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*********Subspace Static Week 1 Year 198 - 1st January 1998*********  [Recruit]

Happy New Year!

Mica will be back to work on Monday and this game week will end on Thursday 8th January. Normal service will now resume.
As well as receiving turns by email you can now have your colony and political printouts back by email as well. As with turns, let us know any position numbers that you want to be emailed back. Thanks.

*********Subspace Static Week 2 Year 198 - 8th January 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The peace that brought in the new year has already been shattered with the the arrival once again of Rolling Thunder in the peripheries. The Confederate warfleet smashed three Imperial ships, although no Capitol ships were present.

The GTT have broken the unofficial cease fire agreement with the Flagritz. For some reason an unarmed baseship decided to enter orbit of a world with a GTT colony. The resulting explosion could be seen half way round the planet. Reprisals are almost certainly expected.

A few other skirmishes involving the RIP occurred although no important losses occurred as only scout ships were involved.

It will be possible to email political printouts at the end of this month.

*********Subspace Static Week 3 Year 198 - 15th January 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

Quite possibly the biggest fiasco of space naval history occurred this week. A fleet of five RIP Predators attacked an equal number of FET Patrol Cruisers and captured four of them. What the Patrol Cruisers were doing loitering for weeks on end fully laden with cargo with no escort in the middle of space is anybody's guess. Thankfully four of the captains died instantly. One of the Patrol Cruisers managed to escape, but only just. The FET Exec VP is reported to have mumbled something about gross incompetence and that it never happened when he was in charge of space defence. Oh to be a fly on the wall during the next board meeting.

Not far away a second RIP strike left an Indiaman Freighter without crew. This attack witnessed a new tactic, weenies space fighters. The attacking Yachts were armed with space fighters and ion cannons. Barely enough room for anything else, but surprisingly effective.

*********Other News*********

Message to the Peripheries from the Hexamon
The Acrux System and all bodies within is hence forward claimed by the Hexamon. All positions within this system have the standard two weeks to seek permission to be here or suffer the consequences.

Message to the Peripheries from the GTT
Contrary to previous reports the GTT have not broken any unofficial cease fire with the FGZ. This only applies to shipping, not to colonies. This has always been the stance of the GTT and will remain so until the FGZ sign a peace treaty or open fire on GTT shipping. A return to open hostilities will occur if there is still no movement on the peace discussions by the feast of Saint Oswald.

*********Subspace Static Week 4 Year 198 - 22nd January 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

GTT ships flocked to the site of last weeks battle with the RIP. They were lucky enough to arrive before the RIP could complete their re-organisation in order to board the Spaniel. After blowing the RIP out of space, the GTT then went on to regain control of the Spaniel.

*********Other News*********

Dewiek/Hexamon call to arms
Fast on the heels of the Hexamon claim to the Acrux system came a counter claim by the Dewiek. Due to the negligible time differences in the claims, the ruling is that the Acrux system is a disputed system with both claimants having a valid claim. From Week 5 (two weeks after the initial claim in Week 3), war exists between the Dewiek and the Hexamon within the Acrux system.

Combat Speed
As has been pointed out by a few survivors of space battles, the programs use the true speed of a ship rather than the rounded version called 'Base Speed' on the print out. The availability of battle enhancing alien technology also means that the Base Speed is even further out for combat purposes. For this reason, we have added 'Combat Speed' which shows the speed of the craft for combat purposes only. In most cases these values will be the same, but a few captains may be surprised.

*********Subspace Static Week 5 Year 198 - 29th January 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

The attack fleet of the GTT ensured that the RIP presence in the Capellan periphery has been removed. The eight warships converged on the crippled RIP yacht and wiped it out.

Having discovered a way to make the pirates pay, the Brotherhood initiated a plan to capture all their outposts in the Solo system. Rumours report hand to hand fighting across the surface of the world, an event not seen since the invention of firearms. Even stranger, the pirates would have fared better if they had not been wearing eye patches and wooden legs. Even so it was a very close finish with the BHD only just repelling boarders.

*********Other News*********

New Turncards
The first of the printer's returns have arrived. The new printed turncards, turnsheets and colony cards are now being distributed. I hope you like them.

*********Subspace Static Week 6 Year 198 - 5th February 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Confederacy have assembled a warfleet with the sole purpose of removing IMP St.Petersburg from the universe. The CIA supported by the bulk of CNF Rolling Thunder blasted their way through orbit and launched a blistering attack on the poorly defended colony. The lack of response by the colony hints at a process of demilitarizing this world in favour of a more defendable location.

Tension in the Acrux system has resulted in bloodshed, the first but probably not the last. A tactical blunder left the Dewiek forces split between the orbit and the space square when the Hexamon warfleet struck. This allowed the Hexamon to bring greater odds to bare against the Dewiek, as their own fleet moved into orbit systematically attacking first those of the Dewiek fleet in space, then those in orbit. Only pure luck prevented the Dewiek from receiving greater damage. In fact only a defending Dominion craft was destroyed at the hands (claws?) of the Hexamon. It is thought that the Dewiek will disengage in order to lick their wounds.

RIP nasties swarmed over a single FET Ship of the Line nimbly boarding it while the blood was still congealing. This is the latest in a line of FET suicides. It is hoped that this mental disease is not contagious.

Once again triumphant, this time over the Brotherhood, the RIP managed to capture stolen outposts.

*********Other News*********

All positions may now be emailed back to players. If you are changing your position from mail to email and vice versa, please inform us at the top of the turn. The reason is that the turn is processed as one or the other. The results is a mangled mess, if one format is attempted to send via the wrong medium. Another problem some have mentioned was that their turns were out of alignment when they returned. This can easily be rectified by viewing the turn in wordpad using the Courier font. This is as it is a mono-spaced font. Turn Prices
A few people out there appear to be oblivious to the pricing structure for this game. Page 6 and 7 explain in some detail that budget turns only have room for 10 orders (some actions only require half an order though). More than ten incurs an increased fee. Sending orders in via email does not make a player exempt from this. Careful structuring of you email turn will prevent mis-charging of turns.

Security Complexes in Space Battles
This may be old news to many players, but due to the problems with ground defence in colonies the programs have been updated. Now the shield factors for the Military (and only the Military) will be increased by a factor dependent on the number of Security Complexes.

No. of Security Complexes Shield Factor Increase
0-3 X1
4-8 X2
9-15 X3
16-24 X4
25+ X5

Merchandising Complexes
These now serve 5000 life forms instead of 1000.

*********Subspace Static Week 7 Year 198 - 12th February 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Having lain waste to Imperial Colony St.Petersburg the unstoppable force of the Confederates, rather than back off decided to increase the stakes by paying another imperially chartered colony a visit. Having posted the colony when it was under the control of the RIP, the viable target was raked across all quarters by massive fire power. Repairs since the last attack could not have progressed far as the colony retaliated with only a handful of fighters.

Having crippled all of the Dewiek ships in the Accrux system last week, the Hexamon returned this week to finish the job. While a few of the Dewiek ships managed to crawl out of orbit only to be stopped by picket ships, the Direwolf already in space was unable to leave due to a lack of thrust engines. In a strange turn of events, the Dominion vessel wrongly reported as destroyed was also at the scene of the battle, but as the captain declined to aid the Dewiek, the Hexamon left it alone. Had the Dominion ship given engines to the Direwolf, it would have made good it's escape. The final outcome was another victory to the Hexamon.

Having spent months on patrol finding absolutely nothing, an FET vessel was returning to base at the end of the week only to blunder straight into a RIP fleet. The battle was short and decisive with yet another Patrol Cruiser falling into the hands of the pirates.

The FET aren't the only suppliers of ships to the RIP as proved by the BHD. Leaving a Tempest in the middle of nowhere is asking for it to be pirated. Apparently an offer that the RIP couldn't refuse.

Another CNF scout ship was cremated at the hands of the Empire. Entering the orbit of a populated world was a death sentence. This time carried out for the IMP by the SMS and the GTT. It is presumed that someone has to enforce the Emperor's Laws.

*********Other News*********

Colony Governors
When building special complexes, it would be a great help to state the source of the proposed production as some planets have a great many entries. This will avoid wrong values being assigned.

*********Subspace Static Week 8 Year 198 - 19th February*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Braving the possibility of instant death, the Captain of the IMP Emperor's Glory visited the scene of last week's carnage by the Confederate Warfleet. Three Battleships remained while the rest of the fleet moved away. If only more of the Empire's ships had accompanied their fellow captain the results might have been a boost to the flagging morale. Alas, an all too familiar scenario ensued in which yet another of the Empire's ships was reduced to space dust.

Apparently the IMP Warfleet was busy pursuing pirates, who in turn were pursuing a pair of SMS Ship o'the Lines. Luckily for the SMS they managed to fight the RIP to a standstill, holding out till the bitter end. Even though one of the SMS vessels was derelicted, the other stood it's ground firing till the end, although some put this act down to the lack of engines rather than actual bravery.

In a move that can only described as the the best laid plans of mice and men, a surprise attack was launched on the IMP from a recently built colony deep in the Capellan periphery. This could have proved disastrous for the IMP, except that the CIA neglected to include sensors in the colony construction. Tapes of the last conversation in the control centre go on sale for the price of 500 stellars.

The FET colony visited by the Confederate Warfleet last week fell to an assault by the CIA.

*********Subspace Static Week 9 Year 198 - 26th February 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Numerous skirmishes raged across both the Darkfold and Capellan periphery. For the most part they involved the all too familiar Yachts with an even more predictable outcome.
The RIP launched a more successful attack, once again against the FET. The prize this time was a Deep Explorer. The use of ion cannons meant that only the cleaning up of a light coat of dust was needed in order to take control.

*********Land Battles*********

Fierce fighting within the Acrux periphery resulted in the capture of an otherwise neutral colony by the Hexamon. It is unclear what ramifications this will have.

*********Other News*********

According to rumour the CIA are in the process of selling the recently captured FET colony Yokosuka to the Flagritz. The Viceroy was quick to point out that such a sale will not be legal under Imperial Law and should the Flagritz assume control of the aforementioned colony they will themselves be in breach of the peace treaty between the Imperial Empire and the lagritz Coalition. Should this treaty be irreparably broken, the two factions will return to war. With the Confederacy breathing down the Emperor's neck, this has to be the darkest chapter in the history of the Capellan periphery.

*********Subspace Static Week 10 Year 198 - 6th March 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

Yet another RIP yacht was charred while testing the defences of one of the empire's most heavily defended planets.

*********Land Battle*********

The Hexamon rampage carries on uncontested. A second colony inhabited by Dewiek has now fallen to them. It is rumoured that ethnic cleansing of the Acrux system is taking place in the captured colonies. If true then the price of furs is likely to plummet.

*********Subspace Static Week 11 Year 198 - 12th March 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Confederate forces entered Imperial space in what is becoming a familiar pattern of swift and conclusive destruction. The victims of this formidable fleet were a Deep Explorer, a Patrol Cruiser and a Supra Freighter. Despite the number of Confederate ships present, two of the Imperial ships opened fire on the CNF Flame Tower. This is apparently not the first time this has happened and the Captain, Kipper Dick is getting paranoid, but then with a name like that I would shoot him myself.

The RIP were successful in their attempt to wrestle control of yet another Ship of the Line from the FET. Suspicion is rampant as accusations of moles, spies and incompetence are thrown around. Back armour is fashion of the moment.

A small survey ship for the FET has been destroyed while busy 'exploring' Confederate space.

*********Subspace Static Week 12 Year 198 - 19th March 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The true ravages of war swept the Acrux system leaving Hexamon and Dewiek ships twisted and in flames, the last pleas of the crew lost in the vacuum of space. Counting the cost of this vicious encounter will continue for some time as both sides determine if a victory was achieved. The tight knit forces of the Dominion played an important role during the invasion, showing a side few believed they possessed. This sudden taste for power might have some wondering and other re-evaluating their treaties with the Dominion. Were these sleeping giants?

In an unprecedented move the Confederacy and the RIP came to blows within the Capellan periphery. It is uncertain how this happened, but the more cynically minded believe it was over taking up too much of the bed. We can only hope that this change of heart is the dawn of a bright future.

*********Other News*********

End of Acrux War
Should the Dewiek fail to meet the conditions needed for a continuance in the war with the Hexamon, then there is no option but to declare the Hexamon controllers of the Acrux system. This comes about as the Hexamon now control colonies while the Dewiek no longer have friendly positions within the system. The deadline for control is the beginning of week 14 (3rd April 1998).

*********Subspace Static Week 13 Year 198 - 26th March 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

Maybe the Dominion became a bit too overconfident after last week's surprise attack on the Hexamon within the Acrux system. They decided to hold the space square of last week's victory. The Dewiek appeared to have a bit more sense, but not much as they only moved to an adjacent location. The result was a split in the forces of the two factions. This worked to the advantage of the Hexamon. Recovering from the surprise they called their fleet together and made a concerted effort to drive the invading forces from the system. While only a few ships were actually destroyed during the titanic fight, many were derelicted. It looks as if the Hexamon have broken the power of the allies, at least for the moment.

The Imperial Services decided that the middle of nowhere would be a perfectly safe place to leave a trio of Ship o'the Lines. Not the brightest of moves considering the stalking capabilities of the RIP. The RIP once they found these ships pulled out all the stops to capture them. It will takes weeks for the RIP to patch up the various vessels involved.

*********Other News*********

DTR to become Independent
The Confederacy has announced an end to the alliance status with the Detinus Republic. This has been an amicable split based on the differing political views of the two governments. Treaties of recognition are to be signed and the two parties will go their separate ways.

Mind Reader
I have a turnsheet written on the old grey style sheet. The player wants a tech-manual on item 33. I need the ship name, the position number, your name and your account number. You have unfortunately supplied none of the above. I just hope that you run other positions or else you may never read this!

*********Subspace Static Week 14 Year 198 - 3rd April 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

War in Acrux
Never before has such a battle occurred. The combined forces of the Dewiek, Dominion and the Detinus Republic assembled in the location of last week's assault. Over 40 warships, not including the ones derelicted from previous battles waited for the inevitable return of the Hexamon. When they did arrive, worst fears were confirmed. The dreaded TCA living ships were scanned bolstering the Hexamon forces. These living ships were rumoured to carry weaponry to rival that of a colony.

Yet still the Allies held their ground. DTR Apple Jack Highball and DTR Dawn Treader singled out the living ship Tenedur T'Cath both giving a full broadside of photon fire. The living ship must have been badly damaged as it exploded in a shower of plasma that cast an eerie light across space. 'The bastards aren't invincible.' Vice Admiral Arker was reported to scream. Another of the titanic monsters enveloped DTR Lomumba with plasma slowly buckling the hull till it fractured and shattered into a billion pieces. The hearts of the people surely must go out to the plucky captains of the Dominion fleet of yachts, sent to risk all in order to rescue previously derelicted ships. Almost all of these were reduced to atoms during the course of the battle. Let us not forget the Hexamon, often seen as the aggressors, newly arrived in the peripheries with little choice of where they ended, suddenly confronted by hostile forces. They have resisted all attempts at genocide and have finally managed to keep sole control of the Acrux system. It can safely be said that this has been one of the toughest tests of endurance. Weary from constant assaults maybe now they will be able to build their empire... maybe.

A number of small assaults throughout the Capellan periphery although these were half hearted attempts by the pirates to capture unescorted merchant ships. All ended in failure. A Confederate Ranger was destroyed while on reconnaissance.

*********Land Battles*********

CIA Repel IMP Assault
Having lost IMP St.Petersburg to the CIA, the IMP mustered forces for an assault. A squad comprised mainly of green troops directed a squadron of ground fighters. The defences of the colony were more than a match. Not a single IMP fighter was left and war cries were soon replaced with the screams of injured. It would appear that the CIA are there to stay.

*********Other News*********

Peace in Acrux
Having failed to establish a colony within the Acrux periphery by the deadline, the Dewiek have effectively lost the system war. There is strong talk of pushing for universal war, but as of the moment, terms and conditions of a universal war need to be decided. At least for the next few weeks there will be peace. (GM note - just as well, as the Easter Holidays would have caused no end of problems. As it was battles were not completed until the late evening.)

Late Turns
The war in Acrux and all the phone calls that are associated with times of great stress has meant that we have been a little behind in recent weeks with the processing of turns. Sorry for any delays.

*********Subspace Static Week 15 Year 198 - 17th April 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The GTT, gave up on actually capturing the solitary RIP ship that they had been plugging away at for the last few weeks, the Periphery Director ordered the death squad to finish the job. The RIP Myth, is now the stuff of legends (sorry).

*********Land Battle*********

A carefully planned and almost perfectly executed plan of attack seized an Imperial colony from the Emperor's grasp. The culprits were the RIP. It will be interesting to see how long they maintain control of the colony. Help is no doubt on the way now that the St. Petersburg crisis has finished.

*********Other News*********

St. Petersburg/CIA Leningrad has closed. Having re-captured the colony, the Imperials concluded that holding the position was not feasible with the ever mounting forces of the Confederacy. They decided to cut their losses and the remains of the colony now lie at the bottom of the swamp. This is a most decisive victory for the CIA. They have beaten the Empire on their home territory. Nanny State to be abolished.

The Solo system is to become an open system. This will mean the restriction on combat is to be lifted. The date of this is the beginning of December 1998. Darkfold and Capella will also open but in June 1999. This is a reflection on the capabilities of the affiliations within these systems and the infrastructure that has been created over the years.

*********Subspace Static Week 17 Year 198 - 23th April 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

The SMS Icarus is swiftly becoming the bane of the RIP. Armed with only ion cannons, it has gutted and repelled more RIP ships than the entire Imperial Services has over the last four months.

*********Other News*********

Flagritz Uprising
Having spent the last few years preparing, the Flagritz are now in a position to reclaim their ancestral home. They have declared war on the Empire. The declaration has been accepted and the war will begin from the start of week 19 year 198 (7th May after weekly maintenance). The war is likely to effect all the Imperially chartered affiliations and the areas of conflict are all the systems within the Capellan periphery between Skord and Audrey (not including these two systems). For further details regarding terms of surrender and peace it is imperative that all involved contact their Political Co-ordinators.

*********Subspace Static Week 19 Year 198 - 8th May 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Land Battle*********

CIA troops mopped up wounded Imperial forces that survived the battles for St. Petersburg.

*********Subspace Static Week 20 Year 198 - 15th May 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

An attack on an FET Deep Explorer backfired for the RIP. The FET vessel happened to be on an IMP patrol lane (off the beaten track some might snigger). The rescue fleet managed to beat of the attack destroying a RIP Patrol Cruiser in the process.

*********Other News*********

Can players avoid phoning the GM if possible. If a phone call cannot be avoided can all relevant ship/account numbers be prepared to save time during the call. This should help clear backlogs. Thanks

*********Subspace Static Week 21 Year 198 - 21st May 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Flagritz Mobilization
A fearsome fleet consisting of nearly a dozen Baseships entered the orbit of a world housing two of the Empire's colonies. These weakly defended installations were no match for the fleet as barrage after barrage of photon fire smashed nearly all defences leaving only a few space fighters as protection. All are awaiting the Empire's response.

Other Battles
Various skirmishes occurred across the Capellan periphery, these involving the all too familiar scenario of scout yacht being destroyed by small fleets.

*********Subspace Static Week 22 Year 198 - 29th May 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Empire appears to have conceded their assets in the Dorn system. The expected reprisals never happened. The Flagritz now control a class five colony which they managed to capture with only minimal forces. Only the FET stand to uphold the Emperor's rule....

It would appear that the RIP have decided to pay the DTR a little visit. A few scouting vessels penetrated DTR space and had a little wander around before encountering DTR merchant ships. As yet there has not been any casualties, but this is unlikely to last for long.

*********Other News*********

Empire/Flagritz War

The claims of the two factions will be qualified for many systems at the end of this week assuming no change in status.
The war will continue in the following systems :-
Wastelands, Teller, Rebellion, Curly, Stockton, Storm, Straddle, Blowton and Dorn. Dorn which would have been conceded to the Empire has now become an uncontested Flagritz system. Should it remain so at the start of week 26, it too will become Flagritz territory.

*********Subspace Static Week 23 Year 198 - 5th June 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP have finally managed to capture an FET Deep Explorer after many weeks of ion cannon bombardment. At the other end of the universe, the DTR have destroyed all the pirate yachts that had interrupted their shipping. Imperial ships were destroyed after a short visit to a Flagritz stronghold. Two Carrier class ships bit the dust in a titanic display of fire power. Within the Cluster Periphery, the Clan has decided to martial their forces in order to hunt down a couple of posted positions. These were the IND D.N.A. and DTR Rough Sketch. As ion cannons were the main weapon of choice, it is believed that the IND and DTR vessels were derelicted.

*********Ground Battle*********

Flagritz forces assaulted and captured an FET colony. This is the second colony to fall on this world. The defences were crippled after a fleet of FGZ Baseships bombarded them from orbit.

*********Subspace Static Week 24 Year 198 - 11th June 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A few skirmishes in the Capellan periphery may be a preclude to a larger encounter as the Empire gears up to face the Flagritz once and for all.
In an unrelated incident the RIP successfully captured an AFT Free Trader after bloody hand to hand fighting at the docking hatch.
In the distant reaches of the Noctollis periphery, the DEN have disturbed a slumbering giant with disastrous consequences. They are not giving out information regarding the adversary, but the loss of all hands in a sudden and deadly blow has given them food for thought.

*********Other News*********

GM Markets After a long and sometimes heated discussion among political players, the conclusion has been drawn that GM markets such as Hypso, Thorn, Highstar and Balmoral have buying prices that are far too high. From the beginning August, the markets at the GM colonies will change to bring the prices more in line with the value of the items. This is the first of a series of changes to improve the dynamism of the game.

*********Subspace Static Week 25 Year 198 - 19th June 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Scout ships of the Flagritz nation encountered heavy resistance during their patrols. Even in their home system GTT forces destroyed them with no mercy. The task of the scouts was successful and the Empire's forces were located.

*********Ground Battles*********

Defensive Flagritz forces successfully destroyed massing forces outside one of their colonies. The ease of the success makes you wonder if this was a distraction for more determined assaults somewhere else. Only the Empire knows for sure.

Reports are filtering in from darkest Darkfold of skirmishes with natives. As to what is actually happening, no reports have been leaked. From this it seems obvious that the CIA have a hand in the operation.

*********Other News*********

I have been assured by the editor of the IGN that the next one will be out soon.

*********Subspace Static Week 26 Year 198 - 26th June 198*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battle*********

It is almost impossible to encompass the sheer might of the Empire when it finally raises its slumbering body. Having been riled by the arrogance of the Flagritz for the first time in many years the forces of the Empire mustered for an assault on the Flagritz head quarters. The fleet consisted of the Imperial forces under the command of Vice Admiral Sophia Argento, the SMS marshalled by Rear Admiral Nider Bergene and the FET press ganged by Vice Admiral Harcourt. The entire warfleet was directed by the GTT Star Admiral Robert the Bruce. The warfleet comprised more than eighty vessels, most capital warships. Certain destruction was assured. Or was it?

The Flagritz may be arrogant, they may be hostile to humans, they may even smell, but they are not stupid and have learnt a lot since their disastrous battle with the Confederacy. Having promoted a new Attaman for War, under his guidance a rout was turned around. Quickly established draw-fire emplacements were used to confuse scanners into firing away from the head quarters. What few Baseships were on maneuvers were swiftly directed to the scene of the conflict under the cover of korondite in order to refit and finally any space worthy pile of junk was launched to intercept potentially crippling damage. This worked with remarkable success, and as the report continued to come in, it became uncertain who was winning.

One reason was the Flagritz joint command by Rear Admirals Bres Voshn and Clian Voshn ordering no retreat no surrender. During the initial fire fight IMP Mano Rosso commanded by Vice Admiral Sophia Argento was destroyed by the HQ batteries, but still the assault continued, the forces following IMP Vice Admiral Nikolai Chertsov. Sadly he too was lost during the final stages of the fight again the victim of the vicious fire power of the infernal colony. The fate of the brave Flagritz Rear Admirals is not known at this moment although some believe that they died at their posts. The defensive presence of the Dominion will go some way to infuriating the Flagritz, don't be surprised if they turn their attention to them in the near future. With the dust settling, it is uncertain what will be the next move of either Empire.

*********Other News*********

GM Markets
In order to encourage inter affiliations deals and to increase the value placed on Stellars, we will be decreasing the buying prices at KJC controlled colonies. The price deduction will be in line with the morale value of the items bought, or the availability of an item. This has come into play with the backing of many politicals and is one of the changes that has been determined by players to improve diplomacy within the game. Happy trading.

*********Subspace Static Week 27 Year 198 - 2nd July 1998*********  [Recruit]

Apology Due to fleet manoeuvres on an unprecedented scale by the Empire, the Confederacy and the Flagritz, the game is running a little late. All efforts have been made to bring the game back on line even to the point of running battles over the weekend.

*********Space Battles*********

The Confederacy parleyed with the Flagritz and managed to strike a short term cessation of hostilities. This allowed the combined warfleets' of the BHD, the CIA and the CNF to assault the Empire's fleet as it left the war torn Flagritz Capital. The forces of the Confederacy were fresh, while those of the Empire were already battle scarred. The Empire was awaiting reinforcements, drawn from across the galaxy. A small fleet of SMS vessels failed to make it in time as they were waylaid by a fleet of RIP vessels shortly after construction. Even so, the Empire still boasted the larger fleet, outnumbering the Confederacy by greater than 2:1 ships. Counting the cost of this battle will be very difficult. While initial reports appear to favour the Empire it must be considered that they are still facing the Flagritz, and the Confederacy may well have inflicted a deeper wound than is at first evident.

The loss of the recently promoted Imperial Admiral Sir Yuri Bashmet and SMS Rear Admiral Nidar Bergene will be deeply lamented. The Brotherhood are holding services for the brave Confederate Commanders who made the ultimate sacrifice far from home to keep the cause alive. Shortly after this conflict a pair of Baseships, damaged from previous successful encounters with the GTT failed to cloak through the space on their way to the orbit. The Empire closed in on them. Despite outnumbering them by 60 ships, the baseships still managed to survive until the third wave of attack. Truly fearsome engines.

*********Other News*********

Due to unfortunate timing, the GM has to be away for two days in week 27. Further, those frustrating annual holidays have come around again. From the 20th until the 31st of July the game will be managed by other staff, hence it may be inadvisable to undertake complicated special actions.

*********Subspace Static Week 28 Year 198 13th July 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The RIP pulled a surprise move this week by attacking the same location as last week. It is presumed that the SMS were not expecting this, even so the plan back fired as a large proportion of the Imperial warfleet returned virtually destroying all the RIP vessels present.

Small skirmishes broke out in the location of last week's titanic battle between the Empire and the Confederacy. These were results of conflicting boarding actions. Losses were minimal.

*********Other News*********

Declaration of War.

The Flagritz having been invaded by the Empire and the Dominion have escalated the bounds of the war to that of universal status. This means that the Empire and the Dominion can attack and be attacked by the Flagritz and vice versa. This applies to any location that is capable of sustaining combat. The terms of surrender are simple. Reimbursement of an amount of mu's equal to that sustained during the war, or a lesser amount agreeable to the winners. The date of commencement is week 31.

GM Note.
This decision has been reached after a number of factors were taken into consideration:- The GTT did not make up a majority of the fleet attacking colonies within the Inferno system, also the size of the attack could be considered more of an invasion than an assault.

The FGZ are hostile to humans, and this sort of response to an invasion is perfectly within profile. The Dominion while defending the GTT also supplied weapons and quad coating to various ships, hence from a FGZ viewpoint can be considered to be part and parcel of the Empire.

Clear and Present Danger
The presence of the Empire's Warfleet spear headed by the GTT within Inferno is a clear and present danger to FGZ colonies. Any violation of the the orbits will be met with destructive force. All humans have been warned.

Dubious Circumstances
The GTT wish to warn the Confederacy regarding further assaults on the Empire's forces marshalled under the GTT. The acts could be mistaken for support of the Flagritz and such behaviour cannot be condoned. Repetitions of this behaviour will be seen as an act of war.

*********Subspace Static Week 29 year 198 - 17th July 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Other News*********

As you may already know the GM will be away until the start of week 31. Please avoid special actions if possible as there is strong chance that they will not be processed due to their specialised nature.

GM Markets
The first job of the the GM upon returning from holiday will be to alter the GM markets. The changes will be very severe, but at the same time will bring the items in line with their value. e.g. if an item gives a colony a morale boost of 10 such as Luxury Food (10), then it has a worth of 10 stellars. This means that you can expect a GM controlled market to pay around 5 to 6 stellars. The underlying principle is that if you produce excess of these items, it is worth your while to seek other players to buy the items off you, giving you a greater profit than that offered by the GM markets and allowing the other player to save themselves some stellars on weekly colony support.

*********Subspace Static Week 30 year 198 - 24th July 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A relatively quiet week goes by in the peripheries with just three small battles, well two actually had a lot of ships involved but as they were all on one side, it was a very short battle!

*** The King is Dead ***

Inside sources report that in the early hours of this morning a successful attempt was made to assassinate the mad Pirate King known as The Sagacious Man. It is rumoured that a group of top ranking and highly trusted officers perpetrated the deed before fleeing to seek asylum. Witnesses report the king is dead, in a state of genuflection......who will be the new King?

*********Other News*********

Mica will be back next week so if you are waiting for a special action turn to be returned, it should appear at the beginning of August. I hope to run colonies this Thursday so we can get back to the normal deadlines. This should enable us to get them to you by weekend.

*********Subspace Static Week 31 year 198 - 31st July 1998*********  [Recruit]

No news

*********Subspace Static Week 32 Year 198 - 8th August 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A small disturbance in the Inferno system resulted in the destruction of a BHD Nebulon by the combined forces of the Empire.

Within the Dorn system a lone DOM ship was destroyed by the Flagritz.

*********Other News*********

Plague has swept part of the peripheries. For this reason Opportunity has closed its market until it can built enough hospitals to cure it.

The new GM market prices are now in effect. In time, some of the purchase prices will decrease, but a suitable gap of a number of months is needed to properly define the real value of the stellar. From now on GM markets will not be in competition with players who want to trade.

*********Subspace Static Week 33 Year 198 - 13th August 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A lone Flagritz Baseship broke from the protection of orbit only to confront the vast warfleet of the Empire. The damage inflicted in the Baseship was enough to destroy it during the opening salvo.

In other locations the use of Baseships proved more successful as Empire scout vessels were destroyed in numerous skirmishes.

A pair of Flagritz Gunships were either destroyed or derelicted during an assault on an FET colony near to the trouble zone. As to the damage suffered by the colony, it is believed to be minimal but does highlight the issue of defence of the realm when the warfleet is engaged in attack.

*********Other News*********

Some people have been asking for a list of political positions for purposes of contact. This is the most recent list.

***** Empire Affiliations, based in the Capellan Periphery *****

51 Imperials (IMP): Military might of the Empire, control the Capellan Periphery
Geoff Jollye,
52 Galactic Trade and Transport (GTT): Colony building and trade, strongly allied to Imperials
Malcolm Steedman,
53 Stellar Mining and Smelting (SMS): more independent, exploration with emphasis on geology
Keith Baggott,
56 Frontier of Exploration and Trade (FET): Planetary exploration and artifact discovery
Ted Pratt,

***** Other Human Affiliations *****

65 Confederates (CNF): Military force opposing the Empire. Control the Darkfold Periphery
Stephen Jackman,
58 Detinus Republic (DTR): Renegades driven from Capella by Imperials, now based in Darkfold
Nik Kelly,
63 The Brotherhood (BHD): Darkfold based religious fanatics fighting a Jihad against non-believers
David Jones,
64 Confederate Intelligence Agency (CIA): Closely aligned with CNF, their eyes and ears
Allan Henderson,
54 Affiliation of Free Traders (AFT): A group of individuals found throughout the universe
Erik Ledfelt,
57 The Dominion (DOM): Cut off for centuries, regarded as aliens by other humans, based in Cluster
Lars Erik Stokka,

***** Alien Affiliations *****

26 Flagritz (FGZ): Alien invaders now mostly friendly, found all over the Universe
Sergio Rocha R.
67 The Dewiek (DEN): Old high tech race, based in an area of the Cluster Periphery
Mark Ellis,
69 The Clans (CLN): Warlike and aggressive cat-like aliens, claim to control Cluster Periphery
Edward Lafferty,

*********Subspace Static Week 34 Year 198 - 20th August 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Task forces from the Empire's main Warfleet have been sent out on seek and destroy missions, this week accounting for the dereliction of a Flagritz Baseship. In other areas of the war zone, small skirmishes involving ground troops and yachts proved less successful. It appears that the war of attrition is now firmly entrenched.

The Dewiek launched their second offensive against their neighbour in a bid to remove possible weak links in the defence of their home world. So far no civilians have been injured, as they have only selected military targets.

*********Other News*********

The first of a long series of tests have been carried on modifications to the battle program. The aim is to make space battles more exciting. At present ships are derelicted after only suffering light damage, even when the hulls are targeted. The aim is to alter the damage ratios such that if you target internal, the enemy will be derelicted on the verge of blowing up, but if you target external, you will blow the enemy up before all internal systems are destroyed. All results will be rigorously tested and shown to a wide audience before any implementation and only when all parties are satisfied that the changes are an improvement to the current program. To be continued.

*********Subspace Static Week 36 Year 198 - 4th September 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Flagritz scout fleet that broke the blockade on the Inferno system is still at large. Despite losing another four vessels, they inflicted another damaging blow to an FET colony. This is the second FET colony to be attacked in as many weeks.

Throughout the Inferno system small skirmish actions have lead to derelictions and minimal losses on both sides. Still, the blockade of the Flagritz HQ is in force.

*********Ground Battles*********

The FET colony attacked by the Flagritz warfleet last week was taken by a small Flagritz ground force. As the FET appear to be the main target of the Flagritz, it is believed that they are attempting to force FET command to consider the foolishness of supporting the rest of the Empire.

In return for the loss of the FET colony, the Empire was able to capture a Flagritz colony after a daring raid by SMS Startroopers directly into the colony by an orbital assault.

It is believed that the Imperial Services might have taken a more active role in the Flagritz war but have spent the last week seeking the CIA assault forces responsible for the destruction of their outposts.

*********Other News*********

The Dewiek have finally resolved their differences with their wayward Pack Lord. Apparently his last service was as the main course.

*********Subspace Static Week 37 Year 198 - 11th September 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Having gained a toehold on the capital world of the Flagritz, the mighty Warfleet of the Empire under the direction of Robert the Bruce engaged the Fessin Holne. The Flagritz had mustered forces to counter the assault, including no less than seven Baseships, the most feared fighting vessel in the galaxy. Fessin Holne was still capable of pumping out a bewildering amount of death and destruction despite an earlier assault by the Empire a few months back. The engagement was bitter and well fought by both sides with no little amount of skill being shown. The day appears though to have gone to the Empire as wave after wave of Flagritz vessels exploded and the naval quarter of Fessin Holne was repeatedly pounded. Early in the battle, command of the joint fleet came under the control of the Imperial Services as Robert the Bruce's vessel, Blue Blanket was destroyed while deploying space fighters. Admiral Cezton of the Norpheelia II is now the highest ranking officer within the fleet. Vice Admiral Bres Voshn of the Flagritz Baseship Mourvam, truly a brave entity lead the defence of the capitol. Despite virtually overwhelming odds managed to hold back the Imperial tide, probably at the cost of its own life. A follow up ground assault on the colony failed to gain control.

The Flagritz scout fleet, so far grossly ignored by the Empire managed to capture yet another colony off the Empire, or more specifically, the FET. It appears that while the rest of the Empire are thoroughly enjoying a tour of Flagritz space, the FET are paying the price in human casualties.

*********Subspace Static Week 38 Year 198 - 18th September 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The assault on Fessin Holne continued unabated. The joint for the of the Empire pounded round after round at the various colonies situated on the surface of the world. The beleaguered forces of the Flagritz took all that was given, yet still managed to repel ground troops during a later attack on the colony.

*********Land Battles*********

In other systems, the small skirmish fleet launched some weeks ago by the Flagritz has managed to capture another FET colony. This was one that suffered an orbital bombardment last week destroying virtually all of the ground defences.

*********Other News*********

Until the war between the Flagritz and the Empire is over, all interested parties should treat with caution any invitation to colonize contested territory. You have been warned.

Proposed Changes to the Battle Program The current war has truly highlighted to problem with 'drawfire' colonies absorbing inappropriate amounts of damage, thereby spoiling 'real money' efforts to exact a realistic outcome to any battle plan. An alternate program taking colony size as well as excess dereliction has been devised and tested, but will not be implemented until agreements have been made by all parties concerned. This will require a time of calm for the affected parties to react to any implementations.

*********Subspace Static Week 39 Year 198 - 25th September 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Empire repeated their assault on the Flagritz capital this week, firing uncontested salvo after salvo into the smoking colonies present on the world. At the conclusion of the battle, Imperial forces landed at some of the undefended establishments and closed them down.

*********Subspace Static Week 40 Year 198 - 1st October 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Flagritz put on a daring retaliation against the Empire within the Inferno system. The attack against the now depleted ranks was a remarkable success, but the overall damage inflicted may not be enough to challenge the determination of the Empire.

A few sneak assaults on the SMS and the FET by the RIP after successful scouting missions enabled the RIP to capture merchant vessels.

*********Other News*********

Below are a number of problems that have been highlighted by the current Empire/Flagritz War. All of the solutions will not be introduced until there has been some sort of agreement between the two factions. Originally I stated that I would not introduce these changes until after the war. In theory this is sound, the problem arises that until these changes are introduced, there can not be an end to the war as neither side is capable of achieving their goal. This presents a 'Catch 22' situation.

Problem Players can start up unlimited ships, give them the bare items needed to attack and send them into battle. Colonies and other vessels waste valuable resources by destroying these relatively harmless positions. Solution Allow players to still start up positions as before, but for each one started, charge the affiliation PD 35,000 stellars per position. This will allow legitimate causes to be funded, yet will ultimately mean that with the loss of artificial financial support by GM controlled markets, abuse of the start up rule will be short lived or expensive.

Problem Warships are derelicted after getting little more than a nose bleed. This forces an increase in hostilities within the region as there is a long-term struggle to retrieve the derelicted vessels, it also makes fighting a war in foreign regions virtually impossible. Solution Of damage received, increase the proportion that is applied to the hulls as opposed to internal. The outcome is that fewer ships are derelicted, ships can dish out more damage, and there is more point in fleeing as there is less chance of being derelicted. This means that lightning raids against enemies can be made, but also it will mean that colonies find it easier to destroy ships, but you can't have it all ways.

Problem Ships targeting colonies have equal chance of firing at a class 1 colony as they do a class 9. This means that the primary target is often overlooked, making colony assaults futile. Solution Give ships initially targeting colonies an increased chance of targeting the larger ones. This will leave the rest of the fleet to deal with the smaller ones and other defending ships.

*********Subspace Static Week 41 Year 198 - 9th October 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Inferno system was aflame with photon fire as numerous fleets of alien cygnets swept across the length and breadth pursuing all Empire ships with the single minded aim of destroying or derelicting them. Finally forces engaged in the orbit of Fork to fight the last stand against the now dwindling forces of the Empire. The results were conclusive, the dominance of the orbit finally returning to the Flagritz.

*********Ground Battles*******

Unfortunately while the Flagritz retook the orbit, they succumbed to the ground forces of the Empire. These forces finally overcame the once impressive might of Fessin Holne and captured what was once the very heart of the Flagritz province. Whether they are prepared to hold it is another question.

*********Subspace Static Week 42 Year 198 - 16th October 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A number of skirmishes washed across the Inferno system. The remnants of the Flagritz and Empire's mighty war fleets engaging in harrying tactics while the rest of the fleet is refitted.

*********Other News*********

A relatively quiet week, following the wild events of the past few months. This has meant that some discussion for the upgrading of colonies has been possible. While the final details have not yet been nailed down, it looks like there will be interesting improvements at least to complexes. These have been made possible by the removal of over inflated GM markets, hence the rise in player controlled market driving forces.

*********Subspace Static Week 43 Year 198 - 23rd October 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The forces of the Empire mustered a small fleet and invaded Flagritz territory destroying or routing the Flagritz from their defence of the Empire's derelicts.

*********Ground Battles*******

Imperial forces gathered to finally remove the last of the CIA forces responsible for so much damage to their mining operations.

*********Other News*********

Colony Improvements
The go-ahead has been given and programming has started on increasing the number of types of special complex a colony can have. Once finished, the number of complexes that class 2 through 6 can build will be increased. These are the first of a list of improvements to the game.

*********Subspace Static Week 44 Year 198 - 29th October 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The forces of the Empire joined with those of the Dominion finally destroyed the last of the resistance in the orbit of the former Flagritz capital. Now comes the boarding of the hulks and wrecks that lay scattered around the world.

The tables were turned on the RIP as a lucky Imperial ship managed to broadcast a warning. Within days a skirmish fleet was mustered and converged on the Nemesis class warship. With a more than substantial advantage to the AFT and Empire fleet the RIP did not stand a chance.

*********Other News*********

Friendly Fire
While a small team of SMS technicians were busy trying to unravel the mysteries of Flagritz technology, a hardened bunch of 'no nonsense follow your orders' Imperial soldiers were given order to scupper the vessel. The last screams of the SMS were quickly silenced by the resulting vacuum. By way of compensation it is believed that the nose cone of the ship actually reached the surface of the world ensuring a decent burial, even if a touch premature.

Order in Council
The Wimble (WMB) race, as declared affiliates of the Flagritz Republic, are deemed to have given and to be giving Aid and Comfort to the said Republic, which is in a state of war with the Stellar Empire. Accordingly the said Wimble race are hereby declared to be enemies of the Stellar Empire within the meaning of Section 8 paragraph (II) of the Imperial Law and are banned, on pain of posting, from the territories of the said Empire as defined by Section 8.

*********Subspace Static Week 45 Year 198 - 5th November 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

After a short spell of turmoil within the CNF, they have sorted their problems out and set about cleaning up the troublesome presence of the Imperial Services' scout ships within Confederate borders.

*********Ground Battles*********

The Imperial Services are still having problems with a Brotherhood ship full of fanatics that has virtually become a permanent residence at one of their colonies. All attempts to board have ended up with lots of slaughtered Imperial troops.

*********Subspace Static Week 46 Year 198 - 12th November 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Fleets of Imperial and Flagritz scouts apparently set out with the determination to make a lot of noise but fail to actually do more than be a nuisance to each other. Maybe they should take a leaf out of the RIP book of piracy. A number of daring raids resulted in the successful capture of AFT, IMP and SMS freighters.

*********Ground Battles*********

An Imperial task force that had been harassing the Confederacy was finally obliterated by a determined CNF force. The location of the attack, at the site of an outpost indicates that the IMP was caught in the middle of nefarious acts considered too base for all but the CIA.

*********Subspace Static Week 47 Year 198 - 20th November 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

The Empire is back on the move. Forces are already beginning to mass in the the Inferno system. It now appears to be just a matter of time before another assault on the Flagritz occurs. This week a small detachment was sent to destroy a Flagritz Cygnet class vessel.

Within the rest of the periphery the RIP are seeking vessels with renewed vigor. Single and paired vessels combed the Capellan periphery finding a remarkable number of lone merchant vessels. It appears that the fear of pirates is waning, or captains are getting careless.

The Imperial Services finally got around to dealing with the Brotherhood vessel trapped in their starport. Having failed spectacularly to capture the ship intact to discover how it managed to land on a world with such a high gravity, the opted for the none to subtle blast it till its dust. Horraay for the conquering heroes (no sarcasm intended, honest).

*********Other News*********

Special Complexes
Good news for colony governors, you can now exploit 10 different items in your special complexes instead of 5 (still includes research as one line). On top of this, the number of complexes that can be built at a colony is now as follows:-
Class QTY of Complexes
1 1
2 5
3 10
4 25
5 50
6 70
7, 8, 9 & 10 as before.

Remember that security complexes protect the military quarter, so any governor who sacrifices all defence for special production deserves a bloody good kicking!

*********Subspace Static Week 48 Year 198 - 26th November 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Once again the FET suffer at the hands of the despicable pirates. A noble attempt to rescue a ship attacked by the RIP turned sour. The SOL Heart of Oak arrived too late last week to save an FET Pioneer. Luckily the Pioneer was able to escape by dint of its fast speed. This week though the lone SOL was jumped by a pack of RIP ships and skinned alive.

In another area of space a small Imperial patrol ran across a pirate and destroyed it although not without loss of the captain of one of the vessels.

Skirmishes in other areas of space including the Inferno system achieved little in terms of destruction. This no doubt will not last for long as rumours of fleets massing for a long and drawn out confrontation are heard in every starport across the peripheries.

*********Subspace Static Week 49 Year 198 - 3rd December 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

A small Confederate force, having heard of a posted Imperial Services vessel outside of Imperial space moved to engage. Unfortunately their information was not very accurate and the vessel was actually part of the combined Empire and Dominion warfleet forged to strike against the Flagritz. It turned into a rather nasty surprise when the four vessels met up with nearly fifty fully armed vessels. A major diplomatic issue has been raised when the Dominion defended the Imperial Services. As the Dominion were there to attack the Flagritz there was no reason for them to defend the Imperial Services. That they did while outside the borders of the Empire may have political ramifications.

More FET vessels fell to a small fleet of pirate ships. While the Imperial Services are playing at soldiers around distant stars, the RIP are reaping the benefits.

*********Ground Battles*********

A small Flagritz colony fell to the FET. The battle was short with surrender occurring almost immediately due to poor defences.

*********Subspace Static Week 50 Year 198 - 10th December 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Pirate Goose Chase (how appropriate)
Those smart chaps appear to have once again outwitted the combined forces of three Empires. Having 'collected' a few new ships last week by hanging around, they scarpered this week, leaving behind a few expendable scouts. These were quickly destroyed by the more than frustrated forces of the Imperial Empire, the Detinus Republic as well as the Dominion.

Flagritz Two-Step
Favours appear to come and go with in the continuing Flagritz war. A couple of skirmishes resulted in the destruction of small scout vessels.

Confederate Revenge
After last week's nightmare, a short sharp reprisal against the Imperial Services was achieved although this only led to the dereliction of an Imperial vessel.

BHD Raid on a Secret FET Installation
A hardened bunch of crack troops managed to break into an undeclared artefact discovered by the FET. The attempted raid on the armoury after chaos generated by the use of chemical weapons was very close to achieving their goal. Fortunately for the governor, a hasty drop of heavy artillery saved the day. Once again the lack of security crackdown and security complexes nearly threw the entire structure into the enemies hands.

*********Other News*********

GM Holiday
As from Monday 21st till Monday 4th, the GM will be relaxing as far from the office as possible. Week 52 is therefore extended to cover the Christmas break. It will run from Thursday 17th till Tuesday 29th. Week 52 will bring us into the new year, but expect a few days to get everything up to date. Please avoid special actions if possible and try to get week 52's orders in during week 51 so that the GM can process as many as possible before buggering off Friday night.
Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope Santa brings you that shiny new ship, complete with bells.

*********Subspace Static Week 51 Year 198 - 17th December 1998*********  [Recruit]

*********Space Battles*********

Imperial Reprisals
A lone Confederate warship failed to retreat after last week's skirmish with the Imperial Services. Reinforcements having arrived made short work finishing it off.

Fleets of Flagritz scouts encountered Empire scouts in multiple battles of the Weenies. Actually they looked more like rowdy Christmas parties than serious conflicts. It would seem that Photon Guns are on everybody's Santa list.

user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

Tension in the Corewards Arm

With the DNA obtaining several ex-GCE bases in the Coreward Arm it has found itself in the middle of an asset grab of serious proportions and aggression. Our reporters witnessed several GTT troop carriers heading for the Corewards system as the DNA published information suggesting they were accidental owners of the system and that the assets were to be moved on. As the GTT ships started to arrive the bases were quickly passed to the CIA, thus thwarting the GTT intentions as they were hardly likely to start dropping troops on their allies bases. This shrew move by the DNA seems to have calmed matters in the Coreward arm temporarily, although the shift in relations between the GTT and DNA has taken a negative turn. When asked what their next move might be the GTT refused to comment.

GCE collapse

The GCE are no more, save for some scattered light freighters. The affiliation which enjoyed a sharp rise and profiltable relations with many has ceased trading. Rumors point to the GTT buying up GCE assets before stripping the rival corporation of anything of value. Although our reporters at the SSS have been quick to point out that any GCE assets not in GTT systems have been taken over by both the DNA and FET. So it seems many different affiliations were able to profit from this development including a new group called the HSH who appear to have taken over the GCE war fleet. No doubt many in the peripheries will be watching with interest where these ships are used, who the HSH are and how they were able to get thier hands on so many warships so quickly.

Secudus trials

In the Cluster Secudus has continued his trials, claiming to root out terrorists working against the Empire. With tends of thousands of beings being sent to the camps or worse. There is no sign of these actions stopping as the NHS clamp down on the locals and bring them under the harsh control of the Empire.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – <Unknown>
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite and most reliable unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last couple of weeks,

Cluster War! DNA Gather Fruit
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last few weeks,

Cluster War! MZC attacks DNA
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

The Dewiek rise again!

After the death and destruction wrought upon the Dewiek Nation by the Architects, there was a period of calm if you were a werewolf fancier. But now the Dewiek have risen to once more in the name of the Dewiek Packs, led by Skarn. Their new message being one of peace, a most unusual change for the large humanoid wolves. While they rise from the ashes of the Mizuchi Combine the Galaxy waits to see how this new affiliation acts, baring in mind the Dewiek have something of reputation.

Empire invade the Cluster!

A significant force of GTT warships recently entered the Cluster, somewhere they have not seen the need to go for a very long time. At the same time the CIA banned the Dewiek Packs from it’s space and also sent a large number of warships into the Cluster to bolster the GTT’s presence. After this show of force the Crossley system, known for it’s wormhole connecting from the Cluster to CIA space shifted to be claimed by the GTT. Currently the Empire has over 200,000 troops and 2000 warships roaming the nearby systems. Inhabitants of the Cluster are waiting to see if there are any further developments. GTT CEO Xavier Fox when asked by our office dismissed it as a “Training exercise”.

Krell sale!

The Krell Clan Dark Angels has been selling off bases, outposts and even systems lately. It is unknown why they have decided to cash in their assets and territories, but it points to the accumulation of significant wealth by the Krell clan. If you have any spare cash and want to expand your assets then it seems to our office that the best place to go is the Dark Angel Clan and ask what will be going up for sale next, assuming they actually have anything left.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - <unknown>
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - Skarn
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Bacran *
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
HEX Hexamon (23) - <unknown>
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Kal Torak
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
GTT step forward to control protection and peace in the Stellar Empire.

With the retirement of Jack Johns and various lower-level IMP officers from public life, the Imperial Services were left on the verge of being unable to fill their role as protectors of the Stellar Empire. Due to the serious nature the Imperial Services found itself in, the Emperor recently travelled to GTT HQ to attend a board meeting with the directors of the GTT.

With Galactic Trade and Transport being one of the few remaining loyal Imperial Chartered affiliations, who also supply well over half of the war material to the Imperial Services, the Emperor sought the position of the GTT with regard to the Imperial Services becoming overburdened with bureaucracy and lacking effective leadership. Effectively the Imperial Services were at the point of collapse. A position highlighted when an opportunistic supposed ally subverted four Imperial Outposts in the Inner Empire, thinking their asset grabbing would go unnoticed.
user image
  Star Date: 221.30.5

user image


user image

A Forlorn Hope

The seat of Dewiek Government has fallen. What began as a small group of Architect ships picking up retreating DEN forces, amalgamated into a much larger force. The bombardment fleet comprised dozens of Adult ARC ships plus several Planet Killers. The force made short work of the impressive fortifications of the planetary orbit of Newstart. Multiple heavily armoured and maximised deflector shield platforms crumbled. They did so only after releasing their volleys of antimatter and nova weapon batteries. Any DEN warships that remained from earlier encounters also stood the line. But within the week, the last defence was gone.

Bombardment of Wolf Lair starbase proceeded without further resistance from the Dewiek. ARC Plasmas ripped through starbase shields. They demolished tens of thousands of factories and research facilities. The ARC demolished the huge military recruitment and training facilities on the planet. Over half a million trained troops evacuated from deep bunkers, leaving a token ground defence.

The ARC were not satisfied to burn the facilities and murder the workers. They deployed repeated salvos of their Virus Bombs on the wider population. Reports began to arrive of civilians of the world regressing. Leaving settlements and returning to nature. Much as the Dewiek found themselves some decades ago when they started to recover from the First Great ARC-DEN War. This time there was no High Lord Magnus willing to obliterate the world to save a remnant of the people. Newstart was already lost.

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Newstart is lost

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  Star Date: 221.27.2

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End Game Lost

A short-lived period of peace followed the Dewiek Elder Nation’s historic and Saga-worthy defence against the Architect Planet Killers. A handful of the more typically encountered ARC ships were spotted picking off DEN support ships in Forlorn Hope before more than forty of them appeared back in End Game.

While the ARC “Adult” class ships, as the DEN had previously classified them, were eight times smaller than the “Planet Killers”, they were still as big as the largest ships any other species has managed to produce. Including the otherwise technologically advanced Dewiek.

Forty-four of these Plasma armed organic vessels smashed through the DEN forces left circling the orbit of Beacon, End Game. The mass of ARC weapons bombarded the DEN Shipyards at Ragnorak with their superheated ionized gas, razing the entire outpost to the ground.

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ARC Plasma weapons devastate End Game

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  Star Date: 221.22.5

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Assault on End Game

The ancient Architects have declared war on the Dewiek Elder Nation. The first sign of the conflict was subspace transmissions in a remote system in the Pocket Periphery. This followed reports that the ancient Ragnarok shipyards on Beacon were malfunctioning. In response, the Wolf Mother sent urgent orders to several Dewiek scout ships to patrol the End Game system.

The Konungr Smidamadr was the first to encounter the gigantic, “Planet Killer” class ARC ships. Measuring in at thirty-two hundred heavy hulls and armed with a hundred ARC plasma weapons, the ship was more like a mobile armed platform. It is certainly the largest vessel ever recorded. The scout ship was vaporised instantly.

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ARC Planet Killer dwarves largest DEN warships

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  Star Date: 221.11.4

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Caste Apart

The Flagritz Republic is (very nearly) no more. In its place, a single Hexamon and Flagritz power has arisen. The new Collective has absorbed much of the Flagritz holdings with only a handful of Clique-caste Flagritz systems choosing instead to align with the other Elder species, the Dewiek.

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Flagritz and Hexamon Hybrids - A hope for the Future?

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  Star Date: 221.3.3

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Meklan scout ships continue to be seen around the Orion Spur periphery. These cyborg creatures in service of hidden ancient masters appear to be terrorising the Wimble Nation in particular. Despite public lamentations against the hardship of defending themselves, the Wimble leadership have not yet responded to our request for comment.

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Artist's impression of a Meklanised Wimble

However, Xavier Fox, CEO of Galactic Transport and Trade, did give us the following statement:

“We have engaged several Meklan ships, although currently the source has not been identified. GTT Directors have been running patrols and have engaged and destroyed numerous ships that have attacked outlying outposts belonging to different affiliations. The pattern of ships encountered leads us to believe there is a central source, but until that is found we would suggest any affiliation with assets in the area provide adequate defences.”

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Doomsday On Pause

At the site of the Thete anomaly, the Dewiek Nation has sent media sensation Sharon Aleman to the scene. Aleman, whose cybernetic enhancements allow her to directly interface with her ship’s sensor array, led her hardened crew into a dive of the outermost “edge” of the anomaly. After spending several days collecting and analysing data (mere minutes to the rest of us outside the anomaly), Aleman reported her shocking discoveries.


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I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).