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user image  [Recruit]

Friction Mounts

Tensions are rising between the Baron LiQuan and the occupying forces of the Felini present in the Twilight system, as an exchange of words escalated this week into gunfire as an HLQ ground party was accidentally targeted and destroyed as the result of a malfunction in a fire control system.

Further, the Baron LiQuan has issued the following statement:


House LiQuan has taken the temporary step of adding all FEL to the Platform enemy list in the orbit of Doubt.
This will take effect from monday to prevent any misunderstanding.

This action has been forced on us to safeguard the Wimble and to a lesser extent the FLZ population from reported mistreatment which has occured on Hanger 17.
The populations have been evacuated to Doubt for there own safety and to aid there relocation.

Pridesenior Clawrenns has been contacted privately to sort this matter out, which hopefully should completed soon.

Baron LiQuan

And as we go to press our news-room is receiving reports that a large FEL fleet may have accidentally violated the HLQ designated no fly zone in Twilight and a major battle has erupted in orbit of Doubt involving HLQ vessels fighting apparently in support of FLZ ships.

IMP Press Release

The Imperial Services in an effort to counter the growing piracy epidemic in the Capellan Peripheries will be adding known pirate boarders and warships to the Imperial Posted List.

Bounties will be placed on all pirate boarders and pirate warships with the largest bounties placed on large heavy hulled boarders, like the 170 Heavy Hulled Wolfpack boarders of recent infamy. Bounties will start at 10,000 stellars and reduce in amount for lesser pirate boarders. Additional bounties can be placed on certain vessels by concerned citizens, please contact my office by PM for details on how to arrange this.

To have a pirate ship placed on the Imperial Posted List, details must be forwarded to my office, or the office of the Patrol Commissioner by PM. This evidence will be reviewed and all decisions are fatal. Additional bounties must be presented in advance as the EEM does not extend credit.

Ike Krieger

Massacre In Crossley

An unfortunate incident occurred in Crossley this week when Confederate naval forces accidentally fired upon and destroyed the following vessels:

FEL Palmachim (99602)
MOH Occ Heeke (45424)
MOH Occ Haaban (71667)
MOH Caarag Baanley (99444)
MOH Caarag Brookin (28129)
MOH Caarag Braair (5367)
MOH Caarag Baarpet (47611)
MOH Caarag Biing (58045)

Renowned Alien-Hater General lord Sir Baron Duke Viscount Lordypants Ulysses F Scott issued the following statement from the office of the Advocate General:


News has reached me of the tragic incident yesterday in the Crossley system where CNF vessels under my overall command were involved in the shooting of innocent freighters transiting the wormhole.

The vessels in question having been on sentry duty in a designated exclusion zone failed to follow orders to update their battle computer programmes appropriately before returning home for some well-deserved R&R.

Suffice to say, Commander Par McLatican, the squadron commander, has voluntarily submitted himself to a martial tribunal and all the captains of the ten vessels under his direct command will be undergoing re-education and training once safely in port.

I would like to convey my sincere apologies to the Mohache people and Pridesenior Clawrenns of the Felini for this unfortunate event.

As a measure of my personal sorrow at this tragic incident and due the loss of a number of their freighters, I have donated 5000 rare and possibly delicious bunnies to the Mohache Elder Smokes in Mountains.

As a friend and a valued partner in peace, it grieves me deeply to have had to convey the news to Smokes and I hope this does not impact on our continued personal and professional relationship.


Ulysses F. Scott

FLZ On The Move Again

Imperial warships have once more been in action against Felini forces within the Cluster. Striking deep into the Onwards system a Flagritz task force destroyed 5 150HH Sabre Tooth class ships over a two day period without loss before retiring.

Sources close to the commanding Admiral state that he is worried about the Felini running out of ships before the Tyrant decides to stand and fight.


Another pirate scout has been spotted in the Halo Periphery this week. The pirate ship Hittite Scout, in, unsurprisingly, the Hittite system.

All travellers are warned to be on their guard.

Inter-Galactic News

The IGN offices have this week played host to a large number of strange amphibian looking gentlemen wearing false moustaches and pairs of spectacles.

We suspect CIA involvement.


A single Falconian gunboat has intercepted and destroyed a lone Flagritz passenger liner in orbit of Sunrise in the Dawn system.


FCN Railgun boats have bombarded another FLZ mining outpost in the Dawn system, causing heavy damage before withdrawing safely.


Two freighters, one belonging to the OPS and the second the COH have been destroyed whilst attempting to run a blockade of Consortium vessels. It is unknown what cargo they were carrying which was important enough to take the risk.


The pirate ship Eyes of Inferno has been destroyed in a system that you can probably guess the name of.


A small force of Flagritz destroyers has engaged the Felini platform Vigilance of the Great Mother in the Battlefield system. Light damage was inflicted on both sides before the destroyers withdrew.


A single FCN gunboat has destroyed a lone FLZ scout ship in the Dawn system.


A small strike force of FLZ heavy cruisers supported by a Novafire class capital ship has intercepted and mauled a Felini squadron in the Onwards system that was en-route to maintenance facilities. The already worn-down FEL vessels suffered heavy losses before escaping.

Letters To The Editor

Until The cows come home

Greetings gentle beings ....

We have a saying where I come from .... 'until the cows come home'. What does it mean? well we haven't seen a cow in these parts since before the time of freedom, which is way beyond our collective memories. As such the saying is a handy one for when the little ones are being greedy .. the phrase 'dad, can I have a new space interceptor' is often heard and is countered easily by 'yes son ... when the cows come home'.

Anyway the other day I was outside playing spaceball with my first born when he once again hit me with the ... 'dad, can I have a new space interceptor' request. Obviously I immediately countered with the 'cows come home' response. You can therefore imagine my astonishment when next minute hundreds of cows came falling from the skies. The look on the face of my lad when I took him to the Toyada Space Interceptor dealer the next day just rubbed salt into my wounds.

I tried to weasle my way out of buying one of course, by explaining that the cows were not there through some act of divination but because our CNF 'masters' had decided to start shooting unarmed ships out in the open now, but he wasn't convinced. 'when I grow up I want to be just like Emperor Scott and shoot anything that has more than 2 arms and no weapons' he said proudly. Luckily we were alone, walls have ears over here and since the arrival of the 'sinister' one, it doesn't pay to say much in public.

I should explain ... Over the years we have come to accept the CNF as our overlords (thus ending the time of freedom). In truth it was just bearable under the reign of their supreme commander ... 'Inaction Jackson', but since the 'sinister one' has turned up and started running the show, well it's getting bad. 'Never trust a man with hair on his face' my grandpappy would say, he didn't listen to his own advice though , rumour has it he fell in with a group of Dewiek and ended up in a ditch. Anyway I digress.

Suffice to say life under the CNF hammer is less than exquisite, if we could afford it we would move to one of the utopias run by the IMPerials, they seem a nice bunch. As it is I guess we will just have to submit to more repression.

Concerned of Crossley
(Please don't print my real name. I don't want some CNF jackboot turning up and making me into Swiss cheese then claiming his fire selector got switched to 'automatic' instead of 'safe' by accident.

Predictable complaints

Dear Editor,

Whinge whinge whinge, moan moan moan, not fair, big meanie, whinge whinge.


Disgusted of the GTT.

But why has all the shooting gone?

Dear Editor,

It is with interest that I note that the DTR have sat on their backsides and done nothing at all with their warfleet in many long years now. Have the Detinus Republic become so weak and enfeebled with their pathetic notions of democratic Republicanism that they are now afraid to say 'boo' to a Wimble?

They used to be respected and feared, but now? We have more respect for the armed forces of the Krell.

This letter has no real purpose other than to complain about the cheese-eating pacific monkeys, the DTR.


Revolted Of Yank.


Dear Editor,

Why have there been no news stories relating to the dread Pirate Missy in years? I can remember she used to send in pictures, these are much missed!


Pervy Of The Peripheries

Filth And Depravity

Dear Editor,

I hereby formally demand your publication carry a warning label! I am used to the senseless manner in which you give equal voice to these tiresome inferior species but you have gone too far, sir! Too far indeed!

I refer, of course, to this gross and disturbing picture:

How dare you, sir! How very much dare you!


Disgusted from Jericho

Periphery Classifieds

Tentative Steps opens for business

I am proud to announce the opening of our trade outpost Tentative Steps (97318) in orbit of the Agripeta wormhole. We are here to serve all the varied inhabitants and visitors of the Halo with a wide range of goods and services.

While the market is yet to open, our main services are already fully operational and waiting for business:

Maintenance, Repair, Officer Training and Recreation Services
$100 per patch, 10 Maintenance, 10 Recreation and 5 Training Complexes waiting for you to visit and leave your Stellars behind!

Starship Salvage Services
Has your ship finally fallen to pieces? Your crew floating about aimlessly on dwindling air supplies? If they had the luck to be in Agripeta when it happened then we'll rescue your people and your equipment for you at only a small charge!

Halo Export Services
Exporting goods from the Halo, but can't be bothered to make the trip aaall the way from the wormhole to your Agripeta base and back again? No worries, we are here for you: at a minimal fee we will teleport your goods to Tentative Steps for you - where you can pick it up and zoom straight through the wormhole saving you both time and anxiety!

For more about these wonderful services, to keep an eye on services yet to be announced and to be the first to know when our market items start appearing, look no further than to our official information outlet at!

STOP THE PRESSES Unbelievable Opening Offer
In order to properly celebrate this grand opening, any deposits made to prepaid salvage and export contracts this week and the next will count double yes that is right DOUBLE towards teleporter mu payments! But don't be late, on 210.11.5 the party is over!
To double your account remember to quote this announcement when placing your order!


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

Big Guns

Courtesy of an anonymous tip off, our newsroom has obtained details on one of the Halo execution fleet vessels that enforce the peace in the Halo Periphery:

HEF SHIP CONFLICT RESOLUTION (5032) - {400 Heavy Hulls}
Halo Inquirer Class Capital Ship {Advanced Heavy Armour}
Aff: Halo Execution Fleet (103)
LifeForms: 200
Class: Halo Inquirer
Hulls: 400 Heavy Crystal Hull mkIVs (87)
Armour: 503 Armour Plate mkIVs (453)
Hull Damage: None
Max Boarders: 2512

1 Battle Bridge (101)
40 Bunks (98)
40 Gammatron Quad (100020)
64 Gatling Laser mkIV (218)
40 ISR Type 1 Engines (140)
16 Jammers (112)
2 Jump Drive (175)
32 Scintilator mkIV (128)
16 Sensor mkIV (106)
25 Shield Generators mkIV (122)
80 Shields mkIV (118)
32 Targeting Computer mkIV (110)
32 Thrust Engine mkIV (163)
16 Tractor Beam mkIV (343)

199 Elite Marine (492)

Any readers who have the slightest idea what a Gammatron Quad is, are invited to contact the newsroom.

Meanwhile, speculation is mounting as to exactly where the Halo authorities might have obtained so much bleeding edge technology. Could the Architects be the secret power behind the HBO? And if so, what is their intent for the greater Peripheries?

DEN Press Release Sets Up Potential Conflict

DEN will be performing squadron drills in the Enigma system this week.

Stay away.

We will continue until we are satisfied with our performance, or we run out of targets.

DEN PD MaiChiKwai

FET Freighter Destroyed

Dewiek naval forces appear to have destroyed a FET freighter in an un-named system. Dewiek authorities have confirmed it was an accidental firing, and have offered to replace the ship and cargo. Which is about as close to an apology as one can really expect to get from the fierce Dewiek race.

New Times For The Demon System

By Dee Dee Fleck, GTT Starcaptain

Baron Blake Ravenstone has recently made a surprise visit to his starbase GTT Port Lakme, in the Demon System, during which he made a speech to the population of Ornias. This was probably the first time any of the Orns ever saw a noble of the Empire and, although they may not have fully understood the consequences and the ramifications of the plans presented to them, it seems the good baron made an impression good enough to have their civilian claim for the RIP withdrawn, leaving the system free to be claimed by GTT Port Lakme for the IMP.

Not too long ago, planet Ornias was colonized by a group of four factions, FET, GCE, MOH, and RIP, each with one starbase, with the RIP officially claiming the system. Last year the GTT bought the GCE base, which is now called GTT Port Lakme. Once in charge of the Demon System operation, Baron Ravenstone soon found out that the RIP had been stealing resources from other members of the group. Swift military action placed the base RIP Phoenicia under GTT control, and evidence of the theft was quickly located With support from the IMP and the FET, other RIP assets in the system were either conquered or destroyed.

This successful military operation wasn't very popular with the Orns. The local population saw the RIP as their benefactors and didn't realize that they were only allowed to see a well-staged farce while backstage the RIP were actually stealing resources and aiding pirates. So it was not much of a surprise that when Alan Gibbons, governor of GTT Port Lakme, tried to talk to the Orns, he was greeted with rotten fruit and other small objects hurled at him. That's probably what prompted the baron's visit to the Demon System.

In his speech to the population and the authorities of Ornias, Baron Ravenstone apologised for not consulting with them before attacking the RIP, and explained that the reason for that was that secrecy was an important part of the plan. He assured them that the well being of the Orns were always, and still are, a priority. He also promised the creation of new jobs for the natives and projects to improve the planet, and announced the Ornias Haulers, a new fleet of freighters that will make sure the Ornias markets are always well stocked. In the end, the Orns seemed to be inspired by the speech, and although they were cautious enough not to offer immediate political support for the GTT at least they withdrew their official system claim for the RIP.

It was also revealed during this visit that the MOH starbase on Ornias had been sold to Baron Ravenstone, making him the owner of three of the four shares of the original Demon System group. It's believed that both the RIP and the MOH bases will be merged into GTT Port Lakme, while FET Yokosuka will continue to operate normally and also support the system claim for the IMP. What not long ago was a system colonized by four independent affiliations and claimed for the RIP is now a system colonized by two allied affiliations and claimed for the IMP, a change that will certainly bring stability and prosperity to this corner of the Cluster. New times for the Demon System indeed.

Enigma System

The Confederate forces have released the following statement describing the ongoing transition of ownership of the Enigma system:


We are happy to see the transition period for the Enigma system has passed more or less uneventfully and are pleased to welcome the inhabitants of the system to the Confederacy as legal residents.

+ Due to strategic and economic reasons, the Confederate government has denied all applications for extensions of ARPs to all but the Mohache Nation.

+ We would like to thank the Falconian Republic for their prompt acceptance of a compensation package for transferral of their assets. Long may our friendship continue.
+ We acknowledge the Felini Tyranny's attempt at negotiation and will have a decision for them by the end of this week.
+ We would like to ask the Dewiek to answer communications promptly before the diplomatic situation degrades further.

+ Commonwealth traffic (only) is once again permitted within the system with the exception of the orbit of the Black Hole which remains under exclusion to all but the CNF and CIA.
+ Non-Commonwealth traffic is only allowed by prior written agreement with the CNF.
+ Exploration and colonization remains prohibited to all without written approval of the CNF.

Major G. Ford


Small scale battles continue to erupt between the forces of the Flagritz and Felini across multiple systems.

A small FEL scouting squadron in Delta 2 of the Twilight system has intercepted and successfully destroyed the FLZ Honour-2 Raptor Class Destroyer:

FLZ 3050-003-Honour-2 (11192) - Ship
Raptor Class Destroyer {Light Ablative Armour}
Armour: 24.5
Hull Damage: 100.0%

There are no reported casualties amongst the Felini force.


Just as we thought Pirate Large and Wolfpack had retired and the Peripheries were safe from large scale pirate endeavours, the Inter-Galactic News can reveal the shocking truth that a new large-scale pirate group is in operation, thus confirming suspicions that have been circulating for a while that recent sporadic pirate attacks may have been part of something more sinister.

Our newsroom has received a series of communications from the blog of an as yet un-named pirate source, detailing their recent depredations. And it makes for very interesting reading, as it appears to confirm that virtually all of the recent pirate attacks have been conducted by the same mysterious culprit:

The lads of the Corona takes GTT Ship Outpost Builder 2 easily in Kallisan.
She not be worth much, but good for morale and summat has as to starts me
career off.

The Endeavor tries her hand on another little GTT ship, the Minute Man S-18.
Nice 40 huller can makes a use of itself in my little fleet. The crew did
shows spirit in defence, but nothing likes 30-1 odds to be sures.
Must asks them boys to drop that officer somewheres when theys finished with

Failed attempts on a GTT ship in Rebellion, looked sweets enough, but the
marines aboard put up a spirited defence. Still, it sorted the men from the
boys, and there's a few vets aboard now for next time.

A GTT barge got lucky, no sign of her when the Corona arrived.
Oh I does like the GTT. The only lot that lykes to keep their gems hangin
out with nothin to cover em.

I bin losin a few scouts, but its to be expected, learnin whats safes and
whats not. To now theys been nothin left of em, but with one the crew was
left hanging on to wreckage. Wells, my lads knows Is look after em. I as
orders a go. We cloaks in, picks up the boys and whats left o craft, and out
again sweets as you please. Platforms, bases an outposts all seein nothin.

Its bin quiet for a bit. Had a couple a opportunitys, but mostlys bin
getting the outfit set up.
Then me scout in Yank spots two at once. Decuisions, decuisions, IMP 50LH or
a GTT 50XLH, well the IMPs in A1, more chance she be joined by summat else
overnight. GTTs in G1, less chance of someone stoppin.

Boys o the Corona do their stuff and GTT CCF Smyslov Hauler 01 aynt GTT no
more, small haul of mods, guess someone will have em, an another squeelin
officer. Gets nicer tho, Corona only spots another GTT Hauler all lonely
like on the ways in, has hopes it dont moves.

I losts a lad, shames he had promise.

Duble lucks. Me scout spots two likelys DEN barges in Tycoon. Seems theys
was headed fur the stargate and decides to has a nap.

The Endevor and my news Brigantine heads on ins for a nosey. DEN Starlight
Enterprise and DEN Starlight Reputation is took. Seems they wolfboys not
likin dirty work, as theys crewed with Kastoryans and birdies. Two barges as
took, one as ores, one as loaded with advansed armor thas will goes well on
me new boarder.

Week o quietness its felt lyke, and nows me scouts spots mor optiuns than Is
got ships fer.

Anuther days of dubles. HLQ Lady Susan was as spotted in Dorn, the Great
Fortune as rolls in and takes er nice n easy. In Yank mes little Spectre
does takes GCE Fred 50XLH, Spectre be specials, little thing, keeps unders
the radar and justs enufs for all those ships with justs an officers ors a
few crews. As was as aimin fer trebels buts a GTT Hauler does be gone as the
Corona arrives.

Nows Is as reads as Wolfie, the masters at this game dids sets himselfs a
target o a ships a week avergae ands that seems a mighty goal. As bin
ponderin on thats. Firsts weeks as mostly bins gettin sets up, gettin scouts
wheres as want em, fittin me boarders and the likes. Buts Is reckons am in
wis a chance, sofar mes tallys as is seven in seven, Is as on course. Is as
got optiuns for the morrow too, buts me boarders be scattrd to thes winds
rights now.

Seems as those Wolf boys dont learns easily. DEN Starlight Protocol is took
in Tycoon bys the Brigantine boys.

An AFT Caravel got luckyer than it knows, as dids me boarder that did pass
by an IMP ship o war on the ways in. Spect they boys be swabbin down theys
bridge about nows.

Nows oer the weeks me scouts as has spotted a cuple o Gigant ships lookin
all lonely whers theys at, and theyd be makin a mighty prize, but as a
closer look do tell, theys often gots a lot a marines aboard. As much as Is
trys, Is as cant packs enuf o me boys in one o me boarders to has a fair
crack at em. But Is be havin thoughts about thats. Old Baron Likwan has been
gratuious to provides the Lady Susan, and shes be havin a bit more space
aboard her than Is used to. So Is been a thinkin and Is reckons Is can trys
summat new. She be a while, as withs movin and refitten an all, but Is as
thinks Isll gives it a go.

Is as got me ands on a fews Sol ships o war. Now Is as ad plans for em to be
boarders, buts Is enuf boarders a nows. Sos Is bin a thinkin abouts a bit o
mercenary works. Is as red that Wolfie cudn get a sponsor easy, buts as Is
cud be happys with paymnents in kind, Is as needs a few blueprynts, patchs,
shipz plates, willin boys an all, so Is cud maybe makes it works.

Is guesses its must as beans a flotilla o thems DEN barges, and as af
emselves a longs sleeps. The boys o Corona does took DEN Starlight
Observation in Tycoon nice n easy. Is as likes barges, seems theys as easy
to sells on. Nuther haul o advansed armor that Is sures Isll av a use fers.

As dysapointin day, a MOH Caravel an a COH Faluka does both be gone as me
boys arrives.

Me scouts as does spots nay less than nine ships all lookin lonely. Is as as
boarders goins for two o em thes morrow.

As beins a days o dubles. Mes new boarder thes Savage as does took HLQ Lady
Margret in Dorn, shes bes anuther 55 normal hullers thats as maybes Is can
finds a use fer.

The Spectre as does took GTT SHIP CCF Petrosian Hauler 01 in Inferno, it bes
a gamble as theys is a base belows buts the base as seems to be seing
nothins. An nows Is as an ideas thas asll works, Is be tryin its agin a

Me scout in Lewis do spots a pirate ship the Scary Canary, be blathered, its
as seems my boys is nots the onlys crew at this ere larks.

The Royal Fortune an ers boys does sails on intos Blagard an as took IMP
Fishy XXX, anuther Barge. Is dos as lykes me barges, theys be much more
genericals. Ol Fishy didn as moves for a days or twos, an Is as be glads as
its did takes a days or twos to get as close to her as needed. Is as gots me
eyes on a nice 100 lights huller for the morrow. Is as reckons mes avergae
on course, as is ats 12 in 8 a now.

Nows Is as as a lots of times to be a thinkin. An thys ere piratin lark be
mostly be as liken a shark, a watchen out fer stray fishies an pouncin as
quik as yes can as manage. Ins my ponderins tho, Is as thinkin sharks do be
doin different if theys as spots some morsels theys as myghty fancys. An Is
be avin a lots o ponderin on thats, an Is a reckons I mays be tryin sumat

Todays as does be bein VERY specials, a days o dubles an a days as me boys
as does took a GREAT booty. Me scouts as ad spyed a GCE 100 lights huller in
Madonna, ans thes boys o the Endevor does as goes on in an trys their lucks.
Wells, theys GCE boys as fought hard buts ats thes end it bes futyles. GCE
Pioneer Class Freighter thes F-5001S is took, nows as shes bein a hundred
hullers shes as bein the biggest ships mes boys as tooks as yets. But that
aynts the booty, she only be aloaded withs Xeno Psychology.

Nows Is as reckons thats can as be sold on fer a mighty sums, thats or as
maybes Is can trade fer knowledge o plenty systems as yets unknown to mes

Now Is as saids it were a days o dubles, an is as bein a days o pains fer
the GCE. Me scouts as did spot a lonely GCE 50 Heavy Huller in Blowton. The
Brigand boys as do jumps on ins an GCE Shieldwall - HS50-C60-S16-G1-2 is
tooks. Its was as bein a mighty battles, she be crewed with fifty soldiers
an half o theys bein veteryans, Is as lost 23 o me boys, more boys than Is
as lyked or Is as use to, buts its bein a heavy huller I can as finds a use

Is as was aimin fer trebles agyn, buts an AFT sensor ship as does be gone as
me boarder arrives.

Is as readin to mes boys, theys as as nay needs fer letterin, as Is as
reading to em thats ol Blakeyboy is as gots eself the sulks. Mes lads as
lyked thats, theys as ad theyselves a mighty laughs. Fer those as may
wonders on its - GTT Starbase Port Turandot (1109) - 2104 kMus. Govenor
there daynt minds if yuos as takes as shine to as ships or twos in orbit.

Mes scouts as ad spotted a lonely GTT Barge in St. Dismas, sos Is as ordered
thes boys o thes Great Fortune to as go on ins fer an as plays wi er crews.
Its being a credits to mes boys fer it tooks some fancy navygatin. An GTT
Freighter 24-40 is as took, alongs wi a cargoes o Metals.

A lil QNG ship does be gones as mes Spectre does arrives, tis a shames as I
as ad plan fer thes lil thing.

One o mes scouts does be notin thats the GTT is as nows bein a bits more
carefuls. Theys as spotteds a sensor ships as does be escroted by as fifty
hulled ship o war. Yets, I be as lookin at thats escrote an Is as be
thinkins on a plans, shes as bein a might tasteys.

Buts Is as ads a catyastrophy, thes bleedins ships as loaded wi me news Xeno
Psycoligicy is avin no jump capaybility, ands ins the partyin afer, mes boys
as didn notices. Adays challenges does as bes as gettin a drive outs an
fitteds to as ships as being on 40% integryty, an as avin her jumps on outs
before as somes blaggard does as be given her as broadside.

The Savage as does jumps intos Aladdin and does took ans IMP one hunred
heavy hulled sensor ship, shes as bein called the Vigilant, an as bein a
good name. Tis a myghty prize my boys as took, I can ave a use fer such a
ships, an Is be makin goods use o all theys mk4 sensors.

Thes Vigilant must as dones a big scans, fer shes as ad jyst 60tus to as be
getting gone, Is as askin theys boys aboard to dos sum myghty fancy
navygatin, ans to as hides where theys gaggle o FCN ships o war not as being
trippen oer er if they as decydes to be thes cavalary.

One o mes support ships as does manyge to gets a jump dryve out to thes
stranded prize, buts Is be missin effishency as droppen sos low, an shes
didn jump far enuffs, an nows she be in myghty dangeryous space. Is aven
thes thoughts Is be a losin her, Is aven ponderins fer my boys aboard.

Mes mighty prize wi thes Xeno Sicoligy as as made its one more ajumps
closers to port.

Mes scouts as ad spotted an AFT Calliope Class Heavy Cruiser wi thes name o
DD-C Ace of Diamonds II in Yank. As shes as lookin lonely, mes Brigantine
does jumps on ins to be avin a go.

Ole ace o Diamonds as bein the fyrst to trys given one o me boarders a
broadside. Mes boys weathered thes foure rounds of missiles wi a smyle
before gettin to grips wi all theys napylan crew aboards. An its as bein
another ships as took, mes seventeenth as took a prize.

Wi a bits o refitten ans a loads a patches I reckons Is be avin a use fer
mes new Diamond Girl.

As GCE Courier class troop transports as does be tooks by the boys o thes
Endevor in Straddle. Nows as Is as as a looks at its configyrin, an Is a
ponderin wot the GCE does be up tos wi a poor effort fer a boarder? Acordins
to her ships log she even as as a boardin party all detailed. But as she
didn have her fulls contigen aboard, Is as guessin shes as boarded sumins.
Nay matters, shes bein perfect to bes movin all mes prisoners aroun.

Even the name of this new pirate is a mystery, though hopefully our reporters will soon have at least some form of identification. But could it be possible that the dread Pirate Large has returned? Only time will tell. Time, and possibly a great many really bad rude jokes.

DEN Destroy Second Freighter

Dewiek naval forces have intercepted and destroyed a lone Felini freighter, prompting many headline writers across the Peripheries to break out their Cat and Dog anecdotes. But not us. We're far too classy for that.


Oh yeah. We're keepin' it classy.

Letters To The Editor

Citizens Are Concerned

Dear Mr Editor,

Long time reader, first time writer.

What is up General Scott? This man is a growing menace to peace in the peripheries. He has escalated to killing Mohache cargo ships traversing an apparently safe wormhole and now trying to stir up additional trouble at the Twinkle stargate. Is he planning to shove all of the aliens into the Cluster periphery and close access to that area of space? Just so he can live in his xenophobic closet?

I think he needs a good hard [censoring] at the Jiggly Rooms.
Alternatively, a punch up with the Baron may be in order: from accounts in your esteemed publication, it would appear that the Barron is planning to mate with a Flagritz at any moment.

Is the Confederacy about to collapse around my ears?


Concerned citizen

Cheap Copy Is Cheap

Dear Editor,

I see your publication has a thriving letters page these days. Too cheap to write your own copy, eh? Not to worry: I find where great men whinge, lesser beings continue to whine in a less eloquent and worthy fashion.

However, I wish to commend your publication for the best laugh line I've had the pleasure to read in some time: "utopias run by the IMPerials."

If this is what passes for guerrilla marketing by the Capellan Tourism Board these days, they've come a long way since they massacred Naplians, Hive, Krell, Flagritz and Falconians in numbers that would make a good ol' fashioned alien-hater in a respectable neighbourhood blush.


Sinister from Jericho

Periphery Classifieds

FET Recruitment

Come to the Peripheries to make your fortune?

Don't care how you make that fortune?

See laws, rules and regulations as merely guidelines that can be interpreted anyway you want to near breaking point?

Have no problems with smashing said laws to pieces to achieve your ends when no one is looking?

Then look no further than FET.

We currently have numerous ships and bases ready to give to new members to help you grab that fortune.

We just have a small code to live by.

Never screw over fellow FET members.

Never screw over FET's friends and allies

And never, ever get caught. Be subtle, stay in the shadows.

If caught, never rat.

Want to know more?
Read our recruitment message found on this forum, then contact me privately to learn about the "other" opportunities available in FET.

CNF Recruitment

Greetings Captain,

Mankind stands at the cross-roads. Humanity has found a new peace amongst itself just in time to see its rightful role as the master of all it sees to be questioned from without and within. It is time to take arms and defend what is rightfully ours.

The Confederate Forces are looking for trainee graduates for the following roles:

+ Field Researchers
Explore the vast domain of the Confederacy and untap its hidden potential Dozens of systems await your careful eye and millions await to be enlightened on the noble traditions of the Confederacy.

+ Governors
Run some of the mightiest bases and be the master of entire star systems. The ability to balance the needs of your subjects and residents is a must.

+ Trade Czar
The challenge of utilizing the many markets and goods produced within the Confederacy requires a sharp mind with good social skills.

+ Fleet Commanders
Dark clouds gather but our guns lay waiting and ready. Now is the time for those who seek to test their mettle and tactical know-how in the field of war.

+ Signals Officer
The borders are secure but what about the dangers within and beyond? Take up the challenge of investigating and actioning covert operations where the only morality is that which ensures mankind's survival.

Opportunities at all levels of the Confederate Forces hierarchy exist. Ships, bases and the combined wisdom of decades accumulated within the Nexus library are at your disposal.

You will not want for support or gentlemanly conversation nor lack in influence to shape the great events of the Empire and the Peripheries.

Be a citizen of the Confederacy! Apply Today.


Ulysses F. Scott


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

Firestorm In Yank

The Imperial-Bloc have launched a significant series of attacks against multiple positions in orbit of Mobile Bay in Yank. Several Independent vessels and the IND Starbase New Utopia have suffered damage, although the main target appears to have been the Hive, against which race the Imperial-Bloc has been moving elsewhere in the Peripheries:

OPS Nemesis Hive (50424) - Starbase
Scints: 15.1 Shields: 4887(2.3)
Targeted by IMP RK Hirogen (50133) - 18110 [22600] Damage
Targeted by GTT Minute Man M-02 (37278) - 3803 [5400] Damage
Targeted by GTT Fleet Escort 1 (1965) - 1598 [2400] Damage
Targeted by GTT Fleet Escort 2 (13072) - 1748 [2400] Damage
Targeted by GTT Defender (37261) - 479 [600] Damage
Targeted by GTT Fleet Escort 3 (57761) - 1796 [2400] Damage
Targeted by GTT Fleet Escort 4 (60489) - 1792 [2400] Damage
Targeted by GTT Fleet Escort 5 (86840) - 1788 [2400] Damage
Attacking IMP RK Hirogen (50133) - 30 [60] Damage
Attacking GTT Defender (37261) - 1189 [1500] Damage
OPS Queens Outpost (51588) - Outpost
Scints: 15.0
Targeted by IMP RK Watcher (51477) - 10094 [13275] Damage
OPS Good Gil Harper (90882) - Ship
Firefly Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

Imperial sources have cited incorrectly set enemy lists as the reason for the accidental firing, though given the number of times in recent years that Imperial forces have violated the Yank no-fire zone in similar accidents, eyebrows are being raised amongst Kastorian Military Junta sources. Particularly given the number of IMP/FET/GTT warships that were involved in the attack,


Imperial-bloc forces have moved to engage the Children Of Hexos Starbase of Ves Tumaan.

> COH Ves Tumaan (940) - Starbase
> Scints: 8.5 Shields: 523662(18.2)
> Targeted by FET The Mansion (53636) - 97963 [149750] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Foxy Lady (504) - 1982 [2500] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Retribution (18815) - 5299 [7600] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Polgara (26096) - 3133 [3870] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Oslo (47683) - 0 [0] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Octavian (48310) - 3788 [4720] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Caligular (5037) - 3749 [4790] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Maiden's Prayer (58642) - 0 [0] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Marcus Aurelius (62282) - 1014 [1830] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Angelic Chorus (74852) - 2049 [3170] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Jhansi (78077) - 0 [0] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Belsambar (86812) - 3009 [3600] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Hadrian (94053) - 1787 [3840] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Devastation (43514) - 3168 [7600] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Sparrow (16817) - 301 [560] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Camilla D (48821) - 6596 [11740] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Fort Sumpter (17262) - 3560 [7600] Damage
> Targeted by IMP The War God's Own (69011) - 6545 [9405] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Trajan (77966) - 631 [1330] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Eisenhorn (20064) - 5725 [6480] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Vorpal Blade (46877) - 909 [1440] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Stranger In A Strange Land (40126) - 5832 [9520] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Mandor (21894) - 2000 [4000] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Infinity Hold (42351) - 0 [0] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Merlin (39926) - 6688 [10310] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Heirs of Empire (66494) - 1544 [2840] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Virtuous Violence (1836) - 5219 [8390] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Conceited Revelation (1858) - 2023 [4300] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Imperious Excogitate (2308) - 2777 [4300] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Prosperous Doom (29779) - 2255 [4300] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Whispering Risque (34625) - 1292 [2860] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Darkling Brilliancy (6087) - 3873 [6520] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Regimental Chaos (69890) - 3169 [5440] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Perfidious Gaffe (75446) - 5583 [9660] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Lofty Jurisdiction (81035) - 1723 [2720] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Glorious Expedient (87616) - 2112 [3760] Damage
> Targeted by IMP VI Theocentric Defiance (98869) - 364 [600] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Pryderi's Shield (21926) - 1499 [3060] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Typhoon (27574) - 2756 [4228] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Barnet (30697) - 3317 [4228] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Cloudburst (43968) - 1521 [3060] Damage
> Targeted by IMP MacArthur (49793) - 1211 [3060] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Screaming Fist (50552) - 2148 [3060] Damage
> Targeted by IMP RS Alpha (50738) - 4827 [8908] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Kalpi (76622) - 1931 [3060] Damage
> Targeted by IMP Hurricane (94951) - 2013 [3060] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Dark Mood 216 (21636) - 6807 [8360] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Stormwaif (69843) - 1623 [3040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Supernova 6 (68544) - 4712 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Eliminator IE 18 (89523) - 495 [1600] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Dark Mood 487 (48780) - 5277 [8360] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Gravis Placitum 479 (47966) - 6848 [10200] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Gravis Placitum 631 (63197) - 2326 [3600] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Hunter Defence 00 (13827) - 354 [800] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-11 (3813) - 3661 [6400] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-12 (18871) - 5608 [6400] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-13 (23140) - 3920 [6400] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-14 (72972) - 4770 [6400] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-15 (93552) - 3042 [6400] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-17 (95120) - 4168 [6300] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-16 (99208) - 5811 [7200] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 01 (19708) - 3363 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 03 (28535) - 3721 [5520] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 02 (33506) - 4634 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 07 (70305) - 3582 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 04 (74860) - 1722 [3600] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 08 (80168) - 3611 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 05 (90330) - 3627 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 06 (97441) - 2936 [5160] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 10 (7167) - 3669 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper 09 (72939) - 2835 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-01 (34366) - 4462 [7200] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-03 (31000) - 5350 [7840] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-06 (47401) - 5787 [7800] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-04 (57395) - 6687 [9360] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-02 (60458) - 4192 [7200] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-08 (86557) - 5109 [9600] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-09 (90311) - 5031 [7200] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-10 (93133) - 5328 [7680] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-07 (94966) - 3709 [7200] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Scrapper H-05 (95371) - 6161 [9600] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Hunter Defence 02 (39755) - 308 [800] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Hunter Defence 01 (24991) - 1044 [1600] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Barge 05 (8941) - 3842 [9270] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Barge 04 (17073) - 6644 [8840] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Barge 01 (31363) - 4474 [8420] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Barge 06 (38182) - 4392 [8730] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Barge 08 (46098) - 4023 [8190] Damage
> Targeted by GTT Paint Barge 02 (52875) - 3656 [8600] Damage
> Targeted by FET Lanners Ashram (65108) - 0 [0] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 14 (8075) - 438 [950] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 08 (5965) - 198 [380] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-SHAKEDOWN 01 (91970) - 10767 [11700] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 11 (62960) - 914 [1080] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 07 (22456) - 995 [1080] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 06 (29439) - 121 [200] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 04 (31617) - 152 [300] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 10 (41085) - 105 [240] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 03 (54981) - 680 [1110] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 05 (14393) - 129 [200] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-201-FPG (55089) - 1426 [2080] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-202-FPG (5135) - 1504 [2400] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-204-FPG (60657) - 1199 [2000] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-203-FPG (75077) - 1174 [2160] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 13 (53505) - 390 [860] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Hoodies 09 (9423) - 294 [510] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-Raven 02 (50113) - 1671 [1600] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-001 (7881) - 6872 [11520] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-004-FPG (455) - 1087 [1710] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-009-FPG (3849) - 3288 [5040] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-003-FPG (35840) - 1031 [2000] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-006 (4278) - 4536 [5600] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-010-FPG (46252) - 3262 [4880] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-007 (95661) - 2425 [4000] Damage
> Targeted by FET Barracuda-008 (76040) - 3419 [4000] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-10 (61042) - 3612 [4800] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-05 (45211) - 2576 [4800] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-02 (25430) - 2557 [4800] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-04 (38637) - 2728 [5000] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-06 (55973) - 3139 [4800] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-01 (76870) - 2924 [5280] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-03 (33674) - 2653 [4800] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-07 (58073) - 3427 [4800] Damage
> Targeted by FET FPG-PIKE-09 (60506) - 3040 [4000] Damage
> Attacking FET Lanners Ashram (65108) - 900 [900] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFM03 (70476) - 990 [990] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFM02 (81092) - 960 [960] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFT03 (59051) - 742 [960] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFT01 (97734) - 768 [930] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFM04 (23203) - 930 [930] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFM01 (91596) - 900 [900] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFT05 (33362) - 468 [540] Damage
> Attacking GTT Tycoon Leffingwell Mound (19800) - 400 [540] Damage
> Attacking FET Raccoon City (281) - 15 [540] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFM05 (14761) - 536 [540] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFT04 (40588) - 537 [540] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFT02 (76891) - 426 [510] Damage
> Attacking FET TYCLEFT06 (13693) - 454 [510] Damage

According to an unnamed Imperial source, the COH base had been poaching resources being harvested by FET and GTT locations here and refused to stop. In addition, a COH ground party scouted the FET base in an "accident".

To date, two COH freighters were boarded and captured, and 8 others have been destroyed. The base and attached ground party have been shelled for several days by a large fleet of ships. In retaliation, Ves Tuman has launched a major attack on the GTT OP there and turned it into ashes.

At time of press the situation appears to be escalating as more Imperial-Bloc warships arrive to add to the weight of orbital bombardment reining down upon the base. Although it seems the COH might have suspected this was coming, as sensor logs indicate critical personnel may have been evacuated from the base in previous weeks.


In a not altogether surprising move, the recent tension between the FEL and HLQ has new erupted into all-out war, with the Baron LiQuan issuing the following statement to the press:

"HLQ today declared war with the FEL

We have been allied with the FLZ for the last week.

This has been brought on by FEL actions against HLQ and its objectives in the twilight system.
Details of which the FEL our bound to dispute.
HLQ forces today launched Ground assaults against FEL Wimbleville on hanger 17.
HLQ naval forces entered the orbit and are in the process of securing it.

The SMS have been targeted being a chartered affiliation and human.
I do not want to bring humans into conflict with each other.
I urge the SMS to think carefully in there response.

The only FCN posistions targeted were the ones attacking HLQ.
These were by ships defending HLQ.

Baron LiQuan."

Felini sources seem convinced that this was the ultimate end-game of the Barons involvement in the Twilight Periphery, while the HLQ maintain that it is as a result of Felini broken promises.

Either way, the entrance of the House LiQuan onto the side of the Flagritz surely signifies a major shift of power in the ongoing FLZ/Consortium war.

Quite how this will pan out should HLQ warships begin targeting the SMS, can only remain to be seen.

Halo News

Ships of the Flagritz Imperial Halo Raider Squadron have claimed their first kill within the Halo Periphery. Two Cruisers en-route join the squadron successfully evaded multiple Felini escorts to destroy the Caravel Class Freighter Fel Noya Yoffi.

No damage was inflicted upon the Imperial ships with the escorts proving that Felini Halo forces follow the Cluster training philosophy where purring in harmony is more important than accuracy.

Halo News

More pirate scouts have been spotted in the Hittite system. Though there have as yet been no reported boarding attempts.


A small squadron of Flagritz vessels has ambushed a single Felini Sabre Tooth Pounce class capital ship in the Skye system. The FEL vessel appears to have been freshly launched from the construction docks, and may not have been fully equipped for battle.

The FEL ship suffered moderate damage before being able to make a run for it.


Dewiek forces have engaged a Confederate ship in the Forest system, threatening an escalation of the recent frosty atmosphere between these two powers.


CNN News Network Broadcast.

Dewiek raiders today further proved their credentials as vicious alien menaces by launching an incursion into CNF claimed Empire space. Commander Tassadar confirmed that elements of a patrol under his command stationed at the Enigma black hole entrance were attacked by around 20 heavily armed Dewiek ships. In the ensuing battle at least one Phantasm class CNF vessel was destroyed and a Colossus class vessel was damaged.

Earlier in the week it emerged the CNF Supreme Commander had offered an olive branch to the Dewiek leadership for the peaceful handover or sale of a DEN outpost in the Enigma system. This latest slap in the face comes hot on the heels of news of an assortment of other Dewiek incursions elsewhere in the cluster and attempts on forces loyal to Emperor Lysander.

This is Kent Brockman, reporting live for Confederate News Networks (CNN)*.

Financial Woes?

Rumours are circulating that the Falconian Republic may be in a spot of financial bother, as traders report that FCN markets have been unable to pay in cold hard cash for goods delivered.

A FCN economic spokesbird assured our reporters however that the Republic is fully solvent, and Polly does indeed want a cracker.


The Dewiek Elder nation have continued their small scale series of actions against Confederate targets in the Enigma system, as talks between the two parties appear to have finally brought the conflict to an end before it blew up into full scale warfare.

The DEN pack leader has broadcast the following summary of events from their perspective:

Day one went well, but they only found two targets.
We need to work on better intel and one ship left the battle, but that is why we have drills.
The CNF Destroyer went down fast,
but the Colossus with the photon battery was sweet.
But there was something wrong with the poor thing;
She could not find a stable target, while my pack ate away 150 of her 200 hulls.
We will finish putting her down next round.

Now where are the rest of the CNF?
I can smell them, so they must be near.

Day three.
A random find by a patrol destroyed a CNF battleship. But she fought well I will have to send one ship home for repairs.

I have asked the Dewiek Elder Council to upgrade your status from merely human to Dewiek Prey, with all associated rights, privileges and honors. We salute you, CNF Prey.

Squad drills are now over, and the Dewiek fleets will be returning home.

Much as been learned, experience gained, and we will be updating our fleets accordingly.

We salute the CNF for their part in this exercise.

Gammatron Quads

Courtesy of Admiral Lord Simms, our newsroom has now received footage of the HEF weapon systems in action:

Incoming Fire from HEF Collateral Damage (95430)
Round 1: 13 Gammatron Quads
- 13 hits - 14817 [15600] damage - 100%
5 Tractor Beam mkIVs
- 5 hits - 0 [0] damage - 100%
- Tractor beams reduced positions speed by 4.53%
Round 2: 13 Gammatron Quads
- 13 hits - 14509 [15600] damage - 100%
5 Tractor Beam mkIVs
- 5 hits - 0 [0] damage - 100%
- Tractor beams reduced positions speed by 5.56%
Round 3: 13 Gammatron Quads
- 13 hits - 13945 [15600] damage - 100%
5 Tractor Beam mkIVs
- 5 hits - 0 [0] damage - 100%
- Tractor beams had no effect, target stationary.
Round 4: 13 Gammatron Quads
- 13 hits - 14000 [15600] damage - 100%
5 Tractor Beam mkIVs
- 5 hits - 0 [0] damage - 100%
- Tractor beams had no effect, target stationary.

An extract from a close encounter of the worst kind with a member of the Halo protection Fleet.

IMP Stardust (47184) - Ship
Starfury Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 68.2 Scints: 1.4
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Targeted by HEF Collateral Damage (95430) - 57271 [62400] Damage
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris
IMP Starshine (69889) - Ship
Starfury Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 67.7
Hull Damage: 100.0%
IMP Stargazer (99095) - Ship
Starfury Class Heavy Cruiser {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 67.7
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Targeted by HEF Collateral Damage (95430) - 59366 [64800] Damage
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris
HEF Collateral Damage (95430) - Ship
Halo Inquirer Class Capital Ship {Advanced Heavy Armour}
Armour: 440.0 Scints: 131.8 Shields: 76000(223.0)
Destroyed IMP Stargazer (99095) - 59366 [64800] Damage
Destroyed IMP Stardust (47184) - 57271 [62400] Damage

HLQ Strike

The HLQ military forces have been in action against the Felini in the Twilight system since their declaration of war, with a sizeable force moving against Consortium positions in orbit of Hanger 17. While elements of the HLQ space forces have engaged and won a victory over FEL and FCN warships in orbit, a large ground force has descended to the surface of the planet and commenced a siege of the FEL Starbase Wimbleville.

After several days hard fighting it seems as if the HLQ may be on the verge of capturing the Starbase,

Although our reporting of this event has been complicated by slightly contradictory information, despite our having embedded reporters on both sides of the conflict.

We'll chalk this one up to communication issues over the Sub Space Static through the closed Stargate, and not the level of fail of the Editor.

Okay. It's probably the level of fail of The Editor.


Flagritz naval forces have again struck at the Consortium presence in the Twilight system, a fierce battle erupted, and at time of press it seems as if the honours may be roughly even. Though with Consortium forces still cut off, the Flagritz can afford to continue to whittle them down.

At least until the Stargate re-opens


SMS forces have reportedly been involved in an exchange of fire with the HLQ.

With the SMS having recently taken up the Imperial Charter, the repercussions may be significant.

Letters To The Editor

Pop Goes The General

Dear Mr Editor,

Can any of your readers confirm or deny the rumour that Emperor Scott is in fact the lead singer of the new boy band called the 'Gammatron Quad' , that is currently knocking everyone dead with its performances in the Halo system?

concerned of the music industry.

A Public Letter To The Baron LiQuan

My dear, faithful and good Baron,

It is with a heavy heart I write this to you and it wounds me to criticize you at all in such a public manner. Our families have a long history and without your hospitality and goodwill they would not have prospered since the exodus from our ancestral home. More than this, I have sworn to protect and serve your interests and all the nobility of the Empire.

But such is the burden of responsibility that I endure, I must write and protest your recent alliance with the Flagritz Empire and ask you to reconsider it.

Do not mistake me, my friend. I have no quarrel with the Flagritz who have despite their alien nature never caused harm to the Confederacy. Your mission to repatriate the Wimbles in Twilight is the Emperor's work and surely sanctioned by the True One. We are the keepers of civilized values and charity is most becoming for the noble houses.

And I cannot ever question the justified anger at the actions and interference with your work by the Felini Tyranny. You must do what you feel is right to settle matters of honour and security in your interests.

But simply put: We, men of the Empire, suffer when we align ourselves with aliens, whoever they may be. History has shown this time and time again Friendship and peace is one thing. Alliance in war another. It compromises the unity of the Empire and threatens to pit brother against brother for the benefit of the aliens who would rejoice in the face of such fratricide.

I cannot expect every citizen to understand or appreciate this truth but a great man such as yourself can surely see the wisdom in what I say.

Remember, my friend: You need no other or have a better friend than the Confederate Forces. Your enemies are our enemies. Your troubles become our troubles

Long may we prosper together.

with deepest respect and friendship,

Ulysses F. Scott

Periphery Classifieds

Please Speak To Me

Could the governor of CIA Monolith (469) please make contact?

Nugg Wycc
Governor, Spirit's Ascension (3210)


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

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No sss this week.

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Bad News Day

Repercussions for the Imperial-Bloc are continuing this week following their multiple recent violations of the Yank no-fire zone, which as well as events reported on last week, also included the destruction of two RCF freighters, as well as the bombardment of RCF Restoration.

The media has flocked to the funeral being held at RCF Starbase Restoration as two Kastorian employees are given a big send-off. Shocking footage of the orbital bombardment that rained down on the base is televised along with close-ups of the Imperial warships responsible for the actions.

Imperial representatives were not attending the funeral and have to date not given a statement beyond, effected parties should contact them. This being a second attack of this nature such a short time, it is not surprising that Kastorian citizens have voted with their feet. The markets are showing a 10% drop in Imperial commerce for Mobile Bay.

Further, a mob of more than 500 Kastorian employees, which our reporters have discovered were working for the RCF, have been given time off on full pay to protest outside IMP bases in response to their actions that led to the death of Kastorian employees.

No doubt they will incite some hostility and if not dealt with will undoubtedly further damage Imperial relations with the population.

Yank Becomes Free-Fire Zone?

The Kastorian Military Junta have been questioned this week regarding the recent violations of the Yank No-Fire Zone, and in typical Kastorian fashion they were blunt to the point of rudeness, being quoted in the press as saying that "As the Junta do not at this time collect rent/tax, they cannot be bothered in pushing for further reparations."

Could this be taken as a coded signal that the Kastorians are no longer prepared to fully enforce the Yank peace treaty, and that the system can now be considered a free-fire zone? Quite possibly, particularly given a senior Imperial-Bloc political figure was quoted as saying:



With this statement of intent coming the same day Imperial-bloc forces targeted Hive targets in Yank, it calls into question just how accidental this 'accidental' assault was.

Only time will tell. But one thing is certain, without stronger penalties in place, there is likely to be a lot more combat in the Yank system.

Reporter Goes Missing

An IGN reporter investigating the KAS System Weapon has gone missing. Should any persons know the whereabouts of Thomas Band, please contact our news-room immediately.

Imperial News

From the Imperial News Wire: Happenings on Leffingwall.

Imperial ground forces today stormed and captured what remained of COH Ves Tumaan (940), renamed COH Memorial Zone after a weeklong bombardment by the Allied Fleet. A large shuttle capable force, the KriegsmarineEinz, of brigade strength dropped from the sky and rapidly overwhelmed the less than 100 defending troops and captured a large pile of rubble, intermixed with recently collected ruins. Half of the attacking brigade troops were "loyal bugs" provided by the FET and reputed to be loyal to Racoon City Hive (281) also located on Leffingwall.

The cause of the conflict is unclear. General Ike Krieger, Viceroy of the Imperial Services has promised a full investigation into rumours that Imperial warships provoked the conflict by shooting up COH freighters trying to get to Leffingwall. The "official" word from Viceroy Krieger is that the COH recently probed the defenses of FET Racoon City but were caught in the act by alert FET sentries. This much of the story has been verified by this reporter. Further the FET accused the COH of poaching the Leffingwall herd into near extinction, but proof of this allegation only came after Ves Tumaan was put out of business by the arrival of the Allied fleet which destroyed its resource complexes and immediately the Leffingwall herd started to recover from near extinction. Unless the Viceroy had a crystal ball it is uncertain how he could have known this ahead of time, although the evidence after the fact does seem clear.

Excerpted from the Capellan Periphery Times.
Reporter Suzy Soo.

Krell On The Rise

The Krell Warlord Skaven has returned from an extended holiday on the nuclear ravaged garden paradise that is the Krell Homeworld of Inversion to once again lead the Krell in their ongoing quest for racial annihilation.

Skaven spoke to one of our few surviving reporters on Inversion and had the following to say, "Fellow periphery neighbours, I have been resting and watching with mild interest the goings on outside my home system of Storm. It is time for my clan to begin stretching our legs and our trade routes once again. I hope that all systems that were open to our trade ships last year are still open today. We have many needs and look to our neighbours' markets to fulfill them. We have some trade goods and will be looking to expand our useful goods moving forward. The Krell are respectful of power and of loyalties. The Krell do not wish to isolate themselves any longer."

Several Krell bodyguards then held an impromptu game of 'throw yourself on the hand-grenade', resulting in several casualties and yet another IGN reporter requesting a transfer.

More Imperial News

According to an anonymous source, HIH Lysander has asked Ike Krieger to step down. Word has it that HIH Lysander believes Ike Krieger to be no better than a pirate and has decreed henceforth all Viceroy candidates must submit to regenerative eye repair. NO MORE EYEPATCHES!

RIP Press Release

This is a public announcement from the offices of RIP PD GT Spugman

All parties should be aware that all RIP space is considered off-limits to everyone.

This includes everyone (including the RIP).

Any incursion, whether accidental or deliberate will be considered a hostile act.

The RIP reserve the right to take any and all defensive measures against these incursions.

The best advice we can offer you is to stay out of all RIP territory.

There are very few exceptions to this, those who know they hold an exception will have a short, private, reminder of this very shortly.

Thnak you.

GT Spugman

RCF Press Release

RCF commando units have been sent into action this week.

Two units working in Wastelands while another into Audrey. I want to make it clear that these are no way linked to the pirate actions also tried in Wastelands.

The one in Audrey ran into IMP defenders and tanks and after a firefight was wiped out


Attacking IMP Audrey Visnu I (68092)
Round 1: 100 Hive Soldiers - 12 [400] damage
1 Human Veteran Crew - 0 [2] damage

Incoming Fire from IMP Audrey Visnu I (68092)
Round 1: 15 Battle Tank mkIIs - 315 [675] damage
100 Human Soldiers - 184 [400] damage
50 Light Tanks - 376 [1000] damage
25 Robotic Defence Bunkers - 305 [750] damage

The units in Wastelands have so far taken 4 outposts. 3 GTT and one FET


Entering a control battle for GTT Gidi Station 05 (40081).

Ground Battle for the Control of GTT Gidi Station 05 (40081)
Round 1: Battle is dominated by Attacker
Defender lost 100% control [0%]
100% chance of losing control

GTT Gidi Station 05 (40081) has fallen to the attackers.
The defenders retreated to GTT Gidi Station 05 Defence Force (79512)


Ground Battle for the Control of FET Harbour Grace (69992)
Round 1: Battle is dominated by Attacker
Defender lost 39.42% control [60.58%]
6.69% chance of losing control Round 2: Battle is dominated by Attacker
Defender lost 36.38% control [24.19%]
47.56% chance of losing control Round 3: Battle is dominated by Attacker
Defender lost 24.19% control [0%]
100% chance of losing control

FET Harbour Grace (69992) has fallen to the attackers.
The defenders retreated to FET Harbour Grace Defence Force (25100)


Ground Battle for the Control of GTT Gidi Station 02 (33779)
Round 1: Battle is dominated by Attacker
Defender lost 100% control [0%]
100% chance of losing control

GTT Gidi Station 02 (33779) has fallen to the attackers.
The defenders retreated to GTT Gidi Station 02 Defence Force (60072)


Ground Battle for the Control of GTT Retreat (97587)
Round 1: Battle is dominated by Attacker
Defender lost 100% control [0%]
100% chance of losing control

GTT Retreat (97587) has fallen to the attackers.
The defenders retreated to GTT Retreat Defence Force (27645)

Pirates Defeated

The GTT have successfully defeated two pirate boarding parties in the Wastelands system in an act of remarkable bravery.

The following press release has been issued:

We want to praise the courage and determination of the brave men and women of the GTT CCF Maltese Falcon 01 (56022) and the GTT CCF Maltese Falcon 02 (19310). Today, despite the overwhelming odds against them, they resisted a coordinated attempt to board their ships and without external help defeated a large number of trained pirates. Civilian officer Camille Nebraska and her crew of 4 defeated 64 pirate marines. Civilian officer Archibald Leach and his crew of 4 defeated 65 pirate marines. We commend their bravery and mourn for the lives lost in the battles.


Editor: sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

Great Big Huge Scary War!

In a shock announcement the Confederate forces have declared war against the Felini. The news came in the following statement from the office of Thomas Jackson, the Confederate supreme commander:

"Greetings Citizens of the Peripheries,

It is a matter of public record regarding the ongoing and escalating dispute between the Felini and House Liquan. Following criticism from CNF officials regarding the suitability of the recent HLQ-FLZ alliance Baron Liquan, leader of the House Liquan, contacted us in both private and public and felt so strongly on the issue in hand as to request the CNF formally state what our stance is regarding support for the HLQ on both a political and military level is.

To date the CNF have adopted a neutral policy and have had discussions with all sides in the conflict as to promote a peaceful outcome without any further escalation. Following the request from House Liquan the CNF command council met to discuss the situation, look at all the facts and respond formally to the request. The command council consists of senior CNF officials including myself, Generals Scott, Carter, Dimitri, Tassadar and senior advisor grandees including Duke West and Lord Houston.

I feel it is only fair to hear the arguments presented -

The command council heard that from the FEL side they were open and willing to contain or limit the dispute but that it was unlikely they would be willing to suffer any interference in any matters precluding their attempts to conquer (or liberate, as your politics see it) the FLZ nations. From the view of the Supreme Commanders office it was expressed that the Felini known as Mrrshan had acted with honour, as far as can be observed, over a period of years. From the HLQ official documents and reports on the matter the command council heard that it is the view of the HLQ that the Felini acted with disregard, malicious intent and ill intent towards the sanctioned (by system owners) HLQ efforts to repatriate Wimble and Flagritz residents to and from their respective political factions in and around Twilight. Furthermore the HLQ argued that should the largely one way traffic of FEL conquest spread unchallenged into FLZ space continue at the present pace it would present a clear and present danger to surrounding cultures non-aligned in the matter, taking back your own territory is one thing but eliminating an area as vast the FLZ systems are is quite something else.

There are clearly cases to answer on all sides of the argument.

Senior grandees of the Command council Lord Houston and Duke West pointed out that it is not the job of the CNF to police the universe in such matters but it is the duty of the CNF to protect the empire and look to the well being of it's citizens, be it in safeguarding religious practices, cultural practices and ensuring confederate unity prevails and in that regard no length is too great to go to.

It is the finding of the council therefore that given the strength of feeling to discuss anything but a military answer to the issue from the HLQ side the council cannot see that peace, at this time, can be achieved or realised between the HLQ and FEL.

The HLQ represent the greatest of the Confederate noble houses and the honour of Baron Liquan is without question, at least in the eyes of the CNF At the outbreak of human civil war the HLQ were immediate in their reaction to voice and act in support of the ideals of the confederacy which, at that time, was setup to protect and in doing so suffered a high price which they did not have to do.

I cannot, in good faith and with the humiliation such an act would undoubtedly reflect, therefore now allow the HLQ to stand alone when they ask us to now stand with them. Unity and the bond that irrefutably binds the CNF to the populace, of which the HLQ is core to, cannot be allowed to be sacrificed so easily. Whilst there may be arguments on both sides the responsibility of the CNF is clear and at the end of the discussion blood is most definitely thicker than water.

I thereby answer Baron Liquans earlier question by pledging our continued loyalty to them and declaring that a state of WAR now exists between the Felini and the Confederate Naval Forces. CNF forces will immediately begin operations to subdue the threat posed from the FEL in territories neighbouring Confederate systems in support of our HLQ allies.

All Felini vessels are hereby declared targets in Confederate systems and all Felini rights and access are hereby and immediately revoked.

The CNF make an exception for the FEL embassy starbase and planetary dependencies on Breaker in the Beach system. This starbase is now considered to be interned for the period of the war. We will not target the starbase here but any attempts by the Felini to deliver or pickup from this base will be met by immediate force and should any attempt be made by the base to counter CNF claims or target CNF positions then we will not hesitate to annihilate the FEL embassy - we ask that you not force our hand here. Felini POW will of course be afforded all rights afforded to their rank and be kept safe until the end of the war, at which they will be returned.

I wish to make it clear that the CNF can only speak for itself in this matter and we make no attempt to speak for the position of the Brotherhood, CIA or other Confederate houses or allies on such a matter. Each must act according to their own conscience and sense of honour on such a grave and serious matter as this.

Likewise the CNF accept that Felini allies may feel compelled to defend the FEL and we, as the HLQ have previously, accept that is a matter of honour and obligation for them. We will not respond to such acts by third parties where they only act in a defensive manner and nor does any such issue arising from such event outside CNF space have any bearing on ongoing ARP agreements for them in Confederate space, so long as they stick to existing laws that is and avoid the planet Breaker in Beach.

I thank Felini tyrant Mrrshan for his past efforts both privately and publicly and state that I am always willing to listen to any diplomatic proposals but as things stand it is a matter of honour for us whilst the state of war persists between the HLQ and FEL and I hope the tyrant may understand our position in this.

May the True One find us victorious,"

The CIA were quick to signal that they would stand alongside the Confederacy, and we understand CIA Black Ops vessels have already heavily infiltrated Felini space.

Further, Inter-Galactic News reporters have learnt that the CNF have made several sweeping demands for the handover of practically all FEL assets in the Cluster if they want to avoid conflict. It seems as if the sleepy backwater periphery might be about to become much more lively than it has been since the good old days of IND High Star.

RCF Kicking IMP Ass

One of our reporters embedded with the Real Confederacy forces currently running havoc throughout Imperial space has sent the following report of yet more success for the RCF ground forces:

"RCF forces have taken another three outposts

and held a much larger IMP force out of another for a day, before moving on

---------------------------------BATTLE REPORT----------------------------------

Shields are down
Ground Combat tactic:
Assault Position [Control x3/2 - Casualties x2]

Defending: RCF Gidi Station 02 (33779)

Ground Battle for the Control of RCF Gidi Station 02 (33779)
Round 1: Battle is 67:5 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 7.28% control [92.72%]
0.02% chance of losing control Round 2: Battle is 67:5 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 7.06% control [85.66%]
0.13% chance of losing control Round 3: Battle is 67:5 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 7.46% control [78.21%]
0.47% chance of losing control Round 4: Battle is 67:5 in favour of Attacker
Defender lost 7.5% control [70.71%]
1.14% chance of losing control

Post Battle Summary
IMP Strike Force (62519) had no forces.
GTT Gidi Station 02 Defence Force (60072) had no forces.

As can be seen it is a much larger IMP force but I am happy to report no RCF forces were killed."

Further we understand that as the FET recaptured one of the outposts the RCF took last week, a small GTT strike force moved into orbit and commenced a blue-on-blue bombardment of the FET ground troops.

Republic Embraces Scary Aliens

The Detinus Republic has this week announced it is merging with the Queens Guardian faction of the Hive:

"Greetings Citizens,

Today is a historic day for our Republic. For many years the Queens
Guardian Hive (QNG) and the Detinus Republic (DTR) have been working closely
together on the search for lost Hive civilisations. During this endeavour our
two affiliations have grown to understand and respect each other to the extent
that the QNG have been invited, and have accepted, to become part of the Detinus

Ever since the Detinus Republic arrived in the Peripheries, the DTR has
been made up of many different cultures and peoples, Human, Naplian,
Native, Kastorian, Aquaphid, Dewiek, Felini and Hive to name but a few, and
as demonstrated by the opening of the Detinus Periphery systems to all the
Republic is more than willing to peacefully coexist with the sentient races of the
peripheries - we welcome the QNG to the Republic.

As of today all QNG positions will be flagged DTR. We welcome the
opportunity to discuss this with other affected affiliations (via private
message only).

Long live the Republic!"

Several independent observers have noted that they suspect this merger has something to do with recent rather abrupt Imperial-Bloc foreign policy, though sources within the Detinus Republic Senate have suggested to reporters that it is in fact something that has been underway for well over a year now.

Either way, reporters throughout the DTR are looking forward to the first Hive Queen taking her seat at the Detinus Senate, where Hive Access Doors are already being constructed, as it is sure to bring some fresh colour to the long winded and tiresome debates that are a hallmark of Detinus democracy in action.

Detinus news agencies with reporters stationed at QNG hives were fortunate enough to catch the following transmission from the Hive Queens regarding the merger:

"The DTR generosity over the past many years in our search for our origins has helped the QNG determine their path forward. We have also learned so much about the human collective. They are so fractured and speak with many different minds. We don't know how they operate without hive queens to guide them. The DTR are however the closest to a unified collective as we have found. They have proven themselves friends of the hive and we wish to work with them in the future. Accept the kind offer from the DTR to join their collective and change all positions to a DTR flag."

Cassius Jerusalem, the DTR Foreign Minister and one time Minister In Charge Of Speaking To Scary Insectile Aliens stopped today to speak to the press in order to express his personal happiness that the DTR have expanded in such a peaceful manner, and that the Republic stands as a friend to all aliens. He added with a smile that the Republics doors are always open To anybody except the RIP.

Big Old Pirate Denies Largeness

A 100 heavy hulled pirate battleship has been spotted attempting to board a patrol vessel in the Aladdin system. All travellers are warned to be on alert and not to loiter in the space lanes.

Falconians In Action In Twilight, Sparkly Vampires Missing

House Magpie commerce raiders netted a 150HH OPS warship in the Day system which was dispatched over 2 days

OPS Scorpion Queen (50298) - Ship
Dominator Class Capital Ship {Heavy Armour}
Armour: 74.1 Scints: 10.0
Hull Damage: 60.1%
Targeted by FCN Blackhawk of Nubian (21312) - 5341 [8800] Damage
Targeted by FCN Blaaaastar Painbringer (3047) - 596 [2425] Damage
Targeted by FCN O Toy Disposal (32901) - 1758 [16806] Damage
Targeted by FCN Blackhawk of Taask (49779) - 7815 [12000] Damage
Targeted by FCN Blackhawk of Proteus (72969) - 6912 [10800] Damage
Targeted by FCN Blackhawk of Taura (88878) - 3617 [5400] Damage
Targeted by FCN O Paranoid Silence (96255) - 2239 [15186] Damage

A large OPS freighter was also destroyed in the dawn system by some of the same ships

OPS T-C-4.8K (12172) - Ship
Scarab Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

Tentacled Aliens Speak Of Peace? Peripheries Surprised


In light of recent political developments and some of the content of various dialogues, I would like to remind the various powers that the Empire seeks to secure it's borders, to develop internally and to reduce Flagritz contact with alien races. The Empire does not seek to expand its dominion into space controlled by other species.

We will defend our borders with utmost force and no mercy will be given to any transgressor.

Ambassador H'minee

Falconian Republic Borders Contract

The FCN will be dropping their claim to the Teller and Aladdin systems. The IMPerials have been asked to resume control of the systems to prevent a period of lawlessness and will be taking over their control. It is hoped to transfer ownership smoothly however the present situation may mean we need to move assets quicker than we choose. Owners of fixed positions in the systems are advised to contact the IMP if they are concerned over the transfer and to find out the new system rules when the transfer takes place.

Dogs Shoot Rednecks, Man Surprised

Dewiek forces have reportedly destroyed another Confederate scout ship. Prompting one Confederate general to remark on exactly why CNF scout ships are painted luminous orange.

GTT Rumble

Relations between the RIP and the GTT might be about to take a nasty turn for the worst, as the GTT have forcefully reminded the RIP that if they shoot at the GTT anywhere, then the war will be back on. The RIP meanwhile have been stating they have the right to defend themselves within their space from uninvited visitors

The RIP have made the following announcement to clarify where they do and do not expect visitors:

"This is a public announcement from the offices of RIP PD GT Spugman

All parties should be aware that all RIP space is considered off-limits to everyone.

This includes everyone (including the RIP).

Any incursion, whether accidental or deliberate. will be considered a hostile act.

The RIP reserve the right to take any and all defensive measures against these incursions.

The best advice we can offer you is to stay out of all RIP territory.

There are very few exceptions to this, those who know they hold an exception will have a short, private, reminder of this very shortly.

Thank you.

GT Spugman"

Black Op Pretends To Be Pirate

A pirate has attacked a hidden DTR installation in a classified system. DTR sources became very tight-lipped when questioned about this event, and made repeated indications that they had no comment at this time.

FLZ Declared Officially Sneaky Sods

Initial reports suggest the Flagritz Empire have taken advantage of a Periphery wide comms blackout to launch a raid in force against Consortium forces. A massed force of Flagritz warships has inflicted heavy damage against ships in the Crusade system, destroying 10 vessels for the loss of none, and inflicting damage against a platform that was under construction.

They were then able to disengage without risk during the comms blackout.

Eco-Warriors to the Rescue!

The FET have recently released information showing part of their reasoning for taking action against the COH in Leffingwell:

"Due to the continued poaching of rare species on Leffingwell by the COH and concerned for the well being of members of said species being held in the COH base conducting the poaching FET Executive member Roy Thomson ordered one of his agents to attempt a rescue of the animals. Below are the results of the agents actions.
I would like to publicly thank Executive Thomson for his outstanding contribution in seeing to the well being of this endangered species. The herd numbers are again showing a slight increase since the COH were forced to stop their illegal poaching.

Zuvoro Norozov.

Special Action - Agent

Hack into the starbase computer system and give orders to release all the
Leffinphants (31020) and Leffingrats (30995) back into the wild.


Special Agent Action/COH Starbase Memorial Zone (940)/210.12
The operative is able to hack the barely existing data system in the base
that is now little more than rubble.
He is able to trigger the pens holding the creatures extracted from the
planet and open them, allowing most of them to quickly escape back into the

Could this be the start of a new green-friendly FET? Only time will tell.

Periphery Classifieds

Market At The End Of The Universe

Want to sell your trade goods in the Cluster? GTT Port Lakme (76102) will buy them. Just let us know what you have to offer and we will give you a good price for your products. Send us a PM telling what you have to sell and it will be added to the starbase market. Special deals available for continual deliveries. We will buy anything, from AB Timber to Zochiphyte and everything in between. Come visit us in the Demon System (56), satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! We welcome all peaceful affiliations, including IND and TRN.

Cornelius Merryheart
Secretary to Baron Blake Ravenstone

Desperately Seeking Spiritual Salvation

Could a member of the Brotherhood please contact the DTR.


Editor: sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

Don't forget to include your account number in the message.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Solo claim swings back and forth

The situation in Solo appears to be getting even more heated. First the NHS dropped 600,000 troops to contest the system and then the DTR answered with enough troops of their own to trump the NHS claim. The NHS found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim up to 750,000 and once again the DTR answered, bringing Solo back under DTR control. Now the NHS have had a look down the back of the sofa and found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim to a massive 900,000 trained troops. We wait to see if the DTR have an answer to this. We can only guess where all these troops are coming from, but what is clear is that the established affiliations clearly have far larger armies than many thought.
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

NHS attempt to claim Solo away from DTR

In a shock move the NHS have contested the Solo claim with a huge garrison of 600,000 trained troops. In a move that nobody saw coming, especially as it was unknown the NHS had such a large force of troops to draw upon, the NHS seem to be provoking a response from the DTR. Currently there has been no word from the DTR in how they are going to deal with this claim jumping, although rumours are that they are pretending the Solo claim doesn't really matter to them and so action is unlikely. However this may be a smokescreen and we may yet see the DTR's powerful fleet cause havoc in the system of Solo, which has for a long time been an important junction and fought over by many different factions.

DNA Chairman TonTon resigns

The following communication has been leaked from the DNA to the GTT's PD.

Greetings CEO Fox.
It regrets me to have to inform to you that the DNA nation state will be renouncing its claim on Aladdin system following a ceremony planet side, shortly.
However, it gives me great pleasure to have to inform you that these ceremonies are being planned by Vladimir Tavikovitch, the South Road Traffic Coordinator. He is also responsible for all DNA and .ore. assets in the Outer Naplian (Capellan) periphery so if there are any further issues, please take it up with him.
For any and all other matters, please forward your request directly to the DNA directorate services at NexusID: DNA people.
The Foreign Ministry objects one last time to your illegal claim jump of Aladdin, but we realise it is time to de-escalate.
Normally i would sign off with Naambta, but doing so would be hypocritical. Let me say good riddance instead.
I hereby resign in protest!

Chairman TonTon,
Foreign Minister, DNA
cc: Directorate Services personnel coordinator - !urgent resignation!

DTR threaten WMB with fines for multiple breaches of DTR Law

Lady Sylvansight of the DTR has issued a fine of 1,000,000 stellars to the Wimbles for multiple breaches of DTR Penal and Territorial Law. This seems a very brave move of the DTR to risk upsetting the huge and warlike WMB when they also have the rival NHS Solo system claim to deal with. No word has been recieved yet that the Wimbles are going to pay, but if the formidable WMB warfleet is seen heading for the DTR home systems we will know what their thought are on the matter. The DTR and WMB fleets going head to head would be a sight to behold.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

DNA and GTT clash over Aladdin system claim while Pirates look on.

The GTT have this week launched an attack on the DNA outpost in Aladdin, in what appears to be little more than a turkey shoot. Around 100,000 GTT Naplian Startroopers attacked the DNA position to remove the rival system claim. Reports indicate the DNA garrison were taken by surprise and lost control of the base in the first few hours of the fighting. The base has since been reflagged from [Free Naplian Capital] Peaceful Protest to [Loyal Naplian Capital] DNA claim Ended so it's fair to say there was a clear message being sent by the GTT. We have been waiting for the DNA leadership to comment but so far they have been unusually silent. No doubt when they have crawled out from under their desks they will have something to say on the matter.

While this attack was going on several pirate ships were also seen in Aladdin, according to the GTT in what may be true or may be a diversion, with reports of a pirate GP and scout being destroyed while a 150HH pirate warship slipped away and escaped from incoming anti-pirate patrols.

Secret meeting of the EEM

A recent communication intercepted by one of our top reporters today made us aware of a meeting of the EEM. This is underway in a top secret location called Black Pool, which sounds suspiciously like the lair of a pirate band. After pulling in many favours, we were able to identify some of the attending members. On the bases that they won't be named we were able to find out some slight information of the subjects to be discussed at the meeting and one thing is for certain, there could be huge impacts to the lives of everybody living in the galaxy. Details to follow. When the shadowy figures of the EEM come together with the top political players in a pirate base the possibilities are endless!

You are never more than 6 systems from a RAT 🐀

A new saying has arisen in the bars and spaceport of starbases throughout the many peripheries; you are never more than 6 systems from a RAT.

It is understood that this saying originated in Yank and spread by trade vessels to peripheries far and wide. Many starbases have heightened their security and added additional sensors and locks to various entry points including foul and grey water outfalls. Beer and drug stocks are undergoing increased proofing to avoid the critters gaining entry and consuming the stockpiles.

Will this present as a new plague of proportions never before seen or is this some simple urban myth being spread for the amusement of some mischievous entity? Who knows, but to be certain... check the shadows.

This year we will again be returning to the Briardene Hotel. They were welcoming, the bar didn't run out of beer pre-covid and there was room for quiet chats. Along with Wetherspoons there is the Victoria just down the road (Sam Smiths - last time beer was around 2 shillings per pint and a full round was less than £10).

Mostly drinking beer and talking toot though we have a good few things on the agenda.

Bookings are done directly with the hotel. Book by phone and say that you are with KJC Games

Briardene Hotel
Telephone: +44(0)1253 338300
All staff should be able to deal with the booking but if there are any problems ask for Tracy (manager) as she dealt with all our foibles in previous years.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Dog days are over

With the fall of the DEN and the implosion of their home territory as the AFT, DTR and GTT moved in, it was unlikely the Dewiek would rise again. The DWP gave the species a little hope with the Dewiek Pocket Periphery kept under lock and key. But news has reached us of the AFT's penetration of this private area of space that's been locked down. With a base and claim in one of the three visible systems it seems that the end of the Dewiek is near. A once noble and aggressive race, determined to make an impact on the galaxy is now little more than a species that lives under the command of others. A sad end to a once powerful species that used to control a significant part of known space.

Pirate activity continues

Yet more reports of pirate activity have been received, one from the WMB, losing a freighter in Solo and another from the FET who reported they had engaged and hit the attacking pirate ship with several weapons before it managed to make off with it's prize. Hopefully the pirate ship took significant damage and will now be out of action for some time. The Corewards periphery seems to have been plagued with pirates recently and many travellers would welcome a break from attacks.

MEK incursion into Corewards

The FET and GTT have mounted a joint venture into Nog-Kesri to tackle a MEK force. It isn't known where they have come from, with the only other MEK ships seen so far being located in the Orion Spur. The lack of a known link between where they have appeared in Corewards and the Orion Spur has caused some concern among planetary populations as who knows where they could turn up next! Fortunately the combined FET/GTT task force dealt the MEK a heavy blow and the threat has been eradicated. But we all know this is unlikely to be the last we hear of the MEK in Corwards and we would encourage ship captains to keep a keen eye on thier sensor screens when travelling near Nog-Kesri.

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  • CIA freighter fights off overwhelming pirate forces

  • Fin Saine media broadcast, What is Hot in the galaxy?!?!

  • MEKlan forces attack in Corewards Arm

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    Aladdin faces ongoing DNA/GTT tension

    The tensions between the DNA and GTT in the Coptuv system recently spilled over into the DNA system of Aladdin. A significant party of GTT ground troops has reinforced one of their bases in the system and claimed it, forcing the system claim into turmoil as the DNA finds itself under threat of losing the system. With the DNA chairman asking for help, several affiliations have been seen sending ships to evacuate any in the local population that want to escape the GTT. But so far not a shot has been fired and despite the AFT, FEL and DTR assistance no reisistance to the claim jump has been encountered so far. It remains to be seen if the DNA and it's friends will scatter before this hostile take over or put in a last minute counter claim to thwart GTT intentions.

    Increasing pirate activity

    Recent reports indicate a new surge in pirate attacks with the AFT and GTT reporting ships lost. Knowing how some don't like to advertise losses we wouldn't be surprised if this is the tip of the iceberg. Reports passed to us show the ship PIR Scavenger running ID 43174 and another ship of the same name running ID 68668 have both been in action with successful boarding attempts. It's unknown whether these are seperate ships or the same ship reregistered, but our information suggests that it would be hard for these pirates to cover the space where these attacks happened with just one ship. One thing is for sure, be on your guard as open space is not as safe as it once was.

    GCE ships loitering in deep space

    After the fall of the GCE and a lot of their assets being shared or purchased it was thought that the affiliation was no more. Yet deep space scans indicate that there is still a significant number of GCE warships holding station in deep space between Coptuv and Yank on the transport route into the Corwards Arm. Nobody knows what these ships are up to and why they are still flagged GCE, but our best guess is that are captains either awaiting new orders or owners after the fall of the GCE command structure.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


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    Tension in the Corewards Arm

    With the DNA obtaining several ex-GCE bases in the Coreward Arm it has found itself in the middle of an asset grab of serious proportions and aggression. Our reporters witnessed several GTT troop carriers heading for the Corewards system as the DNA published information suggesting they were accidental owners of the system and that the assets were to be moved on. As the GTT ships started to arrive the bases were quickly passed to the CIA, thus thwarting the GTT intentions as they were hardly likely to start dropping troops on their allies bases. This shrew move by the DNA seems to have calmed matters in the Coreward arm temporarily, although the shift in relations between the GTT and DNA has taken a negative turn. When asked what their next move might be the GTT refused to comment.

    GCE collapse

    The GCE are no more, save for some scattered light freighters. The affiliation which enjoyed a sharp rise and profiltable relations with many has ceased trading. Rumors point to the GTT buying up GCE assets before stripping the rival corporation of anything of value. Although our reporters at the SSS have been quick to point out that any GCE assets not in GTT systems have been taken over by both the DNA and FET. So it seems many different affiliations were able to profit from this development including a new group called the HSH who appear to have taken over the GCE war fleet. No doubt many in the peripheries will be watching with interest where these ships are used, who the HSH are and how they were able to get thier hands on so many warships so quickly.

    Secudus trials

    In the Cluster Secudus has continued his trials, claiming to root out terrorists working against the Empire. With tends of thousands of beings being sent to the camps or worse. There is no sign of these actions stopping as the NHS clamp down on the locals and bring them under the harsh control of the Empire.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – <Unknown>
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


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