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Fleeing - everything you need to know

Fleeing - everything you need to know

With the imminent arrival of auto-boarding, the ability to get the hell out of Dodge when would-be attackers show up has never become more important. Understanding everything from how turns are processed to what items to install and what settings to use is therefore imperative to all captains.

When is a ship actually stopped for combat?
The mechanic for actually leaving combat is itself straightforward – if the ship attempting to avoid combat has a resultant combat speed greater than any other ship targeting it, it will leave combat without being stopped for combat.

If a ship was involved in combat on the previous day, irrespective of whether it retreated from the battle during the battle or not, it is entitled to automatically leave the location of the battle, if it is able i.e. has engines/drives, crew etc.

Each day, all positions with turns to be run on the day are added to the main processing list. This is then ordered randomly (after first accounting for sequencing) and then processed with the entire orders of the first position in the list being dealt with before moving onto the next position.

In the case of squadron orders, each position processes the set of orders one at a time, i.e. all leaving orbit then all moving before each performs a jump.

Ignoring exceptions such as special actions, running out of TU’s etc, this means that if a ship is at the top of the list, it can in theory move through half a dozen systems, scan an enemy and stop for a battle. When this occurs, the enemy ship may still have orders to process. They are still processed and the enemy ship, if having orders to move from the location, will do so. When this happens it will cause a skirmish battle.

From the perspective of the ship that was stopped due to running into an enemy, their turn report will read something like this:


Date 37.3: PIR pirate (51864) is leaving combat, opening fire at maximum range.
Attacking PIR pirate (51864)
Round 1: 2 Tractor Beam mkIIIs
- 1 hit - 0 [0] damage - 84%
- Tractor beams reduced positions speed by 2.94%

Post Battle Summary
Ship hulls have taken 500 damage (2.5%)

From the perspective of the enemy ship, their turn will show something like this:
>TU 300: Leave Orbit

Escaping combat zone, incoming fire from HEF pir killer (70835).
Returning fire at maximum range.

Incoming Fire from HEF pir killer (70835)
Round 1: 2 Tractor Beam mkIIIs
- 1 hit - 0 [0] damage - 84%
- Tractor beams reduced positions speed by 2.94%

Post Battle Summary
Unlocking HEF pir killer (70835), could not target with any weapons.
Ship hulls are undamaged

Continuing normal movement:
Leaving Orbit.

Calculating Combat Speed
When attempting to leave combat all that matters is the speed of the escaping ship. This is based on engines that contribute to combat speed, i.e. only Thrust Engines and Combat Engines. This is because escaping combat is more about rapid acceleration and manoeuvring around the enemy so as to be moving in the opposite direction out to a suitable distance to achieve an ISR micro-jump or taking advantage of the curvature of the orbit to remain out of range.

The hull strength of the ship therefore plays a big role in determining how much shearing stresses the ship can be placed under. Lighter hulls have lower shearing tolerances. Their combat speed is multiplied by their integrity modifier. This means that heavy hull ships (x0.5 integrity mod) will have combat speeds 4 times higher than light hull ships (x2 integrity mod) presuming all other factors being the same.

Speed determined from the total output for :
Thrust Engines e.g. mkI = 1000
Combat Engines e.g. mkI = 1500
Rocket Boosters e.g. mkI = 2000 - but only if the ship is set to ‘flee’ or ‘drop cargo and flee’. Rocket boosters are very much an underused item.

If the ship is fleeing, this output total is doubled.

It is then reduced by tractor factors of positions attempting to engage the ship (a thrust engine is effectively equal to 10 tractor beams, equating to a tractor to engine mass ratio of 5).

This raw output is then divided by the total mass of the ship, including armour, hulls and cargo.
To this any officer flee skill bonus is added.

Finally, this is multiplied by the hull type modifier of the ship and again by the integrity of the ship.

Hull type modifiers are as follows:
Heavy 2
Normal 1
Light 0.5
Xlight 0.25

Heavy hulls, despite requiring 200 production and having 200mu’s of materials in their composition are only 100mu’s and have a hull type mod of 0.5. As such thrust engines within a heavy hull ship are effectively 8 times better than in an Xlight ship. When designing a fleeing ship therefore think in terms of what sort of combat speed the attacking ship is likely to have and try to get your basic combat speed to be slightly more than half this (as your speed will be doubled for fleeing).

Drop Cargo and Flee
This works by ejecting a lot of chaff out into the surrounding space with sufficient noise and random trajectories that is can for a very short time hide the true vector of the ship from the engaging enemy. The chance of escaping combat through the use of a chaff cloud is based on the relative mass being ejected to the surface area of the ship. A factor of 20 is sufficient to guarantee success.

A barge has a surface area of 90, therefore ejecting at least 1,800mu’s of cargo is sufficient for them to escape. If insufficient mass is available, the chance of escaping through the use of the chaff cloud is based linearly on the ratio of amount to amount needed. In the case of the barge for example, having 450mu’s of cargo to dump gives the ship a 25% chance of escaping.

As a heavy hull ship has a relatively low install space compared to other hulls they rarely have sufficient cargo space to effect automatic success at escaping through this means.

Tractor Beams
Tractor beams have their output negatively applied to whatever position they hit. They effectively fire ‘pre’ combat, insofar as they effect the target’s thrust output for the purposes of fleeing. They also reduce the speed of a ship for dodging purposes making it easier to hit.

Is a position that retreated on a previous day subjected to skirmish on the next day?

If all positions retreated in the previous day, is the location still treated as a battle location on the next day, as such are all the positions able to leave without being stopped?
The location is no longer a battle location and treated as above.

Do cloaked ships still get the battle delivery attacks?

How many positions can be stopped by a picket?
1 (though ships having on patrol flagged may cause them to stop of their own volition if supporting/defending the ship initially stopped – depends on their lists)

Is open for business...
***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Stellar Empire Re-United ***

Celebrations were held across the vast territories of the Stellar Empire as the two-halves represented by the governments of the Imperials and Caliphate determined to unite. This followed almost inevitably from the assassination of the Caliph, a crime that has gone mysteriously unresolved. The old Caliphate ministers were ‘retired’ and at first it seemed the Imperials had managed what had alluded them for decades.

However, just as orders to claim systems for the IMP went in some places, conflicting orders to claim for the CIA came from Laton. In other systems, it seems overwhelming civilian support lies with the defunct CAL government and there are a number of CIV and CAL bases that seem to have not heeded the CIA nor IMP orders. With all the Caliphate's armaments now in the CIA’s hand and no political leadership in the old government, it seems inevitable that the civilians will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future.

A muted and cautious response from the rest of the galaxy was only to be expected given the formation of a new unrivalled superpower. The chilling effect on public discourse as the Imperial war machine taps into the substantial, if stunted, economies of the former Caliphate will surely be felt for years to come. Does this mark the 'end of history' as we know it?

More on this story inside this issue of the SSS along with: * KAS v IMP/GTT v FLZ * DEN v MRC * FOCed by IMP * BHD v DEN * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Imperials Declare War Against Flagritz ***

A declaration of war came last week after an unsatisfactory reply to Imperial ultimatums that the FLZ accept resolution of the previous war. J. Jones issued the following proclamation, "We hope this reminder will prompt them to rethink the status they removed them selves from and come back to more peaceful co-existence.” Doublegood, Viceroy, doublegood!

More on this story inside this issue of the SSS along with: * Species Guide * FEL Barter With GIants * High Times &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Orion Spur Special Edition ***

Explorers of the galaxy rejoiced as knowledge of a new periphery became common knowledge, revealing charts to forty star systems. The Orion Spur is connected to the massive Coreward Arm with rumours that the locals of the Monument system at the heart of this new periphery may have been responsible for the collapse of the HarCorp civilisation.

We have in-depth analysis and information about the new periphery inside this special issue of the SSS.

Also inside this issue of the SSS: * Naplian Liberation Front Reality Show * FLZ v FEL * Mercs in Graydown * DOM Scare Stories * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Hoedown in Graydown ***

Wimbles in the Graydown system have come under repeated attacks by mercenaries. The Wimbles having already lost two outposts have had their ships come under attack by boarders. The Wimbles are pointing a hairy finger at the GTT whilst the DEN are itching to get their paws in.

Pleasantly rotund Wolf Lord Lyceum reported the destruction of one mercenary ship, a Corsair class explorer called "Eye of the Chosen" which had earlier dropped off ground forces flying the banner of "God Hates Wimbles.” Which God and why he or she hates Wimbles has yet to be revealed. We suspect its corporation-loving Mammon.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Sargasso Update * Wakerians * Naplian Liberation Front * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Breaking News: Caliph Samuel Assassinated ***

The nominal head of the Caliphate, Samuel has been murdered in broad daylight at the starbase CAL Sidon in the Fortress system. The allegedly mad zealot was on his way to meet representatives of various civilian factions when a shadowy figure *cough*CIA agent*cough* shot him dead.

The CIA issued the following statement to the SSS with a customary nudge and a wink: "In these difficult times, as we come to terms with the loss of Samuel, we are taking things one day at a time.

"Samuel was not only our Caliph, but our leader during the Second Civil War which laid the foundations for the Confederacy after he left the Human Empire and settled in the Darkfold. It is truly a sad day and one that will be marked in history as one of many great leaders who were cut down in their prime.

"We will strive now to look to the future, whilst remembering our past”

Speculation is rife that this is the first step towards a unification of the two-halves of the Stellar Empire. Others are more hopeful this is a return to the Confederacy or the mark of greater separation with the Imperial bloc. Time will tell what nebulous motives the shadowy puppet-master Laton turned out to have had and which alien faction will be blamed for the Caliph’s murder.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * HEX / FET Invade Sargasso * Magnus v Nevets Fight! * Dewiek Black Hole Disaster * FLZ Correction * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** STOP PRESS: Felini Victory ***

In an unexpected development, the FEL have scored a decisive victory against the FLZ. Destroying or maiming some 20 Flagritz Baseships in the Onwards system.

What is more remarkable than the victory was there was no subsequent comment by Crazy Uncle Flagritz. We might need to have a lie down now.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * DEN and FEL * Valhalla Fighting Pits * RIP smacked * &etc

***** Christmas Special Edition *****

*** Ho Ho Ho ***

Welcome to the SSS Christmas Special Edition! We the Editors have put together a nostalgic pudding treat intended to delight and tickle even the scroogiest megacorp executive. So gather your cubs, squidlets and larvae for some silliness and song. Time to catch up with some classics from years gone by, raise your glasses and drink your gluttony and shame away!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas free from Krampus Jones's invading armies!

The Editors

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Claws Out in Valhalla ***

In a bold rebuke of Crazy Uncle Flagritz’s attacks in the Avalon system, the cunning Felini Nevets ordered a hit on a FLZ outpost in the Valhalla system. Claiming miscommunication with his warships, the mischevious Avatar cocked a snook at the washed-out Dewiek warrior in charge of the system whilst claiming an important victory in the often one-sided conflict against the FLZ.

This isn’t the first time the foxy Feline has masked daring-do in the shroud of incompetence. It remains to be seen whether this turns out as disastrously as the time when the FEL had to pay the costs of a war started by Prince-turned-meklan LiQuan.

Meower-in-chief Chamiah apologised for the incident in a public address laced with snickering subtext and unconcealed laughter when she got to the bit about the unfortunate loss of “5 FLZ Warships in Onwards.”

A second incident in Valhalla was reported the next day with mardy Magnus complaining he wasn’t getting his claws in on the action. Could this be the pithy ploy that puts the cat on the mat?

Inside this issue of the SSS: * Merc-y Wimbles * Valhalla Fighting Pits Get Weird * Profile of Lyceum Amaguk * &etc

***** Inter Galactic News *****

*** Nun on the Run ***

Alleged cosplayer Carmilla D’Morenta got the vicars in the Brotherhood all hot and bothered when she made a run for it. Possibly tired of being tied up by the reverends and denied the love that dare not howl its name. With a sizeable, almost unbelievable, bounty on her head, the barking sister took refuge with the Dewiek Elder Nation.

In possibly the shortest chase in history, the BHD managed to strike a blow for oppressed collars everywhere when they squared off with the naughty doggy-wannabe at the Valhalla stargate. The cheeky chaplains blew their hyperdrive at close range and both the BHD and DEN flagged ships were reported to be lost in space.

Inside this issue of the SSS: * DEN Ban BHD * Ulian * FLZ in Avalon * Valhalla Fighting Pits * Interview with Carmilla * And more


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