand, mostly huntin' shotguns and such, we hurried over to meet the rogues and show them they ain't welcome.

Sure enough they dock 'long side and begin cuttin' through the lock. Me and the boys are gettin' ready when I see old Stormcrow rollin' a barrel of lard down from the galley. We spreads that lard real quick like all 'long that hallway. Black Bill Graves cuts through and starts shoving his lads in like he don't care how many get kilt. They start slipping and sliding everywhere while we start blasting away with everything we have. Every now and when one slides all the way down still live, young Arms Like Trees bashes 'em on the head with a hoe.

Things are still starting to look a grim as there had to be ten of them to every one of us. When they have just enough bodies on the floor to walk on without slippin', Old Stormy pulls out a cuttin' torch and sets that lard on fire. You ain't never seen such a lard burnin', smoke belchin', pirate cussin' time in all your life. Those bloody pirates had enough, they got back on their little ship and disappeared back into the black of space.

I hope those danged pirates remember from here on that we Mohache are peaceful peoples, so leave us alone unless you want to be bashed on the head with a hoe and fried in lard. And keep your thievin' hands off my eggs!"

This story provides yet more evidence of the chilling martial might of the Mohache peoples. And we at the IGN fear what might happen if this race of peaceful farmers ever decides to turn violent.

*** One Of Our Planets Is Still Missing ***

With public pressure still very much mounting concerning with the destruction of a moon in the Brighton system, the GTT public relations department has issued the following statement containing shocking revelations regarding the whole affair.

From the Department of GTT public relations.

The CNF have accused the GTT and Ian Jordan of ordering terrible deeds and the slaughtering thousands of people. We of course refute this claim as anti GTT propaganda. Now follows the truth of what happened by Ian Jordan himself.

"I left the GTT and set up my own trading affiliation Ian Jordan enterprises IJE. After a couple of months the COH approached me and ask if I would take on an advisee role to help them through some troubled times. Never one to back down from a challenge I excepted. I was given a remit by the Emperor which included contacting the ARC/TCA making COH positions wholly Hve and ships of the organic nature only. Also to bring the COH to a weekly profit. With this firmly in mind I opened up the recruiting complexes made Leffingwell wholly Hve and got to work. I dropped the COH out of the Consortium, returned/sold/traded a number of ships/positions and made the COH profitable and manageable. Then I found the ARC it was like the flood gates opening the COH had returned into the fold and wanted to prove themselves to the ARC, who they started to worship like Gods. After a while they proved themselves and found the TCA, the ARC ordered the TCA ship destroyed which they did against my advice as I thought the CNF would react with war. It was this time I found my advice being sort less and less. the Governor of Ves Ghorman ordered all non Hve to be injected with Hve eggs so they would become Hve in a horrible manner. I was informed of plans to do the same to me. The ARC also came out with the bombshell that they wanted the TCA crche site destroyed, the only reliable way of doing this was to fire at least 500 nuclear missiles into the Gas giant. Which of course they did with the unexpected result of blowing Coombs up and the resulting deaths. I escaped back to Vectis my original base and rejoined the GTT taking up the CEO position soon after.

That is what happened.
The COH picked up launchers and nuclear missiles from a ARC storage site.
TU 136: Pickup Item Type {11295} {0} {7060} {} {Install - No}
You picked up 536 Nuclear Missiles (2060) from ARC Reliquary (11295).
You picked up 400 WoMD Launchers (2050) from ARC Reliquary (11295).

These were then taken to Ves ghorman to be fitted into the COH ship Scimitar
TU 20: Deliver {281} {2060} {536} {} {Install - No}
You delivered 536 Nuclear Missiles (2060) to COH Ves Ghormen (281).
Total TU cost for this action is 10

>TU 10: Deliver {281} {2050} {400} {} {Install - No}
You delivered 400 WoMD Launchers (2050) to COH Ves Ghormen (281).
Total TU cost for this action is 10

>TU 280: Pickup {281} {2050} {125} {} {Install - Yes}
You installed 125 WoMD Launchers (2050) from COH Ves Ghormen (281).
Installation reduced Integrity to 90.9%.
Total TU cost for this action is 10

>TU 270: Pickup {281} {2060} {500} {} {Install - No}
You picked up 500 Nuclear Missiles (2060) from COH Ves Ghormen (281).
Total TU cost for this action is 10

They were then fired at the gas giant Brighton. Notice Glory to the ARC not anyone else.

Launch the 4 salvoes of 125 nuclear missiles at the Gas Giant as per the
ARC instructions. Record results of what happens.
Glory to the ARC.
Special Action/Brighton/Launch 500 Nuclear Missiles to Destroy TCA
Within the orbit of the gas giant, the captain gives the order to launch
the 500 nuclear missiles into the atmosphere of the giant. Four volleys of
nukes hammer down first exploding in a bright white glare that requires the
sensors to be dimmed, until the ship can move around to the far side of the
The energy release equivalent to 50,000,000 damage is sufficient to destroy
any nymphs in the orbit but also destroy the nannites responsible for the
crche and TCA growth.
As the team watch in awe the surge of superheated gases expand beyond the
atmosphere of the world, smashing into Coombes with the heat of a thousand
stars. The surface ice is instantly evaporated. As the heat penetrates
deeper, the whole moon starts to fragment, pushed apart by the boiling
gases and spreading out into the surrounding orbital quadrant. The
destruction of the moon takes a few hours but the expanding ring of debris
creates huge blinding streaks of meteorites into the atmospheres of the
other moons. It is clear that some of these meteors will reach ground level.

The communication from the ARC ordering the destruction of TCA Nymph/ship.

This said, if the COH are as trustworthy and faithful as they believe, then they
are to attack the TCA Nymph they have been in communication with and
destroy it - no questions asked.

The results

The Nymph passively views the data showing the destruction of the TCA
vessel. The next step is to destroy the crche preventing any more TCA
Nymphs being seeded into the atmosphere of the giant. In order to achieve
this, approximately 500 nuclear missiles need to be launched into the giant
- but only after all ISR fields have been destroyed (if any are present) as
they will dampen the explosions.
The Nymph knows of a cache of missiles in the Night system - can the COH
reach this system?

The conclusions are.
The ARC ordered the attack with the full knowledge of the Emperor(who as now been arrested as stated by the HVE) The ship was outfitted for the attack at Ves Ghorman the COH's major base with the full knowledge of everyone. Are the COH signatories of the Tau Cetic Treaty no only humans. Did they attack humans No, they were killed in an unexpected after blast. Ian Jordan knew of the attack but did not order it or was he able to stop it.

Are the CNF upset that a 150hull banned ship entered they space, orbited one of they gas giants, waiting for the right moment then launched 500 nuclear missiles into it destroying a orbiting moon, creating a asteroid field which a GTT ship entered and was destroyed. so they issued a navigational warning. Was this the first ship or did the CNF/allies lose one but forgot to let anyone know of the dangers.

The COH and the CNF used me has an escape goat, the COH/HVE have now excepted the facts and are dealing with the Emperor. Will the CNF react in the same way, I hope so. If not no surprise.

The GTT is a company. The Imperials and the CNF are the same, soldiers once serving together brothers in arms putting down the Empires enemies(the DTR rebellion springs to mind where these same people nuked defenceless planets), now fighting amongst them selves because they do not know how to stop."

This full and frank declaration by the GTT is to be applauded, it does however raise some dramatic concerns, particularly regarding the activities of the Architects (ARC) who, after a long period of absence from the Peripheries, appear to be moving once again, through agents and auxiliaries. And surely their intention towards the sentient races of the Peripheries is not kindly.

Could this be a threat that the warring Peripheries as a whole are simply unprepared to face?

*** Embargo on military trade with the FCN Junta ***

Mad Max, the immortal chief of the DNA has issued an update on his previously reported embargo against all agencies who trade in weapons with the Falconian Empire.

Military update:

These ships may be targetted if scanned by the DNA supporting Military FCN Junta against the Krell.

FET SHIP GREEN DRAGON (62133) - {75 Light Hulls}
AFT SHIP ILEX (43807) - {50 Normal Hulls}

As to how the AFT and FET will respond if DNA forces do indeed engage their freighter traffic, we can only imagine. Though it is not likely to be favourably.

*** Piracy Update ***

A new pirate is rumoured to be plying the space lanes, going only by the name of 'Missy', she appears to be a foul associate of both the repellent Pirate Large and the appalling Ghost Of Black Bill Graves.

*** Krell Gunboat Hunted Down ***

An SMS patrol squadron with an IGN reporter embarked, successfully intercepted and destroyed a KRL PT Gunboat in the Storm system this week, in retaliation for the KRL raids against SMS installations.

*** Imperial Forces Seize Platform ***

Imperial marines have captured a 15 hull Detinus platform in the Straddle system. Sources indicate that the loss is unlikely to constitute a major disaster for the DTR Defence Department.

*** Krell Probe FCN Defences ***

A lone Krell scout ship this week managed to penetrate to the heart of the Falconian Empire, dropping into orbit of Acropolis, where the major FCN Starbases promptly open fired and blew it out of the skies.

In typical Krell fashion this gloriously short and one-sided battle lead to scenes of celebration across the surface of Inversion, while everybody else took quiet note of the extent of FCN firepower defending their homeworld.

*** Piracy ***

An anonymous report of piracy was received this week via the morally decrepit Pirate Large, in which an as yet unidentified pirate vessel captured a Krell freighter. The text of the communication is as follows:

"This be a story from a pirate associate who wanted to tell yee is story.........

"Uh, how ghastly, a Krell freighter...'Coal Train', not exactly an uplifting name for a ship is it?"

"A freighta' be a freighta' cappan'"

"Yes, one appreciates that, but Krell! did not sign-up for this job in order to go around [censored] Krell. Where's the joy in [censored] a captive only for them to go on about how they have been [censored] harder by the Falconians?"

"Well, cappan'...tha's all very well but we ain't taken no bounty for some time. The lads 'as pent up aggression, and this be a prime target"

"Yes, yes.very true.but I mean look - it's a bloody Caravel.and an ore freighter at that.and look, typical of the Krell they've been using the wrong shade when they've patched it up.just no appreciation of aesthetics"

"We could still sell it captain...and with it being a Caravel makes it a bit easier to sell on see - 'cos everyone 'as access to them, so it don't stand out"


".and with that money cappan', we could have aaargghhselves some good aaargghh 'n aaarrgghh. That sort of money can get you access to the high class ladies.or the Jiggly Room"

"Yes.very well.prepare the crew.just remind the Naplians that gaffa tape is not required combat equipment"

Later that day

"Report please"

"We 'as secured the ship, cappan'.9 human marines, and a KST officer captured"

"KST officer?...on a KRL ship?....that's interesting, and its something the other prisoners are not Krell I guess.any casualties?

"Two grunts, sir.seems they'd had a bit too much grog before they charged in"

"I wish the lads would refrain from using that stuff before combat, it doesn't mix well with their pre-combat nerves - I'll have to get some more air fresheners ...and the cargo?"

".err. metals sire.4800 of 'em"

"Oh, how bloody wonderfull.I'm sure that's going to draw a lot of interest... I guess we've blown a Krell plot to feed the Falconians iron filings in their feed. Oh well, onwards we go. lets makes ourselves scarce, and tell the Coal Train crew to get to the rendezvous point"

"yessir.err, one more thing cappan'..."


"Those nine captured. they all be chaps"

"ooh bugger"

".exactly sir"

The reference to the well known night-spot the Jiggly Room in this communication has raised eyebrows throughout Periphery police forces.

*** Yet More Piracy ***

With yet more stories of success for the pirates, a 150XL hull GTT freighter, and a further DTR caravel, have reportedly been captured in two separate incidents.

*** Even More Piracy ***

Finally some good news regarding the piracy epidemic. An SMS Battlegroup has intercepted and destroyed the PIR vessel Clueless, a 10 hull yacht, in the Wastelands system, along with the PIR vessel Mistress Missy, again in the Wastelands system. Admiral Baalazar, whilst making no official statement, did appear to be exceptionally pleased during a press conference.


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Pirate Large -

19-05-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 20 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Fleet Battles ***

This past week has seen significant skirmishing between elements of the Imperial Stellar Patrol and their opposing numbers amongst the Detinus and Confederate navies.

The engagements appear to have commenced when an ISP fleet conducting raiding operations in the Darkfold met with significant success. The following extract from the IMP Jax Examiner casts more light on this:

"The ISP fleet currently operating in the Darkfold Periphery chalked up further successes this week with 5 CNF warships and a DTR freighter destroyed in three engagements. In the first engagement three IMP ships on their way to join the main fleet ran into fourteen CNF warships. In spite of the odds in their favour the CNF were only able to destroy one IMP 75 NH Carrier with the loss of a similar ship of their own."

Initial IMP victories appear to have been in the London system, whereupon the Imperial raiders moved on to the Ruin system, where a further 100 hull DTR freighter, carrying a full cargo of Thorlium, was destroyed.

It was at this point that rumours indicate that the Ruin system suddenly became home to the full navies of both sides, operating in several squadrons, attempting to outmanoeuvre and trap each other, with the vengeance-minded DTR/CNF fleet hunting down the elusive IMPs.

Early reports indicate that a number of skirmishes were fought, one of which resulted in the destruction of around a dozen large Imperial warships when an IMP squadron was caught by an overwhelming force of DTR/CNF warships. A different skirmish saw 10 small CNF scout vessels destroyed when they blundered into the firing lines between a fleet of IMP ships of the line exchanging heavy fire with DTR Nebulons.

Taken altogether, it seems fair to call this Darkfold operation a draw, although at time of press operations are still ongoing. Though it seems at this point that the long-anticipated cataclysmic clash between the Imperial and DTR/CNF navies is not likely to happen this week.

*** Imperial Marines Capture Platform ***

A very small DTR platform in the Straddle system fell to elements of the ISMC in a short and virtually bloodless skirmish.

*** Further News Regarding Darkfold Operation ***

The IMP news agencies are carrying the following story, indicating yet more successes for their raiders earlier in the week:

"The IMP raiding fleet operating in the Darkfold periphery destroyed a BHD freighter and its escorting Carrier in Darkfold and seven CIA Warships in three separate engagements during the week."

*** Krell Plea ***

In slightly worrying news this week, the Krell issued the following request:

"Warlord Goth procurement Requirements for Purchase (RFP):

The Krell people are in need of certain techs/bps/equipment. These items will only be used to further the cause of Krellian freedom. In many ways, the items could be considered "Humanitarian Aid". We are open to new ideas on weapons as well (You could consider this an RFI as well as an RFP). Of course, unlike many previous Krellian calls for help, this is not a RFC (Request for Charity)...we pay well and have a good economy to support ongoing investment.

Interested in:
Combat Applications
Stealth weapons
Chem weapons
Bio Weapons
Cloaks (any type)."

Such an open appeal to purchase weapons of mass destruction has raised eyebrows throughout the Peripheries, with several hitherto neutral governments indicating that should the Krell actually deploy any WoMD that they obtain, then measures will be taken. The Krell for their part remain resolutely Krell-like with regards the whole situation, and have made it clear that they will do anything in their power to remove the Falconians from their homeworld.

*** Swarmlord Departs ***

The recently appointed leader of the COH, Swarmlord Teuciidae Xaerr, has resigned after a very brief stay in office. During his short time, the Swarmlord was instrumental in averting the single greatest disaster to face the COH race since the Hexamon Wars - the Coombes Incident, which could have seen the entire COH affiliation wiped from the Peripheries should the Confederacy have chosen to retaliate in kind.

It is a testament to the political peace-making skills of the Swarmlord that this situation was avoided, and that the COH and CNF-bloc have somehow apparently managed to resolve their differences.

New leadership has arisen amongst the COH, and we wait to see what direction they will travel in now.

*** Piracy ***

A HVE passenger liner nearly fell foul to a group of pirates that may well be even more perverse and disgusting than Large earlier this week. Fortunately a GTT patrol cruiser arrived on scene, and apparently provide sufficient discouragement to the Pirates.

*** RIP Navigation Malfunction ***

Two RIP freighters have been destroyed in Confederate space when they apparently wandered into a restricted area. The RIP Rising Sun was destroyed when it entered an orbit in the Plague system on stardate 206.19.3 the RIP Rickety Rackety (71240) later entered the same orbit and suffered the exactly same fate.

A Confederate source is quoted on the matter: "For those RIP starship captains that are slow on the up-take, this means you are not allowed there. Whatever search parties you are sending out to investigate the lack of communication from two vessels and why they both sent an identical last message saying "Oh Sh....." followed by static I advise you to turn back. You will be fired upon."

An anonymous RIP starcaptain has further been quoted as saying, "It's much more fun accidentally violating those DTR restricted zones, at least they deploy cow-tractors and not photon batteries."

*** Vindicator Squadron ***

Following the DTR declaration of war against the VSQ, a close encounter between 3 DTR patrol cruisers and a VSQ freighter has erupted into a political storm this week.

The controversy began when the VSQ issued the following statement to the press:

"Swift blazing flag of the regiment
Eagle with crest of red and gold
These men were born to drill and die
Point for them the virtue of slaughter
Make plain for them the excellence of killing
And a field where a thousand corpses lie
'War is Kind' by Stephen Crane.

The excellence of killing in the void of space. The mighty and arrogant have forgotten their freedom fight. They spout their nonsense and do as they please. "Death to liberty" is their motto. The grassroots are no more. Only the vain, their greed, their power and their soulless quest for destruction and conquest ... that is all. That is their Sol.

DTR APTF have attacked their declared enemy in the Twinkle system. APTF now wage war on behalf of oppression and conquest. Death to the hypocrites. Death to the liar Diaz and her pleasure slaves."

According to an APTF spokesman however, this was certainly not an APTF operation as claimed by the VSQ.

In an attempt to clear up the situation, Michelle Diaz, speaker of the DTR house of lords has issued the following statement:

"Late last week, a Behemoth class freighter under VSQ banner was spotted in Twinkle by the DTR. Following the public announcement of the state of war between the DTR and the VSQ, the Twinkle authorities based at High Star were contacted and gave the DTR permission to attack the VSQ position. DTR warships then carried out this action forcing the VSQ ship to dump cargo and flee without any shots being fired.

Prior to this action, a number of things were taken into consideration. The VSQ have demonstrated to be a front for Pirates and that the VSQ have no regard for system neutrality. Whilst there have been various accidents in Yank (such as ships not clearing enemy lists), the VSQ have launched a significant ground assault against a Starbase in the Yank system. Such an assault cannot be claimed as an accident in any form whatsoever. In addition, the DTR contacted the system owners of Twinkle, that being FLZ Fessin High Star, and received authorisation for this action prior to the action taking place. Finally, we confirmed with the FET prior to the action that the ship in question used to be FET Larceny (1806) which had been boarded by pirates within the last 2 weeks at the Twinkle Stargate. Clearly this was a pirated ship which the pirates/VSQ had not been able to sell onto others. We are just sorry that we were unable to re-capture the ship; instead the cargo on the ship will be returned to the FET.

Whilst the DTR believe that we were justified in launching this operation, we respect other affiliations opinions that this has damaged the neutrality of Twinkle and will reconsider whether we will do this sort of action again in the future. The DTR warships stationed in Twinkle were on APTF patrol and launched this attack under the APTF flag. However, this action was solely a DTR action and the APTF neither had any prior knowledge of the action nor sanctioned said action. Therefore we wish to apologise to the APTF organisation for not re-flagging the ships in question and hope that this incident has not tarnished the APTF in any way."

*** News Flash ***

Chemical weapons have been deployed on the surface of Inversion. More news next week!

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Been too much news to run this the last few weeks, but here's a return of the weekly roundup of items on the posting boards this week.

Can naval officers train in civilian skills:

A thread on the Hive being under new management:

A thread on the tech tree:

The problem of inactive players:

Can you mass produce with less than 10 factories:


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

25-05-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 21 DAY 4  [Recruit]

*****KJC Update*****
Forthcoming Changes
These will be introduced during week 24. These are essentially some minor changes (though with some significant implications) that stamp on some of the loopholes that we have noticed have been getting a little more interest than is good for the game.

Anti Personnel devices
APD have had their damage increased to 1. They are only effective on assaulted starbases when the control is >80%. They are no longer affected by the x10 initial damage modifier that is applied to defenders weapons. Also as they are considered reactive/response items, the active number will be based on the attacking force. This means that they are an effective defence but are not only thing that is needed to defend a starbase.

Weapons on Trade Ships
The number of space weapons that can be installed on XL/L hull ships has been changed to 10mu/hull. Weapons include fighter bays but not ammunition. The weapon space is quoted on the installed list. Any excess weapons on existing ships will be dumped into a friendly starbase next time you dock for no integrity loss. Any designs that have weapons in them will have the weapons dumped out of them after construction, and should be amended (this is because players are still attempting to find new and inventive ways of creating the one-shot-wonder). ISR damage will remain in the game to sort out shrimps.

Offensive /Defensive Items
Items are now either considered normal/offensive/defensive. Most items are normal, the other types are currently
Offensive: Warbots
Defensive: AAE/RDB
Defensive items can only be used starbase. Offensive items cannot be used by a starbase.
If a position can not use a type of item it is not consider in ground combat - i.e. it does not soak damage, contribute control points or damage. This is reflected in the position ground combat report. This means that SB can keep as many warbots as they like without the negative control effect.

Note: AAE accuracy -> 40% since it was silly

Armour on Items
Items can now block (on average) a certain amount of damage before they are in danger of being destroyed. If items with 1 armour takes damage then 0-2 damage will be blocked (based on a bell curve around 1 damage). Currently this is implemented on trained troops (1 armour), veteran troops (2 armour), veteran mercs (1 armour) and officers (5 armour).
So with these armours; 1000 mercs shooting a veteran troop will still kill him. However 5 mercs vs veteran troop will most likely mean the veteran survives for some time.

Battering Starbase shields
If a starbase's shields are absorbing a large amount of damage then the accuracy of ground weapons fired from the starbase will be reduced. This will stop starbases from having planetary control while being heavy shelled from orbit. This will all allow forces to be built up on the ground in order to capture the starbase.
Acc modifier is: -1 acc /50 dmg (absorbed by the shield) /shield complex.
So if a starbase taking 1000 dmg per round and only having 1 shield complex but absorbing 100% of the damage will have a -20acc to its ground weapons.

Slave Revolts
Slave revolts have been added. If you have more crew factors than you have slaves there will not be a revolt. The more security complex you have the more effective the crew factors will be at containing slaves.
Each active security complex adds 100% to your crew's effectiveness per 1000 slaves.
So if you have 10 security complexes and 20000 slaves then you get +50% bonus to your crew factors for dealing with slaves.
It takes a minimum of 5 weeks for slaves to revolt and there are warnings each week.

Less than 1000 meklan in a position presents no problem, more than this incurs a % chance each week that the meklan will get messy. Certain artefact may increase the number of meklan that can be safely controlled.

26-05-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 21 DAY 5

Spacious Forum Hack

Can all players please register with the new forum:


We will be recovering the data from the Spacious Phoenix Forum and adding it to this forum.

06-06-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 23 DAY 2

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Weapons Of Mass Destruction Deployed ***

Compelling evidence has been presented that the conflict between the KRL and the FCN has escalated horrifically.

Lord Goth has been quoted on subspace stating the following, "There is much guessing and conjecture regarding the use of improvised chemical weapons on Inversion. I will clear it up as I ordered the attack. The day before the attack was to take place, KRL ground parties all over our Homeworld warned all KRELL to leave the Falconian compounds around VJUN. Any KRELL who stayed there was considered an enemy of the KRELL race and subject to being killed. As far as we know, all KRELL left the attacked sector. It was not an unannounced attack on civilians. The fact that the KRELL did not warn the ALIENS and let them die in the attack proves they do not want the ALIENS alive on our Homeworld."

Inter-Galactic News reporters stationed at Vjun witnesses the deployment of chemical weapons in civilian sectors close to the Starbase, they are however unable to confirm what the civilian casualty figures are, or indeed how much truth there is in the Krell announcement that civilians were provided with the opportunity to evacuate. There are further confusing reports that the sites targetted were FCN concentration camps. In which case it is hoped the prisoners there were allowed the opportunity to flee before the chemical weapons were deployed.

*** Inversion Population ***

While exact figures of casualties on Inversion are difficult to come by, a recent shuttle survey provided by an independent observer scanned 1,065,444 Krell lifeforms on the surface of planet. This compares to a figure of 1148694 at the beginning of the year. Indicating that there has been a significant population drop.

*** Vindicator Squadron Piracy Issue Rumbles On ***

The FET, the aggrieved party in the recent engagement of the VSQ in the Twinkle system by the DTR, have issued the following statement:

"A FET ship was boarded by VSQ on stardate 206.18.5 in orbit of the Twinkle stargate without any prior warning of hostilities and since no reasons have been given. The ship in question was under the command of this office before capture. The DTR contacted the FET about the ship and the circumstances of it becoming a VSQ ship. They were informed of what happened. DTR had discovered information about the ship and this office asked them to follow it up and if possible to engage the ship.

DTR did this in Twinkle, where the VSQ had originally captured the ship. Unfortunately the ship managed to escape after dumping its cargo. DTR are at the moment making arrangements with me to return the cargo that was on board the ship when it was boarded by the VSQ. I would like the thank the DTR for their efforts in these events. Relations between DTR and FET are still tense after a long period of hostilities, but with actions like these on both sides hopefully we will see a future where both sides will not view each other with suspicion.

There has been a lot of people trying to score points against DTR over this incident, hopefully this will put an end to that. DTR acted in good faith in this incident and were only trying to put a stop to, having been the victim of VSQ, can only call pirates. I would like to see some sort of statement from VSQ explaining there unprovoked attack on peaceful FET shipping in Twinkle, but I don't hold out much hope for a sensible response from these pirates."

While the engagement itself was a small affair, with no shots being fired, it can at least be said to have done much to the benefit of DTR/FET relations.

*** Piracy ***

The Dread Pirate Missy has been the source of much speculation this week, with many commentators speculating that the latest in a line of vile pirates plaguing the spacelanes might have employed a PR department.

We at the IGN couldn't possibly speculate, but a straw poll of freighter captains indicates that nine out of ten captains would prefer to be boarded by Missy, rather than Pirate Large.

*** Imperial Outpost Applications ***

An application has been received to exploit Codes 54789, 2238, 6983 and 2390 in the Rebellion system. Anyone already exploiting these codes in Rebellion should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day5, Week 21, quoting the celestial body on which they are being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit codes 45674, 60438 and 2521 in
the Rebellion system. Anyone already exploiting these codes in Rebellion
should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 21, indicating the
celestial body on which they are being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code KRL in the Storm system. Anyone already exploiting this code in Storm should inform Warlord Goth, indicating the celestial body on which they are being exploited.

*** DNA News Conference ***

IGN reporters have recently been invited to attend a question and answers session with the Immortal Chief of the DNA, Mad Max. The interview took place at an undisclosed location, with questions that had been supplied by local Naplian news teams.

Reporter: Is it right you have repealed laws against using WOMD.

Mad Max: Yes, it was unanimously voted, they are required to terraform planets for the Krell.

Reporter: Is it right the DNA are now have the capability?

Mad Max: Yes, this gives us greater terraforming capability.

Reporter: Will you terraform Falconia?

Mad Max: Well if the FCN can't get out of Inversion then we should invert Falconia as one suitable test area as a temporary Krell holiday area as they wait for Inversion. We have not yet worked out why the Falconian feathers get ruffled and fall out leaving them nude if these bombs explode near them? May be we can offer them some Naplian duct tape to stik them back?

This interview can be read as nothing more than a direct threat against the Falconian Empire, and with nerves already under strain following the deployment of WoMD by the Krell, things can only be expected to deteriorate further.

*** Imperial Announcement ***

The following press release has been received from the office of the Patrol Commissioner:

"Civilians of the peripheries, we are pleased to announce a recent tour of duty into enemy space, which started with attacks in the Darkfold system itself against CIA and CNF ships and positions.

An out post was destroyed in the initial engagements and several enemy battleships up to 150 heavy hulls. Over the coming fortnight the ISP attacked in the Darkfold system and then pulled back into the London system. The move continued trying to locate battle groups of the enemy to engage.

During the whole operation, the ISP consisting of a maximum of 60 ships, not a vast force in comparison to that used by our enemies, and the targets we attempted to engage were of military type.

Over the total patrol in which elements of forces belonging to myself, Duck-worth Lewis, Wulf, and Lee Fairchild took part, our ships destroyed a total of 41 vessels, consisting of 25 main warships, 100HH, 150HH and 100 normal hulled in type, 5 freighters of varying sizes, and 11 small heavy hulled warship/scout type vessels. In total up to 12 IMP 75 and 100 hulled ships were lost to enemy action, 1 of which was captured after suffering 93% damage and 2 boarding attempts by rebel marines.

The remaining ships have taken light damage in the majority and the enemy can expect continued harassment in the very near future.

If these draw's are common then the Viceroy has forwarded his congratulations, and would like to see more of them in the near future.

Our commanders have learned vital lessons in the engagements, and can rectify their tactics accordingly

Press release ends....."

The SSS/IGN would like to point out that our reporting last week of the Darkfold Engagements were based solely on information received at the very end of the operation, from when DTR assets became involved. Up until then, no information had been received from either side, so our views and opinions were based upon the best information available to us at the time.

We would like to thank the Imperial and Confederate sources who came forward over the course of the past week to provide more detailed casualty figures.

*** Twinkle Crisis Re-Erupts ***

The issue of Felini spy ships in orbit of FLZ High Star continues to cause tension, with further threats this week that they would be removed by force.

With the handover of High Star from IND authorities to the FLZ, it does seem only a matter of time until the neutrality of the Twinkle system falls apart. However, it should be noted that the FLZ have repeatedly stated that they seek to maintain the neutrality of the system, and do not appear to be doing anything to hamper Felini traffic through the stargate.

*** Would You Like Some Slug With That? ***

IMP Riva - home of the Booker Steak - would like to announce a forthcoming new product line, that will shortly be made available to the Peripheries: The Sea Slug.

In recent marketing tests, we found that the tender and succulent flesh appealed to most races, but in particular to the Felini who perhaps imagined they were tucking into Flagritz spawn...

The Governor's Office welcomes interest in this product, but would particularly like to hear from those who have a Felini population to sell to, in the interests of providing them access to this fine product (and to hear more stellars jingle in the till...)

When asked on her view, Chief Cook Deliah Smythe, said "...these slugs are just divine. Place them in a pan of hot oil for literally 30 seconds, season with a little salt and you have the perfect appetiser for a main course of Booker Steak with Milkrun Dairy Product Mash"

For further information please contact the governor at


Sea Slug (30502) - 1 mu

There are over two hundred species that vary in colour and taste, but
as they are exploited equally, they are classed as a single resource.

Item Type: Trade Good (Perishable)
Race: Felini
Value at Source: 0.5 (Stellars/mu)
Local Value: 1.5 (Stellars/mu)
Origin System: Audrey

*** Krell Action ***

One of our reporters had a rare opportunity this week to observe a Krell operations. At an undisclosed location, in the company of Warlord Goth himself, our reporter was able to file the following story:

"The Falconians will never have a good night's sleep while they rape our blighted home world. The resistance proves that the Falconians do not have the ability to protect anything outside their own starbase:"

Two bombs are deposited on the outside of a couple of the agriculture domes and detonated before they can be stopped. The resulting explosions expose the fields within to the hostile atmosphere of the planet quickly bringing death to the vegetation within. There are only a few casualties and due to the disperse nature of the domes the damage is more to Falconian pride than to the economy. Modification to the planetary merchandising and life demand have been made.

"We will not make any assurances that the next attack will not include casualties to sympathizers (if there are any left)."

*** Naplian Marauders ***

From the Naplian News Network:

..... Inside a Naplian DNA ambush ship the [Cloaked Marauder] ... the boredom sets in.

What we goin to do Judva? Says a young Naplian scallywag on a new Naplian Ambush Cruiser

"Rig for silent running." Comes the order.

Do you really think the Felini will be here, we have been in Felini Battlefield for over two weeks hunting for them and now another call to "Rig for silent running". " Can we move on elsewhere to fight?"

"Young one, you are young and impatient, Mad Max needs us to be patient as he alone knows the weakspots in their defence and our target. Why is it we escape their squadrons because Mad Max said we would. Leave it be, we will continue and we WILL get our tonnage as Mad Max said we would - have Faith."

Shortly after... "Captain, Long range sensors ,, picked up one large vessel approaching..beta 10 up periscope sensor.. lets see what we have!

FEL Sirrus 1 (40519) - Ship Titan Class

"Looks like we have our prize my young naplian get to the torps and arrange the surprise. "

Out of dark another DNA warship appears and another as they close in on the Felini Titan. She is a big one, let her come closer, and NOW large spread first volley, fire torpedoes, 1,2,3,4,5,...12,13. Trailers and lights burst into space and the battle commences.

Instruct the other ships to come to the kill, launch the Angels to fly to the target. The Naplian warship [Little Alien Angels] sends out a swarm of screaming naplian space fighters as it reaches top speed like an exploding Hive.

As the Felini's ships point defence struggles bravely to take out all but one torpedo of the first volley, a more deadly second round is closing in as the screaming Space Fighters (Angels) hit their target and the Felini ship is overwhelmed by the firepower and explodes like a cat under a wheel of a forty tonne truck.

The DNA ship Angel Wings watches in the wings silently, content to see the destruction of the Felini ship after a mere 1.2 rounds of fire.

The naplian's break into song as they continue on their journey behind enemy lines,

"Marauders at night, Angels in the day, the Felini lie dead, now we are coming your way ! "

FEL Sirrus 1 (40519) - Ship
Titan Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Retreated from battle
DNA Cloaked Marauder (xxxxx) - Ship
Ambush Cruiser Class Destroyer {Medium Armour}
Retreated from battle
DNA Little Alien Angels (xxxxx) - Ship
Ambush Cruiser Class Carrier {Medium Armour}
Hull Damage: 0.0%
Retreated from battle
DNA Angel Wings (xxxxx) - Ship
Ambush Cruiser Class Destroyer {Medium Armour}
Retreated from battle

*** VSQ In League With Pirates ***

A VSQ ground party operating in conjunction with a pirate vessel attempted to engage and board a COH vessel in Twinkle this week.

Many affiliations have now declared the VSQ to be a pirate affiliation, and they will be treated accordingly.

*** News Flash ***

Pirate Large has struck in Twinkle.

***** Message From The Editor *****

Players are reminded that the Spacious forum is now closed following the hacker. While your humble editor is unaware of what happened with that, I should maybe point out that the email sent out from the forum contained a link to a virus, and that I believe the hacker also put a virus in the control panel of the Spacious Forum. So if your computer is acting oddly, run a virus check.

The new forums will, I understand, be located on KJCs server, the previous ones were player-run.



Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:

KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
KJCs Phoenix Trade Forum:
IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

14-06-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 24 DAY 3  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Nuclear Weapons ***

Reports from the surface of Inversion have confirmed that the Krell resistance forces have unleashed several dirty nuclear weapons against cultivated sectors.

These cultivated sectors were reportedly not part of FCN Empire holdings, and provided food to the planetary population. Domes and terraforming equipment have been destroyed, and the estimated cost of cleaning up the fallout is expected to be very high indeed, as the Krell continue their war to evict the FCN from their homeworld.

*** Nuclear Genie Out Of The Bottle ***

With the Peripheries still adjusting to the recent deployment of nuclear weapons in the FCN/KRL conflict, our reporters are hearing increasingly convincing rumours that vast stockpiles of nuclear weapons have been assembled across the surface of not one, but several major populated worlds in various systems.

Several governments have called for calm, but with planetary populations increasingly nervous, it seems only a matter of time until a holocaust is unleashed somewhere.

*** Krell Announce Free-Fire Zone ***

Warlord Goth has recently announced that any and all traders doing business with the Falconian Empire may come under fire from Krell, or Krell-sponsored forces. Goth himself has been quoted on the subspace as saying: "With all the talk about neutral systems and such, I just wanted to remind the rest of you that Storm and Acropolis are not neutral systems. Both of those systems are warzones and traders are strongly advised not to trade/enter either system. Acropolis is the capital of the FCN warmachine and as such is a prime target for anti-consortium forces. Those trading in that system could easily be considered helping our enemies. For the record, starting immediately, anyone trading with the Falconians in Acropolis or Storm will be fair game..."

Many affiliations have reacted angrily to this announcement, stating that if their forces are fired upon, they will take measures in response. Independent observers have noted that this is surely the first step of the grand Krell plan to declare war against the entire universe.

*** Falconian Trade Embargo Expands ***

Mad Max, the leader of the DNA forces, has indicated that DNA vessels will assist the KRL in their embargo of all vessels attempting to trade with the FCN Empire. The following communication has been received by the IGN newsroom:

"The following KST ships are under investigation after entering the orbit of Falconia last week. They were identified trading with the Falconians.

KST SHIP AE FIVE ACES (478) - {75 Light Hulls
KST SHIP GREED 8 (64684) - {75 Light Hulls}
KST SHIP GREED 5 (18936) - {75 Light Hulls}
KST SHIP GREED 6 (42295) - {75 Light Hulls}
KST SHIP GREED 9 (60040) - {75 Light Hulls

Actions may be taken to ensure the Falconian military trade embargo remains tight."

*** Wimble Announcement ***

From the office of Oran Guutan (86080), Soothsayer to the Wimble Nation:

It is with great sadness that the Wimble Nation must announce today news of the injury and incapacitation of Grandfather Lemora Enewatak. The former leader of the Wimble Nation is currently in hospital accommodation on life support systems. No evidence of brain activity has been noted since his admission.

Exact details of events are still unclear. It would appear that Grandfather Lemora was carrying out his normal weekday chores on his family farm when a fence gave way under a surge of pressure from a herd of prize Miniature Hairy Cows being corralled for vaccination. The fence failure led to a stampede which ran through the farmyard. Grandfather Lemora was at the time in livestock quarters, inspecting Pigmy Rat accommodations. The sudden noise of the stampede is believed to have led to a startled rush by the many thousand Pigmy Rats in the quarters.

When others on the farm managed to make their way through the destroyed quarters they found the body of Grandfather Lemora lying isolated in an empty circle of earth, surrounded by the rats. His body was trampled and scratched but otherwise untouched. He appears to have entered a coma state whilst suffocating under a scrambling mound of frightened pigmy rats.

Grandfather Lemora's body was immediately transferred to hospital facilities and attached to life-support equipment. Shallow breathing and a faint irregular heartbeat have been noted but there are no signs of brain activity at the moment. He is being attended on a twenty-five hour basis by medical staff. We have no idea when, if at all, he will recover.

An urgent conclave of senior Wimble family representatives has met and agreed the following two resolutions that will take effect from Galaxy Standard Date 206.22.1.

1) The position of Wimble Grandfather and all responsibilities thereof shall be assumed with immediate effect by Oran Guutan, head of the Guutan Clan, current Soothsayer to the Wimble Nation.
2) Grandfather Lemora shall henceforth be referred to as Revered Forefather Lemora Enewatak.

Over the next days and weeks, I shall try and get in touch with various affiliations to review and confirm existing agreements between them and the Wimble Nation. Anyone aware of particular agreements or situations that might require urgent attention is requested to contact me immediately, rather than waiting for me to contact them, to avoid unfortunate delays.

Public contact details concerning the Wimble Nation will be updated as and when possible. However, I can be contacted at the following address: oranguutan at googlemail dot com

Any messages of condolence, contributions to memorials, flowers or similar items directed to Revered Forefather Lemora's family and clan can safely be transmitted through my office.

Oran Guutan.

*** Krell Implicated In Piracy ***

Controversy erupted this week as the Krell were accused of running pirate vessels in Acropolis, for the purpose of targeting third parties trading with the FCN Empire in contravention of the KRL/DNA trade embargo. A pirate vessel was spotted by APTF forces, which carried similar markings and ID signals as a vessel that had previously belonged to the KRL.

With the KRL thus far unwilling to say how this vessel might have ended up in pirate hands, many parties have considered this to be damning evidence of Krell intent. However, with the Krell happily owning up to using chemical and nuclear weapons, on the face of it, running pirate vessels seems a moderately small crime.

*** Krell Support Piracy ***

We at the IGN newsroom will let the following public service announcement from Warlord Goth speak for itself:

"The first bounty for ships trading with the Falconians in Acropolis
has been paid. It is bad business to buy or sell from the Falconians
in Acropolis or Storm as a Genocide supporter recently found out (MOH).

The current bounty is 100 stellars per hull destroyed in Acropolis or
storm (killing a 100 hull freighter in Acropolis is worth $10,000).
This bounty includes any freighter in the Acropolis system.

The only exemption is in Storm with ships trading with the RIP base as
they are there legally.

Killing a Falconian/Fel/SMS freighter in any system other than Yank
or Solo is worth half that amount. Simply send a copy of the battle
report to me and I will send payment wherever you like. I don't care
if it is done under the flag of an affiliation, pirate or independent.
Regular pirates will get a $10 per hull prize for any consortium ship
stolen (just an incentive, we don't want the ship). Just send us the
battle report and the account to send the reward to.

End transmission............."

*** Piracy Update ***

The pirate vessel Black Bill Graves has successfully captured a DEN freighter, the Orrible Bitch. There are reports of much celebrating amongst the pirate fraternity, as the DEN vessel belonged to long-standing Dewiek scourge of piracy, Weenie.

Reports indicate that the vile individual responsible for this attack was the dread pirate Missy.

*** Broadcast From inversion ***

The following transmission has been made across subspace transmission lanes:

### The Vid feed is picked up mid-feed to show a gigantic Krell in a murderous rant about some insignificant runt ###

"You are a waste of genetic matter and unfit to claim to the title Warlord. The Conclave decides who lives and dies on this world and your defeat left you fit only for death. Now you hide but we are coming for you... Perhaps if you bring a suitable tribute to us when your Clan surrenders you may be allowed to die last. But die you will."

The figure in the video feed has been identified as the mysterious figure Mace Death, the so called First Warlord of Storm.

*** Pirate Large ***

The IGN thesaurus has run out of verbs to describe the repellent and rugose pirate Large, so instead we will simply say that the big stinky pirate Large has been in touch with our newsroom, with the following tale of success:

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties.... It be aye... Pirate Large......

Well me boys as been in action again, a few stories to tell yee,

Firs off, me new setup in the Twinkle region gets off to a good start, as me
vessels interecepted the AFT ship Wind of Dawn (3911), a 100 huller she be
an no match for thee. Well nearly actually cos the new cappan on that ship
forgot to put the other troops on his boarding party aye the pillock, an
that meant only a few troops wen in, still we gots there in the end and took
anuvver cappan prisoner. His name be Toshio, and he can tossio alright, he
be as gay as a meatball, an luckily for him, half the crew on that ship be
bum bandits.

On the same day the CIA ship Yasuki Pride (95897) was spotted, and me boys
wen in for the kill, marines an crew there be on board that ship, an we
foughts our way in an killed 14 o the crewmen. In a short boarding action me
boys toooks the ship, be good to be a pirate

Larde dar, dumde dum, great to be a pirate, lar de dar.

Cappan, there be ships in Yank 206.22.5, that be today cappan, ok send crabs
from the new pirate ship we tooks off the FGZ, to board that one, and send
todger to get the other, they be closest.

Lar de Dar, Dum de dum.....

Cappan reports are coming in, Todger done it, hes inside the gal now
finishin his duties as a pirate, garrr. good stuff...

Lar de dar, dum de dum.....

Cappan, cappan, reports coming in, looks likes we as lost the fost un, the
X-P'Rogu, she be destroyed, Garrrr...fook....oh well it ad to happen,
reports to follow soon sir, when we gets the reports, I will put the updates
on the communications portal this ere evening....she be a small 50 hulled
boarding ship, looks like the AFT might have their first kill....ope it aint
that archie bloke, hell be braggin all week end."

We should note before somebody calls into question the accuracy of our reporting, that the size and stinkyness of pirate Large is a matter of conjecture, rather than hard fact.

*** KRL Freighter Destroyed in Yank ***

The KRL freighterVanguard III has been destroyed by two FCN warships in the Yank system. The incident is currently under investigation by the Kastorian Military Junta.

*** Piracy Update ***

The IND freighter Judith Durham has been successfully attacked and boarded by the pirate Trivial. The trivial is understood to be part of Pirate Large's operations.

*** Environmental Catastrophe On Pralor? ***

A beacon in orbit of the planet Pralor is carrying the following message:

"FCN Invasion of Storm and destruction of DNA outposts is being avenged by the DNA. You will never sleep safely in your nest no matter how much you reinforce them. Mad Max moves unseen. But he sees all; he infiltrates all, and eliminates all."

Further, it is apparent that the planet is losing its atmosphere at a terrifying rate. The mechanism for this disaster is unclear, though apparently it is the result of something done by the DNA.

*** Twinkle Crisis ***

The war of words in Twinkle between the High Star authorities and the Felini has finally boiled over, as at last High Star has opened fire after months of warnings.

On a two normal hulled Felini spyship.

The High Star authorities have released the following statement:

"All sentients be aware, the Felines attempted to move another spy ship into orbit of Sapphire last week and the ship was destroyed. We regret the loss of life (probably nav comps) but will not sit idle as our economy and that of our neighbours is targetted. The feline nation may respond by agreeing to stop spying , which will see the ban on FEL shipping at Sapphire lifted. High Star and associated emplacements will target all FEL ships until such time as they act with honour.

We regret to inform that we expect the opposite, and prepare for Consortium (note not just FEL) fleets in orbit shortly. FCN/SMS will not be targetted although, our defences are solid and our retaliation will be venomous. All missile batteries and point defence are fully operational. Feline shipping outside of Sapphire orbit will not be hindered."

We can confirm that the FEL spyship in orbit of High Star was indeed destroyed, thanks to first hand reports from IGN personnel on scene.

*** Falconian Markets Close ***

Several FCN markets throughout the Peripheries are closing this week, as a major Falconian political has announced his retirement. We expect there will be more on this story next week.

***** Message From The Editor *****

Yahoogroups have recently introduced a change to the way their digest messages display, making it much easier to navigate around discussions on the Phoenix yahoogroup. I mention this here because for players who find the avalanche of mail a little too much, you might want to try this new improved digest version, it makes it much easier to find and read the information you want, without having to plough through posts that have no relevance to you.

Also, I think this is me caught up now with the news, but if I have missed anything that you particularly wanted to be included, please drop me a line. You will understand I had more than a few hours worth of email to sort through.

- Simon.


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:

KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
KJCs Phoenix Trade Forum:
IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

20-06-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 25 DAY 2  [Recruit]

*****KJC Update*****
The update will be run on Thursday 206.25.4 (a week later than promised due to a couple changes).

Anti Personnel devices
APD have had their damage increased to 1. They are only effective on assaulted starbases when the control is >80%. This means that they are an effective defence but are not only thing that is needed to defend a starbase. Only hit as many times as there are targets, so excessive APD have no effect.
Are affected by control like all other weapons i.e. x10 likelihood of hitting at 100% control. Can not be hit in short range, only by collateral damage (so they can not soak damage).

Weapons on Trade Ships
The number of space weapons that can be installed on XL/L hull ships has been changed to 10mu/hull. Weapons include fighter bays but not ammunition. The weapon space is quoted on the installed list. Any excess weapons on existing ships will be dumped into a friendly starbase next time you dock for no integrity loss. Any designs that have weapons in them will have the weapons dumped out of them after construction, and should be amended (this is because players are still attempting to find new and inventive ways of creating the one-shot-wonder). ISR damage will remain in the game to sort out shrimps.

Offensive /Defensive Items
Items are now either considered normal/offensive/defensive. Most items are normal, the other types are currently
Offensive: Warbots
Defensive: AAE/RDB
Defensive items can only be used starbase. Offensive items cannot be used by a starbase.
If a position can not use a type of item it is not consider in ground combat - i.e. it does not soak damage, contribute control points or damage. This is reflected in the position ground combat report. This means that SB can keep as many warbots as they like without the negative control effect.

Note: AAE accuracy -> 40% since it was silly

Armour on Items
Items can now block (on average) a certain amount of damage before they are in danger of being destroyed. If items with 1 armour takes damage then 0-2 damage will be blocked (based on a bell curve around 1 damage). Currently this is implemented on trained troops (1 armour), veteran troops (2 armour), veteran mercs (1 armour) and officers (5 armour).
So with these armours; 1000 mercs shooting a veteran troop will still kill him. However 5 mercs vs veteran troop will most likely mean the veteran survives for some time.

Battering Starbase shields
If a starbase's shields are absorbing a large amount of damage then the accuracy of ground weapons fired from the starbase will be reduced. This will stop starbases from having planetary control while being heavy shelled from orbit. This will all allow forces to be built up on the ground in order to capture the starbase.
Acc modifier is: -1 acc /50 dmg (absorbed by the shield) /shield complex.
So if a starbase taking 1000 dmg per round and only having 1 shield complex but absorbing 100% of the damage will have a -20acc to its ground weapons.

Slave Revolts
Slave revolts have been added. If you have more crew factors than you have slaves there will not be a revolt. The more security complex you have the more effective the crew factors will be at containing slaves.
Each active security complex adds 100% to your crew's effectiveness per 1000 slaves (up to a maximum of +200%).
So if you have 10 security complexes and 20000 slaves then you get +50% bonus to your crew factors for dealing with slaves.
It takes a minimum of 5 weeks for slaves to revolt and there are warnings each week.

Less than 1000 meklan in a position presents no problem, more than this incurs a % chance each week that the meklan will get messy. Certain artefact may increase the number of meklan that can be safely controlled.

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Crisis On Earth ***

The Imperial news agencies are carrying the following story:

"Rumours and vague reports are coming in from the former Inner Empire of a food crisis on Earth in the Sol system. It is rumoured to have been caused by a disruption of supplies from out of system sources. Consideration is being given to the provision of Food Aid from the peripheries."

This story confirms several rumours that have been heard around the IGN newsroom for some time, but never substantiated until now, that the once mighty homeworld of humanity has fallen into a state of significant disaster.

There are further disturbing rumours coming out of the Inner Empire regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction.

It is too early to tell if this story means that the Imperial-bloc have finally won the race back into the Sol system, but clearly they have at least opened up lines of communication.

*** DNA Spy Attempts Fail ***

A number of DNA sponsored agents have been caught entering SMS installations in recent weeks. Alert SMS security forces have intercepted and detained a number of such agents, whose efforts have been described by an SMS spokesman as 'pitiful'.

*** Update On Imperial Fleet Action ***

The Imperial wire is carrying a further update on the recent naval engagement in the Darkfold.

"A very large DTR fleet appeared in the Ruin system, presumably the Darkfold rebels were despairing of doing anything serious about the ISP raiding fleet that has been running more or less unopposed around their periphery for the last four weeks or so. Both DTR and IMP fleets got split up and a number of smaller actions caused us to lose another ten ships, making a total of eleven for the whole operation. Balanced against overall kill of forty four rebel ships during the incursion this makes the operation reasonably successful with the added bonus of pulling the DTR fleet back into the Darkfold.

The CIA are making noises about "unfair advantage" and crying foul. It is assumed that they are trying to draw attention away from the abysmal performance of their own ships."

*** Detinus Republic Ban Krell ***

Michelle Diaz, Speaker of the House of Lords, has appeared on Detinus news networks, giving the following statement to the Peripheries press:

"During recent weeks, there has been a significant escalation in
claims and counter claims between the Krell and the Falconians.
During this time, the DTR have been asked to make a stance on this
matter. When the conflict was confined to Inversion, the DTR could
understand, if not necessarily agree to, the Krell desire to use
whatever means (including WoMDs) to remove the Falconians from their
home world.

There has also been some breaches of neutrality in Yank and hope that
both parties take additional steps to prevent further conflict in
this system and that they keep to tradition by offering compensation
to the offended party.

However, the Krell announcement that they will attack neutral ships
trading in Acropolis or Storm sets a worrying precedence. In
addition paying bounties to other affiliations and also to pirates to
attack Consortium ships across the peripheries can only promote and
encourage piracy which the DTR condemn outright. For this reason,
the DTR Senate has with immediate effect voted to ban all Krell
positions from DTR claimed space."

*** Dominion Launch Offensive In Solo ***

At time of press our reporters have no further information on this story, other than that contained within a recent statement from the Dominion Overlord. The statement reads as follows:

Citizens of the Peripheries

Due to the ongoing conflict with the DTR, the Dominion has kept a tight
security sweep of the planet Haven. despite warnings of this nature some
affs still insist on non-disclosure of hidden outposts / starbases. This has
ended in a recently discovered outpost belonging to an affiliation we are
not at war with being destroyed. The Dominion take no responsibility for
this and blame the loss of life on the negligence of that affiliation. The
Dominion hopes that this serves as a reminder to the rest who may still have
undisclosed outposts to mention them now less they end up in the same fate.

The owner of the destroyed outpost is at this time unknown.

There has been no statement from the AFT, who administer the Solo system, regarding this incident. Which has lead to speculation regarding exactly who now administrates the Solo system.

*** Imperial Outpost Application Causes Riot Of Excitement ***

An outpost application has been received to exploit the following codes in the Starling System. Anyone already exploiting these codes should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 4 Week 25, indicating on which celestial body they are being exploited.

#38549 & #10163

*** New Falconian House Emerges ***

A new power has arisen amongst the Falconian Empire, House Raven, led by their ruler, Thoriqal. In the following statement, Thoriqal appears to have stated his intent to wrest control of the empire from the ruling House Vulture:

"We have managed to escape the clutches of the Vultures. We now control various bases in the Empire and we will continue our struggle to liberate the rest from Vulture control."

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Governors Sought ***

Dear all fellow beings

The BHD are looking new Starbase Governors.

We are looking for beings with enough enthusiasm to help build up the BHD.

The Brotherhood is built on the holy three stones of Faith, Technology and Violence. We will consider any applicant, Alien or Human, Novice or Experienced, even females ( to a certain degree). We will not accept any WOMD using megalomaniacs.

Pope Naz

*** Ships for Sale ***

I've three Pioneers(100 light hulls) for sale at the bargain price of 60,000 stellars.
Any interested parties get in contact quickly, before they are gone.
Kasumi Shinzawai

Byrnekd [at] eircom [dot] net

*** Beware ***

Their time is coming.
What was once will be again.
By their agents shall we know them.
From the dark spaces they approach.
And all shall be swept away.

*** Ships For Sale ***

100 light hull behemoth freighter.

150 light hull Titan freighter.

50 light hull freighter.

Make me an offer.

hmruath [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk


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Port 6660-6669,7000
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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

23-06-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 25 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Nuclear Weapons Detonated ***

Nuclear weapons have been detonated on the surface of Falconia. The story broke on the Naplian News Network, where the following story was broadcast:

"Naplian scientists report that multiple "DNA mushroom bombs" (as the naplians call these) terraforming devices, have been successfully tested on Falconia with the intent to terraform the surface to something resembling the Krell homeland.

Whilst the startled civilian population have been spared there is a smell and taste of crisp chicken and burnt spicy hot wings in the charred forest suburbs. Radioactive levels appear to be rising effecting the market produce which I am sure will be dumped into the market at very cheap attractive prices.

Mad Max said "Glow in the dark seasonal Turkey's may be a new product line, I encourage all friends of the Falconians to come and taste them and take then back to their starbases".

This report was prepared some 3 weeks back when the events occurred, if you have bought Falconian product from Falconia within the last 3 weeks the DNA advises you to return or destroy the product from your shelves.

This health tip has been bought to you buy, Naplian Home and Health Magazine."

When approached by IGN reporters, the DNA were able to confirm that at least two nuclear weapons were detonated:

"DNA confirmed that they still have way to go to cover the surface, but tests
were encouraging, terraforming is a slow process, it takes many methods.
Eye witness reports from fleeing flocks confirmed at least 2 Mushroom clouds
of black smoke could clearly be seen from close to the main Falconian
starbase whether there was anymore across the planet is unclear due to the
poor visibility and widespread panic and immediate news blackout by the
Falconian Junta. Even after 3 weeks reports are only now just coming out. Black Ravens have been seen on Falconia and this looks like a bad omen."

And in even more worrying news, other Naplian news resources have received information that indicates new Consortium dwelled planets are about to be targetted by nuclear weapons.

An IGN reporter was able to obtain the following eye witness report: "...a nuke in the middle of the forest...The mushroom is easily spotted rising as black cloud. The blast while still quite large is damped by the world ISR field."

There does however still exist some confusion, if these nuclear attacks were three weeks ago, why are we only just hearing about them now? And what of the threatened KRL nuclear attacks against the FCN?

Only time will tell.

*** Crisis On Earth ***

Our reporters have learnt that a joint GTT/FET/IMP expeditionary group has begun delivering 50,000 mus of food per week to the planet Earth.

According to the Imperial Viceroy, "It appears that rebellions, and activity to suppress them, against the GCS rule in parts of the old Inner Empire have disrupted the regular food supplies that Earth relies on to feed its population. This operation is pledged to continue as long as it is required."

While it is not explicit, it does indeed appear that GTT/FET/IMP vessels are once again active within the Sol system, and that the Imperial-Bloc has quite decisively won the race to return to the cradle of humanity.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

A pirate ship was engaged by an IMP armed escort as it attempted to board an IMP Freighter in the Audrey system. The pirate ship suffered enough damage for a probable kill to be claimed by the Heavy Cruiser escort.

*** Imperial Outpost Application Form ***

An application has been received to exploit the following codes in the
Rebellion system. Anyone already exploiting these codes in Rebellion should
inform the Viceregal Administration by day 5 Week 26, indicating the
celestial body on which they are being exploited.

12039, 85793, 25525

An application has been received to establish an outpost to exploit code
15286 in the Starling system. Anyone already exploiting this code in
Starling should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 25,
including the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

*** DNA In Hot Water ***

Following last weeks banning of the KRL from Detinus space, this week has seen the DNA banned from Imperial space.

The office of the Imperial Viceroy has released the following statement from Admiral Lord Simms:

"The DNA have committed several hostile acts against positions legally
present within the borders of the Empire over that last few months. Our
patience has finally been exhausted and the DNA have been advised that they
are personae non gratia and will be expelled from the Empire's systems. They
have been granted up to Day 5 Week 30 to remove their fixed assets. They
have not deigned to answer the message informing them of this. Whether this
is due to Mad Max's disdain for Imperial Laws or that DNA communications
systems have not advanced beyond the string and empty tins level is open to

Any individual acquiring fixed assets in our systems from the DNA is
reminded that they must get permission to hold the said assets from the
Viceregal Administration BEFORE the position is re-flagged."

The IGN news-team are uncertain how many major DNA assets there are within Imperial space, and note with some interest that all DNA markets have appeared to have closed.

*** Pirate Large ***

There has been not one, but two communications from the (insert adjective here) pirate, Large, this week:

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties.... It be aye... Pirate Large......

Carnage in Yank.

Well we as been in action an is ere to reports that the IND ship Judith
Durham was boarded by me boys on stardate 206.22.5, it be the same day that
the AFT whalloped one o me boarders in yank, so we wons one and lost one
that day. But on stardate 206.23.1 the AFT trys to retake the Judith. Me
boys as never had to stop a boarding action before an was excited. They
readied them selves at the atch, as 540 marines trys to get into the ship.
The hackin n slashin gets underway, as we was cutting them down before they
gets frew. Well all the boarding actions were repelled an we gots the ship

In the battle aye we lost over 80 men defending our new capture, but the AFT
well they not be used to dying in such large numbers, an it is felt that
180+ o the marines died in the hatchway. They now knows how tough it be when
yee gets involved in attacks.

Well we gots the Judith out as I says, an tooks the 3 living prisoners backs
to base, to get our moneys worf."

And the second communication:

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties.....It be aye... Pirate Large......

It be stardate 206.24.5 when I wens back into yank again, when me look outs
says, cappan small MOH freighter loiterin in the Alpha quad. Ahharghh, it be
a baby, but I dun discriminate aye.

Me boys readied their cutlass, an we caught up wiv the ship, opened the
hatches an stormed aboard, garrr, I loves these MOH gals, the smell o cattle
[censored] hits yee when you gets on board. An the crew seemed just too nice to do
much killin, infact they looked like they wanted some luvin, and gives in
wivout out me havin to kill anyone at all. They saws that Large himself as
graced them wiv his presence, and the gals soon loosened their knicker
elastic when I whips out me [censored] .....

Aye well I tooks them all on board me ships and gets out o yank, and spend a
fews days [censored] me [censored] wiv the birds, these helfy livin types be good
in the hay. And I treat them all nice. No cargo on board which be a bit of a
downer, but hey its another ship aye it be.

I don't know if yee remembers me telling yee stories abouts me crew, but I
though id pass on this ditee likes o one o me crewman."

This ditee has been censored by the IGN news-team, because, apparently, we are just big killjoys and spoilsports.

*** Nuclear Explosion In Aladdin ***

Visitors to the Aladdin system are being treated to an impressive light show, as the aftereffects of a massive nuclear explosion echo around the system.

Entering orbit of Brass (12)
206.22 Highly energetic emissions indicate that a nuclear detonation of moderate size has occurred.

It does not seem too much of a stretch to assume this event is in some way connected to the recent nuclear explosion unleashed in the Cluster Periphery, in which case we can assume that another TCA crche site has just been destroyed by an as yet unknown ARC-sponsored power.

*** WoMD For Sale ***

FET Invincible this week placed Bio-Chemical warfare Tech on its open markets. A move that provoked a few raised eyebrows in this day and age in the Peripheries that is seeing a fresh deployment of WoMD almost every week.

The director of the FET issued the following statement:

"It was researched by the previous governor of the base (who is no longer with the company)during the time we were active participants in the human civil war. As the peripheries know FET are now non-combatants in that conflict and therefore have no interest in technology such as this. And before our former enemies start up about use of WOMD I would like to ask them if they too haven't researched such technology. FET conducted this research as a deterrent, as do all those affs who have the technology to produce WOMD. So as FET no longer need such weapons and wanting to recoup some of the expense the base decided to put the tech on the open market. That is better than trying to keep such technology in the dark and selling it to someone with less than peaceful motives. This way it hopefully shows that FET are looking at new ways to succeed in the peripheries."

*** Krell On The Offensive ***

Warlord Goth via subspace link:

"Last week every member of the consortium was hit by various Krell attacks. The Falconians had their home system defiled once again and the FEL got a base blown to crap. On Tuesday, Warlord Goth authorized a surgical strike to finish off an SMS base in the Storm system which the SMS were building back up from a previous strike. This time, the Krell decided to send in troops to storm the mining outpost. The base fell in one day and the troopers were happy to note that the SMS had placed a stack of gatling lasers to protect the base....Guessing that they would get hit the same way twice (bad guess). The cyborg warriors that breached the outer defences of the outpost were allowed "first dibs" on the remaining SMS personnel."


Shields are down
Scint Coverage: 31.7
Ground Combat tactic:
Storm Position [Control x2 - Casualties x4]
Entering a control battle for SMS Training Camp Alpha (67175).

Ground Battle for the Control of SMS Training Camp Alpha (67175)
Round 1: Battle is 377:7 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 8.91% control [91.09%]
0.04% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 476:9 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 9.28% control [81.81%]
0.36% chance of losing control
Round 3: Battle is 157:3 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 9.16% control [72.65%]
1.23% chance of losing control
Round 4: Battle is 213:4 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 9.65% control [63%]
3.04% chance of losing control

SMS Training Camp Alpha (67175) has fallen to the attackers.
The defenders retreated to SMS Training Camp Alpha Defence Force

*** Dominion Annex Haven ***

Following last weeks announcement, the Overlord of the DOM has this week announced his annexation of the planet Haven within the Solo system:

"As Overlord I repeat the statement. Let us know of your outposts on Haven, as we will not be held accountable. All DTR and allied shipping is to stay away from the Orbit and all affs must ask the Dominion for landing rights on Haven to avoid destruction. The Dominion does not recognise the AFT's ability to be either neutral or a protectorate in this matter and is forced to rely upon its own devices to ensure the continued survival of its people."

Following a public condemnation of the original DOM statement by the AFT, tensions are understood to remain high between the DOM and AFT

*** News Flash ***

Detinus Republic freighter in Monk boarded by Pirate Large!

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Wanted ***

We are looking for good deals on certain products. We are looking
for supplies of Heavy Hulls (metal or organic) at good prices. We
are also looking for cheap ablative armour. We would be willing to
buy both items on regular order and for an extended period if the
price is right.

We are also looking for about 1500 Industrial mods and 500
structural mods if the price is good.

We would also be willing to buy Heavy or normal hulled ships that
are either obsolete or surplus (we will refit and recondition them

Finally, we could also use a stack or 2 of magazines so if you have
them laying around...drop us a price.

Oh, we could also use any working nukes, chem bombs or agent x that
is taking up warehouse space (discretion is the word here).


*** Desperately Seeking Missy ***

We at the IGN newsrooms aren't even going to mention how many people are looking for the dread Pirate Missy. We are not a dating site, no matter what Michelle Diaz might tell you! Find her yourself!


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

30-06-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 26 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Fleet Engagements ***

Reports are reaching our newsroom of a major engagement between the Imperial-Bloc navies and the Confederate Naval Forces. Early indications are that both grand fleets bumped into each other in the Teutonic system, rather by accident, where the CNF found themselves outnumbered.

Heavy fire was exchanged between hundreds of combatants, leading to the destruction of an Imperial Belter class scout, and two GTT Hoplon class carriers. Confederate forces for their part lost three heavy cruisers, two escort carriers, and a Retribution class battleship.

Fleet reports indicate that many more ships on both sides were heavily damaged, and that hardly a single vessel made it through the first day of battle without taking some form of damage.

Meanwhile further elements of the Confederate navies were pinned down by a Dominion battlefleet in the Darkfold system itself, at the centre of Confederate power. Two DOM Man-o-War class carriers are reported to have been destroyed.

Early suggestions are that the Imperial fleet was on its way to support the DOM battlegroup in the Darkfold system as part of some audacious strike at the heart of the Confederacy, but they were waylaid in Teutonic and did not arrive in time, leading to the DOM taking more damage than they planned.

As we go to press, reporters at the Detinus Republic Fleet Headquarters in Venice are filing stories of hundreds of DTR main warships leaving their docks, and heading into deep space.

*** Krell Withdraw Support For Piracy ***

Responding to the recent announcement by the DTR that the Krell are banned from DTR space, Warlord Goth has issued the following statement via subspace link:


The Krell feel just terrible about our image and will no longer
encourage piracy in any form, even against the Consortium.
Effective immediately, the Krell will no longer pay bounties on
ships blown up or captured by pirates....

(Goth turns away thinking the channel is closed)...

Goth to his body guard: "Do you think that will do it? I had heard
that there were some great vacation spots in the DTR space and you
know I was never allowed there in the old days." Body guard looking
worried, "Uh, sir, I think they just don't like Krell.... I don't
think it is anything against you personally."
Goth cocking an eyebrow, "hmm, I guess it is hard to imagine the
j*rk*ffs taking a stand against genocide or attacks in Yank when
that might tip the fragile imaginary balance of power against
them....." mutter, mutter, mutter, trailing off complaining and


Although somewhat backhanded, we can assume that the Krell have indeed withdrawn their sponsorship of pirate actions against those who trade with the Falconian empire. Which, given this would have lead to a state of war with most of the major powers in the Peripheries, seems the wisest course of action.

*** More Fleet Engagements ***

The Storm system, hitherto operating under the uncontested control of Consortium patrols, this week saw that control challenged by a strong raid from KRL forces. A 10 ship SMS patrol ambushed and destroyed a KRL torpedo boat, but was in turn ambushed by a large KRL fleet that included several 150 and 200 hull warships. Capital ships that bear a striking resemblance to ex-GTT and FLZ designs.

Warlord Goth has appeared on news screens, and is quoted as saying: "The Krell have launched another raid against an SMS patrol which was defiling our home system. Even though the SMS fleet had twice the Heavy Hulls, our ships used a combined arms approach to tip the combat to our favour. The Krell were able to destroy 300 Heavy Hulls worth of battleships for the loss of only a couple scouts. The Krell will never give up fighting for their home world. We brought independent reporters to witness the carnage."

We at the IGN would like to take a moment at this point to thank both Krell and SMS forces for allowing our reporters full access to first hand information from their captains and crews.

The Krell lost in the first day of battle, two small gunboats, and in return destroyed two SMS Ships of the Line. Special mention should be made of the captain of the SMS Ship of the Line, Ironfist, who saw his vessel take 96.2% damage, yet kept it in one piece, ready to be nursed back to drydock for a horrendously expensive repair job.

Following their successful ambush, KRL forces withdrew in the face of an overwhelming Consortium response that has seen the Storm system flooded with FEL/SMS/FCN warships. Two further small KRL gunboats were destroyed, as their main fleet managed to withdraw, taking light fire.

*** Black Dog ***

The Pirate Black Dog appears to have had a narrow escape this week, following a close encounter with SMS patrol forces.

*** Pirate Large ***

Cluster-Large has struck audaciously in Alpha-4 of the Twinkle system, failing to board a RIP freighter.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit code 41741 in the Audrey system. Anyone already exploiting this code in Audrey should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 27, indicating the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

Does anybody read these? Really? Anybody at all?

Contact The Editor.

*** Stop! Or my Basic Module will shoot! ***

This one speaks for itself. If anybody can beat it, let the Editor know

>TU 148: Deliver {} {410} {250} {} {Install - No}
You delivered 250 Basic Modules

Tussnelda (#1) gained experience.
3 Human Marines (506) were promoted to veterans.

*** Imperial Press Release ***

The following statement has been issued to the press:

Order In Council.

The orbit of the Gas Giant Bork's Dilemma (851) at Beta 14 in the Rebellion
(144) System is herby declared to be a Restricted Area. Ships and Ground
Parties entering the orbit of the said gas giant without the express
permission of the Viceregal Administration shall be liable to be removed
with extreme prejudice.

Admiral Lord Simms
Imperial Viceroy

It is hard not to draw the obvious conclusion that this announcement may in some way be related to recent nukings of various Gas Giants throughout the peripheries.

*** DOM Attack DTR ***

A Detinus Republic outpost, Outpost Marley, in the Acrux system has fallen to Dominion forces following a hard fought two day battle. The initial assault was met by heavy resistance, and the attacking DOM troops were beaten back by massed defensive fire. However, the second day the DOM commander called in orbital bombardment support, and the DTR defenders were quickly suppressed and chased out of their trenches.

*** Pirate Large Releases Captains ***

Ransoms have been paid, and Pirate Large has kept to his word and released 16 captains. There is no word on the anonymous backer who paid the ransom. The captains are yet to be seen by the press, and are understood to be undergoing debriefing, before being returned to their families.

*** Skirmish In Skord ***

An SMS and KRL fleet has skirmished in the Skord system in contravention of the systems neutrality. The Krell forces admitted it was their fault, and an accident, and reparations have been agreed between the warring parties, that will see the Krell pay compensation to the SMS for all damage suffered.

The SMS lost 124 crew and a Heavy Cruiser, along with 4 or 5 other ships needing a good paint job.

The Krell commander in charge of the fleet will surely be dealt with harshly, as this engagement cost them dearly, both in terms of the reparations, and in damage taken as they attempted to disengage from SMS railgun armed vessels that peppered them as they withdrew.

*** Krell Capture SMS Outpost ***

The SMS outpost Training Camp in the Storm system has fallen to KRL forces. The SMS defenders launched a brave but foolhardy attempt to recapture the outpost, and were destroyed.

The loss of this outpost is hardly significant to the SMS, however, it has served as a symbolic victory to the Krell people on Inversion.

*** News Flash ***

The battle in Teutonic has ended, with the Imperial-bloc navies ceding the field to the Confederacy as the first elements of the DTR fast response fleet arrive on scene in time to aid in the destruction of two GTT Warspite class capital ships and a single Imperatritsa Mariya class capital ship that were not quick enough to disengage. Achieving in the process odds of local superiority in the order of 100:1.

It is expected the two sides will now commence a deadly game of hide and seek, as they seek to bring each other to battle once again under favourable odds.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Ships For Sale ***

Greetings beings of the peripheries,

I would like to announce that Tollar's New Dawn (84145), on Spritzer (256) in Yank (146) has 4 ships of the following configuration now available for sale at a price of $80k each. Would any interested parties please contact me at the following address,

Hadktor Bennim
Gvnr of Tollar's New Dawn (84145), Spritzer (256), Yank (146)
tollar [at] mohache [dot] com

| Design: Mayflower (5) Class Freighter |
| Hulls: 75 (Light Hull) Hull Damage: 0% |
| Integrity Mod: 2 Integrity: 100% (0 patches) |
| Armour: 18.75/18.75 Type: Ablative Armour Plate mkII (461) |
| |
|-Crew Report------------------------------------------------------------------|
| |
| CREW |
| 15 Human Crew (505) - 1 mus |
| 1 AI Navigator (915) - 10 mus |
| |
| Crew Factors: 160 Required: 151 |
| |
|-Cargo Report-----------------------------------------------------------------|
| |
| Cargo: 0/3600 Life Support: 15/15 |
| |
|-Installed Items--------------------------------------------------------------|
| |
| 1 AI Navigator (915) - 10 mus |
| 1 Bridge (100) - 50 mus |
| 45 Cargo Hold (180) - 100 mus |
| 1 Cryo Pods (129) - 25 mus |
| 8 ISR Type 3 Engines (150) - 20 mus |
| 1 Jump Drive (175) - 50 mus |
| 3 Sensor mkII (104) - 10 mus |
| 21 Thrust Engine (160) - 20 mus |
| |
| Install Space: 5245/5250 Weapon Space: 745/750 |

***** From The Posting Board *****

Mica has posted the following article on the new Posting Boards, I reproduce it here:

Why did our cavalry not fire a single shot?" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The Situation
A warfleet hits a small convoy but does not manage to wipe it out.
The next day the cavalry comes, joining the ongoing battle.
The warfleet however pulls out. It is engaged by the convoy ships that were in the battle on the previous day, but the cavalry does not get to fire a single shot off at the retreating warfleet - for the difference it made it might well of not turned up

Game Design
There were effectively two options we could have had, either allow the cavalry to shoot at the retreating fleet, or not.

We went for the second option as we feel this is fairer to the smaller faction and encourages strategic play. It also makes the game about more than just resources.
A much larger fleet can move with impunity and does not fear being engaged.
A smaller fleet fearing engagement and moving every day can only be stopped by being directly intercepted either after it has moved on a specific day or mid-movement.

The onus is therefore on the larger fleet to track them down either though breaking their fleet into smaller units or through using lures.

The breaking of a large fleet into smaller units might well mean that they are then tackling a fleet larger than themselves. The point here though is that even though this is the case, the larger fleet must still leave combat on the following day as enemy has multiple smaller units. They will bolster the one that found the enemy just in case the enemy decided to hang around. Further as the warfleet pulls out it will be raked by skirmish fire from the smaller unit.

Also note that if a smaller warfleet is to remain unengaged by the larger force it must keep moving. This means that it will rarely have its full amount of TU's.

Overall, this can on the surface appear frustrating for the owners of the large fleet have spent a vast fortune building it up but when they bring it to battle the fight is over and the enemy are fleeing. From the other side however it does mean that you actually do something safe in the knowledge that the enemy cannot simply run a couple of orders and bring to bear sufficient firepower that a skirmish makes all actions pointless.

Consider the KRL - they have half a dozen ships to their name - hulks for the most part. They hit an FCN warship and rake it a bit, the FCN turn up with fifty fast ships, if the code allowed them to even skirmish with a minor battle; the KRL would loose their ships while trying to flee and probably the will to play the game. The feeling of complete apathy would be too much. Currently however the FCN would be wise to split their fleet into five units of ten ships and cover likely points of escape.
Even if one did find the KRL, at least they would still have some fun and games tackling something that is less overwhelming.


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

07-07-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 27 DAY 5

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** IND Offers Safe Haven ***

The IND starbase Peurto Bello has made an offer to the Krell and FCN that they will provide a temporary haven to refugees from the KRL/FCN conflict. Free food and clothing along with de-lousing and anti-radiation treatments are available for any civilians wishing to take up the offer.

*** Imperial News Reports On Battle ***

Further details have been released by the Imperial news networks regarding last weeks clash in Confederate space:

"On the first day an allied fleet on its way to a target in the Darkfold System was intercepted and stopped by a CNF picket ship, which promptly disintegrated due to ISR stresses before a shot was fired.

Since the enemy were now aware that the fleet was in the area it was decided to go elsewhere. The CNF picked a location on our route as a blocking position. A squadron of Interceptor Carriers slipped by them and continued to the intended destination. Unfortunately the DOM squadron with the fleet had problems with their navigational computers and went on to the original target. The bulk of our fleet met the CNF fleet and we were outnumbered about three to two. In spite of this the allied fleet destroyed 6 enemy ships to three of ours lost. Since two of our casualties were 150 NH carriers the honours were considered to be about even in this battle.

The DOM squadron meanwhile found itself in some trouble at the original target and suffered the loss of two capital ships.

The Interceptor squadron encountered a squadron of CIA Gunboats and suffered minor damage, doing non in return as the opposition had no space fighters.

Next day all three allied groups, with the exception of three GTT ships with engine problems, withdrew successfully to a common rendezvous, noting that a DTR fleet, hastening to answer the usual call for help by the CNF, was arriving at the main battle location as we left. The three ships left behind were destroyed by the combined DTR/CNF Fleet.

Overall the battles must be considered as a successful defence by the rebels and it was of interest to note that many of the CNF ships were more effective than they have been in the past."

There have been no further battles in the past week, suggesting that both sides disengaged successfully.

*** Nuclear Explosion ***

Further to last weeks story, the Imperial News Networks have released the following story offering a few more details:

"Evidence has been received of a medium sized nuclear explosion at a Gas Giant in the Aladdin system. The matter is being investigated by the Imperial Services. One of the lines of enquiry is looking into the possibility of another ARC strike against a TCA Creche. Should this be the case it is assumed that a third party might be involved, acting on behalf of the ARC."

Speculation is rife regarding the identify of the mysterious third party, with eyes naturally turning towards the Children Of Hexos, who have remained silent on this matter for some time now.

*** Queens Guardian Bloody Pirate Large ***

QNG warships flying in close escort of a QNG freighter have successfully intercepted and destroyed one of Pirate Large's henchvillians. Large has reported the loss himself:

"Garrr, it be wiv regret that i is gettin reports that the Trivial (17705) as
been lost in a contact raid on a freighter today, further reports will be
released as we knows likes.

The Trivial, she be a ship we stole quite some times back, a 40 light hulled
ship aye she be, an we converted it for boardin.

The Trivial has taken at least 6 ships in er time, an the cappan be one o
the succesful ones. so, wiv out further borin you, may yee all holds a tipple o rum up to the boys n gals o the Trivial. May thee have eternal pleasures wiv the wenches o hell..............."

*** The Dominion Join In With Kick-Pirate-Large Week ***

The DOM freighter Dragon's Claw was attacked this week by the pirate vessel Method Of Madness, in delta 10 of the Twinkle System.

The boarding however did not go the pirates way, with the attacking Naplian and Human mercenaries being cut to shreds by defensive fire from the DOM marine compliment onboard the freighter:

Round 1: 68 Human Crew - 7 [68] damage
>> 90 Human Marines - 32 [180] damage
>> 4 Human Veteran Crew - 2 [8] damage
>> Incoming Fire from PIRATE Boarding Party (66650)
>> ------------------------------------------------
>> Round 1: 111 Naplian Mercenaries - 2 [222] damage
>> 108 Human Mercenaries - 2 [216] damage
>> Attacking PIRATE Boarding Party (66650)
>> ---------------------------------------
>> Round 4: 65 Human Crew - 18 [65] damage
>> 87 Human Marines - 20 [174] damage
>> 4 Human Veteran Crew - 0 [8] damage
>> Incoming Fire from PIRATE Boarding Party (66650)
>> ------------------------------------------------
>> Round 4: 38 Naplian Mercenaries - 0 [76] damage
>> 39 Human Mercenaries - 0 [78] damage

The Method Of Madness is suspected to be one of Large's new Cluster flotilla, though given the use of untrained mercenaries on the boarding party, some doubt exists as to this. However, over 140 pirates were killed for the loss of only half a dozen defenders, illustrating again the benefits of fighting a defensive battle.

DOM marines were reportedly ready to counter-attack the pirate vessel itself, forcing the surviving pirates to beat a rapid retreat, as the Method Of Madness turned tail and fled.

*** Inter Galactic News Under Attack ***

The Imperial viceroy has this week declared the IGN reporting of the recent major naval battle in the Darkfold as "laughable", full of "Wild inaccuracies and baseless speculation."

We at the IGN consider baseless speculation to be one of the things we do best here.

Tune in next week for a special report on how the Imperial Viceroy allegedly likes to eat freshly boiled puppies and kittens.

*** Confederate Raiders Destroy Food Convoy? ***

Rumours are circulating that CNF raiders have destroyed an Imperial food convoy bound for Earth. We are at this time unable to substantiate this claim which has been made by the Imperial Viceroy.

*** Pirate Destroyed In Acropolis ***

FCN Patrol forces have destroyed the pirate vessel Mongoloid in the Acropolis system. The pirate, a probe class scout, does not appear to have been a conventional pirate, and rumours persist that this was a vessel engaged in a black-operation.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Blueprints Wanted ***

Interested in 2 ship bps.

1 * 50 to 75 light hulls, set-up to move lifeforms.
1 * 50 to 75 light hulls, set-up for standard transport.

Anyone with those surplus, contact in private with prices.

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
Krell Clan Dark Angels

*** Plantlife Wanted ***

I'm looking to buy plantlife. Doesn't have to have a particular use, so
long as it photosynthesises. Generic Alien Plantlife, Spland Moss,
Holdfast, Hydrograss, Swampweed, whatever. Seeds/Grain are fine, as long
it's viable.
Let me know what you've got, and what you want for it. Part payment in
Metals does me, I've got more than I know what to do with.
Actually, Fungi would be great as well.

Jon, QNG

*** Trade Goods Wanted ***

Greetings all beings of the peripheries,

I would like to announce that Tollar's New Dawn (84145) on Spritzer (256) in Yank (146) is looking to buy the following items:

* Unique trade items, in particularly if they are favoured by the Naplians.
* Unique trade items that are sourced from outside of the Outer Capellan periphery

If you can combine both the above requirements all the better :O)

* Vat Grown Morph (9) - (OOC: if you can supply these please also supply a TM first)
* Precious Gems (26)

At the moment only the Gems are on the 'buy' list at the market as I am open to suggestions for the other items from potential suppliers.

If you feel you may be able to fulfil any of these requirements I look forward to your trade at Tollar, so please contact me at the address below.

I wish you all good trade and harvests,

Hadktor Bennim, Gvnr of Tollars New Dawn

*** Cold Hard Cash Wanted ***


I am looking for a temp loan of 150.000 stellars, to support KDA expansion.

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
Krell Clan Dark Angels

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Hospital Complexes:

"Are there any guidelines as to how many Hospital complexes a starbase should have n relation ot the number of personnel it has? Or indeed how many medical supplies re needed? I am trying to prepare, (at least knowledgewise), for when the infrastructure changes come in, but I can't find this information anywhere."

Phantom Battle Reports:

"Seeing as how I've been asked this question and can't answer it myself, I thought I would try to get a proper answer... Every so often, a freighter's turn report will come in with the subject line beginning 'Phoenix Battle:', but with no sign of any actual battle. What causes this?"


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Lausnaff Enterprises -
Pirate Large -

14-07-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 28 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** SNAFU In Venice ***

Historic events this week in Venice as the first FET freighter to peacefully trade at the Detinus Republics primary trade centre, New Darien, made its way to the markets. Marking a new era of peace and prosperity.

Regrettably somebody forgot to inform the commander of a nearby DTR Cow Tractor Platform that the FET were friends now, and the FET vessel MM Maine was blown to pieces by massed photon battery fire.

Senator Marcus Rhodes, the DTR foreign minister has been quoted in a leaked internal memo to fleet headquarter as saying, 'Oops!'

This incident was followed by a flurry of embarrassed DTR Senators rushing around to check where else the FET might be accidentally shot at, and our reporters have learnt that as of today, the FET were still on active enemy lists at Scuba Station. A situation that is expected to have been remedied by time of press.

*** Pirate Destroyed In Audrey ***

The pirate vessel Pear Poacher ran into overwhelming force in the inner quadrants of the Audrey system yesterday when it attempted to intercept a Flagritz Empire convoy. The pirate, a Zephyr class gunboat, was annihilated by FLZ warships and an SMS APTF patrol under the command of Commodore 'Hurky-poo' scourge-of-the-pirates Baalazar.

It is understood an Imperial anti-piracy patrol was also in the area hunting for the pirate.

*** Pirate Boarding Attempt Thwarted ***

A Detinus Republic caravel class freighter was boarded this week by pirates in the Skord system. The pirate ship Wolf docked with the DTR freighter and disgorged a very racially diverse boarding party:

Incoming Fire from PIRATE Boarding Party (42215)
Round 1: 10 Demons - 0 [100] damage
20 Falconian Marines - 2 [40] damage
247 Flagritz Startroopers - 8 [494] damage
7 Human Scouts - 0 [7] damage
10 Human Veteran Marines - 0 [40] damage
30 Human Veteran Soldiers - 0 [240] damage
2 Human Veteran Startroopers - 0 [8] damage
90 Kastorian Marines - 4 [180] damage
5 Naplian Veteran Mercenaries - 0 [20] damage

Unfortunately for the pirates they had the misfortune to attack a DTR troop carrier with a full battalion of the DTR marine corp onboard.

Attacking PIRATE Boarding Party (42215)
Round 1: 30 Human Crew - 6 [30] damage
739 Human Marines - 244 [1478] damage

9 Detinus marines lost their lives during the battle, which saw approximately 205 pirates massacred.

*** Success For The Pirates ***

Unfortunately there has been some good news for the pirates this week, with reports coming in that the dread pirate Missy has successfully captured a GTT freighter in the Lewis system, along with the captain of the GTT ship, Helen French along with 13 members of her crew.

Pirate Missy has been on the public airwaves boasting of her success:

"In retrospect, Weenie Rogue was right. Eweee, it was like, when we came on board they all mooned me! Human crew are the worse. Being bent over like that may impress some, but not I. After a few carefully guided sword thrusts, they yanked their pants up and surrender the old fashion way. I really don't know what they expected me to do. And Helen French? A perfect lady, but only after I got her attention. She'll be eating out of a straw for a couple weeks. They think because they have a little rank that they can order just anyone around. Oh well, if anyones in the market for a ship, you can leave a message.

One question. That Hurcuron fellow that Black doggy poo hates so much, how did he lose his arm? I mean how did he really lose it? Black Dog says he had it shoved up somewheres and sat down too hard, but Blacky does tend to exagerate. Besides, I think Hurkey-poo is cute!. Well, I'm off to bed Love you all."

*** More Success For The Pirates ***

The Inter-Galactic News is turning into the pirate-report-gazette this week it seems.

Pirate Large has been in action:

"Ahhhaarrgghhhh me hearties................ it be aye............. Pirate Large............

firstly, i as to report that the Trivial as indeed gone down wiv all hands,
trying to takes a QNG freighter. the cappan was a succesful chap who did the
business in the past. the vessel was 40 light hulls, and used to belong to
some IND chap before i boarded it quite some time back aye she be. anyways i
can confirms that many o me pirate mates wen down wiv the ship.

also in an unusual move for me this week, i as broken the pirates code, in a
fashion, and tooks another pirate ship. the 50HH pirate ship Azyuna (54374)
was sat and spotted by my scoutsmany weeks ago aye, an i left her there, but
after spottin and spottin the same ship in Fetlock i figured that the cappan
as taken leave of his senses, an i went in to board it aye. i spokes proper
to the crewman to get them over to our side o the fence, an they agreed very

It would appear the cappan wasn a proper pirate and he is now in the brigg,
what i can tell yee is that the cappan on capture reverted to his original
affiliation as a prisoner givin away his loyalty, an also givin away whom he
is working for, a major affiliation aye, which could be interestin to some o
you peoples out there. I is not going to break the pirates code and give you
this man noe the ship, but every man n pirate as is price.

the cappan well i asnt decided is fate yet, a true pirate he not be, likes
some o them out there, killin without profit, not be the true path o us. an
sat in a ship likes that doesn do the good name of us pirates any favours.

remember the code, those who fall behind are left behind, an this cappan not
be worthy of protection or parlee, also remember the code, capture the ship
first, shag em, then kill, or kill em an shag em, i dont cares, but dont
just blow them away, not unless your bein paid good likes...............

i will very shortly be announcin that is is movin from me old ship Large
1118, this ship will be renamed an i is relocatin on anuver ship, i will
change that ship name to Large so you knows it be me, i isn afraid to get
out there, but i is upgradin, that be the perks o me position aye.

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the
pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

There has been no further detail released yet on the captain of the Azyuna and which affiliation he might or might not have been working for.

*** Naplians Issue Statement Regarding Imperial Threats ***

Sincere apologies to Mad Max, this item slipped under our radar last week, and is appearing a week later than it should have:

"To Simms IMP Leader

Simms you are well aware of the correspondence to the DNA from the GTT regarding the Mandy incident.

Are you going deaf, or cannot you read the small print? May be, if I, poke my stik in your ear you can hear better, or thrust up your saggy eyelids. Oh sorry forgot the cotton wool a pointed stik will have to do.

There was no time limit put on the SMS to receive their compensation by the GTT, we are still saving up for the 50,000 stellars.

In the meantime, the DNA complied fully to GTT demands with the restricted access to Mandy as requested and furnished the DNA shipping list to the GTT. This will stay in place until such time we can afford this huge some of 50,000 stellars and a ship to supply the SMS as agreed with the GTT.

The SMS whine profusely like teenage girls and tell Daddy Simms "Daddy it's all the DNA's fault".

You won't find the DNA running to Daddy Simms whining at operative actions of the Consortium activities at Angels Nest. This DNA market message and their activities have been clear for anyone else to see but you. You want to see the blueprint that was destroyed by operatives in Angels Nest and the assignation attempt, no stop, I am starting to sound like the SMS teeniest.

| Warning - Naplian parties are more dangerous then the Consortium operatives |
| trying to sneak around to explode things. |
| |
| No reward is offered for Consortium spies let them in that's what I say We |
| need some party poppers and entertainment.

I await your cruel justice after Day 5 Week 30, and we will celebrate our last party with our remaining funds as your troops come across the great friendship bridge, for we all will pass into immortality, as your bullets rip us apart.

Mad Max. DNA Immortal Chief."

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Vines Wanted ***

MOH Tollars New Dawn is interested in buying a fairly large number of Vines. If anyone is interested in fulfilling this requirement please contact me at the address below to discuss details.

May your harvests grow wild and varied,

Hadktor Bennim
Gvnr of MOH Tollar's New Dawn (84145)
Tollar [at] mohache [dot] com

*** Vessel Wanted ***

I'm looking for a fast little runabout that I can us for TMs and hauling small cargos.

To that end, does anyone have a ship with 20 heavy hulls they would be willing to sell? Preferably something with Korondite Armour? I plan on no weapons so would prefer to have it be stealthy.

roger.books [at] gmail [dot] com

*** Vessels For Sale ***

Good harvests, beings of the peripheries!

Not to be outdone by our sober colleague in Yank, I would like to announce
the following vessel for sale:

Hlq Freighter (771) Class Fast Freighter

Equipped to the following specification:

2 AI Navigator (915) - 10 mus
1 Bridge (100) - 50 mus
160 Cargo Bay (134) - 25 mus
8 ISR Type 3 Engines (150) - 20 mus
1 Jump Drive (175) - 50 mus
10 Quarters (131) - 25 mus
10 Sensor (103) - 10 mus
21 Thrust Engine (160) - 20 mus
10 Thrust Engine mkII (161) - 20 mus

We are offering this vessel for the bargain sale price of $70,000.

Please contact this office at the following address if interested.

Smokes in Mountains
Mohache Kiowo
smokes [at] mohache [dot] com

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Political Reports:

"The political report lists all of the assets owned by a player. Would it be possible for the ship information on the report to show the date each ship was last issued an order? This would bring the level of information supplied to the same as that given on the 'affiliation assets' information which PDs and some other players are privy to"

The cost of officers:

"I wish to bring up the cost of using officers."

Officers and Morale:

"An interesting thought from the officer debate and lower costing officers for smaller ships is the prospect of adding the roleplaying element of morale. The idea is that officers have a morale value and that this will determine their actions under stress. Officer morale will increase and decrease due to environmental factors (fleet size, in home/enemy territory, surviving fights, destroying enemies, loosing allied ships etc) and the skill of the officer. During an encounter there could be a morale test to determine if the officer (with the support of the crew) is prepared to carry out his orders. Examples include lone ships attempting to stop a large fleet or entering orbit of Venice with DTR on the enemy list. Failed morale checks would result in surrender (nobody surrenders to Pirates) or inaction.

This could allow for cheaper officers for smaller ships, but do not expect these ships to make much of an impact on combat - the captains may well refuse to participate irrespective of the odds (they don't need us, we will look busy loitering).

***** Message From The Editor *****

Mica has boldly gone through the affiliation links section below and dead links have been removed, specifically the BHD/CIA/FGZ webpages.

If you have a webpage that isn't listed here, please contact the Editor.

New link added:

Map of the basic entry-level systems.

There are also maps at the AFT website:

Also, it seems as if the webpage might have died. I'll leave it on the list below a week or two to see if it comes back.



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Pirate Large -

21-07-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 29 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** War Breaks Out ***

Earlier this week the following broadcast was received by the IGN newsrooms from the Naplian News Network:


NNN this in...Mandy, Audrey System.

##### Early, reports are coming in that SMS and GTT bases are under
attack by home made Naplian shells fired from DNA Angels Nest. This follows GTT attack on a DNA GP the previous day.

##### Significant damage likely to Angel's Nest expected in one sided contest but confirmed shelling of all GTT and SMS bases and smoke and damage confirmed.

##### Thousands of poorly armed Naplians were even seen storming an SMS base but were reportedly wiped out by armed robotic sheep on the second attempt.

##### Numerous GTT ships receiving splash damage from the shelling in the naval dockyards.

##### DNA warships reported to be attacking and severely damaging SMS outposts in Imperial Territory


At the same time our newsroom was bombarded with multiple reports of DNA aggression within the Dryad system. The DNA starbase Angels Nest opened fire on the SMS starbase Bodyguard II, as two DNA ground parties made their way towards the base to launch a ground assault.

The Ground Parties, consisting primarily of mercenaries, were wiped out in rapid order. Our reporter on the scene described it as 'short, bloody and, well, mostly short'.

Meanwhile, over two thousand artillery pieces in and around SMS Bodyguard opened fire on the DNA Starbase, inflicting heavy damage. There are reports that towards the end of the first day of battle, the SMS shelling hit a DNA munitions stockpile, inflicting horrifying damage on the Naplian defensive positions.

We also have reports of heavy FLZ freighter traffic in the weeks leading up to this event, suggesting that the DNA had evacuated everything of value from Angels Nest.

*** Krell Launch Major Strike Against FCN Empire Fleet ***

The following transmission has been received:


Warlord Goth via subspace link:

A Krell strike fleet was dispatched to the Krell home system of
Storm today. The strike was planned to take advantage of the lack
of SMS ships protecting the Falconian war criminals. It was also
planned to destroy a few of the ships that engaged in the orbital
bombardment of our homeworld. We know that the Falconians thought
they were baiting a trap to catch us with their battleships but this did not stop our move.

As this message goes out, several Falconian ships are now burning
wrecks and several of their other ships are badly mauled. Our ships
at worse need a couple paint jobs.

Of course, we must jump back to our bases because we know that the
SMS and FEL will once again come running to the aid of their
pathetic bird brain partners. Even though the FCN vastly out number
us in every way, if they did not have the protection of
the "consortium" we would tear them to shreds. If they show their
pointy little beaks outside the "safety" of their bases, we will
bust them off again.


The battle report indicates that 22 Krell warships of various shapes and sizes (and, it has to be said, origins) took on 9 or 10 FCN warships, destroying two destroyers and a heavy cruiser, whilst inflicting heavy damage on several more FCN assets.

*** Dominion Forces Defeat Pirates ***

The DOM Freighter Blue Cool was attacked this week in the Yank system by the pirate ship Blue Dog.

The attackers were a motley bunch, a mixture of Flagritz, Humans, Kastorians and Naplians, which seems to have become a trend amongst the pirates lately, large multi-racial crews:

Incoming Fire from PIRATE Boarding Party (12097)
Round 1: 57 Flagritz Mercenaries - 4 [114] damage
7 Flagritz Veteran Mercenaries - 4 [28] damage
33 Human Veteran Marines - 4 [132] damage
25 Human Veteran Soldiers - 8 [200] damage
42 Kastorian Marines - 0 [84] damage
2 Kastorian Mercenaries - 0 [4] damage
26 Naplian Mercenaries - 0 [52] damage
1 Naplian Veteran Mercenary - 0 [4] damage

Fortunately for the DOM freighter crew, they had a re-inforced company of 100 veteran marines onboard, who took a break from playing card games to inflict mass-slaughter upon the attacking pirates without breaking a sweat.

Three DOM crewmembers were however unfortunately killed in what has been described as 'An accident with a hand grenade'.

The captain of the Blue Cool has wished the Pirates better luck next time.

*** Confederate Patrol Attacks DOM Freighters ***

A CNF patrol of seven mixed warships has intercepted and destroyed two Dominion vessels in the Kasmer system. The DOM Smirnoff, a Barge class freighter, and the Rartin Moot, a Courier class troop transport, were destroyed after a brief exchange of gunfire.

The engagement has been described as a sneak-attack by DOM sources, while the CNF have yet to release any statement.

*** Detinus Republic Issue Warning ***

Michelle Diaz, Speaker of the Detinus House Of Lords, famous throughout the Peripheries for her footwear fetish, has appeared on vidscreens this week issuing the following statement regarding the Krell and piracy:

"The Krell have been banned from DTR space for their promotion of piracy. Whilst they have withdrawn this stance, there are still indications that the Krell are involved in piracy. Once there is a clear sign of change then this ban will be reviewed. Likewise if the Krell bring their conflict into DTR space then we will review our stance towards them."

This statement follows what is understood to have been a pirate attack against a DTR freighter in the Acropolis system by a Probe class gunship that appeared to still bear hastily painted over KRL markings.

*** Viceroy Responds To DNA Attacks ***

The Imperial Viceroy Admiral Lord Simms has reacted strongly to the initial reports of DNA aggression inside Imperial space. He has been quoted as saying, "The DNA have once again shown their contempt for Imperial Law and have today attacked other affiliation's assets within the Empire's systems. As a result of this their week 30 deadline to leave our systems is herby cancelled. With immediate effect it is permanent open season on DNA assets within the borders of the Empire."

We have reports of multiple Imperial-Bloc warships moving into contested systems, and it seems as if the DNA stay in Imperial space is at an end.

*** New Falconian Emperor ***

Thoriqal, leader of House Raven, has seized control of the Falconian Empire. The following statement has been released to the press:

"The Falconian House Raven has taken control of all major assets in the Falconian Empire. We now declare ourselves Emperor of The Falconian peoples and the Falconian Empire. We will be pleased to deal with friends and foes alike."

*** Pirates Attack Weenie: Weenie Wins Again ***

The pirate ship Wulfenstein ran into trouble this week as they attempted to board the DEN freighter Yo-Yo Girl. The heavily depleted pirate boarding party was easily fended off by the defenders.

*** Imperial Leaders Involved In Cash-For-Votes Scandal ***

Or, possibly this is just another of those outpost application things.

Applications have been received to exploit the following codes in the Rebellion System.

Codes 14216, 64, 92611, 21931, 83038, 54789, 2238 and 6983.

Anyone already exploiting any of these codes in the Rebellion system should advise the Viceregal Administration including the celestial body on which they are being exploited by Day 4, Week 30.

*** Anti-Piracy Measures Announced ***

The Dominion Overlord, John Doe, has issued the following statement:

"Official Press release

For some time the pirate element of the peripheries has run amok unchecked.
With effect from today the Dominion has joined the ranks of those who seek to make the peripheries a safe place. The Dominion will however not be joining the APTF but instead will concentrate its forces on one system. That system is Kasmer. Exact details of Dominion patrols will be released in the near future.

A note to our enemies. The ships stationed in Kasmer will carry no enemy lists other than PIR and support all affiliations. Any attacks on these vessels will undoubtedly work in the pirates favour."

The Kasmer stargate and system have long been a favoured hunting ground for pirates, and the news that Dominion warships are to start actively and heavily patrolling comes as welcome news to many beleaguered freighter captains.

*** DNA Declare War On Imperial-Bloc ***

A second NNN special bulletin has been released:


NNN Latest Military Advisor announced...

Stop press ...

We will not be terrorised by the Imperials the DNA have a right to
collective government within Capellan.

DNA denounce Imperial ownership as the naplians have native title.

DNA Warships attack in IMP Territory - SMS outposts hit

Eight Year War declared on IMP and GTT who were actively seen aiding the Consortium in Acropolis and building troops up on Mandy to strike against the DNA with the SMS.

DNA Mushroom bomb explodes near SMS starbase planet location unknown.

Freighters and shipping in the vicinity of Imperial systems and
Consortium starbases may be subject to attack if aiding our enemies.

Naplian employees in all IMP SMS FCN FEL GTT starbases are requested to strike with immediate effect and seek employment in other starbases.

A giant tapestry of Mad Max's face reportedly flying at Angels Nest, as final celebrations take place amidst and hail of bullets and shrapnel.



Our newsroom is yet to learn if and where the nuclear detonation mentioned in this report occurred.

*** FEL Warship Destroyed ***

The Felini 150HH Sabretooth class warship Retribution Unbound has been ambushed and destroyed by a Krell strikeforce.

There is some confusion surrounding how the Retribution Unbound came to be alone and unsupported, falling so easily to the 5-ship Krell strikeforce.

There is probably a certain amount of relief amongst FEL Tyrants that the Krell only destroyed the vessel, instead of capturing it.

*** Falconians Destroy Pirate ***

Forces from House Raven attacked and destroyed a PIR ship in Acropolis this week. The Pirate Ghost Ship was engaged by 3 units of the Emperors personal guard and destroyed in one round. The pirate ship had recently attacked a Detinus trade ship in the system.

*** SMS Raid ***

A Squadron of SMS Gunboats has attacked and destroyed a DNA outpost on the planet Stucker in the Dryad system. The outpost, Corti, was destroyed as the SMS vessels moved into position and unleashed a flurry of weapons fire.

*** Starbase Destroyed ***

The DNA attack against SMS targets on the planet Mandy was short and swift and brutally one sided. On day two of the conflict, the major GTT Starbase Thermopylae opened fire, and this, combined with ongoing SMS fire, has wiped the DNA Starbase, Angel's Nest, from the face of the planet.

Our reporters witnessed the destruction first hand. The very earth itself seemed to crack open beneath the weight of combined bombardment, and while it was difficult to observe through the fire-storm, early indications are that there is nothing left of Angels Nest but for a smoking crater.

DNA Angel's Nest (4829) - Starbase
Scints: 24.3
Starbase Shield Interference: -29280.0 accuracy
Retreated from battle

We have yet to find confirmation of DNA claims that the GTT initiated the conflict by attacking a DNA ground party, though our reporters continue to look into it.

*** Imperial Forces Strike At Pirates ***

A Pirate ground party attempting to board a landed ship in the Rebellion system was destroyed by Imperial ground forces this week.

The Imperial Marines are understood to have come to the aid of an as yet unknown third party.

*** News Flash ***

An SMS patrol has destroyed a DNA raider attempting to make a torpedo run on an SMS outpost in the Dryad system.

*** News Flash ***

The Anti-Piracy Task Force has launched a major operation involving upwards of sixty warships.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Outposts For Sale ***

I have 3 outposts available in Solo all exploiting the same precious metals resource (ex BSE), which will run out soon. Available for sale as a package, they have over 120,000 precious metals stockpiled between them.

Contact me at viceroy [at] chalmore [dot] co [dot] uk if you want to make an offer.

*** Wanted: Collidium ***

Can anyone provide me with a quote for a ship load or so of Collidium(31), I was thinking about 7200mus would be perfect. I can collect.

Bob Kurosawa

*** BP Wanted ***

Greetings all Starbase Governors,

I would like to acquire a 1 Vines BP (30300) at a reasonable price.

Is there anybody who could supply me one?

Yours in Trade,


***** From The Posting Boards *****

Picking up only one item from the boards this week, because this is already an epic-length newsletter.

How to launch boarding actions:

"Boarding actions are a form of combat used to take control of starships or platforms.

In order to board a position, three requirements must be met.

1. Boarding Party Established
The position attempting the boarding ("attacker") must have a boarding party set up. This is achieved through the "Set Boarding Party" order, which specifies the troops and equipment intended to be included in the boarding party. Boarding parties can only contain 1 mu items (unless otherwise specified in the tech manual), so normally consist just of troops and warbots. The "Set Boarding Party" order sets the maximum of each troop type to be used in each boarding action; at the start of each boarding attempt, a boarding party will be created with as many of the specified troops as are available up to the set limit.

Tip: Boarding actions will often result in promotions, so if attempting more than one boarding attempt, the boarding party should be set up to include the veteran equivalent of all the basic troops used.

2. Greater Speed
If attempting to board a starship in flight, the attacker must have a greater combat speed than the target. If the target vessel is landed, then any starbase, ground party or starship can board the target.

3. Tractor Beams
If attempting to board a starship in flight, the attacker must have at least one installed tractor beam. If the target vessel is landed, this is not required.

***** Message From The Editor *****

It has been brought to my attention that the Trade Forum yahoogroup listed below has not been accepting new members for some time now. The Trade Forum now has a new moderator, so any applications to join should go through now if you re-apply. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The DEN Website link has been removed from the Links section.

- Simon.


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28-07-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 30 DAY 5  [Recruit]

*****KJC Update*****
GM Holiday
Yup, I will be on holiday from 31st July until 6th August - all of week 31. Special actions and complicated special actions will be deferred until I return but everything else will run as normal - probably better than normal as the lack of special actions will allow the day to be completed earlier.
Apologies for the late announcement - what with a training course earlier in the week, it completely slipped my mind.

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Chaos On Mandy ***

Following the destruction last week of the DNA starbase Angels Nest, disturbing stories have started to circulate on the Imperial news wires:

'Terrible news has been received from Mandy in the Audrey system. It is reported that Mad Max of the DNA, rather than conduct an orderly withdrawal from our systems using the time given to him for this after his constant hostile acts against other legal residents, chose instead to fire on the other starbases on the planet and so attracted retaliatory fire. This was a deliberate act of aggression carried out with total disregard for the possible effect of the civilians in the urban areas around Angels Nest and its adjacent sector. During the exchanges of fire both urban sectors were destroyed, as well as the DNA starbase, in spite of the restraint shown by the defending starbases. In this age of modern weapons with extreme accuracy one would only expect a small amount of collateral damage and not the destruction of the two adjacent Urban Sectors. That there was so much damage would appear to add substance to the rumours that Mad Max and the DNA had the capability of destroying the urban areas himself and may well have done so in a cynical and merciless attempt to cause maximum casualties amongst his own people for propaganda purposes. The Imperial Services, greatly assisted by the other starbases on the planet, have already launched a Humanitarian Aid program. More than 5000 Naplian refugees have already flocked into the Imperial aid station set up to help them. Efforts are being made to gather in as many other survivors as possible. A new city will be built to house these unfortunate victims of Mad Max's aggression, for whom the Viceroy and Imperial Services have the deepest sympathy.

The Naplian News Network for it's part has released the following update on events:

NNN update

#### Confirmed 2 x SMS outposts in Dryad system attacked repeatedly by lone warship. DNA Warship subsequently destroyed by fleet of SMS ships.

#### Confirmation that a DNA outpost in Dorn system used as a meeting place for the native Corti and naplians was attacked and destroyed. Extensive native Corti civilian casualties Confirmed.

#### Confirmed - a floating outpost in Dorn, Dorn Drinks was attacked by Imperial forces and blew up, reportedly spilling loads of frutus and alcohol and a few Naplian bar maids into space.

#### Confirmed Angels Nest on fire............the screen went fuzzy

*** Starbase Renamed ***

Fort Mobile Bay (48675) has been renamed Dark Angel (48675) as it has become the headquarters of the Krell Clan Dark Angels.

*** Follow Up On Last Weeks Story ***

The reporting of the attack against the DOM freighter Blue Cool in last weeks edition has provoked a response from the vile pirate Black Dog, who has kindly put us straight on how events unfolded:

"ers what reeliy happende.

(ref sss letter here)

I think we has to get a couple things strate here, mates. This here
ship is now cappan'd by me old first mate Slygo. Natcherly we heres
a different versin of what 'append. what really append. I has it
here an audio tape:
Cappan' Slygo, dom frater off port bow!

Slygo; 'eves to and gets ready to board, I wants you to take yer
weapons an shove um up there asses!
So they be stormin aboard, swords in hand, and keeps in mind, man to
man we outnumbers um and outclassses them too, but then;

Tupok! What the 'el are you doin'?

Tupok ad one o them there dom crewmen down on 'is belly!
Tupok! You aint got time for that now, there be over a hundred
marines here and they looks like veterns, now belay that an....
(slygo stabs a dom crewman to death)


It appears that Tupok was indeed shovin is weapon up the enermys
butt, but it be a grenade! It blew off Tupoks left 'and and tooks
out 30 of Slygos crew in one bang! Slygos orders was to works
together, but that puts um all in a groupp and it led to getting his
arse whopped. Between the vet marines an our own dead (30 at th
time) and a bunch of freshly woonded, Slygo ordered a retreet.

Now this be a prime example of why we uses swords! Slygo 'ad the
rite idea but this wuz 'is first boarddin attmept in coommand. Now
you knows the rest of the story! Black Dog"

The APTF have denied rumours that they are conducting investigations into which affiliations train their troops to deploy hand grenades in quite this manner.

*** FET Issue Statement ***

The Office of Zuvoro Norozov, the FET CEO, has issued the following statement:

"I wish to thank the DTR Senate for their vote of confidence in allowing FET trading rights with several of their bases. Although off to a shaky start due to a DTR platform commander neglecting his duty and not amending the platforms enemy list which resulted in the destruction of the first FET merchant ship to ever enter the Venice system, this is an historic occasion. It just goes to show that two affiliations who have been enemies for generations can learn to finally put aside differences and work towards an era peace of prosperity for all citizens in their respective areas of influence. Once again my thanks to the DTR Senate."

*** APTF Launch Operation ***

As reported last week, the Anti-Piracy Task Force have launched a major patrol operation involving more than 50 warships from the SMS, DTR and QNG.

It is understood these warships launched an intensive search and destroy mission throughout the Acropolis system.

Unfortunately the APTF are reporting no pirate intercepts from this operation.

*** IMP-Bloc Violate Neutral Zone ***

Three Imperial/GTT destroyers this week violated the agreed no-fire zone in the Adamski system by engaging a DTR Freighter.

The GTT however moved quickly to apologise for the incident. And the captains of the destroyers in question are understood to be under house arrest, pending full investigation of why they chose to open fire without orders.

*** Pirates Have A Close Call ***

Two pirate vessels have had very close calls with SMS patrol vessels this week. Leading to several venomous outbreaks from Commodore Hurky-poo Baalazar regarding his ongoing bad luck when it comes to intercepting pirates. One vessel in particular, the pirate ship Blue Dog, suspected to be part of Black Dogs flotilla, had a particularly close call, when it just managed to outrun a pack of SMS patrol cruisers.

*** Major Pirate Killed In Action? ***

A report circulating from the GTT communication division seems to suggest that the dread pirate Black Bill Graves has been killed whilst attempting to board the GTT freighter, Morningside. The transcript being carried on the Imperial News Wires is as follows:

"On Star Date 206.29.4 the Pirate vessel Black Bill Graves tried to board the GTT ship Morningside.

GTT ship Morningside sent out a distress signal which was picked up by a squadron of GTT warships returning to base for Maintenance and a bit of R&R.

The squadron commander proceeded at flank speed while preparing for battle stations.
They arrived on scene to see the Morningside trying to out manoeuvre the pirate ship as it attempted to board. All ships open fired and pounded over 20,000 mu's of damage into the pirate ship.

No return fire was suffered. The area as been search but no wreckage or survivors were found.

Pirate Black Bill Graves has had a number of successes including the GTT ship Eastern. He escaped scott free that time. We only managed to destroy PIRATE Der' Viener Snitchel (6692) as it was leaving orbit.

The GTT will continue to attack pirates where ever we find them."

There has as yet been no confirmation or denial from Black Bill Graves. His ghost. Or any connected party or parties.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

Falconian forces have destroyed another Probe class pirate in the Acropolis system.

*** Pirate Attack In Solo ***

This week a well organised and dedicated fleet of pirates launched a significant raiding operation in the Solo system.

Their raid commenced when a DTR freighter was stopped and attacked with heavy torpedo fire by a zephyr class gunboat and two yachts. The pirates showed no intention of boarding, they were simply attempting to destroy. The attack against the DTR freighter triggered a major response from the APTF, with SMS, DTR and QNG warships joining the AFT system patrol forces in responding.

In multiple engagements spanning several days, the combined SMS/DTR/QNG/AFT fleets, including the flagship of the QNG, the Seraph, were able to spot the following vessels: Ruath's Mace (46726), Ruath's Morningstar (26236), Ruath's Flail (72688), Sigmar (88440), Sigmar II (77700), Sigmar VI (21706) and Sigmar VII (6078) Ruath's Mace and Sigmar V (38601). It is estimated that there were 4 zephyrs and 8 yachts involved in all. Three blockading each Ring 9 orbital quadrant.

The names of the vessels involved pointed fingers immediately at the VSQ, and their leader Harvestmaster Ruath. A suspicion that has now been confirmed, given that the vessels were spotted entering the Solo system under VSQ flags, thus bypassing the AFT pirate control measures, before becoming PIR flagged within the system itself.

Following the battles, in which three pirates were destroyed, and a number damaged, the extremely rapid PIR vessels fled, only to be intercepted by the AFT platform in Delta-10, which accounted for another. The remaining pirates are now expected to have made good their escape from the system.

*** Strange Footage Received ***

Our newsroom this week obtained a strange sensor recording from an anonymous source. The recording appears to show a vast and unknown alien spaceship moving somewhere in the outermost rings of an as yet unknown system.

The vessel from which the sensor recording was made was then destroyed by an energy beam of immense power originating from the alien spaceship.

We at the IGN cannot vouch for the authenticity of this recording. However, accuracy has never stopped us from running a story before, so we're not going to start being concerned about it now.

Tune in next week for some baseless speculation about what it might have been!

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Wanted ***

I am interested in 500 to 1000 SM at Mobile Bay, anyone on Spritzer or
Mobile Bay with so many, that wants to sell me them, contact me soon.

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
Krell Clan Dark Angels

*** Update ***

Pirate Larges website has been updated with more ships for sale.

*** Message ***

Dear Hurky,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love your one arm
But is that why you can't catch me?

- Anon.

*** Message ***

They are moving in the darkness.
Their ways are obscene to us.
All life is nothing but fuel to them.
The loathsome ones are coming.
And all shall be judged unless we repent.
The True One shall save us.
We must believe!

- Anon.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Building your first base:

Ship design tool:

Small improvements thread:

***** Message From The Editor *****

Courtesy of the Mohache, the Wimble Tech Tree is now up and running at the following address:

Also, my apologies for any rambling incoherency in this weeks edition. This damned heat wave!

- Simon.


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10-08-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 32 DAY 4  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Felini Fleet Destroyed ***

The Krell are celebrating tonight as it has become apparent that the small Krell battlefleet under the command of Warlord Goth has scored a major victory over the Felini in the Wastelands system.

The news broke when Warlord Goth issued the following statement on Subspace:

"My fellow beings, it is another bad day to be a member of the
consortium. Today, a Krell strike fleet launched an attack against an
FEL "Trap" in the Wastelands system. This time, preliminary
estimates put the FEL losing 3-4 150 heavy Hulls battleships and one
supporting 100 Normal Hull carrier. Krell losses seem to be contained
to 1 10 Normal Hull scout (probe class). It does not even appear
that the FEL battleships managed to damage any other ships though the
final report is not in yet.

If the felines could blush, I'm fairly certain their faces would be
red with embarrassment once again. It will be difficult for the FEL
spin-misters to wiggle out of this one (though they will no doubt try).

Of course, as I have said before, the FEL are only good at orbitally
bombarding civilians on defenceless planets. I have warned the FEL,
FCN and the SMS NEVER to show up at a battle site with less than 4
times my battlefleet if they expect to leave alive.... They just done

The "Tyrant" promised me he would send his own personal fleet to teach
me a lesson....I sure hope that wasn't it!!! Please.....send MORE!!!"

IGN reporters stationed on an asset close to the battle have indeed confirmed that three massive 150 heavy hulled Felini Sabretooth Snarl Class capital ships were destroyed, along with a supporting carrier and a Panther Pounce class capital ship. Making for the loss of the entire 5-ship FEL fleet.

Our reporters counted approximately 34 Krell warships of various shapes and designs dropping out of jump-space right on top of the FEL squadron, who barely had time to open up with their own weapons before the heavy Krell fire tore them apart.

Damage to the Krell fleet was very light, with most of the FEL counter-fire being soaked up by point defence and shields.

A consortium rescue operation made up primarily of SMS warships, responded quickly, arriving on scene to secure survivors and salvage from the stricken FEL squadron, but not fast enough to stop the Krell from withdrawing to safety.

*** Mandy ***

Following on from last weeks story, the Imperial investigative team on the surface of Mandy have issued reports that seem to contradict initial speculation as to what had occurred:

"Further investigations into the destruction of the urban sectors on Mandy have produced evidence to suggest that a massive stockpile of missiles, which were not stored in magazines, in the former DNA Starbase were set off causing a huge explosion with missiles being scattered in great numbers over the adjacent urban sectors. This explosion in itself appears to have caused a tsunami, as the urban sectors were in fact floating cities, which added to the general destruction. This being the case it would appear that the damage to the urban sectors was more a matter of criminal negligence than malicious intent."

IGN reporters can confirm that a massive explosion was indeed set off in the former DNA starbase early on in the battle, when artillery fire appeared to set off a cataclysmic explosion. Early speculation suggests this explosion may have caused the ruinous tsunami effect.

As a sidenote, we might observe that this is not the first time a cataclysmic explosion has been set off at an installation under fire when an ammunition or Pulac stockpile has been struck.

*** Imperial Raiders Score Yet Another Success ***

More good news for the Imperial Stellar Patrol as their raiding operations have sunk yet another Confed-Bloc freighter. The Imperial news wire is carrying the following story:

"A CIA Freighter was intercepted in the Plague system this week by an ISP interdiction patrol. It failed to stop when hailed and was subsequently destroyed by fire from the patrol's warships."

*** Anti Piracy Measures ***

The Dominion overlord John Doe has released further details of the new DOM anti-piracy operation:

Dominion Press Announcement .

"The first Dominion ships arrived today in Kasmer under express instructions
to clear the system and maintain its safety from pirates. As specified
before the Dominion will not be part of the APTF. From star date 206.31.1 a
small contingent of Dominion ships will protect the orbit of the Kasmer star
gate. PIR will be the only enemy on its lists. We hope our enemies take
advantage of these facts. This is the first stage in a four-part operation,
which will see the safety of Kasmer unrivalled in any system. The Dominion
will release details as further stages come online."

The move comes on top of rumours that pirates have indeed been very active in the Kasmer system recently, with our news room receiving reports of several close escapes for freighters that may not have even realised sleek black near-invisible pirate boarding vessels were coasting up in their engine wakes.

*** Pirate Large ***

Rumours are circulating that the dread Pirate Large has been on something of a holiday lately. Further rumours, which are probably slightly more accurate, indicate that he has actually been working on refitting and reconfiguring his fleet in preparation for a fresh onslaught against periphery shipping.

However, our news room has also learnt that Large has changed his flagship, and that the original vessel Large (1118) is now called Small. And Small, is now Large. And that Large himself is on the new Large. The old Large being Small, and not Large anymore.

We trust this is entirely clear.

*** Pirate Large Strikes ***

Small, the old Large, has taken a FET 100 huller this week, with a cargo hold full of an as yet unspecified cargo.

*** Imperial Outpost Application, Now With Added Nudity ***

An application has been received to establish an outpost to exploit code
4299 in the Titan system. Anyone already exploiting this code in Titan
should advise the Viceregal Administration by Day 4 Week 32, stating the
celestial body on which the code is being exploited.

(Okay, so we lied about the nudity.)

(We do however keep receiving pictures at the newsroom of Pirate Large naked.)

(We'd really like if whoever is sending those could please stop.)

*** Krell Issue Genocide Ultimatum? ***

The new leader of the Falconian Empire has been issued with a fresh ultimatum by Warlord Goth:

"Since there is a new regime in control of our Homeworld, we will offer this one chance for peace. The Falconian empire must either turn over or dismantle the VJUN starbase on our homeworld by 2 weeks from today or the war will not end until all Falconians are DEAD. This offer will NOT be made again (unless there is yet another Falconian leader brought in). At the end of 2 weeks, we will send a scout into the orbit of Inversion (our home world) if the VJUN base is not KRL or dismantled there will be no further negotiations with the current FCN leadership. These are the terms, there will be no further discussion."

Concerns have been raised over the Gothian threat to kill all Falconians.

*** Krell Annex Wastelands System ***

Warlord Goth has announced the Krell intent to annex the Wastelands system.

We at the IGN are currently unable to confirm if this intent has any bearing on the current system claim message, but we would appreciate it if somebody could inform our newsroom if indeed there has been a change of system ownership.

*** The Krell: Making Friends Throughout The Peripheries ***

Lord Lawrence Scrimm the CIA intelligence Director has issued the following statement regarding current Krell access to the Darkfold:

"The KRL have been denied access to The Darkfold for a number of
reasons, not the least of which being their acknowledged use of WoMD
upon sentients, their active support of pirates and their egregious
violations of Confederate Law prior to applying for access.

We do not foresee this access denial being lifted anytime soon, and
any armed engagements within Confederate Space by the Krell will only
serve to harden our existing position with respect to them."

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** The Booker Steak Promotion Board ***

Eat Booker Steaks, Eat Booker Steaks
Get your daily Protein needs*
By eating Booker Steaks

Eat Booker Steaks, Eat Booker Steaks
Filling, with a taste supreme+
So eat your Booker Steaks

18,000 MU's of Booker Steaks (30387) available at 1$ each available
from IMP Riva (1166), Audrey (178)! All but Rebels and
Pirates welcome.

* Booker steaks should be part of a balanced diet: so make sure you
have two on your plate
+ Industrial strength steak/pepper sauce not always required

*** More Shameless Self-Publicity ***

Announcement : Veterans get Free Drinks at the Jiggly Room!

RIP Quick Snack, home of the Jiggly Room, is pleased to announce that all veterans of the Krell vs Consortium War are entitled to claim:

1 Free drink with every Jiggly Dance purchased.


1 Free Jiggly Dance with every barrel of IMPeriAle purchased.

This offer will last until either the "Krell reclaim their homeworld/the Krell race ceases to exist" or until Hell freezes over... whichever happens first! This promotion has been brought to you by RIP War/Peace (we don't care) Advertising Services!

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Do you need a naval officer to board other ships as a pirate:

How does targeting work in combat:


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17-08-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 33 DAY 4  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** More Mandy Controversy ***

An official on behalf of Mad Max has sent this space news via a Courier vessel:

"Immortal Mad Max announces that he is alive and well and narrowly escaped the attack on all Naplian and the DNA at Angels Nest.

The Naplian News Network is unable to report freely due to the devastating fire that brought Angel's Nest and the destruction of our reporters and our space radio station that perished.

In response to the Imperial news wires claiming falsely in such a lame manner that we tried to create maximum losses amongst our own people -The DNA can confirm (and can provide evidence) we released for their own safety a large number of civilians humans and naplians to the surface of Mandy from Angel's Nest. "If it was not for my decision to release Naplian employees and close down the factories many more innocent Naplian would have been shelled or cut down by the invading force." stated Mad Max.

548 Naplian Employees (549) sacked from starbase.
2000 Human Employees (501) sacked from starbase.

This action was required following the scanned invasion fleet of SMS troops and troop carrying ships arriving to assault the starbase before the deadline supplied by the SMS and the creation of an IMP attack staging outpost (details of which can be supplied).

Considering the attack pending, it was felt necessary to save as many lives as possible especially once the GTT fired first on an evacuating DNA GP fleeing orbit.

It is on record that Simms stated himself he was impatient and could not wait for the DNA to pay the GTT and had repeatedly tried to force the DNA out as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, due to the complete inconsiderate and mindless attack of the SMS terrorists who massed 2000 artillery units against all DNA civilians and military targets alike, in and around Angels Nest, a critical terraforming supply compound was struck by random SMS shelling.

This terraforming material was used by the DNA to help people on planets and populations recover from atmosphere deterioration. Much had been deployed from here to the Krell to assist in the re-juvination of their homeworld before the Falconians took it for their greedy selves with assistance of the GTT. Unfortunately, these items are delicate and explosive and the DNA had been cultivating them here to help so many races.

Unfortunately, the consequences of the SMS attack hitting this site resulted in a huge fireball and the levelling of most structures, sinking of pontoons, destruction of the Naplian built "Friendship Bridge". This left nothing standing or floating.

Simms, and the SMS and GTT have blooded their hands, and this stain does not wash off so easily by turning the IMP attack base into a refugee base for the people we saved. However, this will be good practise for Simms, as a lot more aid and IMP refugee bases will be required in the future.

It would have been a bit simpler to have a little patience Simms, but now you will only have lots of patients.

As a result I have decided to step down as leader and await elections of a new leader.

Mad Max
Immortal Ex DNA Chief

(Unfortunately, due to this attack, the finances and military ship building of the DNA is ruined and we have been forced to sell ships and I will likely have to retire from the game on financial grounds. I must congratulate my enemies for such a great conceived plan. If there is someone who is interested in running the DNA differently or get some revenge and rise from the ashes please contact me in the next weeks. I will give you some secure hidden assets and ships we still have for you to develop - Nigel madmax [at] optusnet [dot] com [dot] au )

*** Imperials Respond To DNA Statement ***

Imperial News Service press release:

There are so many distortions and lies in the DNA press release that it is almost
impossible to refute them all. The salient points.

The Imperial Services were not involved in the defensive operations on Mandy
resulting from the DNA attack on its neighbours, our new base there was set
up on the ruins of Angels nest in order to administer humanitarian aid to
the Naplians suffering as a result of the DNA aggression. More than 8000
Naplian refugees are being sheltered in our base, waiting for resettlement
in a new urban sector that is to be built for them in the near future.

A large percentage of the Naplian Civilians sent out of Angels nest probably
died along with thousands of those living in the adjacent urban sectors when
the Angel's Nest ammunition stockpiles, not kept safely in magazines, blew
up and caused a tsunami as well as showering the urban sectors with
exploding missiles.

As for patience, if the DNA at Angels nest had organised an orderly
withdrawal from the Empire's systems in the time frame offered instead of
attacking their neighbours there would have been no civilian casualties at

The results of Imperial Investigations at the destroyed urban sites.
"Special Action/Mandy/Sea (Former Urban) {5,2}/IMP Aid/206.30.
Ten transport modules are exhaustively used to collected wreckage
samples from the ocean bed. The pieces are then inspected. The metal is
twisted and fractured and is
pitted. Examination of these pits is interesting as many still contain
fragments. Examination of the metal fragments and trace chemicals
associated with
the impacts reveals them to be missile casings. All the pieces of wreckage
far pulled out of the water are peppered with these metal fragments. If
these are typical of the wreckage at the bottom of the ocean it is
estimated that thousands of missiles must have exploded at ground zero.
The only explanation is that the starbase must have been stockpiling the
missiles without magazines - the explosion must have been the equivalent to
more than
a dozen nuclear weapons - without the damping effect of an ISR field!"

*** Imperial Raiders Strike ***

Our newsroom has learnt that in separate operations during the last week, the Imperial Stellar Patrol Interdiction squadron operating in the Darkfold has destroyed two CIA freighters and heavily damaged two CNF escort vessels in the Plague system. As well as destroying a KST freighter in the Kastor system.

*** Mandy Humanitarian Effort ***

The search for more survivors from the DNA starbase Angels Nest has now been called off after is has become apparent that all those who survived have now been picked up and taken to the IMP humanitarian base on the planet.

Imperial news agencies are giving the figure of 8000 refugees who are waiting at the outpost to be resettled into a new urban sector on the planet that is even now under construction.

*** Tension Between Krell Clans ***

Harsh words have been exchanged this week between Warlord Slyth of the Krell clan Dark Angels and Warlord Goth, over a disagreement over the expansion of hostilities into the GCE system of Wastelands and the claiming of said system by Warlord Goth.

In typical Krell fashion, Warlord Goth ended the public debate with the following, "Your bleating is unbecoming of a Krell, please take my answer and live with it or do something about it."

Our newsroom reckons it must have been, oh, months now since the last Krell versus Krell conflict, which means we're about due for another one.

*** GTT Investigation Concludes ***

The recent violation of the agreed ceasefire between the GTT and the DTR in the Adamski system has resulted in the following press release being issued by the head of the GTT security department:

"On investigation of the attack on DTR Pina Colada by Captain Janis Joplin in command of the GTT ship Janice, it was found that the captain Janis Joplin acted on his own accord and against the direct wishes of the GTT board. The mitigating circumstances that his family has lost his father and 2 brothers in the ongoing conflict is no excuse to open fire in this manner. His actions could have put the food Aid program in danger and caused millions of deaths on earth. We like to remind him that the allies ship over 50,000 mu's of food per week to earth, with a large percentage being done by GTT merchant ships. His actions could also have placed there lives at risk.

The Board finds that captain Janis Joplin will be stripped of his command and be discharged from the GTT with loss of all benefits. The Board also reminds captain Joplin how lucky he is, if he was not in a corporation he would most likely have been executed.

The Board would like to thank the DTR in there understanding of this matter.

From the office of GTT security."

There has been no official response from the Detinus Republic as of yet, though sources close to the Senate have confirmed that the DTR are satisfied with the results of this investigation, and that no further action will be taken.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Wanted ***

It's that time again, the Gothian buying spree. We are looking for bulk prices on the following items:

1000 Armour plates
1000 Ablative armor
500 Ablative armor MKII
400 Heavy Hulls
10,000 Kinetic Missles

As those who have dealt with us in the past know, we pay cash and we are happy to carry the product away. We will take deliveries but most affiliations cannot deliver faster than I can pick up. We will entertain bulk purchases of any other weaponry that you may have in excess (conventional or other).

Keep in mind that we cannot go into certain areas (CNF,DTR).

Warlord Goth

*** Plantlife For Sale ***

Scuba Station (3636) in the Arachnid system has Alien Plant Life (30070) for sale in potentially large quantities. Anybody interested in purchasing this item is invited to check the public markets, or contact the governor for private bulk-discount deals.

Scuba Station: For all your creepy weird alien plant needs.

*** GTT HQ ***

Greetings all.

Just to let you know GTT HQ is buying a selection of goods at a times 14 multiplier.
If you have any goods for sale which are not on the list please contact the marketing department at this address with details and we will arrange for it to be added to the market.

HQ's Marketing department.


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28-08-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 35 DAY 1  [Recruit]

***KJC Update***
August Bank Holiday
Due to the bank holiday, as per usual, there will be no processing on Monday a double run on Tuesday 29th August.
Apologies for the late announcement - it has been something of a busy week, with all the invasions, revenges and civil wars.

01-09-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 35 DAY 5

***** Inter-Galactic News: Double Edition Special *****

*** Mysterious Asteroid? ***

Our newsroom has received an anonymous report that seems to indicate that a little known asteroid in Skye has spontaneously changed from a stable orbit around one gas giant in Skye, and is currently heading to a similar orbit around another world. Nobody seems to know how this has been achieved, or what the intentions of the beings inhabiting the asteroid are.

News that this object was originally associated with a gas giant has caused some alarm in certain circles who now tend to want to duck and cover from the ARC whenever gas giants are mentioned. However, we feel we should point out that not everything in the Peripheries is part of some grand evil plan on the part of the Architects.

Even though they are powerful enough to have restructured entire solar systems.

And so, in conclusion, there is clearly no need to panic.

*** Empire Penetrates Detinus Republic Then Refuses To Apologise ***

We are receiving confusing reports of skirmishes in a highly classified Detinus system between Imperial scout-ships and DTR patrol cruisers.

Apparently the captains of the DTR cruisers were taken totally by surprise by the appearance of Imperial vessels in what they thought was a secure system, entirely unknown to the Empire.

The Detinus House Of Lords is understood to be in emergency session debating the implications of this event. Imperial Stellar Patrol spokesmen are by contrast wearing broad smiles and making no comment.

*** Dewiek Score Victories ***

The nervous peace of the Dewiek Pocket Periphery has been rocked this week by a number of Detinus scouts who were clearly just not quite stealthy enough.

In separate battles in Hydrae and Noctollis a DTR ground party and yacht were destroyed by overwhelming DEN and DOM firepower.

*** Felini Violate Twinkle No-Fire Zone ***

The Felini warships Clown's Folly, Beneath The Skin and Fool's Gift have destroyed a FLZ Se'fe-mirsho class Destroyer at the Twinkle stargate this week.

The FLZ ZZ-D'Givi was minding it's own business on patrol for Pirates when the FEL squadron exited the Stargate and opened fire, destroying the much smaller warship in short order. The FEL squadron took no damage.

The FEL have claimed that the squadron was on its way back to base for refit and repair, and the captains involved had forgotten to clear their enemy lists before transiting the Stargate, however given the extreme sensitivity of the situation, and the particular vessels involved - two of which Clown's Folly and Fool's Gift were captured by the FEL from their enemies, and renamed to cause maximum offence - some doubts are being cast on the Felini version of events.

It remains to be seen if this event will cause an escalation of hostilities, but it is hoped that cool heads will prevail, and the Twinkle neutrality will be maintained.

*** Crisis On Mobile Bay ***

Many of the exploitable resources on Mobile Bay are starting to collapse as combined pressure from multiple starbases is causing them to plummet. Admiral Bridge and several other parties have called for an immediate summit to debate the sustainable exploitation of resources across the planet before a point of ecological disaster is reached.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit Codes 1302 and 14766 in the Dryad system. Anyone already exploiting these codes should inform the Viceregal Administration by day 4 Week 34, including the celestial body on which they are being exploited or they and their homes and everybody they have ever met will be nuked back into the stone age.

*** Felini Victory ***

A single Felini Sabre Tooth class Capital Ship, the Clan Pride, has intercepted and destroyed a Krell St Clair class troop transport in the inner reaches of the Storm system this week.

*** AFT Press Release ***

The following communication has been issued by the AFT:

"Due to unsustainable success of the current business model, a number of AFT markets will be undergoing reorganisation over this weekend. The key effect will be *a significant decrease in these markets' demands for perishable trade goods*. Other items will be largely unaffected. This affects the markets at Ariel, Dinas Dawr, Novasol and Port Erin. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to traders, and are sure that you will continue to find that AFT markets offer an excellent range of products at very reasonable prices."

*** Pirate Large. Let Us Count The Ways That We Have Missed Thee ***

After a prolonged absence, Pirate Large has once again been in touch with our news room, clearly intent on wearing out our 'censored' scissors.

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

Ahharrgghh there I be refreshed from me hols an I as been doin some spot weldin on some o me ships to rejig them a bit. I as moved from me old ship (1118) but the old gal well she as been in action recently under one o me cappans, cappan slack, she be called that cos she as been my sex toy for the last year garrr.....

Well she be be cruising the blowton system lookin for bait, when the look outs spotted the 100 hulled FET ship Dragon Hauler (29588), she be listin heavily to port as she ad a full cargo old. We tooks actions to get in close and me boys n gals were ready at the hatch for the attack. 50 crewman on board there be not a match for thee, we had to disembowel 10 o them and leave em squealin on the floor before the crews gives In an the ship be mine...ahharrgghhh.

The ship ad no cappan on board to thoroughly roger, but there be some lovely lookin crew who tooks me chopper in their landing hatches no trouble at all.
The ship be full o trade goods as well,, gar lovely.

Anyways whilst I be [censored] me [censored] into one of these [censored], I came to thinking the following about [censored] wiv the [censored] likes.

Making a cup of coffee is like making [censored] to a [censored] woman. It's got to be [censored]. You've got to take your [censored]. You've got [censored] [censored].. gently, and [censored].

You've got to [censored] your [censored] until they [censored]. And then you [censored] in [censored] [censored].




Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

*** Second Edition ***

*** Special Report: The Solo Crisis ***

After a prolonged silence, the Detinus Republic war machine has finally launched into action with a series of strikes against Dominion targets in the Solo system. The scale and ferocity of these attacks has stunned observers throughout the Peripheries. Official comment from Detinus sources has been kept to a minimum, with the following statement being released to the press by DTR Speaker, Michelle Diaz:

"Last Monday, the DTR launched an assault against the DOM presence on Haven in Solo. Although the former DTR Starbase Acheron was destroyed, DOM Retreat was captured using a large ground force on Friday. The DTR are now securing Retreat and the surrounding location and as such strongly advise against IMP, GTT, DOM, DEN and GCS ships entering this location for at least the next week. In the near future, the DTR will open up this location again allowing unrestricted access to all affiliations, including the aforementioned ones, to Haven and the other planetary bodies in beta 7. A public message will be issued by the DTR when this change in status occurs."

According to reports over three hundred DTR Warships entered orbit of the planet Haven on Monday. The mystery of the prolonged disappearance of the DTR Stellar Armada was answered when it was revealed that over 100 of these warships had been specially configured to flatten Acheron, the base that the Dominion were using as a firebase, in something less than 12 hours of combat. Dominion fighters desperately attempted to scramble to meet the incoming attack from the DTR warships, but massed railgun fire started to strike down from orbit, smashing their runways and destroying the fighters in their launch bays before the pilots could even get on board.

We understand that only the alert-five fighters were able to make it into orbit, where they were quickly brushed aside by interceptor coverage from the Detinus Fleet Carrier squadrons.

DTR Fleet sources have indicated that they were surprised at how successfully the active defences of Acheron were silenced, and how little damage the fleet took from the first phase of battle. The operation stands as a textbook example of the application of overwhelming force applied with absolute surprise. And the level of planning and preparation required to carry it off is significant.

On the second day, with the orbital weapons silenced, a vast DTR ground party, the First Detinus Assault Dragoons, dropped in from orbit and attacked DOM Retreat, the major starbase on the planet that had been sheltering under full starbase shield coverage.

Rough estimates put the size of the attacking ground party at over 20,000 tanks and almost 300,000 trained troops. Over 27% control of Retreat was gained on the first day of the ground battle alone. And in total it took only three days for the DTR troops to secure the entire installation, taking only very light casualties.

However, reports indicate that the DTR are surprised and mystified by the disappearance of an entire Corp of elite DOM ground troops who were defending Retreat when the attack hit home, but who appear to have vanished rather than be destroyed fighting a hopeless resistance against overwhelming forces.

*** The Solo Crisis: Mopping Up ***

Following the fall of DOM Retreat, the remaining DOM defence forces faced with a hopeless situation, quickly fell to onrushing DTR attackers, with 3 ground parties and an outpost being wiped out by a combination of orbital bombardment and close ground assault.

A reinforcement Division of DOM troops was also destroyed, which included over 10,000 monks and several thousand pieces of armour.

*** The Solo Crisis: System Neutrality ***

Despite this conflict being nominally between the DTR and DOM, and thus a continuation of the conflicts that erupted in the system some time ago when the DOM launched a massive surprise attack against DTR interests, there has been criticism of the involvement of other forces. The CNF Grand Fleet for example has been spotted in the orbital quadrant of Haven, providing high cover for the Detinus Operation, leading several Imperial authorities to cry foul.

A number of Imperial vessels have fallen victim to the Confederate blockade, including a small patrol vessel and a caravel class freighter. Both of which were on routine operations.

*** The Solo Crisis: Imperial-Bloc Involvement ***

At time of press the Imperial Navies have not intervened in the ongoing DTR operation. Choosing instead to attempt to limit the extent of hostilities as much as they can.

However, Imperial stellar patrol analysts have concluded of the Solo operation that, "it is unlikely that any starbase in the peripheries could successfully withstand such an attack, which demonstrated the DTRs ability to impose their will on anyone they want to at any time they choose."

*** The Solo Crisis: Dominion Attack DTR In Yank ***

The day after the commencement of hostilities in Solo, a six ship Dominion battlegroup dropped into orbit of Mobile Bay and opened fire on the DTR Starbase Whaler, inflicting light damage.

An immediate appeal to the Kastorian authorities by both sides indicated quickly that the DOM positions in question were moved as part of an emergency and in the rush there was a breakdown in command and existing standing orders were not countermanded. The attack was halted after one day, and apologies were made by the DOM to both the DTR and the Kastorian military Junta.

*** Imperial Navy Launches Attack In Adamski ***

The nervous ceasefire in the Adamski system between the DTR and IMP was shaken on the same day as the Solo attack by an Imperial warship that dropped into orbit of Caro and destroyed a major DTR mining operation.

With the Imperial-Bloc dependant upon the ceasefire in Adamksi preserving the safety of their food shipments to Earth, the attack against a DTR outpost seems to have been a risky proposition indeed.

*** IMP Scouts Active In Straddle ***

A small Imperial scout ship has been blown apart by DTR Platforms in the contested Straddle system. It could be considered that with the DTR fleet engaged in Solo, the Imperial admirals are searching for somewhere else to attack.

*** Piracy ***

It seems as if the pirate Black Dog has successfully captured a FCN freighter in the Yank system. The freighter appears to have been hauling a cargo of Thorlium ore. And the captain and 67 of the crew fell into the clutches of the dread pirate Black Dog.

*** Imperial Vessel Destroyed In Yank ***

A Confederate patrol appears to have accidentally destroyed an IMP freighter in Yank. There has been no official statement, but it seems likely this is another example of accidental fire.

*** Krell In Action ***

The Krell fleet has clashed with Consortium forces in Storm once again. IGN Reporters were able to observe the battles firsthand from onboard SMS vessels.

Warlord Goth has issued the following statement regarding the operation:

"Once again our battlefleet has been ordered to move against the
consortium oppressors and once again they have answered the call.
This time I ordered our fleet to root out an FCN fleet that has been
hiding in the orbit of our conquered homeworld. The craven birds
thought that we would not dare to face fire from platform defenders
and fire support bases to get at their fleet...they were wrong.

In a daring move, our commanders by-passed an FEL blocking fleet in
the quad and moved on to the prime objective in the orbit of
inversion. Once in orbit, subcommanders picked their chosen targets
and concentrated fire on those ships until they were utterly
destroyed. While these ship to ship combats were going on, commando
raids on the planet surface distracted the already panicked birds.

We are happy to announce that almost all the battlefleet has already
arrived to safe harbor and the remaining couple stragglers will be
home tomorrow.

Although the Krell did lose one 75 Normal Hull ship in the battle
yesterday (due to platform and firebase incoming fire), we killed 11
ships and badly mauled most of the rest that were there. The Storm
system will be a meat grinder until the Consortium release our

It should be noted that the stragglers referred to included 2 100HH warspite class capital ships, and a 200 hull Baseship. All of which appear to have been destroyed by Consortium forces that responded to the Krell strike. These forces, according to our reporter stationed onboard the SMS flagship, came very close to trapping the entire Krell fleet. And if they had done so, the Krell navy may well have been wiped out wholesale in a single lethal engagement.

*** Imperials Launch Strike In Straddle ***

A small Imperial flotilla has launched a successful raid against a Detinus outpost in the Straddle system.

*** Detinus Republic Attacks Steak Lovers ***

From the Riva IMPquisitor:

"Having previously failed in the infamous Great Steak Heist, it would seem that the Detinus Republic have attempted to prevent the rest of the Peripheries getting access to the meaty, treaty, feast that is the Booker Steak (30387) by using agent actions to close down Hi-ports.

Having caught said agent by the big button marked 'Off' he was quick to blub that it was indeed the DTR political Jacob Nelson (5414) who put him up to it.

Intelligence suggests that having had a plate of Booker Steak in pepper sauce, with curly fries at Suzzie's Cafe in KAS Rubis, that Mr Nelson developed a taste for food beyond the standard Detinus 'Food Supplement 1, 2 and 3'. In so doing, it is now believed that Mr Nelson, has increased to 2 MU's in mass and has made it his personal mission to disrupt future Booker steak sales.

It is believed that someone will be able to switch the big "On" button by tomorrow, but customers are warned their may be some disruption."

When asked to comment, one long-suffering Detinus Senator was heard to remark that ever since Diaz adopted a vegetarian diet, things have been hell at New Tate, with endless edicts and quarantines being declared against all things meat.

*** Krell Gunboat Destroyed ***

In a separate engagement an SMS fleet of around 20 100-150HH warships has annihilated a tiny KRL torpedo boat in Storm. The words 'one-sided' and 'very very short' spring to mind.

*** The Mandy Crisis ***

The following statement has been issued by the Imperial authorities on Mandy:

"The resettlement of the Naplian Refugees on Mandy is now well under way.
After completing their transportation to the new Urban Sector site the
Imperial Stellar Patrol handed over the following items to the refugees in
order to construct an urban sector and populate it for the Naplians of the
world. This is a welcome relief following the recent tragedy that has struck
the population as a result of Mad Max's aggression on the planet.
1400 Clothing (30152) - 1 mus
2000 Consumer Goods (30060) - 1 mus
1781 Food (30048) - 1 mus
2000 Medical Supplies (30155) - 1 mus
8908 Naplian Civilian (548) - 1 mus
250 Structural Module (420) - 40 mus"

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

Imperial APTF forces have destroyed the St Clair class pirate vessel Tycoon in the Blagard system.

*** AFT Attack FCN ***

A rogue element within the AFT has apparently launched a wide-ranging assault against Falconian interests. The FCN Empire has responded with the following statement:

"Today an AFT member by the name AFT Drew McCormick (84316) used a
breach in FCN security and somehow managed to gain control of FCN
ground troops at various bases in the peripheries. He then ordered
the troops to attack the Falconian bases in an effort to try to
capture those bases. The Falconian troops thinking they were part of a huge wargame followed this maniacs orders and there was mayhem.
However order was quickly restored when they realized the duplicity
of Drew McCormick.

Effective immediately all AFT shipping/assets in FCN territories will be attacked until such as they managed to gain control of their member and his assets and reparation has been paid for damages done to Falconian bases. The AFT will be held responsible for the actions of its members. The AFT leadership is asked to contact us immediately or the FCN will act accordingly and consider this an act of war against the Falconian Empire. This will mean we will engage all AFT shipping whereever encountered within AFT and FCN territories.

Effective immediately the Starbase known as Jadis in the Skord system is considered an enemy of the Falconian Empire and will be treated as such REGARDLESS of which affiliation controls for as long as the person currently known as Drew McCormick runs it. An application will be put forth to the Kastorians for permission to attack this base."

In a related development to this story, it appears as if the starbase Jadis is currently up for sale.

AFT Master Trader Audrey Firesong has expressed his outrage with the actions of Drew McCormick, and has taken great lengths to indicate that this was a rogue element within the AFT, and in no way indicative of official AFT policy.

***** Special Report: Solo System Claim For Auction *****

The AFT have released the following important communication:

"Following extensive discussions within the AFT Council over recent months, the Association of Free Traders has decided to relinquish the Association's claim to the Solo system, and offer it up for auction to the highest bidder.

The Council believes that in order to benefit all members of the Association, the AFT must consider its neutrality paramount, and that this is likely to be incompatible with the requirements of system governance. In addition, recent events have shown that maintaining an effective claim to the Solo system would not be profitable for the Association.

An open bidding process has been chosen as offering the best prospect of an evenhanded decision on, and orderly implementation of, the transfer of power. We would request the assistance of all affiliations in continuing to respect Solo's neutrality during this process.

The Governor of Ariel would like to offer his thanks to those who have respected the neutrality of Solo over the years.

Audrey Firesong
Fleet Master
on behalf of the AFT Council.

--- Details of Bidding Process ---

Any parties wishing to submit bids should do so privately to this office (richard[AT]aftphoenix[DOT]org[DOT]uk) no later than day 5, week 36. The presence of assets in the system is not required, as an outpost to hold the system claim will be provided if necessary.

All bids are expected to included guarantees of continued freedom of access and operation for the Association of Free Traders. Any bids including guarantees of freedom of access for further parties for trade purposes will be looked upon favourably. Except for such guarantees, all bids will be converted to a value in stellars (at market rates or as decided by the AFT Council).

Any parties wishing to make an offer MUST bid in the initial round, as further rounds will only be open to those making an initial bid. A list of the affiliations of all bidding parties will be made public. After the initial round, the highest bid will be made known to all bidding parties, who will each have the chance to submit a higher bid. The timescale of the further bidding rounds will be decided in consultation with the bidding parties. When a round is
reached where no higher bid is received, the bidding process will end. The system claim will be transferred within one week of the payment from the successful bidder having been received."

The release of this statement has initiated a political firestorm. And no doubt there will be more details next week, in what is clearly being a very interesting time for the AFT ruling council.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Nightshade ***

Greetings to one and to all,

I used to be the gov of the SMS starbase Nightshade (4981) on Dewey in Pegasus but, due to downsizing, I now run the outpost of the same name :-( As the EEM will not allow me to have a public market anymore I have to sell my wares in the open. I am still in the market to sell Korondite and Precious Metals so anybody with an interest in buying please drop me a line and we can arrange a deal.

Price is 0.9 per mu, less for bulk purchases, PA for quantities of 1kmu, 10kmu, 50kmu or 100kmu can be arranged.

Best Regards
Clare Nightingale
SMS Nightshade (4981)

*** New Rip Initiative ***


As the only truly neutral power in the Peripheries the RIP are willing to assume political control of all and any system that the current owners wish to be rid of. As you know ... owning and protecting a system is fraught with many problems and in the end costs you lots of money. The RIP are willing to put aside all past differences and help out one and all. This is all in the name of peace and prosperity for all... of course.

Transfers of system ownership can be made to me at either Freedom City or Quick Snack - whichever is convenient to you. I will waive my usual fees for the first ten system owners to take up this special offer. A 'moving in' party will be held at The Jiggly Room on the first weekend after the transfer is complete - all welcome...

RIP GT Spugman
RIP Freedom City / Quick Snack

***** From The Posting Boards *****

"Order Editor Configuration File Formats"

"Ship Editor"

***** Message From The Editor *****

I think I'm already at risk of breaking the upper word limit on this weeks edition. However, a couple of items from the Yahoogroup that I've held onto and reproduced here because they might be of interest to other players:

Tractor Field Projectors:

"We (the DTR) came up with them as super-accurate (+18) tractor beams to capture small, high-dodge spy ships with our platforms. With the rule changes on dodge and pinning, the item has become obsolete:

Tractor Field Projector (900) - 500 mus

While having only the same strength as the tractor beam, the field
projector sweeps a much larger region making it nearly impossible to miss
the target.

Item Type: Tractor Beam
Mass Factors: 100
Required Crew Factors: 1
Build Requirement: 500 Metals (1)
Weapon Stats: 0 Dmg, +18 Acc, 1 AF"

Exploration Skill:

"Those who are unsure over the benefits of the "Exploration" skill for officers
may be interested to note a special action result I got today:

> TU 225: Special Action {...} {...}
Set up a trap to try to catch one of the savage predators found in the deep jungles, using live bait - either purchase a suitable beast from a local farmer (we could offer a good price for an old beast of little use to the farmer) or capture a local scavenger to use as bait. If successful, investigate the captured predator for any potential use.
You will need an experienced exploration officer for this.
Total TU cost for this action is 75

This special action was processed for free."

And finally, it seems as if the Convert Naval Items order has stopped working.

It has been a bit of a news avalanche these last couple of weeks. If I have missed something, which is entirely possible, please drop me a line.



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08-09-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 36 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Detinus Republic Victory In Solo ***

Combat in the Solo system has now ended, with the Detinus Republic in complete control of Dominion facilities.

The last act of this dramatic military action played out after the mystery of the missing Corp of DOM defenders was solved by DTR scouts, who detected the arrival of 30,000 veteran Dominion soldiers at a nearby Imperial outpost.

A fierce debate erupted during an emergency session of the DTR House Of Lords as to how to proceed with this information, but in the end a stormy consensus was reached that the Imperial mining outpost should be attacked, and the DOM soldiers destroyed, giving them only the slightest chance to surrender.

The Detinus fleet moved into orbit and annihilated over 30,000 troops, reducing the Imperial outpost Golden Eye to a smoking crater.

The action has been described as anything between the final act in removing the DOM presence from Solo, to an act of brutal mass-murder.

*** DTR Solo Statement ***

Michelle Diaz, speaker of the Detinus House Of Lords, and periphery-wide expert on shoes, has appeared on vid-screens issuing the following statement regarding the Solo Conflict, and the DTRs actions:

"Just over 1 year ago, the DOM launched unprovoked assaults on 2 DTR Starbases in Solo, capturing one and loosing the battle at the other. 3 months later, the DOM again launched an assault against the Starbase which they failed to capture during the first battle. During this period, there was no condemnation by the Imperial block of these assaults even though this broke Solo neutrality. Indeed, they deliberately stopped the AFT from acting by threatening the AFT. After this, the DOM effectively tried to cede Haven from the rest of Solo by having active enemy lists at their Starbases on the planet. Again this totally broke Solo neutrality and again the Imperial block were complicate in this action by not condemning it.

The DTR then acted, capturing Retreat and destroying Acheron. During the ground assault, the Imperials again involved themselves in the battle by taking troops from Retreat when they knew that Retreat was going to fall. So during this whole period the Imperials have been directly involving themselves in the status of Solo.

When the troops were found at the Imperial outpost on Golden Eye (like Haven it is a moon of Leviathan) orders were sent to part of the DTR armada to attack this outpost unless the troops surrendered. Messages were broadcast to the outpost prior to assault as well as sent on this public forum and to known Imperial politicals stating what they could do to avert this action. As it was obvious that the Imperials wouldn't want these troops in DTR hands, the DTR stated that the troops should surrender themselves (whereby the DTR cannot get any use from the troops) and then the DTR would move the troops to the Kastorian authorities. The DTR would get the KAS to audit the transportation giving proof to the Imperial block that all prisoners were moved.

The Imperials had the opportunity to surrender the outpost to the DTR and that would be the end of the matter. Unfortunately the opportunity for a non-violent resolution was lost, and the outpost was attacked.

During this whole period, the Imperials have consistently reneged their responsibility of their actions. It was the Imperial decision to enjoy seeing the DTR squirm whilst the DOM assaulted 2 DTR Starbases in Solo, and renege on their responsibility to both get the DOM in check and to assist the AFT in this matter, which started off this chain of events. It was again an Imperial decision to deliberately get involved in this DOM-DTR conflict which they now want to renege and blame the DTR, when the Imperials had the opportunity to surrender the outpost and prevent additional conflict in Solo.

As far as the DTR are concerned, this event is over and we both hope and expect that there will be peace again in Solo. The DTR also hope that the Imperials do not renege on their responsibilities again and actively help to both find a long-term peaceful solution to Solo and to ensure that their allies also respect this peace. The communication by the Patrol Commissioner is a promising first step which we hope can be built upon."

*** Association Of Free Traders Condemn Detinus Actions ***

Audrey Firesong, Fleet Master, speaking on behalf of the AFT ruling council has strongly condemned the DTR for their destruction of Golden Eye and the 30,000 troops sheltering there. The following statement has been released to the press:

"Today's attack by the Detinus Republic on an Imperial outpost in Solo, extending the DTR's military action in a neutral system with less than 24 hours notice, is a despicable action that the Association of Free Traders wishes to condemn utterly.

The DTR and their allies undertook a limited mission to remove the Dominion from Solo, in response to previous aggression by the Dominion against the DTR. This aim was understood by all observers, and largely accepted, although the decision by the DTR to involve their Confederate allies was highly unfortunate. To extend the conflict in a neutral system beyond the achievement of that strict aim is a thoroughly irresponsible act, and is showing complete contempt for any consideration of the system's neutrality, regardless of the public statements made.

It is even more appalling that this action, resulting in the loss of over 31,000 lives for no return fire, was made with insufficient notice to allow any withdrawal of forces, and against an affiliation who has so far refrained from escalating the conflict in Solo.

We call upon the Detinus Republic to publicly apologise for this atrocity, and to explain why they were not prepared to allow evacuation of defeated combatants, as has been common practice in recent conflicts. We also call upon the DTR and Confederate warfleets to immediately withdraw from Solo to allow humanitarian aid."

In a related matter, we at the IGN would like to apologise to Ms Firesong for incorrectly reporting her gender last week. And also for making a mistake on her status within the AFT.

We would like to make it very clear that Ms Firesong is eminently curvy and most definitely feminine.

*** The Future Of Solo ***

Following the announcement of an auction for the future of Solo, a number of interested parties have posted public bids. From the Krell, to the DNA.

The DNA bid was transmitted on the Naplian News Network, and is as follows:

"Naplian Resistance Party fund a bid

Solo System - Naplian Resistance Party formed by Mad Max offers to fund a bid of X,XXX,000 stellars & 7,000 vine seeds, and one nuclear device to the AFT. As such promises freedom of access for further parties for trade purposes, with the exception of the FCN unless peace agreement is reached prior to transfer.

As a suggestion the DTR the asset formerly known as DOM Retreat should be re-patriated back to the DNA (former owners) and forces from both sides should withdraw. Gifts of substantial value will be given to both DTR and DOM from the starbase in terms of it's wealth in a ratio 2:1 in favour of the DTR in return for them signing a new Solo Peace Treaty.

Naplian Resistance proposes to hand over the claim to the new DNA leader at the time of election before year end if the bid is successful. Mad Max."

*** Immortal Max? ***

Seeming to contradict rumours of his demise, Mad Max, self-styled immortal leader of the Naplian people, has been in touch with our news room to pass on the following request that all those who owe him payment may do so via political (2455).

*** Solo Peace Talks ***

However one chooses to interpret the Golden Eye affair, it seems fair to say that it has at least served as the sudden shocking impetus towards unifying Periphery governments towards finding a long-term peaceful solution to the Solo neutrality issue. With almost every government now involved in talks designed to find a workable solution.

The delectable Ms Firesong has been kind enough to spare a moment for the press to update us on how talks are proceeding:

"The initiative proposed last week by Patrol Commissioner Gandolph of the Imperial Services for negotiations towards a multi-affiliation settlement to ensure the continuing neutrality of the Solo system is very much welcomed by the AFT Council. The Council understands that the proposal has received interest from a sufficient number of affiliations such that there is hope that these discussions can lead to a successful outcome for enforcement of the neutrality of Solo.

In light of these multi-affiliation talks on keeping Solo neutral, the auction of the Solo system claim by the Association of Free Traders is hereby suspended, pending the outcome of those discussions.

Again, the Association of Free Traders wishes to request the assistance of all affiliations in helping to keep Solo calm, neutral and free from combat during this transition period."

It is understood that a multi-affiliation body, the Solo Defence Force (SDF) could well be established to police the system, and enforce the neutrality. As to who might operate this force, we cannot be certain. But several affiliations have offered warships to help establish it.

*** Golden Eye ***

An Imperial spokesman has responded to the destruction of outpost Golden Eye:

"I am regretting to report, that the DTR bombarded the outpost and have killed every, troop, man, women, and child at our facility on this separate planet. This is in contravention to the neutrality of solo, and a direct assault on all of us who abide by the laws of all neutral systems."

*** Detinus Media Banned ***

Responding to the sense of outrage at the destruction of 30,000 troops, the imperial viceroy has issued the following statement:

"All traders should note that with immediate effect the sale and purchase of
Detinus Media (30336)is forbidden in the Empire's systems. We get enough
rebel rhetoric on this outlet without having them trying to corrupt the
minds of the good beings living on the worlds within our sphere of influence
by distributing their pernicious propaganda."

It is expected that blackmarket sales throughout Imperial controlled space should now see the price of Detinus Media rise, as desperate holo-viewers addicted to the latest Detinus Space Operas go to great lengths to secure their weekly fix.

*** Angels Nest: Death By Plant ***

More light has been cast on the destruction of the DNA starbase, Angels Nest. The following transmission was received by our newsroom from the offices of Mad Max:

"Simms you sly old dog,... Courier intercept

You care to allow us all believe you are caring old man who never interfered with Mandy. Care to explain the other new IMP outpost (ID is available) that slipped into Mandy's skirt. NOT the aid base you set up after the conflict at the location of Angel's Nest to patch up Mandy's wounds !

Why was it built with haste just weeks after your threats to confiscate DNA property or was that just a tactical move of no importance other then spreading the love.

How strange you should also interfere with the shielding of Angels' Nest as well ! Starbase Shield Interference: -19.4 accuracy at the end of the opening day of the battle.

Day 2 Boom went the thousands of vines seeds....

Simms you may be sly but your getting too old to tell porkie pies."

*** RIP Offer New Service ***

The caring sharing kindler gentler RIP have offered their assistance as a neutral third party in the Solo conflict. Or indeed any future conflicts. The RIP Ex-Combatant Repatriation service, operating under the auspices of GT Spugman, offers a safe and friendly passage to RIP Quick Snack in Yank for any under-fire troops who might seek to live longer and happier lives somewhere that isn't under the gun sights of a 350 vessel DTR warfleet.

*** Battle In Storm ***

The Krell fleet has been in action yet again in the Storm system, this time destroying what is understood to have been an already damaged FCN Broadsword.

*** Krell Launch Audacious Strike ***

More action from the Krell this week as they pulled off not one but two strikes in the Falconian home system, Acropolis.

Warlord Goth has been quoted as saying, "In an effort to remind the Falconians that the grace period for them to get their "nests" in order has passed, the Krell have dropped off a few presents in Acropolis.... This was one of the 2 attacks in the Falconian home system."

The damage done to a FCN mining outpost is reportedly very light indeed. But the political significance of the Krell raid can be considered larger than the actual damage inflicted.

*** Desperately Seeking Missy ***

The dread pirate Missy sparked what is one of the stranger events in Periphery history this week, as she invited interested parties to assist her in naming her new vessel.

Lawyers are even now scouring statute books to see if those parties who offered name suggestions can be held accountable for supporting piracy.

*** Imperial Victories ***

Imperial Raiders active in the Straddle system are understood to have successfully taken control of a DTR installation.

*** Wastelands ***

GCE Enterprises have confirmed that as suspected, the Wastelands system has not been claimed by the Krell, and the claim resides still securely with GCE Oasis.

*** Pirate Large In Clean Story Shocker ***

Clearly bowing to The Editors demands for a clean family friendly Inter Galactic News, Pirate Large's latest victory transmission is now at least 84% cleaner than ever before.

He still hasn't invested in a sodding spell-checker though.

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties.... It be aye... Pirate Large...... It be stardate 206.33.4 when 2 ships fell prey to me boy n gals.

The FET 100 huller Genesis (2754) were spotted in A10 Yank by me look outs, an me old vessel wen into action agen. The cappan slack well she wen throu the FET in less than 2 rounds, an she killed at least 20 doin what she does bes. Shaggin em to death.

The same day likes the GCE ship Reliable (95148) was boarded by our boys in the wastelands system, 19 crewman died before this ship gives in, but it be 2 more cappans to takes back an shackle up for a hard 6 months o service aye it be.

Anyways a good day was ad, an me be avin a bit o success after a few dodgy weeks.

I was finkin o giving up the pirate life an going straight, I tried startin a School, and was registering wiv the authorities, the inspector came round, so I dressed up proper as any pirate does, leather trousers, boots, eye patch, you know the score likes, anyway she shut me flippin school down on accounts I as only 1 pupil ahahrrgghhhh....

Now that's a clean one for the SSS.....
Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Vat Grown Morph ***

I am in the market to rent either an example of this BP to copy, or the loan of a Bio-Production Tech, to aid my research.

Bridge, QNG.

*** Blue Print Wanted ***


Dependant on price, I could be in the market for a BP of a 50 hulled ship such as a Cog (570) Class Freighter, or similar.

Zachariah Zupkern and Uncles third cousin
Fully Independent and Trustworthy.
My Word is My Bond
Traders to the Universe.

*** Scout Ships Wanted ***

I am looking for some scout craft, preferably small ones. If anyone builds any and would be willing to sell can you contact me. Otherwise does anyone know the set up for the EEM Yacht class, such as what items it comes installed with?


ripmickb [at] yahoo [dot] com

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Troops in ground combat. Should they be race-specific?

Pub Meet post by Mica:

We are gearing up for this year's pubmeet at the Sutton Park Hotel
( usual).
Booking should be arranged directly with the Hotel.

While last year we presented a nice paper on infrastructure and the far
reaching implications, this year you will get to see a working model, plus
the tie-ins - these being the new online front end to the game.

Why is it taking so long - there are two primary reasons, first is that it
is so bloody difficult and second is that this is a full
mission/forum/community/infrastructure/diplomacy/event and ramification

We discovered during the development of infrastructure that by itself it is
effectively bean-counting or a means of bolstering 'production/assets', i.e.
bigger wargame - something we didn't think was appropriate to the needs of
the majority of the players. Instead we are pandering to the masses,
improving the look and feel of the game and giving a lot more to do within
the Peripheries that is neither special action nor war driven. ohmy.gif

To be honest I am more excited about this than I was the conversion from BSE
to Phoenix!

Tech Manual Of The Week:

Vat Grown Morph (9) - 1 mu

The result of advanced processing aimed at the production of highly specialized hydrocarbons for a variety of industrial purposes. They will be automatically substituted during production if no hydro carbons or poly composites are available. 1mu will do the same job as 4mu hydro carbons or 2mu poly composites.

Item Type: Alloy
Requires Blueprint: 10009
Build Requirement: 1 Hydrocarbons (3)
0.5 Rare Earth Elements (22)
Substitute: 0.5 Bio Engineered Morph (13)


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Port 6660-6669,7000
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Lausnaff Enterprises -
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15-09-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 37 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Conflict In Acropolis ***

A joint Krell/Flagritz Empire operation appears to have unfolded this week in the Acropolis system, with an audacious strike at the Falconian homeworld.

Unfortunately for the attackers however, it seems as if something went wrong, as the Krell and FLZ elements seem to have turned up separately, with the always-eager Krell attacking the massive FCN Homeworld Defence platform Crowd Control on their own, with the FLZ vessels arriving the following day.

Inter-Galactic News reporters stationed on the FCN platform itself have reported seeing heavy damage inflicted upon both separate elements of the attacking navies, with many of the Krell warships apparently only having ammunition for one days battle. The level of incoming fire from FLZ and KRL ships was totally insufficient to overwhelm the platforms defensive systems. A fact that probably, in hindsight, our reporters stationed onboard the platform are rather pleased about.

With massive Consortium reinforcements arriving in-system, it remains to be seen how many FLZ and KRL vessels will be able to escape from this raid which appears to have gone disastrously wrong.

The FCN news agencies are carrying the following story:

"A fleet of KRL raiders got their nose bloodied when they attempted to raid
the quad defences of the Falconian homeworld. The recent ascendancy of the
first Raven Emperor had left the homesystem defences stripped as the FCN
ship captains had been recalled to Raven's Roost to pledge their allegiance
to Emperor Thoriqal the First. The Vulturian warfleet, recently stationed in
Storm, had also been reluctant to offer their pledge and as a result large
elements of the Raven warfleet had been sent there to "ensure" their
allegiance thereby effectively reducing Acropolis mobile defences to

Other battles in the Acropolis system included a raid by FLZ ships which
caught two FCN picket ships by surprise. The irony of the affair is that the
Raven Emperor had recently announced to the Consortium leadership that he
was pulling the Falconian Empire out of the war with the Flagritz (although
not the consortium) in an effort to return the Empire to a more trade
oriented path. The Falconian Emperor will of course be reconsidering this

A Falconian source also provided the following quote for the press:

"A FLZ fleet turned up at delta 3 Acropolis in an effort to copy the efforts of their KRL slaves, and the end result was similar to that of the day before. Several FLZ ships were heavily damaged and one broke into little pieces. When asked to comment about the KRL and FLZ attacks the Raven Emperor looking quite concerned expressed his concern over the tactical and strategic genius of his enemies stating "if this is what we can expect from the warrior KRL/FLZ then the FCN is in dire straights indeed". It is believed that the FCN platform lost a whole 9 hulls in two attacks making it necessary for about 400 similar attacks for the platform to be destroyed by the KRL/FLZ."

At time of press, precise casualty figures are yet to be released by either side, but the operation is ongoing.

*** Krell Gunboat Sinks FCN Freighter ***

A Krell torpedo gunboat has attacked and destroyed a FCN Caravel in the Acropolis system

*** GCE Launch Relief Effort ***

Garcia Enterprises have been quick off the mark in supplying emergency supplies to the population of Haven following the recent battle between the DTR and DOM. While precise figures are unknown, our sources indicate that 'significant' quantities of food and medical supplies have been distributed.

Civilian casualties on the planet are however understood to be light.

*** SMS Destroy KRL Warship ***

Taking a leaf out of the DTR book of Overwhelming Local Superiority, the SMS have destroyed a 150 NH KRL Hoplon Class capital ship. Achieving odds of 67:1 in their favour, the SMS fleet, which included 13 Sabre Tooth class capital ships, is understood to have given the captain of the Krell Hoplon about enough time to mutter a single curse before his entire vessel was vaporised.

*** KRL Ground Party Destroyed ***

Around 30 FCN warships have annihilated the Krell ground party Revenge Squad in orbit of Warlords Seat in the Storm system. According to reports, the ground party was something in the region of 7000 mus in size.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

Falconian escorts have destroyed a pirate vessel in G13 of Yank this week, as the pirate attempted to board a FCN freighter.

*** Skirmish In Yank ***

A small KST strike-force was observed in quadrant Alpha-13 of the Yank system this week by several passers-by. It is understood that the KST vessels ambushed two Kastorian Military Junta system patrol vessels.

Reporting restrictions have been imposed by the Kastorian Military Junta, so we speculate quite happily that both of their 125HH system patrol vessels were destroyed for no cost to the attacking KST.

*** Flagritz Empire Fleet Intercepts Falconian Patrol ***

A seven ship FLZ fleet has destroyed two FCN Hawk class destroyers in the outer reaches of the Acropolis system.

The FLZ vessels, suspected to be of dreadnought class, massively outgunned the FCN. Speculation however suggests that this engagement, and the destruction of the Hawk class destroyers, may just have been pivotal in delaying the arrival of the Flagritz fleet that should have been elsewhere providing support to the Krell.

*** More Carnage In Yank ***

Stories are circulating that two more KAS system patrol vessels have been destroyed this week, by person or persons as yet unknown. A number of pirates and freebooters have claimed responsibility, but these claims are dubious to say the least.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Ships Wanted ***


Garcia Enterprises is looking to purchase some small explorer/sensor ships for GPI and exploration work. We are looking to purchase around 5-10 of these ships if the price is right. Please contact head office with a quote and specification of the ships in question.

Thank you
Fernando Garcia
CEO Garcia Enterprises

*** Ships For Sale ***

Greetings from Alexander Enterprises and the KST.

We would like to draw your attention to three KST designs, which we would be happy to build (approximately 2-3 weeks time required for construction):

1) Chariot class, 10 light hulls, no armour
Blueprint specifications:
1 Bridge
1 Sensor
1 Jump Drive - Backup
1 ISR Type 3 Engine
3 Thrust Engines
10 Quarters
12 Cargo Bay
Crew factor requirement: 46
Cargo capacity: 100mu life, 240mu cargo

2) Harbinger class, 30 normal hulls, 55 ablative armour plates
Blueprint specifications:
1 Bridge
3 ISR Type 2 Engines
1 Jump Drive
28 Thrust Engines
5 Quarters
7 Gatling Lasers
7 Phalanx
14 Sensors
14 Shields
7 Shield Generators
1 Magazine
3 Cargo Bay
1 Exploration Module
Crew factor requirement: 200
Cargo capacity: 50mu life, 15mu ammo and 60mu cargo

3) Carriage class, 75 light hulls, no armour
Blueprint specifications:
1 Bridge
14 Bunks (or 5 quarters, saving $301; AI upgrade recommended)
180 Cargo bays
8 ISR Type 4 Engines
1 Jump Drive
1 Sensor
21 Thrust Engines
Crew factor requirement: 259
Cargo capacity: 70mu life, 36000mu cargo

$ 1000 for the Chariot frame;
$ 8750 for the Harbinger frame with regular ablative armour;
$ 10675 for the Harbinger frame with mkII ablative armour.
$ 7500 for the Carriage frame

Internal items are charged separately from the frame, and can be customized to your wishes.
Regular kit (items requiring neither a Blueprint nor expensive ores in production) cost $ 1.4 per mass unit. This applies to all items used in the standard configuration. Thus, a Chariot in standard configuration would cost $ 1980, a standard Harbinger would cost $ 9950 and a standard Carriage with bunks would cost $ 15130 (or $ 14829 for a downgraded version with 5 quarters instead of bunks).
For a small extra charge, advanced technology items can be installed. The following is available for the stated price per item (instead of the aforementioned $ 1.4/mu):
AI Navigator mkII ($1750)
Battle Bridge ($115)
Bunks ($34)
Cargo Hold ($175)
Exploration module mkII ($90)
Jump Drive - Quantum ($7500)
Landing Engine ($40)
Sensor mkII ($26)
Sensor mkIV ($83)
Thrust Engine mkII ($44)

We can provide human crew but have to charge $ 11 per crewman. No veterans available. Alternatively, you could land a ship in the starport and man the new ship(s) yourself.

Blueprints for all 3 ship types available for $ 30,000 each upon request. Buyers must guarantee that they will neither copy the blueprints of KST ship designs nor make them available to other parties; they can return the blueprints for 95% of the buying price at any time.


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:

KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
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IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Jump/System maps -
Pirate Large -

22-09-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 38 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** More Trouble For The Consortium? ***

The KST press office have issued the following ultimatum to the Felini:

"The FEL set up a base on the Kastorian homeworld, Kastor, many years ago. They were allowed this for their promise to help with the planetary cleanup and terraforming of the radioactive wasteland that Kastor is after its age of wars. It would seem, however, that the proverbial FEL sense of honour differs greatly from others:

Recent investigations have confirmed that the FEL do not operate any terraforming or special complexes associated with planetary cleanup and have no associated technology present at their base either. There is no indication that they have had in the past. Reports from local authorities deny that the FEL ever inquired about the contaminated areas, investigated the ecology or otherwise helped the kastorians. It must therefore be assumed that the FEL did not keep their part of the deal while exploiting Kastor for years.

Several messages were sent to the FEL, requesting them to clarify the situation and provide information on their engagement in eco restoration. The result was a deafening silence.

Later, while Kastor was under constant probing attacks by the imperial power bloc, it was requested that the FEL base participate in the defence of Kastor. The terms laid out were considered fair and sensible, including the KST obligation to provide weapons and shields to the FEL and compensate them for any damage incurred due to combat activity. The suggestion was not received with great enthusiasm but the FEL promised to investigate the possibilities and contact the KST about their decision. It never happened.

Finally, the KST felt compelled to send the this message to the FEL: "If the FEL do not prove that they are fulfilling their obligation to restore the environment on Kastor within two weeks, then their colonisation rights will be revoked and their starbase will be confiscated as compensation. If the KST note a reduction in the mass of the starbase FEL Seeds of Doubt before this situation is resolved then they will likely regard this as theft."

The deadline will expire on Star Date 206.40.1.

Will the FEL still opt to sit it out and ignore the KST now that the issue has been made public?"

(Note From The Editor: Apologies to the FEL for not forwarding this communication to them in time to get a response to run in this weeks SSS. If you want to write a formal response, I am happy to include it in next weeks edition.)

*** Conflict In Acropolis ***

Rumblings continue throughout Acropolis as FCN and SMS forces mop up after the abortive FLZ/KRL raid. The FLZ B'g Je'ri, a Ra'cl-isen Class Capital Ship was detected yesterday still in-system by a FCN patrol. It is suspected the FLZ warship was unable to jump out, but we will probably never know, as it will certainly have been destroyed by time of press. A second KRL warship, Pigsticker Harkon, was also destroyed whist attempting to retreat, along with 4 KRL gunboats in a third skirmish.

In related news, IGN reporters have been given a guided tour of two destroyed FLZ baseships, the wrecks of the IK SASH'UI and the IK KRA'SYLTH, that were crippled in last weeks battles. These vast hulks amounted to nearly 30kmus of salvage. A special documentary, 'Inside The Wrecks Of Alien Baseships' has been shot, and will be transmitted at a later date.

*** Battle In Yank ***

We can confirm reports that warships from the Imperial Stellar Patrol, acting under letters of marque from the Kastorian Military Junta, did successfully engage a KST fleet in the Yank system this week.

A force of 8 IMP vessels intercepted 4 KST vessels that were low on ammo and attempting to withdraw from the system following their successful raid. The KST vessels, already damaged from their clash with the KAS, fared badly against the IMP, but managed to escape, with only one of their number taking serious damage.

*** Alexander Enterprises ***

The following statement has been received:

"Following the advertisement in the last issue of SSS, Alexander Enterprises was absolutely overwhelmed with the response. With our order books filled to capacity, the shipyards busy for months to come and our stockpiles of hulls and kit sold out, the offer is withdrawn and no new customers will be accepted in the near future. The solid response has also led us to review our pricing structure, and we found our hull prices to be set too low. An updated price list will be made available as soon as we are ready to accept further orders. Thank you. Alexander Enterprises out."

A spokesman for Alexander Enterprises has firmly denied rumours that Pirate Large was amongst their prospective clients, and that all business is strictly above-board. And further that the KST have not forgotten that Large captured one of their vessels recently.

*** New Pirate? ***

A communication on open broadcast satellites by the dread pirate Ron the Bitter, appears to indicate that a new pirate has appeared, attempting to establish his own pirate empire.

*** Empire Penetrates Second DTR System ***

More smug looks from Imperial Admirals, as reports reach our newsroom of a second battle inside a DTR Restricted system.

A small IMP rail-gun strike-force has engaged the DTR system-claiming outpost, Alexandra Point, deep inside the Wanderer System. Considerable damage was done to what are understood to have been largely empty cave complexes.

*** Empire Launches Raid In Straddle ***

A single Imperial vessel has bombarded a DTR outpost in Straddle.

*** IMP Scouts Destroyed ***

The Imperial Wire is carrying the following story:

"A bad week for scouts, a CIA scout ship was destroyed entering an orbit in Audrey and two ISP scout ships came to grief in Venice. One managed to penetrate the outer ring of platforms and was destroyed by the planetary defences. The other did not manage to slip by the outer defences of another planet in the system."

*** GTT Vessel Destroyed In Venice ***

The mighty Detinus Republic Cow Tractor Platforms have struck again, this time destroying a GTT stealth ship attempting to enter the Gamma 9 restricted zone.

This is the first time a GTT vessel has been destroyed by the Detinus Republic in a long time.

*** Pirate Destroyed In Venice ***

At the same time as the Cow Tractors were destroying the GTT stealth ship, it seems as if a pirate vessel also attempted to sneak into the Venice Gamma 9 Restricted zone. The pirate vessel, named P-4, has been identified as a hitherto unknown class, a Sapling Class Sensor ship.

*** GTT Declare Peace ***

In a surprise announcement, the GTT Board have declared peace against all parties they were previously at war with. The following statement has been released:

"From the GTT Board Room

The GTT as decided it is not fitting for a mega corporation to have active Decelerations of War. In response to this we have put a motion in to drop all DOW and remove all ships from our posted list.

The GTT since the leadership change have not carried out independent attacks against the DTR or Confederate and there allies. We have support the Imperials on occasion though.

We at the GTT are moving in the direction of our profile namely trade, transport and making stellars. If GTT assets are attacked we will defend ourselves and carry out attacks in retribution.

However this does not in anyway diminish our commitment to our allies, we will continue to support and defend them in all cases. We will continue to provide ships, research and goods to aid in the war effort, we after all an Imperial Chartered Affiliation.

The Viceroy is fully aware of our actions.


Ian Jordan."

A certain wry amusement has been noted amongst Detinus Senators regarding the timing of this announcement and the interception and destruction of a GTT spy ship in Venice.

*** New Leader For The KRT ***

A new leader has risen to power amongst the KRT. Spelmyst, title unknown, has announced his intention to take possession of two KRT vessels in the Yank system, and has formally requested that defensive measures be stood down while this reclamation mission is in process.

*** Imperial Outpost Applications ***

Three for the price of one!

An application has been received to exploit code 84926 in the Kasmer system. Anyone already exploiting this code should advise the Viceregal Administration by Day 2 Week 40, indicating the celestial body where it is being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code 79215 in the Dorn system. Anyone already exploiting this code should inform the Viceregal Administration before Day 5 week 39, including the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code 42005 in the Dorn System. Anyone already exploiting this code I Dorn should advise the Viceregal Administration by Day 2 Week 39, indicating the celestial body on which it is being exploited.

*** Pirate Large ***

Scotching rumours that he was too busy celebrating interstellar Talk Like A Pirate day this week to commit any real crime, Pirate Large has been in touch with our newsroom.

"Ahharrgghhh me hearties...... It be aye..... Pirate Large.....

Well I be here cos some one on this ere forum as noticed it be talk like a pirate day, thanks te yee for remindin me.

I as a story to tell yee all about me personally makin a visit again one of the RIP ships in Adamski.

It be stardate 206.36.4 when me look outs spotted some RIP freighters in a convoy, I and cappan slack wen in for the kill, now she not be successful, but I wen in ard, likes I does again the ship Comrades of War (51164) and tooks her, even though she ad a good contingent o veteran marines on board. We soon wen through the ship and showed em what a jiggly really is aye we did.

Anyways ill tell yee about one o me ole mates from years back, 12 years ago his missus was havin triplets, an was at the bank, when it wer robbed aye.

The robber shot her 3 times in the stomach and rushed out.

At hospital, the doctor discharged the women, sayin that the 3 bullets had lodged them selves into the 3 childrens guts, but it be nothing to worry about, as they will pass through when they get older, the normal way.

Well 2 weeks a go the first daughter wen to me mate, an said, daddy ive had a weird toilet experience, ive shat a bullet, well me mate sat her down an explained what happened all those years ago.

Last week, his 2nd daughter came in an said, wiv tears in her eyes, dad, dad, ive done sum fing naughty, don't tell me he says, you've shat a bullet, yes dad she replies, how did you know, and so he explains about the robbery.

Well today his son came to him, an said, Dad Dad, ive done something really naughty. ah, son he said, you've shat a bullet haven't you, and his son replied, no dad, I was avin a wank, and ive shot the dog..ahaaargghhhh.....

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

According to our team of crack legal experts, Pirate Large's anecdote is clean enough to go to press.

Yes, we're astonished too.

*** Pirate Defeated ***

The pirate vessel Loved And Lost attempted to board a DTR freighter in the Yank system this week. Unfortunately for the pirate boarding party, the DTR Freighter was carrying a re-inforced battalion of Detinus soldiers. 700 trained troops made very short work of the 258 human marine pirates attacking, killing all of them for the loss of one DTR soldier, who reportedly tripped over and fell on his bayonet whilst waiting for his turn to shoot.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Employees Available ***

I currently have employees of the following races registered at our Job Seekers Centre but we do not have the jobs for them. I can assure you they are all hard workers and will make the most of any task assigned to them:

Feline Employee (533)
Human Employee (501)
Kastorian Employee (629)

If you wish to take on some of these employees please contact me at the address below to discuss further arrangements,

In Harvests & feasts,

Hadktor Bennim
Gvnr - MOH Tollar's New Dawn (84145) - Yank

*** Unique Collectors Items ***


IMP Starbase Macedonia (1724) on Mobile Bay in Yank has acquired a Franchise
for the periphery famous Brooker Steaks and is now selling them on the open
market for $1.25 per MU. With a local value in Yank of $2.4 this is over a
stellar profit on each MU of steaks before you even move them.

Detinus Effigies (31510)will be on sale at IMP Macedonia from Week 38 Day 5,
do not miss this chance to acquire these beautifully crafted statues of your
favourite members of the DTR Senate for a give away price of $6.50 per MU.
They will sell on at $10 per MU anywhere in the Peripheries. Giving you a
35% mark-up wherever you sell them on.

Our manufacturer's description.
Detinus Effigies' are a new trade good aimed at giving citizens the
opportunity to have a good old Effigy burning party of the evil Detinus
leaders who have shown their murderous hands. Effigies should include
Michelle 'Bloody Hands' Diaz, Cassius 'The Reaper' Jerusalem and Jacob
'Double Chin' Nelson (*relates to SSS 206.35.5)

Item Type: Trade Good (Normal)
Value at Source: 10 (Stellars/mu)
Local Value: 10 (Stellars/mu)



Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
KJC contact:

KJCs Phoenix Forum Groups:
KJCs Phoenix Trade Forum:
IRC Link: Server
Port 6660-6669,7000
Channel #phoenix

Lausnaff Enterprises -
Jump/System maps -
Pirate Large -

29-09-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 39 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News Pirate Special *****

*** Note From The New Editor ***


In honour of inter-stellar talkin' like a pirate day, this 'ere is notification that these news offices 'as been taken' over like, by the vilest bunch of poirates you ever done seen. And by 'eck like, we done take them over good and hard and proper.

Tooks us a while like, not easy to find these IGN offices, poxy bunch, hiding away from us. Like they is feared to take it in the guzzards like real men. But we 'as got in control now, and this 'ere journal is gonna be fairer this week towards those a us who follow the poirate code likes.

At least until such time as those poncy Detinus gits show up and spoil our party. Arrr.

*** Pirate Large ***

Normally we poiratin' folks do notice that this 'ere journal don't lead on poirate stories. They done get relageted like, to the back pages. Like they's is ashamed o us or summat. Garrrr. Well, we us done spliced together this weeks arse-rag of a paper, and we done lead with anotehr great victory for us:

"a message from an associate aye it be.............

Gaaaarghhh..I say Gaaarghhhh

"I say, is this working? I'm getting terrible flem at the back of my
throat..I really don't know how Large manages to talk like this all the

"Yes cappan', we 'as a secure link

"ah okay thanksHelloI meangarrrghh!...Ahoy there Captain Large. I 'as to
report some good news from thy Cluster Franchise, ahaarrrrghhh.

"Not much had been happenin' round these parts, so I thought to myself
'gaarggghhh, where be some good spoils in Cluster?' Well, it be whilst I be
inductin' a wench into the ways of the pirate, when I see's the twinkle in
her eye as she gets a look at my weaponry and wonders what a full cannonade
would be like, when it comes to me in a flash - Twinkle in her eye, Twinkle
system ahaarrrgghhhh"

"Anyhow, I ordered a spotter to start snooping around the system, and
sur'nough a target was soon acquired. The CIA Barge Class Freighter, the
Coire Sputan Dearga bit of a mouthful, which is exactly what the wench had
said at the time of inspiration"

"So we sprang into action early on 206.39.1. The Dearg were still sitting
there, so we drew her in and got the boarding party organized. 22 Human Crew
were sat on board, they fought valiantly - and initially held us off, but
after a bit of a talking the lads (and lasses*) steamed in again and
finally took control .

"Well it turns out that the ship was long in the name, but short on booty,
but looks like we got her away okay and so I thinks the lads 'n lasses have
done enough to warrant some aaarggghhh 'n aaargghhh.though I'll tells them
to brush up on their other swordplay too

"Anyhow, that be Cluster Large's report for now"


* Large is after all an equal opportunities employer.though those with big
bazookas tend to be more equal than others

Boarding Action for the Control of CIA Coire Sputan Dearg (47535)
Round 1: Battle is 201:2 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 23.97% control [76.03%]
1.38% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 201:2 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.06% control [51.97%]
11.08% chance of losing control
Round 3: Battle is 201:2 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.5% control [27.47%]
38.16% chance of losing control
Round 4: Battle is 100:1 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.56% control [2.91%]
91.53% chance of losing control
Boarding Failed.

Boarding Action for the Control of CIA Coire Sputan Dearg (47535)
Round 1: Battle is 100:1 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 23.89% control [76.11%]
1.36% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 989:10 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 23.99% control [52.12%]
10.97% chance of losing control
Round 3: Battle is 229:2 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.43% control [27.7%]
37.79% chance of losing control
Round 4: Battle is 145:1 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.67% control [3.03%]
91.18% chance of losing control

CIA Coire Sputan Dearg (47535) has fallen to the attackers."

Aye, a right weakly lot them CIA, we as all know who wears the trous'rs there. Too much sneakin', not enough fightin', that be there problem. Makes for weak blood, and weaker bladders, which on account' a the' pissin' a th eirselves that goes on whenee'r a poirate vessel do come up 'ahind them, explains a lot. Arrrrr.

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

Garrrrr, we be right sick o' these. Aye, whjy don' ye just destroy the paperwork? Auld Man Simms we hear just does roight unspeakab'le things wi it all, arrrr, loike filing, and cross-referencing! 'T filthy sod.

He ain't no real man, not as we poirate folk reckon' it.

An application has been received to exploit code 6081 in the Dorn system.
Anyone already exploiting this code should inform the Viceregal
administration by Day 5 Week 40, indicating the celestial body where it is
being exploited.

Admiral Lord Simms
Imperial Viceroy

Arr, we care about this much. Aye.

*** APTF Is A Bunch Of Tossers ***

Arrr, speaks fer itsel', dunnit.

*** DOM Vessel Catches A Packet ***

Thems Detinus Gits have caught 'emselfs an intruder in ol' Venice. Some DOM courier thought he'd go visitin' them Cow Tractor platforms, and got imself blasted. We does raise a glas to that, arrr, we does admire them's that get blasted.

Reminds us o' ol' Bill Roberts. Black Bill we called 'im, on account o' his charcoaled up limbs after nasty 'face off wi' photon cannon.

*** Imperial FUBAR ***

GaaaArr, the Imperials done bugger'd up right proper, hopeless gits. Too much strat'gy, that's their problem, arrr, by Bluebeards ghost, they should drink more, arrrr, and I'se reckon the day Imperial vessels done away with their cabin boys were a right grim day at sea for 'em.

They done take a good hammerin' up Darkfold way, we 'as had this 'ere report:


"Captain, Navcom has us jumped in at B11, we appear to be the first
squad here sir. Comms reports that the rest of the fleet are on
their way"

"Very good, proceed to this rate we could be the first to give
Johnny Rebel a blackeye, what!"

"Very well Captain. Initiating jump sequence to B10"

[The hum of ISR drives build-up as the ships builds up momentum,
human senses detect a moment of weightlessness, and stomachs lurch
as the ships jumps across light years of space]

"Captain, Navcom has us at B10. All squad members reported in.
Sensors detect no targets, but the rest of the fleet is yet to
arrive - should we delay the next jump to B9 Captain?"

"What?...and give Gandalf the opportunity to crow about one of his
ships getting in the first punch! Certainly not. Proceed with the
jump Helmsman"


[Again the crew - despite mostly being veteran space travellers -
have the momentary uneasy feeling as the ships ISR drives engage and
the ships leaves this Universe only to re-enter in another part of

"Captain, Navcom has us at B9. All squad members reported in, we're
amongst the first squads to arrive. No targets detected. Captain,
just as we began our jump, sensors detected an unknown ship arriving
at B10."

"Hmmm, yes.well that was to be expected wasn't it - it was one of
ships from the rest of the fleet catching up with us."

"We can't be certain of that Sir, as it wasn't a ship we recognised"

"Yes well remember this is a joint operation, and don't forget that
our ISR drives were engaged which would have distorted the sensor
readings. I see no reason to dwell, let us move onto the target. We
can be the first there yet! Indeed, Comms patch me through to the
whole ship"

[Static crackles across the ships, crew stop their current tasks
realising the Captain intends to call for the final charge into

"Now hear this, now hear this, this is the Captain speaking. Shortly
we will be going into battle. Our target is a Rebel platform. Today
we have an opportunity to damage the war machine of those that would
try to enslave us. Furthermore, I am pleased to say that through
your excellent efficiency we will be at the forefront of the allied
fleet. That has got us this far, but now I need you all to dig deep
into your resolve for the next few hours. For the Empire and for
Glory!......Helmsman...take us in."

"Yes sir"

[ISR drives engage, but the buzz of impending combat means the
normally uncomfortable feeling, is more like a minor irritation in
the background]

"Captain Navcom has us located - we're practically on top
of it! We're the first here Sir"

"Very good, lets get stuck in chaps!"

"...errr Captain.comms reports that the rest of the fleet is
involved in two separate incidents at B9 and looks like we're
in this on our own"

"Oh Bugger."


Arrr, the man said it 'imself. Buggery it be.

*** FCN Does It Like Poirates ***

We 'as 'erd that them FCN been boarding, like proper men, fightin' it out hand to hand against the big steamin' FLZ puddin':

TU 238: Board Position {4225}
FLZ SHIP B'G JE'RI (4225) - {200 Heavy Hulls}
Ra'cl-isen Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}

Attempting to board FLZ SHIP B'g Je'ri (4225).

They don' ballsed it up o' course, them FLZ puddin's ain't no pushover. So they 'as just blown t'ship to pieces. Arrr. See them birdies' t'aint got proper guts, not like us. But at least they done tried, arrrr, and we likes that.

*** Detinus Republic Issue Reminder ***

Them's 'ave long memories them Detinus Senators, still ain't forgiv'n old Warlord Goth for 'is slight mis-speakin' of 'is offer to pays us goodly pirate folks for hoistin' anchor and headin' off t' Acropolis seas.

Well, we say give 'em a break likes. And not 'is legs, arrr. We erd them DTR boys like to play rough.

***** Periphery Wanteds And Stuff as is for sale like *****

*** Ships Wanted ***

Aye, it be a sad day when the RIP is reduced to begging for ships, garrrr, I be shocked at how pitiful this is, this Janos Wolf asking for this:

To all parties,

Does any Aff have a medium or light hulled ship configured for transporting
goods for sale? The greater the capacity the better.

If any party does have such a ship for sale please contact me privately with
the details of the ship and your sale price.

Janos Wolf
RIP Political

F'r sale? Why, in the good old days, arrrrrr, a real poirating poirate would just go out there and take what all he wanted, none of this asking, and buying crap. T'aint shipshape I say, arrr.

*** Maps For Sale ***

Garrrrrrr, we 'as got a special on poirate treasure maps, arrr, you as fancy yerself a bold explorer? Seekin' for the Lost Treasure Of Pirate Redkrow? Well, you should be buyin' yerselves some o' our special maps,a rrr, a bargain. And ev'ry one guarendamnteed to lead you t' treasure likes o' which yer lully-livered eyes ain't never seen.

Ask aroun' like, ye'll find us. If yer steller's r good.

*** Grog Wanted ***

Shipshape like, we'll be payin' good. Bring it to us, care of the IGN newsroom, argh, before we'as blown to bits like.

*** Wenches Sought ***

Arrrr ye a fine wench?

Fancy a life o sorts, on t' high seas?

Become a poirate wench, arrrrrrr.

Applications in writing please to the Editor. Include at least three references, and a daytime telephone number.

*** Pirate Ship Pumpkin Caramel Cheese Cake ***

We poirates ain't all about t' killin' n' t' lootin' ye know, arrr, we likes to do t' fine baking too:

Aye, but r'member, we accept no responsibility, ar, for if ye burn down yer kitchen baking this, y'hear! External weblink, garrrr, not KJCs, nor endorsed by 'em. The scurvy dogs.

*** Garrrrrggggghhhh ***



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06-10-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 40 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Peace Breaks Out? ***

Our news-room is hearing odd reports that the Krell have been declaring peace with people, instead of declaring war. Specifically the Falconian Empire.

Stranger things have happened, but not recently.

Stay tuned for more news, hopefully next week.

*** Imperial Strike Fails ***

The IMP news services are carrying the following story:

"An IMP/DOM fighting patrol in the Darkfold system was prevented from attacking a platform by carefully placed CNF Picket ships. Since the pickets were very small some IMP Battle groups slipped by and others were stopped when engaged. The result was a fleet split three ways, with only one battle group getting as far as the platform. Two capital ships were lost in return for relatively minor damage to the platform. All the remaining allied ships except one got clear. The supply freighter intercepted by the incoming CNF/BHD fleet of around two hundred and fifty warships was quickly destroyed."

It is understood this story relates to the item carried in last weeks edition.

*** Black Dog ***

The dread pirate Black Dog has been in touch with the IGN newsrooms, broadcasting what appears to be his success against a flotilla of Imperial freighters. And again, we at the IGN do wish the pirate brotherhood would invest in some spellcheckers for their communications systems.

"But Black dog, you just has to get some sleep. you done done it five times! Just shuts up and passes me another rubber, i be tryin to beat pirate larges record, an'-----.

Sir, (it be slygo), sir, you said to wake you ., whoops sir, didn think you'd still be awakee

Me secretary looks up at 'im an says, slygo, you knows black dog alwys be on top o things.well, says slygo, goes on an has your fun. I'll just tell that there pirate girl you be too busy to talks to her!

I throwed me secretary off the side o the bunk, put me pirate hat back on, grabbed me sword and ran to the radar roomm, pullin on me black thongs with the skull an cross bones over me boots on me way up.

She gots strate to the pointe. "Blacky, she says, takes a look at
IMP SHIP FLH-100 LINCOLNSHIRE (3121) - {100 Light Hulls}
Tempest Class Freighter {No Armour}

IMP SHIP FLH-75 DECAN (56165) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}

IMP SHIP FLH-40 SERIN (76989) - {40 Light Hulls}
Carrack Class Freighter {No Armour}
IMP SHIP GOLIATH (77443) - {100 XLight Hulls}
Kopis Class Freighter {Light Armour}

I suggests a joint effert,she says. I'll takes in the Minx, you
bring in that there new broadsword
and we can get that new pirate ron the bitter an pirate large, and
we can takes all four of them in a carefully organized
orcharistrated attack.

Ron the bitter be busy in the darkfold, i pornited out to 'er,an
pirate large likes to work alone, but me flag ship, wulfinstine
can be there.
So, the three ships huddled together to make plans for battle!

So at day break three black objects emerged from the gloom like
klingon birds of pray.Believing there was safety in numbers, All
four ships were caught with their shields down. Somehow, the Serin
and the goliath had there battle conditions set at flee,and flee
they did, abandoning the Lincolnshire and the Decan to fight
unmatched and alone. The girl took her ship, the decan with no
problems. Black Dogs Broadsword was under strict orders to not waste
amunition so they just boarded the lincolnshire, while Black Dog
and the wulfenstine chased the goliath and the serin, who
unfortunetly were able to jump back into the safety of Yank.
Meanwhile, due to technical difficultys, the newly crowned Pirate
Ship Lincolnshire broke down in orbit unable to move. And those
thats falls behind, stays behind. A waste of good shipping. All
pirate ships escaped unharmed. At last check, the Pirate Ship
Lincolnshire was sitting in orbit, alone and caught with her pants
down. But it was too late for that. No one knows the fate of the

*** Port Erin Changes Hands ***

The AFT are under continued pressure as one of their major starbases has been forced to change hands. Perrin Ashkevron the recently ex-Governor of Port Erin has appeared onscreen with the following statement:

"In light of the unprovoked aggression from the Dewiek Elder Nation, the starbase
Port Erin on Janth in Hydrae has now ceased to be operated by the Association of
Free Traders, and has been sold off to a third party. This approach has ben
taken under duress, since the public comments by Elder Longtooth of the DEN,
supported by reports of private comments by the Dewiek, made clear that there
was no viable alternative consistent with the AFT's neutrality and peaceful
nature. I have been governor of Port Erin since the day it was founded, and so
it is with great sorrow that I am leaving the base which has been my home, and
my pride and joy, for the last seven and a half years.

My colleagues and I remain mystified as to the reasons for the Dewiek attitude.
Beyond vague accusations of bias, which we have already denied many times, the
Dewiek have offered no explanation for their actions or support for their
allegations, despite repeated requests on both public and private channels.

I had also been under the impression that I had a good working relationship with
Elder Longtooth. This makes his decision to adopt such an anti-AFT approach,
after ignoring me for months, and with a continuing lack of any explanation,
deeply hurtful and insulting.

While I shall now be departing for a new post elsewhere, in the interests of
trade I nonetheless hope that relations between the Association of Free Traders
and the Dewiek Elder Nation can be restored. I call upon the DEN leadership to
talk to the AFT Council to clear up this dreadful misunderstanding."

There has been no statement from the DEN regarding this matter.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

The Pirate ship Kasmer committed suicide in fairly spectacular fashion this week when it entered orbit of the planet Suzze in the Aladdin system, home to the SMS Starbase Amity.

If we give the pirate the benefit of the doubt, it is just about possible they didn't think they would be spotted, as they tried to sneak up close to a number of FET freighters parked in orbit.

However, as it was, the Kasmer made for a short but pretty fireworks display.

*** Imperial Ground Forces In Action ***

Elements of the Imperial First Division have been in action in the Straddle system, capturing a Detinus mining installation on a remote planet. The operation is understood to have been carried out smoothly, with few casualties on either side.

*** Imperial Ground Forces In Action Again ***

Reports are reaching our newsroom that imperial startroopers have taken heavy losses assaulting a hidden Detinus base somewhere inside IMP space.

A single communication was broadcast on open Comms channels:

"Imperial troops have entered the base! Imperial troops have entered the base!"

Before normal comms silence was re-instated.

*** Imperial Outpost Application Bonanza ***

Applications have been received to exploit the following codes:-

An application has been received to exploit codes 91253 and 87616 in the
Madonna system.

Kasmer System 84926, 3125, 38151, 61068, 84929, 97092, 22650.

Blowton System 80040

Anyone already exploiting the above codes in the systems listed should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 41, indicating the celestial body on which the codes are being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit codes 14766, 70629 and 49918 in
the Dryad system. Anyone already exploiting these codes in Dryad should
inform the Viceregal Administration by day 5 Week 41, including the
celestial body on which they are being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code 87345 in the Kasmer system.
Anyone already exploiting this code in Kasmer should inform the Viceregal
Administration by day 5 Week 41, including the celestial body on which they
are being exploited.

Personally we think here at the IGN news-rooms that some IMP diplomat is just taking the mickey now.

*** Krell Raid ***

A Krell heavy cruiser has launched a raid against a FCN outpost causing what is understood to be moderately heavy damage.

*** Black Bill Graves ***

The pirating fraternity has been in mourning this week as the anniversary of the death of Black Bill Graves has passed.

"The drums are rumbling. The bag pipes playing amazing grace, and all
is quiet on the mess deck. All hands not actually on watch drop
their trousers to half mast and salute as Captain Black Dog walks
between them, sword in both hands,and head bowed. Thier black
rubbers stand to attention and in the back of his mind he keeps
hearing, "pirates never cry, pirates never cry".

But theres not a dry eye on the ship. For today, Oct 5,2004, The
legendary Admiral Black Bill Graves met his unfortunate doom at the
hands of the sms murderer, Hurcuron.

It mattered not that the ship carried medical supplys. Nor that
their shields were down. So, all hands muster at the phoenix Yahoo
forum. Put on your black rubbers and join with us as we morn this
great mans untimely and unwarranted death. First, 5 minutes of
silent mediation:

(time stands still as the moments creep by. The air is electrified
as even his enemys feel goose bumps do quantum jumps up and down
thier spines)

now, all hands stand at attention while The Gunners mate reads
from the original battle report, on this, the saddest day of the

Reports that Black Dogs heavy cruiser, the Screaming Skull, was at the time of the SMS intercept a hospital ship on an errand of delivering medical supplies to needy orphans have been met with a certain amount of justifiable scepticism.

Further reports that the ghost of Black Bill Graves has been sighted prowling the corridors of Admiral Hucuron Baalazars flagship have yet to be confirmed.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

Ships for Sale.

I have a few ships that might be of interest to the more trade minded
out there:

Behemoth: 6000MU capacity (could be more) 100xlt hulls, one with a
hyper drive and one with a regular jump drive

Indiaman: 3600 MU capacity 75 light hulls, regular jump drive...
Several available

Make a good offer and one or more of them are yours.

Warlord Goth

(I have barges with quantum jumps too)

***** From The Posting Board *****

Mica has posted about the Infrastructure update:

"Infrastructure is coming along quite nicely, templates, growth, mechanics plus feedback loops are working well.

We have been discussing governments and have some idea now as to how differing types of government will effect infrastructure:
For example, allowing the entire population to have a say in how things are run makes it very difficult to depose the government with a few choice nukes, reducing the planet to anarchy. By the same token though, it also makes pushing new policy slow and expensive.

Note that we will not be giving titles to types of government, e.g. democracy, communism, dictatorship as these titles are open to interpretation and have connotations.

Anyway, the point of this message is to garner some idea of what players want from planetary governments.
How much control do you as players want/expect with respect to governments?
What areas should we flesh out? Military control (planetary, orbital, system?), criminal activity (proscribing certain items, outlawing certain activities), Security (customs, civil control, secret police), Policies (colonisation rights, concessions, investment).
The idea behind these is to construct a set of orders that can be issued by those with governmental influence.

So use this thread to give us some feedback. :)

The topic can be found here:

How does Merchandising work:

Mixed planets:


Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
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13-10-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 41 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Imperial Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit code 2366 in the Tycoon system. Anyone already exploiting this code in Tycoon should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 42, indicating on which celestial body it is being exploited.

Admiral Lord Simms
Imperial Viceroy

Yeah. What can we say, it's a slow news week.

*** Pirate Large ***

Having recently cast aspersions upon Hurky-poo Baalazars sex life, it seems as if Pirate Large has also captured a Mohache freighter.

These two things are not thought to be linked.

*** Peace Rumours Scotched ***

As reported last week, it seems as if the rumours of a Krell/Falconian peace treaty are just that, rumours. As it appears neither side seems quite ready to kiss and make up.

Yeah, there's a mental image nobody needed.

Warlord Goth has issued the following statement to the media:

"An ugly rumor has been circulated that the Krell have declared peace with the Falconians, this is not true. War has never been declared on the FCN to begin with.

We did however declare peace on the SMS to place them in the same slimey bucket as the FCN and FEL. Since they spend so much of their time protecting the FCN and FEL, they might as well be branded the same way. The declaration of peace in this case was really meant as an insult, it is sad to have to explain such things.

In honor of the new declaration, I sent a new class of heavy cruiser out to bomb a falconian outpost into the stone age...."

*** AFT Starbase Changes Hands ***

The following press release has been received from the AFT:

"In a formal ceremony today the Governorship of AFT starbase Dinas Dawr in St. Dismas has been turned over to Cirdan.

In a short speech it was noted that markets at Dinas Dawr would be undergoing a complete restructing. If this adversely affects any cargos in transit please contact the new Governor and the issue will be fairly resolved.

The new management team wishes the former governor, Audrey Firesong, well as she devotes more of her time to New Harbor, also in St. Dismas."

This seems to indicate a major restructuring of the holdings of Audrey Firesong, following last weeks news of the Starbase handed over to the IMP in the face of DEN aggression.

*** KAS Implicated In Supporting Piracy? ***

Tricky questions for the Kastorian Military Junta this week as several organisations who hold assets on the planet Mobile Bay have been asking precisely why the KAS Mobile Bay Defence platform did not open up on a pirate ship that was spotted entering orbit.

Either they did not spot the pirate, or they do not have standing orders to engage them. Which raises further questions regarding the KAS System Patrol Vessels that operate in the outer rings of Yank.

*** Imperial News ***

From the IMP Wire:

"There were a number of minor actions this week. The ISP fighting patrol in the Darkfold periphery destroyed a CIA picket and three CNF ships, including a battleship, in two separate actions. A DTR outpost and a small platform were destroyed in Straddle and a secret DTR base in the Outer Capellan Periphery fought off an attack by 500 startroopers of the Imperial Ground Forces."

*** Piracy ***

The SMS freighter Great Lakes Eight has been captured by the pirate vessel Loved and Lost somewhere in the inner reaches of the Stockton system.

*** Piracy ***

Pirate Small has boarded the FET vessel White Dragon in Blagard. The captain of the White Dragon managed to send out one short distress call asking for any APTF forces in the area to respond. We understand that at time of press several warships are en route, but it is unlikely they will arrive in time to make a difference.

*** Piracy ***

The FLZ Empire has issued the following travel advisory:

"A warning to all merchant ships travelling in Twinkle. Due to recent pirate activity in Twinkle the FLZ will increase its anti piracy patrols.
Please direct any sighting reports to

Cliriq Imperator

*** News Flash ***

The Falconian Empire have posted notice that Inversion in the Storm system, and the associated orbital quadrant, are restricted territories, and any vessel entering them may be liable to be fired upon.

Emperor Thoriqal has issued the following statement:

"Quad delta 8 and the orbit of Inversion in the Storm system is hereby declared restricted. The market at Vjun will close as of 41.4. Any non allied ships scanned at the location as of 41.5 will be posted and attacked on 42.1. This will remain in effect until further notice."

The reason for the ban is yet to be made clear, and already objections have been noted from the GTT, who have an installation on Inversion, and several trade ships that were en route to Vjun when this notice was posted.

***** Frontier Exploration And Trade Recruitment Special *****

The Director of the FET has kindly supplied us with extracts from their new recruitment dossier. Sentients interested in seeing the full document, or joining the FET, should contact the FET for further info.

Organisational Structure.

The Mega-Corporation that is FET is in fact a conglomeration of several smaller subsidiary companies controlled by individual members willing to work together for the advancement of the mother company..FET.

The company is led by the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is assisted by Directors of various Departments within the company. Directors oversee the efforts of the company Executives who are members that govern three (3) or more ground- or space-based starbases, and that of the Franchise holders, members who control one or two(1 or 2) Starbases.

FET has a varying number of ship captains who are more than happy to just ply the trade routes of the Peripheries generating income. There are also the associate members. These are mainly new arrivals to the Peripheries who have yet to commit themselves fully to the company by creating a central business account to help operate the assets they control.

Ranks Within The Company

Associate Members

As mentioned in the above section associate members are new arrivals in the Peripheries and have yet to make a bigger commitment to the company. As such they have no real voting privileges or responsibilities, but their views are always listened to by the board members.

Also included in the associate members ranks are those captains who have created a central stellar fund and a subsidiary group, thereby showing their willingness to work more closely with the company. Again these members have no voting privileges, but it is these ranks that board members will look at if and when starbases become vacant for some reason and offer the position of Franchise holder to any member who has worked hard for the company.

Another benefit of forming a subsidiary is that FET will offer the new company a new ship. Either a Pioneer merchant class or Deep Explorer exploration class(the members choice)in addition to the two EEM ships obtained when creating a central stellar fund.

Franchise Holders

Franchise holders are members who control one or two company owned starbases.By doing this they are generating income for the company and are therefore entitled to one vote on company issues. As stated above, the position of Franchise holder can be offered to an associate member who has formed a subsidiary company. Another way to earn this rank is to submit a business plan to the board of directors detailing how a new base could exploit the area the subsidiary wishes to set up in and what return the mother company can expect for helping finance the project.

The planet/moon/asteroid where any base/s controlled by a subsidiary are located is the sole domain of that subsidiary. No other FET subsidiary will be allowed to set up bases without the express permission of the controlling subsidiary. Of course this does not cover any bases set up by other organisations outside of FET.

A Franchise Holder is also entitled to another FET designed ship if they so wish. Again the member has a choice, but a Pioneer class is recommended to help maintain the base/s of the subsidiary.


Members who take over or set up 3 or more company owned starbases have shown they are truly committed to the company so are promoted to Executive rank which grants 3 votes on company issues. It is from this rank that the board of directors look to first if a seat on the board becomes vacant or it is decided to add a new directorship. Also once this rank is achieved the member is entitled to unlimited FET designed ships to help run their considerable trading subsidiary.


The board of directors has a minimum of 5 seats(Plus the Cease below).Each director is responsible for a different department within the company, as well as running their own subsidiary. The departments are, in no particular order of importance:

a.. Research and Development.
b.. Company Security.
c.. Exploration.
d.. Trade.
e.. Resource Management.

As you may imagine the role of a director can be very demanding and time consuming. So each director has 4 votes plus a certain number of other privileges such as being able to access central funds and having full access to lists of all FET assets controlled by all subsidiaries. This list doesn't include assets actually owned by members, only those owned by the company.

As the company expands and gains more members the board of directors will also grow. For every 10 subsidiary members within FET a new seat will be opened up on the board to help run an ever-expanding company.

Chief Executive Officer

This is the top position within FET and is normally held until retirement. With this highest rank comes the privilege of 8 votes on issues and the right to transfer company owned assets to outside affiliations at the controlling subsidiary's request(such as when a subsidiary has negotiated a deal with a member of another affiliation).The CEO can also make and break alliances and declare war on others.

This may seem like a very powerful position and it is, but it isn't absolute power. As you may have noticed the rest of the board combined could out vote the CEO if they are not happy with the issues being raised. Of course even Franchise Holders and Executives could also vote against issue raised by the CEO.

This has been done deliberately so as not to have one person able to bring the company down through greed, stupidity or inaction.

The CEO has to work closely with all members to ensure the best is obtained for all subsidiaries and the mother company.

Private Ownership of Assets

To encourage FET subsidiaries to expand and take on existing or construct new starbases the following incentives are offered:

a.. Franchise holders

After controlling one or two company owned bases for 3 years the subsidiary will be entitled to own outright one starbase(the lower value base) to do with as they please.

If the Franchiseholder only runs the one company base and decides after 3 years that they would like to own it, that of course would mean they would no longer be running a company base and so would therefore lose their Franchiseholder rank along with voting rights and their share of the quarterly dividend.

So to avoid this a subsidiary should ideally run two starbases and keep one as company owned.

a.. Executives,Directors,CEO

As with Franchiseholders if after running three or more company owned starbases for 3 years these ranks have the option of private ownership, but in this case two bases(lower values)can be owned outright. Again if this would drop the number of bases below the required three the executive rank would be lost and the subsidiary becomes a Franchiseholder.

Any lose of rank due to private ownership can later be restored after the requisite number of bases are again being controlled by a subsidiary.

Why bother to privately own a base and possibly lose rank?

FET generates income for the central funds by taxation of company assets.

The amount of wages a subsidiary pays out each week determines the amount of tax they pay to the company.

The CEO sets the tax rate which can be anything between 0-100% of subsidiaries wage bill. When the CEO wishes to change the rate an issue has to be raised and voted on.

Privately owned assets are exempt from tax. So a subsidiary that has private ownership of bases and manages to retain it's rank will still receive quarterly dividends, but will have reduced their financial outgoings.

Financial Dividends

Once a quarter(weeks:13,26,39 & 52)the profit made by the company is divided between the subsidiaries in the following manner.

50% of the profits made since the last quarter are kept in central funds.

The remaining 50% is then divided into shares and paid to the various subsidiaries as follows:

a.. Associate members(that operate subsidiary companies):half share
b.. Franchiseholders:one share
c.. Executives:three shares
d.. Directors:four shares
e.. CEO:eight shares

As you can see the number of shares corresponds to the number of votes a rank has except associate members who have no votes but due to being committed enough operate a subsidiary are entitled to a half share.


***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Emergency Contact ***

Would the owner of the following ship contact this office as a matter of
urgency please.

AFT SHIP ST GEORGE (2994) - {50 Normal Hulls}

Free Trader Class Sensor Ship {Medium Ablative Armour}

Avatar Machan Bastet

Felini Tyranny

*** Employees Wanted ***


I am in need of 5000 Employees in Yank around Mobile Bay, anyone got that
many for sale or can bring them in, contact me about prices and I will look
at it.

Warlord Slyth Dark Angel
Krell Clan Dark Angels

***** From The Posting Board *****

David Bethel has just posted a new topic entitled "Planetary Population Demands" in forum "Game Mechanic Proposals".

To avoid being told later that i forgot to ask what brand of dog biscuits DEN eats; i will ask if there is anything particular that each race should have in there 'demands' being a population.

Humans currently demand (in this order and its not fixed yet)

[1] 0.02 mus food
[2] 0.2 mus housing
[3] 0.001 mus Health care
[4] 0.02 mus food
[5] 0.01 mus entertainment
[6] 0.04 mus Houseing
[7] 0.2 mus Education
[8] 0.002 mus Health care

All above have associated costs from providing the infrastructure but the economy is driven by population demand.

Notes: Assumes 1mu ~ 1 tonne, and for none-disposables its assumed to be cost for having it for 1 day We need to add lux demand in above Each demand that is met changes the population happyness and death rate. Each week the population does a number of actions (dies/breeds/grows up/educates etc)
[1] 0.02 mus food
[2] 0.2 mus housing

Other races

I basically need to thresh these races out to make and this is where the racial differences will start to be put in because hive for instance will be very different planets to human ones. So this will be a work in progress, please add any

The topic can be found here:


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25-10-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 43 DAY 3  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Imperial-Bloc Launch Major Offensive ***

In response to the recent DTR Solo offensive against DOM assets, the IMP-bloc have struck back, this time in the Beach system against CIA targets.

Information has been sketchy at best, with most of the information that is available to the press consisting of the following press release from the Imperial patrol commissioner:

"FROM: Patrol Commissioner

Press Release

Beach System now under Imperial Rule................

People of the peripheries, we are pleased to announce that after years of
trying to hold our own against the enemy, whilst allied forces built up
and prepared itself against the enemy, we have at last been in a position
to move on the offensive.

Tactically, we looked at the potential of taking back further lost
systems, but we had no real need to invest time and material at this
stage, in retaking some of them, and decided to move into enemy space.

An invasion plan was created, and intelligence started to be gathered from
our intel department, run by Wulf of the imperial services. Wulf gathered
details of what enemy positions were in the Beach system, and it was
decided that this was achievable with the minimal loss of life potential
for Imperial troops.

This week in combination with a small forward contingent of naval
warships, a 2 pronged ground assault was initiated against the CIA
starbase Entropy, and a 2nd yet undisclosed CIA facility on a 2nd planet
was also started.

CIA STARBASE ENTROPY (488) - {10-4} 4311 kMus - Hiport

The base was the claiming base for Beach, and on Stardate 206.41.1 the
ground assault started. Several thousand marines and tanks and supporting
equipment went into battle against the defending force.

Imperial troops made very good headway into the base on day 1, so much so
that by the end of day 2, the base was successfully taken, much to the
surprise of Imperial generals, as the defending forces faded away far
quicker than expected.

A 2nd assault started on a separate CIA facility on stardate 206.41.2, and
this battle is still underway, further information will be available when
operations are nearer to completion.

We are pleased to announce that as of today the Beach system is claimed by
the IMP, a new system message will state this, and the claim has been
moved from Entropy. We are however not blind to the fact that the
civilians of the system have a choice of who owns the system, so our long
term plan is to not keep the Beach system, but to ask the people if they
want an end to this war. We will ask them if indeed they want to not be
controlled by the CNF nor the IMP and become a self governing system such
as Solo. The premise behind this thought is that during our attack we had
native militia join our GP to aid in the taking of the base. Further
information to follow.

During these ground operations, there have been several naval engagements,
as Imperial ships made attempts to stop incoming supplies, in the first 2
days freighters were destroyed, but on 206.41.3, in 2 separate battles
Imperial and Dominion ships engaged BHD and CNF ships trying to run troops
into the area. The troop carriers had escorts were taken by surprise and a
fierce exchange of fire took place.

It was last reported that no IMP or DOM ships have been destroyed, and a
few have taken medium damage, but no real problems for the Imperial Navy.
Enemy forces lost 1 troop carrier, estimated to have had many troops on
board, a 2nd CNF troop carrier made it away from the battle site under
heavy covering fire from its own escorts. At least 10 enemy warships were
destroyed this day, with many more suffering terrible damage, and by the
end of the day many being unable to return fire.

These operations are still ongoing and further information will be
released over the next few days.

The IMP would like to thank the Dominion and the GTT for their support in
this operation, as many of the troops fighting in these battles were
volunteers from these fine organisations.

On another note, on taking the CIA starbase, the IMP did not fire from
this base on day 3, hoping the planet would not come into further war torn
state, Confederate starbases and platforms opened up and started to
systematically kill many of their own civilians and prisoners. The base
itself is expected to be destroyed in the very near future by the CNF and
all civilians and employees killed, whilst we are pleased that the base
will be destroyed I do hope they attempt to dispose of all the bodies of
these civilians, and bring in medical supplies to aid in any survivors
continued health.

IMP Gandolph."

Following the initial strike, it seems as if major elements of the DTR and CNF navies moved into the system, but none of our sources are reporting any major space battles.

It is understood that the installations captured by IMP ground forces have come under heavy attack from Confederate battleships. It is suspected, at time of press, that the Imperial system claim has already fallen. More news as we get it.

*** Yank Neutrality Violated ***

Another unfortunate accident has occurred in Yank, as an Imperial squadron has attacked a Brotherhood ship. Admiral Lord Simms, the Imperial viceroy, broadcast the following apology:

"I regret today's attack on a BHD ship in Yank by my anti PIR and KST patrol
and will pay reasonable compensation. A ship new to the squadron joined
this week and unfortunately its battle computer programs were not adjusted
before re-deployment."

His apology was graciously accepted by CNF sources, and the incident has been chalked up as just one of those things that happens in Yank sometimes.

*** Krell Humbug Falconians ***

The Krell fleet has been so busy lately it is difficult to keep track of all of the things that they are up to. They have however chalked up another victory against the Falconian Empire, destroying five FCN warships for the loss of one Krell crewmember and a magazine.

Warlord Goth has appeared via subspace link from his still undisclosed location:

"In an effort to help the Falconian bookeepers with their maintenance scheduling, we have relieved them of the duty of patching another 5 warships today.

Apparently, this task force was sent to catch my heavy cruiser which is still bombing the outpost that they claim means nothing to them. We can only wonder how they can spin this fairy tail now that the relief force is dead too.

Of course, based on the relative size of the Falconian production base and warfleet, these losses are not even noticed by high command. We are certain that they would not notice if their homeworld was conquered. More than likely, they lose more bases from clerical errors than any invasion force.

Interestingly, it seems that the FCN decided to handle the menace of my attacks without the help of the SMS today. It is particularly funny in light of all the subspace chatter the consortium engaged in this week.

Since the SSS did not think that our raids were worthy of note (must be old news when Falconians die) we will give a estimated tally of Falconian losses for the week: 400 xlt hulls...freighters, 200+ normal hull warships, 100 HH warship and a 36k+ outpost. Our losses 3 x 40nh scout, 1 x 20nh scout. No doubt, they count this as a
winning week."

*** Falconians Humbug Krell ***

In a shocking political move this week, the Falconian Empire has ceded control of the planet Inversion, the flash point between FCN and KRL hostilities, to the breakaway Krell clan Dark Angel.

The Falconians have made the following public address:

"The FCN is pleased to announce that the planet inversion, its orbit and quad 8 of the Storm system has been ceded to the Krell Dark Angel Clan. Negotiations with the KDA have taken place on and off over the past months and reached their conclusion in the past two weeks. The base called Vjun has been turned over to the KDA as will the remaining FCN outposts on the planet.

The Storm system remains claimed by the Falconian Empire.

Emperor Thoriqal has been quoted as saying "this was our intention from when House Raven claimed the Falconian Throne, but the idiot who calls himself Goth insisted on waging war on the Falconian Empire. Had he not done so then no doubt he would have received the claim and the base he has been contesting. Instead we have now chosen to give the base to the KDA who will also receive a number of ships to help them aid the devastated population on Inversion. I ask that the nations of the peripheries support the fledgling nation and aid warlord Slyth with rebuilding Inversion. I also remind the nations that attacking the KDA within the Storm system, including the orbit of Inversion, will be the same as an attack on the Falconian Empire should the KDA wish to ask for our help. The same goes for any Outpost or base within the system including GTT assets located on Inversion. May peace and prosperity return to the Krell peoples."

*** Imperial Humbug Application ***

An application has been received to exploit code 4969 in the Dorn System. Anyone already exploiting this code in Dorn should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 42, indicating the celestial body where it is being exploited.

Admiral Lord Simms
Imperial Viceroy

*** Krell Unhappy About Being Humbugged ***

Unsurprisingly the KRL have responded angrily to the FCN handover of Inversion and Vjun to the Krell Dark Angels (KDA), seeing it as a political front designed to undermine their ability to continue waging war.

Warlord Goth has made the position of the KRL very clear having issued a typically Krellian statement:

"Because there are many (most) sentients who don't care about this issue, I will make this last statement and talk about it no further.

We will be at war with the Falconians until they pay war reparations. This can come in the form of 10 million stellars or the Vjun base and all outposts and platforms on or around Inversion. An interest rate of 100,000 stellars per week will accrue if the payment is not made.

We are now at war with the KDA. They can remove this status by returning Vjun to the KRL along with all associated assets mentioned above. This offer is only open until the end of next week. The state of war exists effective immediately so KDA assets are considered fair game as of Monday morning.

Should the KDA return those assets in time, they will erase the Falconian debt as well.

Once the deadline passes, only a change in ownership/leadership will reopen a dialog. Until then, I will only stop to post battle reports as usual."

New Krell clan arises, Krell are in a state of civil war within days.

How typically Krell.

*** Independents Humbugged ***

An independent ship recently entered orbit at Falconia only to be boarded by security. We understand all of the crew were captured and interrogated. At which point the FCN authorities decided to return the ship to its previous owner, and imprison the crew in a Falconian prison.

The Falconian emperor would like to remind all independents that Acropolis is off limits to all IND ships and that the next IND ship scanned in Acropolis will not be treated as nicely.

*** Detinus Media: A Bunch Of Old Humbug ***

The DTR department of trade have issued warning that for as yet unknown reasons, the value of Detinus Media has collapsed. Analysts have suggested the reason for this collapse is down to the over-saturation amongst the DTR media stations of cookery shows and home improvement shows.

Traders are warned to be cautious of purchasing or selling Detinus Media until such time as the price has stabilised.

The DTR have denied this price collapse has anything to do with the recent ban announced by the IMP-bloc.

*** Zion ***

An AFT press release has been received:

"Greetings citizens of the Peripheries,

I write to all residents of the planet Zion in an effort to avoid any
accidental loss of life and unnecessary damage to local installations.

A fully authorized relief mission under the auspices of the Association of
Free Traders is currently in progress on the planet Zion. This operation
will enter its final stages over the course of the next few days.

In the interests of transparency full disclosure of the events leading to
the current situation now follows:

A few weeks back a call for help was received from the outpost KRT Arcadia
(1148) indicating that local Krell leadership and/or management has
abandoned the location. In addition to a request for food and medical
relief, fiscal aid to cover wages was also made.

Fearing KRL subterfuge here, a delay was necessary whilst a thorough
investigation was undertaken. I am glad to report that no subterfuge was
detected and that the plight of the residents of the outpost was in fact

Shipping was routed to the outpost and all employees and troops have been
evacuated to a medical ship in orbit of Zion. An armed AFT Ground Party has
already occupied the outpost and is currently providing necessary all round

A planned flag changing ceremony is to be undertaken shortly, which brings
me to the point of this public notice.

Would all local installation governors please check their facilities' lists
and reconfigure them if necessary to prevent and inadvertent shoot out
during the ceremony."

*** Imperial Freighter Destroyed ***

This week an IMP vessel in orbit of Eridani in Solo was destroyed by KST forces. KST Drougal has issued the following public statement regarding the incident:

"The Kastorian High Command at Drougal has this to say on the destruction of an IMP freighter in orbit of Eridani in Solo

An overly eager escort vessel commander opened fire on an IMP ship after not having cleared his enemy lists upon entering Solo. He will receive a thorough flogging. After the IMP chose to stalk KST operations in Yank we feel a grim satisfaction. The KST expressly do not apologize to the IMP for the loss of the ship.

However, we do apologize to the AFT for breaking the systems neutrality. As a gesture of goodwill towards the AFT, the IMP will receive an adequate compensation: We will unpost one similar ship which they stole from the KST in the past. They may keep the Carriage class freighter Greed-1 (12371). As far as the IMP and the general public are concerned, this concludes the matter."

*** Pirate Large Humbugs Everything That Moves ***

Oh dear, we're not even sure we have enough [censored] print for this one.

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties..... It be aye...Pirate Large......

Well it be a busy couple o weeks an we as been in action, ill tell yee all in this one ere letter

On stardate 206.41.3 ,me boys spotted the FET 100 huller MB White Dragon (3923) in the Blagard system, on enterin the ship we thoughts we might have to pull out the stops, as 254 defendin personell there be a lot o mashin for me. Luckily we be at full strenf, an 500+ pirates wen in hackin an a slashin, garrr, this be likes the good oledays o mass slaughter, wen there be plenty o young wenches [censored] a drippin waitin for large to penetrate their hulls, lovely. Anywas after 30 or so skulls be cracked, we ripped their heads off and threw up at the remaining crew an they gives in to thepirates, me ole ship 1118 did the business on this occasion aye she did.
Pleety of action, fresh minge to be ad, an a new cappan for me stocks.

On stardate 206.41.1 me boys spotted an SMS 100 huller Great Lakes Eight loiterin on its own, an the Loved and lost were sent in to try an boards the ship. Now someone wen an told new boy Jim that we be goin to get a ship off a one armed bandit, and he wen into battle with a bag full o coins, the stupid tosser, thinking it must be likes las vegas or some fing, but we be on abouts that hurceron feller. The battle was swift an the crews gives in as well as the cappan Vernon Littlewood. Now that man will know what 6 months real service means. His [censored] [censored] will be [censored] [censored] by the end f his shift in the [censored]. Anyways the ship be empty which be a shame, but that be piratin.

On stardate 206.42.2 we spotted 3 targets, 1 a RIP ship, 1 a DTR ship, and an AFT ship. Some o the old ships not be upto modern day piratin so they as been kept back for easier targets, but with so much action aye, I decides "he who dares wins" an wen for all 3. I being in the bigger ship tooks on the heavier escorted ship, and the Loved and Lost, and Bigger than average wen after the others.

Well I arrived in Straddle on cue to takes the AFT 100 huller Strange Light (53189), but I had to get pas the escorts first, several firing there be, but not a match for thee, I tooks some damage on the approach run but got through the 4 rounds and started the boardin. Anyways the boarding be one sided an we tooks the ship no problem. The AFT usually as some dishy cappans but none be on board this ship, an me sex life looks to not be good as only 2 crewman be left on the ship.

The Loved an lost wen after the RIP ship, but she be short on Marines an although could have taken the ship, this be due to a recent DTR trap that took out a shed load o me men, but not the ship. So we wen away empty handed.

The third hit were again the DTR freighter Confetti, unfortunately this unarmoured and old boarder not have upto date stuff an were unable to stop the incoming missiles from the DTR warship escorting, and blew up just as we had got through the 4 rounds o combat, all hands be lost in this attempt aye, an me boys be raisin a glass o rum for the cappan o the Bigger than Average (610), a successful one in the past, taken many a ship aye he as. The DTR cappans we has in stocks certainly took a few [censored] a [censored] [censored] night I can tell yee.

I as also received a good report aye I as, that me cluster franchise as taken anuvver ship, he be sendin me a story to tell yee in the near future.

[censored] [censored] [censored] Redhed [censored]

Anyways im sure you will hear more from the glorious adventures of the pirate ship Large (and friends) ahharrggghhhh...."

*** Mad Max Goes Out With A Bang ***

A special report has been received containing the following footage shot in typically Naplian style with typically Naplian equipment.

"Naplian special forces return from another campaign terraforming activity in Acropolis. Another successful hit on the heavily defended Moon Pralor. It's atmosphere already weakened, Outposts attacked now it's global warming!

Message left in green ink in the snow reads "Feathered Icypops below, "

Special Action/Pralor/Launch XXXXX Device/206.29

The XXXXX device is detonated in a bright but brief flash of pure white glare. The sonic shake cracks ice and caused glaciers to melt at ground zero but the presence of the ISR field around the world damps the effects significantly.

As the detonation has been designed to cause civilian fatalities, it comes as little surprise to discover that avalanches crush some of the civilian habitats in the sector."

We have no information about the nature of the censored weapons system deployed.

***** From The Posting Board *****

Black markets and smuggling:

Parser Problems:

***** Message From The Editor *****

There was lots of news this week, and this edition is already running at mega-length, so I've held stuff over for next weeks edition.



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31-10-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 44 DAY 2  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Major Piracy Controversy ***

This week has seen a bizarre series of events that initially appeared to implicate the Krell forces once again in sponsoring piracy, with several Ex-KRL vessels turning up as Pirate ships. The controversy seemed to reach a height with the following attack by the PIRATE Gothic Red Demon 2 as reported by the GTT:

"The GTT security department has been notified of a vicious attack on a GTT outpost. We believe this is someone hiding behind the cover of pirates as they lack the courage to attack openly. They attack for death and destruction not gain. The outpost was virtually destroyed and aid is on route to survivors. GTT security forces have already been despatched to detain the animal. If anyone as any information please contact this department."

A war of words then erupted between the Krell and Falconian leadership with both sides making claim and counter-claim, the Krell asserting that they were the victims of a crass and obvious attempt to frame them for Piracy, and the Falconians demanding proof that they are as innocent as the claim..

The controversy intensified with a Krell warship made a rapid dash and intercept, and captured the Pirate vessel Gothic Red Demon 2. With yet more claims and counter-claims. However, Inter-Galactic News reporters have been granted access to the boarding report, and can verify that from the information we have seen, the capture and boarding of the Pirate vessel was entirely legitimate.

With several pirate prisoners now in his hands, Warlord Goth has been seeking to recruit several neutral parties to assist in monitoring and observing their interrogation, so as to provide some form of independent verification.

One IGN reporter has been able to observe the initial round of questioning at a Krell facility, and the results of who the Pirates were apparently working for are said to be 'The hottest scoop the Peripheries have ever seen.'

Stay tuned for more news.

*** Battles Rage Throughout Storm ***

A wide series of battles have broken out throughout Storm this week as Krell forces continue waging their war of annihilation. Inter Galactic News Reporters stationed onboard SMS warships have witnessed two separate engagements, one in orbit of Inversion, and one in the orbital quadrant.

It appears as if the battle in the OQ was designed to allow some Krell ships to slip through into orbit and trigger a battle against the now KDA starbase Vjun.

In the OQ battle both sides took heavy damage, with the FCN taking two losses to the KRL one. However our reporters stationed with the fleet have suggested that the FCN may be able to claim a slight victory in terms of overall damage inflicted.

The battle in orbit of Inversion however was a far more complicated thing. It seems as if the KDA starbase Vjun was heavily bombarded during the battle by two FCN outposts and several FCN ground parties, while small Krell gunboats flitted around launching torpedoes at anything that moved, and the main arm of the Krell fleet struck at the large FCN Platform in orbit with very little effect, the platforms point defence managing to easily disperse swarms of Krell Torpedoes.

A number of FCN ground parties were destroyed, along with one FCN warship.

*** Large In Straddle ***

Following the capture of an AFT vessel in the Straddle system by pirate Large, a massive APTF operation was launched to attempt to intercept the pirate and his bounty.

Unfortunately, despite having covered more than 9 systems in the immediate aftermath of the incident, the APTF forces were left dejected after failing to spot anything.

*** Pirate Intercepted ***

The pirate vessel 'Numb Nut' a wren class destroyer that was seen recently praying on trading vessels in the Acropolis system, has been hunted down and destroyed by a small squadron of Felini and Falconian warships.

*** DNA Declare Peace ***

As part of their new direction under fresh leadership, following the retirement of Mad Max, the DNA have started declaring peace with everybody they were previously at war with.

Given the past history of the affiliation, it is expected that this new direction will take a little time to percolate through. However, some good news for the new DNA in that the Imperial Services have granted them trade and access rights.

However, this is a positive move for the DNA under the stewardship of Jack Ryan Enterprises.

*** Piracy Update ***

A DTR vessel has been attacked and successfully boarded by the pirate ship Anne Bonny in orbit of the planet Zion in the Skord system. At time of press a substantial effort is underway to intercept the captured vessel, and the pirate boarder.

*** Mobile Bay Trade Crisis ***

Prices for trade goods across the surface of the planet Mobile Bay in Yank are in a state of freefall, as massive over-selling is causing a glut of items. It is too early to say if any long term economic damage is being done, but the newly appointed trade minister for the Imperial services has asked for immediate talks amongst all involved parties on the planet to address this issue immediately.

*** Imperial Outpost Applications ***

An application has been received to exploit code 19307 in the Lewis system.
Anyone already exploiting this code in Lewis should inform the Viceregal
Administration by Day 5 Week 44, indicating the celestial body on which it
is being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code 36590 in the Lewis system.
Anyone already exploiting this code in Lewis should inform the Viceregal
Administration by Day 5 Week 44, indicating the celestial body on which it
is being exploited.

An application has been received to exploit code 73283 in the Dorn system.
Anyone already exploiting this code in Dorn should advise the Viceregal
Administration by Day 5 Week 44, indicating the celestial body where it is
being exploited.

*** Cluster Piracy ***

The vile and repellent pirate Large has continued with his boasts, bringing the Peripheries news of successes in the Cluster Periphery:

"me Cluster Franchise report as promised, well done to yee boys an gals........

"You, yes you - the one with the two buck teeth - patch me through to
Large: I've got a report to submit. Actually give me a few seconds, because
you know he insists I 'talks likes a propa' pirate oughta' "

"La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Ah, Arhh, Arrhhh, Arrghhhh, Arrrgghh, Arrrghhh, Aaarghhhh. Aaaargghh, that
be better

"Ahaaarrrgghhh - Cap'n Large, I hears on thy grapevine that thee has been a
busy bunny, well I brings thee some good news from thy Cluster Franchise.

On stardate 206.42.2 a spotter, came across a FEL Panther Class freighter,
this info be patched through to I, by secure commlink. So we got ourselves
shipshape, and steamed in for action.

Well it seems like I may has to look at getting our spotters fitted up with
better sensors, as it seems the Speed of Karlosse had itself an escort - the
Pride of Karlosse. Now I 'as to admit, I don't even know what size this ship
was, never mind what class it be - the first we knew it were around was as a
volley of missiles came in. Well I shivered me timbers at first, but soon
got a grip. I guess it be a mixture of good fortune, some rather neat
maneuvers - even if I does say so meself - and some find 'andling of the
gatling lasers, as of the four volleys - each o'
24 missiles mind - that came in, not a one hit. Here be an extract from the
battle log;

Incoming Fire from FEL Pride of Karlosse (12817)
Round 1: 24 Missile Launchers (Missile)
- 0 hit - 0 [0] damage - 50%
- Point Defence shot down 9 Missiles
Round 2: 24 Missile Launchers (Missile)
- 0 hit - 0 [0] damage - 50%
- Point Defence shot down 9 Missiles
Round 3: 24 Missile Launchers (Missile)
- 0 hit - 0 [0] damage - 50%
- Point Defence shot down 15 Missiles
Round 4: 24 Missile Launchers (Missile)
- 0 hit - 0 [0] damage - 50%
- Point Defence shot down 11 Missiles

"So, there we be, with the Pride of Karlosse out of the picture, we
successfully latches on to the Speed of Karlosse, where there be 10 Feline
crew, and 100 Feline mercenaries. Well, after just a couple'a'rounds, most
of the mercs be impressed by the piratin' way and switches sides. I says
most, because I were later informed thus

After the starbase was taken the following left:
14 Feline Mercenaries (536)

- not exactly sure where they went to, but you knows what these mercs are
like for thinkin' they can just walk out of the nearest hatch, for a smoke.

Better news this time, as this ship has itself a bit of cargo. Indeed as you
know, I 'as a large number of Felini lads working for me so they were
pleased as punch to find a batch of artworks from the Felini homeworld.
There also be some proper piratin' treasure too - jewellery. Now I knows'
that in this day an age of Falconian Wool, that jewellery is not exactly the
most sought after commodity, but there be something about it that feels
right - and as many a wench has said, it'll go nice in the treasure box -

As I says, 84 of the mercs also joined the cause - though this means there
be less prisoners to go round. I daresay I'll have first goes with the
Felini Officer captured, just as soon as he/she (one never can tell) has
been checked for fur balls and fleas. Who knows, if I dig around in my new
treasure box I may just find a nice little collar.

Reports suggest that it be away from the combat zone, so it looks like thee
will soon see an expanded Cluster Franchise.and on that note, I'll sign off."

*** Beach Update ***

The following press release has been received:

From: IMP Patrol Commissioner
Subject: Beach

To let everyone know, the Beach system is relatively calm again, in that
enemy forces have successfully bombarded their previous starbases/outposts
rather than try to retake them.

This is good news from the Imperial perspective as we were relying on the
fect that instead of trying to retake the bases totalling just under 5
million mus at start of battle, the enemy would bombard them to destruction.

Imperial ships had removed half the troops end of last week from Entropy
without enemy knowledge, and the base was held by a minimum contingent of

Unfortunately the withdrawal of troops from the 2nd battle site being run by
Wulf of the Imperial services hit a snag yesterday, as the DTR arrived to
destroy the facility, but the Imperial vessel entered the location without
correctly setting his ships equipment and arrived ready to be destroyed.

It is noted that under a terrible bombardment from the enemy, the Imperial
services decided to evacuate the CIA prisoners from the base and sent them
to the local authorities, including the base governer
1 Jebidiah Hawke (#1) {CIA Prisoner},

these men were saved from Death by the brave fighting troops of the Imperial
services. I hope it is noted in enemy circles the honour in releasing these
individuals in trying to save loss of life, rather than the wholesale,
murderous, illegal slaughter of people as engaged recently by the allies of
the CNF/CIA. I have been informed by the local authorities that these
prisoners will make headway to a freindly position for re-patriation.

Again our attack was a commando style hit, designed to cause damage to the
enemies infrastructure, and relying on the fact the enemy would retaliate
with destructive force, and this worked extremely well. The enemys position
in Beach is now heavily reduced, and although the IMP hold the claim to
Beach we do not wish to stamp our laws onto those persons living there, it
was a purely tactical strike. If only the enemy could see that their capture
of our systems was not what the people of the systems wanted, and yes they
have created damage to us but the people should remain under IMP Law.

I ask that a representative of the CNF contact me regarding the Beach claim,
and to conduct talks with us at their earliest convenience.

This marks the end of the ground operations in Beach for now, and during the
last 2 weeks 2 bases have been destroyed, more than 15 possibly 20 enemy
ships destroyed, one being a troop carrier, fro the loss of 1 Imperial troop

For us this is a welcome victory on our first major offensive action.

Well done to all Imperial & Dominion captains involved.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

The pirate vessel Bigger Than Average, the captured Flagritz baseship and one-time flagship of Pirate Large himself, has been destroyed whilst attempting to board a DTR freighter. The DTR merchant Navy released the following statement:

"according to a delayed report, the DTR Caravel-class freighter Confetti was
assaulted on stardate 42.2 by a pirate ship, the Bigger than Average (610),
near the wormhole terminus in the London system. Before the pirate ship could
deploy boarding troops it was intercepted by a DTR warship. As a result the
boarding attempt was stopped cold and circumstancial evidence suggests that the pirate vessel was destroyed; however as of yet this cannot be confirmed."

As it turns out, the pirate was indeed destroyed, marking the end of one of the most feared pirate vessels in the Peripheries.

*** Pirate Mini-Goth ***

We couldn't possibly comment on this one, but somebody has a sense of humour for sure.

*** DNA Vessel Destroyed ***

The DNA freighter Rescue 0 has been destroyed by a FCN platform in Acropolis.

It is unknown what the freighter was up to, and whether or not it was in any way connected to the attacks reported in last weeks edition.

*** INDs In Trouble ***

The Imperial viceroy has released the following statement:

"These IND ships do not appear to have requested access to our systems they are not on my approved IND positions register, they could have problems getting out but would be well advised to try it and not come back. Before you ask, permission is not granted retrospectively.

Date 42.4: IND Archangel (35598)
IND sandra (99820)
IND Amber (80614)"

*** News Flash ***

Two pirates have been destroyed in Skord. The DTR vessel previously reported to have fallen to pirates, and the pirate vessel Anne Bonny, a broadsword class troop transport, were both intercepted by an APTF patrol consisting of SMS/AFT and DTR vessels, whilst attempting to leave orbit of Zion.

There were no survivors, and no damage reported amongst the APTF vessels.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Ships For Sale ***

If anyone is interested, I have 2 more of these for sale. They are 60,000 stellars each or both for 100,000 stellars.

Design: Indiaman (360) Class Freighter |
| Hulls: 75 (Light Hull)

Warlord Goth.

*** Items Wanted ***

We are in the market for Metal Normal Hulls, Ablative and regular armor. Please contact me with price and availability.

If you have a good price on heavy hulls we would like to see that too.

Warlord Goth

*** Ships For Sale ***

We will custom make any ship you like based on the following designs:

20 NH with regular armor
40 NH (organic) with Ablative armor
75 NH with ablative or regular armor
10 NH no armor
10 NH with ablative armor

Other designs are available but these are the easiest and fastest for us.

Warlord Goth

*** Blueprints Wanted ***

I am in the market for a couple combat ai mk II bp's.

Please contact me privately with offers.

FCN Emperor

***** Message From The Editor *****

The FET website address was wrong last week. It has been corrected this week.

Also, please note that there is a virus infection problem with the RIP website. Or rather the server upon which the RIP website is hosted. I have removed the link until somebody can verify that it is safe.



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03-11-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 44 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Major Affiliation Implicated In Piracy! ***

Inter-Galactic News reporters have been allowed to observe the interrogation of some of the prisoners captured recently by the Krell from the pirate broadsword that attacked the GTT.

Much to our reporters shock and surprise, 20 pirate prisoners were led into a secure complex, whereupon five were fed to a large group of slavering alien Demons, in front of the remaining fifteen. They were then separated into five groups of three, and had it made quite clear to them that they would be tortured and fed to the Demons unless their stories matched up with the other groups.

Warlord Goth personally oversaw this interrogation. And asked questions regarding which affiliation set them up with the Broadsword, and sent them on this suicide mission.

After what our reporters are describing as 'A lot of torture', it has been established that the prisoners have absolutely nothing to do with the KRL, but had been sent on a mission to hassle other pirate ships that were suspected to be operating in the Darkfold Periphery. They also confessed to being hired to attack the GTT and GCS, and finally, in a shattering admission, they claimed to be fairly certain that they were actually working for the CIA, or possibly the CNF, hired through an as yet unknown third party! They were however not entirely certain of this, and not even the threatened removal of arms and legs uncovered any further concrete information.

Indeed, the actual removal of arms and legs failed to discover anything further.

Well, it discovered how much a pirate can bleed.

But apart from that.

The Peripheries await with interest to see how the CIA will respond to this shocking allegation.

*** Pirate Intercepted ***

After last weeks story that a DTR freighter had been captured by the pirate Anne Bonny, a significant multi affiliation APTF operation was launched to prevent the vessel, and the captured DTR freighter, from escaping.

AFT, DTR and SMS warships flooded into the system and successfully intercepted the two pirate vessels as they were heading towards jump points. Both pirates were destroyed in very short order, with no survivors reported.

*** Beach Report ***

The Imperial news services have carried an update on the Beach operation:

"The DTR and CNF sent in fleets and converted the two former CIA starbases in Beach into smoking craters. This was in total disregard for their former civilian employees caught in the bases due to the fighting, all of whom were killed. It was noted that the DTR once again sent along an overkill sized fleet to bail out their Darkfold surrogates. All they achieved was to finish our work in Beach for us, to the detriment of the civilians in the bases, who would have been sent away to safety before the IMP set about any demolition work."

It is understood the DTR fleet was attempting to intercept the Imperial fleet, that was thought to be operating in the Beach system at the time. Though clearly a major naval engagement failed to materialise.

*** Pirate Sightings ***

One of the Sigmar group of pirates has been spotted once again in Solo, attempting to sneak past the AFT anti piracy measures. Traders in Solo are advised to operate with caution. Although the chances are these pirates, operated by the VSQ, are only hunting Detinus prey.

*** Change Of Leadership ***

The leadership of the QNG has been handed over to Phoenix Hawk. The Peripheries welcome our new insectile overlord.

*** Pirate Attack ***

The pirate vessel Ron The Bitter has attacked a Wimble freighter in orbit of Vicksburg in Yank. Despite an APTF squadron arriving to block the pirates escape, the sneaky blighter somehow evaded interception, and made good his escape.

The pirate failed to capture the Wimble vessel.

***** Special Report *****

*** New Leadership For The DEN ***

The following broadcast has been received from deep inside the Dewiek Pocket Periphery:


The large conference facility was filled with the hum of many voices all
speaking about various topics. The conference facility seemed to have been
built to hold a much larger number of individuals than were currently
present. The shadowed central hall allowed those that wanted to be noticed
to be seen easily and those that did not, to hide in the deep recesses of
its dark corners. In the central hall, tables were arranged in the center
of the room to allow seating for the multitude gathered with a grand head
table placed before the assembled throng. The tables were covered with
massive amounts of foodstuffs that would make many smaller Affiliations
blanch. Meats prepared in every conceivable way were laden onto the serving
platters but there was little in the way of vegetables among the bounty.
Drinks of various tastes were arranged in casks along the one wall, all in
one way or another, alcoholic in nature.

Meetings of this scale were rare among these people, but when they did
occur, few, if any, missed them. The very nature of an assembly of this
type spoke volumes about the topics that would be discussed. Topics that
could very well shake the fabric that these people and their affiliation
clung to in their day to day lives.

As expected, many notable individuals were in attendance, most of which were
known to the whole of the peripheries in one way or another. Some were
names spoken in corners by enemies or passed to assassins via the lips of
intermediaries and others were those praised by allies or hailed by their
own people. At least one was the epitome of both, contained in a single
individual, but we will get to him later.

The reclusive First Elder Ironwolf was among the throng, mingling with many
of his people who rarely received the honor of his presence. The leader of
the Dewiek Elder Nation and the Dewiek race as a whole looked older than his
years suggested. His countenance though, and the wisdom that radiated from
his being was enough to show why he was the leader of this proud race. It
was strange that this individual did not show these features to those
outside the Dewiek race. Very few affiliations even knew of his existence,
assuming that the Dewiek Elder Nation was led by some of the other, more
outspoken, members of the High Council.

Speaking of the rest of the High Council, the retired High Elder Feirha
Silvermane Kaien was among the attendees also. Surprisingly, he had not
been heard from in months since his retirement into seclusion in order work
on "more mundane matters" as he had put it. He was keeping a very low
profile at this gathering though as if he did not want to be pulled back
into the lime light that was the High Council. His leadership was sorely
missed these last several months as was evidenced by the lack of focus
within the war against the Detinus Republic.

The beautiful and intrepid Trade Advisor, High Elder Wenona Yellowfang,
mingled among her brethren as yet another representative of the Dewiek Elder
Nation's High Council. Her retellings of the stories of her victories,
multiple times, over pirates were very popular and the laughter from those
listening could probably be heard all the way to the Dewiek home world and
possibly even to one of the many of Pirate Large's ships. Hopefully the
individual known as Archangel from the Association of Free Traders did not
hear the laughter. Rumors among those gathered suggested that he had lost
more ships than any other to the escapades of pirates, especially the
infamous Pirate Large. Piracy was obviously cutting into Archangel's
profits immensely, and that was something that made anyone from the
Association of Free Traders very upset.

Elders MaichiKwai and Khar Bluemoon Iw'Suvwi, System Lords of Acrux and
Tolfallen respectively, were also representing the High Council. These two
young Dewiek were becoming strong members of the Dewiek Elder Nation, with
Elder MaichiKwai being held just slightly higher in regard because of his
skirmishes with the Detinus Republic in his home system of Acrux and the
recent underhanded claim by those from that backstabbing, former ally
affiliation. Elder MaichiKwai had drawn a large following among the Dewiek
because of his outspoken nature on topics of interest to all affiliations of
the peripheries.

The last member of the High Council in attendance was by far the most
outspoken of the bunch. High Elder K'ragen Longtooth had been
uncharacteristically quiet in recent months, something that was probably
giving great relief to the Detinus Republic, since he was their biggest
adversary. His forceful removal of Detinus forces from the system of Hydrae
was still spoken of proudly by Dewiek everywhere. The cost had been great
though and rumors stated that High Elder Longtooth had gone into seclusion
to meditate on such a drastic loss of life from both sides during that
conflict. Others believed he had just stepped back to have some plastic
surgery to help repair the scarring he suffered at the hands of the Detinus
Republic and their allies during his long incarceration. Yet another rumor
suggested that he had a 'boil' lanced from his nether region and the removal
of said 'boil' cost him over half his worldly possessions. The rumors were
hard to believe though as meditation was not something akin to an individual
with a personality like that of High Elder Longtooth and all were sure that
he would not like to give up the shock factor that he received when he
prominently bared his chest to show the proof of torture he had endured at
the hands of those that despised him. The High Elder was known to say on
many occasions, "I have earned these marks proudly and I will in turn
display them proudly as a testament to the strength of the Dewiek Spirit!"
Furthermore, having anything lanced from their nether region was a private
matter for a Dewiek and no Dewiek of any rank, let alone a High Elder, would
allow rumor of it to escape, so surely that could not be the case either.
No matter what the reasons though for his recent silence, it had now ended
and his boisterous voice could be heard over all the assembled, bringing
pride to his brethren and fear to his enemies, though none of the latter
were present at this prestigious gathering.

A deep gong sounded from one of the back recesses of the hall and silence
settled over the assembled mass of Dewiek. First Elder Ironwolf moved to
the head table and stated in a loud voice, "My esteemed brethren. Please
take your seats and let the feast begin."

As if a silencer had been turned off, the voices started again as the crowd
moved to take their seats at the tables provided. The High Council members
moved to occupy the head table and in an unprecedented show of chivalry,
High Elder Longtooth held the large high-backed chair that had been set
aside for High Elder Yellowfang.

Dinner progressed as many would expect of a purely carnivorous species
eating in such a large group. Voices mingled with the sounds of the
thrashing of many sharp teeth into the carcasses of any of the lesser
species with which they preyed upon. The conversation turned to many
topics, with Dewiek emphasizing their points by the shaking or pointing with
the cooked limb they were gnawing on. The war was what everyone wanted to
know about though and they asked about it to First Lord Longtooth several
times. He raised his hand in acknowledgement each time, but refused to

After several times of this though, one of the lesser ship captains, a
certain Khan Sharpclaw, one under the command of Longtooth himself, spoke up
and announced, "It seems to me that the trade ships of Council Woman
Yellowfang are seeing more action than our warships!" Silence fell across
the assemblage and all noise of eating stopped as not a creature stirred
other than the speaker who laughed a low nervous laugh.

Longtooth stood. "You question my motives, Captain," he asked with distain
and emphasis on the title, staring down at the now fully nervous ship

Sharpclaw stood shakily, knocking down the chair he had just vacated. "No
Sir," he replied. "We," he started, looking around to his comrades who all
now averted their eyes, not wanting to join him in accepting the wrath of
the High Council member, ".. are all just. interested in how the War fares.
We long for the battle and this silence is killing us." He finished with
his voice gaining in strength.

Longtooth stared down at the Captain that seemed to be overcoming his
earlier uneasiness from his outburst. "I will speak of the war, but all in
due time Captain. Unless of course you feel that you know better than the
Council when it comes to these matters," he asked sarcastically. When the
Captain did not respond, as he should not, Longtooth continued, "As I
thought. Now, since everyone is so anxious for news, let us discuss why
this meeting has been called. I did not call it, but rather the First Elder
did, so if everyone is so anxious for speech instead of food, then it must
be time for him to tell us why we are all here today."

All eyes turned to First Elder Ironwolf. "Councilman Longtooth," began the
First Elder in an even and surprisingly strong voice, "If you and the
Captain would return to your seats we will get started, since as you have
stated, everyone seems anxious for news and I have some to impart upon all
of you." K'ragen, bowing his head to the First Elder, returned to the head
table with a sidelong glance to the obnoxious Captain, who wisely did not
return the look.

"Now that we have settled that," started the First Elder with a small laugh,
"we have important things to discuss and items to decide for the future of
our race and affiliation." Ironwolf started to walk now as he spoke and his
voice seemed to grow in volume and strength that was not apparent before.
"As many of you know, I have been First Elder of the Dewiek for many moons.
We have seen peace and had it shattered by war. Allies have turned on us
and we have met them in battle as the warriors we are." Cheers went up at
this and the tension of the earlier incident seemed to subside from those
gathered. "We have also lost many brothers and sisters during these
conflicts. Lives that can never be reclaimed. They knew for what they were
fighting and the ends justified the means, but in the end they are all still
lost. This takes a toll on a leader and ages him sometimes very
drastically. Once a leader reaches an age where he can no longer lead both
in body and soul, he must turn the leadership over to another. Someone
younger and more able to deal with the issues that face a leader. I have
seen many many moons and we as a people have seen good and bad times, but
the best times are yet to come. We are on a path that will lead us back to
claiming again what is rightfully ours and punishing those that thought to
usurp it from us." With this he took a long deep breath. "Therefore, I
hereby step down as First Elder of the Dewiek Elder Nation. I will continue
to function for the affiliation and race, but will retire to my lands in the
Dewiek Pocket Periphery and continue with what I have setup these many
years. So we have a task to select a new First Elder. Who will lead our
proud people into our future of reclamation!" he asked as a final statement.

Those gathered were deathly silent. This was totally unexpected as none
thought First Elder Ironwolf would ever step down. Very few First Elders
ever got the chance. Death in battle claimed most before they had the
chance to reach an age where they would consider it. No one seemed to want
to speak and surprisingly it was the boisterous Captain Sharpclaw that broke
the silence. Standing, somewhat more sturdily this time, he stated, "I mean
no disrespect to the other Council Members, but I don't believe there is a
choice, First Elder. The only one that could even hope to follow in your
footsteps is Council member Longtooth. He has served us well as First Lord
so it is his rightful place to replace you as First Elder."

At this, High Elder Yellowfang stood and stated, "Captain Sharpclaw speaks
the truth. There can be no other choice. If this is truly your wish First
Elder," she finished looking to Elder Ironwolf, to which he nodded, "Then so
be it. It has been decided. First Lord Longtooth will replace First Elder
Ironwolf as First Elder of the Dewiek Elder Nation." Then the chanting
began.. "Longtooth. Longtooth.. Longtooth. Longtooth.."

Elder Yellowfang, then turned to the now First Elder Longtooth and as he
rises, he raises one of his massive hands and the chanting is silenced. "I
am honored and I accept this responsibility. I will strive to follow the
teachings of our former First Elder and restore the Dewiek Elder Nation to
where she belongs in the Peripheries." K'ragen then turns to Ironwolf and
states, "I would be honored if you would agree to stay on as First Lord, my

There was no hesitation from the former First Elder in his response. "I
must decline," he answered. "I long for my time to rest and follow through
on the things I have begun in the Dewiek Pocket Periphery. Choose another
First Elder, as I cannot accept the honor or the responsibility."

"As you wish," replied Longtooth. He then turned to Elder Yellowfang and
before he could even ask, she answered, "Don't look at me. Politics are not
what I am good at. You should choose one that can handle their own against
all those other loud mouth buffoons that represent the other affiliations of
the Peripheries. Give me my trade and a pirate ship or two to fight off and
I will live a very full life. Keep the politics away from me."

Longtooth laughed a deep throaty laugh. "Aye Elder, as you wish. Maybe you
are right. You seem to have trouble hiding how you truly feel and that is
considered a weakness to some in the political realm. I do pity the pirate
ship or two that cross your path though," he finished with another laugh and
many of those in attendance joined in. "So whom will step up to help me
lead us to the future then?" he asked.

A low mumble filled the room as those present began to discuss among
themselves who would make the best First Lord. Eventually the mumble began
to subside and another chanting could be heard, gradually growing in volume.
"MaichiKwai. MaichiKwai. MaichiKwai. MaichiKwai. MaichiKwai"

Longtooth turned to Elder MaichiKwai, "It would seem, my brother, that it
has been decided. Will you accept the honor of First Lord of the Dewiek
Elder Nation?"

"I do not know that I am worthy of such an honor First Elder," started the
youngster in response, "but I will gladly take grasp it with both paws if
this is the wish of yourself and our people. Furthermore, I will do my best
to fill the position to the best of my ability."

Elder Yellowfang stated under her breath, but still loud enough for everyone
in attendance to hear, "he sounds like a damn politician already!"

At that the chanting started again, alternating between "Longtooth" and

The new First Elder raised his massive hands yet again and the chanting
ceased. "Then let us speak of War!"

K'ragen Longtooth
PL Dewiek Elder Nation
DEN Entrepreneur


***** Message From The Editor *****

The RIP website has been checked by somebody, and as far as I, your humble SSS editor knows, it is now safe from infection. But don't quote me on that.



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10-11-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 45 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** CIA Respond To Piracy Allegations ***

A terse response to last weeks startling revelations regarding their alleged involvement in piracy has been received by our newsroom from the CIA DCI Sam Toridan:



As you have requested a CIA response to your latest "report" I will indulge you on this occasion.

I wish to make the following short statements :

1. The CIA are "suspected" of being behind every incident that occurs in the peripheries, so the accusation is neither shocking nor unexpected. Quite the reverse.

2. A state of war exists between the CIA and the GTT (and the Confederacy and Empire in general)

3. Anyone acting upon an intelligence report based on phrases such as "suspected", "fairly certain", "possibly" and "not entirely certain" needs to find a new career. Preferably one not requiring the application of intelligent thought.

4. The CIA can neither confirm nor deny their involvement in this or any other incident.


With several affiliations questioning why the CIA would need to use pirates to attack GTT assets, given that they are at war with the CIA anyway, the truth of this particular matter remains as murky as ever.

We here at the IGN newsrooms are certain that the black van that has appeared recently across the street from us has nothing at all to do with the CIA.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

An Imperial patrol has destroyed the pirate vessel Sneaky Little Bastard in the inner reaches of a system.

*** DNA Still Nibbling ***

Falconian authorities are reporting that a DNA groundparty has approached one of their bases in the Acropolis system, and was promptly destroyed by long range weapons fire.

This would seem to indicate that the new leader of the DNA is having a certain amount of trouble bringing some of the more unruly and military-minded of his subjects under central control.

*** Goth Retires ***

Lord Goth has announced his shock retirement from the Krell via the following subspace transmission:

"Well, it has been a long year of strife and bloodshed. Although all of my goals for the Krell have not been achieved, the most important, removal of the FCN from Inversion has been completed. After consideration, it seems fruitless to continue a war that will only hurt the Krell in the long run.

With this in mind, I am handing over the KRL to the KDA leader so all Krell affiliations can be united under his leadership. I am confident that he will improve the lives of the average Krell.

As of Tonight, I will hang up my weapons and return to a life of business and material profit with my old friends at the GTT. I hope that I can live in peace and profitable decadence and put all the killing behind me.

Now, it is time for some relaxation and celebration, book me the emperor's suite at the Jiggly Room for the month...."

*** Flagritz News ***

Much to everyones surprise, it has been announced that Emperor Zen of the Flagritz Empire, will be arriving in the Yank system. The following communication was made on subspace:

In the coming days I should be arriving in Yank, the home of the Kastorians. I am anxious to learn more about these sentients for our Integration libraries. During my visit, I should be available to negotiate trade and will be available for interview.

Noting the recent change of leadership of the QNG, may I also congratulate as appropriate.

Emperor Zen."

Quite what brings the Emperor himself itself? To Yank, is anybodies guess.

*** RIP In Hot Water ***

Following some public remarks about how Warlord Goth has announced his intention to return to his philosophical home with the GTT, given certain shared tendencies towards the deployment of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, the Regular Independent Privateers almost found themselves in a lot of trouble this week, when the GTT responded with the following rather direct statement:

"Mr Wolf

I take offence at your slurs and innuendos. Your comments on warfare apply to the RIP more so who for years terrorised the galaxy, look to your past.

The GTT does not have any nuclear devices of any kind and has not taken part in any detonation. We do not even have the blueprints for them.

Since you find the GTT so offensive, you meaning the RIP are no longer welcome in the orbit or Quad of any our positions. Any RIP position scanned will be deemed hostile to the GTT and posted/destroyed. If incursions keep happening RIP will be placed on enemy lists. The GTT question your neutrality and will not take the risk of having RIP positions near it installations.

These steps will come into force this Monday this will give you time to vacate any orbits/Quads.

The RIP can if they wish have these sanctions lifted by stating Mr Wolf is not voicing RIP policy and for MR Wolf to eat humble pie, with a statement to that effect, that way he might engage brain before mouth in the future Hopefully this statement is not RIP policy.

I am sick to death of these comments from people on the side lines. You are guests in Imperial space act like it.

Mr Wolf you have made your bed now lie in it. You have also dragged the rest of your affiliation in it with you.

Ian Jordan."

It would be fair to say that upon receipt of this warning, the RIP made strong efforts to apologise.

*** Message from KST Drougal ***

The following communication has been received:

"Following AFT mediation, the KST apologize to all citizens of the peripheries for the oversight that led to engagement and subsequent destruction of an enemy (IMP) freighter in neutral territory, namely the Solo system. We expressly support the Solo neutrality and have not and will not deliberately target enemy positions there, out of respect for the AFT who have made their attitude quite clear to us.

(This has obviously nothing to do with the Yank system, which is not neutral but enemy space for us where we will attack all our enemies at will, at least until Kastor is also recognized as a neutral no-fire system by those same enemies of ours."

*** Pirate Large ***

It seems to have been a remarkably successful week again for Pirate Large, who has supplied the following exceptionally filthy transmission, that has been cut to shreds to make printable.

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties.... It be aye... Pirate Large......

Well I be sendin me reports aye I be for yee to see about me exploits aye..

It be stardate 206.44.4 when me lookouts spotted the DOM ship Courage Under Fire (86925) loiterin in the Capellan system, me boys wen into action an came alongside the vessel to board it aye she did. 60 men on board there be, not a match for thee

After a short exchange of fire me bows split through the men n women o the ship an tooks it.

We asn had many DOM ships so I looks frew the crew and sees this bootiful
Scandinavian looking, blonde,


"NO" She shouts back "I Swedish".........Garrrrrrr bugger...

when I gets a report there be a 100 light hulled AFT ship loiterin in ring 10 o Yank, the Dragonfly II (1775) were engaged on 206.45.1 by one o me boys an the AFT crewman an officer on board jacks in very quickly indeed. The sight o me swollen sword being beemed on the side o the ship as punishment for anyone who puts up a fight soon made em gives in, an the ship be mine. Another cappan for me prison cells.

Me newly acquired ship ad some cargo for sellin, an we gots her out no trouble.

I is also getting reports that me favourite pirate Gal Cappan Hooker as been in Action in the London system, a CIA ship Hauler Alpha as been spotted, 50 hulls she be, an the 52 crewman on board be lucky beggers. It as been months since Hooker as caught some prisoners, an I as heard she as killed 2 already wiv er vigerous love making, an brokes their necks wiv her very tight legs apparently.

Anyways the ship were taken an got away from the area before any APTF could gets old o us.

Now I as ad me fun, I is getting more serious, it has come to my attention through the SSS etc that a group o pirates has been captured an tortured, well I be disgusted that the APTF be allowing such treatment wiv out a fair trial, likes I is oping to get should I ever get caught, followed by a 20 year sentence, but bein released after 10 for good behaviour etc as is customary these days.

Anyways, I as in my cells over 2000 crew type prisoners of Dewiek, Falconian, Felini, Flagritz, Naplian, Kastorian, and Human types. And at least 15 ships captains belonging to many affiliations. I will release details to those that be interested of their names if required.

In disgust but in realisation I be a pirate, from stardate 206.46.3, 1 captain and 134 prisoners will be executed daily until they have run out. The executions will be in the form of a serious shaggin from as many pirates that wanna have a go, followed by releasing to demons. Giving these men the same fate as pirate brothers. I will of course be more humanitarian, and allow their safe return for 250000 stellars for the lot or as many as is alive at the time you decide to have them released. I have at least given you the option of having these persons returned. I cannot confirm nor deny that some o these prisoners may have serious sexual diseases and may need treatment aye.....

The executions will start mid next week.........."

It should be pointed out that the torture and questioning of the Pirates as reported last week had nothing to do with the APTF at all, and the APTF members share their respective affiliations attitudes towards torture.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

An exert from"Mai Chi Kwi, My Life as a Political Animal." Available now at all DEN markets:

I love the Hunt.

It is strange how we sense the prey.

With all our technology, and we have the best, it seems to come through our superior sense of smell.

One member of the crew will suddenly lift his nose in the direction of the enemy ship. The hair will stand up on his back and he will come to full alert. Within microseconds, all crewmembers will do the same. The anticipation is exquisite! You can't help but drool. Everyone received their orders and knows what to do. Everyone goes to battle stations, all with perfect and profound silence. You know you will feast soon!

I say the obvious, because I have been on human ships and they do the opposite!

One crewmember sees the ship on his screens, and then, sets off the most annoying alarms you have every heard. Only a few know what to do, and the rest must be informed with verbal orders, often misunderstood. I think they call it a Chinese Fire Drill, (another human term learned from our hard experienced leader, K'ragen Longtooth) You can't help but laugh and wag your tail in amusement.

I say the obvious, because I want you to understand how fortunate you are to be DEN. You have the advantage of clear thought and direction. You don't have their afflictions of doubt and conscience.

Be thankful. Be strong. Be DEN.

I do love the Hunt.

I think I have to go kill something now.


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17-11-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 46 DAY 5  [Recruit]

*****KJC Updgate*****
GM Holiday
Apologies for the late announcement - this 'holiday' caught me on something of a hop and earlier notification was not possible. I will be away from the office from Monday 20th through to Friday 24th November.
Please avoid complicated special actions as the covering GM's will have no idea what they mean.

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Detinus Freighters Destroyed ***

A number of DTR freighters have been destroyed by GTT forces in the past week in the Varitang system.

Many readers may not be aware, but the Varitang system is apparently part of the human Inner Empire, and lies somewhere close to the Sol system, and the birthplace of humanity.

We understand that Varitang is claimed by the AFT, but with GTT military forces apparently occupying the system to bar DTR traffic, it remains to be seen how long the AFT neutrality can hold.

This action would also appear to indicate the first offensive action the GTT have taken against either the DTR of CNF-bloc in quite some time now.

*** Flagritz Report Successful Skirmish ***

The FLZ Navy Command have kindly provided a report of a skirmish in a far off isolated and un-named system to the IGN:

A small detachment of 9 gunboats on patrol has spotted and engaged in
combat a Sabre Tooth Leap Class Carrier. Though outnumbered the FEL
warship far outclassed the patrol ships. However these gunboats were of
Cause (Crusade) manufacture and still crewed by survivors of the Crusade
massacre, a battle they were forced to flee before a vastly superior
enemy, which outnumbered them 20:1.

Eager for revenge and laughing the irony of finally being able to
actually outnumber an enemy which cowardly hides behind the numbers of
their "friends", the 9 gunboats proceeded to lay a barrage at maximum
range, greatly reducing the ability of the Heavy Carrier to offer

The battle ended with only minor damage to one of the Gunboats, even
after being hit by 64 fighters and resulted in no injuries, let alone
deaths amongst the crew.

As to the FEL carrier it suffered catastrophic breakdown after suffering
over 97% hull damage.

Contrary to FEL practices a FLZ rescue team in an attempt to save any
FEL crew that may have survived, however given the level of damage
suffered it's the Squadron Leader belief that none will have survived.

FEL SHIP NICHIAVELLI'S DEMISE (24147) - {150 Heavy Hulls} -

Sabre Tooth Leap Class Carrier {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 64.9 Shields: 0(0.0)
Hull Damage: 97.3%
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris.

*** Pirate Destroyed ***

The infamous pirate Ron The Bitter has been destroyed whilst attempting to sneak past an AFT anti-piracy platform in the Solo system, having apparently managed to miss the AFTs recent statement that their anti-piracy platforms were fully operational in the Solo system.

It is unknown if Ron himself was onboard the vessel named after him, but his silence since the event seems to suggest that he was.

*** DNA Aggression Report Draws Criticism ***

Our report last week on the DNA ground party destroyed by Falconian artillery has drawn a certain amount of criticism from a number of un-named sources.

One source is quoted as having said, "The DNA do have a new leader, but until the old leader completes the turn over, Cmdr Jack Ryan is just a titular leader -- no power, doesn't even get reports yet. And is stuck with the actions of the Real Leader.... I would not blame him if he took all the possessions he currently have and just left the DNA. Getting all the blames, without any power to do anything about it."

The source continued: "I would call upon all Leaders to witness the actions of this creature currently in control and remember, that Jack Ryan Enterprises is built upon trust and commerce period. As such, should not be blamed for the actions of one whom he has no control of.... Anyone who sights the old leader should dispatch with haste as it is causing only trouble when not needed. The old-and-real leader should be kicked out of the know havens for utilizing resources this way and causing strife when he is suppose to leave. So, your comment about the DNA is very unjustified and appears to be throwing Napalm on an open fire."

With reports indicating that the few minor skirmishes between the DNA and FCN since the handover of power have been down to what are being called 'rogue elements' within the DNA hierarchy, we understand that efforts are underway to bring the entire Democratic Naplian Faction back together to pull in the same direction.

However, The Editor would like to point out that throwing napalm on open fires is what sells newspapers, and that is precisely what we here at the Inter-Galactic News do best.

Coming up next, nudity and fast cars.

*** Pirate Attack Fails ***

The pirate vessel Loved and Lost has failed to capture a CIA freighter in Kastor this week. With the plucky CIA defenders fighting off a huge pirate assault. With almost the entire vessel taken over, and the last few defenders huddled in the bridge, it is as yet unknown what caused the Loved and Lost to turn tail and run, though reports indicate that the pirate captain had grown nervous at how long the battle was taking, and wanted to make a run for it before incoming APTF warships arrived on-scene to spoil his fun.

*** Detinus Republic Issue Statement ***

The Speaker of the DTR House of Lords, Michelle Diaz, has appeared on Subspace broadcasting the following statement:

"Some months ago, the GTT/IMP informed the DTR and Confederacy (CNF, CIA and BHD) that there was a massive food shortage on Earth and that they needed to move in 50k MUs of food from a planet in Adamski to Earth on a weekly basis. Even though the DTR are at war with the IMP/GTT, we have allowed unrestricted access to the IMP, GTT and FET to move the food in. Indeed, even though the IMP/GTT started attacking DTR positions in Adamski, we did not retaliate and cancel this agreement for the good of the people on Earth. When we heard of such hardship on earth, we also enquired whether it was possible to help out with food shipments. However, we were told it was not possible for us to provide aid for the people of Earth.

During the middle of September, the GTT Board stated that it was not in GTT profile to have declarations of war, posted lists and that they had not carried out independent attacks against DTR or Confederate assets. Indeed, just over a week ago Ian Jordan stated 'Since I have taken over the running of the GTT I have tried to steer them away from active confrontation'. However, during the last week, GTT ships have on numerous instances attacked DTR and Confederate assets in the Inner Empire system of Varitang. Varitang is claimed on behalf of the Varitang Government by the AFT, and the Varitang Government have granted the DTR and Confederacy permission to have assets in Varitang. This attack is not only in total disregard of the very recent GTT statements but also the desire of the Varitang government to keep their planet and system peaceful. Clearly the close association the GTT now have with the DOM and DEN is starting to show some less savoury results.

The DTR has also been slowly seeing if some sort of peaceful accord can be forthcoming between the DTR and IMP/GTT, even though the IMP and allies have been constantly attacking DTR and CNF assets during this process. Whilst it was explicitly stated that there was no temporary cease fire during this process, the DTR deliberately decided to wait a couple of months before formally replying to see how sincere the IMP and GTT were with regard to finding a peaceful accommodation. It should be noted that during this period, the DTR and Confederacy have refrained from attacking IMP/GTT assets. However, the tens of attacks during this 2 month period by the Imperials is perceived as more than just disturbing incidents and questions have now been raised about how much they value these negotiations.

The fact that the IMP/GTT have decided to deny access to the Inner Empire by means of a platform in Varitang is not only unacceptable but an additional reason to question IMP/GTT motives. They have declined offers of help regarding the situation on Earth from the DTR and Confederacy while continuing to abuse the unofficial cease fire to increase their influence in the Inner Empire. Now they are actively trying to isolate the DTR and Confederacy from the Inner Empire, which the DTR and Confederacy regard as unacceptable.

We therefore request that the GTT transfer the platform to the AFT/Varitang Government, stop moving warships into Varitang and allow the DTR and Confederacy unrestricted access to the Inner Empire via Varitang within 1 week.

Signed on behalf of the DTR, CNF, CIA and BHD."

*** Imperial Raiders In Child ***

A DTR outpost has been bombarded by an Imperial warship in the Child system, suffering what is reported to be light damage.

*** GTT Fleet In Action ***

Warlord Goths personal battlefleet appears to have followed him from the Krell to the GTT, as it has been sighted this week in action against the KST. A battle during which a DTR freighter was caught up in the conflict, and had to dump its cargo in order to flee.

*** Pirate Large Humiliated ***

Not for the first time, Pirate Large has been beaten off by the DEN.

Can we say that?

Check with the lawyers.

Yeah, we're okay.

During an attack against the DEN vessel Vile Vixen, the vile Pirate Large himself has met with a humiliating defeat that saw his boarding party of almost 1000 blood thirsty pirates chased off by a staunch group of defending Dewiek marines. And to add injury to insult, Large's vessel took heavy damage from the DEN freighters defensive weapon systems. Sufficiently heavy damage that it is expected to have to retreat to a safe dock somewhere to put together repairs before being able to venture back into the space lanes.

The Dewiek are to be congratulated for yet another brilliant victory against pirates.

***** From The Posting Board *****

"Catching a pirated vessel" in forum "Everything Else".

The topic can be found here:

"Orbit to surface shuttles" in forum "Bug Reporting".

The topic can be found here:

*** Tech Manual Of The Week ***

Synthetic Dryzillium (34) - 1 mu
This form of collidium is produced through the careful use of ionic acid on
pulac crystals. The process wastes a lot of pulac.
Item Type: Alloy
Requires Blueprint: 10034
Production: 10 mus
Build Requirement: 10 Pulac (21)
0.2 Ionic Acid (38)

***** Message From The Editor *****

There is a new website this week, the Garcia Enterprises site:

Congratulations to the GCE for a very attractively designed page.

The address has been added to the list below.

Also, I suffered a computer crash while putting this edition together, and lost a couple of stories, and I can't for the life of me remember what they were. I'm sure if I haven't included something that somebody wanted to see in here, they'll drop me a line though.



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01-12-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 48 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Pirate Large ***

Almost unbelievably, the vile Pirate Large has reached a new depth. With reports as yet unconfirmed, it does however seem likely that he has brutally murdered more than two thousand prisoners that he was holding at his pirate lair.

Large himself has been heard boasting of this, "anyways after your action an my advertisin that i have over 2000 prisoners an 15 cappans, only 1 person has come forwards to recoups his loss. no other persons, governments, negotiators or anyone at all, has tried to save these people. as of yesterday, an without wastin anymore time all 2000 prisoners have been severly gutted. the remains have been fed to the demons.

if no further request is received within 48 hours, 14 cappans will get the same fate. i am particularly looking forward to givin some o those cappans their last rights aye, an shaggin em if theres no tomorrow, which for them it will be ahharrgghhhh.............."

Can nobody stop Large?

*** GTT In Action Against KST ***

From the ornate press briefing room at the corporate headquarters of the Gothian subsidiary of the GTT:

"Yesterday, I ordered my personal security squadron to retaliate for KST terror attacks on an unarmed GTT outpost. The KST were baited into attacking what they thought would be a couple of scout sized torpedo boats. When the KST warships arrived, they were blown to atoms by my personal security fleet. Our squadron commanders report that the 3 KST warships did not even scratch the paint of a single ship (including the scouts). The GTT will retaliate when provoked and the retaliation will not necessarily be in proportion to the offence. Goth."

*** Trade Initiative ***

In an attempt to revitalise the flagging interstellar trade throughout the Peripheries, the FET director Zuvoro Norozov has been following a new policy, as described in a mission statement released this week to all press agencies:

"Greetings Citizens of the Peripheries.

I often get requests from members of various affiliations enquiring about the possibility of setting up private trade deals between bases for the mutual profit of both parties. While you may think this is very much in line with FET policy it is my personal belief that it isn't very conducive to trade in general.

It is the policy of Norozov Holdings(a subsidiary of FET)to conduct all trade in the public domain. What you see on our markets is what we are willing to buy and sell. So I respectfully ask that people refrain from approaching me concerning private deals.

Having said that Norozov Holdings do have one or two private deals with some affiliations, but this is more along the lines of supplying a raw material to an affiliation for the production of certain items that affiliation exclusively produces.

Trade should be conducted publicly for the benefit of all in the Peripheries.

With Respect.
Zuvoro Norozov."

*** Vindicator Squadron Under Attack ***

Harvest Master Ruath, the leader of the VSQ, has come under fire in the Yank system this week, when one of his recently acquired freighters was attacked and destroyed by forces of the QNG in orbit of Mobile Bay.

According to a statement issued by Ruath, the KAS platform in orbit also joined in with the attack. Ruath went on to say, "No apology has been received from either party nor any offer of compensation has been forthcoming. I await to hear from the QNG leadership their defence for this action."

Unfortunately for the VSQ, the Peripheries as a whole seem to have applauded the QNG for destroying the VSQ, with the FET and DTR offering their personal congratulations for the destruction of a vessel belonging to an affiliation that has had significant pirate links in the past.

*** GTT Respond to DTR ***

Following on from last weeks story regarding tensions between the GTT and DTR, the following statement has been released on behalf of Ian Jordan:

"With regards to the DTR in Adamski. This system is an Imperial system under occupation by DTR forces. The Food Aid agreement applies to A11 and the planet Seventeen, only but over time has spread to the system in general.

Here is the DTR statement confirming.
Following lengthy discussions within the DTR I would like to state that we find your honesty and openness refreshing. What is happening in the Inner Empire is indeed not only a tragedy but a travesty of justice. We would like to offer our help to supply the food to Earth. We realise the DTR will never be allowed to access the Sol system by the GCS (and indeed we have no intention of going anywhere near it except to access Wolf 359) so the best we can offer at the moment is to extend IMP and GTT the previously granted free access to Alpha 11 Adamski by allowing you to build up your outpost ASDA (34134) and to extract your food resource. Of course IMP and GTT shipping is already safe from DTR attack in Alpha 11. When this was discussed other things were brought up about the Inner Empire and the GTT put all there cards on the table to sort a solution out, however we were stabbed in the back despite our "honesty and openness"

The only attack by GTT forces in Adamski was by a lone rogue who was dealt with by the GTT and the DTR except our apology and refused all compensation as they suffered negligible damage.

In response to the DTR statements on GTT policy.

The GTT since the leadership change have not carried out independent attacks against the DTR or Confederate and there allies. We have support the Imperials on occasion though.

We at the GTT are moving in the direction of our profile namely trade, transport and making stellars.If GTT assets are attacked we will defend ourselves and carry out attacks in retribution.

The next one

Since I have taken over the running of the GTT I have tried to steer them away from active confrontation. We have supplied ships, troops and equipment to the Imperials for the war effort. However in light of recent attacks using pirates against GTT positions we will rethink this policy.

GTT security services will again take a more active role against these affiliations hiding behind pirates. We will do it has GTT not pirates. In case this is not general policy of these affiliations the GTT will suspend activation of these new policy for a week to allow the handing over of the political involved to GTT security forces for trial.

I would also be interested in hearing the DTR response to there allies use of pirates.

Now to explain

GTT assets have been attacked by pirates, which upon investigation seemed to be related somehow to the CIA/CNF. with no denials or conformation. GTT assets again were attacked by the KST enemies of the KAS are long time friends, who we have helped with the commercial attach for many years. the KST reside in Kastor under the protection of the Confederacy.

We have rethought our policy as stated and the political was handed over. No statement was made by the DTR with response to the use of pirates by allies.

The GTT have removed all DOW and ships from its posted list. The only affiliation to reply in kind was the DNA.

GTT forces have moved into the wormhole in Varitang, we have constructed a platform in orbit to control access. This also protects Inner Empire from its enemies. The system is not claimed on behalf of the AFT like Solo, but on behalf of the government of the Varitang which at the moment is not recognised by the GCS. They have broken away from the Inner Empire. Our actions have not effected the Varitang Government in any way, as we have not restricted there or the AFT access in any way. We have not blockade the planet and at the request of the AFT we have suspended our enemy lists till a week Monday as a sign of good faith. We feel our actions are totally justified.

With respect to peace talks these require that both parties talk and keep each other informed of there progress, not go quite for weeks on end.

The next paragraph is confusing.
We are at war so we wish to deny you everything, Did you worry about this when you invaded Straddle, Adamski, Pollux, Trinity or Void. I would like to know who you made offers of help to regarding earth, your statement above clearly states non, apart from allowing access to Adamski. The GTT has at no time agreed to any ceasefire, official or otherwise. The GTT as made numerous at peace all rejected or dragged out to no conclusion.

The GTT will take the request onboard but I would not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. Maybe our actions will bring you back to the table."

*** SMS Fleet Accident ***

A fleet of eight 20HH SMS gunboats have run into a spot of trouble this week, as they received orders to sweep a system for pirates. Unfortunately in one of the larger military cock-ups to be seen this side of a brand new DTR Heavy Carrier sailing straight into a Nebula field, none of the 8 captains thought to check their starmaps for navigational hazards first, and sailed slap bang into not one, but two major asteroid fields.

With all 8 vessels now understood to be stranded and disabled in the second asteroid field, drifting without power, and mostly gutted, a major SMS rescue operation is now underway, to at least try and rescue the surviving captains and crew.

The vessels are understood to have received their orders from Hucuron Baalazars office.

*** SMS Win Press Award ***

We at the IGN would like to congratulate the SMS once again for their stance towards freedom of the press. No other affiliation has done more to open up their operations to Inter-Galactic News reporters.

*** To The Tyrant An Heir ***

The peripheries are rejoicing following the birth of the Felini Tyrants first son:

"To confirm the news which has already reached public channels, the Felini Tyranny is indeed in celebration following the birth of the Tyrant's firstborn son. Mrrgan, son of Mrrshan has a healthy mewl, and his appetite is ferocious (as is fitting, of course).

The Tyrant asks for all the peripheries to join him with their rejoicing, and thanks the many wellwishers for their thoughts at this wonderful time for him and his mate Krren."

The Editor would like to take a moment to add his own congratulations.

*** CNN Public Information Broadcast ***

CNF commanders have issued reports of Pirates sighted in the orbit of Stone River (557) in the Yank system.

Stone River (557) in Yank (146)
Date 47.1: PIRATE SHIP SMALL (1118) - {75 Normal Hulls}

The vessel landed at the location of a CNF freighter today and proceeded to attempt a boarding although thankfully the boarding was successfully repulsed by CNF marines. GTT and DNA vessels have been sighted in orbit and caution should be exercised by all ship commanders when travelling in this location currently.

++ Transmission Ends ++

*** Independent Vessel Destroyed ***

Another IND freighter has been attacked and destroyed inside Falconian space, the FCN Emperor Thoriqal has issued the following statement:

"Once again, let me stress that IND are not welcome in Falconian space. They will be attacked on sight. A 20 huller was destroyed by quadrant defences today. My only regret is that the ship may be owned by a new captain, although there is of course the off chance that it is a probe by FLZ friends."

All Independent captains are warned once again to steer well clear of FCN space, as they will be fired upon.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Information wanted ***

The Falconian Empire is offering 10 000 stellars for information on Flagritz defences in Twilight. Contact me if you have information to sell.


***** From The Posting Board *****

"Factory Production" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The topic can be found here:

"ISR Field Explanation" in forum "Everything Else".

The topic can be found here:

"Markets" in forum "Merchandising and Markets".

The topic can be found here:

"MasterTrader's Rules Sections" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The topic can be found here:

"Outpost updates" in forum "Bug Reporting".

The topic can be found here:

"Factory Production" in forum "Factory Production".

The topic can be found here:

***** Message From The Editor *****

The out of date FCN webpage has been removed from the list below as per request.



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06-12-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 49 DAY 3  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** The Storm System ***

More details have surfaced regarding the political future of the Storm system, with the following statement by the Falconian Emperor, Thoriqal:

"The storm system is no longer open for colonization.

No new outposts or bases may be built without permission from the Falconian Empire.

Applications for permits will be taken on recommendation from the Krell Dark Angel Clan.

It is the Falconian Empires plan til gradually turn over the system to the Krell peoples once they have built up sufficient forces to defend themselves.

I would ask that the nations of the peripheries give their pledge not to attack the fledgling krell nation(s), nor attempt to annex the Storm system.

The current deadline for complete handover of the system is 1 year."

Our reporters understand that Krell diplomats have been approaching several major power-blocs, seeking to make a political agreement that will secure the neutrality of the Storm system for the forseeable future.

*** Close Escape ***

The pirate vessel Nubian Mutt had a close call this week in the inner reaches of the yank system, when an SMS patrol very nearly brought the 50 hulled pirate to battle.

It is thought the pirate was scoping out an SMS freighter nearby, when several heavy elements of the SMS battlefleet passed through on close escort, damn near scaring the pirate out of his skin, and sending him scampering out of the system to fresh hunting grounds.

*** Pirate Large ***

Following Large's threat to execute the remainder of the prisoners he is holding, several parties have launched desperate attempts to try and stay the hand of the executioner.

Most governments however have remained silent on the matter, continuing to stick to strict policies that involve making no deals with pirates.

*** Battlefield Raid ***

A lone Flagritz warship has launched a raid on a small Felini base somewhere in the Battlefield system. With one FEL Freighter destroyed, it remains to be seen what the FEL response will be, and whether or not the FLZ warship will escape orbit.

*** Pirate Large Again ***

Large himself has lead a daring raid against a FET scout ship that was carrying out investigations on the surface of the planet Wall in the Fortoon system.

It is understood the FET science team were conducting a routine survey of some local flora, when several hundred blood-thirsty pirates came charging out of the undergrowth.

There are no reported survivors.

*** Imperial News ***

From the Imperial Wire:

Routine patrolling in the Darkfold periphery has resulted in two CIA freighters being destroyed by the ISP. The Yank anti-Pirate and KST patrol encountered three KST 100HH ships. In the resulting battle two of the KST ships were heavily damaged and an Imperial 75NH Interceptor Carrier destroyed. Two other ISP ships took relatively light damage.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Wanted ***

I am looking for about 1000 MUs of Jacium Laced Alloys (11), can anyone supply same. If so please quote.


*** Scientists ***

Does anybody have any scientists they want to trade?

If so, contact the Editor with a list of who is up for grabs, and it can be published here in the Classifieds.

*** Recruitment ***

Greetings Gentlebeings,

The RIP are currently undertaking a recruitment drive and would like to offer the following opportunities to all interested parties.

500 Scientist/lab technicians required to further our research goals.
500 Factory workers to build the new stuff the boffins invent.
500 Engineers and Maintenance technicians - to fix stuff after it breaks coz it wasn't
invented very well...
500 Croupiers, waitresses, bingo callers and actors/actresses to keep the masses
entertained and happy while we research better stuff!

Anyone wishing to help fulfil these exciting opportunities should submit their applications to the address below.

Thank you.

RIP GT Spugman
RIP Freedom City / Quick Snack
Jiggly Room Iced Tea - Two for One with this Voucher

Private line : doug(dot)hughes(at)btinternet(dot)com

***** From The Posting Board *****

Dump Cargo to Flee" option" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The topic can be found here:

"Pubmeet 8-10th December" in forum "Everything Else".

The topic can be found here:

"Turns taking a long time to come in" in forum "Bug Reporting".

The topic can be found here:

"Calculating thrust values" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The topic can be found here:


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08-12-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 49 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** CIA Launch Sneak Attack ***

Stop Press.

Our reporters have just heard that the CIA have launched an attack against the controversial GTT Platform in the Varitang System. A furious Ian Jordan has appeared on Subspace making the following statement:

"We are shocked that the CIA launched a unprovoked attack against a GTT platform tonight. We had withdraw our heavy units as requested since a ceasefire was in place. This, of course as left our platform unsupported which was obviously want you wanted all the time.

The GTT will think twice before we leave ourselves open again.

Trust what trust this bodes well for the so called peace talks this weekend."

The GTT support units had withdrawn from the Varitang system following successful talks where, we understand, an agreement had been made that the future of the system and of the prickly subject of the Inner Empire, would be discussed at an upcoming summit.

With hope for a peaceful resolution now lying in shreds, it seems as if all-out war may once again return to haunt the Peripheries with the GTT returning to a fully active role. And with the timing of this attack, it seems as if this was the objective of whoever it was who ordered the assault against the platform.

*** Imperial Outpost Applications ***

It has been a quiet few weeks from the Imperial planning department, but just to let us know that they are still operating, here's some more Outpost Application requests. Contain yourselves.

"Applications have been received to exploit the following codes in the
Aladdin system, 34786 and 35632. Anyone already exploiting the codes in
Aladdin should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day 5 Week 50,
indicating on which celestial body they are being exploited."

*** Pirate Large ***

Following recent threats, it seems as if Pirate Large has indeed carried out the last of his executions.

Admiral Bridge of the QNG, understood to have been in negotiation with Large to try and secure their release, has issued the following statement:

"I regret to inform you all that Pirate Large has claimed to me that he has executed all the captains being held prisoner. Considering the speed with which he abandoned negotiations, I can only assume he never seriously intended to ransom them."

Pirate Large himself has weighed in, saying that, "i will be forwarding the footage to all governments who wish to have a copy, there mus be a market for filth like this out there. anyone who wants footage for sellin lets me know and ill start a ship ment. i reckons i could makes money ere likes."

*** More Pirate Large ***

God help us all, it's Large again. And this time he's managed to capture a warship:

"Ahharrgghhhh me hearties..... It be aye... Pirate Large......

It be stardate 206.47.5 when me boys spotted 2 ships lurking in the Fortoon
system aye.

Me alerts sounds an I goes to get the DOM ship Star Dreams (83725) a
broadsword she be, an one o me other ships goes for the FET ship Scary

Well I gets alongside the Broadsword and starts me boarding which came as a
surprise to me as it had weapons on board. I soon takes the ship aye I does,
an starts me ritual shaggin, when me boys report the ship be intact, but it
be ammo less, ahharrgghh lovely that be why I wen so good.

Me other lads wen in again a landed FET 75 huller, an I got reports back
that I hasn seen before. It were easy even 1 of the bastard children I as
fathered could o took it, as there be no one on board other than 1 FET
cappan Mick the Quick, an quick was the word as it fell first roun aye she

Anyways after capturing them on what is the last day of operations, its
always that bit more tricky on getting aways likes. Especially when that FET
bloke puts out a mayday on open comms. Luckily for me he be a twerp, an
forgots to mention on this broadcast the the ship had a cloak fitted, and
had a take off time of 7 tus and leave orbit time o 1tu....Garrrrr bootiful,
a wasted effort by the APTF...

On board the FET ship after searchin, we founds footage an recordings of the
FET man him self, it looks to be security tapes aye it be, of im and him
missus in bed, not at it likes, he be a sleep, an his wife is praying, you
can ere what she says as the following transcript. I finks she be after me
that's what I reckons....anyways ere is what she says.

[transcript censored to avoid legal action]


Ps. Its that time o year again, don't forget to look at backdogs poem on me
website regardin Chrimstmas aye..... the website as been
updated with all but this capture and also the lost. Sales have ceased as I
as enough contacts to push out the bounty. Although wiv the talks o bounty's
bein put on me head ill have to keep me distance aye..."

Large must be rubbing his hands in glee to have had such a successful week, evading a certain APTF intercept on the one hand, and on the other, making off with an extremely valuable Broadsword.

*** Pirate Black Dog ***

The equally bad at spelling pirate, Black Dog, has also reported success this week, having captured a Felini vessel somewhere in Yank. The following transmission has been received:

Yank: upper rings 0200

"oh blacky, gives me all [censored]"
Me secretrey just gettin down to bizness wehn,
all th sudden all 'el broke loos. And this be one time black dog be
hapy his scretary 'as her mouth open because the Nubian Mutt come to
a sudden stop that throwed him and her out o the rack and sent things
all over the ship spilling and dashing against the bulkheds.

I know you all remembers how Hurkermers famed pirete patrol
A P T F (a pirate to fok) chased blackys new flag ship, the
nubian mutt, out o yank the other day. Thats when the helmsman
stomped on breaks and heaved to.

Sir! FEL frighter astern. We almost missed her.
Blacky says; quick, sets the boardin party! We aai't got no
times to waste. me secretary be in [censored]!

'an don't forgets that one armed assholle too, slygo says, whilest
spittin on the flore.

Star Date 206.48.2
Boarding Action for the Control of FEL CTE Pride of Mirado (53375)
Round 1: Battle is 175:4 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 22.62% control [77.38%]
1.16% chance of losing control
Round 2: Battle is 50:1 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 23.06% control [54.31%]
9.54% chance of losing control
Round 3: Battle is 247:4 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.15% control [30.16%]
34.06% chance of losing control
Round 4: Battle is 1049:9 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 24.57% control [5.59%]
84.14% chance of losing control

FEL CTE Pride of Mirado (53375) has fallen to the attackers.

Attacking PIRATE Boarding Party (23572)
Round 1: 24 Kastorian Crew - 1 [24] damage
Round 2: 21 Kastorian Crew - 0 [21] damage
Round 3: 17 Kastorian Crew - 3 [17] damage

Incoming Fire from PIRATE Boarding Party (23572)
Round 1: 69 Falconian Marines - 0 [138] damage
154 Falconian Soldiers - 12 [616] damage
10 Human Marines - 0 [20] damage
24 Flagritz Mercenaries - 2 [48] damage
40 Human Soldiers - 0 [160] damage
10 Human Veteran Marines - 0 [40] damage
5 Naplian Marines - 2 [10] damage
Round 2: 69 Falconian Marines - 2 [138] damage
154 Falconian Soldiers - 8 [616] damage
10 Human Marines - 0 [20] damage
24 Flagritz Mercenaries - 0 [48] damage
40 Human Soldiers - 4 [160] damage
10 Human Veteran Marines - 0 [40] damage
5 Naplian Marines - 0 [10] damage
Round 3: 69 Falconian Marines - 0 [138] damage
154 Falconian Soldiers - 20 [616] damage
10 Human Marines - 0 [20] damage
24 Flagritz Mercenaries - 0 [48] damage
40 Human Soldiers - 12 [160] damage
10 Human Veteran Marines - 0 [40] damage
5 Naplian Marines - 0 [10] damage

Post Battle Summary
Military Damage: 15 Kastorian Crew (633)
Civilian Damage: 1 Bridge (100)
Ship hulls are undamaged

Later we all set in the galley. Black dog was passin out beeer
rations while blind dog willy an this here new kid be playin
mumblypeg wit there sabors. Winner gets that fat tub o lard. Pore
little bastard won. Well an all we ad was 9 kastorimn prisners
lefft. Shit. I'd ruther use me hand.

black dog


***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Career Openings ***

The Falconian Empire is looking captains of any race to run our trade ships. Furthermore, the Empire now has several bases in need of Governor (no, the bases are not for sale). If a career as a Governor of an already established base sounds interesting contact me at the Falconian HQ Raven's Roost

FCN Emperor
House Raven

*** Crew Contracts Offered ***

I have 550 Naplian Crew and 399 Human crew who becoming a little unruly, they consider themselves hard workers but are becoming bored waiting on a berth. The leaders say they would prefer positions on merchant ships but are willing to work anywhere.. Something about working in a type S scout with bad air freshers is better then sitting in a starbase for eternity.

You give them pay and entertainment and the next thing you have is a food fight in the cafeteria.

Contracts will be available for purchase at Dinas Dawr tomorrow afternoon.


*** Broadsword Blueprint For Sale ***

I have a broadsword blueprint. Al Bundy didn't want to get rid of it but since he was passed out drunk at the Jiggley Room the last time I needed his opinion, at the moment i don't care what he wants.

As I've indicated before, the new DNA is now non combative. I have a broadsword blueprint and I need 1000 patches which I could pick up anywheres between arachnid and cappalla. The bp is in the process of being tooled, but I can cancel it immediately and issue a pa for anyone interested and its possible if we pull it off right that you'll have the bp tooling at your own base monday morning.

If anyone would be interested in such a trade, please contact me at
cdr_jack_ryan [at] c-lawrence-images. US

if I cut a deal before you have a chance to contact me, I will let you know that its already done. Thanks to all of you.

*** Transport Assets Available ***

Hi all,

I regularly find myself leaving the Cluster with spare cargo space and some life space. If anyone would like to take advantage of this and would like to hire the space to ship cargo out of the cluster, please contact me on

Phil [at] mohache [dot] com

***** Message From The Editor *****

Christmas is coming, and if I have counted right, I think the issue of the SSS due for that week will be the 100th edition created and put together by my good self.

So, with this in mind, I am looking to recruit your help in putting together a bumper festive special for the holidays.

Suggestions You could write a festive in-character message, so that I can create a 'Periphery Christmas Card' section, ever wondered what Michelle Diaz's card to Simms would look like? You could submit a short report on in-character political matters discussed at the Pub Meet, or even better, things overheard. You could let me know what your affiliation does for Christmas. Submit rumours of sightings of Pirate Large dressed as Santa Clause. Anything really. Let your imaginations run wild, and submit stories/rumours/vile-propaganda to The Editor, at the email address below.

Also, please note that the AFT website has had a minor update and a face-lift.

Nice work Richard.




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15-12-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 50 DAY 5  [Recruit]

*****GM Holiday*****
The game master will be on holiday from Thursday 21st December through to Tuesday 2nd January.
There will be a double run on the following days due to Bank holidays:
Friday 22nd December
Wednesday 27th December
Tuesday 2nd January

Merry Christmas to all.

***** Inter-Galactic News *****

*** Imperial Press Release ***

Tensions have heightened considerably between the FLZ Empire and the Imperial services this week, with a panoply of rumours leading to a very strongly worded imperial press release:

"Disturbing rumours have been heard that the FLZ are requesting permission from the Kastorian Military Junta to attack GTT assets in Yank in reprisal for an alleged failure by Lord Goth to return some loaned assets of theirs on the basis that they were loaned for the duration of the KRL/FCN war. We have no information as to the nature or terms of any such loans but the Imperial Services totally deplore any attempt to break Yank neutrality with malice aforethought, regardless of the alleged provocation.

The Imperial Services also wish to remind all involved that the GTT are our most faithful and constant allies in our current war against the rebels who would enslave us, and we could not, in all conscience, ignore any call for help from them should they be attacked, regardless whether such an attack was within our borders or not.

The FLZ are also reminded that their privileges to travel through our systems for the purposes of trade and transit are just that. They are not a right and can be withdrawn at the discretion of the Viceregal Administration. It would also cause great inconvenience to others should it ever become necessary to close the Stargate terminal in Inferno to enforce any such withdrawal of privileges.

Imperial Press Office, Jax 01/50/206"

The Flagritz responded by denying the rumours, and indicating that such rumours were likely the result of their Consortium enemies attempting to stir up trouble for them.

*** The Varitang Affair ***

The murky politics of the CIA attack against the GTT platform in Varitang has continued, with a positive snowstorm of 'No Comments' descending on reporters attempting to cover the story. With most of the major powers involved, and a tight battening down of the hatches across the board, we can only speculate that something big is going on, even if we have no idea what.

One of our reporters did receive a snippet of a communication, that grants perhaps some insight into the behind the scenes negotiations. It is unclear where the following passage originated, but it is believed to be from somewhere inside the CIA:

"You may be able to deceive other affiliations about your criminal actions, but you fail, miserably, to sway those that are able to pierce your deceptions. YOU, Ian Jordan, are personally responsible for the use of Nuclear Weapons that resulted in the destruction of the moon Coombes in the New Sussex System and the loss of over 25,000 civilian lives. YOU attempted to hide the fact behind subterfuge and sleight of hand, then finally bolted back to the GTT and left the COH to their fate once you realized that you would be held to task for your actions. YOU ARE A WARCRIMINAL."

We would speculate further, but that is likely to get us in trouble with absolutely everyone.

*** Pirate Large ***

Reports indicate that Pirate Large has captured a Detinus Republic exploration corp vessel.

*** More Trouble For The FLZ ***

The offices of Ian Jorden have released a memo on subspace warning the FLZ to steer clear of all GTT installations. The memo is as follows:

"Until the situation is resolved with the FLZ they are to stay away from all GTT starbases, or risk destruction. This is a self protection measure, the GTT have been caught recently and will not suffer the same fate again."

*** Political Confusion Amidst DNA ***

Our newsroom is receiving reports that indicate a further change of leadership amongst the DNA might be imminent, with more stories regarding complications in the transition of power from Mad Max to Jack Ryan Enterprises.

*** Trouble For The DNA ***

Felini sources have indicated that a DNA sensor ship, the Blue Racer, has been destroyed whilst inside a restricted Felini system.

The FEL Tyrant Mrrshan has invited Jack Ryan to contact him personally to explain this transgression:

"I only hope for the sake of the new administration that there is a good reason for this. I invite Mr Ryan to contact me for discussion - PRIVATELY, as no high level talks will be held on this forum."

*** Pirate Attack ***

The pirate vessel Wulfenstein has attacked but failed to board an SMS vessel in the Dryad system.

***** Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Quad Rex For Sale ***

78000 QUAD REX 30078 will be put on the market at FCN Falencia 3351 @ 6 stellars each from tomorrow.

*** Goods For Sale ***

Check it out.

Near 500 000 mu's of goods will be added to the FCN markets tomorrow.

Happy trading.

*** Free Trader For Sale ***

Make me an offer off list.

Bids will close on Dec 17.


FCN HACL Donald Duck (72617)

Design: Free Trader Gx (420) Class Fast Freighter |
| Hulls: 50 (Normal Hull)

|-Installed Items-----------------------------------------------------
| 1 AI Navigator (915) - 10 mus |
| 1 Bridge (100) - 50 mus |
| 5 Cargo Bay (134) - 25 mus |
| 17 Cargo Hold (180) - 100 mus |
| 4 Gatling Laser (215) - 10 mus |
| 5 ISR Type 2 Engines (145) - 40 mus |
| 1 Jump Drive - Quantum (178) - 50 mus |
| 6 Landing Engine (168) - 20 mus |
| 1 Quarters (131) - 25 mus |
| 1 Sensor (103) - 10 mus |
| 5 Shields (115) - 10 mus |
| 6 Thrust Engine (160) - 20 mus |

*** Caravel For Sale ***

Make me an offer off list.

Bids will close on Dec 17.


FCN SHIP N'rrrrrrrrr (87643)

| Design: Caravel (6) Class Fast
Freighter |
| Hulls: 75 (Light Hull) Hull Damage:
0% |
| Integrity Mod: 2 Integrity: 100% (0
patches) |
| Armour: None

|-Installed Items-----------------------------------------------------
| 1 Bridge (100) - 50
mus |
| 31 Cargo Hold (180) - 100
mus |
| 30 Gatling Laser mkII (216) - 10
mus |
| 8 ISR Type 3 Engines (150) - 20
mus |
| 1 Jump Drive (175) - 50
mus |
| 15 Quarters (131) - 25
mus |
| 13 Scintillator (125) - 10
mus |
| 1 Sensor (103) - 10
mus |
| 24 Shields (115) - 10
mus |
| 1 Stargate Key - Twinkle (961) - 1
mus |
| 25 Targeting Computer (107) - 10
mus |
| 29 Thrust Engine (160) - 20
mus |
| Install Space: 5246/5250 Weapon Space:

*** Desperately Seeking ***

Would the captain of the ship FEL SHIP NEW SHIP (75912) - {20 Normal Hulls} which docked at Blackbirds Nest today please be good enough to contact me.

Yours in Trade,


*** Desperately Seeking ***

Greetings Honourable Citizens,

Would the original owner of the ship SS Leslie Frank (42255) please contact
me as a matter of urgency.

I have received an unexpected and surprising bit of news in this regards

Yours in Trade


***** Festive Fun *****


The Falconian Empire is pleased to announce its first annual XMAS LOTTERY.

The prize is a 100 xlight hull Condor

In order to participate in the draw for the freighter you must message FCN Thoriqal 73321 from your starter ship (20 hull surveyor) (Note from editor: Or Courier?) and the ship must be in orbit at FCN Prodis 4124 on dec 22. The ship owner must be public (ie not set to anonymous). I will then announce the winner on dec 25 on this forum.

Falconian Emperor

OOC: The purpose of this is to give a largish freighter to a new player and not to an established one. Of course, I have no way of checking who the actual player is but I hope that you guys will not take advantage of this to pull a scam. The freighter is being given in the spirit of xmas and not for any gain gamewise. Have fun guys.

*** A Pirates Christmas Carol Part One ***

(Did I mention how much I hate pirates when it comes time to spellcheck the SSS? - The Editor)

STAVE I. The night before Christmas (PART ONE O THREE)

"What urks me most", black dog was sayin' is how bad they treats us.
"Well sir, what dous you expect? you be a pirate.
I know slygo, but we has feelings too, i mean, sure we robs and rapes and kills an p[illiages, but at least we haves a heart and cares about folks.

The gunners mate comes out on deck. "Sir, you gone be writing a Christmas peom this year? Cause if you ain't, blind dogs willy won'ts to gives a hand. (don't worry, this here be a christmas story and so we won't be makin no hand jokes).

No, I just ain't got the christtmas spirt, i reckens.i guess i can say i hates chrismes.

But sir, ' sly go was saying, 'shorly you can't means it! not even that one armed man 'ates christmeas. I jus hopes he closes down the pirate patrol ON THE 25th.

why? you gettin scared?
Nosir, i'm thinkin about them pore blokes runnin around lookin for us. they'll be workin christmus day And we ain't even gonna be there. We;ll all be in the jigggly room.

Oh? And you thinks YOU be Cappan' on theis here ship? You thinks we're takin off the day jus becaz of that? No body gits the day off says black dog. I aint got the christmus spirit, so why don't you shuts the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

blacy storms off deck.
"what the 'el's his problem?"

That night the ship cloaked into the oribit o spritzer and the boys sit down at quickk snakc. iT DOn't snow much on spprtizer but it was tonite. snowing like bloody hell. Slygo and blind dog wen off to looks for a church to pray in, and some o the pirates 'ad family so they were off doin that. Blacky though, he was one mizerble s.o.b. He had given them the day off irridgeardlss. The whole MOH affieeation was standin on the streeet corner singin....'the first noel, the angels did si...."
Shut the 'el up! then he pulls out 'is saber and chases 'um away.

He goes on into the giggly room an orders fish n chipps. Hey wiaterss, how bout some more of that there egg nog?

./,em menewhiles th guvner of spriterzer, spudman comes up an says, 'we be graced by yer cum-pany black dog.calls me blacky. you be a tru friend to all pirsates.Well that shut spdman up.

Then this here nun comes u;p takin a coolllection for pore little falcornian orfens. Black Dog glares at 'er. "nun huh? I knows all abouts you. You ain't never had none, don't wont nun and ain't gunna get nun. You ain't gettin nun o my dam munny ether.Them-there dam orpens can dies and goes to hell and decrese the populashun. WHERES MY DAM EGGNOG!!!

we be ouot o egg nog cappan blacky, can i gets you anything elsse? How bout some hot buttterd rum?
we be out o that too, that dam qng party clened us out. besides, you has had one tooo many .

blacky thrOwoed the rest o his drink in 'er face and knocked the
hell outo the aft soldier commin thru the dore. Then he heded
for 'is hotel room, kickin some street person singin carols in the
buttt on the way down th strreet. He fell hedlong into a
snowdrigttft and cursed his mom, that one armsed sob and the day
that'ed been borned.

He went aroun a corner and pulled out ole blue an left 'is name
spelled out in yellow snow. But even that t didn't make him feel no
beetter. An no body was in the hottel. It appers the snow storm'd
run everyone out, but the lobby dore be open so he went on in,
helpin 'iself to a botttle o thier best. They should o stayed on the

But then on 'is way up the steps he heard the strangest damn thing
you ever did herrd. SORT o like a long lonly whale, like one of them
there cia prizmners at a cummin out party. "must be one of thos
deewop marines", he sed outloud and went on up the stares. He got to
his dore but the keey wouldn't fit. Black dog be just a tiny bit

Well, he 'append to look at the little peeephole in the dore and
damn near soiled 'is self! He stepped back quick, trippped over 'is
own feet and almost run 'is sabor into the side o his leg.'is
middle leg. And for the first time in 'is hole life, black dog was
scarred! There where the peeep hole was sposed to be was the face
of none other than his dead granp;a, BLACK BILL GRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

***** From The Posting Boards *****

Mica has posted the documentation relating to the major Infrastructure upgrade coming to the game, as was discussed at the recent pubmeet. The full text for this, along with all of the proposed changes and additions, can be found here:

***** Message From The Editor *****


Christmas themed stories/snippets/classifieds/whatever should be submitted to the Editor for the next edition of the SSS/IGN.



Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
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22-12-2006: SUBSPACE STATIC: 206 WEEK 51 DAY 5  [Recruit]

***** Inter-Galactic News 100th Edition, Christmas Special *****

*** Shock Announcement, The Dominion Are No More! ***

Imperial press Announcement:-

The Viceroy's Office has released the following press statement.

"As many will be aware the Dominion was formed from the survivors of a projected penal colony from the old Stellar Empire that lost contact with its origins until re-discovered in the Cluster some years ago. After some considerable negotiation the Dominion have decided to reunite with their origins in the Stellar Empire by amalgamating with the Imperial Services. The amalgamation is to take place with immediate effect and all former DOMinion assets shall be re-flagged as IMPerial Services forthwith. All systems formerly claimed by the DOMinion shall be subject to Imperial Law forthwith and shall be under Imperial protection. System messages shall be changed accordingly in the near future. The Viceroy, the Imperial Command Council and all Imperial Officers issue a hearty welcome to our Dominion cousins on their return to the Imperial fold."

Independent observers are already questioning what long term impact this will have on the much rumoured peace talks that are underway between the warring human factions of the Imperial-bloc and the Confederacy/Detinus allies.

Further observers have questioned just exactly what the IMP will do now that they have taken control of all of the DOM slave holdings

*** Shock Announcement Number Two, Goth Retires! ***

Broadcast for the peripheries:

"It's been a long and bloody road, I never thought I'd live long enough to see these most horrendous days....but I have.

Peace! Peace! Peace, they shout. From all corners and just about every camp that matters there rings a universal peace call.

This marks the second time I have been beaten by the pen where the sword could not touch me. First, the devious Falconian, now the CNF block....what can I do?

I must finally retire with the wealth and trophies gained from years of crushing enemy fleets and underhanded trades. I will no doubt spend a good portion of that loot at the jiggly room...for what else is left that is still exciting???"


Lord Goth turns from the microphone shaking his head.

IGN Reporters hope to have an interview with Lord Goth sometime soon.

*** The Varitang Affair ***

Two stories regarding the Varitang Operation have been posted by the Imperial News wire:

"In spite of an informal local cease fire being arranged between Lord Goth of the GTT and a DTR official, the CIA sent almost fifty warships down the Wormhole into the Varitang system to attack a recently established GTT platform located there on Day 4. In spite of their numbers the platform suffered relatively little damage. On Day 4 a mixed relief force of around 20 GTT and IMP ships arrived and succeeded in their primary objective of drawing fire away from the platform. A CIA Capital ship was destroyed and several others damaged. The allies lost six Wren Gunboats and had other ships damaged.

The Allies have demonstrated their determination to hold this location and it remains to be seen if the CIA will persist in their so far ineffectual efforts to destroy the platform."


"The battle of Varitang entered its fourth day yesterday (50/2) with CIA casualties mounting day by day. They had lost 19 of the 45 ships that mounted the initial attack on the GTT Platform at the last count. Allied losses have been limited to 8 Wren Gunships so far, but many ships on both sides have taken damage. Information received indicates that the ship commanded by Lord Scrimm's son was amongst those lost. It is hoped that the cease fire being brokered by third parties will hold today and the slaughter can come to an end."

Further, our reporters have received eye-witness stories regarding vast alien vessels being deployed by the CIA under Majestic code-names. These warships, believed to be more than 400 heavy hulls in size, dwarf anything so far seen in the Peripheries. Where these Unknown alien ships came from, we can only speculate.

*** Change Of Leadership ***

The DNA have lost a second leader, as Jack Ryan, head of Jack Ryan Enterprises, has stepped down as their elected leader, the position recently vacated by The Elusive And Immortal Mad Max.

Allegedly citing irreconcilable difficulties with intransigent DNA elements, Jack Ryan is reportedly returning to his Independent roots.

*** Pirate Has Narrow Escape ***

The pirate vessel Anna Nicole Smith has had a close escape after an encounter with an Imperial deep space surveillance platform somewhere inside Detinus Republic Territory.

It is difficult to say who was more surprised, the Pirate to have encountered an IMP platform, or the Detinus Senator who was informed how long the platform had been there undetected.

*** Festive Steaks For Almost All ***

From the Riva IMPquisitor

"Steak festival: A Sizzling Success"

Well, it was a little later in the year, but the 2nd annual Booker steak festival has been to town. Colonists from across Booker joined those in and around Riva for the Festival that honours the Booker Bison the source for Booker Steaks that have been described as the "Fibre that feeds the Peripheries" and "Much tastier than Cyclopod Steaks...honest".

Governor DuLuke La Gatte provided over 2,500 MU's to help the celebrations, with visitors encouraged to show their various cooking styles - presided over by last years cooking winner Delilah Smythe.

Rumour has it that clerical errors in the Booker Steak Provisions Department, meant that the numbers available for the Festival were cut down to meet sales requirements, but on the whole it is felt the festival was a success and is an example of the Riva administration working with the Booker community.

As well as the various cooking competitions, families were entertained by the three legged detritus shovelling race which many local residents are hoping could become a future event in future Periphery Games.

IGN Reporters on the scene have described the event as a resounding success, and a great day out for the whole family.

So long as they like steak.

*** Suicidal Pirate Ruins Christmas For Almost 5000 Pilots ***

The pirate vessel Jessica Simonetti appeared over the SMS Starbase Skypoint in the Audrey system this week, ruining the Christmas leave for the 5000 pilots who were recalled to scramble in their fighters to meet the oncoming threat.

The oncoming threat was annihilated by the Starbases railguns before the fighters could close of course, but such is life.

We will never know what the Jessica Simonetti was doing there, well, except for making a brief and pretty lights show.

*** Festive Vandalism In Yank ***

Kastorian Military Junta officials are understood to be in a murderous rage following the repeated vandalism of the Yank system message buoys.

The original message, that ran thus:

"The Yank system is the domain of the Kastorians. While here it is expected that all parties will respect the Kastrian law. Kastorian law is simple, do not do anything that could be considered aggressive. The planet Hydraulic is considered off-limits to all alien factions. Do not enter orbit."

Has been amended with the following two messages:

"Christmas is coming, old Jordan's feeling flat,
The CIA attack made him look like a rat,
With peace talks underway what will he do?
Probably nuke another moon and say 'Go screw you!'

Jiggley Ice Tea now 2 for the price of 1 !!!! Be sure and visit The Jiggley Room on Spritzer and the Al Bundy Aeronautical Musem on Mobile rec center to be added soon. Tell them Al Bundy SentYOU!!!!! Merry Christmas to Mica, Cathy and all my friends and adversaries in the Stellar Empire!!"

We here at the IGN newsrooms are starting to wonder just how secret those secret peace talks that we're not allowed to officially talk about actually are.

*** Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit resource code 91916 in the Dryad system. Anyone already exploiting this code in Dryad should inform the Viceregal Administration by Day Five Week 52, indicating the celestial body on which the code is being exploited.

*** Outpost Application ***

An application has been received to exploit resource code 'Shiny Toys' in the North Pole. Anyone already exploiting this resource in the North Pole should inform the Viceregal Administration immediately, or face massive military retaliation from Admiral Lord Santa Simms, the Imperial Father Christmas.

*** Wimble Announcement ***

Oran Guutan, the Grandfather of the Wimble Nation, has issued the following public statement:

"Some months ago, the Wimble Nation made a public statement concerning the incapacitation of Revered Forefather Lemora Enewatak and my election as, and assumption of the role of, Grandfather of the Wimble Nation.

Since that date I have been deeply involved in matters arising from the sad events detailed, the transfers of responsibility caused by those events, and the consequences thereof.

One of my first actions on assuming my position was to contact the FLZ leadership and repudiate the claim to the Twilight system. The system message was removed and changed to its current version which clearly states the FLZ claim to the system.

At no time have I made any contact with the FCN concerning the Twilight system, nor have they made any contact with me. I cannot speak for Revered Forefather Lemora. His personal files are under private seal and unavailable to me. He may have contacted the FCN, if so he never told me. His actions should in no way be taken as a current Wimble Nation position unless they have been confirmed by me personally.

Wimbles have lived on the moon Doubt in the Twilight system for some time. However, that is not our place of origin. We know this, it is contained in our folktales and reproduced for all to see in our public history. There are still many genetic wimbles making their home on the moon, as there are others living on other planets and moons in the peripheries.

With the tragic events surrounding Revered Forefather Lemora's incapacity and subsequent events, the Wimble Nation as a recognised affiliation finds itself unable to sustain a presence in the Twilight system. We are organising a major refugee program to resettle any and all wimbles who wish to leave the Twilight system. This will severely stretch Wimble Nation resources but we cannot leave behind any of our fellow wimbles who wish to leave. The Wimble Nation will be much the poorer for this decision as there is no way by which we can remove all WMB assets. We were refugees when we arrived in the Twilight system: sadly, many of our people must again become refugees and leave it.

The Wimble Nation is a proud one, but well aware of our limitations. However, we have no need of anyone, FLZ, FCN or others, to speak for us or attempt to suggest that they can do so. I humbly request all affiliations to cease making inflammatory statements that may cause harm to the refugee effort. In particular, no one other than myself has any rights to speak for the Wimble Nation."

*** RIP News Announce Unfortunate Accident ***

From the news room of RIP central command (that's the back office in the Jiggly Room for those that don't know).

Just a friendly warning to you guys.

Avoid Nebulas like the plague! You can experience alot of damage due to them because the gas and debris are travelling at ultra high speeds, I recently had an experience that I would just as soon forget and never discuss again.

Now back to our usual program of the best Jiggly they will let us broadcast!

*** RIP News Agency Goes Insane ***

Reporters at the RIP News have clearly been imbiding too much festive eggnog this week, as they have accused the SSS/IGN of being a puppet for 'one major powerbloc or another'

They have even gone so far as to claim that their special offers page is far better.

Clearly some sort of alien brain parasite has been let loose amongst the RIP, leading to chaos and insanity and all manner of unpleasant flatulence.




***** A Pirates Christmas Carol, Part 2 *****

Pt. 2 of Stave 1:

bLACK dog stepped into'is room and slammed th door shut and leaned against it panting like a dog in heat or somthing. He tripped and fell down on 'is bed an all the sudden all bloody hell broke loose! The wind blew out a window, ice an snow blowed in and the sheets started flutterin like the skull an cross bones in the wind. And Black Bill Graves 'iself stood lookin down at black dog.

I'm seein things, i am, says blacky.
Grandson, it be me! Pirate Black Bill graves, come back frum the dead! I has to teach you the error o yer ways or else ye'll end up like me!

Blacky stood up, went over to the cabinet and pored him a stiff shot,,but then looked at Black Bill...can you still drinks?

Black Bill graves laughed and said, Hey, I may be a gost, but i still has my needs, fetch me a drink son, its been two long years. Well, he drunk it down alright but it pored out on the flore beneath him.

You just pissed yourself gramps!@ blacky said, laughing, but black bill let out with a scream that would raise the dead! YOU BLOODY LITTLE BASTARD! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTS FROM LIFE? YOU HAS A LITTLE FUN FOR 5, MAYBE SIX YERES AND THEN THAT ONEARMED BASTARD GETS LUCKY AND YOU GOES TO PIRATE HELL, I WAS A BAD ONE SON, SECOND ONLY TO PIRATE LARGE...WHO I KNEW WIN HE FIRST STRRTED OUT. BUT GRANDSON, you be twice as worse as i ever was. I didn't sees the eorror o my ways until it be too late, an now I has to sail that there black flag trhu the shadows o the steller empire foer a eternity, draggin a fokin chain and your own chain already be longer then mine! What say you?

I say I has had too much rum, i has.
You'll be viseited by 3 spirits, the firsstt...
I'll have me spirits in the bottle here, thankee kindly s....
And black bill graves cut loose with a nother scream that shook the
hole building, and all the suddne, blacky be scared.

Expects the first at first bell. and then he was gone and black dog didn't know if he'd seen it or not. But that damn winder still was open an his hed was spinnin and he passed out on is bed.

***** From The Posting Boards *****

"Infrastructure changes too complicated?" in forum "Game Mechanic Proposals".

The topic can be found here:

"Website" in forum "Game Mechanic Proposals".

The topic can be found here:

"Planetary Market" in forum "Game Mechanic Proposals".

The topic can be found here:

"Trading with Starbases" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The topic can be found here:

"troop BP research" in forum "Questions/Rules Discussion".

The topic can be found here:

Also, Mica has posted an addendum to the post documenting the Infrastructure Changes. The text is as follows:

With the introduction of new positions, envoys and ambassadors, we will be revising some politicals, scientists and operative items (probably others as well). We will be removing them from the game and instead of having these, we will use the same structure as is being applied to officers.

In essence, there will be no difference between operatives, officers, politicals, envoys and ambassadors in terms of how they can function. All will be classed as characters. There will be no limit to the number of characters a player can have although each player will only be allowed to have one nominated as his political position - this will be his alter-ego in the game and as such will have the benefit of being able to bring to bare the full power and backing of the political office above and beyond that of his character.

A character can learn skills, just as an officer can now. The difference however is that the number of skills and the fields will be increased to cover those applicable to an operative and new fields of skills applicable to envoys and ambassadors. Further, current skills will be increased such as smuggling for traders to avoid paying starport tax and selling proscribed items to local populations.

Skills and Missions
Performing actions have a chance of gaining a experience points as can the completion of a mission. These are always assigned to a field and experience points in a field can be used to purchase skills in the field.
Further, as an officer gains skills, so to does the political office of the player. These augment the political character. This means that even though a political character may not personally complete missions, his office will gain experience.
This means that the political character will often be the best all round character that the player has although he may have a few characters that are better in a single field. As characters augment each other, adding a political character to a situation can often give a much greater benefit than adding other characters due the political office bonus.
There is only one drawback to this, this is that should the political character die, he will loose 10% of the skills of his political office, 10% of his current wealth as well the personal skills of the officer.
The player can then issue the order to nominate another of his characters to political position.

Over the years we have noticed a trend to use multiple species for troops, generally due to convenience. Many factions have hive warriors, dewiek crew, naplians and kastorian.
As they are all fairly freely available, we have the situation were many starbases have huge lists of troops species and it is becoming a chore dealing with the various numbers.
To this end, we will be scrapping the races of trained troops.
We will however be keeping each racial mercenary type.
Also we will be scrapping the various troops type blueprints, allowing the player to simply nominate which troops the training will produce.
Therefore having naplian troop blueprints will allow the training of naplian mercenaries into soldiers, startroopers, crew, scouts etc.
This also allows us to create new types of troops without the need for increasing the number of blueprints for each and every race.
New types of troops include sentries, assault, heavy weapons and snipers to name a few.
Ships and Species
Currently large ships have a racial type attached to them. With the change for troops, instead the racial compatibility will be applied to the officer assigned to the ship (characters can train to use other species ships). Where the ship does not have an officer assigned, this will be tracked back to the political character. Where the player does not have a political character, it will default to the race of the affiliation. Where the affiliation is multi-racial, i.e. does not have an affiliation not having either political or officer of the correct race will give 75% crew factors from all troops that are not the appropriate species, i.e. only mercenaries of the correct species will provide full factors.
Where the affiliation is a specific race, not having appropriate officer or political for the racial type of the ship will provide 50% crew factors.
The RIP once comprised of rogues, drifters, pirates from all species. It therefore does not have an affiliation race. A player owns a Dewiek warship but does not have a political character (player may not have one or he may be dead) or an officer on the ship. The troops will only provide half their normal crew factors (there are no dewiek mercs present).
While it can be argued that the troops may have been trained from dewiek mercs, we now are more concerned about the benefits provided by the person responsible for giving the orders - all trained troops, even with half their normal crew factors are still at least as good as a merc.

Transferring Troops
People were narked that troops could be transferred from one affiliation to another, flying a flag of convenience.
To compensate for this we will use complex items. This is simply a flag attached to troops when they are transferred (or sold) to other affiliations. This flag can be removed but to do so will require an order (which will involve re-training and stellars). There will probably be limits on the quantity that can be retrained per week (basic(?) training complexes).

These will be replaced with complex items that are created detailing the affiliation they were captured from and the type of troop.
Prisoners can be retrained using advanced memetic implants as per transferring troops above. This requires basic(?) training complexes. There is a $ cost associated with the re-training based on whether the status of the new affiliation with respect to the old one. Enemies (at war) cost twice as much so it makes more sense to return them or jettison them rather than retrain them.

Any racial research principle can only be conducted on worlds where there are least 1,000,000 of the appropriate species. Therefore even a DEN position cannot start research into Advanced racial design - Dewiek on a world that does not have 1,000,000 dewiek population. There are only the standard restrictions for researching techs and bluerprints.

Trading with Starbases
Instead of starbases having their own markets, instead there will be a planetary market. This market can be interacted with by any position on the planet or in orbit. The TU cost of interacting however will be based on the planetary infrastructure and will be noted for the world.
Trading from orbit will be the slowest means of trading, followed by trading from any planetary sector, while trading in the starport will be the fastest.
Any position with merchandising can add items to the market for trade. This means that even a character in the role of broker can accept deliveries from ships owned by the player in order to put them on the planetary market.
Items on the planetary market are not considered part of the starbase although they are attached the starbase such that this cannot be used as a means of hiding items or securing them from damage.

***** Message From The Editor *****

Merry Christmas folks.



Editor: Simon Field - Simon-1 [at] gv3smq-6r [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
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Don't forget to include your account number in the message.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Claims settle in Solo and Faery

With the NHS bringing in almost a million troops into Solo and the GTT choosing it's moment to contest Faery at the same time, it seems the DTR and it's alllies either found it hard to find enough troops to respond or quite simply decided it wasn't worth the hassle as there were far more important matters to deal with in the Senate. Who knows what other life threatening topics they have to discuss, such as the correct biscuit to have with afternoon tea. The end result is that Solo and Faery, both systems with significant incomes, are now under control of Empire based affiliations.

GTT move to clear out the Dewiek Pocket Pheriphery

Having resorted to bribery to get other affiliations to move out of the DHP, with rumoured multi-million stellar amounts being offered, the GTT now appear to have cranked the pressure up. An AFT base has been attacked and a few of the nearby ships have been blown up and damaged by GTT warship class ships patrolling the area. As we write this report, information we have seen shows that the GTT have already taken 20% of the AFT base and fighting continues. We approached the GTT to ask why they are resorting to force and were told that they have had to move significant military power into the DHP to deal with ANT forces, so now they are mopping up all the resistance of other affilaitions that were asked to leave and decided not to.

BHD relics and trophies

Pope Akhenaten of the Brotherhood has been touting more and more wares that are unique to the BHD. If you are missing a holy relic and have no idea how to fill that little space in your living quarters then you know where to go. From robes to candles, literature to wine and novelty ornaments, it's never been easier to bring a little bit of the Brotherhood home and exchange your stellars for spiritual well being.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BHD - Brotherhood (63) - Akhenaten
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Hexamon
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

Solo claim swings back and forth

The situation in Solo appears to be getting even more heated. First the NHS dropped 600,000 troops to contest the system and then the DTR answered with enough troops of their own to trump the NHS claim. The NHS found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim up to 750,000 and once again the DTR answered, bringing Solo back under DTR control. Now the NHS have had a look down the back of the sofa and found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim to a massive 900,000 trained troops. We wait to see if the DTR have an answer to this. We can only guess where all these troops are coming from, but what is clear is that the established affiliations clearly have far larger armies than many thought.
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

NHS attempt to claim Solo away from DTR

In a shock move the NHS have contested the Solo claim with a huge garrison of 600,000 trained troops. In a move that nobody saw coming, especially as it was unknown the NHS had such a large force of troops to draw upon, the NHS seem to be provoking a response from the DTR. Currently there has been no word from the DTR in how they are going to deal with this claim jumping, although rumours are that they are pretending the Solo claim doesn't really matter to them and so action is unlikely. However this may be a smokescreen and we may yet see the DTR's powerful fleet cause havoc in the system of Solo, which has for a long time been an important junction and fought over by many different factions.

DNA Chairman TonTon resigns

The following communication has been leaked from the DNA to the GTT's PD.

Greetings CEO Fox.
It regrets me to have to inform to you that the DNA nation state will be renouncing its claim on Aladdin system following a ceremony planet side, shortly.
However, it gives me great pleasure to have to inform you that these ceremonies are being planned by Vladimir Tavikovitch, the South Road Traffic Coordinator. He is also responsible for all DNA and .ore. assets in the Outer Naplian (Capellan) periphery so if there are any further issues, please take it up with him.
For any and all other matters, please forward your request directly to the DNA directorate services at NexusID: DNA people.
The Foreign Ministry objects one last time to your illegal claim jump of Aladdin, but we realise it is time to de-escalate.
Normally i would sign off with Naambta, but doing so would be hypocritical. Let me say good riddance instead.
I hereby resign in protest!

Chairman TonTon,
Foreign Minister, DNA
cc: Directorate Services personnel coordinator - !urgent resignation!

DTR threaten WMB with fines for multiple breaches of DTR Law

Lady Sylvansight of the DTR has issued a fine of 1,000,000 stellars to the Wimbles for multiple breaches of DTR Penal and Territorial Law. This seems a very brave move of the DTR to risk upsetting the huge and warlike WMB when they also have the rival NHS Solo system claim to deal with. No word has been recieved yet that the Wimbles are going to pay, but if the formidable WMB warfleet is seen heading for the DTR home systems we will know what their thought are on the matter. The DTR and WMB fleets going head to head would be a sight to behold.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

DNA and GTT clash over Aladdin system claim while Pirates look on.

The GTT have this week launched an attack on the DNA outpost in Aladdin, in what appears to be little more than a turkey shoot. Around 100,000 GTT Naplian Startroopers attacked the DNA position to remove the rival system claim. Reports indicate the DNA garrison were taken by surprise and lost control of the base in the first few hours of the fighting. The base has since been reflagged from [Free Naplian Capital] Peaceful Protest to [Loyal Naplian Capital] DNA claim Ended so it's fair to say there was a clear message being sent by the GTT. We have been waiting for the DNA leadership to comment but so far they have been unusually silent. No doubt when they have crawled out from under their desks they will have something to say on the matter.

While this attack was going on several pirate ships were also seen in Aladdin, according to the GTT in what may be true or may be a diversion, with reports of a pirate GP and scout being destroyed while a 150HH pirate warship slipped away and escaped from incoming anti-pirate patrols.

Secret meeting of the EEM

A recent communication intercepted by one of our top reporters today made us aware of a meeting of the EEM. This is underway in a top secret location called Black Pool, which sounds suspiciously like the lair of a pirate band. After pulling in many favours, we were able to identify some of the attending members. On the bases that they won't be named we were able to find out some slight information of the subjects to be discussed at the meeting and one thing is for certain, there could be huge impacts to the lives of everybody living in the galaxy. Details to follow. When the shadowy figures of the EEM come together with the top political players in a pirate base the possibilities are endless!

You are never more than 6 systems from a RAT 🐀

A new saying has arisen in the bars and spaceport of starbases throughout the many peripheries; you are never more than 6 systems from a RAT.

It is understood that this saying originated in Yank and spread by trade vessels to peripheries far and wide. Many starbases have heightened their security and added additional sensors and locks to various entry points including foul and grey water outfalls. Beer and drug stocks are undergoing increased proofing to avoid the critters gaining entry and consuming the stockpiles.

Will this present as a new plague of proportions never before seen or is this some simple urban myth being spread for the amusement of some mischievous entity? Who knows, but to be certain... check the shadows.

This year we will again be returning to the Briardene Hotel. They were welcoming, the bar didn't run out of beer pre-covid and there was room for quiet chats. Along with Wetherspoons there is the Victoria just down the road (Sam Smiths - last time beer was around 2 shillings per pint and a full round was less than £10).

Mostly drinking beer and talking toot though we have a good few things on the agenda.

Bookings are done directly with the hotel. Book by phone and say that you are with KJC Games

Briardene Hotel
Telephone: +44(0)1253 338300
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Dog days are over

With the fall of the DEN and the implosion of their home territory as the AFT, DTR and GTT moved in, it was unlikely the Dewiek would rise again. The DWP gave the species a little hope with the Dewiek Pocket Periphery kept under lock and key. But news has reached us of the AFT's penetration of this private area of space that's been locked down. With a base and claim in one of the three visible systems it seems that the end of the Dewiek is near. A once noble and aggressive race, determined to make an impact on the galaxy is now little more than a species that lives under the command of others. A sad end to a once powerful species that used to control a significant part of known space.

Pirate activity continues

Yet more reports of pirate activity have been received, one from the WMB, losing a freighter in Solo and another from the FET who reported they had engaged and hit the attacking pirate ship with several weapons before it managed to make off with it's prize. Hopefully the pirate ship took significant damage and will now be out of action for some time. The Corewards periphery seems to have been plagued with pirates recently and many travellers would welcome a break from attacks.

MEK incursion into Corewards

The FET and GTT have mounted a joint venture into Nog-Kesri to tackle a MEK force. It isn't known where they have come from, with the only other MEK ships seen so far being located in the Orion Spur. The lack of a known link between where they have appeared in Corewards and the Orion Spur has caused some concern among planetary populations as who knows where they could turn up next! Fortunately the combined FET/GTT task force dealt the MEK a heavy blow and the threat has been eradicated. But we all know this is unlikely to be the last we hear of the MEK in Corwards and we would encourage ship captains to keep a keen eye on thier sensor screens when travelling near Nog-Kesri.

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*** Inter Galactic News ***

  • CIA freighter fights off overwhelming pirate forces

  • Fin Saine media broadcast, What is Hot in the galaxy?!?!

  • MEKlan forces attack in Corewards Arm

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    *** Inter Galactic News ***

    Aladdin faces ongoing DNA/GTT tension

    The tensions between the DNA and GTT in the Coptuv system recently spilled over into the DNA system of Aladdin. A significant party of GTT ground troops has reinforced one of their bases in the system and claimed it, forcing the system claim into turmoil as the DNA finds itself under threat of losing the system. With the DNA chairman asking for help, several affiliations have been seen sending ships to evacuate any in the local population that want to escape the GTT. But so far not a shot has been fired and despite the AFT, FEL and DTR assistance no reisistance to the claim jump has been encountered so far. It remains to be seen if the DNA and it's friends will scatter before this hostile take over or put in a last minute counter claim to thwart GTT intentions.

    Increasing pirate activity

    Recent reports indicate a new surge in pirate attacks with the AFT and GTT reporting ships lost. Knowing how some don't like to advertise losses we wouldn't be surprised if this is the tip of the iceberg. Reports passed to us show the ship PIR Scavenger running ID 43174 and another ship of the same name running ID 68668 have both been in action with successful boarding attempts. It's unknown whether these are seperate ships or the same ship reregistered, but our information suggests that it would be hard for these pirates to cover the space where these attacks happened with just one ship. One thing is for sure, be on your guard as open space is not as safe as it once was.

    GCE ships loitering in deep space

    After the fall of the GCE and a lot of their assets being shared or purchased it was thought that the affiliation was no more. Yet deep space scans indicate that there is still a significant number of GCE warships holding station in deep space between Coptuv and Yank on the transport route into the Corwards Arm. Nobody knows what these ships are up to and why they are still flagged GCE, but our best guess is that are captains either awaiting new orders or owners after the fall of the GCE command structure.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


    *** Submissions ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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    *** Inter Galactic News ***

    Tension in the Corewards Arm

    With the DNA obtaining several ex-GCE bases in the Coreward Arm it has found itself in the middle of an asset grab of serious proportions and aggression. Our reporters witnessed several GTT troop carriers heading for the Corewards system as the DNA published information suggesting they were accidental owners of the system and that the assets were to be moved on. As the GTT ships started to arrive the bases were quickly passed to the CIA, thus thwarting the GTT intentions as they were hardly likely to start dropping troops on their allies bases. This shrew move by the DNA seems to have calmed matters in the Coreward arm temporarily, although the shift in relations between the GTT and DNA has taken a negative turn. When asked what their next move might be the GTT refused to comment.

    GCE collapse

    The GCE are no more, save for some scattered light freighters. The affiliation which enjoyed a sharp rise and profiltable relations with many has ceased trading. Rumors point to the GTT buying up GCE assets before stripping the rival corporation of anything of value. Although our reporters at the SSS have been quick to point out that any GCE assets not in GTT systems have been taken over by both the DNA and FET. So it seems many different affiliations were able to profit from this development including a new group called the HSH who appear to have taken over the GCE war fleet. No doubt many in the peripheries will be watching with interest where these ships are used, who the HSH are and how they were able to get thier hands on so many warships so quickly.

    Secudus trials

    In the Cluster Secudus has continued his trials, claiming to root out terrorists working against the Empire. With tends of thousands of beings being sent to the camps or worse. There is no sign of these actions stopping as the NHS clamp down on the locals and bring them under the harsh control of the Empire.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – <Unknown>
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


    *** Submissions ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.

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