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Subspace Static 5th January 1995  [Recruit]

The GTT colony Thermopylae seems to have sorted out its differences with the FET ship Mule as it was allowed to proceed without further delay. This must have been a belief to both affiliation leaders !

A RIP war fleet caught a GTT Indiaman on colony delivery duty but the attack was lead by four predators and one frigate but with such overwhelming fire power, the ship exploded. This was probably preferable to being captured in any case.

The EEM has announced that new prices are now in operation at all its colonies. They are now much more standard throughout the perpheries. It has resulted in a few new items being added to most colonies markets which should help trade.

***Game News***

A few players have asked how the thorlium coating with regards to upgrades works. The formula is:

(number of coats) x (original number of hulls) / (new number of hulls)

As you can not have halk or part of a coat. the number is rounded down.

A few players are mixing up main and cargo. Main is cargo space which is being used for items which are capable of being used there. Cargo is when they are stored for transport. Hence, planet probes in cargo can not be fired but they can be if they are in main, same follows for weapons. Certain things can be used in other parts of a ship but can also be stored in cargo for transit, such as engines and life supports. If you try to put these intems into main, where they will not go, I may realise what you are trying to do and correct it, it may fail or it may go into the unusable section of the ship. When I come to do the turns, the computer asks if the item goes into cargo or functional. If I see main, normally i would hit functional automatically.

A few players from voerseas have been saying that the new week deadlines are not working for them. Now that the Christmas post is out of the way and the turns should be going out on schedule we should see if it is going to work or not.

Subspace Static 12th January 1995  [Recruit]

Reports are coming in of a RIP counter attack on their former colony Barbary Coast on Tatus. In the previous assault when the IMP with FET help captured itm the pirates rather than stand and fight decided to vacate. In the resulting battle, the pirates surprisingly defeated teh strong IMP/FET force and it is supposedly the remains from this which led the revenge attack.

If they did take control, how long they keep it remains to be seen, The IMP will not want to leave it as it is!

Not really game reports but:

Two alien affiliations have been set up in the new systems and another human affiliation but this is only open for American players. Some have played in the US version of BSE but some I understand are new to BSE. A number of players have already started to look for the way in but this will not be open until Februray 1st so don't waste your time looking yet, you wont find anything if you do.

The aliens, new affiliations, systems and planets are all unique to the UK game, being deisgned from scratch.

***Game News***

Following what i said last week on thorlium coating, we have already changed it; from now on the formula is as before but it the coating works out at over 11/2 coats it wil be rounded up to two. Not very realistic but fairer.

If you have a ship upgraded at a player run colony, the colony owner MUST issue pick up codes for your ship for the exact number of hulls, You can not just use a pick up code. Last week more than ten turns must have failed for this reason.

Subspace Static 19th January 1995  [Recruit]

It seems that the previous RIP/IMP colony Barbary Coast has now become unowned! An attack by FET forces against a tiny RIP defence force holding the colony resulted in death or serious injury to all the remaining defenders. As the FET attack also did not have any active personnel, jut more injured, the colony was unclaimed,

Next chapter, next week!

An AFT Indiaman and FET surveyor are reported to have been ambushed and blown up. The pirates have been particularly active recently.

Over in the Beach system, a brave FET ship captain had a narrow escape. He was mapping and scanning worlds behind Confederacy lines when he was spotted by a CNF survey Cruiser, which promptly reported it. Two CNF Frigatges and a Corvette intercepted it but it managed to make its escape even through heavily damaged.

***Game News***

Just to clarify the new systems, the entrance will be in place from February 2nd. I said beginning of February but it has to be a specific game week. You will see why later ! If affiliation PD's want contact names for the new affiliations, please ask me with your turns.

The new systems and affiliations have taken a lot more time than we expected but they are just about finished now. Sorry if you have been waiting for us to do something for you but we have been spending all available time sorting these out.

The GM colonies, usually EEM, have buy/sell quantities which are per ship. For instance, every ship which arrives at Thorn can sell 1000 Pulac crystals to it, not just the first to arrive that week. This is GM colonies (EEM) only.

A few players are not taking care when doing movement orders. If you fly your ship into the sun, it is supposed to cost 10TU's for me to recalculate your movement codes but as i dont normally charge it please don't use this as an excuse not to check your route. Thanks.

When loading ground parties onto a ship, it is the total amount of Mass Units (MU's) which count. Just because you have tanks which are in tank carriers does not mean that they do not weigh anything. MU is a reference to the weight of an item not size.


In KJC News the fax number which was given was wrong ! The correct number is: 01253 869960. If you have sent a fax to this number , we probably have not got it.

Subspace Static 26th January 1995  [Recruit]

The ex-RIP colony on Tatas has now been taken conrtol of by the FET. This is the fifth new owner in the last two months (the others have been IMP, RIP twice, and for one week IND). Will they last longer than the others we wonder?

The FET have not had it all their own way. The RIP fought a one sided battle against an FET fast freighter. The ship tried to run the blockade but too much firepower was directed at it, causing it to explode.

A well planned revenge attack lead by the GTT caught a RIP Destroyer in Stockton, destroying her. The Destroyer had reviously been troubling shipping there, with at least oneship to her name.

***Game News***

Just another reminder, the fax number we gave out in the January KJC news is wrong. The number should be: 01253 869960.

Now that the new systems are sorted and the affiliations more or less completed, we have gome back to the other things we were doing with BSE. The most important one us the new rulebook which we hope to have in draft form NEXT WEEK! We have a number of things which we want to change yet and further rules to add on some sections but we are progressing. We plan on sending draft copies out to PD heads so they can point out the glaring errors we have made!

If possible, it would be helpful if calls about BSE could be kept to a minimum on Thursdays. This is the day that colonies, political printouts when due, and battles are processed. I try to get them out for the evening's post but if I spend time on the phone, it makes it difficult to acheive. Any other day is normally no problem .Thanks for your help.

A pub meet has been organised by a couple of Quest players but open to players from all games. I will be there, and probably Steve. The meet is in Leeds on Saturday 18th February. It is at the Wellesley Hotel and starts at 11.30. To get there turn left at Leeds City railway station, walk 70 yards to the city square, turn left and walk 250 yards along Wellington Street.The hotel is on the left next to the Royal Mail House.
I look forward to meeting anybody who can make it.

Subspace static 3rd February 1995.  [Recruit]

As you might have guessed the colony Barbary Coast has changed hands again, this time back to the RIP. There have also been reports of the RIP fleet moving about but no battles so far as this reporter is aware.

The way into the new systems is open from this week. It is not in 'shining flashing lights' but can be found if you look in the correct system.

***Game News***

Ships which try to move with insufficient crew will now move but go slower, hte more you are short. In effect, the crew you have are doing more work so it takes longer to do things. Previousy, you either moved at your normal rates or did not move at all, depending on who the GM was. You should also make sure your ship has enough life supports as we may change this too.

Land movement by ground parties is now correctly worked out by the computer. TU costs for ground parties was as an integer (whole numbers), this will now be two decimal places. Previously moving in grassland might be 2.2 TU's while forest was 2.9. As ground parties only took whole numbers, in this case 2, terrain all seemed the same.

Steve has also changes outposts. Previously, when a ship was blown up, the outpost, maybe systems away, also vanished. From now on, it will stay there but become unowned. A possible future lucky find.

We have added an editor and spellchecker to the special action routines so hopefully these should all be 'poperlly spellt' from now on !

Many players fax their turns in, and this is fine, but if you get an error message and wish to check we have received it ok, please ask the staff member who answers the phone to check rahter than asking for me. This also goes for queries about accounts or when a turn has been processed. They have this data to hand whereas i have to come out of BSE to load accounts. This can be a pain if I am halfway through a players turn. Thanks for your help.

Rather a sort subspace static this time, I am running a long way behind schedule. We were interviewing this morning for a second programmer.

Subspace Static 10th February 1995  [Recruit]

The carnage around Tatas continues with another bombardment of the colony, which was taken back last week by the RIP, from both orbit and from ground assault. One surveyor was targeted by the colony defences blowing it up but apart from minor damage, casualties were mnuch less than in previous battles.

Apart from this action, peace seems to have been declared in the Periphery.

First reports have been arriving of a couple of ships whohave entered the new systems. As is the nature of BSE, no doubt word will spread quickly of the point of entry (Dont ask me as you will be disappointed!)

A new leader has been appointed to run the CIA. It is Dave Curtis.

Russ Galer, the previous CIA PD has a lot of real world time restraints at the momnet so does not feel he can run the affiliation as he would like so has decided to step down. He's not leaving the game but is taking a quieter line than in the past, at least for now!

***Game News***

Steve is away in New York at the moment, with Adventures By Mail. He is really there to talk to them about Monster Island and their other games. KJC is going to be doing the programming and development for their PBM games, as well as our own. While he is there he is going to try to get hold of all their BSE information sheets. We don't know how useful they will be but they may help us when we get round to doing our own. Steve is back in work Friday 17th.

It looks as if I will also be going to visit ABM, almost certainly over the weekend of February 25th. I dont know yet the exact dates as it was only yesterday afternoon when it was decided but i will probably fly early Saturday and be back early Tuesday. Hopefully, I will only be missing for one working day although I often do turns at weekends. I don;t expect any great effect on BSE.

Nigel has been working on the rules and while he thought he would have had a draft copy ready last weekend, he has decided to change the layout so it will be another week yet. Once we have this in a draft mode, we will send copies to PD's. While we are waiting for commens back, we will begin teh information sheets and other things which we have been promising, and then finish off the rules. I know everything seems to be moving very slowly but nobody wants it finished more than me and we are getting there, Promise!

Subspace Static 17th February 1995 Week 8 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

A very quiet week with no battles, either in space or on the ground. The first week this has happened for at least a few months.

***Game News***

At KJC, we have taken on another person to help with sorting out the post and the other general office jobs. I intend to train one of our Quest inputters to do the more simple BSE budget turns. Since the budget turns were intorduced, this has always been our intention but they have always been too busy. Now may be our chance, and this would give me more time to do some of the other things which we want to do for BSE. Adventures By Mail had a lady inputter doing the easier turns for years and it seemed to work for them.

This will make it doubly important that you write the orders on your turns in the correct format. I normallycorrect them but they might not recognise the error. For example, if you write MAIN when buying jump engines, they will probably fo into ENGINE as they are not used in main but in the engine part of your ship. If you are not sure where an item goes, write FUNCTIONING if you intend to use it, or CARGO if it is being transported to another location. NB This does not work for shields which can go in any part of the ship.

Ships in the new systems, called Cluster, which trying to jump ti a system and are blocked r forget to give the system number I will presume that you don't know where you are going and have taken a guess. In the older systems i normally look the data up and correct teh turn but for the new systems where a race is on to map them, this would be unfair help.

You may have noticed the slightly different heading with the game week and year. This was a suggestion by Pedro Faria from Portugal.

Subspace Static 23rd February Week 9 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

An SMS ship has been boarded and detained at Kas Rubis under instructions from the MIlitary Junta. It is believed that this is the ongoing dispute concerning an agent action performed by a previous SMS ship which landed there.

Further activity has been noted at Tatas in Misre although there are not reports yet of casualties.

The CIA ship Thunderstrike has been attacked and blown up by a colony in the Kastor system. The Kastorians are obviously getting more aggressive in protecting their rights.

***Game News***

I am going to visit ABM on Satureday and will get back to Cleveleys around eight o'clock Wednesday morningm when hopefully I will be able to come into work. It would be helpful if phone calls on Wednesday were kept to a minimum!

The systems Capella and Darkfold are now barred to all affiliations who have not got it as their home base. This will stop somebody moving in by mistake. If you see an enemy ship in there, it will be a new player who passed you earlier in the week and at their end of their turn, decided to join a rival affiliation. You can not post them for this as the programmes will be giving you their current affiliations rather than the one they were in when they past you.

Many ships have already found the enterance to the new systems which is via a wormhole. It costs 30TU's to enter but it does not need a special action. Just write, 'Enter worm hole' in an order box of your turncard, when in the correct place of course.

There seems to be some confusion with Colony Special Complexes. You must build the special complex first and then use a special action to say whay is going to be produced, in what quantity, and from what item. Once a special complex is set up, it can not be changed. If you have run out of slots and wish to turn it into another, you must dismantle the unused complexes, from which you will recover half the modules, and then construct some new ones. This represents the new production lines and re-tooling which would be necessary.


After a long wait. this is now available. If you already subscribe, a copy should be in with your turn. If not you can order it now. Each issue costs just £1.90 and has information on all games run by KJC. It is printed on quality paper with 40 A4 pages. In particular interest to BSE players will be the Imperial Star which is a brief BSE history and a four page article called the FET guide to space combat, a must for all Confederacy affiliations ! There are the usual letters and news pages and stories on the other games. For the first time there is also a book review by Alan Crump. Subscriptions are also available, ten pounds for six issues.

Subspace Static 3rd March 1995 Week 10 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

A rather quiet week in the Periphery with just a minor skirmish, again at Tatas.

Many more ships are being reported in the new Cluster systems. It seems that news of the entrance did not take any time at all to get around.

***Game News***

Everything is running late this week with my trip to America putting things behind. It is now Friday dinner time and the colonies and political printouts have just finished printing. We should be up to date again from the start of next week. Sharon has been doing the budget turns and seem to have done well with them. Her help will allow me to spend more time doing the background things which BSE needs rahter than just turns.

As you may have noticed, we have been having some problems with our laser printers. BSE is printed on Sharp JX9500 lasers and while we have three of these one is in very poor cindition and so is rarely used. Another came up with a fault so we got the engineer in who could not fix it and in the process scratched the drum swapping parts from one machine to the other. We had to struggle by for a couple of days with less than satisfactory printouts but they are now back to normal as new parts have arrived. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

A few players address their BSE envelopes to me personally thinking it will speed things up. his will actually delay your turns as all normal mail is opened first thing in the morning by the automatic letter opener. If it is addressed to me and spotted it is placed in my in-tray and opened when i have a spare moment (not very often)!


After a long wait, this is now available. If you already subscribe, a copy should be in with your turn. If not you can order it now. Each issue costs just £1.90 and has information on all games run by KJC. It is printed on quality paper with 40 A4 pages. Of particular interest to BSE players will be the Imperial Star which is a brief BSE history and a four page article called the FET guide to Space Combat, a must for Confederacy affiliations ! There are the usual letters and news apges and stories on the other games. For the first time, there is also a book review written by Alan Crump. Subscriptions are also available, then pounds for six issues.

Subspace Static 9th March 1995 Week 11 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The first major battles of the new year occured last week with a 19 ship fight over the wormhole entrance. Unfortunatly 9 ships were wither made derelict or exploded, casualties about even on both sides. This battle was initiated by the Brotherhood fanatics attacking what they consder to be heathens, the FET!

Another battle at Tatas but really just a repeat of previous ones.

***Game News***

A rather short Subspace sue to time, but hopefully things will be back to normal from next week.


Subspace Static 16th March 1995 Week 12 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

A large battle was avoided this week at the entrance to the wormhole but the Confederacy took full advanage of their larger number of ships in the area and boarded all the derelicts from the week before. A couple of ships were originally build by the CNF but taken over in the previous battles by the IMP or FET. Consodering the importance of the entrance to the WormHole, declaring it neutral space seems the most sensible situation.

There was also a fight at the other end of the wormhole, in the Crossley system where the ship which started the fight at the other end, again fired on FET ships. Reports state that is was already damaged and sustained further hits,

***Game News***

It has been pointed out to us that the colony RECON PLANE order does not work the way it says in the rule book. You lose recon planes bue to attrition each week, not just when the colony turn is run. This is correctly reported in the weekly adjustments section.

We have changes the system probes so that they now print out on your turn sheet in a similar way to Planet Probes. Thses look better and will also ensure that they are never forgotten or lost whixh we can not say about the others!

At a games convention last weekend, we had a proof copy of the new rulebook. It is not complete but we wanted to show that it was not fiction !

The new IGN is now available and a copy should be enclosed with your turn.

If you have a problem or question with BSE, please try not to call on Thursdays. This is the day when the battles are done and colonies run off and bagged up (colonies again missed Thursday's post).

As you may have noticed, BSE turns have been getting a little behind. This has been partly because of my trip to America but also due to the increasing numbers of players in BSE. Obviously we are pleased about this, but it doees mean that I can not do all the work myself. The other main problem is that the work is not evenly spread, with most of it coming in at the start of the game week. I have started to show Sharon how to process some of the budget turns and Nigel (who does First Class) and Andy Hume (who used to do Crasimoff's World turns) are going to help with the more complicated turns. This will generally be on Thursdays and Fridays and hopefully will enable us to keep up.

This may result in a few mistakes while they are learning and not necessarily a faster turnaround. BSE is a complicated game to run and i am spending time checking and teaching but it should result in a faster and better service. It will also take some pressure off me and provide you with a better, less rushed service.

Subspace Static 23rd March 1995 Week 13 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

An agreement between the Confederacy and Imperial leaderships has been reached so that the Imperially chartered affiliations can move into the Kastor and London systems in Space Square 851 ONLY without fear of attack or of being posted. If you are an Imperial based ship and go anywhere else in the Darkfold Periphery (are are spotted) YOU WILL BE POSTED.

A couple of Brotherhood ships have started to attack any ships belonging to certain affiliations. The same rules apply to the BHD concerning attacks as to other affiliations. From now on, indiscriminate attacks on ships not on the Brotherhood posted lists will be ignored. The only way this can be done is if a Jihad is declared, and then both sides are aware and can take precautions.

A quiet week with just two minor attacks this week, one was by the RIP. This was their first for a number of weeks so are they about to become more active?

***Game News***

Apologies are in order for a few players. At the start of the week some turnsheets were going out looking dirty. I swopped my laser and started messing about with the parts trying to fix it, making yet more marks. We eventually found out that it was a faulty batch of toner. Anyway, it shold be more or less cleared now was it has mostly worked its way through the lasers.

Steve had added the routines so that Colonies are charges more fairly. From this week the first 30 orders costs three pounds (as is now) but each extra then orders or part of costs just one pound. This seems a much fairer system.

Several players have started to write 'swap jump engines from XXX' Please don't forget the number of jump engines you wish to swop. If you leave it blank we will take a guess rather than get the maps out. Thank you.

Subspace Static 30th March 1995 Week 14 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

There have been several close encounters in the Cluster systems, with several ships watching each other closely although no actual battles are reported.

A few affiliations have had leadership changes this last week with several well known Periphery Officers changing alignments. The SSL and RAT Periphery Directors have both swapped affiliations joining the DOM in a three headed leadership. The SSL Capo has risen to become Godfather while te new RAT PD is from a previous Imperial based affiliation and promises to take the RAT out of the Confederacy changing it into a neutral affiliation. On top if these a new leader has been installed at the Brotherhood, perhaps with a less fanatical line? - I don't think so!

***Game News***

Several players have started to put on their enemy lists entire affiliations. The only affiliations which all players can add to their enemy list is the RIP, who anybody can attack. Apart from that you can only attack ships which are on a posted list. This is to protect ships which have done no harm to you or your affiliation being attacked indiscriminately. You can not attack all ships in an entire affiliation unless you are at war with them.

The only persom who can declare a war is the Periphery Director and to do so even he must have a valid reason. Also, both sides must be aware a state of war exists so that all sides can attack each other, not just one. This is fully explained in the rules. A few players have started to try to take potshots at others but as no declarations of war have been declared these have been over ridden.

Subspace Static 5th April 1995 Week 15 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

Another quiet week with no battles this week, even at the pirate colony on Tatas. However, it does not look like it will stay this way for long !

The Clans and Imperials are in dispute over the ownership of three systems on the newly discovered area called Cluster. The Imperials have claimed Crossley, New Sussex and Winter in the name if is Imerial Majesty, Emperor Jasil while the Clans say that they belong to them. What the Dewiek and Dominion have to say about this, we do not know yet. It is expected that Imperial and Cln shipping which meet anywhere in the Cluster systems will fire at each other in support of their respective claims.

A generous space captain has pointed out that the price of fossil fuels at 20 stellars per Mu is rather high, Hypso and like minded colonies will reduce the price paid to 10.

***Game News***

We have mande another addition to the programs this week. Players who run their ships without a full compliment of crew will find that due to the extra workload caused their ships will be reduced in speed. The effect will be proportionate, i.e. 20% short crew will result in a 20% speed loss, half your normal crew results in half speed ship. Remember, you need one crew for every command hull.

From the 16th April, all UK phone numbers with an area code beginning with a zero will be changed so that they start 01. Hence our area code of 0253 changes to 01253. Overseas callers, just remove the leading zero. If you are ringing a UK based player from abroad and have difficulty getting through and don't know what the area code is, add a 1 after the country code (which is 44).

With the straight forward colony turns, sometimees one if the Quest inputters will enter the orders. If you write the numbers the wrong way round, this can have drastic consequences. To give an example, and order to build a special complex wrote the wrong way round builds 13 maintenance complexes instead. (this actually happened).

Subspace Static 20th April 1995 Week 18 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The former RIP colony on Tatas has at last been convinvingly taken by the IMP after a rather protracted conflic. The few remaining RIP injured soldiers along with a small amout of equipment was captured. It is espected that when they have recovered they will be put on trial for their crimes against the Imperials and their allies.

***Game News***

The IGN for this month has been delayed as Richard has moved housem but a bumper issue has been promised for next month. This is actually the first delay i can ever remember with the IGN and as he has been doing it virtually since the game began, he has not done a bad job ! As usual you can either send your submissions in either to KJC or to Richard Cozens direct.

I have been getting an increasing number of players ringing up to discuss if a certain special action or some other event would be successful. Some of the decisions i have made on the spur of the moment, in retrospect, would have been better done a different way. In the future i am going to insist that you submit them in writing so I have some time to think about them. If it is a special action, you will need to try it to see if it will work or not.

Recently there has been a large incresae in the number of players sending letters which need a detailed reply. We will always try to send a reply but if you do it regularly, some of your letters may not get answered. If you are sending a letter, try to keep it clear and to the point. While we spend time on these, it is causing delays in publishing the new rulesm and the item blurbs and a couple of new orders which will be introduced at the same time.

Also, a reminder. On the Special action turns, you can do three investigations or three surface explorations or three other special actions or any combination up to three. If yuo do a 140 special action turn, we do allow a couple of extra ones but please try to keep within these limits. Thanks.

Subspace Static 27th April 1995 Week 19 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The first battle between the Clan and Imperials occured today. The Clan Warships Batter and Furball ran into an IMP exploration vessel in the Onwards system. It was a brief exchange of fire with the IMP ship retreating immediately.

Videos have been sent to all know leaders of a New Harmony Monk, in a spacesuit, strapped to a rocket. The video looks at first to be a bizarre attempt by the NHC to find new converts in space but it is another gruesome Brotherhood self-publicity act. They fired the monk off from outside their main temple into the sun. What they gain form these senseless acts, nobody is sure. IND Serenity has yet to make a response.

***Game News***

A couple if players have recently asked about changing affiliations and were unsure what could be taken with them. This is often a matter between thetwo affiliations to sort out but in general you can only take ships which have no ship debt. If you leave and become IND, this is always the case but if you leave and join another affiliation, depending on circumstances, you may have to start with new ships. In no cases are you allowed to leave and take a colony with you. You are only the governor, not the owner.

Andy Hume who was doing some of the special action BSE turns is no longer doing them. We currently have Nigel and myself doing the special action turns and Sharon helping out with the budget turns. Things have been rather busy over the last month with bank holidays and all the affiliation changes but we are working on the rules once more.

If anybody has a general question or something which they feel should be mentioned or explained in subspace, let me know and if we agree, you will see it in print.

Subspace Static 3rd May 1995 Week 19 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

At Imperial Colony Jax it was reported that the Imperial viceroy, Prince Leonandus, has had to take a surprise visit to the Inner Empire Capital Sparta, at the request of Emperor Jasil. He wanted both sons (Lysander was also recalled) to be present for his 40th Anniversary celebrations. Admiral Lord Simms will govern the periphery in his stead until his return later this year.

The BHD have crucified another monk. This time they have tied one to a stake outside Ceilidh-Tor and used his a target for the colonies ground defences. As you can imageine, there was not much left afterwards.

The DOM have taken delivery of some of the special ships build by individual affiliations and found that they are unable to use them without extensive changes. They will begin research into the modifications needed but it will be some time before they have them operational, even with help from the original builders.

***Game News***

BIOLOGICAL WARFARE - We are currently overhauling the rules relating to the special abilities of many alien creatures and planets. This will not affect special complex production but will affect life forms with more direct effects. For example a plant that corrodes mining euipment when dropped on an outpost or an insect that causes an increased death rate when released at a colony.

Unfortunately a lot of the items currently in the game are poorly documented so we're going to need some help. If you know of any plants, animals, minerlas, or whatever, that have abilities of this type please let us know. We will then include this item in the overhall and send you a copy if the new rules and game effects. If you do not send the information, and noone else does either, then there is a good chance that the item will not be included in the overhaul and the special affect will no longer work at all. Even if it does you would not have a copy of the new rules.

We want to complete this work as soon as possible so we're setting a provisional deadline of May the 31st for all information to be returned. If you know of any items that might be affected please let us know by this date. The implemenation of information recieved after this date may well be delayed. If you're unsure whether an item qualifies for the overhaul please let us know anyway to be on the safe side. (The examples above are not currently in the game but should give you an idea of what we're looking for).

ALIEN LIFE FORM COMPATIBILITY - We're also trying to work on some consistent rules for moving alien life forms from one planet to another: will they prosper and thrive, just about get by, or curl up and die painfully? If you have information relating to particular lifeforms tha thave been transported in the past please let us know in the same way as information relating to special Biological Warefare abilities.

Our objective with both these projects is to improve the scope for player actions without causing massive bottlenecks during processing. The current methids deal with each alien life form on an individual basis making it impossible to cope with more than a handful of creatures with special abilities. With a proper rules framework we should be able to cope with many more thereby expanding both the scope and variety of the game.

ITEM BLURBS - Work on the new item blurbs is now almost complete. 90% of the blurbs have been written. When completed you will be able to obtain a full blurb for any item in your possession. The blurbs will provide information abhout every item in the game. This will include general information like that given in the Item List of the rulebook, plus the more important game statistics.

Several players have mentioned that they did not know the numbers for the new affiliations. I thought it would be a good idea to give the complete list;

Capellan Periphery Affiliations
IMP=51 GTT=52 SMS=53 AFT=54 SSL=55 FET=56

Darkfold Periphery Affiliations
CNF=65 CIA=64 DIE=62 BHD=63 DTR=58

Cluster Periphery Affiliations
DOM=57 CLN=69 DEN=67

No fixed abodes:
IND= 16 RIP=17 FGZ=26 DNA=66 RAT=61

Special Affiliation number (not normally used)
EEM=18 TRN=16 KAS=33 DER=15

Subspacestatic 11th May 1995 Week 20 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The FET are offering a bounty of 100,000 stellars for the return of Titans's Revenge (1027). This is in addition to the sum which is paid by the EEM for the dereliction of RIP ships.

***Game News***

A few players have started to ask for blurbs on a few of the items. All the blurbs are not yet done and the routines are not fully working yet. It should check that you own the item which you are investigation before printing it. These should be introduced with the new rule book.

We have just begun using a new laser for the printing of Quest so we shuold be able to replace the old BSE printers which are well past their best, having gone around the clock several times.

Recently there have been a number of ships moving from one affiliations to another and a few PDs have complained that they did not realise that the ship had no debt. The next political printout will contain a listing of all your affilliation's ships along with their debt. Please let us know which one of your affiliation's political positions is to recieve this membership list.

We are also planning on doing a similar thing for colonies but this will be an MU debt. This will represent the items which the affiliaitons gace to help start the colony. If in the unlikely event the colony wanted to go independant or tranfer to another affiliation this would have to be paid off first.

Another thing which we have changed is to give the complete list of new members joining your affiliation. Previously only players who joined from TRN positions were recorded, now all will be.

Cloaked ships seem to be causing some confusion, Cloaked ships are hidden because sensors can not get a 'fix' on them. While you know they are there, and get a ***cloaked ship888 report, their exact location is hidden so you can not identify or fire at them.

Subspace Static 18th May 1995 Week 21 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The phoney war between the IMP and Clan is now the real thing ! This week there were two battles with an IMP ship blown up in Twinkle and a Clan ship heavily damaged in Madonna. More action is expected this coming week.

A distress call has reached the EEM from a New Harmony Colony, called Serenity, in Schrike on the planet Deathwatch. It appears it has been attacked by Brotherhood forces. As they don not believe in force even to protect themselves, they are sitting ducks unless somebody close by helps. They offer 25,000 stellars reward to any ships which come to their rescue. There are 200 Coloniests and 77 Monks at the Colony.

The Brotherhood have been showiong their poor sense of humor again by dropping a Monk from their Hiport at the colony Ceilidh-or. At another Brotherhood colony, they boarded two CNF ships which had landed without permission,

***Game News***

Thanks for the information on items which can terraform or biologically alter planets. If you have any more, please send them in.

The new IGN is out now and shuold be enclosed with your turn.

Kevin, Nigel and Steve will all be at this meet on June 10th. It is at the Flautist & Firkin at 588 Mile End Road, London. E3 4PH. Turn right out of the Mile End Tube Station and yuo are there. If you can get there it should be well wirth the effort. We have used this pub before when it was called the Horn of Plenty, and we have always had a good time. We look forward to seeing as many BSE players there as possible.

Subspace Static 25th May 1995 Week 22 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

***EEM Fax to All Affiliations***
EEM report that they have picked up a strange signal over the past few days. The signal has defeated all attempts at decryption but they have been able to determine its source as being RACK in the ENIGMA system. How the signal managed to reach them from so far away is not known.
They have also announced that they will take measures to prevent their colonies being blockaded. The entire affiliation of any ship that starts a battle in orbit, above one of their colonie, or in the space square where it is situated, will be denied access to the starport. Affiliations whose ships attack a ship en route to an EEM colony, while in the system where the colony is located risk a similar fate. The sa,e restrictions apply at Thorn and High Star. {CLN and IMP ships in the Twinkle system are asked to take particular notice !}

***RIP Revival in Kastor***

Pirate activity may be on the increase again. A small pirate fleet attacked some FET cruisers in the Kastor system. The FET vessels survived but one was badly damaged. Kastor was also the scene for hostile actions by the Kastorians themselves. KAS Drougal launched an attack against an orbiting Flagritz vessel, destroying it and everything aboard.

***DOM Imperator Calling All Affiliations***

The Deep Explorer the FET have put a 100 000 ship debt on is a DOM ship. Anyone trying to claim the debt by attacking the ship will be posted and hunted down by the DOM.

***BHD Atrocities Continue***

Another New Harmony Church monk was slain this week. His passing was less spectacular than the recent BHD executions but no less chilling. The monk was hurled into a frenzied crowd of BH fanatics who literally tore him to pieces. A video of the killing was sent to the Emperor with a note saying that anytime he cared to visit Ceilidh-Tor there would be a similar welcome waiting for him.

***Game News***

New political printouts will be sent out next week. All PDs should ensure that we know which of your affiliations leaders is to recieve the new membership details {position types and ship debts}.

Following the recent letter to affiliation PDs we have been considering some of the suggested changes in the space battle routines, particularly those affecting colonies. Many of these proposals will involve a lot of programming work but there are two that can be implemented farily swiftly. The most important of these is the new deflection shielding- just about every response indicates that colonies drastically need better protection. The new weapons are slightly less vital but will make things more intersting than the current Photon Gun supremacy situation.......
New weapons. There have been growing rumours that the Inner Empire has been working on the designs of several 2nd generation weapon systems. Much of this research has been stolen by confederate spies and there are high level negotiations in progress as to whether the new technology should be released into the Periphery. Much of this weaponry has been design ed as a response to the photon gun and is of comparable power. The technology would require specialised production lines to be developed so each colony would have to perform research before they could build the new items.
Deflection Shielding - A new form of shielding is also being developed. Unlike normal shields the new design does not soak up damage. It protects a target by deflecting incoming fire away from vulnerable areas. This effect is achieved with the combination of a reactive force shield and ECM systems. Weapons that would normally hit the target have a percentage chance of being delected instead. Due to technical reasons this new shielding will only work when installed at a colony. The new shields cannot be used on a ship. According to rumours the chance of a hit being deflected is equal to the shields installed divided by colony class. The shields could be used in conjunction with existing shielding.
Affiliation Canvassing - The Empire and Confederacy are allowing all occupants of the Periphery time to comment before deciding whether or not these developments should be released. If you have any comments please contact your affiliations leaders. Affiliation leaders are requested to pass on a summary of comments from within their affiliation along with their own feelings on these developments. The details have been left deliberately vague at this stage. If you want to suggest MU's, damage ranges, base accuracy, etc, for either weapons or shields, please feel free to do so.

If you have any information blurbs concerning the movement of lifeforms from one world to another, or the terraforming of planets, please be sure to let us know by the end of this month. This is when we will begin the overhaul of this areas of the game. As pointed out a few weeks ago, if we don't have information on your discoveries they might not be included in the work.

Subspace Static 1st June 1995 Week 23 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

***Rack Update***
The inter system broadcast from Rack has now ceased. A large number of ships are reportedd to have headed towards the Enigma system to investigate the signal. Several ships have withdrawn from Rack orbit upon sighting a massed CLN fleet moving into attack postion. The CLN have made the following announcement...

Attention All Affilliations:
Regarding the EEM fax originating from Rack, Enigma system - the Clan Council hereby declares the asteroid under quarantine! Any positions, regardless of affiliation, trying to land will be posted and boarded by CLN forces.

***BHD In Accidental Battle***
A Brotherhood vessel suspected of being involved in the recent attack upon a New Harmony Monk colony met with GTT vessels in open space this week. The Brotherhood ship was destroyed.

***CLN/IMP War over?***
A provisional cease fire has been decalred between the CLN and the IMP.

***Game News***

Our thanks to those affiliations that have responded so far. If you have not contacted us yet, don't worry this is not something which we will be rushing inot without allowing time for all affiliations to make their comments. A major concern expressed so far is that the new weaponry will be another escalation in weaponry. This is something we are keen to avoid. The new weapons will, at best, be comparable to the photon gun and will require a lot of research before production can begin.

We are now starting work on the terraforming and lifeform adaptability rules. This iwll take several weeks ot complete. We expect to report on this again at the end of June.

A small bug in gthe oclony morale assessment was corrected a couple of weeks ago. The calculation for morale loss due to death rate was not being calculated correctly and colony morales were slightly higher than they should have been. The death rate factor is now included and you may notice that it has reduced colony morale by 1 or 2 points, depending up how severe your colony death rate actually is. Colonies with low death rates will not be affected at all.

All positions are reminded that to put another position on your Enemy list you need proper justification. If the position is on your affiliations posted list this is sufficient. You must otherwise submit yuor reasons for the listing. Requests to put an entire affiliation on your Enemy list are seldom accepted unless your affiliation is at war with the targeted affiliation. Proper justification is also needed before a position is added to an affiliations posted list. If no reason is given, or if the reason is not deemed sufficient the enemy listing will not be allowed.

Kevin, Nigel and Steeve will all be at this meet on June 10th. It is at the Flautist & Firkin at 588 Mile End Road, London. E5 4PH. Turn right out of the Mile End Tube Station and you are there. If you can get there, it should be well worth the effort. We have used this pub before, when it was called the Horn of Plenty, and we have always had a good time. We look forward to seeing as many BSE players there as possible.

Subspace Static 6th June 1995 Week 24 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

***IMP Patrol Cruiser Enforces Law***
Schrike witnessed a space battle this week as IMP Prince Lysander opened fire on DIE Lone Wolf. The DIE vessel was in prohibited space. It took critical damage but remains space worthy for the moment.

***Rack Blockade***
The Rack asteroid in Enigma system is still being blockaded by CLN ships. Shipping is advised to avoid entering orbit or risk dire consequences. Uncloaked ships wishing to enter and remain in orbit or land shuold specifically state that they wish to run the blockade. We'll otherwise assume you want to avoid conflict and will move you to safely in the Rack space square.


We've had responses from most affiliations now and there are a few worries which can be cleared up straight away. Firstly, the potential to research new weaponry would be available to ALL, not just CNF and IMP affiliations. Secondly the weaponry should not be looked on as a give away. They'll be no easier to get than Photon Guns, something that is now generally available, and wil be no more powerful than phtoton guns. If your colony can a;ready build photon guns ot probably will not be worth researching the new weapons too. The intention is to give new variety, not another step forwards towards ultimate weapons.
A common feature suggested in responses so far has been ranges. IE different weapons would be effective at different ranges. Some could be used as ships closed for battle, during round 1, some would only work when the battle was fully joined, during rounds 2 to 4, or 2 to 3 like space fighters now. This is something we would like to intorduce but, as noted in Subspace Static a few weeks ago, some changes take longer to make than others.
Response to the deflection shielding idea has been generally favourable. If you are opposed to this idea please let us know soon.

Please note that most robots are designed for a specific purpose and will not be well suited to other activities. Warbots for example are excellent at killing things during normal combat. They are not very good at hunting aliens in a forest, assassinating well protect targets, or guarding specific locations. They are almost completely useless during surface explorations or investigations. Other Bots have similar limitations: maintenance bots ar good at factory work, repair bots are good at fixing things. For anything else you need people power.

Most of the item blurbs are written now but the order for getting them printed during a turn is not yet in use. We will make an announcement in Subspace Static as soon as it can be issued.

Please remember that a ship with a ship debt is owned (in part at least) by the affiliaiton that the ship is in. The ship cannot change affiliation unless the affiliation leaders are prepared to waive the debt or unless some deal can be made. If a ship has ZERO debt and the player wished to leave his affiliation there is very little that the affiliation leaders can do about it. Moral: If you are an affiliation leader make sure that you maintain ship dents at their proper level. You can not add ship dents without reason but if you upgrade a members ship, allow them to pickup items from affiliation HQ, etc, you can charge them by placing a debt on the ship.

Subspace Static 15th June 1995 Week 25 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The GTT have denied accusations that they stole the Right of God, Frigate, from the CIA. The ship was taken by its Captain without any assistance from the GTT. When the captain offered his services to the GTT he was obviously very welcome.


Many thanks to everyone that came along to the pubmeet. We certainly had an enjoyable day and hope that you did too. It looked like there were some interesting negotiations in progress amongst some affiliation PDs too.

Rumours....There is a lot of in-game news floating about and we're often asked to confirm or deny an important seeming piece of information. Our current policy is 'no comment'. If you hear somehting from another player in the game then it is up to you to learn whether it is true or not.

A similar ruling applies to negotiations with NPC's in the game. If you want to open negotiations with an NPC, eg a GM controlled colony Governor it is usually necessary to contact them directly, ie by moving a ship to their colony, not by writing to the GM. The NPC will then respond as part of a normal turn or contact your PD if higher level negotiations are required. Please note also that some NPCs are less diplomatic than others. If you get a rude response, you're not being discriminated against. It could be that the NPC has had a bad week, or perhpas the're just an unpleasant person.

Subspace Static 22nd June 1995 Week 26 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

Several neural ships witnessed a CLN and FGZ joint attack against the colony of KST Drougal in the Kastor system. The colony survived but its space defences were severly battered. Judging by the number of derelict ships in orbit this battle was not the first. The future of the colony wil probably depend on the industrial strength of the Kastorian forces in adjacent sectors. The planet is well developed and the KST are a warlike race so it could be a long battle.

An RIP force attempted to take control of FET colony Invincible in the Fortoon system. The main attack was defeated but commando squads managed to capture the Governor and a ship in the starport.

Following a few weeks of restraint the Brotherhood colony of Ceilidh-Tor has found a new way to kill their victims. A monk was irradiated in one of the colony's reactors. The body was then places in a high bell tower for all to see.

Subspace Static 29th June 1995 Week 27 of the galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The attack on Drougal continues to chip away at the defences. The colony is desperately trying to rebuild some weaponry but is unable to keep pace with the damage being caused. Support from the surrounding industrial zones continues. Attacking forces also caught a large ground party by surprise and cut down many of them in a murderous space bombardment. Presumably the ground troops will be more wary in the future. KST Drougal officials vow to continue their defensive action that began with the destruction of the invading FGZ Ykos until the bitter end.

Colony troop morale was smashed during an aerial bombardment but no RIP fround forces were available to follw up and catpure the colony. Security forces in the starport successfully contained and then captured a terrorist task force.


KST DROUGAL has invited a confederate official to negotiate areas of mutual advantage. KST Drougal would like to discuss the possibilities of becoming an affiliate member of the Confederate alliance.


There have been several player questions and comments recently regarding the way in which battles are processed. To avoid future uncertainty please take note of the following points.
1) All battles, in space or on land, are entirely computer moderated. There is no direct referee influence involved.
2) As a direct consequence of point 1, it is NOT possible to perform speciaal actions in the middle of a combat. All special actions will occur before combat starts or after it is finished.
3) It is sometimes possible for two or more battles to be fought at the same location in the same week. This may be due to a player special action, maybe not. If this happens, the two battles are fought separately in an order determined by the referee. If this occurs the battles will be treated as entirely seperate incidents. Losses in one battle will NOT be considered against the morale factors in any other battle.
We appreciate that this does limit the use of special actions in a combat situation. There is currently no way to get around this.

These have been on the increase again recently and while we are quite happy to take legitimate calls there are some calls which we will not encourage. In particular, please do not phone to find out what the results of an action or battle were. Your results will be arriving in the post, just like everyone else's. If we give results out over the phone it not only costs us a lot of time, it also gives the phoning players an unfair advantage. Please note also that we will not give referee adjudications over the telephone. All requests for adjudication must be submitted in writting and the results of any adjudication will be made in the same way.

BIRMINGHAM PUBMEET 29th July, The Dubliner, Digbeth, Birmingham.
Starting at 12 noon and going on all day. Food and good beer will be available. Under 16's are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. The pub is next to the National Express coach station. Tel mark Payne.

pubmeet Extra - a trip has been organised in the early evening to the local cinema to watch the recently released JUDGE DREDD film!!

Subspace Static 6th July 1995 Week 28 of the Galactric Year 195  [Recruit]

The FGZ annd CLN invasion against KST Drougal entered a new stage this week as ground forces assulted and captured the colony. The colony was undefended but a counter attack is expected. The colony's civilian population has initiated a policy of civil disobedience and non-cooperation. The colony's senior officials have not been located. It is rumoured that they left the colony to ensure that negotiations with CNF diplomats were not disturbed by the conflict.

The wormhole located in London has ceased to be in existance.'Shockwaves' exited at the Crossley end but the fate of ships attempting to traverse through it is unknown at this time.

Subspace Static 13th July 1995 Week 29 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

Forces of the KST Drougal military moved back in to Drougal this week and took the colony with minimal losses. When the prisoners had been rounded up the KST flag was restored. Observers noted that it was flown in tandem with the CNF flag. The colony has reestablished links with the planet's industrial resources and the surface conflict between various factions on the planet also seem to have entered a quiet period.

Please do not try to use the request blurb order yet. The blurbs have not yet had their final checks and you could well recieve inaccurate information. We will let all players know when they are ready.

Subspace Static 20th July 1995 Week 30 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

WORMHOLE DEFINITELY CLOSED - Several ships have visited the wormhole now and they confirm that passage through it is not currently possible. The London end has apparently vanished without trace and nothing remains in Crossley except a strage discontinuity in space.

PEACE AT DROUGAL - No attacks were launched at Drougal this week and teh dispute may be over. The KST are back in control of their colony but the conflict has been a sharp reminder to all that the FGZ will not be trifles with. The FGZ have issued the following statement "FGZ YKOS has now been avenged, the unarmed ship was on a peaceful mission to the KST colony, it was destroyed without warning. KST Drougal has now paid the price. We leave the colony under the control of the CNF. The incident is now closed.

*The new IGN is available and the issue number does match up with the number shown on printouts this time. A copy should be enlosed with yuor turns.
*Work on the terraforming/transferrable lifeforms blurbs is now nearing completion. We hope to have the changed blurbs ready in abuot two weeks time. The new record keeping systems for handling their use is ready now. We're using a manual system for now as the number of cases is small and the system will probably need tweaking a few times to get it perfect.
*We get a lot of calls from players about whether they can develop noew affiliation abilities. Please submit these enquiries through yuor affiliation PD.
*The Birmingham pubmeet is on. Venue is the Dubliner, Digbeth (same read as the coach station) and the date Saturday the 20th of this month.

Subspace Static 27th July 1995 Week 31 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The Kastorians in Yank have requested clarification concerning the dealings between the CNF and their long term enemies, the Kastorians at Drougal. There have been suggestions that anyone associating with their enemies should not be allowed access to the Yank system. The more outspoken amongst the Yank Kastorians have suggested that the CNF and all associated affilations should be expelled immediately.


HOSPITALS- The number of Haspital complexes needed to halve the colony death rate (and to make the colony immune to alien plague) has been reduced from one per 1000 population to one per 5000 population.

REFREE CONSISTENCY - We have heard that some players are not 100% happy about the way the game us running at the moment. We've not had many specific complaints but the impression we get is that refree consostency is one of the main problems. We obviously want to be as consistent as possible but there are difficulties. With the current amount of turns being processed it it simply is not possible for a single GM to process everything. To minimize the effect that a different GM could have on your results we consult regularly on anything that could have long reaching effects on the game or an affiliation.
Where consistency with Justin's ruling are concerned there is less we can do. Different GM's have different styles and there will always be different interpretations of the way the universe works. We will still try to maintain factual continuity of course. Although we are unable to talk with Justin about the game we do work from his notes and records wherever possible. If you issue a special action based on a ruling made by Justin and the reults are not as expected it may be that we dont have the full information. In this case you may request a refree adjuication in the usual fashion. Remember to include the printouts that include the relevant points so that the adjudication can be as complete as possible.

Subspace Static 3rd August 1995 Week 32 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

COLD WAR BETWEEN KST AND KAS - Following the recent troubles in Lastor there are continuing murmurs of discontent from the Yank Kastorians. No course has been decided upon as yet but they're definitely not happy. There are also rumours of demands for compensation for ships lost by the FGZ and CLN when they attacked Drougal. In typical KSY style there has been no response from Drougal.

METALS WANTED - There are rumours of a signal being heard from the Teller system. The signal is a broadcast containing a request for Metals/Non-metals to be suplied and offering negotiable rewards. The transmission signature was an alien one.

We regularly get suggestions from players for new items to be added into the game data base. Some of them are possible to include and some are not, but often one of the item's specifications is that it can ONLY be used by US, us being the affiliation of theplayer that suggested the item. Please take not that this will seldom be the case. It tkes a lot of work to add new items into the game and the majority of them will be made available to all players, possibly with a bit of research to be done, or hidden somewhere to be used by whoever can find them. Suggestions recieved for new items or abilities will be used to benefit the game, not necessarily the affiliation that suggests them. We always welcome suggestions for new items but bear in mind that we get a lot of them and even the best are unlikely to get programmed into the game straight away. Please do not start spending research points on an item until it has definetly been accepted.

Subspace Static 10th August 1995 Week 33 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]


There have been some changes made in the way that misjumps work. We can't say how they've been changed here without giving away too much. There are only a few players who have used them. If yuo are one of these players and if you want the new information please contact kevin or Nigel. We don't have a current list of plyers authorised to get this information so to stake your claim you'll need to say where a misjump usually takes yuo and what other effects there are.

If you have recieved a copy of the gas attack information sheet yuo need to make a small change on it. The old sheet states that a colony detecting a gas attack will immediately raise its security level to 9. This no longer occurs. The security level will remain at its preset level but for the purpose of further gas attacks that week it will be treated as being at 9. The preset level will be used for all other calculations, eg morale, agent actions, etc. If you would prefer a new sheet simply return yuor old one next turn.

Subspace Static 17th August 1995 Week 34 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

A Squad of jump troops attacked the starport at AFT Return. There were no ships present but the pirates murdered many civilians and destroyed 10 shuttles. 150 Luxury Goods and 600 Jewellery ready to be transported off the colony were also destroyed. The death toll is rumoured to be over 600. 60 pirates were taken prisoner.

Subspace Static 24th August 1995 Week 35 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

A large pirate ground party attacked the FET colony of Port Royal and destroyed or captured the colony's defences. This is the latest of several pirate attacks and wise governors shold look to the ground defences. Port Royal is located in the Starling system.

The windhook family wish it known that they have an Infiltrator to trade/sell. An Infiltrator is configured 10-25-18 and may cloak for 6 TU's. Offers may be made by calling or writing to P Betts via KJC. Deadline for bids is the 8th September.

Subspace Static 31st August 1995 Week 36 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The FET prisoners at the RIP's latest colony attempted to rouse the colonists and overthrow the RIP forces. The colonists decided to have nothing to do with the coup and the troops were overwhelmed by massed airpower and ground forces. Casualties amongst the FET forces were 100%

The RIP scored again against FET and IMP shipping in orbit above the colony. The FET yacht Al-hamra and the IMP Indiaman were totally destroyed by Port Royal's space weaponry.

Clan and Flagritz ships attacked and destroyed a KST ship while the CNF controlled colony of Drougal watched. The belligerent KST leaders have not commented yet but are unlikely to be happy about the loss.

A Brotherhood ship opened fire on an RIP vessel in orbit of Dominican in teh Monk System. The BHD ship was supported by two BHD colonies on the planet below. The RIP vessel was quickly reduced to atoms.

The RAT attempts to form closer links with the Imperials floundered this week when an IMP vessel opened fire on a RAT runner in the Starling System. IMP Prince Igor ordered RAT Cankerous Carbuncle to 'pull over' for an inspection. When the RAT vessel declined Prince Igor reduced it to a smoking hulk.

Statement by Lord Rohan Faero, Governor of GTT Bannokburn:
Following the RIP attack on FET Port Royal, i Have recieved a message from the RIP commander. I am informed that, should I take any form of military action against the RIP forces now in control of Port Royal, they will respond by hanging 100 colonists for every RIP soldier injured or killed and furthermore, that they will then launch Port Royal's weaponry against Bannokburns civillain sector.
Therefore, in order to protect the lives of Imperial citizens, both in Bannokburn and Port Royal, I gave been forced to agree a temporary non-intervention agreement with the RIP forces.
To ensure thhis agreement is not compromised I have closed bannokburn's starport to all starships. I will not allow an inter-colony conflict to be initiated by any external parties attempting to use Bannockburn for military purposes.
I issue the following warning: any ships attempting to land at GTT Bannokburn will be boarded by security personell. The ship, crew and cargo will then be impounded until this situation is resolved. This order will remain in force until i have had contact with GTTs Periphery Director and a representative of the Imperial Viceroy.
Please note that ships trading with Bannokburn's hiport can do so in perfect safelt. GTT ships based at this colony will be engaged in trade-protection operations.

High Star has now set up a one way Stargate service from Forlorn Hope to Twinkle. Ships wishing to make use of this service must pick up an exit permit from the DEN. High Star will not move any ship which does not have prior DEN permission. The stargate service will need a 40 TU special action and 2500 stellars. Further details can be obtained by contacting the High Star Express, a ship located at the Forlorn Hope stargate.

The BHD hereby promises to release a New Harmony Monk if Lt. Anton Vargas of GTT Bismark is handed over to us. The Empire has one week to respond to this declaration of goodwill. Should Lt. Vargas fail to be turned over to our regime by the time this deadline has passed, we will execute the monk as an emeny of galactic peace. Praise the True One.

Remember to LEAVE ORBIT before attempting to JUMP or SPACE MOVE. Thank you for yuor attention and happy landings.

Subspace Static 7th September 1995 Week 37 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

All clan ships have been nebbed from the Kastor system by the CNF Prelate. The ban will come into force from week 38. The ban is in response to the attack against KST Sweet Vengeance last week.

Following the pirate attacks against Port Royal the IMP have declared an exclusion zone around Resurection in the Starling system. No ships are permitted within 4 space squares of 740 except for those belonging to chartered affiliations, The zone will remain in force for the duration of the emergency.

Subspace Static 14th September 1995 Week 38 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

Following the Clan attack on the KAstorian Ship in orbit of Kastor, KST Drougal this week fired on a Clan ship which had not moved away. The fire power of teh colony was added to by three CNF Frigates which opened up as well, supporting their new allies.

A RAT Frigate uncloaked next to their previously derelicted Runner and used missiles to blow the ship up. There were six RAT crew on board the crippled ship who are [resumably now martyrs. Following an obortive appeal to the Emperor, it is believed that this desperate action was to prevent the ship falling into the hands of the FET.

Subspace Static 21st September 1995 Week 39 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

The RIP launched an attack on a Brotherhood Supra Freighter in the Monk System. It is not know what the outcome was.

A number of players are starting to use special action turn sheets as turn cards. If you do this, you should be aware that you may get charged teh higher turn fee. Special action turn sheets are also used for long turns or it you need some GM help.

From this coming Monday, Mica Goldstone will be joining the KJC team as a full time BSE GM. It has been necessary to do this due to the increasing player numbers and large amount of background work which needs to be done.

Mica is a keen roleplayer and science fiction buff. He also has a degree in Astro Physics (should come in handy!) and is qualifies to teach Physics up to A level.

While it will take some time to be able to follow all the plots, Mica will take over the special actions and develop the larger game scenarios. Myself (Kevin and Sharon) will help with the standard turns. The extra help should enable us to finish the new rules and some of the other things which we never get the time for.

There are also a number of rule changes which are in the game now, ready for the new rule book. These take immediate afftect and can be used now.

Map sector and GPI sector now cost just 7 TU's each.

An 'End of Turn Jump' has been added which will let you move using normal jump rules if you have five or more TU's left at the end of your turn. This must be yuor last action.

A Market Report Scan costing 10 TU's can be used to obtain a market report. The Colony Scan will now give you a Starport scan, list of colony complexes and market report. All scans are from orbit as previously.

Blackmarkets can be formed by RAT and DIE affilitions as well as FET and SSL.

From week 40, Investigation orders will cost 29 TU's each but there will be no limit to the number you may perform on a turn.

Subspace Static 28th September 1995 Week 40 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

News has just been released of an attack on the nearly defenceless RIP ship Where Angels Fear by two Brotherhood ships Voyager and Harvester of Sorrow (aptly names). R.I.P. Angel

As for other battles, the newly captured Colony Deflector 1 was blasted due to the retaliation of the RIP colony Port Royal.




I would just like to intorduce myself and apologise for any mistakes i have probably already done this week. I promise this is just down to not knowing the computer system and its quirks but given time etc etc

In order that i have complete understanding as to the motivations if each affiliation (I'm a patient reader, so the more you tell me the more I know), I'd be grateful if the affiliation leaders could write to me and I'll see what I can do in terms of plot lines.

Subspace Static 5th October 1995 week 41 of the Galactic Year 195  [Recruit]

After the launching of two missiles from the newly formed colony Silo 1, Port Royal returned with a wave of volleys blistering Silo 1 with over 3000 missiles also included were 400 fighters. If this was a ruse to use up the missiles it worked very well indeed.

IND Queen of the Damned narrowly missed being assulted by 400 fighters launched from Port Royal.

As anticipated the botched orders came in thich and fast, and what a perfect opportunity it made to learn the intricacies of the system. Better luck in this upcoming week.

Strange disturbances have been reported in the Lewis system (143), tkaing the form of gravitational fluctuations and neutrino anomalies. Possibly stellar activity, although observations do not support this.

Message From Dominion
The Dominion Overlord has returned from a much-enjoyed break. All correspondence to Mark Buckle.

DATE: 39/195
The commanding forces of the Yank system are concerned over the growing nu,bers of rumours concerning the above topic.
They have requested the CNF to provide them with the 'full picture' about these rumours.
In the meantime, to prevent any misunderstandings and maintain the neutrality, the Kastorians have requested that no CNF shipping of any kind uses the space suqares 1947, 2951, or 2857 and their contents until this matter can be resolved, from week 42 onwards.
Thank you.

Concerning a bogus letter in the issue of IGN
In a few of the earlier issues of the IGN 11 there was a letter published supposedly from the FET, this was not the case and it was deleted in the later copies. It must be pointed out that a lot of trust is involved in this game, this is necessary due to lack of physical contact, therefore don't undermine the game for others !

Subspace Static 12th October 1995 Week 42 Year 195  [Recruit]

Due to popular request (probably to promote dodgy dealings), here is the list of the PD's of all the affiliations.


IMP (51) : Geoff Jollye
GTT (52) : Malcolm Steedman
SMS (53) : Keith Baggot
AFT (54) : Chris Butler
SSL (55) : Ian Hodgkinson
FET (56) : Alan Crump

The DTR is no longer based in Capella as it was driven off by the IMP.
DTR (58) : Nik Kelly

***Alien Affiliations***

FGZ (26) : Steve Jobin
DNA (66) : Martin Rundle
DEN (67) : Thomas Moe
CLN (69) : Mikael Skott

***Affiliations opposed to the Empire***

BHD (62) : Andrew Joyce
DIE (63) : Brain Kirkegaard
CIA (64) : Andrew Scott
CNF (65) : Craig Young
RIP (17) : Richard Cozens

DOM (57) : Mark Buckle
RAT (61) Adrian Bagley

***Space Battle - Stockton***
This started out as another piracy mission by the RIP. A long RIP ship found an SMS ship in the orbit of Valley and decided to have a little rumage through the cargo. This was cut short by the untimely arrival of a dozen IMP vessels including battleships and frigates. Next a few CNF figates who just happened to be wandering a few parsecs out of the normal tour of duty turned up. TheTirpitz (CNF figate) opened fire on an old enemy in the IMP lines and the lines were drawn and the battle commenced. Only the Perdition is known to have escaped harm as it tactically withdrew in the first round. It is believed that RIP took most of the casualties althogh a DTR ship (supporting the CNF) was also badly damaged.
The question standing is what will happen next?

***Space Battle - Audrey***
Although overshadowed by the 'Stockton Incident' we find once again that the RIP are up to no good, also as above things did't fair so well for them. An attack against both IND (Centenium and Valkyre I) and FET (Spoils of Battle and The Destiny) results in the annihilation of RIP Morning Star.

***Message from the IMP***

Order in Council, Imperial Services

By order of the Imperial Viceroy, and in accordance with the General Agreement on the access to the wormhole, SS1852 in both the Straddle (177) and the Teller (147) Systems are to be considered as neutral territory until further notice. Ships of all Affiliations and Races are permitted free passage through these space squares, with exception of the RIP. Sould any ship initiate combat in either of these space squares, except against RIP vessels, the attacking ships Affilation we be added to the exceptions list.
The Imperial serveices accept no respoonsibility for events which take place at the Crossley (99) end of the Wormhole.

HP Simms, Imperial Viceroy

Subspace Static 19th October 1995 Week 43 Year 195  [Recruit]

***Space Battles - Ruin system orbiting Xenocide***
What the FET Gypsy Blood was doing in this space is anyones guess, needless to say, it was atomized by DIE colony XF-12

***Stockton Incident - Update***
The successful withdrawl of all RIP and CNF ships has now opened this area for trade. The last ship to pull out being the maverick, with the aid of a cloaked ship.

The system of Fortoon is undergoing similar anomalies as the Lewis system, as yet there is no confirmation as to what is occuring.

We are undergoing a transition period here at KJC, I hope that these changes are as smooth as possible, but do stress that these changes while seemingly biased, (but then again aren't they always - A GM's lot is not a happy one), we believe them to be fair to the ga,e as a whole maintaining in all ways possible a balance. Unfortunately where there are differences in abilities there will always be differences in opinion, please bear with us.

One of many is clarification of RIP abilities (these are not that different, and the pirates are still to be just as feared).
This group is part of the game system, not the vehicle of any particular political position.
To Empasize this:
Any affiliation discovering trading or in any overt way aiding RIP ships WILL be barred from trading with GM colonies.

Combat involving RIP vessels is considered separate to any other battle at the location and will be dealt with at the conclusion of any other battle. (This is in fact a double edged sword, allowing the RIP to 'mop-up' the wounded but victorious side, or to have the full barrage from a slightly dented vastly superior side. )

RIP vessels can only board one ship per vessel at the end of combat at 0TU all others are considered special actions, provided all other parameters of boarding are met. i.e. no enemies which haven't fled etc.
This is due to the war zone and boarding vessels are sitting ducks, also it encourages the RIP to avoid large scale confrontations as these are more likely to have ships at the end.
Also a full crew still needs to be transfered due ot the badly damages state of the boarded craft (no change to this rule).

When life suppports are gone the shpi is considered a derelict. This is as decompression and temperature drop ensure that by the time the ship can be boarded (the crew could, feasibly only survive a few minutes, which isn't long in terms of space battles)

Subspace Static Week 44 Year 195 26th October 1995  [Recruit]

Rule Changes (No not new ones, we're leaving things alone for a while)
The response concerning when a ship is made derelict, took me by surprise. To recap, once a ship is derelict as given by the post battle synopsis, it's remaining TU's are not processed, hence any troops or crew in the main are lost during maintenance, (this is as the system was set up). In the past though ig a ship had remaining TU's and at the discretion of the GM, these TU's were used to move resources from cargo to functional in order to avoid dereliction. A method needs to be agreed on, therefore I usrge all P.D.'s to submit a letter outlining the views on the method most popular with their affiliation's members, before week 47, at which time a decision will be made as to which method is to be used.

The options are :

A ship will use remaining TU's to avoid becoming derelict before maintenance (after RIP boarding actions) by moving resources from cargo to functional after which it will complete as much of the remaining turn as possible.
The Battle program is followed, thus avoiding human error.

***Space Battle - Onwards Systems***
An attack was launched on a CLN Cheetah Striker which promptly fled, by two battle cruisers of unknown origin. The war cry being 'Whats new pussycat!' That they are pirates is certain, that they are not RIP is also certain.

***Land Battle - Resurraction***
A valiant storm was launched by FET Hit squad against a RIP colony bravely defended by three men and a baby. The liberation has given a much needed boost to FET morale.

***Unscrupulous Action***
It is rumoured that the captain of the GTT Nevada, flew this vessel to a CNF colony and defected. The crew promptly mutinied changing the ship to IND, hopefully to avoid the inquistion of the vastly superior forces holding in the starport. This ruse unfortunately failed as the ship didn't have authorization for being in Confederate space and was forced to surrender.

Subspace Static Week 45 Year 195 - 2nd November 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battle Onwards System Fellowship***
The pirates DOG now a feature of the cluster attacked the CLN again this week. Positioned in the orbit around Fellowship for some time, they ambushed the Cheetah Black Panther, Luckily Najaden stepped in with many fighters (most of which were shot down by pulsar fire during the ensuing battle). This though was not enough as teh Black Panther was blown from orbit.

***Space Battle Resurection***
The FET launched anther attack in order to regain control of Port Royal.

"It's Not Fair" - These are players comments

RIP Boarding
Player Comment
For every affiliation, boarding has to be initiated as a Special Action on a 3.50 turn. It now transpires that this automatically gets accompplished for 0 TU's on a standard turn.

Player Comment
Did Ridley, in Aliens think it wasnt fair that the aliens had acid for blood, were really strong and had huge teeth - I THINK NOT! She just got down to the business of surviving, or did Picard of the Federation think it was unfair that the Borg ship destroyed a Federation fleet, NO they did the sme as Ridley.

GM comment:
Apparently it is felt that the new rules limiting the RIP to one free boarding action as opposed to the old rules, which allowed unlimited boarding action is not fair in favour of the RIP. This is accomplished for the first boarding action, possibly as a result of a turn card, but to have more needs special actions.

Subspace Static Week 45 Year 195 - 2nd November 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battle - Starling System SS1636***
The RIP are back in business {yeah you remember them}.
A successful piratical act meant the acquistion of the Utah (recently returned to the GTT from the CIA after the defection). The RAT Calico Jack played the part of cavalry on the behalf of the GTT top little avail.

***Space Battle - Onwards System SS843***
CLN Mother fled from the onslaught of a DOG force suffering cosmetic damage {currently residing up a tree}

***Space Battle - Nexus System SS2050***
A frightening display of power by the CLN Mauler (a Grizzly class). When faced with four DOG ships it casually derelicted one and damaged another before they turned tail and ran for cover.

***Other News***
If you scanned EEM ships this last week, it was due to a computer error, sorry.

Condensed metal orders.
If you have a new copy of the rules, there is a printing mistkae in the order (one of the resons they have not been issued extensively). It should read:
CO (item used)(number used)
e.g. CO 44 200 - this produces 50mu of condensed metals (170)
CO 170 50 - this produces 200 mu of metals (44)
I apologise if I have given the wrong order to people over the phone.

IGN articles.
It must be remembered that the IGN is only issued once a month, therefore saome articles may be out of date by the time you recieve a copy, also it is a product of player views which may have a bias.

*appear to be two different editions for this week*

Subspace Static Week 46 - 9th November 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battle Onwards System***
The CLN certainly retaliated with vigor against the DOG this week. A resounding show of force lead to the dereliction of two DOG ships {affiliation 29} and the destruction of another with only the loss due to dereliction of one of their own. Well done, I'm sure there will be much feasting in Antioch tonight.

***Space Battle Fortoon System***
An encounter with an alien mining vessel by IMP Startreader lead to the loss of a shuttle cintaining technicians but an assult on the Startreader inself proved ineffective.

***Other News***
CNF Quits Drougal: It seems that the CNF have pulled their forces out of KST Drougal and left the KST to their own devices. Rumours suggest that the CNF discovered the KST were duplicitous and decided to let them stew in their own vat of atmoic soup.

RIP Disappear from Port Royal: From information gahtered from sub space communications it apprears that the RIP have disappeared from Port Royal leaving it in the hands of .....who? The Emperor is concerned that they {the RIP} did not 'liquidate' the entire population of loyal subjects before they left.

Subspace Static Week 48 Year 195  [Recruit]

***Space Battle - Skye System ss1649***
A fair show of force on behalf of the CLN in the form of three Cheetahs: Longshot, Fall of the Known and Jumping Bean. If two of the cowardly DOGs hadn't fled (one of which was a frigate?), then the battle would not have gone so wekk for the CLN. As it was they drove the pirates to submission.

***Space Battle - Nexus System ss2005***
The battle was not finished last week between the DOG and the CLN although this time the CLN introduced a fresh Grizzly named Furball and a Mammoth against the wasted forces of the DOG. Even with this immednse overkill, they barely damaged the DOG.

***Boarding Action - Onwards System***
A gross show or arrogance on behalf of the CLN saw the sacrifice of half the crew of the CLN Mother in a boarding action against a derelict DOG ship. Conered animals are desperate, they may be down bu they are not out.

***Land Battle - Capellan System***
Free State of Naplia is no more, after having launched an attack on Hypso, They were promptly removed from the face of the planet. Long live the revolution.

***Other News***
Message from RAT
Raiding Acquisition and Trading has a new Bossman, anyone wishing to contact him should write to John Furniss.

Message from the CLN Warlord and the FET PD:
To protect the artifacts rightfully belonging to the CLN from Alien thieves (humans and others alike) we hereby declare an exclusion zone in ss2742 of the Clan Home System Nexus. Effective immediately all non-CLN or non-FET positions in this square/orbit or otherwise will be fired upon without warning. Positions already present should leave or face the consquences.

Results of the Dereliction debate
There has been an overwhelming response in favour of using spare TU's to avoid dereliction.
The batle procedure will run thus:
1 Battles (non pirate)
2 Post battle synopsis
3 Battles (pirate)
4 Post battle synopsis
5 Pirate boarding actions
Only if target vessel is registered derelict and
Only if there are no enemy vessels whoch have pirates on the enemy list which didn't flee.
6 Remaining turns are completed, using remaining TU'd to avoid dereliction.
(If you know where the battle will be, it might be a good ideas to leave plenty of TU's for the post battle scramble).

Subspace Static Week 49 Year 195 - 30th November 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battle Onwards System***
Continuing the saga of the DOG/CLN negotiations, the odds stood at five to one in favour of the CLN. They also had the advantage of the DOG ship being registed as derelict due to lack of engines, normally overkill, unfortunately the fighters from DER Anarch attacked the weakest member of the CLN force, this being Asp. The grand finale had a spectacular binary explosion. Let this be a lesson to all to check your battle program from time to time.

***Space Battle Nexus System***
A second attempt to obliterate DER ships failed for the CLN this week with an exchange of fore but nothing conclusive.

***Space Battle Twinkle System***
A pack of DOG hips failed to make a meal of CLN Morgaine Pride, the CLN ship fled with all thrusters on full. I suspect it will be renamed the Morgaine Shame.

***Space Battle Aladdin System Orbiting Hurley***
The underdefended FET colony Grumbach was wiped from the face of the planet by an unknown attacker.

***Other News***
IMP Texan Ranger closed the Black Market operating in Hypso. Apparently the insider information was the code word Del Boy.

Message from the DOM
As a result of agent actions by a CLN ship, and CLN ship landing at a DOM colony will be boarded. The offending ship had been posted and will be attacked on sight.

Another one of those useful rule updates:
When using light basic construction modules (LBCM's) for the construction of complxes use the following amendment
Gambling use 16 (not 3) e.g. cc 16 1 builds 1 gambling complex using LBCM's
Recreation use 08
Resturant use 07
Special use 19, All other complexes cannot use LBCM's

Subspace Static - Week 50 Year 195 7th December 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battle - Onwards System***
A clash between the DOG and the CLN resulted in the explosion of the CLN Kogal Karuth and the dereliction of both CLN Kazir Karuth and DOG Persecutor. The CLN Kaloz Karuth was shooting till the end allowing the others to flee.

***Space Battle - Kastor System***
The RIP showed their true colours {not a pretty sight} this week with a bungled piratical attack on teh RAT Calico Jack. They blew the frigate straight back to the Emperor's feet. In league with the murdering pirates, Jasil? Now do you believe us? Can we have our runner back, we'll be good, honest.

***Space Battle - Onwards System***
The CLN buried the DOG so deep it will take a long long time to recover. The battle was a slaughter with volley after volley pounding the DOG. Aid was given by the FET Spoils if War, this ship supporting the CLN in the battle against the DOG. It's not everyday that you see humans helping aliens against other humans, even though they are pirates. The CLN blew up total of sic battle cruisers and nearly derelicted a frigate while suffering no casulaties. This is a force that will change the universe in time to come.

***Other News***
A call for honesty: Should you recieve somebody else's turn with yours please send it back or to the owning player. Mistakes do happen and it is very unfair to exploit them.

Captins of the following ships are looking to retire and selling their ships to up and comming captains.
The ships are: Escobar {squidy class} and Silk Road {Observer 1 class}
The starting bid is 50000 stellars, what are your offers.
Results in three weeks.

Subspace Static Week 51 Year 195 - 14th December 1995  [Recruit]

At a time when Space Battles appear to be the rule rather than the exception:

***Space Battle - Aladdin System***
The response to the alien mining ship was given by the IMP and FGZ in the form of photon fire. The job wasn't finished though, and a subspace communication was transmitted.

***Space Battle - Storm System***
The CIA Rouge clashed with the IND Harlequin Kiss in a short and feeble exchange of fire.

***Space Battle - Kastor System***
The RIP Angel of Death assaulted the BHD Prowler doing a little cosmetic damage. It may not be wise to mess with those who have god on their side.

***Space Battle - Onwards System***
A task force was sent to take out one of the few remaining pockets of the DOG resistance. They had a lovely time with dancing and pleasant conversation.

***Land Battle***
The FET have sponsored a ground party to vaporize lots of harmless, innocent, law abiding, unassuming, industrious ants.

***Other News***
The bids for the IND ships now stands at 75, 000 stellars.

A word from Sun Tsu to all you would be generals.
'In military matters it is not necessarily beneficial to have more strengh, only to avoid acting aggressively, it is enough to consolodate your power, assess apponets and get people, that is all.'

Subspace Static Week 52 Year 195 - 21st December 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battle - Skye System***
Despite over whelming odds, the CLN failed to blow up a derelict, keep shooting guys.

***Boarding Action***
The FGZ are now the proud owners of an alien mining vessel.

***Other news***
The Ambassador's tour of the Capellan Periphery has drawn to a close with a banquet at IMP Jax.
Hope you are all waving your flags.

Message to all ship captains from the Emperor.
A boubty has been issued for the destruction of the pirates RIP. The bounty is open to all, including the RIP themselves. The bounty can be collected from wither IMP Jax in the Capellan system or from the colony KAS Rubis in the neutral Yank System. The collection can be made on either the dereliction and successful capture or destruction of any RIP vessel. Obviously the first case is not open to the RIP.
The bounties to be paid are as follows:
Hulls Stellars
20-27 50000
28-50 100000
51-98 200000
99+ 300000
In the case of dereliction and successful capture, half will be paid.
In addition a bonus of 30000 will be paid for every rank above Lieutenant.
There is a bounty of 3000000s on the Pirate King himself.
In all cases lossess and repairs will NOT be paid for.

At present the number of batteries on a ship has a maximum equal to the number of targets. If nobody has any problems I would like to change this to the number of batteries set regardless of the number of targets. i.e. If your ship is set to fire two batteries, it will do so even if there is only one target, this way there is more chance of hitting the section targeted. I would like to implement this soon, so please hurry with your comments.

The bids for the IND ships now stands at 105, 000s for the Silk Road and 75000s for the Escobar. The results to be announced next week.

Subspace Static - Week 1 Year 1996 - 29th Decmeber 1995  [Recruit]

***Space Battles***
A quiet week this week with a near miss for the Flagritz following the boarding of the Alien Mining Vessel. Luckily the ship was removed from the posted list in time to prevent a skirmish.

***Other News***
The shps Silk Road and Escobar have been sold for the sums of 150 000s and 100 000s respectively. The old captains thank everbody for their interest.

Subspace Static - Week 2 Year 196 4th January 1996  [Recruit]

****Space Battle - Teutonic System***
The combined forces of teh CNF, CIA and DTR caught and made an example of the IMP Blood Red.

***Space Battle - Beach System***
The CNF Outer Limits attacked the AFT Moonstrike with finality. Let this be a lesson to all to acquire all the relevant permissions before wnadering through hostile terrritory.

Don't forget to include your account number in the message.
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

Solo claim swings back and forth

The situation in Solo appears to be getting even more heated. First the NHS dropped 600,000 troops to contest the system and then the DTR answered with enough troops of their own to trump the NHS claim. The NHS found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim up to 750,000 and once again the DTR answered, bringing Solo back under DTR control. Now the NHS have had a look down the back of the sofa and found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim to a massive 900,000 trained troops. We wait to see if the DTR have an answer to this. We can only guess where all these troops are coming from, but what is clear is that the established affiliations clearly have far larger armies than many thought.
user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

NHS attempt to claim Solo away from DTR

In a shock move the NHS have contested the Solo claim with a huge garrison of 600,000 trained troops. In a move that nobody saw coming, especially as it was unknown the NHS had such a large force of troops to draw upon, the NHS seem to be provoking a response from the DTR. Currently there has been no word from the DTR in how they are going to deal with this claim jumping, although rumours are that they are pretending the Solo claim doesn't really matter to them and so action is unlikely. However this may be a smokescreen and we may yet see the DTR's powerful fleet cause havoc in the system of Solo, which has for a long time been an important junction and fought over by many different factions.

DNA Chairman TonTon resigns

The following communication has been leaked from the DNA to the GTT's PD.

Greetings CEO Fox.
It regrets me to have to inform to you that the DNA nation state will be renouncing its claim on Aladdin system following a ceremony planet side, shortly.
However, it gives me great pleasure to have to inform you that these ceremonies are being planned by Vladimir Tavikovitch, the South Road Traffic Coordinator. He is also responsible for all DNA and .ore. assets in the Outer Naplian (Capellan) periphery so if there are any further issues, please take it up with him.
For any and all other matters, please forward your request directly to the DNA directorate services at NexusID: DNA people.
The Foreign Ministry objects one last time to your illegal claim jump of Aladdin, but we realise it is time to de-escalate.
Normally i would sign off with Naambta, but doing so would be hypocritical. Let me say good riddance instead.
I hereby resign in protest!

Chairman TonTon,
Foreign Minister, DNA
cc: Directorate Services personnel coordinator - !urgent resignation!

DTR threaten WMB with fines for multiple breaches of DTR Law

Lady Sylvansight of the DTR has issued a fine of 1,000,000 stellars to the Wimbles for multiple breaches of DTR Penal and Territorial Law. This seems a very brave move of the DTR to risk upsetting the huge and warlike WMB when they also have the rival NHS Solo system claim to deal with. No word has been recieved yet that the Wimbles are going to pay, but if the formidable WMB warfleet is seen heading for the DTR home systems we will know what their thought are on the matter. The DTR and WMB fleets going head to head would be a sight to behold.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

DNA and GTT clash over Aladdin system claim while Pirates look on.

The GTT have this week launched an attack on the DNA outpost in Aladdin, in what appears to be little more than a turkey shoot. Around 100,000 GTT Naplian Startroopers attacked the DNA position to remove the rival system claim. Reports indicate the DNA garrison were taken by surprise and lost control of the base in the first few hours of the fighting. The base has since been reflagged from [Free Naplian Capital] Peaceful Protest to [Loyal Naplian Capital] DNA claim Ended so it's fair to say there was a clear message being sent by the GTT. We have been waiting for the DNA leadership to comment but so far they have been unusually silent. No doubt when they have crawled out from under their desks they will have something to say on the matter.

While this attack was going on several pirate ships were also seen in Aladdin, according to the GTT in what may be true or may be a diversion, with reports of a pirate GP and scout being destroyed while a 150HH pirate warship slipped away and escaped from incoming anti-pirate patrols.

Secret meeting of the EEM

A recent communication intercepted by one of our top reporters today made us aware of a meeting of the EEM. This is underway in a top secret location called Black Pool, which sounds suspiciously like the lair of a pirate band. After pulling in many favours, we were able to identify some of the attending members. On the bases that they won't be named we were able to find out some slight information of the subjects to be discussed at the meeting and one thing is for certain, there could be huge impacts to the lives of everybody living in the galaxy. Details to follow. When the shadowy figures of the EEM come together with the top political players in a pirate base the possibilities are endless!

You are never more than 6 systems from a RAT 🐀

A new saying has arisen in the bars and spaceport of starbases throughout the many peripheries; you are never more than 6 systems from a RAT.

It is understood that this saying originated in Yank and spread by trade vessels to peripheries far and wide. Many starbases have heightened their security and added additional sensors and locks to various entry points including foul and grey water outfalls. Beer and drug stocks are undergoing increased proofing to avoid the critters gaining entry and consuming the stockpiles.

Will this present as a new plague of proportions never before seen or is this some simple urban myth being spread for the amusement of some mischievous entity? Who knows, but to be certain... check the shadows.

This year we will again be returning to the Briardene Hotel. They were welcoming, the bar didn't run out of beer pre-covid and there was room for quiet chats. Along with Wetherspoons there is the Victoria just down the road (Sam Smiths - last time beer was around 2 shillings per pint and a full round was less than £10).

Mostly drinking beer and talking toot though we have a good few things on the agenda.

Bookings are done directly with the hotel. Book by phone and say that you are with KJC Games

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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Dog days are over

With the fall of the DEN and the implosion of their home territory as the AFT, DTR and GTT moved in, it was unlikely the Dewiek would rise again. The DWP gave the species a little hope with the Dewiek Pocket Periphery kept under lock and key. But news has reached us of the AFT's penetration of this private area of space that's been locked down. With a base and claim in one of the three visible systems it seems that the end of the Dewiek is near. A once noble and aggressive race, determined to make an impact on the galaxy is now little more than a species that lives under the command of others. A sad end to a once powerful species that used to control a significant part of known space.

Pirate activity continues

Yet more reports of pirate activity have been received, one from the WMB, losing a freighter in Solo and another from the FET who reported they had engaged and hit the attacking pirate ship with several weapons before it managed to make off with it's prize. Hopefully the pirate ship took significant damage and will now be out of action for some time. The Corewards periphery seems to have been plagued with pirates recently and many travellers would welcome a break from attacks.

MEK incursion into Corewards

The FET and GTT have mounted a joint venture into Nog-Kesri to tackle a MEK force. It isn't known where they have come from, with the only other MEK ships seen so far being located in the Orion Spur. The lack of a known link between where they have appeared in Corewards and the Orion Spur has caused some concern among planetary populations as who knows where they could turn up next! Fortunately the combined FET/GTT task force dealt the MEK a heavy blow and the threat has been eradicated. But we all know this is unlikely to be the last we hear of the MEK in Corwards and we would encourage ship captains to keep a keen eye on thier sensor screens when travelling near Nog-Kesri.

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*** Inter Galactic News ***

  • CIA freighter fights off overwhelming pirate forces

  • Fin Saine media broadcast, What is Hot in the galaxy?!?!

  • MEKlan forces attack in Corewards Arm

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    *** Inter Galactic News ***

    Aladdin faces ongoing DNA/GTT tension

    The tensions between the DNA and GTT in the Coptuv system recently spilled over into the DNA system of Aladdin. A significant party of GTT ground troops has reinforced one of their bases in the system and claimed it, forcing the system claim into turmoil as the DNA finds itself under threat of losing the system. With the DNA chairman asking for help, several affiliations have been seen sending ships to evacuate any in the local population that want to escape the GTT. But so far not a shot has been fired and despite the AFT, FEL and DTR assistance no reisistance to the claim jump has been encountered so far. It remains to be seen if the DNA and it's friends will scatter before this hostile take over or put in a last minute counter claim to thwart GTT intentions.

    Increasing pirate activity

    Recent reports indicate a new surge in pirate attacks with the AFT and GTT reporting ships lost. Knowing how some don't like to advertise losses we wouldn't be surprised if this is the tip of the iceberg. Reports passed to us show the ship PIR Scavenger running ID 43174 and another ship of the same name running ID 68668 have both been in action with successful boarding attempts. It's unknown whether these are seperate ships or the same ship reregistered, but our information suggests that it would be hard for these pirates to cover the space where these attacks happened with just one ship. One thing is for sure, be on your guard as open space is not as safe as it once was.

    GCE ships loitering in deep space

    After the fall of the GCE and a lot of their assets being shared or purchased it was thought that the affiliation was no more. Yet deep space scans indicate that there is still a significant number of GCE warships holding station in deep space between Coptuv and Yank on the transport route into the Corwards Arm. Nobody knows what these ships are up to and why they are still flagged GCE, but our best guess is that are captains either awaiting new orders or owners after the fall of the GCE command structure.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


    *** Submissions ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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    *** Inter Galactic News ***

    Tension in the Corewards Arm

    With the DNA obtaining several ex-GCE bases in the Coreward Arm it has found itself in the middle of an asset grab of serious proportions and aggression. Our reporters witnessed several GTT troop carriers heading for the Corewards system as the DNA published information suggesting they were accidental owners of the system and that the assets were to be moved on. As the GTT ships started to arrive the bases were quickly passed to the CIA, thus thwarting the GTT intentions as they were hardly likely to start dropping troops on their allies bases. This shrew move by the DNA seems to have calmed matters in the Coreward arm temporarily, although the shift in relations between the GTT and DNA has taken a negative turn. When asked what their next move might be the GTT refused to comment.

    GCE collapse

    The GCE are no more, save for some scattered light freighters. The affiliation which enjoyed a sharp rise and profiltable relations with many has ceased trading. Rumors point to the GTT buying up GCE assets before stripping the rival corporation of anything of value. Although our reporters at the SSS have been quick to point out that any GCE assets not in GTT systems have been taken over by both the DNA and FET. So it seems many different affiliations were able to profit from this development including a new group called the HSH who appear to have taken over the GCE war fleet. No doubt many in the peripheries will be watching with interest where these ships are used, who the HSH are and how they were able to get thier hands on so many warships so quickly.

    Secudus trials

    In the Cluster Secudus has continued his trials, claiming to root out terrorists working against the Empire. With tends of thousands of beings being sent to the camps or worse. There is no sign of these actions stopping as the NHS clamp down on the locals and bring them under the harsh control of the Empire.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – <Unknown>
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


    *** Submissions ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
    ******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

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    Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite and most reliable unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

    And so with the news from the last couple of weeks,

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    I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).