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Subspace Static - 193 January  [Recruit]

******BSE Newsletter January 1993******

First off, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. Hopefully I will be able to keep the same fast service which you have been used to during 1992. We are experimenting with introducing a network linking all the computers here at KJC. One of the main reasons for this is to enable more than just myself to process BSE turns. I will let you know more on this as things progress.


The first postings of ships has now begun. If your affiliation has ships posted it may not be a good idea to have a standing order to support your affiliation in the case of a battle. If a battle does take place and you are in the same space square you could end up fighting several heavily armed ships and maybe a colony as well! Not a good idea if you are still a surveyor!


Twice a year, each affiliation is allowed to suggest one new item which they would like to be added to the game. It can be anything but remember that it has to be programmed into the game so it has to be relatively simple. We will then consider all suggestions and a couple will be accepted. If your item is one of these, one or more of your colonies will be able to produce it.
Other affiliations will have to either buy the item for them or do research to learn the production process. If you have a good idea for an item, why not send it to your affiliation leaders. Could each PD send the item you wish to produce to me by the end of February.

***Hostile Aliens***

Some players are still asking me to choose a planet to visit when they first jump to a new system. You must make your own choices especially as now that the first hostile aliens are moving about.

***Intergalactic News***

The next issue is out and should be enclosed with your turn. If for some reason it is nor, let me know and I can include a cope with your next turn.

Subspace Static - 193 February  [Recruit]

******BSE Newsletter February 1993******

Some of the upgrade which have been done to ships say that the ship is a merchant class and that it cannot fire weapons. The only ship class which can not fire weapons is the Supra Freighter. If yours says this and is not a Supra freighter bring it to my attention and I will change it for you.


Things seem to be hotting up now and war seems to be fairly likely1 I just want to remind players that the Capellan System is a safe system and that hostile action is not allowed here so please don't try to do it. If you do, your turn will probably be delayed.

***Just a Game***

One of the affiliation leaders wanted me to mention that BSE is just a game! Things which happen in other games, including the American BSE game, should stay out of our game. I don't think anybody wants revenge attacks just because of something which has happened elsewhere.

***First Class Issue 12***

This is now available ad can be ordered with your BSE turn. A single copy costs 1.90. There is not a lot in it for BSE but there is a two page BSE cartoon strip by Jake May and a short article on why not to join the DTR. There is material on the other KJC games and some general stuff such as news and players letters.

***KJC News - February***

This is at the printers now and should be out in a couple of days. I just wanted to mention the Pub Meet which is being arranged in Swindon. This is actually by a BSE player for BSE so if you feel like going down...

***8th PBM Convention***

This will be held on 6th March at York Hall Baths, Old ford Road, Bethnal Green E2 9PJ 10.30am -6pm. While KJC is not having a stand some KJC staff will be there, including myself. If you go, please introduce yourself, you will probably find me in the bar! Quite a few BSE players will be there as well so it should be a good day. Any votes you send our way will be appreciated.

***Intergalactic News***

The February issue is out and should be enclosed with your turn. If for some reason it is not, let me know and I can include a copy with your next turn.


Due to the increasing number of ships and ground parties I have found it increasingly difficult to find enough time to run BSE and to devote time to the day to day running of KJC, let alone any long term goals. I have decided that the time has come to hand over the reigns to another, namely Justin Parsler. Some of you will know Justin, he was previously the PD of the SSL. Justin will be processing the turns from 22nd February and will have overall control of the game. I would like to thank everyone for their previous turns. I have enjoyed running the game, and I hope you enjoyed the turns. I am sure that Justin will do an equally or better job.
Over the last two weeks, a copy of KJC news should have been enclosed with your turn. If you did not receive a copy of have a turn processed during that period and would like to receive a copy, drop a note with your next turn.

Subspace Static - 193 March  [Recruit]

******BSE News March 1993******

By the time you read this I should have been running BSE for two weeks and I am surprised by how few mistakes I have made. You have probably also noticed that I have a lot more time to devote to BSE than Kevin had and therefore a whole lot more has started to happen. This, I hope, will continue. Please let me know your opinions and do not think that just because I am slow in responding to letters that I do not want them. It is just that processing the turns themselves has got to take priority. Meanwhile, I have a few points to make.

***War and Enemies***

Previously, with no legal combat taking place, Kevin could ignore requests for battles. Now the situation is a little more violent could everyone remove erroneous enemies from their lists. You may only put a position on an enemy list if it has been posted by your affiliation, which you can do by prefixing your own affiliation number with 8000. Otherwise enemies are only permitted if your affiliation is at war with somebody. Currently that means the FET and DTR can put any or all of the other positions on their enemy lists.
The Flagritz and the RIP can also be put on anyone's list, their numbers are 26 and 17 respectively.
I will be ignoring all other enemy requests.
REMEMBER: Before you can attack someone your affiliation must have posted them or a formal state of war must exist. Whole affiliations cannot be posted.
ALSO REMEMBER; Combat is not permitted in Capella itself. Any battles called for here will be ignored. It is a no fire zone.

***Out of Character***

Everything must be kept in character in the game. I will not type up any affiliation message which mentions real people other than as contact addresses, especially if the comments made are derogatory.
Likewise I will be asking Richard not to print anything in IGN that makes mention of real people. This is a game and any abuse should stay within the confines of the game. There is nothing I can do to stop out of game vendettas, but if they start to impinge on the game too much then I maybe forced to take some action. This will not stop the vendetta, but it will take it out of BSE.
Generally there is no need for all this unpleasantness, but if you need to be, please keep it in character.

***Phone Calls***

Anybody is free to call me, but could you try and keep calls to Wednesdays and Thursdays if possible as these are my less busy days.


Just to clarify a point. I am not still the SSL Godfather. It would be ludicrous for me to play and ref. at the same time, though some people thought I would be. Likewise the SSL will get no special favours.
I will be at Gamesfair n reading in April, possibly even wearing my KJC badge. As I come from London (though I now live in Blackpool) I shall be down fairly often and will try to make the London pubmeet. I will also try to make any pubmeet anywhere near Blackpool and any conventions a lot of BSE players go to. I have a lot of family in Scandinavia, so this summer I may get to a Scandinavian meet at some point, as we have a fair number of Nordic players.


For everyone who has ever asked, you can join the RIP (the BSE pirates) if you can find someone in the RIP to swear you in who does not blow you away first.
As numbers of players keep increasing we should be able to include some new affiliations of players design. This is not going to happen at the moment as we have too few players for the current affiliations to be 'full'. Inquire for details.

Subspace Static - 193 April  [Recruit]

No issue for this month.

Subspace Static - 193 May  [Recruit]

******BSE News May 1993******

An eventful month, may. Most of the things tat went on are not common knowledge, so I cannot mention them here. Prominently, however, was a combined FGZ DTR assault on the former DTR colony Blackvoid (renamed FET Windhook). The DTR got Blackvoid back but are now being slated as 'enemies of humanity' for selling out to the alien invasion.
Also a combined IMP/FET task force took out the leader of the RIP, throwing the pirates into disarray, making the universe a safer place to live and claiming a big fat reward into the bargain.

It has been announced that the Emperor's son, Lysander, is to arrive in the periphery at the end of June. This is part of a round the universe tour with his new bride princess Saphire. A competition is to be held: whoever presents the best gift to the princess will receive an upgrade to dreadnought. The gift should be something found in the periphery and be presented at Jax to core empire administrators via a special action. There will be a number of runner up prizes for other interesting submissions. Remember, this is a wedding present for an artist, so we are not talking pulsar tanks here, and probably not anything else that has an 'item number' as such. Be creative.

The SMS PD has retired and the SMS is undergoing a referendum.

A couple of rule points:
The maximum amount of anything that can be ordered with a pickup authorisation is 30000. This includes stellars.
MAIN is the operational part of your ship, CARGO is just that, cargo. Although the combined space of these are based on the main hulls, they are different areas. When you take off from a planet you do not have to enter orbit, it happens automatically. To move to another space square you do need to leave orbit however.

Players should take care to avoid suns. There is a 10TU penalty written into the game system for ships which hit suns. I will not enforce this on new players but will on those that ought to know better.

Colonies can now produce ship hulls. However, the first time you do this you must mention this on your turncard as certain alterations much be made to your colony stats before it will work (nothing you will notice).If you do not mention it the hull production ill not work.

The research rules have just come into operation. This is only really of relevance to colony governors. They are not properly types up yet, but should be in a week or two. If they are relevant to you then ask for a copy.

That's about it. There have probably been some turn delays around the beginning of this month. This is due to the bank holiday, which always throws everything out of kilter and the KJC flyer which has meant a large number of new ship starts. Delays should only be a day or two at most.

A player wrote to me a while back and said 'this game is all boring - all I ever do is GPIs and trading'.
If that is all you ever do then it probably will get dull. The answer is simple - do something different. There is so much potential in the game but this is not the sort of game where you will get spoon fed.
The easiest way to find interesting things is via surface exploration. Do one of these occasionally and you never know what you might find.

For those of you that do not know, there is a regular pub meet on Marleybone station every first Friday of the month. This is in a pub called the Victoria and Albert and starts around 7.00. there are always a lot of BSE players there, usually including the heads of the IMP, SSL, FET as well as a host of other players. I keep saying I will be there, but circumstances conspire against me.

Subspace Static - 193 June  [Recruit]

******BSE News June 1993******

Big news of the month is the combined declaration of war on the DTR by the FET and IMP. The charges they base the declaration on are that the DTR has joined with the Flagritz to attack humanity. This they can prove by the simple fact that the DTR joined with a Flagritz attack on Windhook, the former DTR colony Blackvoid. The DTR got Blackvoid back, but after a 4 week Flagritz bombardment there was little left to take. The aims of the war are, briefly, to destroy the DTR as an effective fighting force, ensure they have no colonies in the core systems and prevent them from being any further use to the Flagritz.
The FET also wants compensation for losses and the IMPs want to bring JB Westbrook, former IMP PD who defected to the DTR, to justice.
An early engagement between IMP and DTR forces resulting from the posting of Westbrooks ships proved to be indecisive.

War starts week 26 and has started as I write. The three sides involved in the war can put their opponents on their enemy lists. Others not in the above affiliations may join in, or be dragged in, as a result of support or defend orders. You will only be dragged in this way if you END your turn in the location of the battle. Passing through a battle will not do, unless you do a free special action and specify where the battle you wish to join is taking place.
The SMS has elected Keith Baggot as its new PD. The referendum was a close run thing.

You may have experienced a few turn delays at the beginning of the month. This was again caused by the chaos the postal service undergoes during a bank holiday. Also, I went on holiday and Kevin was up to his eyeballs in work due to other staff holidays and illnesses.

The war is going to generate a great deal of extra work on Friday. Can I thus ask you to get your turns for the next week in before Friday if at all possible. It is likely that Friday second post will be too late as I will have started on battles, colony printouts and the like by then.

Method of distribution on the research rules is to be changed. Combined with the black-market rules and some other random bits and pieces, plus some rules clarifications, these will be sent out to everybody.
The ideas for items submitted to us for approval and inclusion has been scrapped. Only one of the items would have been approved anyway, so it is no great loss. The research rules should open up new avenues.

From the end of June there is a rule alteration: you will not be able to repair a ships hulls with non complex repair. If your ships hulls are damaged you are going to have to visit a repair complex.

BSE had its two biggest weeks in May, the number of turns roughly doubled in the last three months. Also, players seem a lot happier with the game. Please keep on letting me know what you think, it is the only way I can respond to player wishes.

Several people keep asking me 'when will the new ship classes be available' - well they are. There are an infinite number of ship classes available, just not readily available. Several people now have ships not listed in the rules. If what you are really asking is 'when are you going to give me a huge ship on a plate' then answer is

Subspace Static - 193 July  [Recruit]

******BSE News July 1993******


The war has not gone well for the DTR. In the first week they lost Starzone to an Imp attack, a result mostly of bad luck combined with IMP cunning. An ongoing battle in the space square over the IMP colony St Petersburg has resulted in casualties to both sides, though the IMP finally seem to have come out on top.
Though the DTR have acquitted themselves well in the last two weeks in various space battles the biggest blow to them has been the mass defection of their political players. Their PS has left the game entirely and other political players have defected to other affiliations. There is, at present, nobody running the DTR at all.

The month passed with no new citings of the Flagritz. It was thought that they would attack again in week 30, but there has been no sign of them. Colony governors outside of Capella are no doubt waiting with baited breath.
The Empire ha encountered the forces of the Emperor's bastard half brother who leads a collection of outlawed affiliations called the Confederacy. A state of cold war exists between the Empire and the Confederacy as each is afraid to attack the other outright. More information on this state of affairs will be soon forthcoming.


Several people are still confused as to how accounts work in BSE, so I will explain in detail.
No matter how many positions you run, all turn charges are debited from a single account. You do not have a single figure for each ship. Charges are debited as the turn come in, so if you submit a turn that it not yet due to be processed your account will still be debited. If you were them to submit a turn that was due to be processed you might see a lower account balance than you would expect. This is because you have already been charged for a turn that has not yet been processed.
Charges for colonies are levied when the printout is generated. This is normally done every Friday. You are not charged at the time you submit your orders, but at the time we send it back.

Black-market and research rules have been delayed for various reasons. You should get these in the very near future.

One last point: when writing to your PD or other political player, it is polite to include some stamps. Some of these people are writing an awful lot of letters and the bills for this sort of thing, and for photocopying soon mount up. Please lend them a hand as it is not really fair for them to pay to keep you informed.

Subspace Static - 193 August  [Recruit]

******August 1993 News******

July and early august has been rather busy, quite a lot of new stuff has been set up in the game, which I will talk about in a minute, and I wanted to wait until it was all up and running before issuing any public comment.

The London pubmeet was full of BSEers this month and a good, reasonably drunken time was had by all. For those who do not know about this meet it is at the 'Victoria and Albert' pub which is actually on Marleybone station. The BSE crowd usually congregates in the right hand bar. People get there around 7.00pm and it is on the first Friday of every month.

Several new affiliations have been set up in BSE. The PDs have been chosen for these already, based on those I knew had an interest in such activity.
These affiliations are part of the Confederacy, a kind of 'anti empire' run by the Emperors half brother. It is possible for players to join these affiliations by talking to the appropriate PD. The names are Andy Marshall (a nutty religious group called the Brotherhood), Pete Betts head of a spy agency (CIA), Mark Brown of the smugglers/thieves called the RAT, Alan Salt of a mercenary group called the DIE, and lastly Nick Allonby running the Confederacy (CNF) itself.
The Confederacy is set up in a set of new systems. You will have to find out how to get into these systems yourself, whether you join a new affiliation or not.
More details on these will be published in a forthcoming rules errata-but as they are so new there is no reason for anyone to know anything much yet anyway.

In answer to the frequently asked question 'When will larger ship upgrades be available at Hypso' the answer is NEVER.

The Princess has finally come to the periphery. Competition winners were Keith Baggot of the SMS Mercury for his floating museum and Pete Betts (Trace Windhook) of the much maligned Empress Sarah for his sky resort in Yank.

The war with the DTR is over. Detinus has been handed over to the EEM and DTR power in the periphery is broken. Rumour has it that the DTR has done deals with the CNF and will be setting up in the new periphery. Anyway up, there is no more war.

You may note that when you land at a colony you get a short description of it. These are written by me but colony governors should feel free to make their own suggestions. This is a feature we have just set up.
The new rulebook is underway. If you could please send to me details of anything you find to be confusing or badly written about the last one then I would be grateful. Do not expect a reply though.
Also I need a number of short anecdotes, events and quotations to bring the text to life: all submissions gratefully received.
Colony governors please note: there is a moral penalty for not feeding your colonists.

A number of additions to BSE are in the offering. I will give particulars as they arise but they will include a lot more detail for colonies, a decrease in the cost of GPIing a sector, more possibilities for political positions and some alterations to the battle program. This will all take time, so watch this space.

Subspace Static - 193 September  [Recruit]

******September 1993 News******

A few delays early in the month, only of a day or so, but my apologies none the less. The bank holiday combined with the new KJC flyer caused chaos - I have done about 50 new starts in the firs week of the month.

There has been a bit of a discussion going on about the posting and declaration of war system in BSE. A number of players have said tat it should be thrown open and that everyone should be ale to attack anyone they wish. A number of players have written to say that they are satisfied with the present system, but by reading the letters of both sides it became clear that neither side knew precisely what the system was. The rulebook is unclear so I will attempt to outline the system for you.

Any ship can put the entirety of its posted list as an enemy. It can also put anyone else's posted list up as an enemy provided the affiliation concerned could be considered an 'ally'. A ship can also put individual posted positions on its enemy list, but must say as such in a 0TU special action.

If a state of war exists a ship may put the entirety of who it is at war with on its enemy list, or individual positions provided it accompanies that with an action as described above.

Basically, if you are at war with the DTR (for example) and you want o put a single DTR up as an enemy do not just write 'add to enemy list 345'but add on something to the tune of 'that's a DTR ship, Justin, so don't be a wally and let me shoot at it'. Otherwise I will not know what ship 345 is!

The more complicated and subjective bit is how you go to war or post a ship. Both activities are only done by the PD of the affiliation.

POSTING: This is to let you shoot at a single ship. You cannot post a whole affiliation, though you may want to post a fair number of individual positions.

To post a ship the PD tells me, in writing, why he wants to post the ship. He also tells me his political position number and puts in the posting order, provisionally.

If I agree with his reasons then I let it go through, the ship is posted. The target of the posting has no say n the matter, though he can try to prove his innocence at a later date, once he has found out he is posted. I will not tell him.

So why can you post someone? A million reasons. You just have to convince me that you truly believe you have cause to redress against this person. What justified posting varies from affiliation to affiliation. For instance, the IMP could post a ship for carrying contraband. The SSL for a breach of honour. The DIE because they have a contract.

Subspace Static - 193 October  [Recruit]

******October News 1993******

BSE should go through a few changes during the following month or two, some of which you may already have noticed. We now have a full network up and running in the office as well as a new junior programmer, Jason. This will all mean that programme updates will be happening somewhat faster and that life will become easier for me (could it get any easier? I hear you all ask).

Accounts are to be computerised, which will save me an our or so each morning and cut down on the inevitable errors. This is one thing of many that will make the game run smoother at my end, though it is the only one that you will notice.

Colonies and Political turns have been done on a laser printer for a few weeks now. Very soon, perhaps by the time you read this in fact, all turns will be done by laser. This has required some program changes, mostly to give me more on-screen feedback. This should save me craning my neck to look at the printout (pretty difficult on a laser anyhow), save my eardrums from being bombarded by the racket of a dot matrix 8 hours a day (this is turning into a sob story) and, most importantly, drastically improve printout quality.

GPIing sectors will soon be reduced to 10TU rather than 14. I will let you know exactly when, but it is a more complex alteration than it would seem. Other alterations in the pipeline include ships library computers, more stuff for colonies and battle experience for ship captains.

The new rulebook is well underway, though every time I sit down to work on it it gets longer! We do not know whether we will be charging existing players for the new rules. If we do, it will be at cost and errata sheets will be available for those who do not wish to fork out.

Rules Update

Research: It should be noted that the maximum number of research complexes that can be present at a single colony is equal to twice its colony class. To clarify some other points: You can add more complexes to a project once it has started. It is the PLAYERS responsibility to note when a project is complete.
Luxury Goods

I have separated the term 'luxury goods' into several new categories. Colony governors may note that their special complexes may start to produce a more specific form f luxury rather than the generic one. No colony is going to lose out in any way as a result of this change. It is intended to add more interest and some variety into the profitable luxury good trade.

As long promised the cost to GPI sectors has now been decreased from 14 to 10.

Subspace Static Week 43 Year 193  [Recruit]

Planet maps are currently undergoing a overhaul. Those of you that probe worlds will note that the map is printed on your turn there and then, rather than being a separate entity. System maps will stay the same, though I am hoping to change them all to the full page format used for the Darkfold systems.
I must say that the turn-printed maps are being steadily improved. At present they divide terrain into land and sea, but we hope to print different symbols for each terrain type, as well as the locations of colonies in order to get a 'view from orbit' sort of feel. Quality of the maps will improve markedly when we switch to laser printed turns, which should be in early October.
Let me know what you think of the new maps and how they can be improved, bearing in mind what I have said concerning them.

Subspace Static Week 46 Year 193  [Recruit]

Ship data:

The EEM has released statistics on the numbers of ship hulls registered as active in the peripheries:

IND: 1571
IMP: 2641
GTT: 545
SMS: 1203
AFT: 1334
SSL: 1866
FET: 3854
DTR: 680
RAT: 277
DIE: 175
BHD: 1351
CIA: 441
CNF: 710

War in Darkfold

Confederacy Prelate Thebian D'Kerrigan has posted a number of ships for 'trespass' on CNF property...namely the Darkfold Periphery! He seems to be able to make good his threat and several 'trespassers' have already been shot up. An evil, conniving, mad dictator he might be, but at least he has more bottle than the IMP Viceroy who seems incapable of taking action against anything.

IMP Execute Own!

IMP Governor H.A. Vest has been charged with treason. According to the Viceroy the accusation is true and Governor Vest was duly executed on the spot. Obviously the IMP do not like paying retirement funds.

SSL Flagship lost.

Whilst trading with the RIP, which has to be a pretty dumb thing to do in the first place, the SSL Flagship Fist of God was boarded and taken over. If this the SSL Godfather (nicknamed 'the mouth') had previously said 'it will never be taken'. After the event he claimed that he suspected the attack so had sent an 'expendable ship'. What has the SSL got that it can afford to throw away a triple thorlium coated battlecruisers loaded down with photon guns? This reporter wants to know.

Kastorian Talks.

(from our political correspondent in KAS Rubis)
The IMP, after a period of some months following their assault on craft in KAS airspace, have finally tendered a new peace offer. What will come of it is yet to be seen.

Subspace Static Week 48 Year 193  [Recruit]

Mass Resignation

The leaders of both the Brotherhood and the SSL have resigned.
The Brotherhood leader, ex AFT Master Trader Amos Trask is said to have left the periphery due to the refusal of Core Confederate leaders to let me shoot at anyone he liked. Trask apparently wanted the right to shoot at anyone he liked provided that they were not allowed to do the same in return.
SSL's 'The Mouth' has left after going into a massive sulk over the failure of some scientists to produce what they said they could. Sounds pretty typical of the scientific community to me. Inter System link Discovered Rumours persist that a link between the Darkfold and Capellan peripheries has been discovered. The link, said to join Yank to Kastor, is likely to lead to a lot more long distance trade and the possibility of open conflict.

Subspace Static Week 50 Year 193  [Recruit]

Squidy Declares himself Emperor

The self styled 'Magnificent Squidy', urban terrorist, Naplian freedom fighter and general all round dubious person has crowned himself 'Emperor of the Periphery'. His claim to rulership is based on the fact that the Naplians were in the periphery first and that by rights makes him, their ruler, rightful Emperor.
The fact that similar claims have been made through the ages on earth itself and have usually been met with total scorn does not seem to deter him the slightest.
The Viceroys office has not yet issued a statement, we expect to receive one in the next year or so, but we would guess that they will not agree with Squidy's claims.
In a press announcement Squidy claimed that he acted for periphery peace and that he was much better suited for the job of running the periphery than the current Imperial faction. He further stated that he would be 'taking measures' in order to ensure that his rulership was not challenged by the IMP faction.
EEM Director Phillippa Beumont stated that she would be talking with Squidy with a view to possibly the EEM ban on trading with the Naplians. This was in light of the Naplians 'New found social conscience' and because 'The IMP seem incapable of protecting us.' More news as it happens.

GTT Scramblers

The GTT have been testing a new 'scrambler' that when fitted to a ship misleads the sensors of any other crate that scans it, making the ship appear a bigger class. Field trials have so far not been a success and the device is not believed to be available for use as yet.

Crime Figures

New figures from the Central Bureau of Criminal Investigation, as run by the IMP in order to track down crime in the periphery, reported that no arrests were made this month, which makes a total of ... ..... three arrests. These were of a defecting IMP PD, Westbrook, a defecting IMP political officer and a bunch of students caught giving out seditious anti-slavery literature. Sentences were Death, Death and light torture respectively though Westbrook got away.
This clearly indicates that there is absolutely no smuggling, piracy, theft or, in fact, any crime going on in the periphery. Either that or the IMP couldn't catch a cold.


The Flagritz are to be handed out to player control, I need three players to take over the three FGZ political parties. These parties control the FGZ in concert and a majority decision is needed for any declaration of war.
Each party will be permitted two baseships and will have control of a colony. One party is aggressive and violent, one insular and one which wishes to encourage trade. The FGZ are fairly powerful, but not overly so, and are working under a number of serious disadvantages. They begin, as they currently are, at war with everybody else.
Do not choose to play these if you merely want an awful lot of power: they are not as tough as they might seem. If, however, you want to play something interesting then drop me a line with your turn telling me your choice of party, and a second choice. You MUST be prepared to role-play the party you choose and if you fail to do so will be removed. Players who take this option must drop all of their other positions.

Subspace Static Week 51 Year 193  [Recruit]

All Flagritz places have now been assigned. BSE will be shutting down over Xmas. I will be away from the 24th which effectively means that the week ending on the 24th will, as far as BSE I concerned, end the Friday after (7th ish). BSE time will not advance in that period. As there are a lot of bank holidays in that area and the post is bound to be clogged with Chrissy cards and thank you letters this seems the best course.
All other KJC games will continue as usual.

There should be a copy of the latest IGN in with this turn.

Subspace Static Week 52 Year 193  [Recruit]

Empire Acts

The Imperial colony Sevastopol launched a pre-emptive missile assault against the Naplian colony Squidygrad which resulted in the total destruction of its civilian population, but made little impact on its military potential. An orbiting IMP ship, the Sledgehammer, is believed lost with all hands as a result of a missile attack by the Naplians.
This exciting development may herald the dawning of a new ago of Imperial policy. In fact, they might have actually got themselves a policy.

Drug Runners Let Off

The AFT have recently been accused of the manufacture and sale of the illegal drug dalium hydroxide. The IMP has, however, let them off the hook. Rumour has it that the dropping of the charges coincided with the delivery of a large number of factories to Jax courtesy of AFT Ariel.

New Imperial Momentum

Not content with their decision to attack Squidygrad the IMP, after months of debate, has decided to make another change that will effect the life on the periphery for all time. They have changed the name of Starzone to Sevastopol

SSL is Disarray

The SSL, it is alleged, is a spent force in the periphery. It seems incapable of keeping its leadership for more tan a week and it looks as if Godfather 10 is soon to make an appearance.

Bids on Megahauler

Bids on the brad spanking new hauler from the Core empire that is being sole by the EEM are hotting up. The bidding currently rests at 300000 from the FET.
In a surprise announcement Ms Beaumont has announced that she will be only happy to divert the ship to the Darkfold system if a sufficiently large bid is placed. Bidding is open until the end of the year.

user image

*** Inter Galactic News ***

Tension in the Corewards Arm

With the DNA obtaining several ex-GCE bases in the Coreward Arm it has found itself in the middle of an asset grab of serious proportions and aggression. Our reporters witnessed several GTT troop carriers heading for the Corewards system as the DNA published information suggesting they were accidental owners of the system and that the assets were to be moved on. As the GTT ships started to arrive the bases were quickly passed to the CIA, thus thwarting the GTT intentions as they were hardly likely to start dropping troops on their allies bases. This shrew move by the DNA seems to have calmed matters in the Coreward arm temporarily, although the shift in relations between the GTT and DNA has taken a negative turn. When asked what their next move might be the GTT refused to comment.

GCE collapse

The GCE are no more, save for some scattered light freighters. The affiliation which enjoyed a sharp rise and profiltable relations with many has ceased trading. Rumors point to the GTT buying up GCE assets before stripping the rival corporation of anything of value. Although our reporters at the SSS have been quick to point out that any GCE assets not in GTT systems have been taken over by both the DNA and FET. So it seems many different affiliations were able to profit from this development including a new group called the HSH who appear to have taken over the GCE war fleet. No doubt many in the peripheries will be watching with interest where these ships are used, who the HSH are and how they were able to get thier hands on so many warships so quickly.

Secudus trials

In the Cluster Secudus has continued his trials, claiming to root out terrorists working against the Empire. With tends of thousands of beings being sent to the camps or worse. There is no sign of these actions stopping as the NHS clamp down on the locals and bring them under the harsh control of the Empire.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - <Unknown>
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – <Unknown>
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
HEX Hexamon (23) - Tranquility
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Cyn
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

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Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite and most reliable unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last couple of weeks,

Cluster War! DNA Gather Fruit
******Empire Syndicated News Network (ESNN) ******

user image

Welcome to the latest version of ESNN, giving the news and views from the ESNN's reporter and news anchor, Ainsley Moore, making this the peripheries' most favourite unbiased publication in the known universe from our home in the Heartland,

And so with the news from the last few weeks,

Cluster War! MZC attacks DNA
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*** Inter Galactic News ***

The Dewiek rise again!

After the death and destruction wrought upon the Dewiek Nation by the Architects, there was a period of calm if you were a werewolf fancier. But now the Dewiek have risen to once more in the name of the Dewiek Packs, led by Skarn. Their new message being one of peace, a most unusual change for the large humanoid wolves. While they rise from the ashes of the Mizuchi Combine the Galaxy waits to see how this new affiliation acts, baring in mind the Dewiek have something of reputation.

Empire invade the Cluster!

A significant force of GTT warships recently entered the Cluster, somewhere they have not seen the need to go for a very long time. At the same time the CIA banned the Dewiek Packs from it’s space and also sent a large number of warships into the Cluster to bolster the GTT’s presence. After this show of force the Crossley system, known for it’s wormhole connecting from the Cluster to CIA space shifted to be claimed by the GTT. Currently the Empire has over 200,000 troops and 2000 warships roaming the nearby systems. Inhabitants of the Cluster are waiting to see if there are any further developments. GTT CEO Xavier Fox when asked by our office dismissed it as a “Training exercise”.

Krell sale!

The Krell Clan Dark Angels has been selling off bases, outposts and even systems lately. It is unknown why they have decided to cash in their assets and territories, but it points to the accumulation of significant wealth by the Krell clan. If you have any spare cash and want to expand your assets then it seems to our office that the best place to go is the Dark Angel Clan and ask what will be going up for sale next, assuming they actually have anything left.

*** Affiliations ***

AFT Association of Free Traders (54) - Marion Tweedy
BLG Bolg Organisation (22) - Akhenaten
BHD Brotherhood (63) - de Molay
CIA Combined Intelligence Agency (64) - Laton CIA
DNA Displaced Natives Asylum (66) - DNA people
DTR Detinus Republic (58) - Morley Decker
DEN Dewiek Elder Nation (67) - <unknown>
DWK Dewiek Packs (19) - Skarn
FCN Falconian Republic (70) – Bacran *
FEL Felini Tyranny (49) - Juris
FLZ Flagritz Republic (47) - Kayxaer
FET Frontier Exploration & Trade (56) - Cu Chulainn
GTT Galactic Trade & Transport (52) - Xavier Fox
GCE Garcia Enterprises (4) - Neil
HEX Hexamon (23) - <unknown>
KRL Krell (30) - Namica
KRT Krell of the Reverence Temple (37) - Kal Torak
KST Kastor Kastorians (12) - Kastor
MZC Mizuchi Combine (86) - Mizuchi
MOH Mohache (73) – Listens
NHS Noble Houses (41) – Roy Roberts
NLF Naplian Liberation Front (38) - NLFHQ
SMS Stellar Mining and Smelting (53) - MikhailM
WMB Wimble Nations (25) - zz

* Leader MAY be inactive, affiliation may be active
** Only known contact, please update us if this is incorrect.


*** Submissions ***

By private message to The Editor or via Mica if you prefer to remain anonymous.
GTT step forward to control protection and peace in the Stellar Empire.

With the retirement of Jack Johns and various lower-level IMP officers from public life, the Imperial Services were left on the verge of being unable to fill their role as protectors of the Stellar Empire. Due to the serious nature the Imperial Services found itself in, the Emperor recently travelled to GTT HQ to attend a board meeting with the directors of the GTT.

With Galactic Trade and Transport being one of the few remaining loyal Imperial Chartered affiliations, who also supply well over half of the war material to the Imperial Services, the Emperor sought the position of the GTT with regard to the Imperial Services becoming overburdened with bureaucracy and lacking effective leadership. Effectively the Imperial Services were at the point of collapse. A position highlighted when an opportunistic supposed ally subverted four Imperial Outposts in the Inner Empire, thinking their asset grabbing would go unnoticed.
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  Star Date: 221.30.5

user image


user image

A Forlorn Hope

The seat of Dewiek Government has fallen. What began as a small group of Architect ships picking up retreating DEN forces, amalgamated into a much larger force. The bombardment fleet comprised dozens of Adult ARC ships plus several Planet Killers. The force made short work of the impressive fortifications of the planetary orbit of Newstart. Multiple heavily armoured and maximised deflector shield platforms crumbled. They did so only after releasing their volleys of antimatter and nova weapon batteries. Any DEN warships that remained from earlier encounters also stood the line. But within the week, the last defence was gone.

Bombardment of Wolf Lair starbase proceeded without further resistance from the Dewiek. ARC Plasmas ripped through starbase shields. They demolished tens of thousands of factories and research facilities. The ARC demolished the huge military recruitment and training facilities on the planet. Over half a million trained troops evacuated from deep bunkers, leaving a token ground defence.

The ARC were not satisfied to burn the facilities and murder the workers. They deployed repeated salvos of their Virus Bombs on the wider population. Reports began to arrive of civilians of the world regressing. Leaving settlements and returning to nature. Much as the Dewiek found themselves some decades ago when they started to recover from the First Great ARC-DEN War. This time there was no High Lord Magnus willing to obliterate the world to save a remnant of the people. Newstart was already lost.

user image
Newstart is lost

user image
  Star Date: 221.27.2

user image


user image

End Game Lost

A short-lived period of peace followed the Dewiek Elder Nation’s historic and Saga-worthy defence against the Architect Planet Killers. A handful of the more typically encountered ARC ships were spotted picking off DEN support ships in Forlorn Hope before more than forty of them appeared back in End Game.

While the ARC “Adult” class ships, as the DEN had previously classified them, were eight times smaller than the “Planet Killers”, they were still as big as the largest ships any other species has managed to produce. Including the otherwise technologically advanced Dewiek.

Forty-four of these Plasma armed organic vessels smashed through the DEN forces left circling the orbit of Beacon, End Game. The mass of ARC weapons bombarded the DEN Shipyards at Ragnorak with their superheated ionized gas, razing the entire outpost to the ground.

user image
ARC Plasma weapons devastate End Game

user image
  Star Date: 221.22.5

user image


user image

Assault on End Game

The ancient Architects have declared war on the Dewiek Elder Nation. The first sign of the conflict was subspace transmissions in a remote system in the Pocket Periphery. This followed reports that the ancient Ragnarok shipyards on Beacon were malfunctioning. In response, the Wolf Mother sent urgent orders to several Dewiek scout ships to patrol the End Game system.

The Konungr Smidamadr was the first to encounter the gigantic, “Planet Killer” class ARC ships. Measuring in at thirty-two hundred heavy hulls and armed with a hundred ARC plasma weapons, the ship was more like a mobile armed platform. It is certainly the largest vessel ever recorded. The scout ship was vaporised instantly.

user image
ARC Planet Killer dwarves largest DEN warships

user image
  Star Date: 221.11.4

user image

Caste Apart

The Flagritz Republic is (very nearly) no more. In its place, a single Hexamon and Flagritz power has arisen. The new Collective has absorbed much of the Flagritz holdings with only a handful of Clique-caste Flagritz systems choosing instead to align with the other Elder species, the Dewiek.

user image
Flagritz and Hexamon Hybrids - A hope for the Future?

user image
  Star Date: 221.3.3

user image


Meklan scout ships continue to be seen around the Orion Spur periphery. These cyborg creatures in service of hidden ancient masters appear to be terrorising the Wimble Nation in particular. Despite public lamentations against the hardship of defending themselves, the Wimble leadership have not yet responded to our request for comment.

user image
Artist's impression of a Meklanised Wimble

However, Xavier Fox, CEO of Galactic Transport and Trade, did give us the following statement:

“We have engaged several Meklan ships, although currently the source has not been identified. GTT Directors have been running patrols and have engaged and destroyed numerous ships that have attacked outlying outposts belonging to different affiliations. The pattern of ships encountered leads us to believe there is a central source, but until that is found we would suggest any affiliation with assets in the area provide adequate defences.”

user image

Doomsday On Pause

At the site of the Thete anomaly, the Dewiek Nation has sent media sensation Sharon Aleman to the scene. Aleman, whose cybernetic enhancements allow her to directly interface with her ship’s sensor array, led her hardened crew into a dive of the outermost “edge” of the anomaly. After spending several days collecting and analysing data (mere minutes to the rest of us outside the anomaly), Aleman reported her shocking discoveries.


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I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).