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Intergalactic News - Issue 20

Message from the editor
It’s been a busy period since Christmas. There is the toil of creating the new arm to the Corewards region of space along with steadily improving my programming skills. I tend to find that I am more proficient if I tackle multiple jobs at once especially when the jobs all require considerable musing. This allows me to take a break when brain cramp sets in and commit the issue to the back of my mind and take up the reigns of the other task.

In this case my other job is tackling civvy trading. Some have taken to it like ducks to water while for others it is a bayou if confusing channels and treacherous swamps. If left it does have the potential for stellar drift.

The change will be to split the unique trade goods from the other items available from civvy markets. This will allow most of the constraints about purchasing the non-unique trade goods to be removed. So, you want some modules, if they are available, go and buy them.

The unique trade goods will instead be tied to a player account so that you can make enquiries as to what unique trade goods are available and from where, for how long and how much. Then it is just a case of going there and buying them. There is no restriction of which of your ships can make the deal though I am tempted to record which captains made the enquiry and which made the deal for later use, e.g. reputations.

Darak has just finished coding the necessary functions allowing me to remove the unique trade items from existing markets. As there will be extensive testing necessary to complete this (and the day to day running of special actions) this is not likely to be completed for a while, at least not with the amount of work still pending on the Arridian Spur.

This week's blog is from the new Wimble Grandfather (this being the title of the leader of the faction), replacing the old one Oran Gutaan (which gives you some insight into wimble appearance). Rumour has it the previous Grandfather was quietly euthanized, something of a blessing considering both his state of mind and body.



In this issue:
  • King Kev
  • Android - Board Game Review
  • Story - Arridian Spur
  • Blog of the Week - Asteroids

    Is open for business...
    ***** Inter Galactic News THE MUSICAL *****

    *** Norozov, No More ***

    Kantner: No more do I see the starlight caress your cyclops eye
    No more feel the tender kisses we used to share
    I close my fists and clearly my heart remembers
    A thousand goodbyes could never put out the embers

    Chulainn: Oh the power is mine now!

    Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
    Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before
    Please, come back to my arms; we belong together
    Come to me; let's be sweethearts again and then let us part no more

    Chulainn: Oh all the Stellars mine now!

    Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

    Kantner: No more do I feel the touch of your hand on mine
    No more see the love-light making your dark eyes shine
    Oh, how I wish I never had caused you sorrow
    But don't ever say for us there is no tomorrow

    Chulainn: Oh all the ladies mine now!

    Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

    Chorus: The power is in the eye!

    Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
    Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before
    Please, come back to my arms; we belong together
    Come to me; let's be sweethearts again and then let us part no more

    Sylvansight: I will have his eye!

    Chulainn: Oh the power is mine now!

    Chorus: The power is in the eye!

    Kantner: Norozov, I love you so, and my heart forever
    Will belong to the memory of the love that we knew before.

    Lanner: So, old cyclops has finally met his comeuppance
    Maybe its time for a comeback

    Chorus: No, no one wants you back!

    Lanner: I always did like that chair of his…

    Chorus: The power is in the eye!
    The power is in the eye!
    The power is in the eye!

    Continued in this special edition of the SSS...

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****


    FILTHY AND DISHONOURABLE Dewiek mercenaries have dared to attack HONEST AND HARDWORKING GTT warships in the Coptuv system.


    The Dewiek commander’s lengthy response was appreciated by xenophile and philanthropist HQ Manager Tom Krieger but this does not change the facts.



    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Voice of the Naplian Liberation Front ***

    We are the Naplian Liberation Front. We have commandeered this station to bring you important and vital deprogramming. You are a slave of the Galactic Trouser and Tussles Imperium of Unspecified Services! We have witnessed the press ganged upon by Imperial thugs. Rounding up reporters by the thousands and throwing them in weasel dens. Mocking the Great Uncle of the Flagritz. Manufacturing consent out of a lust for imports of wheat cereals! We poor Naplians(*) are given no training and substandard equipment when preparing your nutritious breakfasts. We are sent forward by the Imperial snack commissioners with threats of triple-filing tax returns on unreasonable deadlines! Death would be preferable. We are allegedly paid a wage but have you ever tried to buy anything with just $1? Strangely none of those politicals earning $10,000 or more a week seem to care about our plight. Not to mention that the Imperials throw perfectly good meat into the grinder instead of slow cooking it in black bean sauce. They have no respect for a classic burrito! We are left grieving for young families who have never tasted quality ranch sauce. You don’t need to be a dead Naplian to know the value of a good guacamole.

    * No actual Naplians included.

    Inside this issue of the SSS: * GTT vs USN * GTT vs NLF * GTT vs IND * GTT vs KAS * GTT vs FET * GTT vs SSS * &etc

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Stellar Empire On Warpath ***

    The newly re-united Stellar Empire continued to wage war against the Flagritz Empire to bring about galactic peace and freedom for all. The latest system to fall to the inevitable tide of history was Morroglyph in the Coreward Arm. Dewiek intransigence reached fever pitch as the FLZ facilities changed to DEN paws and subsequently became targets of Imperial truth and justice. Despite putting themselves between the past and the future, the DEN seemed to lack much will for an actual fight with Dewiek military commanders adopting “meh” as their watchword.

    Inside this issue of the SSS: * GTT smacks NLF * DEN whack MRC * Slaves Liberated * FLZ Retreat * ARC in Orion Spur * &etc

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Stellar Empire Re-United ***

    Celebrations were held across the vast territories of the Stellar Empire as the two-halves represented by the governments of the Imperials and Caliphate determined to unite. This followed almost inevitably from the assassination of the Caliph, a crime that has gone mysteriously unresolved. The old Caliphate ministers were ‘retired’ and at first it seemed the Imperials had managed what had alluded them for decades.

    However, just as orders to claim systems for the IMP went in some places, conflicting orders to claim for the CIA came from Laton. In other systems, it seems overwhelming civilian support lies with the defunct CAL government and there are a number of CIV and CAL bases that seem to have not heeded the CIA nor IMP orders. With all the Caliphate's armaments now in the CIA’s hand and no political leadership in the old government, it seems inevitable that the civilians will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

    A muted and cautious response from the rest of the galaxy was only to be expected given the formation of a new unrivalled superpower. The chilling effect on public discourse as the Imperial war machine taps into the substantial, if stunted, economies of the former Caliphate will surely be felt for years to come. Does this mark the 'end of history' as we know it?

    More on this story inside this issue of the SSS along with: * KAS v IMP/GTT v FLZ * DEN v MRC * FOCed by IMP * BHD v DEN * &etc

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Imperials Declare War Against Flagritz ***

    A declaration of war came last week after an unsatisfactory reply to Imperial ultimatums that the FLZ accept resolution of the previous war. J. Jones issued the following proclamation, "We hope this reminder will prompt them to rethink the status they removed them selves from and come back to more peaceful co-existence.” Doublegood, Viceroy, doublegood!

    More on this story inside this issue of the SSS along with: * Species Guide * FEL Barter With GIants * High Times &etc

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Orion Spur Special Edition ***

    Explorers of the galaxy rejoiced as knowledge of a new periphery became common knowledge, revealing charts to forty star systems. The Orion Spur is connected to the massive Coreward Arm with rumours that the locals of the Monument system at the heart of this new periphery may have been responsible for the collapse of the HarCorp civilisation.

    We have in-depth analysis and information about the new periphery inside this special issue of the SSS.

    Also inside this issue of the SSS: * Naplian Liberation Front Reality Show * FLZ v FEL * Mercs in Graydown * DOM Scare Stories * &etc

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Hoedown in Graydown ***

    Wimbles in the Graydown system have come under repeated attacks by mercenaries. The Wimbles having already lost two outposts have had their ships come under attack by boarders. The Wimbles are pointing a hairy finger at the GTT whilst the DEN are itching to get their paws in.

    Pleasantly rotund Wolf Lord Lyceum reported the destruction of one mercenary ship, a Corsair class explorer called "Eye of the Chosen" which had earlier dropped off ground forces flying the banner of "God Hates Wimbles.” Which God and why he or she hates Wimbles has yet to be revealed. We suspect its corporation-loving Mammon.

    Inside this issue of the SSS: * Sargasso Update * Wakerians * Naplian Liberation Front * &etc

    ***** Inter Galactic News *****

    *** Breaking News: Caliph Samuel Assassinated ***

    The nominal head of the Caliphate, Samuel has been murdered in broad daylight at the starbase CAL Sidon in the Fortress system. The allegedly mad zealot was on his way to meet representatives of various civilian factions when a shadowy figure *cough*CIA agent*cough* shot him dead.

    The CIA issued the following statement to the SSS with a customary nudge and a wink: "In these difficult times, as we come to terms with the loss of Samuel, we are taking things one day at a time.

    "Samuel was not only our Caliph, but our leader during the Second Civil War which laid the foundations for the Confederacy after he left the Human Empire and settled in the Darkfold. It is truly a sad day and one that will be marked in history as one of many great leaders who were cut down in their prime.

    "We will strive now to look to the future, whilst remembering our past”

    Speculation is rife that this is the first step towards a unification of the two-halves of the Stellar Empire. Others are more hopeful this is a return to the Confederacy or the mark of greater separation with the Imperial bloc. Time will tell what nebulous motives the shadowy puppet-master Laton turned out to have had and which alien faction will be blamed for the Caliph’s murder.

    Inside this issue of the SSS: * HEX / FET Invade Sargasso * Magnus v Nevets Fight! * Dewiek Black Hole Disaster * FLZ Correction * &etc


    Free Ship when you sign-up
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    Control everything, up to an entire empire
    Dedicated human moderators
    Player and Moderator driven plotlines
    Discover new worlds to explore, exploit & colonise
    Over 20 years of content development
    Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG)

    I’ve played on and off for approximately 10 years, over a 20 year spell. After some interesting debate on the in-game forum, I did wonder what, exactly, has kept drawing me back to the game, when for so many others I’ve generally lost interest after a few months.

    Ultimately, I think it is a combination of automation (that allows the game to handle thousands of positions to interact on a daily basis) coupled with Special Actions (that allow the story arc to develop in a way that could not be catered for by a set of predefined list of available orders).