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NPC Factions and Inactive Positions

Non-Player Controlled Factions and Inactive Positions

Players can control Starships, Starbases, Outposts, Agents, Politicals, Ground Parties and Platforms. These are collectively referred to as Positions. Each position in the game has a unique number, e.g. Starbase Megacity (25641).

All positions also fly a flag of the affiliation they are representing. This is represented by a three digit code, normally an acronym of the title of an affiliation, for example, FET stands for Frontier Exploration and Trade, i.e. FET Starbase Megacity (25641).
Everyone that ‘sees’ this position will know that the player controlling it is a member of the FET.

Along with player controlled affiliations there are also game controlled affiliations. While the list below is not exhaustive, it gives a rough idea of what factions regularly encountered are present in the universe of Phoenix that are not under direct player control. When starting the game as a Trainee your first encounter with game controlled affiliations are likely to be from one of three different affiliations: KAS, HBO and CIV.

The KAS are the Yank faction of the Kastorian species of aliens. These are largely situated in Yank though also have assets in Solo and Skord. For game purposes these control the region of space and crack down on naughty players attempting to abuse this region of space. They are effectively a tool used by the Game Moderator (GM) to keep the peace in this region of space, allowing players to have a small region of space where they can trade with other players and generally rest their ships without too much fear of getting a kicking.

The Halo Benevolent Oligarchy is a faction of somewhat benign though aloof aliens that govern the Halo Periphery, a region of space where all new players start. Like the KAS they are effectively a baton used to beat up the assets of players that attempt to turn Halo into a bloodbath. They will call in GM moderated warships collectively referred to as the Halo Execution Fleet (HEF) if players start violating the basic premise of Halo. This effectively boils down to ‘be nice most of the time but have the occasional scuffle if you want but otherwise don’t take the piss’. If you have to ask for a definition of ‘Taking the Piss’, then it is very likely that you already are, or are intending to, so don’t.

Civilian (CIV) represents the masses of sentients and their gear on worlds scattered across the Peripheries that is not directly under the control of players. This broadly refers to all the people on worlds that are seen as little more than a number generated by a Scan Population order though can also apply to a specific position. The latter is can occur as a result of a player leaving the game while still possessing positions. Under normal circumstances positions owned by the player will be dealt with by the player before leaving however this is not always the case.

Civilian populations represent the law-abiding populace that are generally speaking in agreement with the ideology of the current system claimants. There are exceptions to this such as where an affiliation has become the system claimant of a region of space that was formerly claimed by a faction hostile to the new owners. They may even be apathetic to the system claimants such as in a system where the claimant does not have any assets on the world with a civilian population. They may not even be aware of the system claimant such as could be the case where the species consists of primitives. Krell populations are often balkanised and as such they may not think it too unusual for a KRL ground party to attack a CIV base on the world.

Suspension of Accounts
Sometimes a player for whatever reason drops off the radar and after a period of inactivity, their accounts are suspended. Positions on a suspended account do not perform their standard weekly checks such as generating stellars through merchandising and paying wages. They do not contribute to system income and system claims. They can however be attacked and otherwise interacted with. Generally speaking if a player is in an affiliation, the leaders of the affiliation can start the process of removing their affiliation owned assets that were controlled by the suspended player, redistributing them back to other members of the affiliation. They may by contacting the GM even get control of player controlled assets where it is deemed appropriate on a case by case scenario.

While suspended, it is presumed that civilian authorities are in some way picking up or otherwise subsidizing the wage bill such that after a period of three months any bases still remaining on the account will be converted to CIV. At around this time the GM may initiate a complete sell-off of ships for a price based on their hulls, technology, internal items, crew and cargo. The final price will be a minimum price set at 1,000 stellars.

Value of ships is calculated as:
Size of ship x Production cost of the hull x Tech level x 0.5
+ Crew (1 per mercenary, 6 per trained troop, 25 per veteran)
+Armour and installed items at .5 stellar/mu
+Value of cargo either based on its size or in the case of technology, its level and type.
A typical 100 heavy hull warship with mkII hulls will come out at just over 60,000 stellars.

Agents, operatives and ground parties on the account will be systematically deleted as it will be presumed that anything wanted will already have been claimed.

Purchasing Positions
Positions for sale will have either their value shown when scanned or a message to contact the GM for a price. In the case of the latter, a free special action can be used, stating the position and asking for a price to be set. The GM will either give a reason for not setting a price at this time or will report that a price has been set. The response to the special action will not however indicate how much the price is and the position will need to be scanned again. This gives all players that scan the base on the next day equal opportunity to submit a buy position order to be run on the following day.

Limits on who can buy
All loyalty to the previous owners can be considered atrophied over the months of unpaid wages. Where a base is for sale in unclaimed space, anybody scanning the base can purchase it. Where a base is in claimed space, only those that have the appropriate affiliation relationship to the system owners can purchase the base, subject to the profile of the system owner. For example, the Falconian Republic has the profile setting ‘Friendly/Allied’ with respect to the purchase of positions in their region of space. As it stands (at the time of writing this article), the Dewiek Elder Nation are allied while the Felini Tyranny, Hexamon and Wimbles are friendly. This means that only these affiliations (and the Falconian Republic of course) can purchase any base in star system claimed by the Falconian Republic.

Other Methods of Acquiring CIV Positions
Any position that has converted to CIV from an affiliation will be listed on Nexus under the Poltical > CIV tab for nexus accounts with appropriate affiliation rights. Anyone that can view these former affiliation bases can claim them. Generally speaking there is a minimum grace period of 2 weeks between a position converting to CIV control and it having its price set. This gives the affiliation the opportunity to claim the bases back before others get the option of buying them. Claimed positions will be transferred to them on the next day without having to pay the sale price. This can be done even if the base is in a system where they would not be able to buy the base. For example, an IMP player leaves the game and has his account suspended without transferring his positions to other players. After a period of three months his bases become CIV of which one is in Falconian Republic claimed space. As such all IMP players with appropriate Nexus rights for the IMP have the ability to claim these bases even the one in Falconian Republic claimed space. Obviously the FCN, DEN, HEX and WMB also have the ability to purchase the one in Falconian claimed space as well once the grace period has ended.

A system owner has the right to demand control of any CIV bases in their system (provided that the base has been given a sale value) through special action. In these cases control of the base is immediately turned over to the player submitting the special action. The sale price of the base will then be converted into a debt. This debt will normally be added to the base, to be paid back over a year, though may also be assigned to another more suitable base if there is the slightest chance that the base in question will not be around in a year’s time. Where the sale price is excessively large, it may even be split over multiple bases. For example a large base comes up for sale at a price of eight million stellars in an unclaimed system that borders space controlled by rival factions. After a bit of a rush the system is claimed for one of the factions who then immediately demand control of the base with the intention of simply stripping it of its tech and various other goodies before abandoning it. The debt is therefore split over 4 other starbases (2,000,000 stellars each) in the new controller’s territory with weekly repayments of 40,000 stellars. In simple terms if you don’t want to pay for the base, gather the troops and capture it, further, there is nothing stopping the new owners from selling some of the tech and other goodies and getting their stellars back.

Fate of Unsold Bases on Suspended Accounts
As the only way to determine if a base is for sale is to scan it, it can mean that in secret corners of the Peripheries CIV bases may simply linger with nobody even knowing that they are for sale. This would suggest that there is the incentive to simply leave them, counting on the ability to pick them up as and when, safe in the knowledge that nobody else will get them and nobody is paying wages, especially if the system is also claimed. It is strongly advised against as decay (as stuff is stolen, scrapped, sold and otherwise rendered useless while personnel quit) is applied to suspended positions a short time after the position is suspended. After a certain period the position will be deleted from the game.

Why do this?
It is important to keep the game dynamic. Stuff that isn’t being utilised should be dealt with by the affiliation or the game one way or another. By making the system more draconian we have already seen some significant changes in certain areas of space. This has definitely improved the game, reducing dead space, areas of the game that are seen as no-go areas. Historically there has been the attitude that it is better to hang on to all the assets that belonged to players that left the game for the sake of the affiliation. What has happened however is that those remaining have become ever more burdened and also left, further exacerbating the issue. Players joining the affiliation however are often not inclined to take on the ‘cast-offs’ from other players in the affiliation and would rather build their own as building is a very enjoyable part of the game. This means that in many affiliations there are assets that nobody actually wants hanging round. It is by far better that these are sold to people that do want them, thereby bringing in stellars for the affiliation. If not sold they should be scrapped. There is utterly no point in hanging onto stuff if it is in any way preventing playing the game the way you want.

To paraphrase Laton of the CIA – with respect the Cluster assets I had no idea what was there. I did not envision the Confederacy doing anything in the Cluster for the next couple of years. It was therefore in the interest of the Confederacy to dump the lot. I refused to even look at the positions because if I had I would have started thinking them too valuable to give up and been stuck with a stellar hole and not even been getting any fun out of them. Better to dump them and if we want to go back into the Cluster get a big invasion force and go back in style.

Is open for business...
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** To Ur Is Dewiek ***

Dewiek forces had a hefty smackdown against the mysterious living ships known as the T’Cath (TCA). Seven adult TCA 400 hull capital ships, each firing eight of their notorious plasma cannons, were killed by a DEN and DOM fleet of some 700 ships.

Of the minimal losses suffered by the DEN / DOM, one-eyed Magnus and Nevets Motnhap of the FEL were amongst the dead.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Caribbean Congo Continues * Ur Witness Report * * Hive Briefing * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** The Long Quiet Season ***

There’s no sound of anger or of annoyance,
There’re neither cruisers racing on the jump lanes
Nor there jump lanes for them to race on,
There’re neither monks chanting on the battlegrounds
Nor bells calling us to the True One.
There’s neither the lightning cracking of the sky
Nor the persistent Naplians pattering on my roof.
There’s no Dewiek arm in arm to admire the magnificent view
There’re no war drums to feed Human ears
Nor Hive sirens to steal the boredom away
There’s no unfamiliar wing creeping underneath the Falconian sun
Nor floods to enshroud the Aquaphid grounds
The land lies lonely out here
On this lazy summer’s day
There’s no pollution to poison the airs of Inversion
Nor forests to give them life
All I hear is the hushing sound of the wind
Assisting the sand to fall into beautiful undulations.

Whilst we’ve been away: * Operation Giantslayer * Naplian Liberation * Back in the DTTR * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Falconians Saved ***

The Imperials have cunningly saved the Falconian Republic from being consumed by the Dewiek Elder Nation and at no small cost to the DEN either. Whilst the new pro tem Consul crowed about the “victory”, all former FCN systems besides Acropolis have been taken over by the two warring Empires - Human and Flagritz.

Was it all worth it? For the IMP / GTT it clearly was, for the movement of a few hundred thousand troops is surely nothing to the cost they endured trying to and failing to knock the DEN out of Solo after the fact. The FCN now plucked off most of their navy and wider assets are a tiny nothing of their former self. The DEN may have resorted to some dirty namecalling but can the costs endured to save an enfeebled FCN have really been worth it? Time will tell.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * INDignation * FELicitous Caribbean * Nah Plan for Naplia * Mercs Trouble DEN * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Acropolis Now ***

The IMP and GTT have brought peace and stability to Acropolis.

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Goodbye Falconians ***

The galaxy bid farewell to the Falconian Republic as the Human Empire subsumed them into their expanding territories. This marks the second death of an alien civilisation at the hands of the IMP / GTT in recent years. Like the extinguishing of the nearby Ulians, no voices of opposition could be heard from other quarters. This marks a long-period of appeasement by the Detinus Republic and Dewiek Elder Nation.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * DOMination * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

***** Inter Galactic News THE MUSICAL *****

*** Norozov, No More ***

Kantner: No more do I see the starlight caress your cyclops eye
No more feel the tender kisses we used to share
I close my fists and clearly my heart remembers
A thousand goodbyes could never put out the embers

Chulainn: Oh the power is mine now!

Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before
Please, come back to my arms; we belong together
Come to me; let's be sweethearts again and then let us part no more

Chulainn: Oh all the Stellars mine now!

Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

Kantner: No more do I feel the touch of your hand on mine
No more see the love-light making your dark eyes shine
Oh, how I wish I never had caused you sorrow
But don't ever say for us there is no tomorrow

Chulainn: Oh all the ladies mine now!

Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

Chorus: The power is in the eye!

Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before
Please, come back to my arms; we belong together
Come to me; let's be sweethearts again and then let us part no more

Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

Chulainn: Oh the power is mine now!

Chorus: The power is in the eye!

Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before.

Lanner: So, old cyclops has finally met his comeuppance
Maybe its time for a comeback

Chorus: No, no one wants you back!

Lanner: I always did like that chair of his…

Chorus: The power is in the eye!
The power is in the eye!
The power is in the eye!

Continued in this special edition of the SSS...

***** Inter Galactic News *****


FILTHY AND DISHONOURABLE Dewiek mercenaries have dared to attack HONEST AND HARDWORKING GTT warships in the Coptuv system.


The Dewiek commander’s lengthy response was appreciated by xenophile and philanthropist HQ Manager Tom Krieger but this does not change the facts.



***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Voice of the Naplian Liberation Front ***

We are the Naplian Liberation Front. We have commandeered this station to bring you important and vital deprogramming. You are a slave of the Galactic Trouser and Tussles Imperium of Unspecified Services! We have witnessed the press ganged upon by Imperial thugs. Rounding up reporters by the thousands and throwing them in weasel dens. Mocking the Great Uncle of the Flagritz. Manufacturing consent out of a lust for imports of wheat cereals! We poor Naplians(*) are given no training and substandard equipment when preparing your nutritious breakfasts. We are sent forward by the Imperial snack commissioners with threats of triple-filing tax returns on unreasonable deadlines! Death would be preferable. We are allegedly paid a wage but have you ever tried to buy anything with just $1? Strangely none of those politicals earning $10,000 or more a week seem to care about our plight. Not to mention that the Imperials throw perfectly good meat into the grinder instead of slow cooking it in black bean sauce. They have no respect for a classic burrito! We are left grieving for young families who have never tasted quality ranch sauce. You don’t need to be a dead Naplian to know the value of a good guacamole.

* No actual Naplians included.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * GTT vs USN * GTT vs NLF * GTT vs IND * GTT vs KAS * GTT vs FET * GTT vs SSS * &etc


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I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).