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*********Subspace Static Week 1 Year 199 - 8th January 1999*********  [Recruit]


The Empire started early this year by attempting to reclaim what it once owned. Strikes against two colonies within the borders of the Empire met with success. The first against the CIA colony built illegally on the ruins of a drowned Imperial base, the second against a colony captured from the Empire by the Flagritz. The Flagritz realising the undefendable nature of the colony quickly fielded the colony out to an independent governor, but his control was short lived in the face of the overwhelming forces that assailed the colony.

*********Subspace Static Week 2 Year 199 - 14th January 1999*********  [Recruit]


The war between the Flagritz and the Empire has dwindled to sabotage actions and scouting missions. Small maneuverable ships and ground parties have been used to sabotage colonies in what is becoming a dirty fight.

*********Other News*********

Outpost Security
Outposts can now have their own personal security that will open fire on any positions not of the same affiliation as the outpost's owner in the event of a CHANGE OWNER action. The more modules delivered, the better the defences. An outpost with security cannot be interacted with by any position of a different affiliation until the security has been overcome. Security can only be overcome by attempting to take control of the outpost using the CHANGE OWNER order. No outpost can be sabotaged until it is controlled, it can only be controlled once the security has been overcome. Also due to the vast area covered by an outpost space weapons are useless in their destruction.
Outpost Security Modules (Item 176) are 10mu and require 10mu mets and 1mu processed thorlium. They are standard tech. Any number can be delivered to an outpost per standard delivery order. At present they cannot be sent down the RTS, but this will be changed ASAP.

*********Subspace Static Week 3 Year 199 - 21st January 1999*********  [Recruit]


The RIP have apparently been very busy recently accounting for their lack of raids on the peripheries. As to what they are up to is uncertain. The attack on a CIA merchant ship may be the first move in an operation that has taken months to set up. Speculation as to what they are about to pull off is rampant.

The war between the Empire and the Flagritz seems to have become a war between the SMS and the Flagritz as once again no Imperial vessels are near the scene of the conflict. As it turns out they were not needed as the SMS were more than capable of dealing with the FGZ menace.

Bombing raids began on the colony captured from the Empire by the Flagritz. The attack appears to have been designed to weaken the colony rather than capture, but the defence was more than adequate to deal with the incursion on this occasion.

*********Other News*********

Solo System
As promised a long time ago, the Solo system will be opening. Due to a number of factors, the original opening date was postponed. It can now be confirmed that it will be open for all forms of combat from the start of week 5. As politicians were informed that it was going to be opened around week 45 198, nobody should be caught with their pants down.

War Efforts
The FGZ are seeking players of all levels to join this great affiliation, these include 2 new political leaders. Baseships and colonies large and small are available to run. All players should note the current war being conducted against the Empire and their Allies as this will have a major bearing on your actions. If you are interested in one of these challenging positions please contact Karl Allmark

*********Subspace Static Week 4 Year 199 - 28th January 1999*********  [Recruit]


The Flagritz gave a good kicking to the nosey FET ships that were poking around FGZ colonies. Even so, it was not before a daring team of Startroopers assaulted the largest Flagritz Shipyard, causing not inconsiderable amounts of damage.

*********Other News*********

Announcement from the Association of Free Traders
The AFT has claimed the Solo system. This is apparently an attempt to curb the probability of bloodshed that would have arisen had a none neutral affiliation claimed the system.

Death Rates
Having lost all life supports at an enclosed colony, the attack on the colony by ground troops the following week should have been met with little resistance. Unfortunately a small bug, prevented the death rate being applied to the military wing. Hence the troops survived without food or life supports (how do you eat your vacuum?). Fixing this has alarmed many players due to the deaths of rare life forms such as veterans. Not being a total bastard, I have reached a logical compromise. Priority is applied to military personnel hence the death rate for the military wing is a tenth of the normal death rate. This will allow negligible depletion of veterans etc. but still allows for the devastating effects of starvation and vacuums.

New GM
Yep, that's right, aid is at hand. I would like to thank all players for their continued support of the game. The growth has meant that we can now afford (as well as need) a second GM. Danny will be inputting simple budget turns to begin with.
As he learns the ropes, I will be able to turn my attention to other things. The first will be the rulebook then the long awaited affiliation book. Both of these will first appear on our web site. I will update you as and when these projects are completed.

*********Subspace Static Week 5 Year 198 - 4th February 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Boarding Actions*********

Two careless captains ordered their ships to land at hostile colonies this week. The reasons remain uncertain, but both the Clans and the Brotherhood had best beware incase these were the spearheads of future campaigns.

*********Other News*********

Announcement from the Stellar Mining and Smelting Company:
The Viceroy has signed a treaty wherein the Titan system is given to the Hexamon Dynasty. Hexamon rule in Titan is unacceptable to the SMS.
The Stellar Mining and Smelting Company hereby lays claim to the ownership to the stellar system Titan and all that is found within it. Martial law may be imposed during the time of transition to ensure stability. All enquires with respect to the rights of Titan assets should be directed to the SMS. signed,
Ian Cunningham
for the Board of Directors.

The Solo system if open for all types of combat from this week forward.

New GM
Danny has proved to be very eager, learning fast, but there is a hell of lot to take in. Should any errors have occurred on your turn, just drop a note and they will be corrected. Should he do it again, it will be public flogging time.

*********Subspace Static Week 6 Year 198 - 11th February 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Forces gathered in the Solo system awaiting the final dispersal of the nebula that prevented combat. Unfortunately for the Flagritz a large ambush by Dominion and SMS vessels blockaded their colony destroying Flagritz vessels on their way to be refitted. Amongst the casualties was a Baseship, destroyed without firing a single weapon.

RIP vessels have again come out of hiding, this time to pick off lone FET vessels. It would appear that the FET take pride is dangerous operations such as sending unescorted warships on patrol. Is it so surprising that the hunter often becomes the hunted? Should questions be asked as to the sanity of their Space Defence Officer?

*********Ground Battles*********

Not only the heavens were alight with weapons fire, multiple ground assaults were taking place around the Capellan periphery. The Flagritz had organised one of the most powerful ground attacks in the history of the peripheries. Hundred of pulsar tanks covered by thousands of aircraft stormed the Dominion HQ. The attack was turned back, but at no small cost to colony. Thousands of civilians drafted into the militia were smashed to bloody shards by relentless bombing.

On an adjacent planet, the Dominion was having similar results storming the Flagritz HQ with bombers. These broke off after bombing, but not before inflicting heavy casualties.

The Imperial Services seem to have their hands full keeping order within Imperial space. A silo of nerve gas was jettisoned in an Imperial colony with the announcement that the CNF was back in action. This was quickly denied by the CNF press office. They issued a statement that the IND captain was acting alone. This begs the question, where the hell does an IND captain acquire over 300mu of nerve gas weapons?

*********Subspace Static Week 7 Year 199 - 18th February 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Small skirmishes occurred on dark corners of the peripheries. Small Flagritz attack fleets moved to engage lone Empire vessels, bringing death and destruction.

*********Ground Battles*********

Mobilization of large ground forces achieved the partial destruction of the Flagritz HQ's defences. The Dominion unit bombed and strafed in a lightning raid, possibly a softening the colony for later attacks, or maybe to keep the Flagritz occupied while they prepare a bigger surprise somewhere else. Only time will tell.

*********Subspace Static Week 8 Year 198 - 26th February 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Flagritz forces continue to harry the Empire with the use of skirmish fleets. Hit and run strikes have left a few craft badly damaged.

*********Ground Battles*********

With incredible precision and effort, the combined forces of the SMS and Dominion managed to land a task force on a Flagritz dominated world. The force required hundreds of flybys to build, but such was the sheer size of it that even the defences of the Flagritz HQ proved insufficient to withstand it. Surely this should eliminate the Flagritz threat in Solo.

While the SMS may be bathing in glory, the Imperial Services, dedicated to the protection of the Capellan periphery appear to be hopelessly outmatched by a small incursion by the BHD. Having again failed to capture the colony, they instead buried another CNF colony that had sprung up in the borderlands. Even this proved pugnacious, taking a Ship of Line out with it.

*********Other News*********

Order in Council by the Imperial Viceroy
In week 15/198 the Imperial Services signed a treaty with the Hexamon Dynasty granting them ownership of the Titan system. Since then the Hexamon have neither claimed their rights under the treaty, nor established a substantial presence in the Titan system. They have also failed to demonstrate either the will or ability to meet their obligations under the treaty. The Imperial Services consider this non performance by the Hexamon to be a gross breach of the terms of the treaty and exercise their right under section 5.3 to declare the said treaty to be null and void.
The Titan system thereby becomes once again an integral part of the Stellar Empire de jure as well as de facto.
Witness this my hand and seal. HP Simms, Viceroy

*********Subspace Static Week 9 Year 199 - 4th March 1999*********  [Recruit]


An uneasy peace has begun following the recent assault and subsequent capture of the Flagritz head quarters is Solo.
Skirmishes between Flagritz and Empire factions are only the grumbles in the aftermath.

*********Other News*********

Message from the Frontier Exploration and Trade (FET)
Following the recent and devastating use of chemical weapons of innocent Imperial civilians, the FET are temporarily banning all IND's from worlds containing their colonies. Independent traders should contact the appropriate FET colony governor before any attempt to enter orbit (or better still join a reputable affiliation).

Outpost Security (item 179)
Colony governors can now send outpost security modules along RTS links to outposts. The order to use is as follows:-
OS (Outpost #) (QTY). All the details of outpost security are in the tech manual.

*********Subspace Static Week 10 Year 199 - 11th March 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Other News*********

A strangely peaceful week this week. The ceasefire between the Flagritz and the Imperial Empires appears to be holding at least for the moment. Rumours of a withdrawal from Empire space may yet be premature as may a lasting peace.

New Order
Following the inclusion of outpost security a few weeks back, the corresponding scouting action has now been programmed. A 40TU Budget Action will allow a ground party or ship to discover the owner of the outpost. If the scouting position has guerilla training, then more information on the outpost will also be gathered depending on the amount of guerrilla training. The action MUST be carried out at the location of the outpost.

*********Subspace Static Week 11 Year 199 - 18th March 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Dominion had a short and ineffective brush with the RIP. Both sides left virtually intact. The same saga was played in another area of space, this time between the RIP and an IND Indiaman.

*********Other News*********

CNN Broadcast
By order of the Supreme Commander Jordan G Roswell, a number of of CNF markets have been eliminated for evaluation purposes. Please contact colony lords and governors to check before purchasing in order to avoid disappointment.

Flagritz Cease Fire Update
The politicians are still hard at work attempting to diffuse the mutual hostilities between the Flagritz and the greater part of the humanity in the Peripheries. Finalization of the peace agreement and withdrawal from the Capellan Periphery is believed to be near at hand.

*********Subspace Static Week 12 Year 199 - 25th March 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Following the cessation in hostilities between the Flagritz and humanity in general, the Dominion have taken to attacking the Pirates. An assault on a RIP merchant vessel gave then a taste of their own medicine.

*********Other News*********

Could affiliation PD's send a list of the systems they have claimed and the government on whose behalf they are claimed. This will prevent unforeseen confrontations arising in week 15. This is in preparation for the formalization of system claims and a number of other aspects that are designed to increase inter-affiliation diplomacy and conflict.

*********Subspace Static Week 13 Year 199 - 1st April 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Dewiek have again raised the standards in Acrux. Mounting three independent assaults on Hexamon controlled colonies, the were only able to capture one. This may have been nothing more than testing the waters with more intensive action to follow.

*********Other News*********

Pub Meet - Saracens Head, Bath 8/9th May.
Starts 2pm As this is primarily a BSE pub meet, it is an ideal opportunity to meet other players and swap data. Can't leave out getting trollied on beer and attempting to pull the locals (as if). For more information contact Emma Bethal for a map and any other help.

Directions:- Find the Abbey in the centre of Bath. On one side is a road, follow this towards the traffic lights and Guild Hall. Proceed straight on past the Podium and Saracens Head is just past Waitrose on opposite side of road. If you reach the Hilton Hotel you have gone too far.

Spring Clean
This is the list of the changes that will be implemented on week 15 year 199. The purpose of these changes is to allow affiliations to pursue a more independent role within the game. New players needn't worry about these changes as they primarily effect the political aspects of the game.

Internal/External -> Less dereliction, more intensive battles.
The current external damage ratios will become the new internal damage ratios, while the external damage ratios will be 80% to hulls, 20% to internal items.

Colony Targeting -> Colony priority applies also to larger colonies.
Ships that are targeting colonies as a priority have increased chance of targeting the largest.

System Ownership -> Systems have Capital Colony.
Owners can tax other colonies. Owners can post any positions in system at will. Any colony of any class can claim a system. No time restrictions. Obviously prior claims have to be eliminated first. A ship jumping into the system will be notified of the owning affiliation and the capital colony. Taxing is done by the PD and is set between 0 and 30,000s per month per colony class.
New orders:- Political Order SX (System) (Tax Rate).
Initial settings for systems is 0 tax rate.
Colony Order PT (0-1) - not pay tax, pay tax
Initial settings for colonies is 0 (refuse to pay tax).
PD's will only get a list of the colonies that pay the tax, it is up to the owning affiliation to search the system for tax dodgers.

Posting -> Any position can be posted by PD's at 'whim'.
If 'whim' posting the cost is 100 stellars per hull or 30,000 stellars per class. Normal postings are unchanged and do not incur the 'whim' charge. These can be for trespassing etc. Ground parties can be posted for free at any time.

LoM -> These are issued by PD's to ships.
The cost is 1,000 stellars each. Ships can attack posted positions if appropriate LoM carried or within appropriate affiliation. Ships cannot be supported if attacking LoM posted posted position. e.g. FET ships cannot support other FET positions if they are attacking an IMP posting via use of LoM's. Only 1 LoM can be carried at any time.
Support is possible of own affiliation and that of the LoM. These can be removed by the captain and the PD using budget orders. Ships can only defend their own AFF and that of the LoM (see note above on chain support). Ships can still defend and support their own affiliations, it is only the interaction with other affiliations that is restricted.
The reason for the introduction of LoM's is that it reduces the level of confusion with respect to who is attacking who and supported by who within large battles. Any position can still carry all RIP on their enemy lists but by the same token, the RIP can still carry any affiliation on their enemy lists.

Monthly Maintenance ->
Payment on outstanding LoM's and postings is paid at rates of 100 stellars per LoM, 1 stellar per hull and 10,000 stellars per class. Again ground parties are ignored for this. Also the fee is applied to all positions on the posted list irrespective of how they arrived on this list. The idea is to promote action between the affiliations. Negotiations or brute force are both legitimate options.

Scanning ->
Ships carrying LoM's will be shown as carrying LoM's when scanned, but not the affiliation they are working for.

Colonies ->
Below class 4 a colony can only defend and carry starport enemy lists. At level 4 it can support. At level 5 and after 6 months since initial construction, it can carry enemy lists. While a new colony could be thrown up to class five, it still needs to endure 6 months before being able to carry enemy lists. The reasoning behind the above is the promotion of stability within systems and ongoing commitment to colonies rather than exploitation of loop holes.

Ground Parties ->
These can carry any enemy lists that they want. Ground parties can attack anyone. If a colony governor has not taken advantage of the massive bonuses that they receive it is likely that a ground party will come knocking. This will also encourage ground assaults on colonies as it negates the need to post the colony at exorbitant costs.

Blockades ->
Not possible in space as only colonies can add entire affiliations to their enemy lists. (NB considering Space Mine Fields). Please do not make any enquiries into Space Mine Fields as they are only in the consideration stage.

Wars ->
All rules on war will be abandoned. There will be no need for them with the flexible system proposed above. Any personal problems with other positions in the game will be meted out by posting the offending position. This will allow grudges to continue forever with no GM interference. Wars have never proved to be truly successful as they require an inappropriate amount of GM intervention. While GM's decisions are generally fair, as player's generally do not have the full facts, they can appear biased. Thus any move that exempts the GM must be favoured.

IND's ->
IND ships can never be defended or supported by other ships as they cannot issue LoM's. Basically speaking, 'nice' INDs are actually part of the AFT, which by its very definition is formed from Free Traders. Those that want no ties, have no support!

Ship start up ->
Only a PD can ask for a ship start up. The PD will also nominate a player to whom the ship will be issued. This will cost 30,000s. IND's must pay for any start up ship from any of their existing ships or colonies. This does not effect ship building, this can be done at any time at capable colonies and does not cost stellars.

*********Subspace Static Week 14 Year 199 - 8th April 1999*********  [Recruit]


Having discovered a RIP scout, back up of an Imperial Ship of the Line was sent as support. Unfortunately this apparently played into the hands of the RIP. The Imperial forces remained outnumbered and were quickly derelicted and are now the prize possessions of the RIP.

Further ground assaults have shook the Acrux system as the Dewiek Elder Nation wage their hostilities against the Hexamon. A second colony fell to the machinations of the DEN.

*********Subspace Static Week 15 Year 199 - 15th April 1999*********  [Recruit]


It would seem that the Imperial Services are becoming serious about their claims to police Imperial Space. Fleets of Imperial warships as well as ground forces made a concerted effort to weed out enemies of the Throne. While they only managed to destroy a few cygnets and annoy colony governors it is still early days.

Far away at the other end of the Peripheries the Dewiek Elder Nation strengthen their claim to Acrux with yet another determined attack on the last bastions of the Hexamon. With bolstering forces apparently arriving daily it now seems merely a matter of time before the last vestiges of the Hexamon are expelled from the peripheries.

*********Other News*********

Start Up Ships
As start up ships now cost 30,000 stellars every time, requests for new ships are only accepted from positions that will be paying for them. This generally means the PD, but need not if the player has the 30,000 stellars on one of their positions. As the IND do not have political positions, they have to find the stellars themselves. In the latter case always issue the position that will be donating the stellars and yes, you do have to own this position.
NB. this has no bearing on building ships in your ship yards.
Note from the GM - The reason for introducing the above is emphasize the importance of each ship, even scouts. Up until now they have been used as suicide machines, magical armadas and disposable taxis.

Order in Council by the Imperial Viceroy
The planet Dogleg at SS357 in the Capellan (1) system has an outbreak of Alien Plague. The Colonies of Jax (2990) and Tortuga (4734) hereby placed under quarantine until further notice in accordance with Imperial Law Section 5. All interactions via starport or hiport with the infected colonies are banned until the quarantine is lifted. Any ships that have interacted with these colonies since Week 11/199 should check for plague or unknown illness on board.

*********Subspace Static Week 16 Year 199 - 22nd April 1999*********  [Recruit]


The Raiders of the Interstellar Peripheries (RIP) made themselves felt again. Traders were becoming unconcerned about the threat of the RIP much to their chagrin. A number of freighters including a Lugger were captured by the RIP from the DTR and FET. A CIA runner class ran before a hail of ion canon fire narrowly avoiding a similar fate.

The Imperial Services are still battling to capture the Brotherhood colony deep within their space still without much success. One another world where ancient alien terraforming machinery has ground to a halt the Imperials have managed to destroy a small group of CIA ground forces. Transmissions recorded swear that the CIA were there on request to put their superior planetology skills to use in an attempt to fix the problem.

*********Subspace Static Week 17 Year 199 - 29th April 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The pirates came under the hammer of revenge. The joint forces of the Confederacy smashed a lone RIP Nemesis. The attack was short and brutal with death being near instantaneous.
The Detinus Republic attempted a little more subtlety which unfortunately did not pay off as expected. The attack was on the recently lost Lugger and a Predator. While destroying the escorting Predator, the ships held off from firing on the Lugger allowing it to leave virtually unmolested.

*********Ground Assaults*********

The Dewiek have once again launched a major offensive within the Acrux periphery. They are now only a short distance away from destroying the remnants of the Hexamon.

Even hidden on a world, it would appear that the RIP cannot escape the reach of the new Confederate Prelate. A small team successfully boarded a freighter hiding somewhere in the deserts of a planet in Solo.

*********Other News*********

GM Error
It has come to light that an Independent was miss-flagged as belonging to the CIA. This ground party was attacked by the Imperial Services last week deep in IMP space. The CIA were in no way responsible for this.

Bath Pubmeet
This is just a short message letting all interested parties (both of you), that Mica will be attending the pubmeet on both the 8th and 9th May at the Saracen's Head. Hope you can make it (all beer donations and bribes gratefully accepted).

*********Subspace Static Week 18 Year 199 - 6th May 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Best Laid Plans
After hours in the council chamber the DTR opted for a cunning strategy to capture a RIP vessel. This was to lead two squadrons into the known location of the RIP. Should only one vessel be present only one squad would open fire using ion cannon to take the ship intact. Should more vessels be present, the both squadrons open fire. Brilliant and fool proof except for one snag, the CNF turned up and destroyed the lone RIP craft right under the very noses of the DTR.
All was not lost though as the second DTR squadron preceded into the orbit of Tyburn and laid waste to the remnants of the RIP colonies situated on this world.

Further afield, the RIP were already taking revenge on the CNF for the loss of their ship. An unescorted Tempest class merchant ship was successfully derelicted then boarded.

It would appear the the DEN have finally laid to rest the ghost of the Hexamon with the Acrux system.

*********Ground Battles*********

Best Laid Plans II
Imagine the surprise of the CNF ground forces when, after weeks of careful preparation to ensure successful capture of the remnants of the RIP colonies located on Tyburn, a bloody great DTR fleet entered orbit and pounded the whole lot into dust. The timing couldn't have been worse, just moments before they moved in for the final assault.
Poetic justice?

*********Subspace Static Week 19 Year 199 - 13th May 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Honest Ted Dies (again?) The AFT super carrier True Sky came under heavy fire from a determined fleet of RIP vessels. All the time it looked as though the sterling efforts of Honest Ted the ex Master Trader failed to shake the RIP. The only bizarre aspect of this was that the True Sky actually left the scene as the RIP were arriving, dropped of some cargo then broke the first rule of navigation, never plot a course that doubles back on itself. In fact Honest Ted was heard agreeing with Gabriel, the Pirate King in a recent parley (Bath) that it is impossible to lose a ship to the RIP if the captain knew what he was doing.

The AFT were not the only victims of the RIP, a pair of vessels slugged their way through Confederate space derelicting two CIA tempests that had apparently been abandoned in the middle of a trade run. A tight schedule may well have resulted in the cargo never reaching the destination.

*********Ground Battles*********

Rumours of a Confederate force deep in the Capellan periphery are being heard around space bars. The story has it that a few troops and a single ground fighter made a daring strike against the Imperial crack startroopers. Maybe the Confederacy should station some of these troops on their ships to fend of the RIP.

The Imperial Services on the other hand have continued their bombardment of the Brotherhood colony also in the Capellan periphery. Tales of bombing civilian targets are beginning to be mentioned as they do not appear to be any closer to capturing it and after so many weeks without a counter strike all that all military targets must have been destroyed.

*********Subspace Static Week 20 Year 199 - 20th May Year 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Piratical Activities have continued this week with the seizure of an FET Behemoth. The vessel found in the middle of nowhere was a sitting duck for the pair of RIP vessels. The RIP were not so lucky with the yacht they successfully took of the CIA last week. A suitably impressive force arrived and cut of escape before grinding the small vessel into atoms.

The CIA colony that sprung up on the same planet as a major Imperial base was quickly destroyed by overwhelming firepower. The purpose of the colony was not certain, possibly as a cover for a more important mission somewhere else?

*********Ground Battles*********

A small ball of worthless rock at the back end of the peripheries has suddenly become a hot spot of activity. The CNF have launched a major offensive against imperial forces situated on the planet. The IMP Caspian Sea was seized during a raid and the captain of the ship, a Rear Admiral taken hostage. Defending imperial troops were scattered and destroyed prior to the ship being boarded. Even though the nature of the excitement is uncertain, it is rumoured that Samuel, high lord of the Confederacy has taken an interest.

*********Subspace Static Week 21 Year 199 - 27th May 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

This week appears to have been death to weenies. Small scout ships have been used by both the Empire and the Confederacy to perfect the art of suicide. First prize though must to go to the BHD who were more than content to throw a yacht against one of the Empire's most powerful colonies.

It would appear that the RIP have started to pick on aliens. The successful capture of a Grizzly will be a serious blow to the Clans personal honour

*********Ground Battles*********

Ground battles appear to have gone in favour of the Imperial Services. After many weeks of constant bombardments they have finally ground every man women and child into the dust. Storming the remains of the Brotherhood colony found the bodies of over a thousand martyrs.

Numerous other scuffles between ground parties ended with the capture of scientists and various planetary exploration equipment. You always have to be vigilant, a mob of tripod wielding biochemists is a serious threat to any colony.

*********Subspace Static Week 22 Year 199 - 3rd June 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

Yet another FET Pioneer class merchant ship was ripped off by the pirates. It is reputed that their lasted bolt hole is so full of exFET ships that it would take them the best part of year to strip them for hulls.

*********Ground Assault*********

DNA Defy Kastorians
Despite warnings from the Kastorian government, the DNA have earned themselves a banning from the Yank and Skord system for their assault in the Flagritz colony on Mobile Bay. While air time is rarely given to the aggessor's point of view, it appears the attack was to liberate the DNA colonists held thrall by the FGZ. They further feared that these DNA citizens would end up genetic abominations like those of Retreat.

IMP Dig Swimming Pools
Using only the very pinnacle of computer aided targeting, the Imperial Services in all its splendour led a fearsome assault on a back waters planet. Raining death from above they pounded locations reputedly the current hideout of rebel forces. They also pummeled a number of completely unrelated sites just for good measure. To quote Imperial Viceroy Simms, 'There is method in my madness.' There is always a need for bloody great hole in the middle of nowhere?
Even though the Imperial Services can once again be criticized for this rather cowardly way they attacked rebel forces, it has to be said that the method was rather effective.

*********Subspace Static Week 23 Year 199 - 10th June Year 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

A major offensive against the Flagritz was launched this week in an attempt to drive them from a neutral system. The location of this system has remained a closely guarded secret. Not only was no less than two baseships destroyed but a series of small colonies were smashed and captured. More information is eagerly awaited but does not appear to be forth coming from the Dominion. As to why they assaulted the Flagritz, now that peace has been so openly accepted is uncertain, but it is suspected that the Dominion have developed a thirst for power and territory.

Time change as this week witnessed a joint assault on the RIP by the DTR and the CNF. The attack was against the RIP Viper Squadron, although it appears that some of the RIP ships slipped away before the attack began those that stayed were destroyed.

*********Other News*********

GM Holiday
Yep it's that time again. This time the holiday is out of my control and I will be dragged away kicking and screaming for an irreverent 3 weeks, bloody hell. While Danny is learning fast, there are still a great many special actions that he will find difficult to process, so if possible save them until I return. I shall be away for weeks 25, 26 and 27. On a positive note, I will be in email contact with the office so if anything urgent crops up, I will be able to advise.

*********Subspace Static Week 24 Year 199 - 17th June 1999******************  [Recruit]


The wrath of the DTR against the purveyors of slaves and human misery was hurled against the colony IND Opportunity. A fleet consisting of many Battleships and Nebulons stormed the defences of this colony, smashing aside years of development and military hardware. When the smoke cleared, a ground force of titanic magnificence rolled over the battered remains. The freedom of the slaves was inevitable, those that survived the orbital bombardment that is. The total damage is not yet known, but it is thought that the DTR have acquired a considerable assets although those that survived will be counting the terrible cost of liberation for years to come.

RIP Counter
Stumbling on a lone RIP Predator, the AFT quickly called for back up. Those that finally turned up discovered much to their dismay that the RIP had the same idea. The result was a bloody conflict that could have turned easily ended in the RIP's favour but luckily for the AFT ended in a stale mate. It is presumed that the RIP will now flee to lick their wounds.

*********Subspace Static Week 25 Year 199 - 24th June 1999******************  [Recruit]

All over the system thing seem to have gone quite, as Captains lick there wounds and those who suffered none collect there winning's.

All over the system IND colones are waiting for the DTR to play there next card and fear that they will be the next target. A defensive posture is assumed by many as they increase the forces.

Continued research into the culprits of the global extermination continue. Will the culprit be found. Who ever was behind the act is a major war criminal. The complete extermination of an entire race on a global scale is indeed a horrendous act of injustice.

*********Hello From Me*********

As most of you should know by now Mica is now on his holiday leave. Yes I hear you all cry "ARGGHHH". This mean's I will be running the whole game, So please if there are any mistake, be kind to me. I will try my upmost to keep things running smoothly while Mica is away. And will sort out any problems asap.

So you have all been warned!

*********Subspace Static Week 26 Year 199 - 1st July 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

With scattered fights all over the place, ship and colonies all suffer damage. The RIP once again have been hit, losing yet another ship and taking heavy damage on another. The continued purge of the pirate scum is going well, and RIP resistance seems slight. Do they have some thing up there sleeves?

The IMP have finally plucked up the courage to take the CIA on the ground instead of the orbital battery they have been previously

*********My Mistake*********

This week everyone has received the political position printout because I made a mistake and printed them all (I only wanted one). Those of you who have been charged your money has been refunded already.

*********Subspace Static Week 27 Year 199 - 8th July 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Ground Battles*********

The CIA struck a might blow against the IMP last week and reports are coming in that the entire IMP ground forces were wiped out and less than half of the CIA Ground party suffered casualties. The troops were last reported to be celebrating there win, and shouting "Is that the best you can do?"

*********RIP ATTACK*********

The RIP have shown there hand again and struck back against the AFT taking out one of their ships. As well as hitting the CNF as well. Despite the recent attack on the RIP, their power seems to be as strong as always. The recent attacks have only caused the RIP to bare their teeth and bite back.

*********DNA CRISIS*********

The DNA continue there plea for help in saving the lives of Refugees on Mobile bay. Their calls for more time fall on deaf ears as the KAS move there forces into position over Mobile Bay and prepare to strike. Week 31 is not far enough away. Will the DNA manage to rescue all the refugees in time or will the KAS strike before they have finished.

*********Subspace Static Week 28 Year 199 - 15th July 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Ground Battles*********

The IMP and CIA once again clashed this week, but this time the tables were turned. The IMP forces were victorious and wiped out the CIA and took over 400 prisoner. The question is asked which side will commit the most force here.


The KAS have had many reports coming in the week, many have upset the KAS and a military stance has been taken. Reports that work crews have been traveling to and fro from Rubis to the System Weapon are not yet confirmed. And the KAS are not telling. Have the DNA rubbed the KAS up the wrong way or is there another threat on its way.


The DNA have managed to move a great many Civilians with the Help of many affiliations, [as well as that some have] and it is reported that many have also gone into hiding on Mobile Bay. Reports are also coming in that over 8000 DNA civilians made an attempt to reach DNA Haven themselves, it is not confirmed how many made it to Haven in their hastily constructed scrap ships.

*********Take That RIP??*********

14 ships belonging to the Confederates moved in on RIP forces this week ready to take out the pesky pirates. Moving into formation they leapt upon the RIP from there hiding place on the dark side of a moon. Only to discover they had been spotted moving into position and the RIP had scattered undetected by the Confederates. Quote of the Day has to be "They were here a minute ago captain."

*********Subspace Static Week 29 Year 199 - 22nd July 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Regular patrols appear to have made life hard for the RIP as they have once again fallen foul of small war fleets. In two separate manoeuvres, the DTR and the SMS destroyed RIP vessels. In the case of the SMS battle, only a RIP yacht was attacked so it seems likely that RIP anticipated reinforcements.

*********Other News*********

Ground Party Bug Fixed
Thanks to those that pointed out that battle armour and warbots were not counting towards immovable mass for ground parties. The bug has been fixed so that now they have to be loaded onto crawlers and other ground vehicles. Quite surprising that apparently nobody had noticed in the past (yeah, sure).

Lars Erik Stokka has traded snow for sun.

*********Subspace Static Week 30 Year 199 - 29th July 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP appear have either become very brave or have been suckered. Risking Yank a lone ship entered the orbit of Spritzer where it was promptly blown to pieces by GTT New Atlantis. What its mission was will now never be known.

*********Ground Battle*********

The Imperial Services finally captured the colony on the edge of the Capellan periphery that was the scene of many bombing raids. Having amassed a large task force the discovered the colony doors open and nobody home. It would seem that the CNF have got what they came for and scarpered.

*********Subspace Static Week 31 Year 199 - 5th August 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP were out in force this week, sweeping through the peripheries smashing and grabbing all in their path. This shopping spree netted them ships from the FET, SMS and the IMP. In all circumstances the ships concerned were in the middle of nowhere by themselves. Had they survived, it is presumed they would have been stripped of their rank for gross negligence. As it was a short trip out of the airlock sans vacsuit may have been a lucky escape <g>.

*********Subspace Static Week 32 Year 199 - 12th August 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP were jumped by the AFT this week, loosing a recently acquired Pioneer. This may have been nothing more than a lucky find on behalf of the AFT and associates, but they made the RIP pay for it.

*********Other News*********

Home Systems Open
As expected, the Capellan and Darkfold system are open to all for better or worse. There are now no official jump restrictions.

There are rumours filtering out of the Inner Empire regarding accusations of sedition. Effected are those in the oldest families. This may well have something to do with the recent CNF incursion into Imperial space. What this means for the peripheries is uncertain. What is known is that Emperor Jasil has reinforced the blockade between the Inner Empire and the Capellan Periphery. Imperial Dreadnoughts, irreplaceable ships built before the civil war destroyed the Inner Empire's largest naval base, have been placed on alert.

*********Subspace Static Week 33 Year 199 - 19th August 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The forces of the Confederacy swept through the Darkfold periphery in an attempt to destroy gathering RIP. Luckily for the RIP, they just managed to abandon their folly before being destroyed. While most of the Confederate forces were in mad pursuit of the RIP, a lone BHD Ship of the Line (generously donated by the IMP) had located a RIP Predator and opened fire. Some skilful manoeuvring allowed the RIP vessel to escape relatively unharmed.

*********Boarding Actions*********

It would appear that some captains have got their information wrong and landed at the newly acquired colony DTR Opportunity. The following boarding actions resulted in the loss of all ships, some of which have recently had close dealings with the DTR. A misunderstanding or are the DTR generals getting itchy fingers? Beware' the phoenix.

*********Subspace Static Week 34 Year 199 - 26th August 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Other News*********

Kastorian forces have started the program naplian extermination. Small assault teams have begun to sweep the planets in the Yank system rounding up and terminating all naplians found. This is in direct response to the attack on the flagritz colony on Mobile Bay. The harbouring of naplians is an offence.

*********Subspace Static Week 35 Year 199 - 2nd September 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Space BattlesThe DEN played their 'nowt to do with us' card this week. Happily standing by as a lone RIP vessel first derelicted then boarded a DTR survey vessel. The DEN Claw was not even remotely interested in attacking the RIP.

*********Ground Battles*********

Ground BattleThe Kastorian Military Junta is in uproar. Incredibly a huge DNA war party containing hundreds of pulsar tanks was formed right under their noses. How they managed this feat of logistics is uncertain. What is known is that they used it to smash the defences and capture the flagritz colony on Mobile Bay. The KAS have already started mobilising troops in readiness for a counter attack. The Kastorian Military Junta warns people that the DNA within Kastorian space are under the sentence of death. This can and will be extended to any that supply aid to them.

*********Subspace Static Week 36 Year 199 - 9th September 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP smashed their way through any affiliation that got in the way, destroying ships or causing light damage. They managed to capture a DTR ship. The only affiliation to oppose them was the GTT. These destroyed a yacht by using the fire power of two SoL's. Even so there seems to be no stopping the RIP as their ships appear around the peripheries attacking lone ships. Lone traders beware!

*********Ground Battles*********

The Kastorians launched a counter strike against the DNA this week ending the recapture of the colony Fessin Rahm. The colony was then returned to FGZ control. The kastorians believe that a DNA ground party escaped from the colony before they arrived and are warning all colony govenors to be on the lookout for hostile forces on the surface of Mobile Bay. The Minister of Trade, Blzar was heard issuing this statement, "Anyone found aiding the DNA will be posted by the KAS and any colony in Yank that wishes to aid in the destruction of the DNA can request at LoM from the Kastorians at Rubis (4063)"

*********Subspace Static Week 37 Year 199 - 16th September 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP look pretty aggressive this week by appearing in many areas of space and attacking carefully selected targets. Their plans backfired though as both the CNF and DTR hit the RIP pretty hard. The RIP lost a few ships while others limped away after giving as good as they got. It would seem both the DTR and the CNF have had enough of the RIP entering their systems. The RIP will no doubt lick their wounds and return in force when the time is right.

*********Ground Battles*********

Little action took place on the ground with many captains concerning themselves with the RIP threat. The only noticeable event was the destruction of a ship soon after a small GP had boarded it.

******Pub Meet Blackpool********

Well the Pub Meet is now a definite for the 5-6-7th November in Blackpool. As it stands, the cost will still be 36 pounds as there are not yet enough people defiantly coming to make it cost effective to book the entire B+B.
So far these people are coming for sure, (if you names not on the list and should be then Call or Email Danny at work) 1. Nick Maggs, 2.Nick Maggs' Girl friend, 3.Richard Hibbert, 4.Tony Watson, 5.Graham Orford, 6.Lee Carter, 7.Brett Lee, 8.Graham Haye, 9.Thomas Franz, 10.Phil Davies, 11.Phil Davies' Girl Friend, 12.Phil Sara, 13.Andrew Steel, 14.Allan Henderson, 15. Stephan Jaroschek, 16.Steve Sticking, 17.Chris Saunders, 18.Blair Watt, 19.Ewan Jones.

This means there are still 24 places free so the sooner you let me know you coming the better. I will get any info from this weekend put on the forum and next week's Sub Space Static. Please spread the word and bully those who haven't made their mind up yet. You know you want to come. 48 hour Beer!!! Need I say more? - Cheers, Danny

*********Subspace Static Week 38 Year 199 - 23th September 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP once again we involved in fights in various systems but this time it was more of a retreating force that an aggressive one.

*********Pub Meet Blackpool*********

5-6-7 November 1999
Sutton Park Hotel.

Attendants 1. Nick Maggs, 2.Nick Maggs' Girl friend, 3.Richard Hibbert, 4.Tony Watson, 5.Graham Orford, 6.Lee Carter, 7.Brett Lee, 8.Graham Haye, 9.Thomas Franz, 10.Phil Davies, 11.Phil Davies' Girl Friend, 12.Phil Sara, 13.Andrew Steel, 14.Allan Henderson, 15. Stephan Jaroschek, 16.Steve Sticking, 17.Chris Saunders, 18.Blair Watt, 19.Ewan Jones, 20.Alun Hancock 21. David Bethel, 22. David Lerwill, 23.Leon Derczyneski, 24.Brian Pendersen, 25.Craig Hall, 26.Emma Bethal 27.David Wittaker, 28.Nik Kelly, 29.Free 30.Free 31.Free, 32.Free, 33.Free, 34.Free.

The rooms have been allocated but feel free to swap room if you want, or if you don't like/don't want too share with person show let me know and I will move you (I will not tell them you hate there guts honest <g>). There are 6 spaces left so book asap. If there is no room when you try and book and you really want to come I will try and find you another hotel/B+B but it will not be easy to find (but there is always the floor if you bring a sleeping bag).

Cost will be 40 pounds due the lack of definite attendants when the hotel was booked and the extras I have arranged. Didn't think anyone would mind paying a bit more for the buffet (plus the total space availably was worked out incorrectly due to space of double beds being counted as sleeping two). Don't think you want to share a double unless your going out etc. Your 40 Pounds gets you the rooms for both nights Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning a small buffet on Friday night and a buffet on Saturday night. Pints start from 1 Pound 60p and shots start from 1 Pound.
Please contact Danny on his mobile out of work hour (07970 314477) if you have any problems with your accommodation. Please also remember that Danny will have to cover any cost if some one drops out so give plenty of warning so that a replacement can be found. A deposit of 10 pounds is required by all persons attending to be sent to Danny at Work with a letter. So KJC know its for me the check need to be made payable to "SUTTON PARK HOTEL". The rest of the money is payed on arrival. Money cannot be removed from your account due to this being organised on Danny's Own time out of work. Deposits should be sent as soon as possible preferable before the 10th of October if possable. (If you cannot pay your deposit by then please contact Danny) you can head straight to the hotel or meet in the RAMSDEN ARMS PUB across the road from the train station Danny will becoming straight there from work after nipping home to get changed etc. We can then move to the Hotel around 9.30pm - 10.00pm for the buffet.

There is no Parking by the Hotel so Danny will be finding some where for those who are traveling by car. (so they stay nice and safe for you all). That's all I can think of that you need to know if I've missed anything that you would like to know ring me.

*********Subspace Static Week 39 Year 199 - 30th September 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP still continue there attacks, they have now been reported to have hit the IMP forces and it seems like no one can stop there ships from entering there systems.
The CIA made a brave attack on the IMP forces blowing up one of the IMP ships deep in the imperials own space. This is a desperate attack from ships that are lost or up to something bigger.

*********Ground Battles********

Reports are coming in that the AFT have attack IND Freedom City, causing heavy damage to the colonies defence forces, Dodgy Dave has not made contact with anyone outside the colony as of yet and what his reaction to the attack will be is unsure, His reaction maybe a desperate one! An inside informant at Freedom City has reported that the Attack happened without any warning and was unprovoked by Dave. Dave was quoted saying "the AFT are a bunch of two faced murdering bastards"

The KAS continue there Aggressive behaviour in Yank. The DNA GP responsible for the attack on Fessin Rahm was located last week and KAS forces attacked with a vengeance. The remaining DNA from the GP are already on route to Rubis for interrogations and then to serve a life time working the KAS factories.
As well as this the KAS also reacted with full force when a Agent was discovered in there colony, Interrogations was used to find the agent employer and the ship was boarded and captured by KAS military force. The crew were taken prisoner and the KAS are currently trying to trace who they were working for.

*********Pub Meet Blackpool*********

There is now only one space left at the Pub Meet. So if you want to go make your mind up quick. If the last space is filled Danny will try and find other accommodation for any one who still wants to come. Maps for the hotel and parking will be provided nearer the time (around the 20th of October). Any questions you can ring Danny. Or email him

*********Subspace Static Week 40 Year 199 - 7th October 1999******************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

It would now appear that the RIP have a had a taste of there own medicen as the DTR massed 17 ships to attack a RIP vessel.The lone RIP ship put up a Coraguse fight any captain would be proude of lasting to the end of round 4 with odds of 17:1

*********Ground Battles********

Dodgy Dave has once again come under fire at Freedom City. The AFT hit the colony with another air attack. But despitethis Dave still spat in the face of the AFT by destroying one there ships as it entered orbit. Daves situation looks more desperate now. But one thing is for sure is that he is going down fighting.

A major incident nearly happened between the IMP and FET this week, as the FET moved to capture a IND colonythe IMP rushed into demolish it from orbit with there battle fleet. The FET arrived before the IMP (being on the same planet) and took the colony. Some stray shots the hit the area around the colony before the the Imperails recived the cease fire warning from there there commanders.

*********Pub Meet Blackpool*********

The rooms are all book now at the blackpool pub meet and I am only waiting for a couple more people to pay there deposits. So all seems to be going well. Remember if you would still like go to the pub meet. Contact Danny and he will try and find you some where to stop (under a pier on the beach, etc).

*************Sub Space Static Week 42 Year 199, 21st October 1999*****************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP once again felt the sharp pain of defeat as 51 ships from the DTR and AFT smashed into 2 RIP ships. Despite the odds the RIP stayed to fight (well for the first round) and managed to derelict one of the DTR ships, before being blown to pieces.

The SMS also lost a ship to a group of religious pilgrims, who seeing a heresy being performed decided to make good their skills and cleanse the non-believers. The BHD managed to convert one of the ships to its basic components. But the other fled in fear.

The SMS ships that escaped this unprovoked attack has made a report that the attacking ship was in fact not related to the BHD. It would seem that a small religious sect was started in the area and stole a ship to go on a crusade. It is also reported that being fairly new to space travel they failed to secure the ships air locks properly, soon after the fight due to the excessive manoeuvring the main cargo air lock failed, Bulk heads were not secured in the command section in time and the pilgrims were found spread around the cockpit in many small pieces. The ship has now been returned to its owner and the maintenance and clean up is going to take some time as many controls are still sticky with blood and circuits are fused in many places due to crossed connection.

*************Ground Battles************

From all reports Dodgy Dave is rumoured to be en route back to Freedom City soon. Freedom City was still left standing and victorious after the colony's forces wiped out the AFT attack. The colony took some major damage but once again managed to survive. The AFT forces are (sorry, were) believed to have been made primarily of Photon Tanks. These were thrown at the colony like a line of sheep being lead to the slaughter house. How the AFT will react to this defeat is yet to be seen but their response will surely be met with a sturdy defence from Freedom City.

*************Under Arrest************

It seems that even TRN ships are no longer safe in the Yank system. A captain and his ship were intercepted and arrested after an attempted prison break from the KAS Prison Camp on Spritzer. The KAS are awaiting the captain's next move and the reason why he attempted this break out. 10 DNA prisoners were rescued, and are now in the Cargo hold of the ship involved. The KAS have ordered that they be placed in the Air lock and fired into space. If the culprit doesn't comply then surely the Raven will be ordered to open fire.

*************Imperial Press Release************

With effect from week 41/199 the Stellar Mining and Smelting company have been granted an exclusive licence to develop, exploit and otherwise make use of the natural and mineral resources of the planet Rhea, its moon's, Tethys and Steropes and the space square SS2958 in the Titan system. This licence includes right of the SMS to set bylaws for the territory included in the licence and regulate space traffic through SS2958 in the Titan system. Colonies/outposts established prior to week 41/199 on the said planetary bodies are exempted from the conditions of the licence. After week 41/199 colonies or outposts may only be established on the said planetary bodies with the written permission of the SMS.

Viceregal Administration, Jax.

*************Other News*************

Well spotted someone. Yes there were two SSS 38's. This caused the last few SSS's to be a week behind. They have been amended. Sorry for the confusion.

*************Pub Meet************

Anyone who need maps for Blackpool will need to contact Danny By phone asap, as one of his friends has taken his modem power supply home by mistake and he may not be able to get it back for a while yet. So any maps sent will need to be mailed out. You should only really need a map of Blackpool if you are heading straight for the Hotel or if you don't know where the Ramsden Arms Pub is, as it will probable be best to all meet there. Danny will have his mobile on from saturday onwards. Because he is off work from the 25th till the 29th of October. Please don't call on the 26-27 as he maybe unable to understand English, and may give secrets away in the poor state of mind he will be suffering from <g>.

*********Subspace Static Week 43 Year 199 - 28th October 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Times are still lean for the RIP. This week a lone Predator was completely smashed to ions by an AFT Nebulon. The damage to the command section was more than enough to end the conflict as soon as it started.

*************Ground Battles************

DEN Uprising
For some years now since the loss of the original Direwolf, the DEN have been plotting revenge on the CLN. This week it would appear that they have finally finished plotting and have started to act. Swift deployment of troops led to the quick capture of two colonies. Surely the CLN cannot let this incident pass without reprisals, the only question is how will the CLN respond?

Freedom City
The sad news is that Dodgy Dave Munroe has now ceased trading at least for the moment. A treaty is being signed which will mean that Dave will in future have to turn away his favourite customers.

*************Other News*************

1st Class
At only two pounds for this classy magazine containing a bumper crop of articles, stories, cartoons and even something about BSE, you must be mad not to order it immediately. Better yet, buy two, with Bonfire Night round the corner, it can also be used as a cheap bit of kindling. Just put a request somewhere at the top of your turn and one will be sent out with your turn (or by itself for those on email) and your account will be charged appropriately.

*********Subspace Static Week 44 Year 1999 - 4th November 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Dominion and the Dewiek appear to have finally played their hand. Both of these two powers have started to bring their power to bear on the Clans. This week more Clan colonies fell to the ravenous hoards. As to the fate of the Clan people that were captured during the raids, it can only be hoped that the DTR will intervene on the prisoners behalf. This presumes that their moralistic crusade extends to their allies and not just everybody else (ed. sorry, couldn't resist the low blow).

Whatever happens, they should be quick as a single CLN vessel attempting to recapture a colony taken by the DEN appeared to destroy the entire thing. This remarkable act still has the remainder of the crew bewildered. As for the thousands of colonists they were about to liberate, unfortunately none survived. The truth behind this is still to be uncovered.

On a lighter note, another GTT vessel fell to the grasping hands of the RIP. This was a tiny little attack, all blood stains carefully ionized from the hulls of the ship before boarding began.

*************Other News*************

The Confederacy has the following major announcement to make.
Many people will be aware of recent, intense Confederate activity around the planet Carlton in the Blowton system. It can now be revealed that a combined Confederate force managed to recover the body of the late Emperor Paul, previously thought to have been cremated soon after his death.
CNF Colony Cemetary Hill (1735), located at the heart of the Confederacy, has just completed construction of a Cathedral in memory of the Emperor where his body is to be laid in state. A service of dedication and remembrance is to be help on 47 199 and the following personages are cordially invited to attend the ceremony.

Lord Samuel plus one aide
Jordan G. Roswell - CNF Supreme Commander
Spacewall Jackson - CNF Vice Consul
Duke West - CNF Secure Ops Chief (3316)
Sam Houston - CNF Secretary General (3313)
Samuel Toridan - CIA Director General
Barabas Tanelson - CIA Director of Operations
Barnaby Levant - CIA Director of Intelligence
Brother Cecil - BHD Patriarch
Rion Dracolith - BHD Defender of the Faith
Hezekiah Derath - BHD Shipwright General
Ryannius de Questor - BHD Cardinal of the Administratum
The BHD Knight Crusader

Lord Jasil plus one aide
Admiral Lord Simms, Baron Baranov, KSG - IMPerial Viceroy of the Capellan Periphery
Zuvoro Norozov - FET Executive
Vice President Ian Cunningham - SMS Company Commander
Leonidas Agiadai - GTT Periphery Director

Ivan the Gambler - AFT Defender of Justice
Lord Abraham I. Crowthorne - DTR Speaker of the House of Lords
EEM Delegate

All attendees are guaranteed safe passage through Darkfold and safe personal conduct as defined in section 18 of the Tau Ceti Convention under treatment of diplomatic envoys. In addition an honour guard of 5 Escort ships will be allowed for each delegate.
All delegates are to place their vessels in orbit of the planet Creche (ss1636 in the Darkfold System) and descend to the planets surface via the Hiport just prior to commencement of the service (during week 47 - starting 25th November).
No weaponry of any kind, even if ceremonial in nature, will be allowed in or near the Cathedral and a protected route from the Starport will have been cleared.
Be warned that those not on the guest list trying to gate crash will be arrested immediately. As of now and until after the dedication ceremony the Starport of Cemetary Hill is closed to ALL traffic. No shipping will be allowed to land and the starport has been completely sealed. Any shipping attempting to bypass these restrictions will be boarded immediately upon landing.
The service will be broadcast on all public channels.

The FGZ Attaman has gone! The FGZ empire is now being run by Miltiades of the Resurrection order. Full details in IGN.

*********Subspace Static Week 45 Year 199 - 11th November 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A rookie captain having just finished training academy and still unsure about which affiliation to join had all decisions removed when an FET colony blew his vessel to dust after it ventured into orbit.

*************Other News*************

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the Blackpool pub meet, it proved a brilliant success. They hotel owner was more than impressed by the level of decorum and hopes we will be arranging another for the new year. Makes me wonder what were we doing wrong.

First Class Contributions
Unfortunately the last First Class contained little BSE material. I would like to rectify this and hopefully grab a few of those maturing Quest players. So far we have the whacky adventures of Wally Warbuckle, pride of the Confederate Charities Association (yes, well. Sort of says it all, really).

*********Subspace Static Week 46 Year 199 - 18th November 1999*********  [Recruit]


The RIP appeared to have mixed luck this week, while managing to pilfer a ship from under the Confederacies noses on the one hand, they blundered into a well stocked colony and was smashed to pieces on the other.

The Dewiek have once again opened fire on the CLN. They appear to be taking out colonies with ease. It would seem that there really is more than one way to skin a cat.

*********Subspace Static Week 47 Year 199 - 25th November 1999****************  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Pirate Hunt Turns Sour
As part of their anti-pirate patrol DTR Nebulon Quicksilver also investigated a number of planets within Imperial Space. This behaviour has so far benefited the Empire by the destruction of a number of RIP ships. This time however a reckless FET governor decided to open fire on the ship. As has so often been the case in recent history, mobilization of the DTR fleet meant a swift and decisive end to the confrontation. All that remained of the substantial colony was cinders.

Dewiek Attacks on the Clans Continue
A lone DEN vessel destroyed a small and rather insignificant CLN colony somewhere in the Cluster. The colony did not even have the weaponry to return fire.

RIP Shopping List
Recent losses has meant that the RIP have had to go on a few hunts for new scout vessels. Leaving a ship in orbit for a few weeks worth of mapping and GPI'ing may be convenient for the captain, but it also happens to be rather convenient for the RIP. More surveyors and yachts have been snatched this week.

*************Other News*************

Imperial Legal Notice
The Frontier Exploration and Trade Affiliation (#56) are herby granted a licence giving the exclusive right to establish colonies in the Lewis (143) system with effect from Week 46/199. Colonies and/or Space Stations established in the said system prior to week 46/199 are no effected by this licence. Limitations to Outposts are travel within the said system are not included in this licence and are still permitted to all who may lawfully operate within the borders of the Imperial Stellar Empire.
HP Simms, Imperial Viceroy

*********Subspace Static Week 48 Year 1999 - 2nd December 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Clans take a pounding Concerted efforts have been made by both the Dewiek and the Dominion to hound Clan shipping and colonies. Small skirmishes have erupted either over or near Clan colonies.

RIP find new frontiers The RIP have engaged and successfully captured both FET and SMS ships in a periphery that has until now been free of their presence. How they arrived here is still a mystery, but this will have serious repercussions for those that have claimed the system.

*************Other News*************

Emperor Paul Entombed
The body of the previous emperor was finally laid to rest in the CNF colony Cemetary Hill. It has been confirmed that both Emperor Jasil and High Lord Samuel attended in what is to have been the first time since the signing of the Tau Ceti convention over four decades ago. While the full details are not yet freely available it is believed that all the ambassadors from the Detinus Republic were arrested before the service while the Ivan, the ambassador for the AFT was evicted mid-ceremony for unruly behaviour. More news, including details of the ceremony to follow as it comes in.

*********Subspace Static Week 49 Year 199 - 9th December 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP have been active again, stealing vessels left in the middle of nowhere. This time they managed to snatch a KAS ship that was between cargo runs. They really are becoming adventurous.

*********Boarding Action*********

Freedom City's rogue governor Dodgy Dave had his personal vessel was boarded by the DTR this week. It seems unlikely that he was aboard at the time, but not has been confirmed.

*********Subspace Static Week 51 Year 199 - 23rd December 1999*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A lone Imperial ship was ambushed by the RIP and left for dead.

*********Christmas and New Year Period *********

As you will probably know, Mica is away on his holidays but standard turns will still be processed, but any specials will have to wait until Mica gets back.

The end of game week WILL still be processed on the 30th. This will make the last week of the BSE year start on the 31st. If we don't do this, the BSE year will get further behind than it already is.

I hope that you all have an excellent Christmas and New Year period. Don't drink too much because we won't!!!


*************Other News*************

(The scene is surreal, a huge mausoleum stands in gothic splendour in the VID screen background and a large fur tree, planted for an ancient human tradition grows next to it. The lights and decorations on the tree illuminate its thick greenery. A harmony from the True Ones choirs within the mausoleum crescendos and then turns into a beautiful hum.
Roswell stands cheerful in mood, flanked by a passive Brother Cecil and the story faced Vice Consul, Spacewall Jackson. The area is crowded with citizens of Cemetary Hill all eager to hear what the Supreme Commander has to say, in reply to the Imperial Viceroy Simms. A hush falls on the crowd as the Speech begins.
Humanity, a word once used a lot in these festive times. It stood for Kindness to the fellow man, hence Humankind, but it also meant family and civilization. One man, a black sheep of our time changed this. He thought it stood for Destruction, Power and Corruption, all the qualities disregarded at the coalition of the United Earth. He allowed himself to be consumed by bitterness and thus ending all those hard years of work by countless politicians and religious orders so that he could keep a throne that was not rightfully his. He used deceit, his trusted position and he exploited the media for his goals, brandishing a good and spiritual human being a brotherhood puppet to gain favour. This has gone on for twenty plus years and now we find that the good man Samuel and the usurper Jasil are clones, oh the horror. Mr Simms said and I quote "The revelations arising from the speeches at the recent Memorial Ceremony for the Late Emperor Paul at Cemetary Ridge in the Darkfold have astounded and horrified many both in the Peripheries and the Inner Empire."
Well Mr Simms, apart from your inability to remember the actual colony you visited I would like to ask, where was the Horror and the Astounding Emotions of the people when Jasil ordered the deaths of billions of Confederate supporting Humans within the inner Empire? He began a civil war, cleansed whole worlds, thus dividing the great human empire to keep the throne for his selfish and bitter reasons. He has become the greatest living homicidal maniac in Human history, yet the son of this man is the Imperials choice and now attempt to repeat a grave IMP history. I can only laugh at the irony of the victory, do the people of the Human Empire really wish to be ruled by the sapling of a diseased individual? Simms is also very disillusioned about clones. A clone species is a Human being, modified with the partial genetic makeup of the donor. The embryo of a fertile woman is impregnated with the DNA of the donor and the embryo normally in the womb of the mother. The baby is born naturally and the characteristics of both the mother and donor are evident. This is why Samuel and Jasil look partially different as they were born of two different mothers. Whilst the embryo is artificially altered to produce a clone splice, the donor is still the father as it is generic makeup included into the child and no other mans.
This is debate that could go on for many years but the facts are at this time: The Victory and no doubt the maniac Jasil have endorsed Lysander son of Jasil as the new Emperor. The son of Jasil is an illegitimate heir, like his father. The eldest of Paul is still Samuel, the Empire cannot disregard this so they can put another little despot on the throne. The post-Imperial dynasty has made no efforts to contact the Noble Houses of the Confederacy on the matter. Which points to the reasoning that whomever they choose as Emperor will share the twisted views of the current leadership and will not re-unite humanity, only further divide it. Thus we will remain divided, the war will continue and the Imperials will sacrifice yet more lives. The Viceroy used the same words as the maniac Jasil "Brotherhood puppet" This, a deceitful ploy began a civil war, yet they use the vile words, even though they have been exposed for the evil they are. The problem the Empire has then, are its leaders, hell bent on power and corruption, bending the minds of the Empire's citizens to fit in with their games of dictatorship and conquest. Samuel is a spiritual man, brought up in the essence that is the True One. He was raised bu the church, and taught good values and morals. The now Imperial people backed Jasil as he was brought up the Imperial way but look what happened there. Now the Viceroy repeats history, backing as established though illegitimate Imperial prince, rather than a branded BHD Puppet, who is the True Emperor!
It grieves me that what the people of the Confederacy do, we are attacked and discredited by Imperial hypocrites, who tried to bury our very survival under nuclear holocaust, deceit and corruption. People of the Peripheries, to end this war, to end this corruption, remove the leaders of the Evil Empire that has changed the meaning of the word, Humanity. The Imperials that had their chance to advance the human race but all they could do was butcher their own kind to further their goals. The Confederacy are not the monsters that these Imperials make us out to be, they are merely hiding their own true forms and the atrocities that they have committed in the name of the IMP. I say we need a fresh beginning, Samuel and the Confederates are the way forward, you need only to look at the past of the IMP leaders to see this. "I thank you"
(Roswell smiles, and then with Brother Cecil and Jackson proceeds to leave. It is noted that the crowd stay silent as they take in the words.)

Don't forget to include your account number in the message.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Solo claim swings back and forth

The situation in Solo appears to be getting even more heated. First the NHS dropped 600,000 troops to contest the system and then the DTR answered with enough troops of their own to trump the NHS claim. The NHS found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim up to 750,000 and once again the DTR answered, bringing Solo back under DTR control. Now the NHS have had a look down the back of the sofa and found yet more troops, taking the contesting claim to a massive 900,000 trained troops. We wait to see if the DTR have an answer to this. We can only guess where all these troops are coming from, but what is clear is that the established affiliations clearly have far larger armies than many thought.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

NHS attempt to claim Solo away from DTR

In a shock move the NHS have contested the Solo claim with a huge garrison of 600,000 trained troops. In a move that nobody saw coming, especially as it was unknown the NHS had such a large force of troops to draw upon, the NHS seem to be provoking a response from the DTR. Currently there has been no word from the DTR in how they are going to deal with this claim jumping, although rumours are that they are pretending the Solo claim doesn't really matter to them and so action is unlikely. However this may be a smokescreen and we may yet see the DTR's powerful fleet cause havoc in the system of Solo, which has for a long time been an important junction and fought over by many different factions.

DNA Chairman TonTon resigns

The following communication has been leaked from the DNA to the GTT's PD.

Greetings CEO Fox.
It regrets me to have to inform to you that the DNA nation state will be renouncing its claim on Aladdin system following a ceremony planet side, shortly.
However, it gives me great pleasure to have to inform you that these ceremonies are being planned by Vladimir Tavikovitch, the South Road Traffic Coordinator. He is also responsible for all DNA and .ore. assets in the Outer Naplian (Capellan) periphery so if there are any further issues, please take it up with him.
For any and all other matters, please forward your request directly to the DNA directorate services at NexusID: DNA people.
The Foreign Ministry objects one last time to your illegal claim jump of Aladdin, but we realise it is time to de-escalate.
Normally i would sign off with Naambta, but doing so would be hypocritical. Let me say good riddance instead.
I hereby resign in protest!

Chairman TonTon,
Foreign Minister, DNA
cc: Directorate Services personnel coordinator - !urgent resignation!

DTR threaten WMB with fines for multiple breaches of DTR Law

Lady Sylvansight of the DTR has issued a fine of 1,000,000 stellars to the Wimbles for multiple breaches of DTR Penal and Territorial Law. This seems a very brave move of the DTR to risk upsetting the huge and warlike WMB when they also have the rival NHS Solo system claim to deal with. No word has been recieved yet that the Wimbles are going to pay, but if the formidable WMB warfleet is seen heading for the DTR home systems we will know what their thought are on the matter. The DTR and WMB fleets going head to head would be a sight to behold.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

DNA and GTT clash over Aladdin system claim while Pirates look on.

The GTT have this week launched an attack on the DNA outpost in Aladdin, in what appears to be little more than a turkey shoot. Around 100,000 GTT Naplian Startroopers attacked the DNA position to remove the rival system claim. Reports indicate the DNA garrison were taken by surprise and lost control of the base in the first few hours of the fighting. The base has since been reflagged from [Free Naplian Capital] Peaceful Protest to [Loyal Naplian Capital] DNA claim Ended so it's fair to say there was a clear message being sent by the GTT. We have been waiting for the DNA leadership to comment but so far they have been unusually silent. No doubt when they have crawled out from under their desks they will have something to say on the matter.

While this attack was going on several pirate ships were also seen in Aladdin, according to the GTT in what may be true or may be a diversion, with reports of a pirate GP and scout being destroyed while a 150HH pirate warship slipped away and escaped from incoming anti-pirate patrols.

Secret meeting of the EEM

A recent communication intercepted by one of our top reporters today made us aware of a meeting of the EEM. This is underway in a top secret location called Black Pool, which sounds suspiciously like the lair of a pirate band. After pulling in many favours, we were able to identify some of the attending members. On the bases that they won't be named we were able to find out some slight information of the subjects to be discussed at the meeting and one thing is for certain, there could be huge impacts to the lives of everybody living in the galaxy. Details to follow. When the shadowy figures of the EEM come together with the top political players in a pirate base the possibilities are endless!

You are never more than 6 systems from a RAT 🐀

A new saying has arisen in the bars and spaceport of starbases throughout the many peripheries; you are never more than 6 systems from a RAT.

It is understood that this saying originated in Yank and spread by trade vessels to peripheries far and wide. Many starbases have heightened their security and added additional sensors and locks to various entry points including foul and grey water outfalls. Beer and drug stocks are undergoing increased proofing to avoid the critters gaining entry and consuming the stockpiles.

Will this present as a new plague of proportions never before seen or is this some simple urban myth being spread for the amusement of some mischievous entity? Who knows, but to be certain... check the shadows.

This year we will again be returning to the Briardene Hotel. They were welcoming, the bar didn't run out of beer pre-covid and there was room for quiet chats. Along with Wetherspoons there is the Victoria just down the road (Sam Smiths - last time beer was around 2 shillings per pint and a full round was less than £10).

Mostly drinking beer and talking toot though we have a good few things on the agenda.

Bookings are done directly with the hotel. Book by phone and say that you are with KJC Games

Briardene Hotel
Telephone: +44(0)1253 338300
All staff should be able to deal with the booking but if there are any problems ask for Tracy (manager) as she dealt with all our foibles in previous years.
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

Dog days are over

With the fall of the DEN and the implosion of their home territory as the AFT, DTR and GTT moved in, it was unlikely the Dewiek would rise again. The DWP gave the species a little hope with the Dewiek Pocket Periphery kept under lock and key. But news has reached us of the AFT's penetration of this private area of space that's been locked down. With a base and claim in one of the three visible systems it seems that the end of the Dewiek is near. A once noble and aggressive race, determined to make an impact on the galaxy is now little more than a species that lives under the command of others. A sad end to a once powerful species that used to control a significant part of known space.

Pirate activity continues

Yet more reports of pirate activity have been received, one from the WMB, losing a freighter in Solo and another from the FET who reported they had engaged and hit the attacking pirate ship with several weapons before it managed to make off with it's prize. Hopefully the pirate ship took significant damage and will now be out of action for some time. The Corewards periphery seems to have been plagued with pirates recently and many travellers would welcome a break from attacks.

MEK incursion into Corewards

The FET and GTT have mounted a joint venture into Nog-Kesri to tackle a MEK force. It isn't known where they have come from, with the only other MEK ships seen so far being located in the Orion Spur. The lack of a known link between where they have appeared in Corewards and the Orion Spur has caused some concern among planetary populations as who knows where they could turn up next! Fortunately the combined FET/GTT task force dealt the MEK a heavy blow and the threat has been eradicated. But we all know this is unlikely to be the last we hear of the MEK in Corwards and we would encourage ship captains to keep a keen eye on thier sensor screens when travelling near Nog-Kesri.

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*** Inter Galactic News ***

  • CIA freighter fights off overwhelming pirate forces

  • Fin Saine media broadcast, What is Hot in the galaxy?!?!

  • MEKlan forces attack in Corewards Arm

    user image

    *** Inter Galactic News ***

    Aladdin faces ongoing DNA/GTT tension

    The tensions between the DNA and GTT in the Coptuv system recently spilled over into the DNA system of Aladdin. A significant party of GTT ground troops has reinforced one of their bases in the system and claimed it, forcing the system claim into turmoil as the DNA finds itself under threat of losing the system. With the DNA chairman asking for help, several affiliations have been seen sending ships to evacuate any in the local population that want to escape the GTT. But so far not a shot has been fired and despite the AFT, FEL and DTR assistance no reisistance to the claim jump has been encountered so far. It remains to be seen if the DNA and it's friends will scatter before this hostile take over or put in a last minute counter claim to thwart GTT intentions.

    Increasing pirate activity

    Recent reports indicate a new surge in pirate attacks with the AFT and GTT reporting ships lost. Knowing how some don't like to advertise losses we wouldn't be surprised if this is the tip of the iceberg. Reports passed to us show the ship PIR Scavenger running ID 43174 and another ship of the same name running ID 68668 have both been in action with successful boarding attempts. It's unknown whether these are seperate ships or the same ship reregistered, but our information suggests that it would be hard for these pirates to cover the space where these attacks happened with just one ship. One thing is for sure, be on your guard as open space is not as safe as it once was.

    GCE ships loitering in deep space

    After the fall of the GCE and a lot of their assets being shared or purchased it was thought that the affiliation was no more. Yet deep space scans indicate that there is still a significant number of GCE warships holding station in deep space between Coptuv and Yank on the transport route into the Corwards Arm. Nobody knows what these ships are up to and why they are still flagged GCE, but our best guess is that are captains either awaiting new orders or owners after the fall of the GCE command structure.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Graspien
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Kr'Shan
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


    *** Submissions ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
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    *** Inter Galactic News ***

    Tension in the Corewards Arm

    With the DNA obtaining several ex-GCE bases in the Coreward Arm it has found itself in the middle of an asset grab of serious proportions and aggression. Our reporters witnessed several GTT troop carriers heading for the Corewards system as the DNA published information suggesting they were accidental owners of the system and that the assets were to be moved on. As the GTT ships started to arrive the bases were quickly passed to the CIA, thus thwarting the GTT intentions as they were hardly likely to start dropping troops on their allies bases. This shrew move by the DNA seems to have calmed matters in the Coreward arm temporarily, although the shift in relations between the GTT and DNA has taken a negative turn. When asked what their next move might be the GTT refused to comment.

    GCE collapse

    The GCE are no more, save for some scattered light freighters. The affiliation which enjoyed a sharp rise and profiltable relations with many has ceased trading. Rumors point to the GTT buying up GCE assets before stripping the rival corporation of anything of value. Although our reporters at the SSS have been quick to point out that any GCE assets not in GTT systems have been taken over by both the DNA and FET. So it seems many different affiliations were able to profit from this development including a new group called the HSH who appear to have taken over the GCE war fleet. No doubt many in the peripheries will be watching with interest where these ships are used, who the HSH are and how they were able to get thier hands on so many warships so quickly.

    Secudus trials

    In the Cluster Secudus has continued his trials, claiming to root out terrorists working against the Empire. With tends of thousands of beings being sent to the camps or worse. There is no sign of these actions stopping as the NHS clamp down on the locals and bring them under the harsh control of the Empire.

    *** Affiliations ***

    AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
    BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
    BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
    CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
    DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
    DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
    DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
    FCN Falconian Republic (70) – <Unknown>
    FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
    FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
    FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
    GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
    HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
    KRL Krell (30) - Namica
    KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
    KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
    MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
    NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
    NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
    SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
    WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

    * Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
    ** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


    *** Submissions ***

    By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
    ******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

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    Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite and most reliable unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

    And so with the news from the last couple of weeks,

    Cluster War! DNA Gather Fruit

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    Discover new worlds to explore, exploit & colonise
    Over 20 years of content development
    Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG)

    I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).