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user image  [Recruit]

Ho ho ho?

From the offices of the GTT:
For too long has the fat man in the red suit unfairly traded, cutting into our profits. We therefore declare a trade war against Santa. We demand he turn over all production facilities in the North Pole System and we will retain his indigenous labour force, the E-lves.
Distribution of tradegoods known as X-Maspresents (39999) will be handled exclusively through GTT trade centres. Anyone dealing in X-Maspresents independently of GTT distribution centres will be attacked for infringement of our trade rights. NO returns will be honoured.
For the new year, why not save yourselves a bit of cash and just send us all your money?

Mohache On The Move

A sinister bout of Starbase renaming is taking place, with GTT Thermopylae being the first to fall to the Mohache's insidious plan. In related news, our Mohache overlords would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. Or else.

Pirate Christmas

A large number of pirate vessels have been launching suicide runs against well defended starbases over the course of the past week, leading many to suspect that this is some sort of festive celebration gone horribly horribly wrong.


Shocking news as we have just learnt the retired Imperial Viceroy, Admiral Lord Simms' Christmas biscuit supply may have been stolen!

Christmas Cancelled?

Worrying news from the Twilight Periphery when a mysterious vessel was sighted heading for major populated zones:

SNT : Aclaus (251209) - Ship
Sleigh Class Freighter ( no armour)

Targeted by FEL Scrouge
FCN Grinch
SMS Humbug

SNT are recommended to double check the naughty list before attempted combat transactions in Twilight.

More From Twilight - A Merry Tentacled Christmas?

FLZ Press Release:

The FLZ were expecting a delivery of turkey so were fooled by the FCN bird shaped ships. The FEL ships were harnessed to the SMS ships which were painted red with a big white nebulous cloud of complex compounds on top. After studying the footage even the warheads were painted red and white and bedecked with bows. Is it any wonder we were fooled - the first time we try a human tradition and we get stung by it.

Even now I hear that some warheads are lodging in the platform structure and the stupid crewmen are trying to undo the bloody ribbons rather than getting the hell away from there.

To top it off the local defence forces were slow to recover due to the overly heavy cake produced by our wimble sl, ahem, cooks.

A plot of nefarious deviousness. Gather the fleet. Issues the orders. Arm the troops. Shoot the cooks!

Disappointment For Treasure Winters

The traditional hot race for the number one slot in the Detinus charts (the only music worth listening to!) has been decided after a hard fought campaign. Nuking in the name of... (ARC edition) has officially beaten Treasure Winters cheerfully nude version of 'Oh come all ye naked,' to #1.

Chew Toys Sell Out

Dewiek Elder Nation happy.

Flagritz / Falconian War

Our reporters have learnt that the Flagritz Republic may finally have run out of shooting turkey jokes this festive period. Which probably explains hurried attempts by the besieged Evil Alien Empire ™ to buy in a large number of unemployed comedians as part of their entirely free to leave at any time they want, this really honestly isn't slavery program.

Christmas Postponed?

Worrying news from the Detinus Senate this week, as the rumour mill suggests that the DTR have postponed Christmas while they discuss making a final decision on exactly what to get each other for presents.

In other news from the Republic, Speaker Sivar seems to have been eating a lot of very fancy biscuits lately…

Actual Proper Serious News

We interrupt this festive run of spurious nonsense to bring viewers something that is probably quite important:

CIA Confederate News (CCN)

Due to events which have occurred today, within the Halo system Agripeta, The OPS affiliation are declared Pirate by the Confederacy.

The evidence supporting this are detailed as follows:

Yesterday, an OPS ship made a transaction with a confederate outpost:


Date 50.3: OPS Viceroy (791) sold 630 Human Marines (506), for 31500 stellars

Then today, a pirate ship was destroyed in the orbit of An Aurum Concursus (4985), Agripeta (198) - {Gamma,6} :

Printed on 17th December 2009, Star Date 209.50.4

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

PIRATE Viceroy (791) - Ship
Raptor Class Troop Transport {Light Armour}
Armour: 37.3
Hull Damage: 100.0%

As this ship still clearly holds its original name and ship registry number, it can only be assumed that the OPS affiliation are Pirates.

As part of this declaration, the following actions will be taken:

1. The OPS affiliation is hereby banned from all Confederate claimed systems, and all planetary bodies contained within, without exception.

2. The OPS affiliation is to be placed on enemy lists, both space & ground lists, henceforth on all Confederate defence positions.

As precaution to the already specified actions, a submission to the commonwealth council will be made to have the OPS affiliation banned from all commonwealth space.

****** End of Transmission ******

KAS Announcement

The Kastorian Military Junta would like to remind everybody to behave, and that drink driving will not be tolerated. Any violation of KAS law will result in a meaningful glance towards the Kastorian System Weapon.

***** Festive Periphery Classifieds *****

*** Wanted ***

One Christmas. Please deliver to Inversion.

Last Christmas was 'accidentally' cooked and eaten.

Cheerful Musical Interlude

Hark the Herald

by Tamar ibn Vakare
(A filk to the tune of: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing) [June 1980]

Hark! The Herald Alfgar screams,
Don't use blues on top of greens.
Or and argent, that's all right,
Metals and tinctures don't fight.
Use a blend, no Highland plaids,
Keep it simple, please my lads,
Azure, vert, purpure and gules,
Must follow all my Herald's rules.
Hark! The Herald Alfgar screams,
Don't use blues on top of greens.

Hark! The Herald Alfgar yells,
Don't use cars and oilwells.
Period, we beg you please,
Tygers we can draw with ease.
Please don't ask for rubber bands,
These must pass through Laurel's hands.
We draw rampant, couchant, too,
Dancing the Hustle, no can do!
Hark! The Herald Alfgar yells,
Don't use cars and oilwells.

Extent Of Humour Variable

Q: What's the difference between a Pirate and an Imperial commander?

A: The pirate can actually successfully capture Freedom City.

From The Blog Of Ulysses F. Scott

(Not that we are suggesting the Confederates have nothing better to do than hold sing alongs… )

On the first day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
A Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the second day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the third day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the fourth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the fifth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the sixth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the seventh day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Seven imperials a-shooting,
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the eighth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Eight monks a-milking,
Seven imperials a-shooting,
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the ninth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Nine spooks spying,
Eight monks a-milking,
Seven imperials a-shooting,
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the tenth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Ten barons a-sleeping,
Nine spooks spying,
Eight monks a-milking,
Seven imperials a-shooting,
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Eleven suits stealing,
Ten barons a-sleeping,
Nine spooks spying,
Eight monks a-milking,
Seven imperials a-shooting,
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree..

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
The True One sent to me
Twelve generals gunning,
Eleven suits stealing,
Ten barons a-sleeping,
Nine spooks spying,
Eight monks a-milking,
Seven imperials a-shooting,
Six hive a-laying,
Five tentacled Flagritz,
Four purring Felini,
Three Dewiek dogs,
Two dozing Mohache,
And a Falconian strung up in a tree.!

*** Wanted ***

All we want for Christmas is a way back home!

- Consortium Fleet.


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

Doomsday For The RIP?

The Regular Independent Privateers continue to suffer as a series of Imperial lead assaults batter at their holdings.

Apparently unable to mount a sustained counter-attack, the RIP seem at the mercy of technologically superior Imperial forces, fighting hard across multiple battle locations to hold on to what they've got.

Exact details of the conflict remain scarce on the ground, and Imperial authorities continue to refer to their operations as police actions rather than a full-scale war. However it is hard to imagine the RIP can continue to hold out for long against the might of the Imperial-Bloc, and their appeals for Commonwealth intervention have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Indeed it seems as if the CNF-Bloc have begun to move against the RIP themselves, having declared multiple RIP positions illegal within CNF space. Only the DTR remain in a neutral stance towards the RIP. Could the DTR now be the Jiggly Rooms last best hope for survival?

Detinus News

DTR news agencies are reporting increased murmurings amongst the Senate that there may be a motion underway to relocate the seat of the Detinus government back into the Detinus system in the Inner Empire from the current capitol on New Tate in Venice.

Traditionalist Senators seem unwilling to move, citing that New Tate has become their home, whereas others who are more progressive are arguing that the DTR has long fought to return home, and now it is finally time.

In other news major population movements are underway, as the DTR conducts an extended series of terraforming operations. It is understood that over 3 million civilians have already taken up the DTR offer of a new home on a new world, and been transplanted to brave new frontier worlds across the Peripheries.


Consortium operations in the Twilight system have continued all through the festive and new year period, winning several major victories against the entrenched Flagritz positions.

The FLZ Twilight Stargate Orbital defensive positions have been battered into submission, and seem now on the verge of finally falling to assaulting Consortium fleet and ground forces, thus passing the strategically critical control of the transit into the Twilight Periphery securely into Consortium hands.

It seems as if Consortium positions now intend to fortify, as they seek to extend their influence into Twilight.

In related news, it seems as if a FLZ Starbase on the planet Doubt in Twilight has been handed over to the House LiQuan. Which is very surprising because previously the FLZ have flat-out refused to allow any human affiliations to even get their noses into Twilight. Thus, speculation is mounting that the handover is a means to safeguard a vulnerable FLZ position by placing it under the control of somebody who must now be assumed to be a close friend of the Flagritz - the Baron LiQuan.

Finally, skirmishing is beginning to erupt as Consortium scouts begin probing and raiding at FLZ and allied OPS and QNG positions throughout Twilight, as two OPS mantis class cruisers have engaged a Falconian scout cruiser.

Breaking news.

Felini Authorities have just released the following statement:

Military situation update.


Stargate orbital is under Consortium military jurisdiction, neutral vessels are currently permitted transit. An attempt to secure the stargate sector with a platform was delt with by a consortium strike force.

Planet 17 Liberated.

With the fall of Shadow Hive to commandos of Pride Daktari , Planet Hanger 17 has been declared a temporary military protectorate of the Felini Tyranny. Non-belligerents are directed to avoid Hanger 17, unauthorised incursions will be treated as hostile and dealt with appropriately. Authority will be transferred to a local civil goverment of the wimble population once the military situation has stabilised. Queryswith regard to Hanger 17 should be directed to Pridesenior Clawrenns.

IMP Scout Destroyed

A small Imperial scout ship, the Prowler, a St. Clair class spy vessel, has been destroyed by a DTR defensive platform in the T.Tauri Gamma-9 restricted zone.

All starcaptains are reminded that G-9 in T.Tauri is a restricted area, and trespassers will be fired upon.

SMS Political Move

The following press release has been issued by the Imperial Services:

The Stellar Mining and Smelting corporation has opted to once again
become a chartered corporation of the Stellar Empire. Talks between
the Viceregal negotiating committee and the SMS board were long and
fruitful and as of today, the SMS are a fully chartered IMPerial
corporation. The SMS have the full rights and responsibilities of a
chartered corporation and we are very happy to bring them on board! It
must be stated, that the full cooperation and support of the GTT
board, and the FET board were an integral part of this process and it
should come as no surprise that had the GTT and FET not supported this
charter it would not have happened.

A petition is now in front of the Triumvirate Council to include the
SMS as a signatory of the Peace Accord as represented by the IMP-bloc
Triumvirate Council member, the IMPerial Viceroy. It is believed this
petition will go through without trouble.

Ike Krieger

CNF/FET Relations Stall

The previously friendly state of affairs that existed between the FET and the Confederacy seem on the verge of collapsing catastrophically today as the following warrant has been issued for the arrest of a major FET political figure:


To any officer with authority and jurisdiction to execute a warrant for arrest for the offense(s) charged below:


FET POLITICAL Master ib Kl'kkl'kk

I, the undersigned, find that there is probable cause to believe that on or about the date of offense shown and in the county named above the defendant named above unlawfully, willfully and feloniously did

STARDATE 210.1.3

This act(s) was in violation of the judgement(s) referred to in this Warrant. This Warrant is issued upon information furnished under oath by the complainant listed. You are DIRECTED to arrest the defendant and bring the defendant before a judicial official without unnecessary delay to answer the charge(s) above.


Administrator I. B. Wai-Tin
CNF Office of Judges, Jurys and Executioners

Edited: 210.1.4 To Comply With Lord Admiral Simm's rightful request to properly address His Most Confederate Majesty.

IDC Back Under Control

Press Release:

Interstellar Development Company back under Maximillian Price's control.

Fellow occupants of the peripheries (and beyond)

A few days ago I was woken from a chemically induced slumber that has lasted 8-10 months (the cause of this period of coma-like state will be made public once my security and analysis teams have filed their reports).

During my inactivity the IDC was taken over by an individual that took the organisation in a direction completely at odds with the IDCs core values. Those values being: neutrality, legality and respect for the governments whom have control of territories within which the IDC is employed in it's planetary development work. (This individual also seems to have 'traded' away a number of items from the IDC during the period of ownership).

It has been brought to my attention that the IDC has been banned from several systems due to the behaviour of this individual. Looking through the IDC manifest I find myself horrified by some of the entries and will, over the coming weeks, attempt to 'clean house' following the criminal behaviour that has taken place in my absence.

As part of this process I ask those governments in control of the relevant systems to take what actions they deem appropriate with the information I am about to make public.

Please accept my apologies that the IDC has been used by a criminally-minded individual to sow discord and reap mayhem throughout your systems. Once my security forces have finalised their enquiries I'll make efforts to bring the individual responsible to justice should it be possible to do so.

The following outposts may be of interest to those governments with interests local to their whereabouts:

Alladin (166)

PIRATE Lair 1 (79747)
Landed on Lamda LXXXV (4817) at {1,1} in Crust - Quadrant Beta 13 - Aladdin System (166)
Efficiency: 98.1% Complexes: 19
Workers: 40 Troops: 13

PIRATE Lair 2 (87119)
Landed on Chi XLIV (9739) at {1,1} in Crust - Quadrant Beta 13 - Aladdin System (166)
Efficiency: 99.5% Complexes: 5
Workers: 0 Troops: 0

Dorn (151)

PIRATE Stop Over (88759)
Landed on Psi CXV (1920) at {1,1} in Craters - Quadrant Beta 14 - Dorn System (151)
Efficiency: 98.0% Complexes: 20
Workers: 40 Troops: 0

Straddle (177)

PIRATE Straddle beta 3 (71994)
Landed on Sigma XXXVII (4499) at {1,1} in Crust - Quadrant Beta 15 - Straddle System (177)
Efficiency: 0.0% Complexes: 1
Workers: 0 Troops: 0

There are a number of additional outposts which are currently under an IDC identity badge but look suspiciously like they are placed for future use for clandestine activity.

Until I've made a full internal investigation though i wish to keep the wherabouts of these private and will be contacting the relevant authorities about their legality.

I thank you for your time and hope that the IDC may soon be able to recommence trade, transit and planetary development work throughout the peripheries and beyond.

Once again, my thanks

Maximillian Price


Classroom B12, Naval Barracks, Fort Knox

Official: Soldiers of the Confederacy, I salute you!
Chorus of Soldiers: Our blood is given to the Emperor!
Official: Children of the Confederacy, rise and listen!
Chorus of Soldiers: Our hearts belong to the Confederacy!
Official: Faithful of the Confederacy, open your minds!
Chorus of Soldiers: Our minds are the tools of the True One!

Presenter: Welcome recruits to today's 60 Second Briefing. Today's topic: Aliens.

Screen: Picture of short bearlike creature.
Presenter: This is a Roo. A sub-species of Wimble. Harmless. Protect and serve!
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, yes, sir!

Screen: Picture of diminutive simpleton with a billowy pipe.
Presenter: A Mohache. Harmless. Protect and serve!
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, yes, sir!

Screen: Picture of large scaley arachnid with eyes of cold black steel.
Presenter: A Hive. Deadly. Destroy on sight!
Alternative Presenter: A Hexamon. Deadly. Destroy on sight!
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, death to them all, sir!

Screen: Picture of furry biped with sharp claws.
Presenter: A Felini. Dangerous. Be on your guard!
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, yes, sir!

Screen: Picture of mangy mutt with ideas above its station.
Presenter: A Dewiek. Mostly harmless. Neutered by the Imperials.
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, they stink of ass, sir!

Screen: Picture of feathered biped with carrion dripping from its beak.
Presenter: A Falconian. Dangerous. Trust but verify!
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, yes, sir!

Screen: Picture of the Viceroy in a ladies dress.
Presenter: Erm.. not sure how that got in there...
Chorus of Soldiers: Laughter

Screen: Picture of green alien with a bow and arrow
Presenter:A Naplian. Mostly Harmless. Put them to work!
Chorus of Soldiers: Sir, they will serve our needs, sir!

Screen: Picture of large tentacled brain
Presenter: A Flagritz.
Chorus of Soldiers: Gagging Noises
Presenter: Yes, well, I hear they're very smart and honourable. Moving on..

Presenter: What is contact protocol alpha?
Chorus of Soldiers: Be courteous!
Presenter: What is contact protocol beta?
Chorus of Soldiers: Offer them the salvation of the True One!
Presenter: What is contact protocol delta?
Chorus of Soldiers: Shoot to kill!

Presenter: Remember recruits: courtesy, salvation and death. Those are the gifts of the Confederate soldier!
Chorus of Soldiers: Our blood is given to the Emperor!
Chorus of Soldiers: Our hearts belong to the Confederacy!
Chorus of Soldiers: Our minds are the tools of the True One!

Presenter: This has been your 60 second informational from IMXR-COM. Never sleep without a gun by your side.

CNF Press Release

The CNF GPI vessel GP12 (82012) conducting surveys in the friendly Mohache system of Enigma encountered a Black Hole which it proceeded to enter given its mission to seek out new geological opportunities.

No sooner had the ship enterred through the blackhole that a DEN platform opened fire killing all 10 crewmen on board the unarmed, peaceful vessel

It is unclear at this time how the CNF will respond to this murderous act but it is understood that at a minimum it will seek pensions for the family of the lost crew through the proper channels.

General Scott has made it clear he views the lives of all who serve His Imperial Majesty as sacrosanct and to quote, "I'll be damned if some jumped up hyena is going to get away with butchering my men."


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

CNF Initiate Sanctions

The FET continue to be on the wrong side of the Confederacy this week as the situation has escalated to the stage of sanctions being drawn up against all FET holdings:



Due to their wilful refusal to follow a lawful warrant of arrest issued by His Most Confederate Majesty's Confederate Government, it is now ILLEGAL for any soldier, citizen or political of the Confederacy to trade, deal with or be employed by the Frontier Exploration and Trade (FET) organisation without the express written permission of His Most Confederate Majesty's Confederate Government or a senior minister authorised to act on its behalf.

This includes:
+ Trade via public or private markets at FET starbases / outposts
+ Trade via authorisations with the FET at any FET or Confederate starbases / outposts
+ Trade via merchandising complexes including generic, non-descript goods and services resulting in stellar income as well as trade goods of any description.
+ Employment of any type via recruitment or resource complexes by FET starbases / outposts
+ Transfer or sale of technical or scientific information to / from the FET except system information as agreed by the peace accords of 207.

This does not include:
+ Any restrictions on travel or transit as agreed by the peace accords of 207.
+ Trade via public markets at Confederate starbases / outposts by FET positions.

+ Citizens of the Confederacy that continue to be employed under FET positions will revoke their citizenship and that of all their relations, are to be considered exiles, losing all rights and privelages within the Confederacy including but not limited to the right to hold property on any Confederate world.
+ All existing fixed FET assets in Confederate space are SEALED by court order.
+ Transfer of SEALED assets to any party other than the CNF, CIA or BHD will result in the continuation of sanctions on that position as if it remained within part of the FET organisation.
+ Transfer of SEALED assets to any party outside of the Commonwealth without the express approval of the Confederate government will result in the seizure of said SEALED assets from the recipient party.
+ All Confederate positions are to remove FET from defend / support lists except in areas covered by some superceding treaty or obligation such as the peace accords of 207.

Any exemptions to the above must be filed with TEID-COM and have the seal of the PD of either the CNF, CIA or BHD.

All Confederate citizens have a duty to uphold this edict, monitor the compliance of fellow citizens and take whatever measures deemed necessary to ensure the sanctions are effective.

This edict will be in effect until:
+ The FET comply with ALL lawful warrant of arrest(s) and other legal rulings of His Most Confederate Majesty's Government.
+ The FET pay a statutory fine of $25,000 per day the arrest warrant has not been complied with.

Furthermore if the FET have not resolved this situation within 30 days:
+ The Confederate Forces will end its alliance with the FET.
+ The Confederate Forces will request all Confederate allies treat the FET as a law-breaking organisation and terminate any alliance with the FET.
+ His Majesty's Confederate Government will bring the case before His Most Confederate Majesty and all civilian governments of interest for their consideration within the Commonwealth.

Colonel Abigail Adams
Trade Enterprise and Industrial Development Command (TEID-COM)

The FET have responded by announcing that they will withdraw all vessels from within CNF space, and cease all trading activities with the Confederacy.

The retired Imperial Viceroy, Lord Simms, has called this a sad precedent to have been set, where the human affiliations appear to not be able to get along.


Raiding operations continue in the Twilight system, as Consortium forces launch a rapid strike against a FLZ platform in orbit of the mysterious planet R101. A small squadron of Felini warships is understood to have taken a bite out of the platform, and withdrawn having suffered very little damage.

Meanwhile the Stargate terminus is understood now to be firmly in the hands of victorious Consortium forces.


An AFT freighter has mistakenly attempted to transit one of the controlled access zones in the Venice system, where it was intercepted and fired upon by one of the infamous DTR Cow Tractor platforms.

The AFT Isuby Tungri was destroyed with all hands. Detinus authorities remind all travellers to be aware that the orbit of Venice in the Venice system is a secure orbit, and no visitors are allowed.


The COH freighter Supply Line, a 150 hulled vessel, has been destroyed by Consortium forces whilst attempting to transit the Twilight Stargate.

Bad News For The FLZ?

There may be worrying times ahead for the Flagritz Empire, as the recent acceptance of the Imperial Charter by the SMS may indicate the human Commonwealth may become more heavily involved alongside the SMS.

Certainly it seems as if any attempt by FLZ forces to strike at SMS positions within Commonwealth space will surely incur a significant military response.

An un-named Confederate source told one of our reporters that he, 'Would not be at all sad for those slimy True-One-Damned tentacled freaks to get their comeuppance, this is a human galaxy!'

When approached for their response to this, the DTR Foreign Office offered a frosty 'no comment'.


There appears to be a new group of pirates active, as a GTT vessel has fallen foul of a small group of armed pirates in the St. Dismas system. The GTT Minuteman S18 was captured by just 150 pirates - a remarkably small boarding party in the light of the huge pirate forces that have been spotted elsewhere in recent months.

Unhappy Dewiek Issue Angry Statement

Sorry to repeat, but some people don't seem to look very closely.

Dewiek Pocket Periphery

This is our sacred periphery where we survived the ARC plague. It is private space.

Visitors may be destroyed. Any non Dewiek ships will be unable to leave.
Those that enter will be banned from the Dewiek Home Periphery too as enemies of the Dewiek Nation.

Dewiek Home Periphery

1) No warships. Classed as all Heavy Hull ships and weapon equipped Normal Hull ships. IMP exempt.
2) No building outposts, bases or platforms without specific individual permission from the current DEN PD.
3) All existing bases, outposts and platforms to be registered with the current DEN PD.
4) All bases, outposts and platforms to carry DEN on the support/defend lists and PIR on the enemy list.

Exceptions may be granted, but they are only valid if agreed with the current DEN PD. (Darkmane)

Pirate Spotted

A pirate scout has been spotted in the Dryad system. All inhabitants are warned to be on alert.

*** More Pirates ***

The GTT have reportedly lost a vessel to pirates in a highly secure system, the name of which is classified.

Freighter destroyed

The QNG freighter Carabus has been destroyed by the SMS, sparking speculation that the Consortium invasion of Twilight might be about to embroil yet another of the Hive affiliations.

IDC Robbed?

Director Maximillian Price has been speaking to reporters this week as he reveals the first report from the team allocated to investigate the events surrounding and following his absence from the Interstellar Development Company:

Special Action/IDC Maximillian Price/Recent Nefarious Activity/210.2
The recently recovered leader of the IDC spends some time trying to
determine what happened in his absence.
From what little evidence available, he was injected with medication by a
small security force under the control of Richard Marcinko.
During his reign he did some dubious things before dropping out of the
picture somewhere in Yank.
His final logs however were not purged and reveal some interesting facts:


We can however reveal that two individuals (from different affs) received a number of ship transfers before Marcinko's mysterious disappearance - the names and details are known by the current IDC leadership.

These names and individuals are yet to be named to the press, though we imagine repercussions will be forthcoming.

COH At War?

Reports are reaching our newsroom that the Children Of Hexos may be involved in military operations against the Falconian Republic, as described in the following report from House Magpie's press department:

Recently reports of sabotage in a large outpost in acropolis were received. House Magpie security forces were sent to investigate.

Date 52.3: An explosion destroyed:
1 Hydrocarbons (3)
1 Pulac (21)
Date 52.5: An operative was shot after trying to sabotaging Armour Plate (450).
An explosion destroyed:
Date 1.3: An operative was shot trying to sabotage Celesium (33).
An encrypted transmission was intercepted from inside the starbase.
Date 1.4: Security Sweep {100}
The starbase was swept for agents/operatives with a crackdown of 100%.
An agent was caught.
Under interrogation he revealed he was being paid by COH POLITICAL Celestial Emperor (59436).

I have had no cause for disagreement with the current COH leadership and was prepared to treat them as neutral in the Twilight region. As a consequence of this COH vessels are no longer permitted in FCN systems and will be targetted in these systems and the Twilight periphery. To emphasise our resolve a COH freighter has been destroyed entering the Twilight system.

We here at the IGN news-room are uncertain why the COH might have extended their operations to attack FCN positions, though they are apparently involved in the Flagritz defence of Twilight.

Empress Sarah

A chance sighting of the historically important vessel the Empress Sarah flying SMS flags has lead to the CIA issuing a veto in the Commonwealth Command Council on the SMS retaking the Imperial Charter:

"The CIA has formally requested, to the Confederate Supreme Commander, that a veto has been put to this issue of the SMS joining the Commonwealth and re-taking a charter.

This has been done after much private discussion with regards to the return of the ship Empress Sarah to the CIA from the SMS.

The evidence for the ship being under SMS control is:

Leaving Orbit.
|-Unstable Wormhole (XXXX)
SMS SHIP EMPRESS SARAH (1001) - {100 Normal Hulls}
Pocket Battleship Class Sensor Ship {Medium Ablative Armour}
RIP PLATFORM WORMHOLE QUAD DEFENCE (61379) - 149 Hulls - Attacking us.
You escaped an attempt to attack your position.

The ship has been ascertained to have been taken by the RIP and then at some point handed over to the SMS.

As these discussions have come to nought, a veto has been requested,



The retired Imperial Viceroy, Lord Simms, responded in council with the following statement:

"Using the Triumvirate Council veto for a minor matter of affiliation pride sets an extremely unfortunate precedent that might well rebound in the future.

The Empress Sara (1001) was won in a wedding gift prize competition by a FET member about 15 years ago, who took it to the CIA when he deserted the FET.

The IMP (me) took it off the CIA in a battle and subsequently lost it to the old RIP in another battle.

The FET have a claim to the ship, as one of their members won the prize.

The IMP have a claim to the ship because it was stolen from us by pirates, having originally been aquired by capture in battle.

However, if loosing a ship in battle justifies a claim by the original owner there are a lot of ships currently possessed by the IMP, CNF, DTR and others that could be subject to such (invalid) claims.

The SMS are in posession of the ship and possession is alledged to be nine points of the law

On top of all this the ship is a load of crap by modern standards, most affiliations can build much better ones."

The meeting of the Commonwealth Command Council then broke up as arguments erupted about the Viceroys missing biscuits, leaving the issue of the Empress Sarah unresolved for the time being.

More Pirates

Several pirate scout ships have been spotted in the Halo system. The pirates, a large number of scouts, are thought to be the vanguard of a new pirate operation setting up in the Halo system to pray on the largely unprotected space lanes.


The fate of the Wimble population on the planet Doubt remains in question this week, despite HLQ assurances that they will be looked after, when the Flagritz issued the following statement:


There is a small wimble population on Hanger 17. The Baron is assessing their removal. The Empire acknowledges the Baron's mission on Hanger 17 and grants similar privilidges to the HLQ as granted at Doubt.

The Consortium can continue to intefere in this 'humanitarian', or 'pest control', or 'ethnic cleansing', or 'forced relocation' issue to the detriment of the wimbles.

Ambassador H'minee

(*My translator is struggling to find the right words for the removal of such a population in this manner)

Periphery Classifieds

IMP Love It Beefy

Following a mass slaughter for humanitarian reasons <cough> <cough>, IMP Cape Riva is pleased to announce a one off market allocation of 100K Booker Steaks will be added to the market at the standard rates, effective Monday.

HLQ Love It Organic

Greeting all

I am on the look out for organic hull BP's heavy and Light Mkii would be good.

If you can quote your price that would be great looking for at least 3 of each.

Baron LiQuan

GTT Love It Small

I am interested in purchasing a large number of 20-40 normal hull ships. If anyone has ships for sale, please let me know the internals and the price.

Please contact offices of Bob Bost. GTT.

RIP Would Love People To Just Stop Shooting At Them

Position Vacant: Custodian Of Freedom City.

The DTR 'applicant' for the post of Custodian has since retracted their offer.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sylvansight for giving the post their consideration.


The position of 'custodian' for Freedom city remains vacant.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply in public (via this forum) or in private (via PM).

Thank you.

GT Spugman


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]


Trouble for the Consortium as it appears the Flagritz Empire have closed the Twilight Stargate, stranding the combined SMS/FEL expeditionary force on the far side of the gate, deep inside enemy territory.

With supplies surely limited, and no immediate hope of support or rescue, it seems as if things are likely to get a little perilous for the men and women of the Twilight Expeditionary Force.

The FLZ Ambassador H'minee provided our newsroom with the following statement:


"The link between Inferno and Twilight has now been closed. Communication with the Empire has been temporarily severed whilst the Empire embarks on a policy of pest control.

All communication to the Empire should be directed through myself until regular business can be resumed."

The ambassador also provided the following information:


Stardate 210.2.4

The FEL Harbinger of Dust and Ashes a 150NH Tiger Strike Class Capital Ship was interdicted by a T'kla patrol and destroyed. There were no survivors.

FEL Harbinger of Dust and Ashes (9167) - Ship
Tiger Strike Class Capital Ship {Medium Ablative Armour}
Armour: 50.4 Scints: 10.6 Shields: 769(15.5)
Hull Damage: 100.0%
Targeted by FLZ XSW-TK Hominid Scythe (425) - 3069 [5760] Damage
Targeted by FLZ XSW-TK Komodo Scourge (727) - 2834 [5280] Damage
Targeted by FLZ XSW-TK Spatial Irrupt (99410) - 2560 [6640] Damage
Targeted by FLZ XSW-TK Lust for Blood (7936) - 5582 [7440] Damage
Targeted by FLZ XSW-TK Kriegspiel (92857) - 5643 [7440] Damage
Attacking FLZ XSW-TK Komodo Scourge (727) - 4580 [5640] Damage
INTEGRITY BREAKDOWN - Ship reduced to debris

Meanwhile frustrated Felini commanders have launched a ground assault against the FLZ orbital outpost that their combined fleet has been shooting at for the last 3 weeks and still not destroyed yet, despite having long since reduced it to rubble. We have yet to hear if this operation was successful, but for the sake of saving a few embarrassed faces, we certainly hope it was.

Pirate Destroyed

The pirate ship Eyes Of Titan 13 has been destroyed by SMS forces in the Titan system.

Trouble In Noctollis

Trouble is brewing in and around the Noctollis stargate as the new Dewiek leadership asserts the sovereignty of their space. Those without business who haven't cleared access with the DEN have been posted notice that they will be fired upon by the Noctollis defence platforms - a move that has already resulted in the destruction of a HLQ freighter and a CNF scout.

A war of words promptly erupted, primarily between Baron LiQuan and Darkmane, leader of the Dewiek, in which the Baron accused Darkmane of perfidious activities as his freighter was exiting Dewiek space as per an agreement that he felt had been made. The Dewiek for their part remain eager for all unwanted visitors to just get the hell out of Dodge.

However, complicating the matter is the destruction of a DTR freighter that was also attempting to transit the gate, although it seems as if this might have been the result of a fire control computer malfunctioning.

CNF Issue Medal


I have the distinct honour of awarding the first Confederate Martial Cross Award to Captain Aw'ash of FLZ Courier Ship Serenity. The award is given for outstanding performances of martial prowess within the newly discovered Halo Periphery.

The prize is open to all parties and carries a $5000 pension plus a free refit at CNF Starbase Sarajevo (3874) in the neutral Yank System. The captain should contact my office personally to arrange to pick up his award.


General Ulysses F. Scott

Halo News

The Kastorian Execution Defence forces of the HBO have moved to destroy a small flotilla of Imperial warships that were judged to have been in violation of system laws when they intercepted a lone RIP freighter.

The exact violation is open to some debate, though it seems the HBO Execution fleet will most probably have a tendency to have less patience with vessels from larger power-blocs, as they might smaller more harmless affiliations.

The warning seems clear, be very very careful what you do in the Halo Periphery, lest you anger the system owners.


A pirate scout has been spotted in the Britannicus system, confirming rumours that the Halo periphery might well be on route to becoming a hotbed of unlawful activity.

When asked for comment, a representative of the Halo government fired upon our reporter for asking impertinent questions with what appeared to be a highly advanced plasma pistol.

Our reporter has since asked to be transferred back to the Krell homeworld.

It's Life Jim…

Scientific journals across the Peripheries are waiting with baited breath to see if a new sentient race might be on the verge of being discovered. Rumours are flying that several scientific parties located in the Detinus Republic are just about ready to publish their findings. More news as we get it.

Richard Marcinko In Custody

The IDC have announced the arrest of all round dodgy character Richard Marcinko in the following press release:

"Fellow Sentients,

Following a tip-off from Mr Spugman the IDC have apprehended the renegade ex-PD Richard Marcinko and now have him in custody.

I wish to express our immense gratitude and appreciation for Mr Spugman of the RIP in aiding the IDC in bringing this matter to a swift conclusion

Maximillian Price

According to Inter-Galactic News reporters Marcinko was arrested in the Jiggly Room where he had run up a significant bar tab, which might or might not have been the point where the RIP authorities informed the IDC to come pick up their fugitive.

Further details have been released by Maximillian Price:

Special Action/IDC Starbase Opportunity Centre/Interrogation of ex-PD Richard Marcinko/210.3
The blubber-gut spills the beans. The ships were pioneers, caravels, interdictors and a few tiny outposts.

They were located are various places, he does not recall, though nowhere special.
You know how it is, you do a bunch of ropey stuff for others, take the fall and they walk away clean - clean I tells you.

Marcinko has however been a fair heavy user of drugs in the past few months and is now having a hard time telling reality from fantasy.

Following the RIPs tip-off the IDC are now giving Marcinko an indefinite stay in one of their high security blocks, according to Maximillian Price - the matter is now closed.

FET Political Perishes

Sad news has been received at our news-room this week, as the following press release came in from the FET press offices:

"It is with much sadness that the Iron Breth'ren must report that Master ib Kl'kkl'kk has departed for that great honeycomb in the sky. Master K was onboard the Iron Kricket II when it flew thru an heretofore unknown asteroid belt in undisclosed location. The ship was completely destroyed and Master K was listed as amongst the dead.

This disasterous occurance has given the rest of the Iron Breth'ren much cause to reconsider its situation in the Peripheries. To that end a monumental decision has been reached. The Iron Breth'ren has decided to shut down all operations & withdraw from the Peripheries. This is effective immediately. All trade & exploration activities will cease immediately. All assets will be transferred to friends & comrades posthaste.

This is Our final good-bye!
The Iron Breth'ren!!"

There is as yet no indication of what mission the Iron Breth'ren might have been on which put their leader in such a perilous position, though surely it must have been of some great importance.

Piracy Compensation Scheme

The RIP are pleased to announce the introduction of the Piracy Compensation Scheme.

The aims of the scheme are to provide compensation to those targeted by Pirates acting under the guise of the Regular Independent Privateers.

Those who wish to make a claim against the scheme should attach details of their claim to this message.

You have seven days to make a claim in this initial round - your claim should only refer to actions that took place in the year 209.

Claims for previous years will be accepted after claims for the year 209 are completed.

Thank you.

GT Spugman

DTR Scout destroyed

A small DTR scout ship has been destroyed in an asteroid strike. Commiserations to the captain and crew.

Periphery Classifieds

Quick Jobs For new Starcaptains


The Trade Enterprise and Industrial Development Command (TEID-COM) have a number of small, well paying jobs for skilled captains and their crew.
" You must own your own vessel with at least 200 cargo capacity and / or 50 spare life support.
" You must be on the approved list of affiliations: CNF, BHD, CIA, IMP, GTT, SMS, AFT, DTR, FCN, MOH, WMB, FLZ, FEL, KRL, IDC, QNG, IND or TRN.
" You will be paid $10 / TU (ie. $3000 per weeks worth of work).
" Valued partners will have access to a range of free ship upgrades.

Please apply to TEID-Com with details of your ship and availability here:

Colonel Abigail Adams

Blueprints Wanted

Kourdda all!

I am looking to obtain one or two blueprints for each of the following items:
" Industrial Module MkIII (402)
" Industrial Module MkIV (403)
" Transport Module MkIII (417)
" Transport Module MkIV (418)

My most immediately available form of payment is cash but I am certainly prepared to consider alternative arrangements.

If you would like to discuss your terms on public fora, please feel free to use this thread to do so.

If you prefer private negotiations, please contact me either by PM or by email:

Thank you.

Speaks in Tongues, MOH peon and fledgling starbase administrator.

War Stories

Do you have an amusing story of derring-do to tell? Why not email the news-room so that it can be shared with a larger audience.

Any and all interesting stories happily accepted of things that happened that you still chuckle about.

This week, because it was too good not to share, a war story from grizzled old veteran, the DTR Speaker, Lord Sivar:

"But my favourite was when a captain tried e-jumping (random jump to any close by system, was needed since you could not leave combat under the rules at that point in time) a badly damaged ship out of a battle in ring 10 in pollux and entering orders to move to Venice and repair.

Only problem was that our system knowledge was Tau Ceti, Pollux and Trinity and there was no known way from Tau Ceti to Venice (except through Pollux)... of course then he e-jumpoed to Tau Ceti and not Trinity, and upon arrival in Tau Ceti he jumped straight back in the battle zone in Pollux (only way to venice) just to be caught in the same battle again, the battle program actually did not notice the ship was even gone since the same GTT ship kept firing at the same ship…"


Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

user image  [Recruit]

Ceasefire Request

Beleaguered RIP forces have asked for a ceasefire from the ongoing Imperial-Bloc onslaught that is gutting their positions across multiple systems Given the RIP are at this point virtually defenceless, and have indeed barely fired back at the massively superior IMP/GTT forces since the war began, it seems as if from a humanitarian perspective alone, this ceasefire request will be politically difficult for the Imperial leadership to ignore. Particularly since the RIP announced they would pay compensation to the victims of any pirate attack thought to have been committed by a RIP member.

The IMP and GTT however seem to be not in the mood to listen.

Forest System Claim

The Forest system in the Cluster Periphery is on the verge of changing claim to the Felini. This politically significant move indicates that the FEL influence on the Cluster is continuing to spread, expanding now almost to the same area of space as used to be dominated by the Clans.

And with fear of a Clan revival growing, the FEL Tyrant Mrrshan has been moved to state to the press that the Clans no longer exist as a political entity, and there is no reason to be afraid.

Rumours however continue to spread of a massive military build up in the Twinkle system, based around the old haven of neutrality, High Star, that was taken over by the Felini a year ago.


A wave of missing persons reports is sweeping across Earth, with particular concentrations around the main Imperial-Bloc Starbase on the planet.

Speculation is mounting that the GTT might be abducting innocent civilians for unspeakable purposes.

Unspeakable we say.


A pirate scout has been spotted in the Celt system. Making yet another Halo system that appears to be the new hunting round for vile and so far oddly silent pirates.

Things just aren't the same around here without Large contacting our newsroom to boast of his conquests every couple of days.


In a press release to the Confederate News Network, a spokesperson for Jeremiah and Virgil Scott announced today that their family will end its long standing practice of using indentured workers on the family farm on the planet Jericho in the Fortress system.

This move has shocked many of the chattering classes on the planet given the Scott family's long tradition of teaching criminals through such hard labour whilst our business analyst have questioned the move given the near monopoly of larger farms on trained non-indentured workers and farm machinery.

Our political analysts have concluded this was a radical move by the family at the behest of the Scott brothers' famous nephew, General Ulysses F. Scott, who has often been quoted in the past as echoing the sentiment of His Most Confederate Majesty that such practices are no longer tenable in the modern age although often adding that such progress must be achieved sensitively, through patience, dialogue and education rather than radical transformations that will plunge the lives of civilians of the Inner Confederacy into chaos resulting in famine or civil war.

However, a spokesperson for the General, denied any involvement of a naval officer in such civilian matters.

Our royal correspondent also reports the Emperor himself is said to be very pleased by this development and will be using the Scotts as an example to other civilian stakeholders. Rumours are in the offing of some suitable reward for the Scotts' rather shocking about turn on the issue. For years, the Scotts, who are zealout supporters of the Church and Confederate traditions, have espoused the view they are doing the True One's work.

Neither Scott brother nor the General was available for immediate comment at time of press.

Jiggly Room Closes

Announcement :

The Jiggly Room's Five Star restaurant has been closed today due to health concerns.

The 'health' we are concerned about is Al Bundy's...

He was meant to be running the restaurant as a high class eatery, attracting all the 'right kinds of people' ... then encouraging them to go to the bar for a Jiggly Room Iced Tea or seven.

Anyway... I've sacked him!

And if I find him... I'll kill hiim (that's the health concern bit!).

If anyone knows where he is ... there is a reward* for his return!

Thank you.

GT Spugman

* The reward will be in the form of Jiggly vouchers... these can be exchanged for a wide range of Jiggly services... you could spend them at the bar... but that would be a bit of a waste!

Twilight News

Felini sources advise quietly that the expedition into Twilight has achieved the primary objective - neutralising a threat of a strike from Twilight into Felini space... source close to the war planning reveal that the Consortium leadership were amazed at the length of time they were given by the FLZ to move supplies into Twilight before the Inferno gate was deactivated (note: the twilight gate is still active)

Felini news centres have also spent time speculating on how the Baron was meant to achieve his "humanitarian" goal of relocating Wimbles and generally trying to disrupt plans - pity his ships are stuck there too....another source questioned how the IMP would view interfering with a spatial phenomenon in IMP-claimed space, and wonder if the remaining FLZ assets might be seized to look for evidence.

Twilight News

Reports issued by this very newsroom of the victory of the Twilight Expeditionary Force at the stargate location may have jumped the gun a little, as it seems the combined FEL/SMS fleet have still been shooting at the FLZ outpost.

However, we have since learnt that a platoon of Felini marines has successfully stormed and captured the outpost.

But just when we were on the verge of reporting that the Consortium have finally ended their victory, it seems the plucky FLZ defenders have banded together and launched an attempt to retake the outpost. Meaning at time of press, the battle continues for yet another week…

We're not saying the Consortium are incompetent or anything, but really?

FCN Scout Destroyed

The Flagritz Empires press department have issued the following statement:


A FCN scout was blown up in orbit of the Inferno stargate today. Strangely enough it looks like the enemy have tried attacking on 2 days.

Date 4.1: FEL SHIP ROYAL BLUE (81054) - {150 Heavy Hulls} - Attacking
Date 4.2: IMP SHIP LORD MANFRED (84490) - {20 Normal Hulls}
FEL SHIP TOPAZ BLUE (5445) - {150 Heavy Hulls} - Attacking
FCN SHIP S TREECREEPER (79737) - {2 Normal Hulls} - Attacking

---------------------------------Battle Summary---------------------------------

FLZ Bastion of Fear (20128) - Platform
Armour: 53.5 Shields: 18010(55.9)
Retreated from battle
FCN s Treecreeper (79737) - Ship
Hoodie Class Sensor Ship {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

The platform's enemy lists have been and remain cleared.


The Empire is not interested in pursuing this any further. The IMP can review all evidence of this should they wish. The loss of a single 'spy' ship is hardly worth their time in my opinion.

Ambassador H'minee

DTR Scout destroyed

Another DTR scout ship has been destroyed by asteroid hit in an as yet unnamed system.

Not a good month to be in the DTR Exploration Corp.


News of a Falconian strike against a combined OPS and COH freighter fleet in orbit of Dawn has reached the IGN newsroom today. The following navigational report indicates that slavers are still active in the system:

Entering orbit of Awakening (598)
209.40. More rumours reported of slavers sweeping the grasslands.
COH SHIP HF #23 (829) - {100 Light Hulls}
Pioneer Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
COH OUTPOST HIVE AWAKENING (3156) - {36-12} 2544 kMus - Hiport
COH SHIP HF #24 (3233) - {100 Light Hulls}
Pioneer Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
FLZ OUTPOST XS-MO AWAKENING 01 CX (3973) - {3-6} 324 kMus - Hiport
FLZ SHIP XST ALBATROSS (4557) - {75 Normal Hulls}
Se'fe-dclith Class Passenger Liner {No Armour}
OPS SHIP T-C-4.8K (8655) - {100 Light Hulls}
Scarab Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP A (13150) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP T-C-#7-4.3K (25678) - {100 Light Hulls}
Scarab Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
COH SHIP HF #25 (37808) - {100 Light Hulls}
Pioneer Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
FLZ PLATFORM RED DAWN (39501) - 271 Hulls
COH SHIP HEXOS FREIGHTER-017 (40385) - {150 Light Hulls}
Titan Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP T-D (47558) - {150 Light Hulls}
Titan Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP #139 (56692) - {100 Light Hulls}
Scarab Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP T-C-#8=4.4K (60923) - {100 Light Hulls}
Scarab Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
FLZ SHIP GT TWILIGHT PATROL 2 (60935) - {50 Normal Hulls}
Gunboat Class Destroyer {Light Armour}
COH SHIP HF#6 (64231) - {75 Light Hulls}
Hlq Freighter Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP BUMBLE BEE (65327) - {150 XLight Hulls}
Gigant Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP T-C-#3-3.2K (66748) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP C-T-#2 (69739) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Freighter {No Armour}
FLZ OUTPOST DAE DAWN (81944) - {0-0} 245 kMus - Hiport
OPS SHIP #829 (82946) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP #845 (84573) - {50 Light Hulls}
Caste Hauler Class Freighter {No Armour}
COH SHIP HF-O18-TY (89626) - {100 Light Hulls}
Hauler Class Ore Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
OPS SHIP 917-C2+L (91723) - {50 Light Hulls}
Caste Hauler Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP PIES-R- ROUND (97821) - {50 Light Hulls}
Caste Hauler Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP #134 (98113) - {100 Light Hulls}
Scarab Class Freighter {No Armour}
OPS SHIP OLD NEW SHIP (99111) - {75 Light Hulls}
Caravel Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}

And with the shadow of being labelled slavers still hanging over the Children of Hexos, it seems the FCN military were not prepared to hang about, sweeping in with a rapid strike that destroyed the following vessels:

COH HF-22-Haw (24684) - Ship
Pioneer Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
Armour: 3.3
Hull Damage: 100.0%
COH HF #10 (26969) - Ship
Hlq Freighter Class Fast Freighter {No Armour}
Retreated from battle
COH HF-Or-18 (89626) - Ship
Hauler Class Ore Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
Armour: 18.8
Retreated from battle
COH Hexos Freighter-033 (8927) - Ship
Hlq X-Light Trader Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%
COH HF #25 (37808) - Ship
Pioneer Class Freighter {Light Ablative Armour}
Armour: 13.8
Hull Damage: 100.0%
OPS T-C-4.8K (8655) - Ship
Scarab Class Freighter {No Armour}
Hull Damage: 100.0%

There has been no official statement from either side. Though one unnamed Hive source has spoken to one of our reporters to condemn the attempts by some in the media and political circles to label all Hivers as evil slaver alien scum.

The unnamed Hive source then attempted to lay an egg inside the chest of our reporter. But subsequently apologised stating that it had received 'mixed messages' from our reporter and thought he 'wanted it that way'.


An SMS strike fleet has destroyed the following FLZ freighters in the Dawn system:

FLZ SHIP GT FREIGHTER 21 (19818) - {50 Light Hulls} - Attacking
Barge Class Freighter {No Armour}
FLZ SHIP GT FREIGHTER 29 (66864) - {125 Normal Hulls} - Attacking
Garbage Scow Class Fast Freighter {Light Armour}
FLZ SHIP GT FREIGHTER 15 (99781) - {40 Light Hulls} - Attacking
Carrack Class Freighter {No Armour}
FLZ SHIP GT FREIGHTER 10 (70738) - {40 Light Hulls} - Attacking
Carrack Class Freighter {No Armour}

Clearly it would be tantamount to libel for us to speculate that the FLZ vessels might have had anything to do with the slavery that appears to be rampant elsewhere in the Dawn system.

And heaven knows we've probably offended the IMP, GTT, FEL, DTR and SMS enough already this issue. Let's not be adding the FLZ to the list.

Periphery Classifieds

Coming Soon

IGN Productions are proud to announce an exciting new series - Pimp My Warship. By the makers of How To Look Good Naked When You're A Krell.

Ships For Sale

House LiQuan are willing to build a selection of ships at the following prices.
We are willing to alter the basic design and refit if required with other internals.
For instance we have Inertial Damper mkIV and Cloaking Device mkIV available
So can cloak a surface area of 116 for 20TU's or 131 for 10 TU's.
Contact us to sort out your needs.

HLQ Battleship 100 Heavy Hulls with MkII hulls and Armour.
Most internals MkII armed with 10 photon Cannons MkII
Though this can be changed for fighter Bay or MkII missile lauchers Plus mags.
Price $100,000

Broadsword 75 Heavy Hulls MkII hull and Armour
Price $75,000

HLQ X-Light Trader 50X-Light hulls with 3200 Mu's of cargo 5 crew and Q-jump.
Price $25,000

HQL Light Trader 50 Light Hulls with 2,400 Mu's of cargo 5 crew and Q-jump.
Price $25,000

Dutchess 100 X-Light Hulls with 6,500 Mu's of cargo.
Price $50,000

New Markets Open


As of tomorrow (210.4.3) a number of new CNF markets will be open to business to friendly traders. We shall be offering the very best public prices in the galaxy for a large number of trade goods and will be selling extensive selections of trade goods of our own, staggered throughout the week; we leave it to keen eyed traders to work out which days.

These new markets are:

New Harmony (2792) on Pang (956) in Darkfold System (17)
Kiel (356) on Checkpoint (787) in Borderland System (18)
Gomorrah (3170) on Moore (544) in Nexus System (98)

We hope the diverse locations, new buying opportunities and our excellent prices will benefit our friendly trading partners.

Colonel Abigail Adams

Editor: Simon Field - sss [dot] editor [at] googlemail [replacetoavoidspamdot] com

Is open for business...
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe from our new home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last few weeks,
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***
  • DEN assault FEL base and get wiped out
  • CIA Trade fleet caught and destroyed by the DEN
  • Krell denounce worship of the True One

    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Huge fleet skirmish at the London/Crossley wormhole

    A large fleet of over 700 DEN warships responded to the EMP action in Crossley, where a 4000 hull DEN platform was destroyed. Reports show the DEN ships caught a group of CIA ships napping and inflicted significant losses on the humans. IMP and GTT fleets moved to assist the CIA, matching DEN fleet numbers, but the arrival of over 1200 Hexamon ships seems to have tipped the battle in favour of the DEN-HEX alliance.

    The combined DEN-HEX force pushed through the wormhole into the Heartland area of human space and retaliated, attacking several CIA platforms in response. The outnumbered Empire fleets abandoned the area and fled, they are currently waiting for the larger alien force to make their next move from their hiding places.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Admiral Lord Simms killed after a long and distinguished service to the Empire.

    The Imperial Services have intercepted and serious damaged several DEN ships on the way to the Empire’s home systems. Unfortunately during the action Admiral Lord Simms was injured and reports from the Viceroy indicate he has passed away, fighting the enemies of the Empire like any true Imperial Officer.

    The Viceroy has stated that the officers and crew of the DEN ships have been captured and are now awaiting trial at a secret IMP base.

    DEN continue to strike at the Empire

    Reports are coming in of multiple engagements between the Empire and the Dewiek Elder Nation over the last week. With several battles taking out Empire ships in the Heartland of the CIA.

    AFT turn to piracy

    The Association of Free Traders have, after a long history of neutrality, turned to piracy this week. AFT Drake boarded an IND ship in the Halo periphery, killing several of the crew in the process.
    Independent trader Jarlebanke Langhofdi immediately took to the public communication channel demanding an answer to why supposedly peaceful traders had killed his crew and taken his ship.

    The AFT remain silent over the attack.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Combat Special Edition

    Since the DEN started shooting at those lovable FEL fluffballs things have certainly been heating up. So we through it would be prudent to bring you, gentle beings of the peripheries, a special edition in order to keep you updated with all the latest action in regards to who the DEN are shooting and who is shooting them.

    Felini strike back at Dewiek

    Reports have come in of the FEL striking back at the DEN in the Kallisan system. A huge FEL force supported by the IMP and CIA assaulted DEN positions taking both the platform and base called Lucien. There was much rejoicing in the FEL camp as the Felini proved they were not such lovable fluffballs after all!

    GTT get sucked into the war

    A passing fleet of GTT warships got caught in the fighting and this saw the GTT enter the war. When asked about this CEO Fox pointed out they are not warships at all, they are trade defence ships. So how they came to be in the DEN system of Kallisan is a mystery to us. But the GTT CEO was clear that they only engaged using support and defend orders to protect allies. Needless to say, the CEO commented “We found ourselves on the Dewiek Nation’s enemy lists pretty soon after.”

    Dewiek Nation attacks GTT positions in Orion Spur, breaking DOM system rules

    A fleet of DEN warships has engaged and destroyed a significant number of GTT cargo ships and escorts in the DOM system Monument. The GTT immediately took to the public channels to ask why the DOM were not doing something. In reply the DOM issued a statement to stop, which the DEN ignored.

    The DEN newssheet "The HOWL" published a completely unbiased review of the attack shortly after.

    DOM make a choice

    After the above incident and then further raiding by the DEN, taking out a few GTT cargo ships in the DOM system of Coptuv, the DOM seemed to have been faced with a choice of stopping drinking their tea and doing something or just hoping it would go away. Instead they seem to have decided to abandon the whole idea of being an active affiliation and we have since folded. The lengths some people will go to not to have their elevenses disturbed is truly staggering. We asked the DOM for a statement on their new system rules to share with our readers but have received no replies.

    DOM positions share out

    Just as we were going to press news has come in of various DOM assets being given to other affiliations or sold. Hopefully we will have more on this story in the next issue of your favorite factual newsheet. Yes, that's us at the SSS.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - Urd
    DOM Dominion (57) – we believe the DOM are now inactive
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) - Bacran
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GRC Gracians (13) - HG1
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Ando
    IMP Imperial Services (51) - Jack Jones
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Kal Torak
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
    MOH Mohache (73) - Listens
    MIC Mohache Independent Commune (76) - Sleeps with Dragons
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    RIP Regularly Involved in Piracy - Githyanki
    RRH Roy Robert Holdings (39) - Roy Roberts
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    USN Ulian Stellar Nation (34) - Oeipus Prime
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Affiliation has no leader but this is the only known contact


    Inactive: ANT, BHD, COD, HVE, IDC, RIP, RCF, SKW, TAG

    Deceased: CAL

    *** Submission ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    New pirate threat rocks Corward Arm.

    Several large pirate ships have been spotted in outer rings of Corward systems. Reports forwarded to us at the SSS allow us to exclusively tell readers that traders should keep their wits about them when moving through these areas.

    No existing pirate menace has yet claimed ownership.

    In a possibly unrelated event one of the FET cartel members claimed nothing was happening in the outer ring of Coptov shortly afterwards. But it could be that they are still trying to catch Empire backed pirates and have nothing to do with the new sightings.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    DEN continue to shoot innocents

    The Dewiek have made themselves busy shooting at the peaceful and innocent traders of the SSL. Leader of Solar Spices and Liquors Mr TOAD has been vocal pointing out that the Beast-DEN are being totally unfair. News of a go-fund-me appeal are yet to surface though.

    This office is sure that it must have provided the DEN light relief after picking on the equally defenceless Felini. Word is that the DEN faced such an uphill struggle in these recent actions they had to take up Felini inter-breeding to provide some entertainment as the battle reports were rather boring.
    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Return of the LiQuans

    A close associate of the Baron LiQuan has been haunting the Corewards periphery and like the old Baron it is said he has a meklan connection. It's unclear whether he obtained his meklan nanites via the CIA but there are rumours that the DEN may be helping the Liquan relative in a bid to sow discontent in the Stellar Empire. Exactly why they would start in Corewards is unclear although with DEN allies, the DOM, having strong positions both in the Sol system and the old Harcorp systems of Harlong and Coptuv they may be the linking factor.

    user image

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    Meklan Unleashed on Mobile Bay

    Mad Dewiek scientist Dr Kala released a number of Meklan on the busy world of Mobile Bay in the Yank system. Thousands of civilians have been killed in what is treated by DEN warlords as an amusing practical joke. Rather than take any responsibility for their affiliation’s reckless behaviour, a DEN lord rumoured to be half-meklan himself quipped he would nuke the planet whilst another merely saw it as an opportunity to test some of his greener troops in combat. Surprisingly, the KAS planetary defence force was up to the job of repelling the insidious incursion. Questions remain whether further meklan are stored elsewhere on the planet and whether anybody will challenge the Dewiek’s lack of care for the lives of innocents. Probably not, given how even the mighty IMP are now cowering from a fight with the DEN (see inside this edition).


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    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).